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THE CHAPARRAL Monday, May 1, 2017

Volume 65, Issue 4

Student Voice of College of the Desert Since 1962






COD Student Life to hold upcoming election


campus. They even spearheaded


the plEDGE program, which allows local high school graduates

Student Life will be hold-

ing elections for the Associated

from the class of 2017 to attend first year at COD tuition free.

Students for College of the Desert

"Student Life is not just

(ASCOD) on May 2 and 3 for the

student government, it's a way to

positions of Student President,

enhance your experience here at

Board of Trustee, Executive of

College of the Desert" said Interim

Communication, Student Senator

Director of Student Life, Joseph M.

and Executive of Student Affairs.

Aguirre. He is not a stranger to


student government, serving as a

ASCOD are "...To promote higher




former Student Senator for River-

education, a sense of community,

side Community College in 1992.

diversity, student involvement

Aguirre wants to focus on student

and act as your liaison to the fac-

representation for the school and

ulty, administration and state, to

shared governing between the stu-

ensure that the needs of the stu-

dents and administration. He also

dents both social and educational,

stated that this helps creates a

are enhanced and met."

seamless transition between trans-

Each role in the ASCOD

ferring to a four-year school or

has their own responsibility, for

their next job for students in-

example, Executive of Communi-

volved in ASCOD.

cation works closely with the Pub-

For anyone interested in

lic Relations Office, KCOD and

running for next semester the re-

The Chaparral to get the word out

quirements are as stated: They

about upcoming events. The Exec-

must be a currently enrolled stu-

utive of Academic Affairs focuses

dent carrying at least six units at

on the Academic aspects of the

College of the Desert, must have

school like class schedules and

successfully completed a mini-


mum of six units the previous sestudent

mester, Executive Officers must

feedback and ASCOD is a way of



have at least a 2.5 GPA, both cu-

providing that information by act-

mulatively and for the current

ing as a liaison between the stu-

term and Student Senators must

dents and administration between

have at least a 2.0 GPA, both cu-





Coachella Valley. By doing this,

mulatively and for the current term.

the students have the power to

Students at the Palm

shape how the college evolves

Desert Campus outside of the Stu-

even if the changes are not imme-

dent Life building, next to the Din-


ning Hall. If one is unable to make ASCOD is behind a lot of

it to the Palm Desert campus, they

student services that are here at

will have computer terminals set

the campus, for example, extend-

up for students to vote located on

ing hours of operations for many

the satellite campuses in Indio and

services, making sure students

Thermal/Mecca. Another way for Students running for their respected positions


College DREAMer student is deported

have Wi-fi access and making sure

students to vote is online under

safety is being considered here on

Student Life-ASCOD.


ing a traumatic brain injury as a


were under 30 years old in 2012,

child that made learning diffi-

were brought to the U.S. before

cult, he graduated high school in

their 16th birthday and have ei-

2013. Montes was attending a

ther finished high school or are

A young college stu-

community college, taking weld-

currently enrolled.

dent, who has resided in the U.S.

ing classes and picking crops to

In 2012, Barack Obama

since age nine, has been de-

pay for his schooling at the time

attempted to protect DREAMers

ported to Mexico and is weary of

he was deported.

from deportation with an execu-

hope that he will return to his

family anytime soon. Juan Manuel Montes,

There are more than 11

tive order called Deferred Action

million undocumented immi-

for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

grants in the U.S., with the high-

Under this order, DREAMers are

23, was stopped on Feb. 17, by a



provided with renewable two-

U.S. Customs and Border agent

Southern California. Estimates

year work permits and tempo-

in Calexico, Calif. Having left his

indicate that there are currently

rary Social Security numbers,

wallet in a friend’s car and,

160,000 undocumented immi-

allowing them to plan for a fu-

therefore, unable to provide


ture in the United States without

identification to the agent, he


was detained, questioned and re-






fear of deportation. The DREAM Act (De-

Montes was enrolled in


In this Nov. 4, 2015 file photo, Juan Escalante, of the immigra-

tion reform group America's Voice, conducts interviews in New

York. Young immigrants protected by executive action from de-

portation say they won't "rest easy," even if President Donald

quired to sign paperwork before

velopment, Relief and Education

DACA at the time of his detain-

Trump said they should.

being deported to Mexico three

for Alien Minors) is a legislative

ment and deportation. He is cur-

he is stuck in Mexico.

hours later.

proposal granting conditional

rently authorized to live, work

Desperate to return to

ported again. He has filed a federal lawsuit, which could take

Montes was brought to

residency to undocumented im-

and attend school in the United

the United States and to his fam-

years to play out, and in the

the U.S. by his parents, undocu-

migrants who came to the U.S. at

States, with his work authoriza-

ily, Montes attempted to re-enter

meantime, his fate of returning

mented immigrants, when he

a young age. DREAMers are un-

tion card valid through 2018, yet

the U.S. by scaling a border bar-

to the U.S. is unknown.

was nine years old. After suffer-

documented immigrants who

loacl/campus life .2 fEATURES..3 current affairs.....4

trending 5 Arts&Ent. 6 opinion SPORTS




rier but was caught and de-

Local venue brings artists to the desert pg.5 men’s golf keeps swingin’pg.8

Monday, May 1, 2017

local/Campus life • Pg. 2

The Chaparral

Local/Campus Life

LGBTQ community in Coachella holds first Pride Parade





Coachella The City of Coachella

will hold it's first ever lesbian,

gay, bisexual, transgender and

questioning (lGBTQ) pride pa-

rade. The



pride parade is held on May 6

and was in the planning stages

of a youth participatory action

research (ypar) group. The

group is comprised of Coachella

Valley high School, desert Mi-

rage high School and College of

the desert students and gathered

data from lGBTQ youth ages 14

to 24 who live in the eastern

Coachella Valley - Coachella,

Mecca, desert oasis, West Shores

and Thermal. The




gathering data was to use it to

apprehend the needs of the

lGBTQ youth in east valley. The

prime goal was to find a way to

allocate resources towards com-

munity members who did not


to the lGBTQ resources in Thou-

sand palms and palm Springs. These lGBTQ students

Building Healthy Communities Flyer to the 1st Annual Eastern Coachella Valley Pride Event. Both in Spanish and English

do not have the same resources

part-time worker, Juan Ceballos,

getting more information from

as their peers in the west valley.

was targeted for a hate crime by

the lGBTQ community with spe-

palm Springs has the lGBTQ

his pizza hut co-worker, Miguel

cific questions.

