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Prayer Guide

Frontiers, Central Asia KEY CONTACT: Reed and Rachel Wessman

The Wessmans chose to immerse themselves in a predominantly Muslim culture and share the love and hope of Christ. When they arrived, there were only 12 Christians in their town of 500,000.

Campus Crusade, Sarajevo, Bosnia KEY CONTACT: Matt and Erin Henning

The Bosniak ethnic group is one of the unreached people groups of the world. As a country and region, it is central in the prayers of many Muslims, as many believe it could help open the door of Islam to Europe.

The Wessmans have spent their time learning the local language, building relationships in the community, and researching renewable energy sources.

Matt and Erin are working with university students (55,000 enrolled at the University of Sarajevo) and their families with an emphasis on church planting throughout the country.

Reach Global, Garhwal, India KEY CONTACT:

Rajesh and Usha Masih

The land of the Garwahl people is in the heart of traditional Hinduism. Historically, there has been no well-established evangelizing Garhwali church. Rajesh and Usha work to plant churches and serve through leading worship, teaching, preaching, and encouraging the believers throughout this region. Rajesh was a contributor to the translation of the New Testament into the Garhwali language and has recently published the first evangelical songbooks of worship music (mostly written by him) for the Garwhali people.

Oasis for Orphans, Kenya KEY CONTACT: Rick and Ann Smith

LifeWind International, Cape Town, South Africa

It is the mission of Oasis for Orphans to care for the orphans of the Trans Mara region of Kenya as Christ would, by providing them with a loving, nurturing environment while tending to their physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs. Rick and Ann have seen the difference that a stable home environment and loving care can make in the lives of orphaned children. Oasis is working with its partner, Trans Mara Development, to hopefully build more children’s homes in this area to help these children and their communities.

KEY CONTACT: Kevin and Erica Pippert

The Pipperts have established Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in 10 countries in southern Africa. CHE is a strategy of holistic community development, equipping average community members to meet their own needs in community development, preventative health care, and Christian discipleship.

Africa Inland Mission International, Kenya KEY CONTACT: John and Anna Mosby

John is the chief engineer for AIM-AIR in Nairobi, Kenya, the ministry’s home base. AIM-AIR maintains a fleet of 12 aircraft, which enable the travel, supply, and support of missionaries in east and central Africa. They also care for 17 Palatine campus-sponsored Compassion children in the Kibera slum by giving a personal touch from their sponsors, including hosting Christmas and Easter parties.

Tranformation India Movement, Bihar, India KEY CONTACT: Biju Thomas

Transformation India Movement seeks to impact the villages of Bihar, India physically and spiritually with the Good News of Jesus Christ. T.I.M. works to train and place indigenous missionaries in villages where there is no access to the Gospel. The missionaries become familiar with the language and culture and live among the people they serve to communicate the Gospel effectively. T.I.M. reaches the people of Bihar through many programs including the clean drinking water, empowering women, and literacy training programs.

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Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011

Rediscovering God  

Stories of our church in 2011