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THE CHAPARRAL Monday, February 20, 2017

Volume 65, Issue 1

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President Trump’s first weeks in office BY JESUS NUNEZ

masy from CNN wrote that


“Protesters converged on at least eight major US airports, demonstrating against the policy, which

Less than a month of

critics see as a Muslim ban, and

being in office, President Trump

other White House actions.”

is not holding back on his nu-

Many are hoping that this does


not become a norm for the




United States.

throughout his campaign. With


According to washing-


carried into the streets through-



out the country, public officials

caused by his executive orders,

around the world are denounc-

President Trump has only had

ing the orders made by the Pres-

time to fill six cabinet roles.

ident. After signing multiple

Those positions are: Rex Tiller-

executive orders and publicly

son as Secretary of State, Nikki

announcing his cabinet nomi-

Haley as United States represen-

nees, there is much to examine at

tation to the United Nations,

this time.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis,

On his first day in of-

Secretary of Homeland Security

fice, President Trump signed an

John F. Kelly, Secretary of Trans-

executive order “Minimizing the

portation Elaine Chao and Direc-

Economic Burden of the Patient

tor of the Central Intelligence

Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal,” as stated on the official White House web-


Demonstrators opposed to President Donald Trump's executive orders barring entry to the U.S. by

Muslims from seven countries at Los Angeles International Airport on Feb. 4, 2017

Agency Michael Pompeo. With over 600 positions waiting to be filled in the President’s staff and 29 of those posi-

site. According to, in the days that came





after, he signed another seven

Dakota Access Pipeline”. This

the enforcement of a travel ban from


tions are awaiting confirmation,



After hearing of this,

the country waits in anticipation


for the next nominee.

orders ranging from border se-

decision has several environ-

countries. Azadeh Ansari, Nic


curity and immigration enforce-


Robertson and Angela Dewan

Turkey, Britain and others made

Not even a month into







American tribes that inhabit

reported from CNN that “Trump

their opinion public knowledge,

his presidency, Donald Trump is

enhancing public safety in the

those areas in uproar because

signed an executive order Friday

ranging from disgust because of

creating huge waves in the

interior of the U.S.

construction had been halted by

barring citizens from Syria, Iraq,

the discrimination to open sup-

world. With so much time left,






Wamsley from National Public

the Former President Barrack

Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and

port for the president. Tensions

the world is waiting for his next

Obama’s administration.

Sudan from entering the country

stateside are getting agitated

move and how it will affect the U.S. or other countries involved.

Radio (NPR), "Trump signed five

Another order that has

for 90 days and suspended the

due to the executive order. Je-

executive actions relating to the

earned the world’s attention is

admission of all refugees for 120

remy Diamond and Steve Al-


them to transfer to a four-year

ure CC.

COD announces free tuition program: plEDGE


More information and

institution or going into the

details will be provided in the


On Jan. 27, Dr. Joel L.

"For students who are

near future. The deadline for

not ready to transfer to a four-

current high school seniors ap-

year [institution], coming to

plying to be apart of plEDGE is

Kinnamon, Ed.D., COD Superin-

community college for the first

May 1. COD encourages future



students to apply.






the COD plEDGE Program to

plEDGE program is going to be

For more information

faculty and staff. According to

extremely helpful for them." said

regarding the process of applica-, the

TRiO ACES Program Director,


new program will offer one tu-

Adell Bynum. Although the new pro-

school graduates of 2017. In

gram has many positive benefits

order to be eligible for the bene-

for students, some have concerns

fits of the one-year scholarships,

about its negatives. "It's a nice

the incoming COD freshman

thing to offer free tuition to in-

must apply to both state and fed-

coming students, but it makes

eral financial aid, as well as

me wonder as a current student.

being a full-time student.

The impact on the class availabil-


currently being met, in my opin-

pate in a certain amount of work

ion. It's hard to get into core

experience or community service

classes like chemistry and col-

hours and maintain a certain

lege level math with lack of fac-

GPA. The goal of the program is

ulty each semester," said Steven

to provide students with the

Serrano, a COD student.

reer and educational goals.

