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Welcome To The Family

By: Soo Lim

Most recently an assistant principal at Edison High School, Martin Grimm started work as the new principal for Centreville High School in July. As the new principal, Grimm’s main goal is to help the students do well in a changing environment. Grimm wants to improve the learning atmosphere for students and teachers, and help students choose a path for their futures. “From the freshman to the senior year, just as a person you change so much, and you really go from this kind of awkward middle schooler to someone who is ready to go out into the work world or go to college,” Grimm said. Instead of re-creating the school right off the bat, Grimm has decided to watch the school for the first couple of months and see what works and what needs to improve. “Unless you are living in the school and you really see how things are going day to day, it is hard for me to say what is and isn’t working,” said Grimm. However, he will be paying special attention to the effectiveness of CATS time and how students are using it. To build on the successes of Centreville High School, Grimm has recently hired a Dean of Students. The Dean of Students’ main job is to follow up and support the attendance referrals and work with teachers on their collaborative teams. “When students are in class and on time, they are very successful academically,” said Grimm.

Grimm has lived in several states and has had a great variety of teaching experiences, from kindergarten to high school. Though Grimm was born in Pomona, California, he moved often as a child and lived in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Georgia, and Colorado. He played basketball in high school and college and first began working with students as a head basketball coach, Director of Athletics, and Dean of Students at Oxford College. He later worked with elementary school kids at El Dorado and Remington elementary schools as a PE teacher, and also worked at a middle school. Later, Grimm earned his Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Regis University and obtained his principal license at George Mason University. When he’s not at school, Grimm enjoys playing with his son and daughter, Zachary and Clare, ages six and seven. “They are my hobby and my sport,” Grimm said. He is also a huge Redskins and Red Sox fan. So far, Grimm has met with administrators and department chairs during the summer before teachers and students return. Grimm would like to get to know all the teachers and form a close relationship with the students.He encourages students to drop by and introduce themselves. “This may sound corny and everybody says this, but I always like working with students,” Grimm said. “For me, that’s the fun part.”

Courtesy of the Obama Campaign

Principal Martin Grimm (right) shakes hands with President Barack Obama (left) as Senior Summer Thrasher (center) is grateful to accompany Grimm in the athletic hallway as the selected SGA senior class board member. Michael Bollman

Courtesy of the Obama Campaign

Grimm signs a form in his office from one of the piles of paperwork waiting to be completed before the school year begins.

Obama (center) gladly accepts Centreville’s basketball jersey given by Grimm (right) and Thrasher (left).

The Dirt on the New Field: Tough Turf Stands Up to Wildcats By: Michael Bollman This summer, Shaw Industries Inc. began installing two brandnew turf fields to serve as flat, consistent, and durable play surfaces for Wildcat athletes. The stadium and practice fields will benefit many of the sports

teams. They will have multisport versatility because football, field hockey, and soccer lines will be inlaid in the fields. Athletes, coaches, and parents will be able to have dependable, early-notice schedules because of the sturdy new fields.

In the past, the Office of Student Activities kept the stadium field vacant to prevent damage to the grass before major events. Therefore, many athletic teams scrambled to find practice space, leading to scheduling conflicts and tensions between

Source: Shaw Industries Inc.

This diagram presents the nine layers that make up the two new, durable turf fields.

sports team coaches. However, the new turf fields are practically invincible and will be able to stand up to constant abuse from regular practices, a feat a grass field cannot match regardless of the care it receives. Because turf fields do not get muddy, practices and games will be allowed to continue as planned, almost regardless of the weather or usage of the fields. Director of Student Activities Jimmy Sanabria drove the turf project from idea to reality. Sanabria made many of the decisions about the field’s design. He specified that a large, Carolina blue power cat be placed prominently in the center of the field. The end zones will be unfilled to prevent confusion for athletes participating in sports other than football while giving the Centreville turf a unique look compared to other fields in Fairfax County. The entire cost of design, materials, and installation was $1,257,000, a staggering number that made getting approval for the field a difficult proposition. However, students, parents,

businesses, and organizations in the community came forward to support the project. The Southwestern Youth Association and the CVHS Booster Club each donated $300,000 to the cause. Centerville students and parents themselves raised $125,000 through the Christmas Tree Drive, a fundraiser selling custom-engraved bricks in a tobe-built stadium wall, bake sales, car washes, and other methods. Grants from the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Family Services and the Carney Foundation netted another $125,000. Other area businesses showed their support with generous donations that covered the rest of the cost. Through the hard work of the Office of Student Activities and the support of students, parents, and community organizations and businesses, Centreville’s sports program will be able to use the new turf field in the stadium during the first home football game. The practice field turf should be finished during the first quarter.



