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College of the Desert Associated Student Body visits Sacramento


Independent Senator; and COD students: Sean Wilbrecht, Jonathan Ybarra, and Thomas Hughes, were the seven students who participated. ASCOD decided last minute to


On March 3rd, 2014, seven College of the Desert (COD) students visited the California State Capitol in Sacramento to participate in legislative proceedings, and march outside The State Capitol building. Over 113 California Community Colleges participated in the march. “We were there with student senates from the 113 community colleges in California,” related The Associated Students of College of the Desert President (ASCOD), Eleanor Campbell. “The event promoted student senates, for me this is very personal, this is what we are all about. Events like this make you understand what is going on in the world.” “There were three priority one bills that we specifically talked about with legislators,” said Student Trustee, Andrew Campbell. First, Assembly Bill 1557, which would allow two, instead of one students to have a vote in The House of Board of Governors. Second, Senate Bill 1017, which pertains to taxation of oil revenues. California is the only state which does not participate in this specific tax. If successful, it would bring back revenue into the California Community College system. And third, Senate Bill 850 (SB 850), written by Senator Marty Block from San Diego. If the bill is successful, “Community college districts may be able to take a two-year program and expand it into a four-year program, without the added cost of students having to go to a four-year institution,” related Senator Block. SB 850 has the capacity to pro-

If Senate Bill 850 is enacted, “community college districts may be able to take a two-year program and expand it into a four-year program, without the added cost of students having to go to a four-year institution”

Senator Marty Block

PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF COLLEGE OF THE DESERT Students who visited Sacramento Capitol Hill, pictured left to right: Sean Wilbrecht, Jose Rodriguez, Thomas Huges, Eleanor Campbell, Assemblymen Brian Nestande, Andrew Campbell, Jonathan Ybarra, and Brittany Elaine Flores vide students with “a better way to actively finish a four year degree at a community college,” said Student Trustee, Andrew Campbell. The annual “March in March” to Sacramento, is where students from community colleges and universities all over California unite and march to the California State Capitol, promoting higher education

and student advocacy. COD was scheduled to depart on Sunday, March 2nd at around 10 p.m. and return to the Coachella Valley on Monday night at around 10:30 p.m. The event was organized on a first come, first served basis and was free. The deadline to sign up for this event was Monday, Feb-

ruary 24th at 5 p.m. ASCOD initially planned to take 48 COD students on a bus to Sacramento where they would participate in legislative proceedings and the march outside Capitol Hill. Eleanor Campbell, ASCOD President; Andrew Campbell, Student Trustee; Brittany Flores, ASCOD External Affairs Officer; Jose Rodriguez,

change their original plan to take 48 students due to budgeting issues. “We had to make sure the funds were allocated at a proper time,” commented ASCOD Student Trustee, Andrew Campbell. “It came down to finances, we went over budget, we just could not take as many students this year. If we had followed through with the initial trip, bus prices, and t-shirts, then we wouldn't have funds to fund the clubs at COD. Everything was not timed well we just did not make the deadlines.”

Start your law enforcement career this fall 2014 at COD BY CZARINA GREANEY


College of the Desert (COD) Public Safety Academy is offering two module classes for students who are interested in becoming a reserve police officer. The program is registered under the Peace Officer Standard Training (POST). The course is broken up into three segments starting with module three to module one. COD has module two and three available on campus. The first course, module three is the basic Peace Officer Training class consisting of 168 hours of lectures, basic life support, vehicle operation, laws of arrest, handcuffing, and firearm training. The course is scheduled every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Saturday’s from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the PSA building, room 19. Christopher Madigan director of the POST program says, “All these training skills help in any profession and are publicly beneficial.” Once the student has completed module

JONATHAN MORENO/THE CHAPARRAL The Public Safety Academy facility is one of COD’s most prestigious buildings here on campus utilizing many new classrooms and providing law enforcement career oportunities three the next course is module two. Module two is an intensive course educating students about the importance of cultural diversity,

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searches, and seizures. The course also includes field trips to local police stations. Class is scheduled every

Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gary Abrahamyam, lab tec. assistant


Fun-ancial Literacy Week

The week long activities will begin April 7th with a Kick-off event at the Palm Desert campus CAMPUS LIFE, PG. 4

Relay for Life of Indio

The American Cancer Society, held a “Relay For Life” cancer walk, in the city of Indio, Ca EDITORIALS, PG. 2

of the POST program says, “It gets your foot in the door and in the law enforcement career.” After students complete both modules they are eligible to receive a Police Science degree and can advance onto module one. Module one is not available at COD; it is taught at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department at the Ben Clark training Center in Riverside. Each module requires intense physical training such as running, pushups, sit ups, body drag, chain link fence and more. Students must be 18 years or older to apply and have a valid driver’s license, a clean record, and a live scan fingerprint. In order to register students must be able to do a 1.5-mile run in less than 18 minutes, 15 push-ups in one minute, and 24 sit-ups in one minute. POST requires every student to pay for their own uniform and tuition fees, miscellanies items, ammunition, equipment, and a parking pass. To apply, visit: or contact the Public Safety Academy at: 760-674-3765


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MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

Coachella Valley participates in The Relay for Life of Indio cancer walk

LENIN SILVA/THE CHAPARRAL LENIN SILVA/THE CHAPARRAL Cancer survivors were the first to walk a lap around Shadow Hills High School's running track, the COD student, Nick Alatorre, walked in the Relay, he survived morning of March 8, 2014 colon cancer, and has been cancer free since August 2012