Center in north palm Canyon,

ramirez, outside of his home in

Sanctuary palm Springs, parents,


the lGBTQ community.

ate a safe space for everyone.

The researchers have

The lGBTQ community

found that the population in the

exists in the valley in every area

once the first portion

east valley has one out of ten

and they have just the same feel-

of the survey was completed the

youths who identify as lGBTQ,

ings and aspirations to move for-

Family and Friends of lesbians

The reported reason for

user would be asked if they were

and it is crucial to create a safe

ward and live normal lives. The

and Gays(pFlaG) and Safe

Juan's murder was his sexual ori-

lGBTQ and if they answered yes

space to prevent tragedies from

marginalization faced by some

house. resources are mainly lo-

entation since he was bisexual.

then they would be taken into

occurring to community mem-

east valley conservative values


cated more towards an area

Juan's death stands as an exam-

the second portion of the survey.

which students who are not out,

ple of the fear that the lGBTQ

once in the second portion the

have no form to reach those re-

community has to be open in

aspects of health of the lGBT

brought forth the perspective of

The difficulty is over-

sources when necessary.

their community.

community would be addressed

an anonymous survey taker as,

coming the social stigma set

in the questions.

“Because of my religion, I am not

from varying sources such as re-

drowns out the possibility to coThe




The purpose for re-

The students' work was

sources for lGBTQ youth in the

based on mental, physical and

The significance of the

supposed to exist. I'm gay, they

ligion and older views of the

valley is to prevent a harmful en-

social health needs of the com-

pride event in the east valley is

don't see me as I am.” The only

community. From then on there

vironment in the community. on

munity. They compromised a

that the lGBTQ people can exist

way to exist as an lGBTQ person

is an opportunity for the lGBTQ

July 13 in 2014, College of the



in a space that might not be rec-

is to resist and stand in solidarity

community to exist within the

desert student and pizza hut

graphic was the east side of the

ognized for its tolerance towards

alongside each other to help cre-

east valley and not face any

and Travel Centers of america

valley but went into depth into



stigma against them.

College of the Desert hosts a transfer fair at the HILB BY ALEJANDRO MEZA AGUILAR


comprehensively help students

connected towards the major a

get scholarships. They both dif-

student seeks because schools

fer on their eligibility based on

have varying specialized pro-

demographics. Girlfriend Factor


College of the desert

focuses on women 25 and

Some of the schools at-

held its once-a-term transfer fair

above, who are studying in the

tending this spring's fair at

at the hIlB building. The trans-

Coachella Valley and have a fi-

Cod: Brandman University, Cal

fer center invites various insti-

nancial need.

Baptist University, CSU San

tutions, private and public, to

pathways to Success

allow students to look at other

encompasses its eligibility to

Bernardino–palm desert Cam-

schools in the allotted applica-

full-time students of any age

pus, Cambridge College, Co-

tion time frame. Transfer Center

who have a minimum grade






Counselor Scott Cooper said,“

point average of 2.0 but a for a

Fashion Institute of design and

We expect 50 to 60 schools at

fourth or third year student a

Merchandising, Grand Canyon

our upcoming fair. our biggest

2.5 Gpa would be necessary.

University, hawaii pacific Uni-

fair is in the fall because the ap-

Students would also require two

versity, loma linda University,

plication period is usually octo-

letters of recommendation writ-


ber and november.”

ten from within the past two

School of architecture and de-

years from a professor, coun-

sign, point loma nazarene Uni-

selor or a community leader.

versity, UC Irvine, UC la Verne,

The fair invites special-

ized schools such as the loma



linda University of Medicine

Students are required

UC riverside, University of ne-

and the new art School of ar-

to turn in a copy of their recent

vada, University of redlands,

chitecture and design. although

unofficial transcripts, a copy of

United States army and West

public schools have selected


Coast University.

Student aid



students in the fall, there are

FaFSa or California aid report.

The choice of progress-

still private institutions looking

Then participants are required

ing an education is solely based

for prospective students to en-

to attend and be a part of lead-

on the questions like, What do I

roll. The transfer fair offers

ership events, mentoring, work-

want to study? What career am

many options that fit towards



I striving for? Where do I want

varying fields and occupations.


among the institutions

The transfer fair exists

life? Upon answering those

there were two financial aid

to ensure that students get in-

questions, the choice for where




to be? and how can I start my

programs to help local students.