Dr. Joel L. Kinnamon, Ed.D. addresses faculty and staff

Students are worried if this will be a future problem

The plEDGE program

when it comes to supply and de-

aims to take away the burden of

mand; however, over the past

economic barriers that many stu-

few years COD has been expand-

dents face their first-year of col-

ing its campus and has future

lege, in order to better prepare

plans with the 2016 Bond Meas-

local/ campus life ......2

arts & entertainment 4

current affairs.....3


ity and how the needs are not

will also be required to partici-

support necessary to reach ca-

ition-free year to local high



trending 5 SPORTS



FEATURED STORIES PG. 3 Oroville Dam Damaged

Pg. 4 Protection for Joshua Tree

MoNDAy, FeBRuARy 20, 2017

Local/Campus Life • Pg. 2


Local/Campus Life

COD hosts annual scholarship ceremony


Student scholarship recipients



tude to their scholarship donor(s).

dents] are going in their lives.

Many students got to tell donors

Student Salvador Rivera demon-

about their academic journey in per-

strated his gratitude towards the

son, while enjoying the refreshments

donors by saying, "i'm grateful for

and desserts.

CoD donors. it's really been benefi-

Protection for Joshua Tree


The sun setting behind joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park,



into the wilderness on to camp,


hunt, fish, and learn from him how it all works together. He instilled in me a healthy appreciation for

Many of the students got

cial for me this semester. it's mind-

on Wed. Feb.16 2017, Col-

to know the sponsors and why they

blowing that someone i don't even

on the horizon is an in-

the natural world, our family her-

lege of the Desert gave students the

contributed to the scholarship foun-

know cares about my future and my

credible opportunity for one of the

itage and what God has entrusted


opportunity to meet their scholar-

dation. The reasons varied from giv-

most iconic natural places in the

to us. Now after a long career as an

ship donors. The event was required

ing back to the community to

one of the main parts of

Southern Calif. Joshua Tree Na-

Army Reservist, during which i

for students who received a CoD

helping students in a specific major.

the event were the speakers. CoD

tional Park is a tremendous tourist

was deployed for seven years and

scholarship. it's purpose was to

one of the donors, Gary

student emmanuel Casillas had the

attraction with more than 2.5 mil-

in local law enforcement, i’ve re-

allow students to know where their

Hall said, "i've been here five years

opportunity to get on stage and

lion visitors per year. ecological

tired and now settled in the Cali-

and it's a very nice event. it's nice for

speak. He spoke about his journey

integrity and ensuring access for

fornia. As someone who served

The ceremony was created

the donors to see where their money

to higher education and how the

the future generations to the natu-

his nation and local community

to give students a chance to demon-

is going and see where they [the stu-

scholarships he received have im-

ral resources is essential. The De-

with pride, i recognize the need for

pacted his life.

partment of interior is soliciting

our wilderness to remain available

comments on withdrawing more

and accessible.The parks them-

than 20,000 acres of the Bureau of


Land Management’s eagle Moun-

restorative and healing environ-

financial aid came from.

strate their appreciation and grati-


ments for the public and our re-


turning veterans who may be


Anissa Grout

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lands were once part of Joshua Mondays & Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Office: South Annex, Room 4

PHONE: (760) 776-7244 FAX: (760) 862-1338

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tain lands from further developThe

Chelsea Hernandez


seeking a little solitude to collect themselves.

Tree National Monument, but in

it’s essential to cherish,

1950 Congress removed these

protect and reinvest in these in-

lands from the park for mineral ex-

valuable lands for those who’ve

ploration. in the more than half a

served overseas or home. improv-

century of BLM management

ing accessibility, increasing recre-

threatened the ecology of the

ational opportunities, protecting

desert with environmental propos-

archaeological resources, and pre-


serving biodiversity that is essenin 2015, Congressman

tial to our national heritage.

Raul Ruiz requested the Park Serv-

Returning the eagle Mountain

ice study the potential transfer of

lands to Joshua Tree National Park

the eagle Mountain lands, and re-

is a fitting way to celebrate the Na-

turn them back to the National

tional Park Service’s 100th an-

Park Service.

niversary. To that end, there is an

The study received over

urgency for the Department of in-

10,000 comments with ,“the over-

terior to withdraw the eagle

whelming majority in favor of re-

Mountain Lands from further de-

turning the eagle Mountain lands

velopment and swiftly return

back to Joshua Tree National

them to Joshua Tree National Park.