The American Cancer Society held a “Relay For Life” cancer walk, in the city of Indio, Ca, at Shadow Hills High School’s football field, on the morning of March 8, 2014. The event took place all day Saturday and concluded on Sunday morning. Over thirty-three teams participated in the cancer walk. Most teams, including College of the Desert’s Alumni Association, set up

large tents surrounding the inner perimeter of the high school's running track. Freshly prepared food, baked goods, plastic toys, wearable accessories, t-shirts, and other items were sold by the teams at their tents. A percentage of the profits made by the teams went towards funding the American Cancer Society and future endeavors towards finding a cure for cancer. College of the Desert students, Cristal Salcido, Nick Alatorre, and COD Alumni Board member, Soleil Rubalcava, made an appearance at the cancer walk, representing the

COD Alumni Association. COD student, Nick Alatorre, participated in the walk as a cancer survivor. Alatorre, survived a battle with colon cancer, and has been cancer free since August of 2012. The “Relay for Life,” began in 1985 in Tacoma, Washington. One out of every 100 Americans participate in the Relay. International “Relay for Life” events are now held in more than 600 communities spanning 19 countries outside the United States. “Relay for Life” is the largest, private, nonprofit source for cancer research. The relay funds junior researchers,

mation you need to provide is the number of people being enrolled, their birth dates, social security number for each family member, home zip code, most recent income tax filing, and legal immigration information (e.g immigration number). The event will be on Monday, March 17 from 10a.m. to 4 p.m. and on

Wednesday, March 19, from 1:30 p.m to 5 p.m in the Cravens Student Services Center (CSSC) multi-purpose room. Walk-ins are welcome. You may also reserve a time, or if you need more information call Joanna Ramos at (760)844-7824.

Need assistance signing up for affordable Health Insurance?



If you need affordable health insurance or want more information about health insurance, representatives from Cover California will be here to help you enroll. The infor-

whose research towards a cure for cancer would have been lost otherwise. Information, and pamphlets describing cancer prevention techniques, and general statistical information regarding cancer sufferers, were distributed to those who participated. The American Cancer Society suggests that people choose snacks wisely in order to maintain a healthy weight. “Eating right and being active may help reduce your risk of some cancers,” said a spokesperson for the cancer society. “Be active for

Covering the Covered California health program

AP IMAGES Executive director of Covered California, Peter Lee, speaks at a news conference in Sacramento, CA


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at least 30 minutes a day on most days of the week! Our early detection guidelines save thousands of lives every year.” Breast cancer death rates have been declining since 1990. Early detection can prevent nearly 90% of colon cancer cases and deaths. More than 10 million Americans alive today are cancer survivors. For more information on the Relay For Life of Indio, visit:

Open Enrollment for Covered California ends March 31st. That’s the deadline for Californians to obtain Medical Insurance Coverage without having to pay a tax penalty for not having health insurance. This comes as good news to many people who have not been able to afford medical attention, such as Nathan Coleman of Palm Desert, CA, “I sliced my hand on piece of broken glass while working in the shed. I needed stitches, but I was afraid to go to Urgent Care because I still owed them money from before. My girlfriend stitched my hand up. Luckily, I did not get an infection. I just couldn’t afford another medical bill at the time.” For those individuals earning less than $15,860 a year are eligible for Medi-Cal which costs those who qualify nothing. Office visits and prescriptions are basically free. Individuals who earn a little more money, between $15,860 to $45,960 a year, may be eligible for medical insurance with financial help. Depending on income and

the number of family members, the government will help by paying a portion of the Medical premium. The less a person earns, the more the government will subsidize monthly payments. Now many can even afford to upgrade their coverage to a health plan of their choice. However, although this may have helped struggling individuals, those who make more money have had their rates increased, with no subsidies made available to them. Insurance premiums are now based on your income and taxes, no longer your health history. “My health insurance policy for my husband and I and our son went from $598 to nearly $1,300 a month. It doubled because we make too much money. Now we can barely afford to make our house payments,” said Gail DeWitte of Cathedral City, CA The bright side of the changes to Healthcare in California is that everyone needs to have health insurance. It is no longer a luxury provided by an employer. It has been deemed a necessity that everyone has to have – whether a person uses it or not or whether a person can afford it.

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MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

Congressman Ruiz proposes legislation for local veterans

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Spring screams outdoors and hiking trails

PHOTO COURTESY OF JEFF HORSEMAN California’s 36th District Junior Congressman Raul Ruiz, presenting a speech in late October



Congressman Raul Ruiz recently presented his plan to end the Veteran Affairs (VA) benefit backlog, noting his goal is to expand and improve health care, improve job and education programs, and fight the ever growing rate of veteran homelessness. “This legislative package is the result of listening to the people I serve - the veterans in my district, as well as their families, friends, and the communities that care for them,” said Dr. Ruiz. The 2015 proposed White House budget would allot $65.3 billion in discretionary funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, along with a $1.6 billion investment in helping homeless and at-risk veterans. This includes $500 million for homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing, $321 million for a supportive housing program for veterans and $75 million for 10,000 new housing vouchers through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

It also includes $56 billion for Medicare services including $589 million for medical and prosthetic research and $7 million for mental health services. What Ruiz is proposing includes: Veterans Access to Speedy Review Act, giving veterans the ability to use video conferencing instead of having to travel in person for an appeals hearing, reducing the cost for the VA and the veteran. The Support our Services to Veterans Caregivers Act (S.O.S. Veterans Caregivers Act) which under the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010, only seriously injured heroes and their caregiver receive benefits. Ruiz is attempting to shift legislation by including severe "illness." Making sure that those veterans who have been made severely ill will now receive the support they need. The Wounded Veterans Recreation Act would make all disabled veterans eligible for a no-cost, lifetime pass that would give them entry to the national parks and federal recreational lands managed by the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land

Management, and the Bureau of Reclamation. Disabled Veterans Workforce Opportunity Act, when applying for a job within the United States government, veterans would receive a 70 percent higher disability rating along with stronger references. “These bills aim to reduce the claims backlog at the VA – ensuring veterans and their families receive the benefits they have earned, improve the quality of life for wounded veterans, and make it easier for veterans to find jobs. Our veterans have stood up for us, and we need to stand up for them. I will continue to work with my Democratic and Republican colleagues, the VA, and veterans’ organizations across the country to enact this legislation and work to find pragmatic solutions to their most pressing needs,” said Ruiz. This legislation will provide needed evidence and an overview of the timeliness of other agencies in providing the VA with vital information ensuring veterans receive benefits in a timely manner.

