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I Will Love God More Than Anything

I Will Give God Everything I Own

I Will Love Every Person I Encounter

I Will Live to Advance the Kingdom of God


KNOW? God has been busy in 2011! He’s done an amazing work at The Chapel in and through the people we call our church family. Did you know that:


kids from birth through


students have come

fifth grade were impacted through The

through the doors of The Zone and The

Great Adventure this year. TGA had more

Edge, our Student Ministries, to learn

than 53,000 opportunities to share the

more about how to have an explosive

love of God with kids!

relationship with Christ.



people attended Kids

people live in

Day at our seven campuses. About half of

the area who are served by our seven

those people do not consider The Chapel

campuses — a huge potential for a wide-

their church home.

spread spiritual awakening.



families are served each week

of our Chapel people

by receiving love, clothing, care, and food

took the 3:1 Challenge. That means 4,398

through our community Care center.

people are being prayed for consistently, and 1,466 people are building a relationship


with a non-believer. families received a

Mobile Food Pantries we held in local


communities this year.

received during our “Treasure” series. They

week’s worth of meals through the 37

commitments were

represent people striving to love God more than anything, surrendering all they own to God, loving every person they encounter, and living to advance the Kingdom of God.


Dear friends, It has been quite a year at The Chapel. We are always humbled to see God at work in our church, and the past 12 months have been no exception. Across every campus, in a seemingly endless variety of situations and circumstances, God continues to demonstrate his reality to our people in powerful and life-changing ways. As 2011 comes to a close, we thought it would be valuable to capture a few highlights and significant moments from this past ministry season and to celebrate all that God is doing here. We have so much to be thankful for, and the goodness of God to our church family is first among them. His love and faithfulness to our people, even in the midst of difficult times, gives us great hope and confidence for the days ahead. We hope you enjoy paging through this “year-in-review” and that God uses a few of these stories to inspire you, encourage you, and remind you of the many ways his Kingdom is unfolding all around us. Our prayer is that you see how your investment of time, energy, and finances is paying eternal dividends in the form of real lives being changed forever. In the spirit of our “Treasure” message series, we want to thank you for your willingness to give yourself completely to God. It is your whole-hearted commitment to him that makes all the difference. We have carried the theme of that series into the following pages because we believe there is a direct correlation between God’s supernatural activity in our church and our continued surrender to him. May God always be our sole treasure, and may we always be willing to sell all that we have for him. Your brothers,



Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

The Chapel |





A Vision of Revival

Joyful Givers


Through continuous transition, one thing at

Lessons in tithing bring joy, not dread

Every Person I Encounter

The Chapel has never changed PAGE 12 PAGE 4

Baptism: Compelled to Worship

Global Outreach Prayer Guide Pray specifically for Chapel-supported missionaries and ministries


The Whole Church Bringing the Whole Gospel to the Whole City Christ Together churches collaborate


Our Current Financial Status

for the good of God’s Kingdom By Jamie Wamsley

For the first quarter of the ministry year PAGE 24


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What Is Your Mission?

Everything I Own


One couple’s struggles lead to new purpose

On Mission with God

in marriage and life

God is already at work, invites you to

By Becky Rand

join him By Stephanie Young


Strong Family: Tony and Mireya Oleszkiewicz


With Arms Wide Open

Parents of five make sacrifices, prioritize to

Students asked, and God answered By Bre Kingsley and Dave Griffin

keep their family strong By Michelle Schaefer


Why Not Here? Why Not Us? Why Not Now?


Small Groups: A Place to Call Home

Why we continue to expand the number of Chapel campuses

For Don Bowman, church is no longer just a place to go on the weekends


Greater Things Are Still to Be Done

By Ray Ercoli PAGE 9

New community Care center’s volunteers

Campus pastors remember and


bless and are blessed in return

move forward

God More Than Anything

By Jeff Szolomayer PAGE 28 PAGE 20

The Sweet Smell A coffee shop conversation has eternal significance for Shannon Lasiewicz By Jeff Szolomayer


NEXT STEPS: I Will Advance

the Kingdom of God

A Vision of Revival A

lot has changed since The Chapel first opened its doors in 1994. A

group that first numbered in the teens grew steadily into the hundreds and finally exploded into thousands. Initial gatherings in a small rented warehouse unit moved into a middle school, then a high school, a brand new building, and now gather every weekend in seven communities across Chicagoland. Yet in the midst of an almost continuous series of transitions, one thing has never changed: a core conviction that God stands ready to move in a powerful way whenever and wherever he finds a people ready to move with him.

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strongly support those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9a) Truth be told, The Chapel has always aspired to be much more than just a church — we have prayed to be part of a mighty move of God. We believe God desperately desires to be reconciled to every single person and that he has called his Church to help people everywhere find their way into relationship with him. This is the dream: that God would use The Chapel to connect countless men and women, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, youth and children — every kind of person along the whole spectrum of life to the person of Jesus Christ in a way that transforms them forever. This is the vision of revival. To embrace this vision is to be a part of The Chapel. To understand your identity as God’s ambassador and to see your family, your neighborhood, and your workplace as your own unique mission field is to live the vision of God. To position yourself before God so that his love, wisdom, and power transform your life is to become a conduit through which spiritual revival can flow out of you and into the lives of all those around you. God willing, our church will always be in a positive state of change. Campuses will continue to be added, ministries continuously developed, and new programs offered where they are needed. But one thing must never change, and that is our commitment to partner with God — regardless of the cost demanded or sacrifice needed — to help every single person enter into the fullness of life with him.

“This is the dream: that God would use The Chapel to connect every kind of person along the whole spectrum of life to the person of Jesus Christ in a way that transforms them forever. This is the vision of revival.” The Chapel |


I Will Love God More Than Anything

Baptism: Compelled to Worship by BECKY RAND


rowing up, I did and said what I was supposed to do — this is what I had been taught in my Lutheran upbringing.

I asked Ryan what we were going to do. He said, “We’re going to find a church!” We eventually ended up trying the

But in my late teenage years, I met and fell in love with my hus-

church that our neighbor attended, The Chapel. While there,

band, Ryan, who happened to be an atheist. I no longer thought

we both found ourselves crying and asking each other after-

about what I was supposed to do and instead started doing what

ward, “Is church supposed to feel that good?”