Park.” The transfer is not only fea-

Army Veteran, having served in the-

sible, but desirable for protecting the park and its natural resources. Since youth, i have held a passion and love for the outdoors which was nurtured by my grandfather, one of the greatest men i’ve ever known. He is Native American and was born in a small town on Cherokee land in oklahoma. Growing up, he took me

Scott Lewis is a retired US

aters of operation in the Gulf War, Op-

eration Iraqi Freedom and Operation

Enduring Freedom. He further served his local community as a Deputy Sheriff in Northern California. He’s an

avid hiker and hunter who resides in the Coachella Valley.

Current Affairs • Pg. 3


Current Affairs


President Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch ident Trump said that "Judge

supreme court nominee in 25

dous discipline and has earned

ver - based 10th Circuit Courts of

Gorsuch has outstanding legal



skills, a brilliant mind, tremen-


Trump nominates the conserva-

tive Judge Neil Gorsuch to re-

place deceased Judge Antonin

Scalla on the Supreme Court.

President Trump made

the televised announcement in

the East Room of the White

House to a group of reporters,

Judge Gorsuch and his wife

Louise, and Judge Scalla's wife,

Maureen. This came on the heels

of the Republican Senate reject-

ing President Obama's choice of

bipartisan support." The Gor-

such nomination was received

with cheers from the Republican


Members of the Demo-

cratic Party said they will chal-

lenge nearly all Supreme Court

nominees that President Trump

wants on the court. Senate MiLeader




Schumer expressed his disap-

proval for the nominee, stating

that Judge Gorsuch "hewed to an

Appeals since 2006. He was

known for defense of religious

freedom, skepticism of law en-

forcement, advocacy for court re-

view of government regulation

and clear writing. He completed

his bachelor's in three years from




earned a law degree from Har-

vard University, according to AP.

Afterwards, he clerked with Supreme Court Justices Byron

White and Anthony Kennedy be-

fore obtaining a philosophy de-

on the court," according to AP.

nomination is expected to be

makes me skeptical that he can

be a strong, independent justice

The Associated Press (AP), Pres-


on Feb. 16 last year. According to

Judge Gorsuch was on the Den-

ideological to jurisprudence that

liberal Judge Merrick Garland

after the passing of Judge Scalla

years. Prior to his nomination,

At the age of 49, Judge

gree from Oxford University. The



confirmed next month.


President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White

House in Washington, D.C. to announce Judge Neil Gorsuch as

Supreme Court Nominee.

Is climate change being politicized?





CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR Climate change is a hot

topic of discussion. You hear

about it in the news, on the inter-

net, even in politics. However, it is

sometimes true that people often

repeat what is in the news without

really knowing what exactly the

topic is. Climate change? What is

it? Is it something we have control

of? Is it a natural process? Is it a

fairytale concocted by who knows

who for an unknown purpose?

President-elect Donald

Trump has chosen Republican

Rep. Ryan Zinke to serve as secre-

tary of the Department of the In-


Interior Secretary-designate, Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Mont., is sworn

in on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017 ticle stated that the National Parks

Conservation’s president, Theresa

terior. According to an article

Pierno, said Zinke “has repeatedly

ied geology as an undergraduate

versify the National Park Sys-

2008), sits on the House Natural

the Desert (COD) campus, 50 stu-

published by The Washington

Post last month, Zinke, who stud-

at the University of Oregon and

served as a Navy SEAL (1986 to

Resources Committee as well as

the Armed Services Committee.

Outdoors activities such

as mountain biking and skiing are

a major economic driver in Mon-

tana, where roughly 200,000 resi-

dents have big-game hunting

voted to block efforts to designate

new national parks that would ditem.”

Here on the College of

agrees that climate change is

teaches Horticulture and Land-

ing. There’s different things occur-




scape Planning and Design at Col-

ring. Past climate change would

tion and rotation of the Earth, and

the sun would alter, and so those

lege of the Desert believes that

climate is produced by "the posi-


areas, the metropolitan areas. We

get a lot of air pressure built up in

only vaguely familiar with the

ing that air to pick up speed, then

familiar with climate change as an

term, and not the phenomenon. idea climate and weather were

through the Banning Pass, allowwe have our spring winds.” Professor


Leuschner, who teaches Conser-

mate and weather, however they

We love the rain, we’ll take it, but

traction to oil and gas drilling. In

people surveyed, 17 people did


ment of Water Resources (DWR) and

way, DWR doubled the flow down

was around when scientists were

knew the difference between cli-

thought climate change was made

up for financial gain. Of the 50 not know the differences between

sitting right now in terms of the

Milankovitch cycles, the Earth is changing this quickly.” Professor

Weber also says that those who

ing critical facts. “Look at the time-table. In the past when the

climate changed, it took a lot

longer for a climate shift to occur.