August 29, 2012

Obama Gives Centreville Vote of Confidence

Every person was given a full body search and walked through a row of metal detectors erected in the atrium. Secret servicemen were in every shadow as guests

2012 Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks in front of his slogan, “FORWARD” placed in front of the bleachers at Centreville High School’s gymnasium.

Obama shakes hands with crowd in the gym as he walks to Obama supporter holds up a sign about Obama the podium to give his speech. Care in front of Centreville High School. Katie Blumer

Refreshments are served as people wait in a line streching to the end of the student parking lot to attend Obama’s campaign speech at Centreville High School.


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Traffic Flow Impacted;

By: Erin Shin

The crowd went into a frenzy of clapping and whaling as the president spoke of strong patriotism and of support for fellow citizens. Obama promised health care support as well. “If you don’t have health care, I’m going to help you get it,” Obama said.” He went on to speak of the many policies, starting with his plan to fix the economy “from the bottom up, not the top down like my opponent Mr. Romney would have America do.”

2012-2013 STAFF

Parking Lot

Plan Routes

Katie Blumer

The approximately 2100 people lucky enough to get tickets to the event queued up in front of the school’s main entrance for hours prior to the opening of the doors, in lines trailing all the way out of the bus loop and down the street. Obama campaign volunteers offered water to the waiting crowds to help beat the heat. Controlling the crowds was difficult. Director Student Activities Jimmy Sanabria said, “It was more chaotic than a Centreville vs. Westfield football game.”

Obama spoke first about how much we as Americans have to be proud of. The young, bright students of the nation will usher in an era of intellectual and monetary wealth that will help our nation’s economy. Our capable youths are one of the reasons America is “the envy of the world,” Obama said. “I want us to have the best school systems in the world.” Obama believes that children adept in the basic skills of Science, Technology, Electronics, and Mathematics, or STEM, will lead the country to attain greatness once again.

New Quad Brings Needed Class Space, Some Challenges

Students Must

A thunderous roar of applause greeted Obama as he made his way to the speaking podium while shaking hands and greeting dozens of his supporters. He spoke of meeting Centreville’s principal, Martin Grimm: “I met Mr. Grimm, I said how long have you been the principal, he said, “five days.” I said, ‘I’m sure you’re going to do a great job.’”

Katie Blumer

Potential voters from all sides of the discussion were present, shouting their stances through loudspeakers and cupped hands, trying hard to sway the opinions of the people hoarsely shouting back at them. The sun beat down on the scene, filling the air with the pervasive smell of melting asphalt. Centreville was an image of barely constrained chaos, friends and neighbors clashing in a political civil contest.


Quad location placed by Michael Bollman

On the scorching hot morning of July 14, nearly 2200 people filled the sidewalks and streets in front of Centreville High School. They waited for what Peter Lizza, a 2010 Centreville alumnus, called “The biggest in the history of the town.” The people were talking, of course, about the arrival of current President and 2012 presidential candidate Barack Obama. The Obama campaign planned the speech as part of a two-day campaign trip through Virginia.

Nick Dell’Omo

By: Michael Bollman

entered a hardly-recognizable gymnasium, filled as it was with staging, press cameras, and rich red, white, and blue bunting. An eight foot tall banner, nearly the width of the bleachers, stood as a backdrop exclaiming Obama’s campaign slogan, “FORWARD.”


August 29, 2012

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are not printed to offend. This is a publication that maintains high standards and proper ethical conduct, per the guidelines of professsional and scholastic journalism organizations. All letters to the editor must be typed and signed. They can be dropped off at room 116 or in the main office in Mrs. Kervina’s mailbox. We reserve the right to edit the responses for length, grammatical correctness, and spelling.

