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Issue IIss s s ue I | Volume V Vo XI | August 2010 | Central High School | 2155 Napier Ave. | Macon, Georgia 31204

Better Late Than Never

Crystal Linsenbigler/The Central Post

Tell that to the administration


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By Arjun Patel and Sulaiman Somani News Editor, Editor-in-Chief

10:50. Ashley Lattimore leaves her second block to go to her locker and exchange materials for her next class. 10:54. Warning bell rings, but Lattimore reaches her locker. 10:55. At her locker, Lattimore is fumbling with her essentials when the late bell rings. 11:15. Lattimore arrives at her third block and is sent to the office of Kay Carr, who is in charge of the tardy policy consequences. Lattimore is issued a Plasco card and given in- school-suspension for the following day.

“I was barely late to class,” commented Lattimore while serving her time in ISS. “It was not fair. I was sent to Mrs. Carr’s office without a warning, and given ISS without realizing what I had really done.” The new tardy policy at Central has created a cacophonic response from the student body, who already believes that they are “constantly rushing in the mornings to get to class and barely have enough socializing time.” Dayna Daniely, Lattimore’s third block teacher, was “just following procedures,” referring to the chart on her door that covers the doors of many other teachers. Daniely had no idea what consequence would be administered to Lattimore. Enacted this school year, the new rules seem to notch up the consequences for being tardy. Unlike before, the consequences of tardi-

ness are divided up into t w o categories: under five minutes and over five minutes. For the former of the two, simple parent contact is established after the third offense. However, the dreaded Plasco card, upon which all tardy information and resultant consequences is imprinted, is issued after the fourth tardy. Harsher repercussions are given if a student is over five minutes tardy. Plasco cards are given on the first tardy of over five minutes, and depending on the time, anywhere from parent call to OSS. “Many students have to depend on transportation so I don’t think that the tardy policy is entirely fair,” said senior Amber Nicole.”It takes away learning time from the student when they have to go to ISS and such.” Many others failed to dissent from this general view. Raymond Partolan, aware of Lattimore’s situation, was confounded. “Being late 20 minutes does not justify losing another hour and ten minutes of instructional time.”

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$1.7 million grant to Westside, netbooks for many By Ben Weintraut Copy Editor Beginning this school year, Westside High School will issue out netbooks to its freshmen and sophomores. The effort to modernize the educational system was enabled by the state department of education, which gave the school $1.7 million as part of a “Blended Learning Grant” in order to begin the switch to the digital age of education. The mini-laptops will be given out free of charge to all ninth and tenth graders, and will take the place of textbooks and, largely, the use of paper and pencils. The netbooks will allow students to be in a more media-based learning community which will hopefully bring about higher interest levels for the students and thus a better understanding of the content. The school will set up Wiki pages and online discussion boards so that

knowledge. As Westside’s principal, Laura Perkins, said, “The reality is that kids communicate now using technology and schools can either ignore that and fight it every day or we can embrace it and figure out a way to make it work for us.” The students are not the only ones who will have to become accustomed to this new method of learning. Westside teachers attended workshops Computer Mania! Principal Perkins showcases the new netthroughout the summer instructing them books that all freshmen and sophomores received this year. on how to manage a virtual learning enstudents can go over the lessons and ask their teachers questions when they are vironment and how to make full use of the capabilities of the new system. outside of the classroom. Though the state grant currently While this system is believed to allow students more opportunities to will only cover netbooks for underclasslearn, it will also get students ready for men, Westside hopes to find a way to their future careers. For nearly every job equip the entire school with the netin today’s society, it is crucial to be able books. to type well and have general computer Courtesy of Fox News

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VIEWPOINTS Letters to the Editor

Sulaiman Somani, Editor-in-Chief Nancy Jordan, Adviser

About The Central Post The Central Post is the monthly published public forum and student newspaper of Central High School. The newspaper is produced by adviser John Bodo’s Journalism classes and walk-on staff members. Students are solely responsible for all production tasks, including writing, editing, photography, layout and advertising.