I wanted to do. I believed I could keep up my relationship with Christ with-

Our kids loved The Great Adventure, Ryan and I joined a small group, and we knew we had found our home. We also

out going to church and by marrying this man that I loved. I

knew one of the next steps we needed to take was baptism,

told myself I didn’t need church to be connected to God. After

not only for our spiritual relationships with Christ, but also to

several years, we had three kids, and life was full. But I knew

celebrate our marriage.

something had changed. As I look back, I realize I should have seen what was going

What a change from my experience growing up — I’m now doing and saying things not just because it’s what I am supposed

on with Ryan. I should have known something was wrong, but

to do, but also because it’s what I want to do. I felt compelled to

I wrote much of it off to our differences.

be baptized because I want to worship. God has been doing an

One weekend, I went to visit a cousin for a few days. When

amazing work in our lives through The Chapel!

I came home at midnight, Ryan was up waiting for me, which was weird because he gets up at 4 a.m. for work. He sat me down and told me he had bought a book a few days earlier, Beyond Belief by Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton. In the book, Josh shared about his addiction to cocaine and pornography and his struggles in life. Ryan then confessed to me that he had been addicted to cocaine for the past eight years. I was oblivious to his struggle. Our kids were 2, 3, and 4 years old at the time. My reaction was shock and anger. As he shared the details of his struggles, I asked if there was anything more, if he had ever been involved with anyone. He confessed that he had an affair a few months before our youngest child was born. And while the physical affair lasted only a few days, he continued

“What a change from my experience growing up — I’m now doing and saying things not just because it’s what I am supposed to do, but also because it’s what I want to do.”

talking to her for two more years. Ryan told me he was sharing all this with me because he loved me. He wanted to make a change, and, because of this book, he had given his life to Christ.


—Becky Rand

“I WENT TO CHURCH pretty much my whole life. At our church, you were baptized as an infant, but it wasn’t something that was done as an adult. When we starting coming to The Chapel, I witnessed adult baptisms and didn’t think it was really necessary for me. It took three hard years starting with depression, my dad’s Alzheimer’s, and my brother’s death and getting through those with God and with the help of The Chapel that I [saw] my faith grow tremendously. It was then that I realized that I was ready to openly declare that I’m trusting in God and want to trust him for the rest of my life. I was baptized on May 15.” ­­—Kendra Fischl, Libertyville Campus

“[MY SON], LUKE, was talking to his pastor about his relationship with God while at The Great Adventure one Sunday. Later Luke prayed with one of the adult leaders to let Jesus come into his heart and make him leader of his life. After that, he asked us if he could get baptized. He told us that Jesus was in his heart, and he wants to do what God wants him to do, which was show everyone else that he is a disciple.” —Scott Wilkinson, Lake Zurich Campus (Luke is 10 years old.)

The Chapel |


z ic w ie k sz le O ya e ir M d n a y n o T



he Oleszkiewicz family is a bundle of smiles and energy.

of quality time together as a family. One way in which they

This young family with five children ranging in age from

encourage teachable moments is their commitment to eating

1 to 11 years can be seen regularly moving through the halls of The Great Adventure at the Grayslake campus. Parents Tony

They find that as the children get older and their activities

and Mireya have made a decision to be intentional about

outside the home increase, this commitment will take hard

raising a strong family. Their greatest dream is to see their

work and sacrifice to keep up. It means moving the dinner

children walking closely with God as adults.

hour up earlier or pushing it later to keep everyone together,

“As long as I know they are walking with God, everything else will be OK,� Mireya shared. As parents of five children, Tony and Mireya’s commitment to raise a strong family requires sacrifices that they are willing to make. Their top priority is making sure they spend plenty


dinner together as a family every day.

but they intend to keep it going. For their family, the dinner hour is a time to talk about the day and how God is at work in their lives. They see this daily connection as a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and faith simultaneously. As the Oleszkiewicz children get older, Tony and Mireya

know that they will transition to a new stage of parenting, and the way they talk with and teach their children will change. They are boldly moving forward into the teen years by faith and trust that the foundation they have laid will continue to keep communication open as life presents new challenges. Tony takes his call to be a godly father, husband, and spiritual leader seriously. Through resources such as Men’s Fraternity, he has intentionally positioned himself over the years to be supported and encouraged on the next leg of the parenting journey. Mireya has surrounded herself with Christian friends who can support and encourage through the daily challenges of parenting. She also sets aside time for her own personal growth by participating in women’s Bible studies. Tony and Mireya have three suggestions for parents starting out on a journey to strengthen their family:

Read with your children every day. They suggest reading with your kids from a family Bible as well as other great children’s literature, such as The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.

Have fun together as a family. This creates an environment where your children will want to spend time together as a family, thus multiplying your influence.

Date your spouse. Tony and Mireya set aside time in their busy lives to have a weekly date night because it is a priority for them. “A strong marriage is the greatest gift you can give your kids,” Tony said.

Even though life has not always been easy for this young family, they agree that God has been completely faithful. Through their efforts to build into their family, they see and hear sweet moments of fruit through the voices of their children. Times that always bring a smile are when they overhear their children talking together about what God would want in resolving a conflict or sharing. And as their children grow, Tony and Mireya have the ultimate joy of witnessing their children owning a personal faith in Christ.

“For the Oleszkiewicz family, the dinner hour is a time to talk about the day and how God is at work in their lives. They see this daily connection as a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and faith simultaneously.”

Summer Fun and Sacrifice Help Supply Textbooks



he Great Adventure (TGA), The Chapel’s children’s ministry, partnered with Oasis

for Orphans last summer to provide textbooks for Hill Springs Academy, where Oasis children attend school. The goal to provide 624 student and teacher textbooks was exceeded, and additional donations went toward the Oasis Education Fund. Prior to this initiative, the school had a limited number of borrowed textbooks that only supported a fraction of the kids in a classroom. Now, there are textbooks for every student! The textbook initiative inspired creativity from kids and families at The Chapel as they manned lemonade stands, emptied piggy banks, and ran marathons to support their friends on the Hill in Kenya. The Awana program at The Chapel’s Palatine campus chose Oasis as their compassion focus this year, and they contributed to the textbook drive, education fund, and more. They are looking forward to a visit from a missionary family, the Smiths, in December to hear about the amazing work God is doing on the Hill.

The Chapel |


Small Groups: A Place to Call Home G od designed us to

have also become con-

live in community.

nected to small groups.