CZARINA GREANEY/THE CHAPARRAL View from the top of the Bump and Grind trail at 1,265 feet


The Coachella Valley is full of adventurous trails and in this current 80 degree weather there are no excuses; Palm Desert is home to many hiking trails for those who enjoy the outdoors and exploring new sites. College of the Desert (COD) student Susie Hill is just one of many COD students who enjoy the hiking trails in Palm Desert. Hill says, “I love to get my mind off of school sometimes, hiking releases my stress and puts me in a good mood.” The Bump and Grind trail is 1.5 miles and 4 minutes away from the campus. The trail is located on Painter’s Path, behind the Target shopping center in Palm Desert. COD student Kathy Ayala, says, “The Bump and Grind trail has a great view, and I don’t have to drive far to get my hike on.” The Bump and Grind trail is

about 4 miles long and its beginning elevation is 250 feet. The max elevation is 1265 feet. The Hopalong Cassidy trail is a 4-mile trail up Highway 74 about 7 minutes from COD. The trail’s elevation starts from 490 feet and goes to 1,030 feet. The Road Runner Trail is 3.5 miles long and has great scenery. Road Runner is located on Monterey Avenue and is about 4 minutes away from COD. Alisha Terrell, a student at COD says, “Its fun and nice to get out and see different things, it’s so serene.” Another well known trail is the Randall Henderson Trail. This trail is 2.5 miles long and begins at 1,000 feet going to an elevation of 1,425 feet. The Randall Henderson trail is located off of Highway 74 in Palm Desert. Try these trails before or after school for a nice enjoyable work out to begin or end your day.

4 Campus Life


17, 2014

Fun-ancial Literacy Week is coming to College of the Desert



The 3rd Annual Financial Literacy week is almost here! The week long activities will begin April 7th with our Kick-off event at the Palm Desert campus in the Cravens Student

Services Center (CSSC)-MPR. We will have food, entertainment and many organizations sharing resources for students. Workshops will be held at the Palm Desert, Indio and Mecca/Thermal Center throughout the week. We will have a number of presenters including the College of the Desert Financial Aid office, Union Bank,

Wells Fargo, Riverside County Department of Public Health, Integrated Wealth Management and many more. They will be sharing information on how to eat healthy on a budget, tips on how to manage your money, looking for ways to save on your path to transferring and much more. Student attendees will have op-

KCOD programming recap and update

portunities to win prizes at every workshop including gift certificates to Buffalo Wild Wings, Pueblo Viejo Grill, Grill-A-Burger and the Kaiser Restaurant Group. Financial Literacy week will culminate with the closing event on April 10th at the Palm Desert campus CSSC-MPR, where we will have food, activities, performances and

we will select the grand prize winner for a $250 gift card to the College of the Desert Bookstore. For more information on Financial Literacy week contact Jocelyn Vargas at 760.776.7230 Visit our website for locations, times and updates Pages/calendar.aspx

COD hosts annual career fair

LUIS MEDINA/ THE CHAPARRAL Students signing up to enter the career fair that was located on the first floor of the HILB building in the Palm Desert Campus. Students signing up to enter the event



KCOD Radio is making tremendous strides this semester. The programming schedule highlights various radio personalities, versatile show styles, and consistency throughout the program day. From The Morning Break to the noVa sports report, KCOD radio offers insight, information, and quality entertainment. The station has participated at events such as The Palm Springs Film Festival, The Humana Challenge, The BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament, The Date and Tamale Festivals, and a host of many other venues throughout the Coachella Valley. Premiering Friday March 14, KCOD will be airing a series of radio plays, debuting with Walter B.Gib-

son's The Shadow: The Ghost Walks Again. These plays will be re-creations of legendary radio and television programs. These shows will air Fridays at 9:30 a.m. with reairs between 4 to 8 p.m. KCOD Radio is looking for musical acts to perform on the air. KCOD Live will be showcasing new talent every other Tuesday through May. The next scheduled event is March 25 from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. on The Beeps Cafe outside patio. Andrea Zimmerman, who has been a talk show host with KCOD since the beginning, hosts her morning show "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things." She interviews college students, professors, and people in the community who are pursuing their dreams against all odds, and are making a difference in their communities. Beginning Thursday night,

March 20, KCOD Radio and The Tilted Kilt will partner together to present College Night at the Kilt. College of the Desert students will have the opportunity to intern as DJs at the restaurant. For more information, contact the radio station at 760-636-7980 or go to the Math Science Technology Center building, second floor, room 207. KCOD offers a unique opportunity for anyone on campus to have their voice heard over streaming radio. You can listen to the sounds of KCOD Radio online at or on iTunes Radio under Colleges/University (and select KCOD). You can also follow KCOD on their Facebook page at:


College of the Desert (COD) hosted its annual Career Fair. This year more than 45 employers and COD programs were excited to meet students and share job opportunities with them. The career fair was on Thursday, March 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It was located on the first floor of the HILB building in the Palm Desert Campus. Representatives were available to answer any questions students had, and pass out literature to inform students about the various programs they offer. Some students prepare themselves with questions to ask the representatives at each station. “Last semester I had the opportunity to attend the career fair and thanks to the career fair I found a job at Fantasy Springs Casino,” said Karen Trujillo,

a COD student. This is an opportunity for students to explore a variety of careers in the Coachella Valley. The college hosted approximately 45 employers located in the Coachella Valley who were accepting applications from students. Many hold employment interviews at the fair. “We need to take advantage of the career fair because it is a great opportunity,” said Trujillo. Some of the companies that were in the career fair were Augustine Casino, Agua Caliente Spa Resort and Casino, Fantasy Springs Casino, Entravision Palm Springs, KMIR TV, Art Institute, Desert Blood Services, JFK Memorial Hospital, Desert Sands Unified School District and more. COD students who were visiting at least 10 employers were eligible for a drawing of prizes contributed by the COD Bookstore, Target, Sam's Club and Panda Express.

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

“Forever Marilyn” leaving the desert

Local 5

The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies; The Last Hurrah!

NED REDWAY/PALM SPRINGS FOLLIES The fabulous Palm Springs Follies entertain audiences in their 23rd season

IMAGE COURTESY OF PALM SPRINGS LIFE The "Forever Marilyn" sculpture on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon and Palm Canyon Drive in downtown Palm Springs



Forever Marilyn, a statue we have all come to love is leaving Palm Springs for New Jersey, with a going away party planned for March 27, 2014. Having arrived in 2012, the 34,000 pound statue by Seward Johnson, will be sent from Palm Springs to Hamilton, New Jersey where it will be part of an exhibit honoring Johnson. On loan from The Sculpture Foundation, 'Forever Marilyn' had previously been in Chicago. Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Baker, was born to Gladys Mortenson a film technician. Norma Jean's father had deserted the family, but it is rumored that he too was a studio employee along with Gladys. Gladys' mental issues soon surfaced after the birth of Norma Jean and she was then institutionalized for most of Norma Jean's childhood. Throughout the years, Norma Jean was placed in 12 foster homes, and once in an orphanage. At 16 she managed to escape the system by marrying James Dougherty. A year later, in 1943, Norma Jean took a job in an airplane plant, which was part of the World War II effort, as a parachute inspector. The government came through one day to take promotional photos, and it was then when Norma Jean learned that she photographed well. She then took a modeling class and soon after began working as a photographer's

model, modeling bathing suits. Success as a photographer's model was her straight shot into becoming an actress, her dream come true. In 1946, she divorced Dougherty, and for the first time bleached her hair blonde and began posing for pin up and glamour photos. She soon after signed a one year contract with Twentieth Century Fox and it was Ben Lyon, a casting director, who suggested that she change her name to Marilyn. She then added Monroe, her grandmother's last name. As Monroe, she appeared in small bits of films including “Love Happy” (1949), “All About Eve.” In 1953 she found fame with “Niagara”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, and “How To Marry a Billionaire”. That same year she began dating Joe DiMaggio, while a nude spread of her debuted in Playboy magazine. When her studio found out and questioned her, she admitted that she was struggling to pay her rent so she posed for the photos. In 1954 she filmed “There's No Business Like Show Business” and 'The Seven-Year Itch', with the classic scene in which she stood over a subway grating, in a white halter dress, with her skirt blown up by a draft from a sidewalk grate, leaning down to catch her dress so that her cleavage showed. The photograph was used to advertise the film, and has become one of the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, the Forever Marilyn statue is modeled after this very scene. In 1956 she filmed 'Bus Stop'

and in the same year married playwright Arthur Miller, and then divorced him four years later. In the meantime, she fell prey to alcohol and pills, and suffered two miscarriages. Monroe took a year off, and returned and filmed “Some Like It Hot” and in 1961 she came out in “Lets Make Love” with Yves Montand. It has been rumored that she had an affair with him. “The Misfits”, written by Miller, was supposed to be her final film, but her work was interrupted by exhaustion. She had been hired for “Something's Got to Give” but was fired for not showing up to scheduled film sessions. On May 19, 1962, the actress attended the early birthday celebration of John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden and sang “Happy Birthday Mr President” in a now iconic rendition. She went into seclusion and on August 5, 1962, she was found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills at her home. She was 36. “Forever Marilyn” has created a community gathering spot for concerts, yoga in the park, and many other local events such as Marilyn's birthday bash. It has also been an opportunity to rediscover a wonderful and walkable downtown with chefowned restaurants, imaginative and unique retail shops, charming boutiques, hotels, and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. “Forever Marilyn” is located at the corner of 101 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA.

Coachella Valley Art Scene hosts art gallery at new Cathedral City location

PAOLA FERNANDEZ / THE CHAPARRAL Guests gather to view the colorful art displays presented by The Coachella Valley Art Scene



The Coachella Valley Art Scene (CVAS) is hosting their sophomore art show titled "COLORS" at their new Cathedral City location. The art gallery opened on Saturday March 8, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and will be open for the next two months. The opening was complemented by music from one of the Coachella Valley's most well-know DJs, DJ Alf Alpha. "In our sophomore show, with

this new collection of art and a fresh mind set, we hope to bring color and change into the scene and community in which we’ve grown new roots," states the CVAS website. This group art show features artwork from several artists, some of them include: Sean Tully, Aaron Hansen, Justin Hager, Kylie Knight, and many more. Several items such as necklaces, t-shirts and, the artwork itself are available for purchase. CVAS opened up their new location in Cathedral City on January 1, 2014, and have dubbed it "a world

headquarters and creative space." and "an art gallery that spotlights the young and upcoming art community of the Coachella Valley." Upcoming events from CVAS include an online art gallery, their "World Famous Party" on March 29, and Coachella art studio booths taking place at Coachella Fest. The new headquarters is located on 68571 East Palm Canyon Dr. Cathedral City, CA 92234. For more information visit :