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As students come back to Centreville High School to pick up new schedules, they might find that not only does the new school year come with new classes, teachers, and a new principal, but also a new building known as the Quad. It was added over the summer, so students may see math classes held in Quad 1, 2, 3, or 4. Mr. Person, Mr. Neff, Mr. Noga, and Mr. Mossholder will be teaching in the new classrooms, which are located behind hallway D and the cafeteria. “We needed the extra room space, so adding the quad was our best chance to do so,” Chesapeake Sub School Principal Rob Ewing said. But with its benefit of providing more classrooms, the Quad in the middle of the staff parking lot may pose problems for staff and students alike. The Quad may cause traffic problems since cars won’t be able to pass through the road by the staff parking lot because of safety issues with students walking outside to the quad during the day. Most of the staff will now have to park in the front of the school, an already chaotic place in the mornings. Getting to school on time may be a challenge for students who are dropped off, especially when they need to wake up five minutes earlier than last year to beat the traffic. Getting to the Quad on time may also be difficult, particularly for students whose previous class is on the 3rd floor. For example, the Sentinel staff determined it takes an average of 3 minutes and 20 seconds for a student to get from the science hallway on the 3rd floor to the quad, maybe less if the student has long strides. Add a few more minutes of wading through the sea of students by the main stairs, bumping into a few friends along the way, and making a trip to the locker and many students will not make it before the tardy bell. The back staircase of hallways C and D will save some time by avoiding crowds on the main stairs. But a trip to the locker or bathroom may not be a good idea. Make sure all materials are at hand for a Quad class so there is no struggle with opening a jammed locker, which will certainly require you to sprint to class. On the brighter side, the Quad is brand new, guaranteed to have new desks, chairs, and windows in each classroom, something students can be excited about, right? A bit of fresh air during the school day won’t hurt either.

This map of the first floor of CVHS shows the location of the new Quad, near the Cafeteria and the end of D Hallway. Student will use doors 6 or 7 to get to class. Katie Blumer

The new Quad building sits on part of the back parking lot, near the ramp to the baseball field. Each of the four classrooms is larger than the single trailer classrooms in trailers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, which have been compared to bowling alleys or airplanes.

Light It Up By: Brenda nguonly From Centreville’s earliest days in 1988 to Centreville’s latest theatre production of “Radium Girls,” the auditorium lights have time and again proven their resilience. Up until April, the lights in the Roy A. “Skip” Maiden Theater have given us long years of, well, light. Finally, the lights took their last breaths just before a “Radium Girls” showing, forcing the tech theatre staff to reprogram. The control board was good to Centreville, never creating major issues, which was fortunate, considering the original light company had long gone out of business. Once the tech theatre staff realized the lights weren’t working like they used to, they tried to add a new

Michael Bollman

lamp in the lighting instrument. But it still wasn’t bright enough. Over the summer, our beloved auditorium saw a total remodel, from ceiling to floor and booth to backstage. Ninety-four circuit channels, which operate like light switches, were swapped for a whopping one-hundred and ninety two circuits, more than double the original amount. The ETC arranged the new lights on both sides of the stage, allowing lights to shine from all angles and eliminating the need for extension cords. Robotic lighting will give the booth complete power over the lighting system. And it’s easy to use! Booth control boards are now operated by iPads and iPhones, plus new backstage touch pad con-

This new touch screen allows operators to control the house lights without changing light settings on the main control board.

trols. Best part about getting new gadgets is the thousands of effects they provide, from focusing light beams onto the audience to being able to dim the lights one by one. The project was finished with a

new sound system, which will allow musicals to be operated from backstage. “We now have the best system in the county,” said tech theatre teacher, Mike Hudson. The new system could last another twenty years, or more, he said.



August 29, 2012

The Boys and Girls of Fall: Centreville Starts a New Season of Sports Football

Katie Blumer

By: Katie Blumer After last year’s awesome run to the state finals, the Centreville Wildcat varsity football team has been working hard to make themselves competitors again this year. The team won its first scrimmage against the Annandale High School Atoms with an unofficial score of 55-14 on August 17. The scrimmage revealed a few stand out players to watch this season. Two running backs, Sophomore Xavier Nickens-Yzer and Junior Christian Martey combined for a total of four touchdowns, while Junior quarterback Scott Walter not only threw the ball very well, but was outstanding in the open field. The team’s two-a-day practices August 6-22 were “very exhausting but worth the effort,” said Junior Ryan Vierregger. On August 23, the Wildcats took on the C.D. Hylton High School Bulldogs. The Bulldogs ran the ball well, challenging the Wildcats’ defense. A late thirdquarter touchback by the Bulldogs gave the Cats the momentum they needed to fight back and win the scrimmage with an unofficial score of 23-21.

By: Katie Blumer On August 14, the varsity field hockey team won its first scrimmage 5-1 against Osborne High School. With this win, the Centreville squad seems confident of a good start to their season. “In our scrimmage we played really well as a team and the game allowed us to figure out our player’s strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them,” said Junior Kasey Martino. Sophomore Kelcie Greenfelder lines up to take a shot on junior goalie Ashley Winkeler, while Ashley’s sister and teammate, Junior Amber Winkeler, looks on.

