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I Will Give God Everything I Own

Raising the Bar on Tithing From the GRAYSLAKE CAMPUS*


hen our family began attending The Chapel in 2001,

maybe we should give more. So, we increased our giving, and

we were excited about a lot of things going on at

we seemed to be able to get by just fine with less cash. And

this church, including how the messages were easy to follow and had great examples for how we could apply the sermon to our everyday lives. In one of those sermons, Jeff preached on giving and how tithing was a gift and joy that he enjoyed doing instead of

our walk with Christ continued to grow stronger. My wife and I then decided we should take the plunge and start giving a complete tithe of 10 percent. The amazing thing was that within 30 days of beginning, I got a promotion and a significant pay raise that swamped the additional contribution. This resulted in an increase in our tithing again.

“Now, giving is not something that we dread, but rather something that we just do.”

dreading. He described it like a journey and discussed how as his faith became stronger, tithing became easier to do. At that time, we were giving what I thought was enough, but it wasn’t tithing. My wife and I started discussing what it would mean to enjoy tithing and talked about it for about a year. During that year, our walk with Christ grew stronger, and our relationships with other Chapel families did, too. We continued to talk about how blessed we were and that


Now, giving is not something that we dread, but rather something that we just do. Since we started, we have been blessed with job advancements and pay raises without even trying to get them. However, we don’t think those things are important anymore. And, more importantly, our walk with Christ continues to grow, and our kids are thriving.

Rediscovering God  

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