The church is not a building;

church is no longer just a

together in community.

place to go on the weekend; it’s a part of their

Christian 35 years ago. He

lives. It’s a place where

regularly attended church

they are growing in

throughout that time but never

Christ and finding mean-

really felt at home. Church had

ingful relationships .

become simply a place to go on

Consider how The

the weekends to learn about

Chapel can become your

Christ. About two years ago,

home. If you find yourself

Don and his family came to

in a painful season of life

The Chapel, and last year Don

and need hope, consider

joined a men’s small group. This

joining a Care group.

group meets weekly to share in

There are large group

each other’s lives, pray for one

studies that meet on campus

another, serve in the commu-

seasonally to dive into God’s

nity, and study God’s Word. For

Word and neighborhood

the first time ever, Don feels at

groups that meet in homes

home in church.

for the purpose of connec-

“This is my church,” he said.

tion and growth in Christ. You

“I have a group of guys who

can even join a serving group

know me, and we share deeply

within a ministry and grow

together about our lives. I have

with those on your team. But

never felt as close to a group of

whatever you choose to do, do

people as I do to these guys.”

it in community.

This group has walked with

For more information about

Don through challenging finan-

small groups and how you can

cial times and supported him as

get connected, contact your

he made critical decisions that

campus pastor or campus

impacted his family’s future.

area leader, or go to

Recently Don’s wife, Tammy, felt

inspired to get more involved and decided to start leading a small group for junior high girls. Now their son and daughter


For the first time,

it is the people who come Don Bowman became a


“This is my church. I have a group of guys who know me, and we share deeply together about our lives. I have never felt as close to a group of people as I do to these guys.” —Don Bowman

NEXT STEPS: I Will Love God More Than Anything

“Is there a burning affection in your heart for the Lord? The intensity of your affection for God is what it’s all about.” —Jeff Griffin Here are a few steps to help you end 2011 well and start 2012 off right! Start having a quiet time with God. • A quiet time is time that you intentionally set aside to spend with God each day. Usually these times include •

Bible reading and prayer. Use the devotionals at as a guide to start your quiet time.

Take the step of baptism. • Baptism is a public declaration of our private commitment to God. • We offer baptism at all of our campuses throughout the year. Go to to sign up. Lead your family into becoming a strong family. • You are the most important person in your child’s life! Your commitment to help your family grow spiritually •

can change their lives. Go to for helpful suggestions on how to help your family be a strong family.

Experience God through our monthly Re:Discover services. • We take time each month to spend in extended worship during our Re:Discover services. • Find the service times for your campus at, and don’t miss this special time of worship! Join a small group, or consider leading one. • Community is how God designed us to live and grow in our spiritual lives. • Find out about small groups and how to get involved at, or talk to your campus area leader.

The Chapel |


I Will Give God Everything I Own

Raising the Bar on Tithing From the GRAYSLAKE CAMPUS*


hen our family began attending The Chapel in 2001,

maybe we should give more. So, we increased our giving, and

we were excited about a lot of things going on at

we seemed to be able to get by just fine with less cash. And

this church, including how the messages were easy to follow and had great examples for how we could apply the sermon to our everyday lives. In one of those sermons, Jeff preached on giving and how tithing was a gift and joy that he enjoyed doing instead of

our walk with Christ continued to grow stronger. My wife and I then decided we should take the plunge and start giving a complete tithe of 10 percent. The amazing thing was that within 30 days of beginning, I got a promotion and a significant pay raise that swamped the additional contribution. This resulted in an increase in our tithing again.

“Now, giving is not something that we dread, but rather something that we just do.”

dreading. He described it like a journey and discussed how as his faith became stronger, tithing became easier to do. At that time, we were giving what I thought was enough, but it wasn’t tithing. My wife and I started discussing what it would mean to enjoy tithing and talked about it for about a year. During that year, our walk with Christ grew stronger, and our relationships with other Chapel families did, too. We continued to talk about how blessed we were and that


Now, giving is not something that we dread, but rather something that we just do. Since we started, we have been blessed with job advancements and pay raises without even trying to get them. However, we don’t think those things are important anymore. And, more importantly, our walk with Christ continues to grow, and our kids are thriving.

Tough Lessons for a Joyful Giver From the BARRINGTON CAMPUS*

“Take my life, I lay it down; all I have, I give to you. Here I stand, arms open wide. I am yours, and you are mine, Jesus.” —Hillsong United


I still hope that there will be some immediate reward for our obedience — maybe a big check will arrive in the mail or some unknown, rich relative will leave us a great inheritance or miraculously some of our bills will get paid off. But they

was taught as a child to give with a joyful heart, and from a

have not. Each month we are still not quite able to pay the

young age I set aside the first 10 percent of my income to

bills. And sometimes I have to check the pantry and the freezer

give back to God. Beginning with my allowance and into the

one more time to see what we can “whip up” for dinner.

early years of my marriage, I took joy in tithing. Sadly, though, time revealed drastic changes in both my attitude and self-discipline. Just five years into my marriage, we began experiencing job troubles. I switched careers several times and eventually worked two part-time jobs. My husband lost his job twice and began helping out in a family business to make ends meet. Somewhere in all of this, I lost my passion and priority for tithing. We still gave occasionally at Christmas and to special causes, but I got out of the habit of giving a tithe and giving it first. At times my spirit would be convicted, and I would want to start tithing again, but instead I would

“Six months ago, we buckled down. We decided to have our tithe come out automatically after each paycheck is deposited. This way, we give to God first.”

pay a bill, buy a gift — anything would take priority over tithing. I kept justifying and making excuses saying, “When we get a muchdeserved raise ...” or “When we are able to pay down some bills ...” Then, I thought, we’ll be able to tithe again. But that day didn’t come, and my heart weighed heavy with the fact that I wasn’t being obedient. Then, six months ago, we buckled down. I was

However, I am learning that joy can come from practicing the discipline of giving. I have been tempted to “take a break” from tithing, to pay some bills or be able to do something extra for the family. Instead, I ask people close to me for accountability. I want to be a joyful giver. So here I am, arms open wide. All I am, all I have, I give it all to you, Lord!

convicted by something Scott Chapman challenged us with, and the song by Hillsong United kept running through my head. We decided to have our tithe come out automatically after each paycheck is deposited. This way, we give to God first.