Dear Editor, I have recently taken to the idea of going to school year-round. Now, I know school for an entire year with no summer break may sound bad, but with the entire story it sounds pretty good. First of all, we would still attend school for the same number of days each year as we do now. The number 180 would not change. However, the number of holidays and days off from school we have will increase substantially. Possibly the greatest beneficiary from a year-round school year would be the fact that we will only have to go to school on Mondays through Thursdays, giving us only a four day week, and three full days for the weekend. I am looking forward to having four days a week of school and hope that this reform occurs while I’m still in high school.

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Dear Editor, During my freshman year, I was able to pick my own locker. This worked out very well for me because I knew where my classes were and what locker would be the most convenient for me. However, this system has disappeared. Instead, I was assigned a locker that was closest to my first block on A-day. I do not have the same first block everyday, so really my locker placement is only convenient every other day for one block. Otherwise, I have no use to go down the hall where my locker is located. I have tried every way to get to my locker in a timely fashion, but any way that I have tried, I have been marked tardy for class. Especially with the new tardy system, I believe picking out one’s own locker would be most beneficial for students. Alex Papadopolous, Junior

Hudson Brown, Junior

Dear Editor, Being a teacher of Central High School for four years now, the biggest problem I have had has been teh tardy policy. In prior years, Dr. Scoggins had initiated a lock-out schedule where, if students were not in class seated when the bell rung, the teacher had the right to lock the student out and they were to report to the cafeteria for the block. I must admit, I loved this. In more recent years, less control seems to be put in place for handling this issue and students are becoming aware of this and often come to class later and later. I must say, though, that I feel that the problem may finally be addressed. I love the new policy regarding the less than/greater than five minutes tardy because I have notied a tremendous difference in the efforts the students put forth to getting to class on time. This had been a big complaint of mine and finally looks as though it may be resolved.

Dear Editor, The new math curriculum, which is based on “discovery” through workbooks, cuts out the necessity of a teacher and disadvantages shy students. This “discovery” method consists of students working out of textbooks and workbooks with no prior teaching. The students are expected to be able to follow the questions and learn through this. The teachers are supposed to guide the class, correcting them when necessary. However, for most of the class, they have nothing to do, and their presence is merely a pointless formality. The curriculum also disadvantages students too shy to ask for help. If the student doesn’t understand the material, and answers the questions incorrectly, the student ends up learning the wrong thing. The teacher may not catch this until it is too late. All in all, the so called “discovery” method is a pointless imitation of real teaching and can hinder the education of students.

Tonya Richardson, Teacher Caroline Martin, Freshman

Editorial Cartoons

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Letters to the Editor

Enzo Harris/The Central Post

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Health Line By Sulaiman Somani Editor-in-Chief

I have witness far too many times the following scenario in the gym: pompous windbag-of-a-jock, Billy “Badboy” Smith, struts to the bench press and, after a two minute huffing and puffing session, completes six improper repetitions and arrogantly proceeds to repeat the procedure multiple times. Oh, and did I mention, his seat coincidentally is next to a beautiful lady? On the other hand, the more quiescent character, Bill Johnson, arrives, gets on the cardio floor for two minutes, and proceeds to execute a myriad of stretching techniques. Smith jeers at Johnson for his choice of exercise. What the former fails to realize is that Johnson is getting a much better workout than Smith. The reason: warming up. Benefits of Warming Up The most underrated aspect of any good workout, a warm-up is rarely ever conducted these days. Some stretch for one minute and proceed to exercise; others simply walk around and regard it as sufficient; and the boldest people dare to skip the idea of it altogether, just like our buddy Smith did.

Statistics Show A... 10% increase in muscular performance after warming up through stretching and mild aerobic activity 20% greater flexibility for men and women who implement stretching exercises in their warmups. 90% increase in the recovery of stored energy in tendons after a warmup. Tendons are crucial for aiding muscles in actually executing the movement of the exercise. Source: Duane V. Knudson