troduced to possible choices for

to transfer will have more clar-

pathways to Success and Girl

the next step in their profes-


Factor were two programs that

sional lives. decisions are more

Juliana Taboada and Nayeli Delgado, Desert Mirage High School

students, working the pride event booth at the Hue Arts and

Music Festival

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017

Features • Pg. 3



Jazz at the Pollock near its final performance


the founder of the Jazz Studies


Jazz at the Pollock is a

concert at COD featuring cam-

pus talent, including students,

teachers and even some guest

artists. There are several show

this spring. In the first show,

composer Carl Rigoli, who has

performed music professionally

since he was 16, teamed up with

faculty members to put on a jazz

show with original composi-




have included shows where fac-

ulty, students and alumni per-

formed together and a musical

trio led by Keegan Anglim with

jazz music created by the trio


The final show will take






Desert. He has earned a bachelor's degree from Berklee Col-

lege of Music, a Master of Music

degree from the University of

Southern California, and even a

Doctor of Arts degree from the

University of Northern Col-


Fesmire's experience in

teaching music started in Ohio

Wesleyan University, where he

coordinated the music education

program, with the task of teaching upper division music methods, along with supervising

other music classes at the school. He would later direct

jazz ensembles and teach music

education at the University of

Northern Colorado, with addi-

tional work at Aims Community

place on May 18th, where An-

College and the University of La

thony Fesmire has worked in

with music in many ways here at


on May 6 at his store. Sid said

thony Fesmire will be leading

the Jazz Combo students. An-


Now, Fesmire works

the Jazz Combos and the Jazz

Guitar Ensembles, along teach-

ing applied jazz guitar and

music theory courses.


they are allowed to take the class

up to four times, allowing them

to improve significantly.

Fesmire also mentions

When asked about the

plans for a future Jazz at the Pol-

under his direction and for the

stages, but we will have a guest

Jazz Combo, Fesmire touched on how the class rehearses partially

rest as an ensemble every Tues-

lock concert, stating "For fall

2017, we are still in the planning

artist, Emma Larson, coming


Again, the final Jazz at

the Pollock concert will take

place on May 18, and will fea-

ture the Jazz Combo students

led by Anthony Fesmire. The

concert is free with a suggested donation of $5 for students and

$10 for others.

Comic shops are alive in Palm Desert

music for over 30 years, and is

College of the Desert, he directs

There are many places

Oasis Comics because he felt

that he needed to do something

that he was passionate about.

you can visit to pass the time

After having worked a stressful

but what about having it all set

own business.

and read a book about history,

romance and science in writing,

in color and in action? Comic

shops are out there and in Palm

Desert there are two unique called



Comics and Comic Asylum.

While both stores are

near each other in Palm Desert,

they are far from competitors

and help each other out when


job as an human resource director, he chose to open up his Desert Oasis Comics is

located on the corner of Sage

and Highway 111 in Palm


Comic Asylum is an-

other store that first opened in 2003




Springs, with the intent to open

another store. On May 18 of

2016 that vision came true

Desert Oasis Comics

when the Palm Desert store

known comic book store thanks

for comics still in the air, Comic

has been open for almost six

years and has become a well-

to efforts from owner Sid John-

son. Sid would always be look-

ing for label artists to help out,

as well as being part of commu-

nity events, such as Free Comic

Book Day, which will be held



With a lot of demand



Mary Ann Shilts takes one of the give away comic books from the display rack at the New Dimen-

sions Comics store in Cranberry, Pa., Butler County, as part of Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

action figures and more. They


ommending new titles to those

couple of the few locations in

Palm Desert next to Tri-A-Bike.


store, restaurant gift certifi-

cates, Palm Springs Comic Con

and raffles for frequent cus-

old and new comics of all

Jovel Halay-ay started selling

comics together, hosting events

tomers to bring people in.

The store carries both

kinds, along with Certified Col-

lectibles Group graded books,




time at school. His first presen-

semester at COD. He has al-

how writing can become a ca-

Eliasar, or EJ, as he is known in

tary, where he was able to talk to around 200 students about

ready managed to get a book

reer. When asked about this, EJ

published over the course of a

terests changed, thanks to one

Through simply having asked

his students to read a story, it

caught EJ's attention, leading

said, "The purpose of the pres-

entation was to selfishly get

PHOTO COURTESY OF ERNESTO MEZA what happens next in his sto-

ries. He has written a short

story which was published in a

book by a COD English Profes-

sor Dr. White-Elliott. She put

to EJ developing a passion for

his first story titled "The New

inspirations in writing is imag-

there, he went on to write his


EJ said that one of his

ining the excitement of his

reader's faces, waiting to see

Old World" into the published book "The Mosaic III". From

first full book called "After the

Dust Settles" and with the help

Comic shops are a dif-

the Coachella Valley that offer

such a vast selection to choose

students at our college.


the same way he did in his

his writing and is in his fourth

of his teachers, Mr. Clifford.

cated on San Pablo Avenue in

for EJ. His education has al-

EJ has even made the


tation was at Sea View Elemen-

ing. It wasn't until he was in

who visit. Comic Asylum is lo-

world, similar to how literature

can, and these stores are only a


dents find a love for writing

noticed. Such is the case for

elementary school that his in-


lowed him to accomplish his

author Eliasar "EJ" Astorga.

interested in reading or writ-


chased at Barnes & Noble and

speaker, helping other stu-

talents at COD but are hardly

EJ, as a child, was un-


Wednesday and are always rec-

of Dr. White-Elliot, he was able

to get it published.

many students have different



Writers in the midst

These raffles would have re-

ferent way to escape to another

wards such as items in the

Asylum owners Chicks and


from New York on September

he decided to open Desert



day afternoon. He mentions that

my name known, but when I

saw the faces of all those stu-

dents and their reactions to what I was saying, I fell in love

with knowing that my words could inspire someone to take

writing as a future career, and

that made me want to continue

speaking to students and to

continue writing more." Since

then, EJ has been invited to

other schools, and has gotten

to speak further about his work and his inspirations.

EJ's book can be pur-

Amazon's websites. Being a student at COD has been great

dream as a writer, and is proud to be one of the many talented

Current Affairs • Pg. 4

Current Affairs

Will the Mojave Desert groundwater be sold?


scinded by the administration

CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR A policy change within

the Trump Administration will

allow a company to sell water

from a Mojave Desert aquifer.