* EDITOR’S NOTE: These are real stories from people at The Chapel who wished to remain anonymous.

The Chapel |


Global Outreach Global Outreach

Athletes in Action, Ohio State University


KEY CONTACT: Chris and Amy Schweistal

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 NIV)

The Schweistals are committed to boldly proclaiming the love and truth of Jesus Christ to those impacted by sports at Ohio State University in Columbus and around the world. Their ministry focuses on giving every athlete and coach an opportunity to hear about Christ and mobilizing and equipping every believer to reach their peers, community, and the world with God’s love.

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40b) Our desire at The Chapel is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, turning these living words into action. Our vision is to extend this love to some of the most impoverished people internationally, to places where there are no welfare programs, no food banks for the poor, no clean water for drinking, no medical care for the sick, no food and housing for the orphaned, and no hope without a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Chapel’s Global Outreach vision is to follow in obedience to the call of the Great Commission, meet

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Jamaica KEY CONTACT:

Wayne Ashwood

Wycliffe Caribbean’s objective is to engage the Caribbean Christian community to become directly involved in cross-cultural missions and Bible translation. Their goal is to equip Jamaicans to go to these areas and give them God’s Word in their native tongue. Wayne uses his gifts in technology to support the efforts of Wycliffe Caribbean.

the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and weak in third world countries, encourage generosity of Chapel members to international needs, expand the knowledge and hearts of Chapel members to the global Church, and increase the spiritual maturity of Chapel members through missions.


Jerusalem Baptist Mission, Pignon, Haiti KEY CONTACT: Jephthe and Mitou Lucien

Jephthe, a native of Haiti, has been ministering and working with the people of Haiti for more than 15 years. Jerusalem Baptist Mission now includes 43 satellite churches, 21 schools, one secondary school, and a counseling center. In recent years, JBM has been central in coordinating efforts for a variety of ministry opportunities, including earthquake relief.

Prayer Guide

Frontiers, Central Asia KEY CONTACT: Reed and Rachel Wessman

The Wessmans chose to immerse themselves in a predominantly Muslim culture and share the love and hope of Christ. When they arrived, there were only 12 Christians in their town of 500,000.

Campus Crusade, Sarajevo, Bosnia KEY CONTACT: Matt and Erin Henning

The Bosniak ethnic group is one of the unreached people groups of the world. As a country and region, it is central in the prayers of many Muslims, as many believe it could help open the door of Islam to Europe.

The Wessmans have spent their time learning the local language, building relationships in the community, and researching renewable energy sources.

Matt and Erin are working with university students (55,000 enrolled at the University of Sarajevo) and their families with an emphasis on church planting throughout the country.

Reach Global, Garhwal, India KEY CONTACT:

Rajesh and Usha Masih

The land of the Garwahl people is in the heart of traditional Hinduism. Historically, there has been no well-established evangelizing Garhwali church. Rajesh and Usha work to plant churches and serve through leading worship, teaching, preaching, and encouraging the believers throughout this region. Rajesh was a contributor to the translation of the New Testament into the Garhwali language and has recently published the first evangelical songbooks of worship music (mostly written by him) for the Garwhali people.

Oasis for Orphans, Kenya KEY CONTACT: Rick and Ann Smith

LifeWind International, Cape Town, South Africa

It is the mission of Oasis for Orphans to care for the orphans of the Trans Mara region of Kenya as Christ would, by providing them with a loving, nurturing environment while tending to their physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs. Rick and Ann have seen the difference that a stable home environment and loving care can make in the lives of orphaned children. Oasis is working with its partner, Trans Mara Development, to hopefully build more children’s homes in this area to help these children and their communities.

KEY CONTACT: Kevin and Erica Pippert

The Pipperts have established Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in 10 countries in southern Africa. CHE is a strategy of holistic community development, equipping average community members to meet their own needs in community development, preventative health care, and Christian discipleship.

Africa Inland Mission International, Kenya KEY CONTACT: John and Anna Mosby

John is the chief engineer for AIM-AIR in Nairobi, Kenya, the ministry’s home base. AIM-AIR maintains a fleet of 12 aircraft, which enable the travel, supply, and support of missionaries in east and central Africa. They also care for 17 Palatine campus-sponsored Compassion children in the Kibera slum by giving a personal touch from their sponsors, including hosting Christmas and Easter parties.

Tranformation India Movement, Bihar, India KEY CONTACT: Biju Thomas

Transformation India Movement seeks to impact the villages of Bihar, India physically and spiritually with the Good News of Jesus Christ. T.I.M. works to train and place indigenous missionaries in villages where there is no access to the Gospel. The missionaries become familiar with the language and culture and live among the people they serve to communicate the Gospel effectively. T.I.M. reaches the people of Bihar through many programs including the clean drinking water, empowering women, and literacy training programs.

Use this guide to pray specifically for the missionaries and ministries The Chapel supports through Global Outreach. The Chapel |


Our Current Financial Status

For the first quarter of the ministry year (August – October 2011)


s our country continues to work its way through difficult economic times, we are grateful for our church family’s continued generosity to the work God is doing through The Chapel. Your faithful

giving really matters as we continue to do all that we can to partner with God for spiritual transformation in the lives of people everywhere. Each of The Chapel’s ministries, local as well as global, are designed to not only meet people’s physical needs, but to help them experience a genuine life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the most important work to which we, as the people of God, can give ourselves. During the first three months of this ministry year, which runs from Aug. 1 through Oct. 31, our General Fund giving was $2,061,000. Our General Fund expenses for the first quarter totaled $2,321,000, resulting in a deficit (giving less expenses) of $260,000. Our first quarter shortfall is not surprising or unusual since several major ministries typically have higher start-up expenses in the fall.