Today it’s occurring more rapidly.

natural phenomenons. Professor

Leuschner suggests that students

take Conservation of Natural Re-

sources, as it does, after all, satisfy

rial from varying sources as you

So, is the climate chang-


weather patterns as well as other


it really means nothing in terms of Professor

According to experts,

there are things we can do to edu-

a general education requirement

and today is the population and

changing the drought in Southern

ice age back in the 1980’s. I mean,

The difference between the past

Entomology says “that’s just the

weather. It’s a nice weather event.

saying we were entering another

the activity we are doing on the

ing? Professor Place says, the climate has always changed. "I think

the big argument is whether we

for all majors. Professor Weber

suggests reading as much matecan and watching several news

networks to gain a full understanding.

Oroville Dam gets damaged in heavy rains


On Feb. 7, damages were

discovered on the Oroville Dam lo-

cated in Northern California, causing

authorities to use the dam's emer-

gency spillway. Recent storms

caused the adjacent reservoir to

swell, they expected to let water flow

for at least 32 hours, 58 at the most.

Oroville Dam is an earth

fill embankment dam on the Feather

River east of the city of Oroville,

Calif. At 770 feet high, it is the tallest

dam in the U.S. The dam impounds

Lake Oroville, the second largest

man-made lake in the state of Cali-


ing yes. So, who do you believe? I

cate ourselves on climate and


federal lands while frequently


entists saying no as there are say-

discredit climate change are ignor-


vation of Natural Resources and

addition, The Washington Post ar-

can happen. Where the Earth is

the internet. There’s as many sci-

that area trying to then push


tated by offshore flow over Los

change. Everyone surveyed was

change was real. One person

on issues ranging from coal ex-

would wobble or distance from

real solution or conclusion. Go on

whatever happened to that?”

weather patterns are being dic-

different but believed that climate

voting against environmentalists

occur because the Earth’s rotation

off that argument instead of com-

ing up with what we would call a

not in a position for climate to be

Congressional seat for Montana,,

Zinke defended public access to

time scale and how it’s happen-

what taints that argument is peo-

Angeles and Riverside County

about climate and how it differs

Four people admitted they had no

During his time in the

ple making a whole lot of money

climate change was a problem

that needed to be addressed.

lot of argument there and I think

from weather, including what

and asked what they thought

Association, has embraced that

sector of the state’s economy.

being politicized. “Look at the

vation of Natural Resources,

distance from the sun." “Our local

important issue, even if they were

dorsed by the Outdoor Industry

are the evil, bad guys? There’s a

dents and faculty were surveyed

licenses and 300,000 have fishing

licenses. Zinke, who has been en-

climate and weather but believed


Weber, who also teaches Conser-

The California Depart-

the incident command team manag-

ing Lake Oroville, counties and cities near Lake Oroville and the sur-

rounding area issued evacuation or-

ders for residents. The concern was

its main spillway from 55,000 cubic

feet per second (cfs) to 100,000 cfs.

Flow over the auxiliary spillway

weir began Feb. 11 and has slowed

considerably. DWR officials expect

that erosion at the head of the auxil-

that flow to stop entirely soon, which

uncontrolled releases of water from

Dam itself is sound and is a separate

iary spillway threatens to undermine

the concrete weir and allow large,

Lake Oroville. The potential flows

could exceed the capacity of down-

stream channels.

By Feb. 14, residents were

allowed back into their homes, ac-

cording to the Washington Post.

DWR stated on Feb. 9 that

there is no imminent or expected

threat to public safety or the integrity of Oroville Dam. To avert more ero-

sion at the top of the auxiliary spill-

will reduce the erosion on the down-

stream side of the structure. Oroville

structure from the auxiliary spillway. According to the Los An-

geles Times, Bill Croyle, acting direc-

tor of the state DRW, called the

storms "fairly small" and said the

public "won't see a blip in the reser-

voir levels," now dropping about

eight inches an hour. Croyle said it

was not the weather he was con-

cerned about so much as the damage

done to the dam's already compro-


Two men watch as water gushes from the Oroville Dam's main

spillway Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, in Oroville, Calif.

mised main spillway during days of

to the concrete chute.

said, but continued mass water re-

next couple of days.

sustained heavy releases of water.