The Department of the

gallons of water each year for the

ley), Tony Cárdenas (D-Los Ange-


Reps. Tom McClintock (R-Elk

Grove), Paul Cook (R-Apple Val-

les), Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) and Jim Costa (D-Fresno), of Con-

gress sent a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to reconsider the


how federal officials evaluate how

called Cadiz Inc to build a 43 mile

scratch out details that dictate public lands are used that run

along railroads.

According to the Desert

Sun, the guidelines were re-


This will pave the way

The gas tax increase

sequences on how much Californians have to pay at the gas

Cadiz Inc. has proposed

jump in vehicle license fees.

This Senate 1 bill will generate

$52.4 billion dollars over 10 years.

The bill also includes:

The gasoline excise tax

Leon, D-Los Angeles and As-

estimated $24.4 billion in rev-

semblyman Jose Medina, D-

Moreno Valley, in California's

state senate the Senate 1 bill

they named Road Repair and

Accountability Act. The



creases in the bill would be 20-

cent per gallon increase in

diesel taxes, a 12-cent per gal-

vide water to "400,000 people, has broad bipartisan community sup-

port, will generate 5,900 new jobs

and will drive nearly $1 billion in

The project still needs to

be approved from the Metropoli-

water from the Colorado River


Aqueduct to Southern California.

Mojave Desert

the Department of Motor Vehi-

annual fee for road mainte-

California's constitution to re-

could raise $200 million.


Effects of the gas tax increase bill

Assembly Speaker Anthony

President Pro Tem Kevin de, the project will pro-

tan Water District in order to move

the Mojave Desert aquifer.

Raise $52 billion over 10

Rendon, D-South Gate, Senate


cities to help transport water from

railroad to Southern California

Democrats including


economic growth."

taxes. There will also be a

bill may have unintended con-

next 50 years and sell the water to

agencies across Southern Califor-

for a Los Angeles based company

percent increase in diesel sales


to pump as much as 16.3 billion

after 18 members, which included

Interior announced that its branch,

Bureau of Land Management, will


MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017




$16.3 billion.





cles would have to pay a $100

nance beginning in 2020. The

bill's authors project those fees

The bill would amend

quire that these revenues be

spent on transportation proj-

There might be an ad-

ditional five percent increase in cities like San Diego on top of what is already in the bill.

years to maintain the state's

The increase in gas

transportation infrastructure

taxes may add to the increases

cents per gallon, generating an

blyman Vince Fong (R-Bakers-

pump from the state's cap-

in fuel prices from the state's

would rise 43 percent, or by 12

cap-and-trade system. Assemfield)


125 percent, by 20 cents per


The diesel sales tax would

lon hike in gas taxes and a 5.75

to what owners currently pay


simple: Flood his fields and let


permits to release greenhouse

gases into the atmosphere."

rise 5.75 percent and raise $3.5 A vehicle fee, similar


and-trade system, which "re-

add another $7.3 billion.



could see higher prices at the

The diesel tax would climb

gallon. This increase would



State Senator Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, calling on lawmakers to reject the transportation bill

The bill is expected to

take effect November of this


Flooding farm fields may replenish California groundwater gravity do the rest. Water would

CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR Groundwater is under-

ground water moving through




seep into the ground all the way to the aquifer".

To put things in perspec-

tive, California can use more than

half of the stored groundwater

building infrastructure and city

codes needing to be revised or

cording to Dan Theobald, rain

than twice the amount of water it

naturally at irregular rates by

into the ground easily and did

pump groundwater basins to

do a field test on almond fields is

groundwater pumping, particu-

larly in the long-term. Warming

temperatures across California

has led to less annual snowmelt

and farmers have gotten increas-

ingly concerned about the dwin-

dling groundwater supply. Dan








known, proprietor of Environ-


rainwater or seepage from rivers

and lakes. As agricultural farmers

keep their crops alive in drought,

many of these basins have diffi-

culty delivering a steady water




tional method of replenishing

groundwater has led to several


studies. UC Agriculture and Nat-

sultant/trainer. In an guest article

approach to replenish these criti-

(, is a profes-

sional wastewater and safety con-

on Water Online, Dan Theobald

explains that groundwater deple-

tion can lead to damaging effects

such as lowering the water table

which leads to more well drilling

or deepening of wells, increased

costs of water to the user, reduced

water in lakes and streams, land

subsidence which leads to loss of

support below ground and soil

can collapse, compact, and drop,

and deterioration of water qual-


Don Cameron, the gen-

eral manager of Terranova Ranch,

southwest of Fresno, Calif. did

something innovative. Six years

ural Resources (UC ANR), "researchers are working on a new

cal underground supplies once

the rains return: using farm fields as recharge basins during winter


"Groundwater recharge

is done by flooding water on

open farm land and letting it per-

colate into the aquifers. Researchers at UC Davis say there is

much potential in groundwater

recharge. It would effectively use

aquifers as surface reservoirs.

Data shows that there

are 3.6 million acres of agricul-

tural land in California that has

good potential for this process to be successful. However, certain

ago, he seized an opportunity to

factors need to be explored before

due to recent rain and flooded

what crops can tolerate standing

open an irrigation gate when a

nearby river was running high

hundreds of acres of vineyards

from February until May. Accord-

ing to NPR, "his idea was pretty

agencies and farms are brought

into this service. For example,

water for weeks or months, soil

fertility and salinity need to be

taken into account, as well as

10 acres of alfalfa crops with more

The field test conducted

by UC Davis involved watering

scribe water declines caused by

eral, the state lets these ground-

water basins be replenished

water include rain gardens or

Other known ways of

artificially replenishing ground-

for irrigation in dry years. In gen-

spaces in the soil. Groundwater


adapted to the procedure.

aquifers and is stored in open

depletion is a term used to de-

scheduled this year.

would get in a year and the re-

sults were promising. According

to the study, the water percolated

not drown the crops, as alfalfa is known to do. Another study is to

rainwater harvesting, which ac-

garden advantages include:




quality by filtering pollutants

Pleasing appearance to the


Preservation of native veg-

etation •

Storm water and flood

Attraction of bees, birds,

Groundwater recharge

and insects

Easy maintenance

However, the draw-

back of rainwater harvesting is

it can only be done in areas it

rains and only during the

rains. Another method is using

injection wells to push water

into aquifers but this method is

energy intensive.