Expenses (First Quarter) - $2,321,000

ANTICIPATED GIVING (August 2011- July 2012) Nov. and Dec. 2011 $2,350,000

Giving (First Quarter) - $2,061,000 Shortfall of $260,000

What Needs to Happen As we look ahead, our anticipated giving in November and December across all campuses totals $2,350,000, reflecting both normal monthly giving in addition to special year-end gifts to support the ongoing ministry of The Chapel. This number represents approximately 25 percent of our annual budget and is in line with our experience of recent years. Meeting our projected giving in November and December is of vital importance. It will help The Chapel move forward without any further reductions in ministries and/or in staff, on top of the major reductions we have already made over the last two to three years. As always, we trust God with every aspect of our church’s future and ask you to join us in praying his favor and provision as we seek to address these challenges. 14

NEXT STEPS: I Will Give God Everything I Own

“In reality, we’re not owners — we’re managers of the resources God has put in our hands.” —Scott Chapman Here are a few steps to help you end 2011 well and start 2012 off right! Plan to give a year-end gift for 2011. • Gifts can be received online at or at our campuses on or before Dec. 31. • All gifts must be received by Dec. 31 to be included in your 2011 tax statement. Please remember that Dec. 31 is a Saturday night. Everything received during the Saturday night service will be recorded for 2011, and anything received during the Sunday morning service will be recorded for 2012.

Start planning your giving in 2012. • A great way to plan your giving is by setting up an online giving account, which lets you give a one-time or •

recurring gift via check or credit card. Check out for steps on how to set up a regular schedule to give to the church.

Learn more about good financial stewardship and money practices. • Good financial stewardship opens up more doors to give as you learn how to use your money how God intends. • We regularly hold “Freed Up Financial Living” at The Chapel; to express interest in the next class, contact

Consider how you can give more of your time. • Does your calendar allow space for the time you need to reach out to your friends and neighbors? • Check out our volunteer opportunities at Support Global Outreach at The Chapel. • Pray for our missionaries around the world. • Seek God about how you can support the mission of his Kingdom around the world.

The Chapel |


I Will Love Every Person I Encounter

On Mission with God



attended “Rediscovering Evangelism” during the summer. Coming into the training, I knew what the Gospel was

and had even trained people how to share it. The first night of the training, the teacher shared that the God of the universe is on a mission pursuing those who don’t yet know Christ. She told us that God is inviting us to join him in that mission, and he has placed us exactly where he wants us — in our workplaces, families, neighborhoods, etc. — to help others come to Christ. This struck a chord deep in my heart. I realized that God was calling me personally to join him in his mission. In the past I have had the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. However, I viewed evangelism as something I “had to do.” Now, I view my life as evangelism. This change in perspective allows me to believe God has me where he wants me and to pray, “Lord, use me right here.” It has been exciting to watch God open doors over the last several months. A few weeks after the class, I met a good friend (of another religion) for coffee. To my surprise, she asked me about my spiritual journey! In that moment, I felt God was saying, “See, I’m doing it, Steph!” We’ve had some great conversations, and I’m praying she comes to know Christ. God has also put others very dear to me on my heart. I know they have questions, and I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me in those conversations. Through the class, God aligned me — heart, mind, and passion — with his plan. I know that God is already at work, and he wel-

“I viewed evangelism as something I ‘had to do.’ Now, I view my life as evangelism. This change in perspective allows me to believe God has me where he wants me and to pray, ‘Lord, use me right here.’”

comes me to join his mission. This realization has opened my eyes to how God wants to use us to reach his world.


—Stephanie Young

A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, Rob was baptized right after

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, I was in a local restaurant en-

the 9 a.m. service. It was too cold that day to be outside, so we

joying breakfast with a friend. I heard our waiter share that

set up shop in the lobby. Rob shared how he used to live a life

his son was serving in Iraq. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I

where he had every “thing” he wanted. It wasn’t until he lost

approached him and explained I had overheard him, and

all the “things” that he found the thing that fulfills him more

I asked if my friend and I could pray for his boy. Smiling

than anything — a relationship with Christ.

and nodding, he gave permission. Standing in the busy

It was truly inspiring to hear and participate with him in

restaurant, we prayed aloud. It was a holy moment.

his step of commitment that day. It was just as exciting to

We are so blessed when we respond to the promptings

hear how he came to our campus. As a pizza delivery guy,

of the Holy Spirit. Obedience not only brings glory to God

he delivered pizzas to a leadership meeting at the church

but a smile to our hearts. Listen for the Spirit’s direction in

one Saturday night. The next day, he showed up to one of

the people God places in your paths, who are sometimes

the services. God had been moving in his life prior to that

even strangers. Step out boldly to use the enabling grace

Saturday night, and when he

God gives. You will be lifted up!

walked in to deliver pizzas, he

—Barrington Campus

felt at home. —Mundelein Campus


AT HOME, at work, at lunch, in the office, at the game, and at the store, we encounter people. Are we fully present with them? Do we give our time to the lonely or distraught? Do we forgive those who have wounded us deeply? Our lives are filled with people, and our job is to love

before,” Laura confided in Camille at the Lake Zurich Kids Day event, two weeks before the campus’ grand opening. The two bumped into each other while their boys romped on the inflatables. The grand opening was packed, but once again God

them. Our “to do” lists and schedules work really hard to

had Laura and Camille standing right next to each other. It

squeeze other people out of our lives. How do we learn to

started what would become more than a yearlong friend-

love every person we encounter?

ship and Laura rediscovering God.

A group of people from the Barrington campus sought

Laura plugged into campus life, and God used Camille’s

a radical way to do this. They decided to step into the Ka-

friendship to show how he was pursuing her. After hear-

trina rebuild. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, these

ing a message from Lee Stroebel on the need to believe

people created enough space in their lives to commit to

and receive Jesus as our Savior, Laura finally took a step

two ideas: serving people and being open to God. As they

of faith. God worked through Camille to build a trusting

painted, pounded, placed siding, and patched drywall,

friendship that gave Laura the courage to enter a life-

they encountered people — people who have been

changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

homeless for six years, who are without hope, and who are

—Lake Zurich Campus

looking for a new dream. By eliminating their agenda and hectic pace, they learned what a willing spirit and open heart can mean for the Kingdom of God. —Barrington Campus The Chapel |



“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ ” (Matthew 25:34-36 NIV) The Body of Christ: Meant to Bless

Hungness mobilize and coordinate dozens of volunteers who

At The Chapel, one of our goals is to consistently meet the physi-

work together to serve each person who walks through the

cal needs of the people who live in our community. To better

front doors.

serve these needs, we had the joy of opening our new commu-

“There’s no way to quantify the sheer number of man-hours

nity Care center (cCc), which provides food and clothing to local

invested in the cCc,” Michele said. “Our volunteers distribute food.

residents who are facing significant financial challenges.

Our small groups build shelves. Our youth groups sort clothes.