The installation of the new turf field has put some stress on the football team. Because the practice field isn’t finished, the team has been practicing at Braddock Park. Both scrimmages were played at other schools, too. But, with the new turf field in the stadium almost finished, Head Coach Chris Haddock and Wildcats look forward to their first regular sea-


Source: Office of Student Activities

This graph represents the number of athletes participating in each fall sport. Three hundred ninety-eight CVHS students will participate in freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity sports. Katie Blumer

The team played a grueling week of back-to-back events August 20-23. Both girls and boys teams played at the VSGA Invitational August 20-22, the girls played at Twin Lakes August 21 for the Northern Region Girls’ Kickoff, and both teams participated in the August 23 Concorde District Kick Off. The Wildcats compete today at 3:30 p.m. verse sHerndon and starting at 5:50 p.m. is the girls’ scrimmage against Osborne Park, both at Westfields Golf Club.

By: Katie Blumer Beginning practices on August 6, the Centreville Cross Country (XC) team had a few setbacks in early season training. The new turf installation affected the XC team. The runners warmed up at Braddock Park where they had to estimate the distance of the track, which is far from exact. Also, the runners have no clean space in order to stretch and do pylometrics. As a pre-competition warm up, the team ran a two-mile time trial at Burke Lake Park on August 10. The Wildcats have an upcoming scrimmage Saturday, August 25 at Robinson. The girls will run at 8 a.m. and the boys at 8:30 a.m. Most people don’t realize the XC team has to pay an entrance fee for every competition, so they have to raise money to run. A recent car wash at the Colonnade helped them raise almost $1200, which will allow them to compete in many events this season. The team’s first official meet will be at Bull Run Regional Park at 4 p.m. on August 30.

By: Katie Blumer The always competitive Centreville volleyball team, stepped out for their first scrimmage August 23 at home against South Lakes High School. Though the score for this game was not available at press time, the team’s tryouts and two-a-day practices had already put the girls through some heavy-duty strengthening and conditioning drills to prepare for the games ahead. Sophomore Logan Ross said “We workout with medicine balls, hand weights, and resistance bands for our upper body and we do sprints, lunges, and block jumps for our lower body. We also perform a thirty minute ab workout each practice.” The Lady Wildcats first home game of the season against Stuart High School will be on September 6 at 7 p.m.

Come out and see your very own Wildcats take

Cross Country

Senior captains Gabby Dagata, Lindsey Egbers, and Shannon O’Donnell have led by example, pushing their teammates through long, tough pre-season practices. The team participated in jogging, full field sprints, abs, and push-up work. Their preparation for the season will be tested at an August 24-25 tournament at Lee High School. The team plays its first game of the season at Hayfield High on August 28 at 7:30 p.m. and its first home game against Thomas Jefferson on August 29 at 4 p.m.


By: Katie Blumer The team has been busy in the month of August, competing in many tournaments with great finishes. The squad finished third overall on August 9 at the Twin Lakes Atomic Invitational. On Tuesday, August 14, the golf team finished 8th at the Charger Challenge at Pleasant Valley Golf Club. The next day, the team competed at Laurel Hill Golf Club where Freshman Yoo Jin Kim shot even and finished second overall. The CVHS Golf team also competed in the Bryan Gunter Memorial Tournament on August 1617 where they fell just 8 strokes short of a three-peat championship.

Field Hockey

Coach Haddock addresses the Wildcats after a close scrimmage against Hylton High School.


By: Katie Blumer Wildcat Cheer led by seniors Courtney Thurston and Danielle Farrell have a lot to be cheering about this year. The team has a new head coach, Megan Howard, who they truly respect. With a new turf field for the football team and a fan section looking to make some noise, the cheerleaders will have plenty of energy to use. Since August 8, the squad has practiced cheers, stunts, and tumbling passes almost every day to prepare for the season’s football games and cheer competitions. The girls took some team bond-

ing time at the National Cheer Association (NCA) Stunt Camp at Hylton High School in Woodbridge on August 20-22. Thurston called it “a stunting boot camp” where the squad focused on learning challenging new stunts. For 8 hours each day, the cheerleaders learned from NCA instructors who teach cheer squads at high schools across the east coast. The new skills will become part of the Wildcat Cheer’s routines for football season and Concorde District competition in October.

Michael Bollman

Senior Esther Yoo (left), Senior Danielle Farrell (right), and Junior Rachel Luke (back) lift senior Courtney Thurston, cocaptain of the varsity cheer squad, during practice. Coach Megan Howard is pushing the team hard towards victories in competitions very close to the beginning of the school year.

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