Pg. 5 • Trending

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017


Hardest day of the week gets easier


Get with the trend food review: California Ocean Grill




helps me get focused to do what I


need to do." #MondayMotivation in-


Paint night set up

spires many to pursue their goals For several weeks now,

and dream big where sky is the

#MondayMotivation has been the

limit. The twitter account @Busi-

number one hashtag trending

ness_Motiv puts up a picture

topic on twitter. This trending

quoting, "Work until you no

hashtag has been inspiring people

longer have to introduce yourself."

from all over the world to post

Not only do people

about their motivation to get

quote many leaders who have in-


spired greatness, but they also put




dreads, Monday.

up their own success stories that

Whether Twitter is used

helped them get where they are

for interaction with people or just

today. "Do what you think is right,

looking for funny memes to laugh

not what other people think is

at, the majority of college students

right. In the end, it's you who

have Twitter. #MondayMotivation

deals with the result, not them

is for the people who absolutely

#MondayMotivation" said, @The-

hate Mondays and need help to

RealBradLea on Twitter. "When I see Monday mo-

get through the day. Monday motivation was

tivation posts it makes me want to

started to motivate people around

step out of my comfort zone. It

Fried shrimp basket (top) and chicken and chips (bottom)



and sandwiches with a side of

rior and collection of unique

vegetables or french fries.

greenery offer the perfect, relaxing

Prices range from $5 to

atmosphere to share a meal and

$12 with a variety of fish: cod,

drinks with friends and family,"

tilapia, mahi mahi, sole, salmon,

according to www.californiao-

shrimp, catfish and ahi tuna.

the world for major success in

motivates me to use my time

people's lives. People tweet to

wisely and efficiently especially

A new restaurant has

@MotivatorMonday using the

when it comes to work and school.

swam its way to the desert. Cali-



It motivates me to step up my

fornia Ocean Grill is a hot new

They also serve chicken

For the artists at College

telling others what they are going

game in everything I do in my

spot in the city of La Quinta with

and steak for non-seafood lovers.

of the Desert, California Ocean

to today to further their success. College of the Desert stu-

daily life," said COD student

amazing food and even better

With a wide variety of com-

Grill also hosts paint night. Paint

James McCallum.

prices. This restaurant has a calm-

fort food and reasonable prices,

night is on Monday nights at the

dent, Meghan Sorenson states,

Follow @MotivatorMon-

ing atmosphere with pictures of

try the chicken and chips or the

restaurant where you get to have

"Monday motivation is about try-

day for inspiration, quotes, and

the ocean all around. Giving a

fried shrimp basket. California

a drink and eat along with learn-

ing to get through the week when

stories that can be helpful. Inspire

beach-themed environment.

Ocean Grill not only serves com-

ing how to paint. For more infor-

I need it. I'm always busy with

someone else in the world using

school and work then I look at


How to see new movies for less money

Monday motivation posts and it



New movies being re-

Located on Highway 111

fort food but also has a protein

mation on paint night at the

in La Quinta, California Ocean

bowl that's great to eat after a hard

California Ocean Grill go to

Grill has a mixture of eatery on

work out.

their menu including a variety of

"We strive to serve the

Come get hooked at Cal-

protein (fish, chicken and steak)

freshest seafood in the desert in a

ifornia Ocean Grill and try out the

which is paired with tacos, salads

fast, casual setting. Our clean inte-

paint night experience.

Local venue brings artists to the desert

PHOTO COURTESY OF PEXELS Cinemark locations like the Century at The River and the Century La Quinta have matinée showings starting at $9.25 for adults. At the

leased this summer such as "Won-

Tristone Cinemas at the Westfield

der Woman," "Guardians of the

Palm Desert, movie tickets are $5.75

Galaxy 2" and the new "Pirates of

all day Tuesday. However, the Re-

the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No

gency 10 in Cathedral City formerly

Tales." The problem with new

known as "the dollar theater" offers

movies is tickets can be very expensive and popular movies also run


The entrance to Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA


ing to their website, the local

the bar and restaurant. In the

hotspot has gone from a biker

Coachella Valley seeing our fa-

bar to a family favorite. Get-

vorite artists usually involves

the cheapest shows, with patience.

ting it's name from former

a three hour car ride to Los An-

For some very anticipated

owners, Harriet and her hus-

geles but this new venue is


the chance of being sold out. So

movies, pre ordering tickets might

A new venue has be-

band Claude 'Pappy' Allen.

only an hour away. Pioneer-

how can COD students see their fa-

be required. For example, Star

come a hot spot for artists and

After Pappy's death in 1994 the

town is located in the moun-

vorite movie for as cheap as possi-

Wars' next installment "The Last

it's right in the Coachella Val-

venue changed hands several

tains above Yucca Valley up

Jedi" will likely need to be pre or-

ley's backyard. Pappy and


Pioneertown Road.

dered in order to go to the premier

Harriet's in Pioneertown has

Celia and Linda Krantz bought

ble? Cathedral City's Mary




Tickets can be found

Pickford Theater offers several dis-

of the movie coming to theaters De-

hosted artists like Paul Mc-

it in 2003 wanting to bring

on the Pappy and Harriet's

counts. The first matinée showing

cember 15. Pre ordering tickets is

Cartney, Lorde and rock band

back local music and restore

website (www.pappyandharri-

of a title, which means watching it

very easy now because they can

The Kills.