The new cCc more than doubles the storage and distribution space. It also includes a full gym where people can

I could go on and on. God is working!” First-time volunteer Lynn Clay characterized her experience

gather, enjoy a cup of coffee, and relax while they wait to be

serving at the cCc this way: “I realized it was about a lot more

served. The size of the new building dramatically

than just food. It’s really a place for people to be in community

expands the number of people we are able to serve each

with each other. The level of dignity and respect amazed me.”

week. But without the hard work of our committed volun-

A long-time Chapel member shared, “Until I lost my job a few

teers, it remains just another building.

months ago, the idea of visiting a food pantry was embarrassing, but when I showed up, no one judged me. Everyone was smiling

The Body of Christ: Meant to Serve Twice a week, cCc volunteer leaders Michele Stanger and JoAnn


Michele Stanger and JoAnn Hungness

Open and ready to help. I could tell they enjoyed giving. They met my needs, preserved my self-respect, and left me blessed.”

A woman recently came to the community Care center for the first time on a recommendation

The Body of Christ: Bound to Grow The center also gives The Chapel the opportunity to expand

from her mother. The woman shared how her

our relationships with local organizations like Northern Illinois

mom did not believe in God or go to church.

Food Bank, Mariano’s, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Butternut, Piggly

However, when she found herself in need of food,

Wiggly, Fresh Market, and Medline — all of whom graciously

she went to the cCc for help. The mother told

donate the items we provide.

her daughter that because everyone treated her

“This is just the beginning,” said Grayslake Campus Pastor

warmly and with kindness, she decided to give

Brent Davis. “God is clearly using this new resource to bless,

church a try. Because of the mother’s interaction

serve, and grow his family. Let’s continue to pray, put our full

with the volunteers at the cCc, she is now being

effort behind this outstanding opportunity, and watch as God touches lives.”

fed physically and spiritually and telling others about her experience.

The cCc is open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

—Michele Stanger, cCc Volunteer

An average of

More than

At least



$128,000 250

square feet was built

volunteer hours

volunteers contributed

was donated for the

families come to

or remodeled for

were given to build

to the project, and five

building expansion, with

the cCc each time

the new community

the new space.

dedicated men donated

additional donations

we open our doors

more than 40 hours

coming in weekly.

to serve food.

3,100 Care center.

each week as full-time volunteers. The Chapel |


The Sweet Smell



o the morning faithful, the

something vital was missing.

aroma of freshly brewed

Her marriage was a mess, and her

coffee is nearly irresistible. Any-

career was in a freefall.

one with a favorite local coffee

After more conversations with

shop can attest to the tempta-

this local businessman, Shannon

tion to linger once inside.

finally woke up one day, logged

Coffee was the centerpiece of

in to Facebook, and watched

Shannon Lasiewicz’s career — and

the second week of Jeff Griffin’s

ultimately the reason she ended up

“Compelled” series — twice!

in a conversation with a woman at

While she listened, tears began

a Midas auto repair shop earlier this

to fall, and she finally realized

year. She thought they were just

that the “something” she had

networking, but when the woman

been searching for all her life was

recommended that Shannon

a genuinely personal and inti-

meet with her son, himself a local

mate relationship with her Savior,

businessman and a member of The

Jesus Christ.

Chapel, things began to change. Though she became a Catholic

Now attending The Chapel’s McHenry campus, Shannon can-

to please her newlywed husband

not help but spread the peace

more than 20 years ago, Shannon

and joy she’s found in Jesus. Hers

struggled to understand the ritu-

is a fragrance and sweet perfume

als and traditions of her religious

of God’s love — much more

experience. She even baptized,

energizing for the soul than even

confirmed, and raised her three

the very best cup of coffee.

children in the Catholic faith, but


“While she listened to the sermon, tears began to fall, and she realized that the ‘something’ she had been searching for all her life was a genuinely personal and intimate relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Shannon Lasiewickz

NEXT STEPS: I Will Love Every Person I Encounter

“This is not just important; it’s foundational.” —Jeff Griffin Here are a few steps to help you end 2011 well and start 2012 off right! Continue praying for your 3:1. • If you have not committed to a 3:1, write down the names of three friends, co-workers, or family members who don’t know Christ. Then, pray regularly for them and commit to intentionally build into one of those relationships

with a desire to help guide your friend toward salvation through Jesus. If you have been praying for your 3:1, ask God to lead you to identify the next step you can take to help your friend discover life with him. Do you need to invite your friend over for dinner, provide a resource, or initiate or follow up on a conversation?

Love people through the community Care center or a Mobile Food Pantry. • The community Care center is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can sign up to •

serve at Mobile Food Pantries happen throughout the year at our campuses and other locations in the community. Contact your campus to sign up to serve at the next Mobile Food Pantry.

Ask God to help you love your neighbor. • What are the specific ways you can love and care for the people who live closest to you? • Do you know your neighbor’s story, and does he/she know your story? What is a step you can take to learn more about your neighbor and share more about your relationship with Christ?

Sign up for Rediscovering Evangelism (the evangelism basic training class). • We offer Rediscovering Evangelism at multiple campuses throughout the year. • Contact your campus pastor to sign up for the next class. Help others during the Christmas season. • Make this season about giving and loving others! • We have a variety of opportunities to serve others this Christmas season. Find out more at

The Chapel |


I Will Live to Advance the Kingdom of God

The Whole Church Bringing the Whole Gospel to the Whole City by JAMIE WAMSLEY


everal years ago, God led Scott Chapman to a simple

counties. Scott realized that when God looked

but powerful conclusion. As Scott prayed for greater

down upon our city, he did not see 5,000 differ-

Chicagoland, home to more than 9 million people, he came

ent churches, but one Church meeting in more

to understand how daunting our challenge was. There were

than 5,000 different locations. God had not called

two realities that were difficult for him to reconcile: The

The Chapel to reach Chicago but his Church —

Chapel was playing an amazingly vital role in the work of the

the whole Church — to reach Chicago.