This is one show you absolutely cannot afford to miss! The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, a Broadwaycaliber celebration of music, dance, and comedy of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s; is currently in its 23rd and final season titled, “The Last Hurrah!” Since 1992, the Follies have been attracting crowds and stealing the heats of dance and music-lovers everywhere, and has been seen by more than three million patrons to date. An entirely new show is presented each season, and the performances celebrate the music and dance of Mid-Century America with a cast ranging in age from 55 to 84 years “young”. The show features extravagant production numbers dripping in the glamour and style of Broadway; and in 1997, the Palm Springs Follies was even the subject of an Oscar-nominated short documentary entitled "Still Kicking: The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies." “Everyone must absolutely see this show at least once,” said local, Michael Martinez, after his experience at “The Last Hurrah!” “One of the highlights of my life!” agreed Donna

Leonard. “It was extraordinary! I’m going again on Saturday!” If you are a committed follower and lover of the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, or merely in the mood for some fun music, great dancing, and amazing energy; then this performance is sure to please.. With guest stars such as Susan Anton, a Follies audience favorite; Maureen McGovern, a Grammy-nominated artist; and Darleen Love, a legendary singer and actress; and with less than 70 shows left until “The Last Hurrah!” has it’s very last hurrah, there is no time to wait. For full details and information on the cast, crew, show times, and ticket prices; visit The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies 23rd season will run through May 18, 2014. The performances are held five days a week most weeks; and are being held in downtown Palm Springs’ historic Plaza Theatre, located at 128 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, California, 92262. Tickets are available online at:, or by calling the Box Office at 760327-0225.

6 Current Affairs

CIA accused of spying on senate Dianne Feinstein reveals illegal hacking

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

President Obama funding BRAIN initiative

CHARLES DHARAPAK/AP IMAGES President Obama speaking about the BRAIN Initiative



J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/AP IMAGES Senator Dianne Feinstein of California meets with reporters on Capitol Hill after meeting with Director of National Intelligence



California senator and head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein accuses the CIA of spying on the senate. Initially, the Senate Intelligence Agency was responding to accusations by the CIA that their staff had hacked into the CIA’s computers. They then discovered that the CIA had actually hacked into their computers. Feinstein argues that the initial accusations against the senate were to intimidate staffers that were assigned to look over certain CIA documents. According to The Huffington Post, Feinstein says that the intelli-

gence agency had all of the appropriate clearances to view the documents that the CIA is accusing them of hacking for reading. She also says that the CIA was aware of what they were doing and provided the documents themselves. Feinstein also points out that the CIA official who reported senate staffers to the justice department was one of the people that the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating. He was involved in the usage of dubious interrogation techniques, including water-boarding on terrorist suspects after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Water-boarding is considered torture and is highly illegal. The investigation went on for four years and cost $40 million, according to Fox News. It was initiated by the

knowledge that the CIA had destroyed some of the video tapes that showed what it called “enhanced interrogation techniques.” The 6000 page report will eventually be released, but CIA officials are accused of trying to slow its release. CIA director John Brennan insisted that these accusations are “beyond the scope of reason.” He defers any questions, saying that he leaves it to “appropriate authorities.” If anything is uncovered, he says he leaves the decision of whether or not he remains in his position up to President Obama. Feinstein says that she found out about the CIA intrusion into senate computers in January and has been trying to resolve the issue “discreetly and respectfully” since then.

Russia attempts to annex Crimea

President Obama decided to fund and endorse brain research through the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative last April. Inspired by the success of the Human Genome Project, which was completed in 2003 and returned $141 to the economy for every dollar invested, the BRAIN Initiative aspires to better understand the human brain. The National Institute of Health states that the goal is to show “how individual cells and complex neural circuits interact in both time and space,” revolutionizing our current understanding of the brain. This research could be used to prevent, treat, and cure disorders that occur in the brain, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Traumatic Brain Injury, according to Over $100 million is being provided to government research facilities including DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), NIH (National Institute of Health), and NSF (National Science Foundation). The White House encourages companies, universities, and philanthropists to contribute to the

efforts of the BRAIN Initiative, either through research or donations. The Kavli Foundation will contribute $4 million in research annually for 10 years towards the goal of treating brain diseases and conditions. Treatment of diseases is not the only objective of the BRAIN Initiative. The Allen Institute for Brain Science is contributing $60 million in research annually and their goal is to understand human perception, decisions, and actions. There is some speculation that this particular research could eventually be used to reproduce the human consciousness or transfer an existing consciousness onto a server. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is contributing $30 million in research annually to better understand how memories and information are registered in the brain. Speculative applications for this research include treatment of Alzheimer’s by replacing memories and information that was lost. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is contributing $28 million with the goal of understanding genes and neural circuits. While the research is being done, The Commission for the Study of Bio-ethical Issues will consider the ethical and legal implications of the BRAIN Initiative’s discoveries and applications.

World Science University offers free online courses

THOS ROBINSON/ GETTY IMAGES ENTERTAINMENT Brian Greene speaks about World Science Festival

Map of Ukraine shows that Crimea has an ethnic Russian majority



President Vladimir Putin of Russia has moved troops into the Crimean peninsula of the Ukraine, according to the European Union (EU) and the United States. Putin denies any military activity, but there are obvious conflicts occurring in Crimea. Many people, including President Obama, believe that Russia has violated international law by attacking a part of a sovereign country. Russia says that it has the right to protect the Russians living in Crimea from the aftermath of the previous conflict in Ukraine, in which proRussian former president Yanukovych was ousted by the pro-European

majority in Kiev. The current but temporary president of Ukraine was elected into office by parliament. Many proRussian citizens argue that the new government is illegitimate, including Yanukovych, who is now taking refuge in Russia, and insists that he is the legitimate president, according to CNN. Crimean officials will hold a vote on Sunday, March 16, to decide whether the region should become part of Russia. Officials in other regions insist that this vote is illegitimate and said that if Crimea votes to become part of Russia, then they will cut off resources such as electricity, water, and natural gas, according to Fox News. It is difficult for international authorities to discern how many Russia troops are in the region, as there are few with Russian insignias.