What most active people do not understand is the biological aspect of stretching. A five to ten minute warmup helps to get the blood flowing in your body. When you do aerobic exercise or lift weights, the transport of blood helps in getting the vital oxygen to your cells and thus allows you to push just a tad harder. But that’s not all a good warm-up will do. By enhancing blood flow, it allows for the waste products, primarily lactic acid, to leave the muscles more efficiently. Lactic acid is a byproduct of muscular activity that gives you cramps and fatigue. By ridding it and thus preventing buildup, warm-ups help in making workouts longer and more effective. And if that’s not enough reason to stop impetuous activity in the gym, then this should be the deal-breaker. Warming up prevents tears in muscle fibers that lead to injury; so unless you’re dead set on making the probability of having a break from the gym for a few weeks, warming up would be all too beneficent. A Proper Warm-up The reader may now be wondering, “What constitutes a good warm-up?” This is dependent on the type of activity you are doing. For example, running would not require as intense of a warm-up as a weight lifting workout consisting of 12 supersets. The essence is simple: increase heart rate and stretch, especially activityspecific stretching if you are resistance training. Remember, five to ten minutes is essential, possibly more, if you are new to the fitness regime. A three minute jog, followed by three minutes of stretching (vice versa if doing aerobic exercise) would allow the blood to flow well throughout the body, and the stretching will help loosen those tight muscles and prevent common injuries. By performing this essential practice in your daily workouts, you are getting one step closer to that perfect body. Come on now, who wouldn’t want to be a step closer to those washboard abs?

Baby Mama Drama opposing oppos ing view viewpoints points pro-choice Robert Wallen Staff Writer

Abortion is a touchy Aborti A t subject. that peoEven so, it’s important imp po plee understand what abortion is p pl w and why it’s wrong. wro on The first and mos mostt important point i is is that, legal legaal or o not, abortion is i murder. murd de Just because the is unborn t e baby th ba b doesn’t d essn mean it’s not do alive. a ivve In that sense, al aborti abo on is legalab ized murder. So why is it that it’s legal to kill babies and illegal to kill adults? Well, it shouldn’t be. Some may argue that my point is not valid but there is existing scientific evidence that proves that life begins at conception. Some might also say that pro-choice is the women’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Given that “pro-choice” is a choice, there are other options besides abortion. Just because abortion is an option, doesn’t mean it’s the only option. The better option would be to carry the child to term and give it

“ ,, Abortion is legalized murder.

up for adoption. “But what if the child is the result of an unwanted pregnancy or rape?” Well, in the case of unwanted pregnancy, there are solutions. The most obvious is birth control in the form of “the pill” or condoms, but there’s even a simpler solution, abstinence. In the case of rape, it’s extremely rare that a child is conceived. True, it’s sad that things like this still happen, but is it fair for the unborn baby to die because of the stupidity of someone else? There are a few out here who claim to be pro-choice but not pro-abortion and that is an impossibility. Saying that you support or believe in something but do not condone it is hypocritical. It is impossible to believe in something unless you support it, otherwise you don’t really believe in it at all. Another argument for pro-choice is that it is the woman’s choice to have her child aborted and not the man’s. This is completely untrue. Unless the child is the product of rape, the father should always have a choice in determining the future of his unborn child. If neither parent can reach a decision, then maybe they shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place, and should probably seek help. Some may be wondering, “if the child is unwanted, wouldn’t it be abused if the mother carried it to term? Why not abort the child and save it from the abuse?” Well, that may seems like it makes logical sense but, first off, there is no such thing as an “unwanted” child. Again I refer to putting the child up for adoption, someone out there will want a child. Second, to abort the child would be the ultimate form of child abuse. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, take into account the mothers of aborted children. Many women who have had their children aborted are now pro-life. Women who have their children aborted will often fall into depression. Trust me, depression is something you don’t want in your family. I have had personal experience with someone who is depressed. It’s not pretty. I know it seem that I have overloaded you with information and situations but there is a reason for that. I wanted to show some of the top reasons for supporting pro-choice and offering a rebuttal and other options. Abortion may be protected by law but that doesn’t make it right.

IF all 1500 of the recipients of the Central Post buy a good that you advertised per issue for, say, $100, then...

You could earn up to $150,000!!! “No Way!” is what you might be thinking - but its scientifically possible!

Talk to your local Central Post representative, or business manager Amber Lamar for details.