the bar to it's former glory. for a fraction of the

sometime during the day, is $5.75

usually be found on the Fandango

The local bar and grill

Under their manage-

price of a larger venue in LA.

for 2D showings and $8.75 for 3D

app. It's a free app that also lists the

is a local favorite with it's sa-

ment the bar has been drawing

Fall in love with the high

showings. The Pickford has dis-

movies times for all theaters within

loon style atmosphere. The


counted Tuesdays and Thursdays

the area.

local desert in Pioneertown is

Vampire Weekend, Glass Ani-


nearly untouched making this

mals and Leon Russell.

price points make the short

with pricing starting at $5.75. Regal

Going to the movies can

theaters like the ones in Palm

be expensive but by taking advan-

Springs and Palm Desert have

tage of these deals, the next big mo-

Tuesday discounts starting at $6.20.

tion picture can be a steal.

venue a unique hot spot.



Locals from the sur-

Pappy and Harriet's

rounding town are thrilled to

has a long rich history. Accord-

see the boom in business for

desert. The beautiful scenery, music



drive worth it for COD students.

Pg. 6 • Arts & entertainment



MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017

Arts & Entertainment

COD student shines through his art

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WRITER Chris Angel Sanchez by birth, KAS by reputation. Born and raised in the Coachella valley, KAS has become well known for his




pieces. He's produced installations for brands like Rhythm, Wine




Coachella Music & Arts Festival, National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation and numerous art shows from Palm Springs to Los Angeles. KAS has been reaching new summits in his career and recently gained the attention of The La Quinta Arts Foundation and is now attending COD’s art program on a full ride art scholarship.

KAS working months in advance on art installation for the 2017 Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience with my friends.”

painted and stretches from top to

In his earlier years, graf-

bottom of an entire wall. To this

sourcing most of his influence

fiti and aerosol murals were KAS'

day, the mural still remains un-

from more structural based art in-

main interests. As time passed





PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANDREW VERDUZCO I hope to some day have a residency at a museum. I want to

constantly provide content and

at the same time to be able to

travel and do pop up installa-

touched. Since then, his produc-

cluding different types of lighting

The Chaparral recently

though, KAS and his style began

tions have grown larger and in

and shadow play.

sat down with KAS to find out

to refine themselves with the in-

lieu of this, his path towards be-

His most recent installa-

more about his influences and col-

crease of opportunities.

coming a full-time artist became a

tion for Rhythm Wine and Brews


2017 was three pyramid struc-

and possibility is endless when it

tures that stacked atop one an-

comes to turning ideas into real-

legiate path.

Throughout high school,

tions all over the world.”

The limit of imagination

"What was your earliest

Chris began to expand in his cre-

"Where exactly do you

memory of art and your attraction

ativity as well as the venues he

draw inspiration from and what



ity. KAS has been able do just that

to the culture?"

chose to produce in.

new styles are attracting you right

dimensional light reflective instal-

throughout the years, he's turned

memory of art had to be my in-

ing his sophomore year while at-



his visions of structural art into

troduction to graffiti and it’s en-

tending La Quinta High School in

tions are more museum based

in my hand and just hanging out

La Quinta High School's news-

“I think my earliest

tire culture. I remember roaming

the city of Indio with a streaker


2007, Chris had the opportunity to curate and produce a mural in room. The mural was hand-

The White Party crashes Palm Springs


White Party Palm Springs 2016


else." COD student Jose Garcia


adds his opinion on if these events are good for the gay community by saying "With everything going on

The White Party is the

with the world and being gay myself

biggest festival for gay and bisexual

I think these kind of events might be

men that is being held this year in

scary to attend, for anyone really.

Palm Springs at the Convention

Gun violence has seems to be in-

Center Friday, May 5. According to

creasing and with a big event like

the Huffington Post, Jeffrey Sanker

this, I'd be cautious. Regardless of

will be producing this year's event

that idea, I don't see anything wrong

and plans on bringing all the infa-

with it." he went onto say "I feel like

mous pool parties back to the hotels,

things with social growth have been

some sexy fashion shows and many

going backwards, guys are afraid to

more surprises to come. Tickets are

come out again because of the hatred

being sold from $40-5,000.

spawned from our president so

When asked if this event

these events are actually great. It

was good for the gay community,

gives gays a chance to meet other

COD student, Nasandre Smith

gays in their area and just let loose."

replied "I think it's a great way for all

"Would I go? No. But re-

of us to get together and meet some

gardless of how I feel I don't see any

new people because Palm Springs is

problem with it. Parties like these

kind of small. This brings a lot of the

exist because we (LGBTQ commu-

LGBTQ from other places together

nity) were alienated and discrimi-

and it's just nice to meet new peo-

nated against in the first place. If the


gay community hadn't felt that kind He





of discrimination, then things like

"Straight people are just as welcome.

gay clubs, pride weekend, marriage

You have to brighten your horizons

equality and the White Party would-

and see what else is out there! You

n't have needed to even be consid-

need to know that there are different

ered," COD Student Mathew Tucker

people out there in the world and


we're all people. It just brings us to-




gether and lets us know that this

about the White Party 2017 visit

event is no different from anything

“My current inspira-

and academically driven. I’m

also really into open spaces and

light right now.”

Moving from a graffiti





Coming off a busy and very successful festival season,

huge pieces seen across the nation.

Chris is now focusing on refining

To support and follow

his productions to be showcased

Chris and all of his work be sure

“As far as my end goals,

in museums.






MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017



April in the desert means

one thing, festival season. If you’re

a local and have been living here for


Opinion Coachella, then & now

total years. While attending this

year's entire weekend one and parts of weekend two, I found myself

comparing my experience to previ-

ous years.

The festival was very dif-

ferent in 2005. I remember not hav-

most of your life, you know April

ing to wait in any lines, no multiple

April in the desert never

marketing throughout the fields

brings a yearly topic of discussion,

Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

used to be as exciting though. Years

ago, before back to back weekends

and Palm Springs pool parties, the

valley didn’t explode with tourism

every April. Why now?

I have lived here in the

Coachella valley for my entire life

check points of security screenings,

not as much art, definitely no brand

and the crowd itself was NOT what you see at today’s Coachella. Like





Coachella of course, evolved. Along

with the birth of “hipsters” and



Coachella began to grow into its

(25 years). On top of being a 'true

own entity. Around 2012, you could

able to live so close to the festival

graphic. With the popularity of

local,' I've always lived a block

away from the polo fields. Being

grounds has allowed me to sit back

blatantly notice that Coachella had

also began to target a certain demo-

Coachella growing, every April has


Festival goers seen at Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on Sunday, April 16, 2017, in Indio, Calif.

and watch evolution take place.

socialites and elites of all kinds now

their outfit inspiration. When we

year-old 8th grader and had no idea

guest performances. This wasn't an

gypsy outfits from Forever 21," said

My first Coachella experi-

ence took place in 2005. I was a 13-

what Coachella was, let alone, who

traveling east bound on the I-10 to make surprise appearances and

apparent thing 10 years ago though,

was headlining that weekend. The

the masses were more lineup driven

headline was an experience that I'll

"Look at all these girls out

entire process of being gifted a VIP

bracelet to witnessing ‘Coldplay’

never forget. From then until now, I

myself have attended Coachella 9

first started coming, there wasn't a

bunch of girls running around in

COD student and eighth year

Coachella is uploaded and viewed

by millions within minutes. With all

these things tying together to boost

Twitter, the explosive power of

With the past five years of


here wearing the same exact outfits,

"going viral" also aided to the festi-

as if they all used Instagram for

most every guest appearance or

unannounced event that happens at

Coachella attendee, Francisco Oli-

and not preoccupied with what outfit a certain celebrity was wearing.

cial media's power to inform, al-

Alongside Instagram and

val's outreach. Now because of so-

Coachella's publicity, the crowd of

attendees has shifted.

course, this day in age, is every mil-

lennial's festival "must have."

"You gonna watch Marsh-

mello dude?! It's gonna be lit," said a random attendee sitting next to

me at Coachella.

when you consider all the ad-

People working from

home rather than the office is a

decade. We can talk to people

across the world, in video confer-

ences, and have information

in comparison to previous years. Like I said, my first year attending

COPY EDITOR Anissa Grout

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music in our own backyards

Regardless of the seven-

teen-year-old teen throwing up all over herself in the grass, the count-

less games of beer pong being

played at the campgrounds, the

team of collegiate flags being flown

from EZ-ups or the amount of times I heard someone say " IT'S LIT."

phy of our valley. Since 1999 to now, we've seen a boost in economy and here in the desert is a paradise for

extroverts, musicians, and artists.

of $59.6 billion in 2015, up 20 per-

catered to telecommuting, part-

content and advertising online.

stated( "It can

who use remote workers. The

of this work that has been avail-

able has been with producing

Online advertising rev-

enue in the U.S. reached a record

cent from 2014, the Interactive



Mondays & Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Office: South Annex, Room 4

PHONE: (760) 776-7244 FAX: (760) 862-1338


The Chaparral will be published five times this semester. All editorials are strictly the opinions of the editorial board, and do not necessarily reflect any opinions held by The Chaparral staff or College of Desert. Editorials are subject to review by the editorial board.

Letters to the editor are printed in the order they are received with space and deadline considerations, and may be assigned to future publications.

time, and freelance jobs and releases jobs from companies

be easy to spot online; all we

companies on the site has in-

can see the endless content that is

growing demand for remote

must do is open our FaceBook.

Scrolling through our feed we

creased from 26 percent in 2014, to 76 percent in 2015, showing a workers. The amount of jobs

of that work is produced by writ-

that were available increased

who have had the opportunity

smaller companies who have

It is not only writers


cape their day job and relax to great

available at our finger tips. Much

ers who are working remotely."

Chelsea Hernandez

simple. It was a mellow weekend in

tourism. Let's face it, every April

posted on our timelines, and a lot


most importantly, Coachella was

Coachella naturally, draws a more

energetic and rowdy crowd. At least

A modern workforce

vances in technology within the

tickets being $50 for each day, the

Coachella has changed the topogra-

attracts a younger crowd. It's an all


being so popular or "trending." I re-

member traffic being nonexistent,

In reality, Coachella now,

age event but the evolution of

new trend. It is not surprising

think of my first Coachella experi-

ence, I don't remember Coachella

April that gave locals a chance to es-

course, Goldenvoice has done an

dance music) driven. Which of

in Indio, Calif.

seeing any other "teens." When I

excellent job at keeping variety

cent years it [the lineup] has shown

Festival goers at Coachella Music &Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on Sunday, April 16, 2017,

from what I remember, besides my

friend and I, we don't remember

ability to snag tickets with ease and

change in lineup structure. Of

signs of being more EDM (electric


was 2005. At the time I was 13 but

lineups, we've began to also see a

throughout the weekend but in re-


Pg. 7 • Opinion

to benefit for all the work that

has been available online, jobs

in: mortgage, real estate, human

relations, recruiting, accounting,

finance and even pharmaceuti-

cals have been moving online

for some of their jobs. There have been several sites that

cater to the desire of companies to use remote workers, one of

them being FlexJobs.