"It's holding up really well," Croyle

leases could be causing hidden dam-

age to the rocky subsurface adjacent

DRW will continue releas-

ing updates on the damage over the

Pg. 4 • Arts & Entertainment



Arts & Entertainment

Marks Art Center presents Desert Waters

Rhythm Wine & Brews 2017



much more.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Festival season is among us

and as the temperature rises, Indio's

Throughout the polo fields will be

Dubbed "the city of festi-

live interactive art installations, food

vals," Indio is beginning to see an in-

trucks and thankfully no shortage of

flux of music and arts festivals

beer and wine.

boasting lineups that draw crowds by the tens of thousands.

Empire Polo Fields gear up to host

Tickets will range in price from $70/GA (no tasting ticket) and

With that being said, for

upwards to $5000 for the VIP cabana

another spring season of music and


arts festivals. March 4 2017, the polo

Rhythm Wine & Brews pulled out all

Whether or not one wants

fields will be opening their gates to

the stops with their recent announce-

to sleep in a tent or "glamp," there are

our first festival of the season,

ment of this year's headliners.


Rhythm Wine & Brews Experience

(RW&Bs). Hosted by Empire Music




multiple options. The Experience is

RW&Bs is looking to make


A young Khalsa circa 70’s


ship with the American West.


Her current project on the Salton Sea has been widely shown internationally in over 150 exhibi-

offering 10'x30' camping plots that


the 2017 event its the biggest produc-

range from DIY to full on tents with

Marks Art Center (MAC)

tion to date. Recently announced

queen sized beds and fully stocked

is presenting a photographic exhi-

Khalsa was featured in

Ventures, LLC and curated by Alex

headliners for this year's event in-

mini fridges. Regardless of hospital-

bition from Feb. 27 - April 13, 2017

this year's Palm Springs Life

Haaggen IV (youngest of the Haagen

clude: West Coast native, Snoop

ity needs, RW&Bs provides accom-

located at College of the Desert in

ART+CULTURE magazine. Her

family-original owners of the polo

Dogg, Hawaii's Own, Pepper and

modations for everyone's preference.

Palm Desert. The exhibition is free

work has been acquired by mu-

fields since 1987), Rhythm Wine &

Santa Cruz natives, The Expend-

Rhythm Wine and Brews

and open to the public. Sant Khalsa

seum collections including the Los

Brews brings reggae/ska (a Jamaican

ables. Along side the headliners are

Experience marks the opening day of

is artist, educator and curator who

Angeles County Museum of Art.

music genre) based live perform-

supporting acts, Andy Frasco and

festival season and what a perfect

is presenting a particular exhibition

Khalsa has been named the Society

ances, more than 50 craft beer brew-

The U.N., Spank Shaft and Macho

way to kickstart another year of polo

that looks at a range of ideas and

for Photographic Education's West



field festivities. Be sure to grab tickets

concerns about water and the lack

Region 2015 Honored Educator.


of it.

over 20 wineries, art

installations, on site camping and

Live performances won't

"He Will Not Divide Us" installation shut down be the only source of entertainment.

its original intent."

rested and charged with misdemeanor and assault after an al-


leged altercation with a man outside of the installation due to

On Jan. 20, 2017, an installation in collaboration with



Video surfaced of LaBeouf and the man in a heated argument.

the Museum of the Moving

Allegedly, the project

Image, actor Shia LaBeouf,

became a site where neo-Nazis

Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkkö




launched. The installation was

chanted and spread hate and

a live stream available to all

discrimination through the live


channel. According to HEWILL-

The "He Will Not Di-

NOTDIVIDE.US, the installa-

vide Us" website stated that on

tion was unveiled during the

Feb. 10 the project was aban-

45th Presidential inauguration,

doned by the museum. How-

in order to simply make one


statement: "He Will Not Divide

planning to end their outreach


anytime soon. Although the The







live stream is no longer in serv-

mounted on a wall in Queens,

ice, the hash tag #HeWillNotDi-

N.Y. was open 24 hours a day,

videUs is still alive on Twitter.

and was supposed to stream

The museum issued a

until the next presidential inau-

statement announcing a stop to

guration. It would have been an

the exhibit. The reason being

ongoing four-year broadcast.

that "the installation created a

The intent of the project was to

serious and ongoing public

spread a positive message,

safety hazard for the Museum,

however; violence and hate

its visitors, staff, local residents

soon plagued the live stream.

and businesses. The installation




had become a flash point for vi-, LaBeouf was ar-

olence and was disrupted from

vides a venue for creative explo-

Fulmer and others.