Kingdom, leading thousands of people into a relationship

In that moment, the vision for Christ Together

with God through vibrant and life-giving ministry. Yet, at the

was born. Since that time, we have seen church-

same time, Scott understood that no matter how large The

es set aside their competitiveness and collabo-

Chapel grew or how many campuses our church added, it

rate for the greater good of the Kingdom. We

would be incredibly difficult for our church to make even a

have seen renewed hope and excitement in the

small spiritual dent in a city of our size.

broader body of Christ as pastors and Christians

If we were to take the Great Commission seriously and own responsibility for reaching every man, woman, and child in this

“We have seen renewed hope and excitement in the broader body of Christ as pastors and Christians grasp the potential of a united Church, partnering together in its God-given mission.”

grasp the potential of a united Church, partnering together in its God-given mission. Already, hundreds of churches in Chicagoland and beyond have made the decision to work together to see as many people as possible reconciled to the person of Jesus Christ. Nowhere have we seen this vision take hold more than in the city of Gurnee. In Gurnee, virtually ever pastor of a Protestant church has committed himself to sharing the love of God with every single household in his city — and to doing it together. Even now, small groups in neighborhoods across the city of Gurnee, composed of individuals from several local churches, are piloting what has become known as the “Go!” project.


area with the Good News of Jesus Christ, a different approach

These small groups are simply praying for their neighbors and

would be necessary. After a bit of research, Scott discovered

asking God how, together, as the Church in Gurnee, they can

that more than 5,000 churches were currently gathering in

genuinely love every single person in their neighborhood and

virtually every part of Chicago and the surrounding collar

help them to discover a relationship with God.



here have been a lot of exciting developments in the Christ Together movement

over the past 12 months. In Lake County, 150 churches have actively partnered together for several years. But now the Church is beginning to partner together even more broadly. Recently, we launched a Christ Together network in McHenry, and meetings between pastors are happening in several other collar counties. Our Virginia networks consist of about 150 churches as well, and, having developed genuine relationships of trust with one another, they are now collaborating around significant Kingdom ventures, restoring the reputation of Christ in their communities. But perhaps what is most encouraging is the recent joining of a network of churches currently working with Christ Together in more than 20 cities across the U.S. This move has the capacity to dramatically accelerate the work that God is doing in connecting churches all across our country and opens the door to a wealth of possibilities for how we are able to reach more people than ever before. We cannot wait to see how God conAs these pilot groups represent God to the people around

tinues to move in 2012!

them, they are planning to come back to their respective churches and share how God moved in the hearts and minds of their new friends. The hope is that many people in all their churches will be captured by the simplicity and the beauty of loving their neighbors into the Kingdom and that next year, perhaps even hundreds more groups will fill the neighborhoods of Gurnee. Many of us have realized that it often only takes one example of how to partner with God in a way that is both a blessing and effective to the people involved for others to stand and take notice. Our prayer is that Gurnee will become a shining city on a hill, from which many other communities across the country will begin to see the incredible potential of the whole Church bringing the whole Gospel to the whole city.





Christian lives; instead we want to guide students into explosive relationships with Jesus Christ that rock the world.

Abbie is a local high school student who prayerfully asked God, “What is my mission?” On a retreat this fall, she felt God calling her to start a ministry at her school, one in which Jesus’ love could be shown to other students. The idea God provided her was an amazing testament to his love. “What if no student had to eat lunch alone in the cafeteria?” she asked. Though they may be


o often we go through life focused on what we put in the spotlight. The question “What is your mission?” is our

way of aligning our priorities in life with God’s priorities for us. In Student Ministries, we believe everyone should prayerfully ask this question. We know the answers are not always comfortable — in some instances they take us across the street, to a

from different social groups, grades, or walks of life, every student should have a chance to be known and loved simply because God loves them. What an amazing difference a friend can make in a teenage world filled with uncertainty and many times unkindness. Abbie’s mission is to love the students in her high school lunch period.

different part of town, even across borders and oceans. These

Marissa is a recent graduate who asked, “What is my

callings take us to places we are ridiculed, places we don’t

mission?” following a Student Ministries mission trip. She is

understand the culture or can’t speak the language, and places

now acting on God’s response. For years, she

where we are unknown and unwelcome.

was active in our church in a variety of areas but

But these places are also filled with people that God loves

always had a picture of what her comfortable life

We don’t want our students to live merely comfortable Christian lives; instead we want to guide students into explosive relationships with Jesus Christ that rock the world. and commands us to reach no matter how uncomfortable that

would be. However, after she spent time in Trini-

may be. We don’t want our students to live merely comfortable

dad, her direction in life changed. She was in the


Mission? “I GET MADE FUN OF AT SCHOOL,” a student, Shelby, told Pastor Dave. “I can’t be myself at home, but I love being here. I can be myself here; I feel safe here. My relationship with Jesus, knowing him like I do, sets me midst of deciding colleges and majors when God called her to minister to children all over the world. She is currently studying to become a nurse, and her mission is to serve on medical mission where children are dying from lack of proper medical care and

free.” Dave added: “I have watched her come in looking broken and at the end of the night, she’ll leave with joy and confidence. Her life and walk with God is stronger because of her experience here in Student Ministries.”

where she can share Jesus’ love with them.

Kaitie, Christy, Ali, and Taylor

“I LOST MY GRANDFATHER and my dad all in the same month,” Mike told one of our youth pastors. “I was

prayerfully asked God to whom they were supposed to min-

having a really hard time believing that God was in this

ister, and God gave them some clear answers. They gathered

when I came to The Edge. But I come and have fun, and

with other students from our ministry and neighboring

you guys care about me.” Mike has built a relationship

churches that go to their school, and they began planning.

with an adult who just listens and shows him Jesus’ love

After weeks of work, their high school had its first Wednes-

in a time when he needs it most. “This ministry is help-

day morning worship, and they have invited many of their

ing him through a really tough time,” the youth pastor

unsaved friends to join them in hearing about God. They have

said. “Now Mike is bringing friends here because he

also consistently brought their unsaved friends to church.

wants them to experience Jesus’ love in this place like he

Their passion for their unsaved friends has spread to other

has. He is seeing God in a way he never has before and

students, and more and more of them are sharing their faith

wants to share it with others.”

boldly. They are even working with adult volunteers to plan outreach nights to help their friends who don’t yet feel comfortable coming to church meet other believers.

“MY BROTHER was the one who introduced me to The Chapel,” a student shared. “The first time I went I didn’t know anyone. Immediately, I was welcomed by leaders and other kids. They introduced me to some people, and soon after I didn’t feel awkward. I made the decision to make Jesus my personal Lord and Savior when I went to ‘ONE.’ It was at that time that I decided I wanted to help others find him as well because of how he helped me through everything, and I wanted everyone to see how great he is.”