FlexJobs is a site

by 36 percent in

2015( It is not just made the move to hiring more remote workers, companies

such as: Amazon, Dell, Apple

and Microsoft, do this also.

Remote Year founder

and CEO Greg Caplan said,

“Productivity has moved to

the cloud; great work can be

done anywhere. People are

more creative and productive

when they’re inspired by their

surroundings.” (

Students are invited to submit any original and appropriate creative materials to the editorial board of The Chaparral. Materials may be sent to the following address: Editor, The Chaparral, College of the Desert, 43-500 Monterey Ave, Palm Desert, Ca, 92260.

All letters must include a phone number for verification. The Chaparral reserves the right to edit for libel and/or length as needed.


Pg. 8• Sports

Monday, May 2 , 2017

The Chaparral


COD Men's Golf keeps on swingin'



Schmitt led the way for the

Club (TpC) Valencia on april 3.

roadrunners shooting a 73 and

Sophomore Marc Cohen led the

a 76, respectively. Freshman's


Sam Berglund and Vinny Ve-

Cohen shot a 75, just 3-over-par




trano also had good rounds

and just 3 strokes back of the

College of the desert's

both shooting 77's. Gauther

leader. For Cohen, it was his

men's golf team continues their

adams brought home a medal

best round of the year and also

solid season on the links. led by

as the top finisher for Cod and

his first tournament appearance

freshman Gauthier adams and

shot just 1-over-par.





Matt Schmitt, the roadrunners

at Twin oaks Country

March 15 at San Jacinto. Sopho-

golf team has rattled off four

Club on March 29, the roadrun-

more nicolas Beeken and fresh-

consecutive top-five finishes in

ners once again came home in

man Steven Wang also has nice

their last four tournaments, in-

second place. Matt Schmitt had

afternoons with both shooting

cluding coming home with the

a fantastic round where he shot

4-over-par 76's.

win at desert Island Country

2-under-par, just one stroke

after three consecutive

Club on april 10.

back from the leader. Sam

top-five finishes, the roadrun-


Berglund also had a nice round

ners broke through with their 3

started their current hot streak

shooting a 74, just 2-under-par.

win of the season. They did it in


all five pCaC schools made an

front of the home town crowd

school by 7 strokes. This was the

The to





Members of the COD Men’s golf team taking a break at the cart

of his best rounds of the year,

brought home second place at

appearance in the tournament

on april 10 at desert Island

roadrunners first win since

shooting a 71, 1-under-par.

the pacific Coast athletic Con-

which was won by Mt. San Jac-

Country Club in rancho Mi-

March 6 at long Beach. Gau-


ference (pCaC) tournament at


rage. Cod was the team to beat

thier adams once again grabbed

Berglund also had nice after-

Mission hills Country Club. Gauther


Cod then grabbed a

from the very first tee, as they

a medal for being the top indi-




noons, both shooting 2-over-par

COD linebacker Brayden Bailey signs to UL Lafayette



fifth place finish at The players

College of the deserts linebacker, Brayden Bailey, 20, recently signed with the University of louisiana at lafayette (Ul lafayette). Bailey grew up playing football in St. George, Utah since he was in the third grade, which marks 12 years of playing ball. “after I started football I fell in love with it and never cared to play another sport,” said Bailey. he started playing football because his dad was a great football player in high school and got a couple of division 1 scholarships from the nCaa. Brayden explained, “I chose football because I've always liked the

physicality of the game. I was an aggressive kid when I was younger and it gave me a really great outlet.” Bailey chose to sign to the Ul lafayette because “it just felt like a perfect situation.” They are giving him an incredible opportunity to come in and compete for a starting spot right away and he loved the scheme they run and the role they want him to play in their defense. after going out there for a college visit and seeing the campus, meeting with coaches and players he knew it would be a great fit for him and most definitely a place Bailey could go to have a lot of success. Bailey is currently majoring in kinesiology. When he is done with school he wants to become a personal trainer for official Strength & athletics training




as the conclusion of Cod spring sports is imminent, it's that time again to check up on baseball, men's tennis and softball. The season did not start off well for roadrunners' baseball. as the team only won two out of their first 18 games. after that slump, they went on a five-game winning streak. In which one of the games included a walk-off. ever since, the team has been able to only pull off three victories. leaving their overall record at 10-26 and their conference record at 8-12. The last win for them was back on april 6 against Imperial Valley. The men's tennis team finished off the year at 6-13 overall and 5-7 in their conference. They hit a slump late season with





vidual finisher. adams had one


After an overturn, COD's defense had just came off the field in-

cluding, Brayden Bailey.

COD sports update

an eight-game skid, but finished off their last match with a 7-2 win against Imperial Valley. Cod qualified two players to head to the

State Finals for singles and doubles matches, they are freshman Jakob dvorken and freshman dimitrije Vukovic. This happened after the pacific

Coast athletic Conference (pCaC) Men's Tennis Championship. Softball finished off their season at 4-25 overall and 2-14 in their


under Cade Cowdin, Bailey's main focus is training athletes. he said junior college has been tough. That it's definitely not for everyone, although he thinks coming out here being an out-ofstate guy has really helped him grow. “you make some pretty strong relationships with some of the other guys on the team going through everything junior college throws at you together," said Bailey. he describes his favorite Cod memory on the field along these lines, “..against San diego mesa when Guz [adrian Guzman] scooped up a fumble with one hand after the quarterback dropped it and we ran all the way up the sideline and I set the last block for him to score it had to be a 40 yard scoop and score!”

conference. despite four victories, the roadrunners got a win against San diego in their last home game and on Cod Sophomore day.

The Chaparral, Vol 65, Issue 4  

Student Voice of College of the Desert Since 1962

The Chaparral, Vol 65, Issue 4  

Student Voice of College of the Desert Since 1962