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NEXT STEPS: I Will Give God Everything I Own

“In reality, we’re not owners — we’re managers of the resources God has put in our hands.” —Scott Chapman Here are a few steps to help you end 2011 well and start 2012 off right! Plan to give a year-end gift for 2011. • Gifts can be received online at or at our campuses on or before Dec. 31. • All gifts must be received by Dec. 31 to be included in your 2011 tax statement. Please remember that Dec. 31 is a Saturday night. Everything received during the Saturday night service will be recorded for 2011, and anything received during the Sunday morning service will be recorded for 2012.

Start planning your giving in 2012. • A great way to plan your giving is by setting up an online giving account, which lets you give a one-time or •

recurring gift via check or credit card. Check out for steps on how to set up a regular schedule to give to the church.

Learn more about good financial stewardship and money practices. • Good financial stewardship opens up more doors to give as you learn how to use your money how God intends. • We regularly hold “Freed Up Financial Living” at The Chapel; to express interest in the next class, contact

Consider how you can give more of your time. • Does your calendar allow space for the time you need to reach out to your friends and neighbors? • Check out our volunteer opportunities at Support Global Outreach at The Chapel. • Pray for our missionaries around the world. • Seek God about how you can support the mission of his Kingdom around the world.

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Rediscovering God  
Rediscovering God  

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