A public reception for

engagement. MAC gallery hours

Khalsa will be held on March 9,

are Monday - Thursday 11a.m.-

from 5-7p.m. Guests can meet


mentioned how a majority of

talk for COD students at 4:30p.m.

at Marks Art Center. She also

the museum's visitors were

This will include light refreshments

teaches art at COD. Soccio has been

school children and safety was

and musical entertainment by high

working at the college for 11 years.

a big concern. The Museum of

desert musicians, The Renderers.

She says she "loves holding events

voking" installation.


committed to excellence. MAC pro-

deSoto, J. Bennett Fitts, Frederick

Lisa Soccio is the director

took pride in the "thought-pro-

Queens, N.Y.

clude work by Scott B. Davis, Lewis

Khalsa who will give a brief artist


the moving image stated that it


tural and educational facility that is



Actor Shia LeBeouf stands in front of live stream camera in

MAC is a non-profit culDesert Waters will also in-





Southern California since 1975. Her

that include free entertainment and opportunities."

work focuses on photographed

Soccio studied art history

themes of water and her relation-

at UCLA. She also has a M.A, PhD. in visual and cultural studies.

Pg. 5 • Trending

MOndaY, FeBRUaRY 20, 2017

The ChaPaRRaL


Get with the trend food review: Grill-a-burger



of food from full sized burgers to

Gaga's Italian heritage. The

mini burgers.

"Burgerzilla" is a triple patty

It also includes chicken,

new burgers are only a

burger perfect for the hungriest

turkey, salmon and veggie sand-

of college students.

wiches for a healthier option. Of

For people looking for some-

short drive away. Located on the

course, salad is also a choice for


corner of Monterey and Country

those looking for something

"Mother-Clucker" is a chicken

Club, a new burger joint called

lighter. One unique feature of

sandwich that doesn't compro-

Grill-a-Burger is offering good

this shop is the option of a gluten

mise on flavor.

burgers for a reasonable price.

free bun, or a lettuce wrapped

This restaurant offers indoor or


patio seating and is great for col-








plays off the phrase Grill-a-

The serving size is good

lege students looking to break up

Burger, sounding like Gorilla

for the price and the names for

the usual fast food routine. The

Burger. It has a jungle theme

each burger are creative. For

large menu is great for giving

similar to the Rainforest Cafe;

music lovers, the "Gagapalooza"

customers a variety of different

complete with stuffed Gorillas to



meals to try. Fun atmosphere and

add to the appearance. The

cheese and Italian prosciutto to

good food are sure to satisfy

menu is large and offers a variety

pay respects to pop star Lady

even the wildest of appetites.


New app matches people based on dislikes




Today it's not uncommon to meet

shared disliked topics. hater

range and location range. Once

used the Tinder system of swip-

two users are matched, they can

ing through matches before mes-

start messaging each other.

saging them. not only can people

Meet new love interests based on

browse their matches' pictures

hating the same movies, TV

but their shared hated topics. This

shows or celebrities. The new app


The Mother-Clucker and California Chicken Club

Male ambassadors for major cosmetic brands


Makeup Artist Manny Guiterrez



announced the first ever male ambassador for Maybelline, he came out with the "Big Shot mas-




lovers! The boys are changing the

cara" helping promote "That Boss Life" campaign.

people on dating apps. Most web-

new approach is sure to bring

can help with potential deal

game. On Oct. 12, 2016 17 year

With cosmetic brands

sites match people based on what

users to the app.

breakers like political differences

old, James Charles, made history

shining light on the boys in the

they like, but a new dating app

The free app requires a Facebook

and loving or hating the Kar-

being announced as the very first

makeup world, not only are they

called hater is matching people

to use. This feature isn't new to

dashians. The app is available

male ambassador for CoverGirl's

showing gender equality, they are

based on what they hate.

people who use apps like Tinder,

now for iSO users and launches

new CoverBoy.

selling their own products that

This app brings up different top-

which also uses a Facebook ac-

this spring for the android Mar-

In recent events on Jan.

give makeup lovers a taste of

ics like donald Trump, adam

count to verify people are who

ket. dating apps are becoming

6, 2017 Maybelline took note

makeup they are into. Popular

Sandler movies and boy bands.