Ellyson Glance Assistant Editor-in-Chief

If you or someone eone you yo ou knew were the victi ctim off a rape and got pregnant, what ant, wh hat would you do? Would ould you yo ou want to keep that child, at child d, or would you see it as a conc stant reminder of how you u were wronged? Perhaps ps you u would keep it and love it for the rest off its life, but that does oes nott mean that every person would ld do d the h same. The important thing is, you had the choice to make your own decision. One of the most controversial topics in today’s society is abortion. As it stands right now, abortion is legally practiced throughout the country. However, there are those who would like nothing better than to see it outlawed. These people make up the pro-life movement, which views abortion, for any reason, as morally wrong. What these pro-lifers often fail to acknowledge is that “pro-choice” does not mean “pro-death”. I highly doubt that there are many people who can legitimately say that they are pro-kill babies. Even if there were such people it is highly unlikely that the general public would listen to them in any capacity other than to refute their opinions. In fact, many pro-choice supporters, like myself, would prefer it if people chose not to abort their babies. Pro-choicers acknowledge, though, that women have a right to choose whether or not to carry a baby to term, as well as the fact that a group of congressmen should not be allowed to take away that right. Many abortions are not just frivolous or selfish decisions on the mother’s part; there are almost always extenuating circumstances and these cannot be ignored. Were the government to pass legislation that would cause abortion to be illegal, they would be disregarding the suffering of any rape victims and impoverished women that cannot afford to support a child. Therefore, the government would be indirectly responsible for any negligence that child may experience. Quite frankly, if a woman wants to have an abortion badly enough then she will find a way to get one. Women would be, once again, forced to use back-alley abortion clinics. This method would be, as it has been in the past, both unsafe and unregulated, some clinics even used coat hangers to perform the procedure. In fact, before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, many of the women who had these illegal abortions suffered serious injuries or infections from them and often died. Some pro-lifers may say that the women

“ ,, ‘Pro-choice’ does not mean ‘pro-death’

wouldn’t have suffered these injuries if they didn’t get an illegal abortion in the first place. But who are they, who is anyone, to tell a woman who may die due to her pregnancy, or was a victim of rape or incest, that she must keep that child. The pro-life movement does not offer a resolution for situations like this, or any other situation that would lead a woman to get an abortion. It simply cries immorality at the mere mention of the topic. Pro-lifers should be pleased enough with the fact that they have the ability to choose not to get an abortion. In the same way, they shouldn’t interfere with another’s choice to do so. For they and the government should never be allowed to take away a woman’s right to her own choice.

Page 4 • August 31, 2010 • thecentralpost

In case you were living Under a

Rock By Arjun Patel News Editor BRITISH PETROLEUM The largest oil-spill in American history has subsided after repeated attempts to close the underwater well. British Patrolium (BP) was scrutinized due to its failures on assessing the situation and having a plan ready to combat a situation such as this one. They now have control of the situation as the process of “static kill” has begun to work on the well. Static kill is a procedure that pumps heavy drilling mud into the blowout preventer. They are drilling relief wells near the leaking well to lower the pressure. This process is working since there is a tighter cap around the well. After they have pumped this fluid into the blowout preventer, the next process is pumping concrete into the well in order to seal it permanently.

Courtesy of Google Images

PAKISTAN Celebrations were cancelled on the eve of Independence Day as the flood situation in Pakistan was assessed. The flooding has affected over 20 million people, who now leave their homes to find refuge in a foreign place. One in five Pakistanis has been affected by this disaster. Due to the horrendous effects, the flood is having on the Pakistani people, the UN has declared it an emergency and is currently working on a relief package. The northern areas that are affected have seen the worst flooding since 80 years. When UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saw the repercussions of the flooding, he stated that it was the worst natural disaster he has seen. Over 1,700 people have perished and the number is continuing to rise due to disease and other causes. CHINA A massive mudslide occurred in the Gansu Province of China. Rain has been steady in the area which caused a nearby mountain to partially break off, thus affecting the inhabitants of the region. Over 1,300 people have died from this incident in which the Chinese government has called for a national mourning. MEXICO In recent years, dramatic increase of drug cartels operating in Mexico raises the issue of relative safety in the country. When Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, came to office, he pledged a crackdown on organized crime. Since his declaration in 2007, there have been a staggering 28,000 deaths. This number continues to rise due to drug cartel related incidents. President Calderon has ordered 45,000 troops to quell the regions most affected by organized crime. On August 15, Mayor Edelmiro Cavazos, of Santiago, was kidnapped from his home by suspected members of a drug cartel and his body was recovered three days later. Incidents such as this cause the Mexican government to toughen their stance against organized crime. Courtesy of Google Images