“I KEPT SEARCHING for ways to get more involved in church and to help out, and then I got an opportunity to join student leadership at the McHenry campus,” shared Donavin. “Student Ministries has not only given me the opportunity to help others find God, but it’s helped me truly find myself as a person, and it’s helped my relationship with God.”

The Chapel |


Why Not HERE?

Why Not US?

Why Not NOW? Why campus expansion is The Chapel’s strategy WE ARE SOMETIMES ASKED why we continue to expand the number of Chapel campuses. The answer is simple: We want as many people as possible to rediscover God! But you may ask, “How does starting a new campus reach more people? Can’t they just come to an existing campus?” They could, but they don’t. Committed Christ followers who are passionate about what God is doing through The Chapel may drive long drives, but our neighbors will not. Strategically and statistically, there is no better way to help the most people rediscover God than to plant new churches or campuses. Jim Tomberlin of Multisite Solutions says, “New churches (or campuses) reach more people faster, cheaper and better.” One of the reasons this is true is because “if you shrink the scale, you increase the ownership and multiply the impact.” We have seen time and time again that when a Chapel campus moves into an attendee’s own community, he or she attends more, serves more, gives more, and invites more. But starting new campuses is not easy or without a cost. Seeing our friends or a beloved

DID YOU KNOW? The Chapel opened a network campus in Streamwood! A network campus uses our teaching in their weekend services.

staff member move to a new campus is sad. There are also always worries about who will continue to do the work at existing campuses as we continue to grow. If you live close to a current campus, try to picture it like this instead: Imagine living 20 minutes or more from an existing campus. Imagine longing for a campus to be in your community so that you could more easily invite your friends to church, attend a mid-week Bible study, or serve at a Mobile Food Pantry that helps your neighbors. Imagine seeing your friend come to Christ because The Chapel came to your community. Imagine and then multiply it hundreds of times each time a new campus opens. That is what we imagine every time we are dreaming and praying and beginning the process of a new campus. Each campus has amazing God stories, and each time we open a new campus, it is a chance to ask God again, “Why not here? Why not us? Why not now?”


Greater Things Are Still to Be Done Campus pastors remember and move forward STEVE PUGH, Barrington Campus “I am excited that we are connecting with a real and significant mission. By inviting friends to experience our community, investing in others and helping them in their spiritual journey, and connecting with the global water crisis, I have never been more inspired by those around me. I am convinced that God’s best work in us is ahead and as we join his mission, we will experience something universally powerful, unmistakably drawing, and eternally significant.” BRENT DAVIS, Grayslake Campus “I’m excited for us to continue to position both ministry team leaders and small group leaders to invest in others. We’ve made some great strides in this over the past year, and I’m convinced this is critical to us carrying out Jesus’ commission to make disciples.” DAVE THOMPSON, Lake Zurich Campus “Before we launched our campus, we sang our theme, ‘Greater things are still to be done in this city.’ We have seen that happen! Scores of people have rediscovered God since our grand opening. I’m excited that, in the last few months, God has stirred the hearts of our people to become completely surrendered to him. It’s because of this complete surrender that I believe we have the potential to see hundreds more in our area commit their lives to Jesus Christ this year.” MATT FURR, Libertyville Campus “For several years, I have desired to see prayer be a stronger part of our culture. There have been pockets of it in our small groups and Re:Discover, but nothing that really anchored our life together. Through God’s leadership, a wonderful team of people is emerging that is committed to healthy and powerful prayer after each service. I am so excited to see what God will do in our lives as we seek him together in humble dependence.” JEFF PITTMAN, McHenry Campus “We’re looking forward to a great 2012. I’m especially excited to partner with other churches in our area to influence our community for Christ. God is up to something special with the Church in McHenry, Johnsburg, and Wonder Lake.” THOMAS MCARTHUR, Mundelein Campus “Wow — how fast one year goes by! Last year, I summed up my New Year’s resolution into one word: advance. I wanted to advance in my relationship with God, my role as a father and husband, as well as a leader and pastor. Thank you, God, for providing thousands of opportunities for me to learn, grow, and advance in all of these areas. Looking back I’ve seen victory, growth, misses, and opportunities to try again. As we look forward to 2012, where is God leading you?” RICK WAGER, Palatine Campus “Our campus has turned the transition corner and is well on its way to making a greater Kingdom impact in Palatine and our world. After months of learning and laying the right foundation, we are moving forward in God’s strength with great enthusiasm. Let’s roll!”

The Chapel |


NEXT STEPS: I Will Advance the Kingdom of God

“God knows the greatest gift, the greatest blessing that he can give people is his Kingdom. There is nothing better that he can offer now or eternally. The coolest thing is that he has chosen us to join with him with this mission on Earth.” —Scott Chapman Here are a few steps to help you end 2011 well and start 2012 off right! Find your mission. • What is God calling you to do to advance his Kingdom? • Spend the next month praying every day and asking God to lead you to your calling in his Kingdom. Find a place to serve at The Chapel. • Find community and advance the Kingdom of God through The Chapel. • There are many opportunities to serve at The Chapel. Need help? Go to to find your perfect fit! Pray for new campuses. • Pray for those campuses that will be launched this year and for God to advance his Kingdom through the •

campuses and cities. Consider giving a three-month commitment to serve and help get a new campus started.

Open yourself up to discipling a new Christian. • Can you help someone take the next steps in their spiritual walk? • Think about how you can help others grow into a more fruitful spiritual walk, and take the next steps to get there. Give financially to the cause of Christ. • God calls us to give everything to help further his Kingdom. How can you pursue all that God is calling you •

to do financially? What are the next steps that you need to take to help further God’s Kingdom?

Pray for the continuing impact of Christ Together. • Pray for the “Go!” project in Gurnee, that God continues to bless and expand this movement. • Pray that God continues to expand the vision and bless the work being done through Christ Together.


God Through Worship

ays; w l a e c i Rejo g; n i s a e c ut o h t i w y a pr ; s k n a h t e giv g n i h t y r e u o in ev y r o f l l i sw ’ d o G s i for this sus. e J t s i r h in C

Pour out your heart to God, and watch how he pours back into your life.

Join us at the next Re:Discover at your campus. The Chapel |


The funding for this publication was generously provided by a private donor.

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