IMAGE COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Despite this, there are suspicions that many of the people labeled as armed citizens are from the Russian military, based on their professional demeanor. Another claim is that the armed citizens are part of a group of Russian troops that were already stationed in Ukraine, and were approved to stay until 2042. Also, according to Russia Today, there is an agreement between Russia and Ukraine that allows the Russian navy to have troops in Ukraine and use their radio frequencies in exchange for writing off almost $100 million of Ukraine’s debt every year. United States’ Secretary of State John Kerry warns that he and 10 foreign ministers are prepared to isolate Russia economically if the invasion continues..



A new entity called The World Science University has been launched by the group that runs The World Science Festival. It was founded by Brian Greene, renowned lecturer and author of The Elegant Universe. Its goal is to provide free but high quality science education globally to anyone with internet access. According to, Greene said that during his lectures and experiences at The World Science Festival, he could see that people were interested in science, but knew that it could not be thoroughly taught in such a short time. Greene also says that he has been waiting for technology to be able to perform the way he wants it to for his courses, and believes that it finally can. The site will offer two levels of instruction: one for novices, which

answers questions that Green has often been asked in a short video, and one that gives short courses for people with more of a science background. The courses will be comprised of videos and quizzes. While there will be no degree from this university, if students complete a course, they will receive a certificate of completion. Students who get an average score of 75% or higher on the quizzes will receive a certificate of achievement. This model is similar to other Mass Open Online Courseware (MOOC) sites like Coursera and Udacity, but it is the first with this model to be dedicated entirely to science. MIT, among many other prestigious schools, has put many of its courses online for the public to learn from, but there are no tests or certificates. These free online courses can be used to learn recreationally, supplement one’s education, or even keep up to date with changes in a professional field.

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

COD unveils the “Buried Child”

Culture 7

Robin Thicke to entertain Fantasy Springs Casino

PHOTO COURTESY OF COD’S THEATER ARTS DEPARTMENT Mari Kerber, Johnny Bolth, and Mason McIntosh (from left to right) prepare as they venture into some of life’s most crumbling moments



College of the Desert’s Theater Arts Department presents Sam Shepard’s 1979 Pulitzer Prize winning phenomenon Buried Child. The play, performed since 1978, has received rave reviews. "Shepard is one of the most prolific of our playwrights," says The New York Post. "And, for that matter, certainly one of the most brilliant." The empowering play dives into the disintegration of the American Dream with a farm home setting, occupied by an unhappy, violencefilled family that witnesses a chain

of unfortunate events. Bradley – one of the lead characters – loses one of his legs in a chain saw accident; Tilden – an All-American football player – has built himself too large; Vince is an alcoholic’s grandson, who is forgotten. A family member uncovers a dark secret that the grandfather, Dodge, had been hiding. Dodge had buried an unwanted, newborn baby in place where no one could find it; however, Tilden reveals this secret in front of his mother when he faces Dodge with the baby's remains. The cast includes COD actors Mason McIntosh, Johnny Bolth, Miranda Hane, Chris Hoggatt, Mari Kerber, Paul Mackey, and Jesse Bent-

ley. The director is Tres Dean. The crew scenic/properties and lighting designer is J.W. Layne; costume designer Kailey Osgood-McAuliffe; and sound designer Noemi Villela Dean. Buried Child will be on stage Friday, March 14 and Saturday, March 15 at 7 p.m.; Sunday, March 16 at 2 p.m.; Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22 at 7 p.m.; and a finale Sunday, March 23 at 2 p.m. Please visit m, or call (760) 773-2565. Please come out to support the theater department and enjoy a masterful show!

Driving Miss Daisy to Palm Desert

PHOTO COURTESY OF JASON KEMPIN FROM DCNYRE2014 AT GETTY IMAGES FOR DCP Robin Thicke ringing in 2014 by performing at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve celebration



One of Hip-Hop’s current, biggest names, Robin Thicke, is set to take the stage at Fantasy Springs Casino. Thicke is notoriously known for his 2013 Summer hit “Blurred Lines”, which he will perform with K. Michelle and DJ Cassidy. A live band and a slew of dancers will accompany Thicke. According to the Fantasy Springs Casino website,

he often delivers a mix of his own songs, with covers of songs popularized by some of his musical influences: Bob Marley, Al Green, and Michael Jackson. The event will be held at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio on Friday March 28. The show will begin at 8 p.m. at the Special Events Center. Tickets range from $49, $69, $89, and $109. Come celebrate a fun night with this highly anticipated performance!