Bienvenidos, bonjour, namaste, and hello welcome to Central, teachers! Crystal Linsenbigler/The Central Post

By Darby Maxwell Staff Writer New year, new students, and new teachers. Central High School has added nine new employees to their payroll. Coming from beautiful Zephyr Hills, Florida, Bill Corbin is the new Credit Recovery teacher here at Central. Corbin has been teaching for seven years, but education is his second career— previously, he was a supervisor and training instructor in the food industry. Corbin was attracted to the position here because of his wife, Lori Corbin, who also works here as a literature teacher. In his spare time, he builds and repairs computers. If you’ve got a sore throat or a headache, Laurie Smith is the woman to see. Our lovely new nurse has been in the medical field for twenty years, working in both the hospital and the school setting. Smith was hired through the Program for Exceptional Children, a program which places nurses at schools around the country based on the needs of the students. She is married and has three dogs named Sampson, Bonnie and Clyde. Andrew Grodecki, an American Government teacher, has been all over the United States in the name of learning. He received his education in Illinois, Iowa, and Mississippi, and later taught in Arkansas and Florida before moving to Georgia less than a month ago. When he heard that a social studies position was available here, he hurriedly applied. Grodecki enjoys running and collecting baseball cards. Robin Vadasz and Mary Stephens are the new teacher and paraprofessional, respectively, for the very first Access 2 class. They work with special needs stu-

dents, and have been working together for fifteen years. The two of them—and their entire class—were transferred from Northeast to Central this summer. This dynamic duo is a pioneer in special needs education at Central. Sergeant Glen Towles likes to travel and see different things, and has been interested in the military lifestyle since he was seventeen years old. He was an army recruiter for ten years, two of which were in the Macon area. For the past ten years, he worked at Northeast, but he saw the recent opening at Central as a great opportunity. He is replacing Sgt. Brown as a JROTC instructor. He describes Central as a “wonderful environment.” Towles has set his sights on continuing to pass the federal inspections and winning the drill state championship. Andrew Layton is a new math teacher at Central. Last year, he substituted for various teachers in the county, but this year, it’s his name outside the classroom door. He spent eight years in a research lab at Georgia Tech that dealt with rapid prototyping, and also taught at the university level for many years. This is Layton’s first year teaching high school, and he felt that he could make a difference in the strong math department here. He also has a deep love of roller coasters. Last but not least, we have Mr. Bryan Bailey, a new math teacher. He taught at Paul Bryant High School in Tuscaloosa before moving to Macon with his wife, who grew up here. This is Bailey’s fourth year of teaching.

From Top to Bottom Left: Kirby, Towles, Vadasz, Layton, Bailey, and Grodecki.

New tardy policy unpopular with student body By Arjun Patel, Sulaiman Somani News Editor, Editor-in-Chief Continued from Cover Faculty and staff, however, did not concur with the majority of the student body. Math teacher Sherrie Harper actually likes the tardy policy. “Students require reinforcement in their lives, whether they are aware of it or not.” Partolan did try to find common ground between the faculty and students. “After-school punishments are more acceptable,” he remarked, “if they do not interfere with the regular operations of the school day.” In this manner, the education of the student will not be sacrificed, and the consequences will be suffered. Jason Flanders, assistant principal and pundit for the intercom, failed to succumb to the general student view as well. “This tardy policy is enforcing what we have had in the past before. It’s actually less stiff than the previous policy— the only difference is in the administration of the procedures.” Code of Conduct Testing Along with the tedious list of rules and regulations, the student body has also been given a test concerning the Code of Conduct. This test ensures that the students know what is being asked of them and makes sure that they have indeed read it.

Flanders said, “The Bibb County School District feels it important for students to receive a copy of the book, to be exposed to it, and to be able to demonstrate the knowledge.” A test was given the first week of school. The students had three chances to pass the test - each test counting as a part of the grade for the class they took it in. “It’s meaningless because as a senior, I’ve been in this system for four years,” remarked senior Trent Dominy. “When I hear about the rules enough, it sort of gets implanted in my brain.” Teachers had a different opinion about this test, however. “Personally, I believe this test is a good thing because it makes each student individually responsible for the content within,” commented English teacher Ashley Feagin. “We hope this will decrease all the discipline referrals from the past year,” commented Flanders. If the student failed to pass the test, he or she was given two more chances to pass it. Another English teacher, Wendell Ramage, was more genial toward the general student population. “Many of my students thought it was useless, but it gave them a good grade,

the lowest of which was a 96.” Still, many students felt the test was “unnecessary and a complete waste of time,” as freshman Larry Bryant puts it. “We haven’t noticed any changes as of yet,” summed up Flanders. “Only time will tell.”