they say they are. In the app,

more widely accepted, so meet-

making well known YouTuber

cosmetic brands such as Jeffree

Swiping down to hate it, left to

users can load pictures and nar-

ing someone special is easier than

Manny Gutierrez (aka Manny

Star, Ofra, Make Up Geek and

dislike, up to love and right to

row down their matches with dif-


Mua), 25 years old, as the first

Benefit has teamed up with male



Let hater find someone special

ever Maybelline male ambassa-

beauty sensations to come out

based on hate.


with collaborations that signify








Spring fashion trends

matched based on a percentage of

categories include gender, age

James Charles came out


that beauty has no gender.

with the "So Lashy Blast PRO

Cosmetic brands are re-

mascara" the day he was an-

vamping to start new trends in

nounced CoverGirl's very first

2017 to produce more diverse

male ambassador. Charles made

products and recognize new in-

a TV commercial pushing gender


equality as the main focus to this project. The day Manny Mua was new season means new trends. For both men and women this season's trends are inspired by athleisure, street style and old school 80's glam. Kayne West's successful "Yeezy" clothing line has inspired designers to use neutrals, acid wash patterns and denim jackets come together to create a spring wardrobe for both genders. For girls the new layering trend is all about wearing your fishnet tights under-


tiny backpack to your outfit and

Students model their personal style

you're ready for class. For the boys

cording to

to carry old school rock tees. Get in

neath boyfriend jeans. add a trendy

trade your basic tees for a new old

Instyle's website designers are pulling

touch with your inner rock star with

school band or distressed tee with a

inspiration from the 1980's.

your vintage rock tee, fishnets and

sporty windbreaker. Fashion has no

athleisure is also being embraced by

boyfriend jeans to create this 80's glam

gender. This season don't be afraid

men. don't be afraid to wear your

look. Change your bra out for trendy

clean workout clothes and mix them

bralette or sports bra underneath a

to be comfortable ladies. athleisure is

with school clothes. Sweatpants with

jacket or low cut top for a fresh look

here to stay. Take out your yoga pants

regular tees and athletic shoes are a

with comfort. Perfect for getting to

and running shoes, pair them with an

new way for men to spice up their

class and being trendy.

acid wash tee. This Kardashian in-

wardrobe too.

spired outfit is perfect for class. ac-

Stores like PacSun, Tilly's, Papaya and Forever 21 have started

Boys can upgrade their look without sacrificing budget. Take your old basic tee and

PHOTO(S) COURTESY OF MEGHAN SORENSON distress it to keep with Yeezy himself.


Pair this with a pair of jeans or a

This spring is all about being comfort-

denim jacket to keep up with the

able and drawing inspiration from your favorite street style. trends.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Chaparral


Jolene Ruiz commits to Mayville State University women's softball team BY PAOLA SALCEDO PRADO

previous year with Mayville.


against each other so that what-

once I got to meet the

ever we work on at practice, we

coaches and softball team I knew

can put those techniques into

right away that this was the team

game plans."

I wanted to play for. Till this day,

Keeping a good grade

Jolene ruiz played soft-

I see my teammates as my sisters;

point average, practicing endless

ball at College of the desert

having a strong connection on

hours on the field and spending

(Cod) and was offered a partial

and off the field."

athletic and academic scholarship

time with friends can all be very

ruiz gets her day started

tough. ruiz said, "I balance my

at Mayville State university on

at six in the morning everyday.

school work, social life and prac-

June 3, 2016. She will continue her

There are times where practice is

tices by how everything is sched-

softball career and academics as a

rescheduled to afternoons in

uled out for me. 6 a.m. practices

Comet in Mayville, n.d.

order to avoid interference with

make it easier for us athletes be-

her and her teammates class

cause it helps us focus more on

with Mayville State after research-

work. The Comets softball teams

our school work and what we

ing information about the school

prepares for season by practicing

need to get done. In between

and visiting the school she felt

five times a week. practicing with

classes, I meet with my friends to

ruiz decided to sign

that she was going to have a

ruiz consists of working on basic

hang out or have lunch. Most of

strong connection with her profes-

drills such as throwing, fielding,

us have classes together so we

sors, classmates and teammates.

