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BY LIANNA MEYER Ke$ha’s album Animal definitely breaks the normality for pop music these days. Her album goes from talking about a guy cheating on her to having a secret love affair with her history teacher to wanting to get with a random guy at a club. She has broken out of the shell of regular pop music and made a name for herself; she will most definitely never be forgotten.

Rated R shows a different side of Rihanna’s musical talent, or lack there of. Her tracks prove to be similar to that of Lady Gaga, including her appearance in the video “Hard”. Looking back to “Pon de Replay” her sound in addition to her appearance has transformed, or conformed rather, to fit the mainstream. Although, on a good note, some of the songs prove to be pretty catchy. BY KALEE MORRIS

BY NICOLE WOLSKI All Time Low recently released an acoustic version of their album Nothing Personal on Jan. 21. The CD expresses All Time Low’s true musical talent by playing their songs with only acoustic instruments. This spin on the CD is a refreshing change to their punk pop sound, but the outcome is equally amazing as the original album, released in July of 2009.

Fans of offbeat humor need look no farther than Good Omens, a book by both Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The backdrop is the impending Rapture, and while the book centers around one angel and demon who are not thrilled at humanity’s impending doom, it jumps to many other oddball characters as well. Although occasionally slow, you will find yourself laughing to the end. BY MIRANDA MOTSINGER BY VICTORIA NANCE Unlike most of the usual ‘cookie cutter’ vampire books out there, Blood Promise, the fourth novel in the Vampire Academy series, brings the reader along with Rose Hathaway on her journey to kill the man she loves. With a combination of dark humor and heart pounding passion, Richelle Mead’s Blood Promise adds a whole new meaning to ‘sleeping with the enemy’.

Regina Spektor never fails to raise the corners of every mouth to a smile with her glorious voice enhanced by her delightful piano playing and artful, creative lyrics. In her newest album, Far, Spektor exceeds expectations while making bold, meaningful statements in songs such as “Laughing With” and “Machine.” She also recites her typical parables with songs like “Wallet” and “Genius Next Door.” BY TERESA HAUER

While many books topics have been worn out by repeated use, not many stories star a three millimeter tall lad who lives in a tree. In Toby Alone by Timothee de Fonbelle, young Toby and his family are banished after his father discovers that the community’s activities may be ruining their home. Refreshingly original, Toby Alone is a pleasant departure from mundane reality. BY JAMIE KRAUSS BY BRITTANY GRUENEWALD Readers searching for a novel that is all at once humorous, wise and deeply moving need to search no further than Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. This autobiography follows Gilbert the year after her mental breakdown, in which she chose to abandon the standard American lifestyle in search of what she truly valued in life. It simultaneously inspires and entertains the reader.

Nine is about a man with seven, count them, seven women, and they all burst into song at the most random moment. What is not to like? Also, not only is Nine sexy, classy and musical, but it also has the best actors in the industry, from Nicole Kidman to Daniel Day-Lewis. Although this movie may have downsides, it is one of the must see movies of 2010. BY LIANNA MEYER BY KRYSTAL MORGAN Susan Salmon was murdered at the age of 14. This tale is all about her time in purgatory and brings on some serious tears. It will have you furious at her murderer, as you watch the rest of her family attempt to move on. This movie accomplishes what few do, bringing on a multitude of emotions keeping you on the edge of your seat.

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With all the hullabaloo over vampiric romance, Daybreakers allows people to see the true nature of the blood-sucking undead. It provides a unique plot line which flips the roles between humans and vampires. Blood, drama, and action are at an epic peak, sparking emotions of all sorts out of the viewers and leaving them without an appetite for the popcorn they bought before the movie. BY KALEE MORRIS BY TERESA HAUER An Education tells the story of the typical suburban London, private school, Oxford material young woman in the 60s (played by Best Actress nominee, Carey Mulligan). All plans are interrupted by a suave older man who sweeps her off her feet with promises of travel and culture, which she massively craves. The end is quite displeasing, but the film is a classy must-see masterpiece.


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