La Quinta Arts festival returns with success

PHOTO COURTESY OF WWWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM Miss Daisy and her chauffeur, Hoke, befriend each other in a world that disapproves



The Academy and Pulitzer Award winning play, “Driving Miss Daisy,” will make an appearance at the McCallum Theater on March 25 and 26 at 8 p.m. to recognize the

iconic play’s success. Alfred Uhry’s play tells a story about a wealthy woman, Miss Daisy, and her new, less-fortunate chauffeur, Hoke. It expresses American societal change, racism, class differences, and anti-semitism, according to the McCallum Theater website. “It is a luminous joy of a film,”

says Jay Carr from The Boston Globe. “Heartbreakingly delicate, effortlessly able through indirection to invoke the civil rights era.” To purchase tickets, with prices ranging between $25 and $75, visit: http:\\

CRYSTAL HARRELL \ STUDENT CONTRIBUTOR Artist Kristin DeSantis displays paintings at the LQ Arts Festival



The 32nd annual La Quinta Arts Festival was a sight to behold from March 6 through March 9, as it took place at the scenic La Quinta Civic Center Park. ” Visitors got to marvel at an array of original pieces, including: colorful sculptures, paintings, and handcrafted jewelry —all created by 234 artists from 36 states. Some returning artists, such as Robert Fleming and Lora Lee Rose, captivated the attendees with naturalistic landscape-inspired watercolor paintings, intricate feathered headdresses, and figurines, respectively. Other notable contributors were Jeffrey Zachmann’s mechanical structures set in motion and Kristen DeSantis’ whimsical contemporary metal sculptures. “Although I start with a sketch, I never follow my lines exactly… my creative instincts take over,” says DeSantis, on the developmental

process of her artwork. The four-day festival also provided live entertainment for the crowds, such as Oscar Reynolds, Steve Madaio and Company, and DiosGracias VoceDans Theater. The acts performed a fusion of new age music with jazz influences and rhythmic percussion, creating a sophisticated yet exciting atmosphere. Food and refreshments were made readily available at the festival’s Island Bar. The unveiled 2014 promotional poster, featuring artist Jason Napier’s peacock sculpture, “His Majesty,” was on display at Old Town La Quinta’s fine restaurant Lavender Bistro. The La Quinta Arts Foundation produced festival succeeded in proving just how culturally-inclined and artistically aware the Gem of the Desert really is, and gave visitors a reason to come back for next year’s festivities.


MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

The Chaparral’s predictions for the 2014 baseball season


BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament


Los Angeles Angels players, from left, Josh Hamilton, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols attend a news conference at spring training.


The 2014 Major League Baseball season is set to start next month, and the winners are as unpredictable as ever. With a shift is power throughout the League, teams like the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees are set to break from their disappointing 2013 performances. The National League teams stocked up on key players during the offseason as well, with Mark Trumbo being traded to the Arizona Diamonbacks, Doug Fister going to the Nationals, and the St. Louis Cardinals getting a hold of Johnny Peralta and Peter Bourjos. While Divisions like the American League Central and the National League West have favorites with some in the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Divisions like the American League West and East are looking to have three-to-four teams each in a fight to the finish. Here you’ll see only the most reliable of predictions for the upcoming season. If there is uncertainty, then this list will concretely serve, through experienced baseball expertise and research, as the guidelines for the upcoming season. American League

West 1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2. Oakland Athletics 3. Texas Rangers 4. Seattle Mariners 5. Houston Astros

While the Angels were keeping busy stocking up young pitching, including Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago, the Texas Rangers were looking for a power upgrade in newly acquired Prince Fielder and Shin Soo-Choo. The Seattle Mariners made the biggest splash of the offseason when they signed Robinson Cano to a 10year $240 million dollar contract, but along with the Angels and Rangers, they’re battling against the division champions of the past two

years, the Oakland Athletics. Central 1. Cleveland Indians 2. Detroit Tigers 3. Kansas City Royals 4. Minnesota Twins 5. Chicago White Sox

The Indians gave it a pretty good run last season with their new Manager Terry Francona. They’re only going to get better but they’ll need to rely more on pitching to get past the Tigers. In the past few years, Kansas City’s acquisitions of players like James Shields have worked out pretty well, but even with their offseason signing of Jason Vargas, they’ll be seeing third place a lot this year. East 1. New York Yankees 2. Tampa Bay Rays 3. Boston Red Sox 4. Baltimore Orioles 5. Toronto Blue Jays

There was a lot of talk after Alex Rodriguez’s suspension about the Yankees staying under the luxurytax. They didn’t just pass it. They obliterated it when they gave megadeals to Jacoby Ellsbury, Masahiro Tanaka, and Brian McCann. Even with the loss of Mariano Rivera and a weak bullpen, Tanaka is expected to be a prime player and their overwhelming offense will be give fans a signature Yankees team. Tampa Bay has been a winning team for a while now, and this year they’ll get even better, surpassing the Red Sox and the Orioles to get into second place and a wild card spot. National League

West 1. Arizona Diamondbacks 2. Los Angeles Dodgers 3. Colorado Rockies 4. San Francisco Giants 5. San Diego Padres

The Diamondbacks will be a better team than last years, but not because of Mark Trumbo. Trumbo has a tendency to swing at anything remotely close to up and out of the strike zone. Still, he’ll be good support for Paul Goldschmidt and the team's

pitching should pull through for a first place spot. The Dodgers will be good competition as well. If they falter, it will be because of their injury-prone outfield, and their annoying Hollywood style of competing. Central 1. St. Louis Cardinals 2. Pittsburg Pirates 3. Cincinnati Reds 4. Chicago Cubs 5. Milwaukee Brewers

IMAGE COURTESY OF TENNISIDENTITY.COM The World’s best tennis players competed at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells


This will be a pretty tight race between the Nationals and Braves. The Nationals pitching has been upgraded with Doug Fister joining Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez, and Stephen Strasburg. Although the Braves lost Brian McCann and a few other players, the Upton Brothers, Justin and B.J., should join Jason Heyward and Evan Gattis and for a spectacular offense. The Mets had some well-spent money on Curtis Granderson and Chris Young. Although All-star pitcher Matt Harvey will be recovering from Tommy John surgery, they should put out a winning season this year. The Phillies will struggle with a lot uncertainties, and as long as Jeffrey Loria is the owner of the Marlins, Miami won’t be winning a lot of games.