hitting, weightlifting, and learn-

usually socialize throughout the

ruiz said, "They made

ing game situations. at times ruiz

entire day. being a student athlete

me feel welcomed right away. I

and her teammates would have to

having to balance out school

heard so many good things about

practice indoors due to weather

work, social life, and softball

Jolene poses on picture day

the softball program from previ-

conditions and use the gym as if it

starts to become a daily routine."

motivation and sets a good exam-

ous coaches at Cod and two

was the field. ruiz explained, "on

ruiz says it can be over-

ple of what it means to be a hard-

teammates who had signed the

these type of days, we scrimmage

whelming at times. She serves as

working athlete while excelling in



Brady leads the Pats in Super Bowl comeback thriller


The new england patriots beat the atlanta Falcons by a score of 34-28 in the 2017 Super bowl. The victory gives the patriots' their fifth Super bowl in Franchise history. This game was historically significant. It was the first time a Super bowl went into overtime. The patriots pulled off the largest comeback in Super bowl history being down by 25. brady surpassed Joe Montana and Terry bradshaw for Quarterback with most rings, having five. The finish to this game and the ongoing scripts with patriots' Quarterback Tom brady and head Coach bill belichick will instantly have this Super bowl come down as a classic. Just a few minutes into the second half, the Falcons scored another


Tom Brady (left) hoist Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl victory

touchdown to extend their lead to triots won the coin toss and started

28-3. That's when the patriots


him down.

so obvious as they stood frozen stiff

this surprising victory.

however, it was too late as

shocked at the unfolding of events.

brady threw 43 comple-

started their comeback, which in-

Fast forward to second-

White barely crossed the goal line

however for brady, the reaction was

tions along with 466 yards, both

cluded a field goal, a missed extra

and-goal for the patriots at the two-

with all of his joints still in the air.

something different. he broke down

Super bowl records. In addition, he

point, three touchdowns and two

yard line. It's a toss to the unknown

Signifying that it was a touchdown

with both his arms and knees on the

threw two touchdown passes and

successful two-point conversions.

running back James White, sprint-

as the nearest sideline official raised


one interception.

eventually the game would be tied

ing outside of the right side of the

both of his arms straight in the air

field. White broke a tackle and

calling the play a touchdown.

28-28 and head into overtime. as momentum went to

lunged forward as another defender

the patriots in the second half, it

gets in front of him trying to bring

Some white jerseys flung in the air as they made their excite-

brady won his fourth

next to him is his teammate and starting running back

Super bowl MVp award, the most

legarrette blount with his arm

by any player. he ties only one other

wrapped around brady. They both

player (Charles haley) for most

Local talent making a name for himself in NFL ment obvious. While others are not

would still be in their favor. The pa-


shared words with each other after

Super bowls with five.

22nd best outside linebacker in the


country by after his senior season. d.J. took his talents to

Meet d.J. alexander, a 6

oregon State where he made 32

feet 2 inch tall, 233 pound line-

starts for the beavers football



team. he was second on the team

Chiefs.alexander grew up in palm

in tackles his senior season with




desert and started his football ca-

70. alexander also recorded 12

reer at palm desert high School

tackles for loss and four sacks en

under head coach pat blackburn.

route to becoming the Kansas City

alexander was named to his first pro bowl this season be-

Chiefs fifth round draft selection in the 2015 nFl draft.

coming the second valley player

With the Chiefs, alexan-

to be named to the nFl's version

der sees playing time primarily on

of the all Star game. at palm

special teams as a gunner and was

desert, alexander played both

selected as a special teams player

linebacker and receiver. he played

to play for the american Football

on palm desert's 2007 team that

Conference (aFC) squad in the

went to the California Inter-

pro bowl. In the pro bowl, d.J.

scholastic Federation (CIF) cham-

saw action at his traditional line-

pionship game.

backer spot in the first quarter

as a senior, he was named




where he recorded five tackles and assisted on one more.


Kansas City Chiefs linebacker D.J. Alexander (57) Playing in the Pro Bowl, Jan. 29, 2017,

recorded 118 tackles along with

he finished third on the

volved in a key play in which he

team stopped dallas Cowboys

seven sacks. he was tabbed as the

aFC team in tackles and was in-

and another member of the aFC

running back ezekiel elliot on the

goal line.

The Chaparral, vol 65, issue 1  

Student Voice of College of the Desert Since 1962

The Chaparral, vol 65, issue 1  

Student Voice of College of the Desert Since 1962