The tennis gods recently served up an absolutely thrilling draw for the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament that recently kicked off in Indian Wells, California. Although one half of the draw isn’t heavily star studded, it should still be an absolutely thrilling tournament. At first thought, players and fans were likely taken back by the thought of Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka all sharing one side of the draw. However, further analysis reveals that the projected late-round match-ups could provide some jawdropping quality and intriguing drama. The quarterfinals are where the men's draw should really heat up. If things go as planned, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal will likely be squaring off along with Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. A quarterfinal between Murray and Nadal would be the players' first meeting in over two years. The last time they clashed in Tokyo during 2011, Murray hadn't yet won his first Grand Slam. Nadal currently owns a 13-5 record against Murray, and you can bet these two close friends will be all business if the match does happen. In the same round of the tournament, and on the same half of the draw, there's also the potential for an extremely enticing match-up between Roger Federer and his countryman Stanislas Wawrinka. The two share a close bond and have played together extensively as teammates on the Swiss national team. If Federer and Wawrinka square off you can likely throw all that camaraderie out the window. Wawrinka is currently ranked ahead of Federer and has likewise supplanted the Swiss Maestro as the highest-ranked player in Switzerland. The last time the two faced each other in singles was at this same event last year. Federer squeaked by in the third set of that match, and additionally holds a fairly convincing

gadgets but would like to. One of the most popular types of personal fitness trackers, an accelerometer, is a wearable device that notes your activity. Gizmos like this provide instant data on anything from number of steps to estimated calories burned. Many send data wirelessly to a Web site or app, allowing you to track your progress over time, set goals, share results through social media, and get support from an online community. Numerous studies have found that using these technologies can increase physical activity and lead to health improvements. Theresa explains, “My pedometer counts

steps, mileage, and calories burned. Being able to see the numbers lets me know I’m making progress.” Prices vary based on the brand and capabilities of the device, so do your research and read reviews before making a decision. Wristbands Wristband fitness trackers are easy to wear and are visible, offering instant feedback. Some of the newest options have these innovative features: • Alerts if you’ve been inactive for a while • Trackers for the quality and quantity of your sleep • Notifications when you reach

The Cincinnati Reds were our favorite to win the National League Central this division, but that was before the firing of Dusty Baker. Baker has taken the Reds through an upward motion of productivity, and although they lost the Wild card game last season, Dusty could’ve taken them further. St. Louis seems to be an obvious favorite with many. They have two World Series appearances in the past three years, and they’ve only gotten better in their outfield, infield, and an already solid pitching rotation. The Pirates will stay strong for a second place spot and the Cub’s young prospects will take them all the way to fourth place. East 1. Washington Nationals 2. Atlanta Braves 3. New York Mets 4. Philadelphia Phillies 5. Miami Marlins

13-1 lifetime record against Wawrinka in head-to-head competition. Based on results from the recent Australian Open, there's reason to believe that Nadal and Wawrinka will be the victors in their quarterfinal matches. Nadal has a decisive edge against Murray in past play, while Wawrinka continues to have the wind at his back after winning his first Slam. Those factors could equate to a semifinal rematch that features the finalists from the 2014 Australian Open. The tennis world will undoubtedly be on the edge of its seat for that matchup, as the first Slam of the year seemed to produce more questions than answers. Under that hypothetical scenario, the central question of the semifinal would be fairly straightforward—can Wawrinka back up his first career Slam by beating the Spaniard twice in a row? A victory would go a long way in reinforcing Wawrinka's legitimacy. If Federer moves out of his quarter and faces Nadal then fans would obviously be treated to a similarly intriguing matchup. Regardless of the ultimate representative from that half of the draw, the championship round in the desert should be absolutely incredible. Whoever makes it through will likely be facing Novak Djokovic in the final. A championship between either Djokovic and Nadal or Djokovic and Wawrinka would probably represent the highest quality match-up possible, based on current world rankings and the recent intensity of those two rivalries. The three players also currently hold the top few spots in the world rankings. The best aspect of the Indian Wells tournament in 2014 is that the real winners are the fans. During one of the greatest eras the sport has ever seen, fans are being treated to an event that should showcase both the depth of talent and a unique perspective on some of the tour’s more complex rivalries. Although Indian Wells is not a Grand Slam, it sure feels like a major tennis event is upon us!

Student Health 101: Tone up with tech BY JENNA VOLPE WITH CHELSEY TAYLOR help me stay motivated. I’m able to STUDENT HEALTH 101

Fitness gadgets, apps, and social media are all serving up tools to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Social Media & Apps “Social media and apps can keep athletes and non-athletes motivated and on track,” says Douglas Rosa, a certified personal trainer at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Theresa D., a part-time student at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York, explains, “Sites such as SparkPeople

track food, fitness, and goals that I set for myself.” Apps offer structured workouts and instruction on proper exercise form, and many are free or low-cost. They’re highly informative and convenient, and you can quickly develop a personalized plan. Dana S., a gradu a t e s t u d e n t a t Te x a s A & M University-Corpus Christi, says, “I track both bicycling and running on the Strava app. It keeps me in touch with others in my fitness network.” Wearable Fitness Trackers Over 40 percent of respondents to a recent Student Health 101 survey said they don’t currently use any

your daily goals Attachable Devices Trackers that attach directly to your clothing are another way to monitor your activity and analyze your movement patterns. If you don’t have time for traditional exercise due to a jam-packed schedule, a wearable fitness tracker may be the motivation you need to fit in more movement. Squeezing in a walk at lunch or parking farther away can really add up! Fitness and technology pair well. Check out the many options available to find the combo of gadgets and media that’s right for you.

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