Poll: Central Students responded negatively overall (lightest gray) to the new tardy policy, though some (dark gray) thought it useful.

Students that did not like the tardy policy Students that like the policy. Students that are indifferent about the policy. Isaiah Williams/The Central Post

thecentralpost • August 31, 2010 • Page 5


Back to school with the newest trends in...


By Amber Lamaar and Brittney Scott Business Manager, Staff Writer Between new challenging courses, new teachers, and the never ending bell-tobell schedule, many people don’t have the time for the latest styles. That’s where we come in, giving you your monthly dose of fashion dos and don’ts. Back to school is the most important time for fashion. Retro is definitely the trend this season. Although bright and neon colors are falling off the radar, 80’s Run DMC fashion is back! From cut-off shirts to Adidas, this retro trend is all the rave. Not the retro dresser? You’re in luck because earth tones (brown, green, orange) and military trends are rocking the stores and the runway. Getting this look is easy as 1-2-3. Find a simple shirt, dress it up with a cute vest and a long dangling necklace to comple-

ment your neckline. Gorgeous! You can get this look from your local Rainbow, GNG, or any other independent retailer for under $30. Boys, we can’t forget about you. VNecks and Levi’s are your thing this season. It’s so simple, yet very cute. Vnecks not your thing? Try a graphic tee. Believe it or not, Wal-Mart sells them for only $12. What a steal! Next up, shoes. They are always the hardest accessory to shop for. Vans, Chucks, Jordans and the classic Nike Shoe are always in style. Don’t overdo it! Grays, blacks, reds and blues are always safe colors. This season is not about being bold but being subtle and cute. It’s time to let go of the colored skinnies, beads, and bangles.

Men’s 10 Classic Essentials

’ looking l ki for f a new, ffresh, h ffun If you’re look, try silly bands! These kooky, cute and inexpensive bands are a great compliment to a simple outfit. Also, get more for your buck by finding sales, applying for store clubs and the all time classic, clipping coupons. Stores are offering major sales as backto-school discounts this year, so look for those amazing deals. Be your own person, define your own style, and maybe you’ll be the next trend. And if you’re ever in need of any extra assistance, just consult your nearest magazine, blog or fellow trendy student.

The Ten Biggest Fashion Fiascos Images courtesy of Google Images

1. Gap Chinos: spiff up that casual attire. 2. Express Rocco Fit Jeans: slim fit but roomy, a must have for men. 3. Peacoat: what guy can’t pull this off? 4. Henley: not as formal as a polo, but trendy at its finest. 5. V-Neck Tees: they’re all the hype 6. Ralph Lauren Polos: a classic addition that serves to be the most versatile article in your closet. 7. Grey/Black Canvas Shoes: work with almost any outfit. 8. Cardigan: layering at its finest 9. Banana Republic Chambray shirt: with the temperature as high as it is, this shirt is an essential. 10. Converses: everyone owns a pair of these shoes -and so should you.

1. Saggy Pants 2. Tube socks 3. Suspenders 4. Tanktops/wifebeaters 5. USPA 6. Colored Skinnies 7. FILA 8. Reebok 9. Plastic Beads 10. Extremely tight clothing

From top to bottom right: Surprise! Senior Brook Robinsonposes for the Post I’m Ballin! Candace Driskell casually takes a picture. Fresh with fashion! Freshman Thomas Young in his everyday wear. Model Much? Avant garde stylist Betsy Appling at a modelling shoot. Picture Perfect Junior Amore Jones rocks a Ralph Lauren tee in the gym. “What It Do” Freshman Rashard Redding showing off his Big Pony Polo. Images courtesy of Crystal Linsenbigler and Exodus Photography.

Seniors speak up: fresh advice for fellow freshmen By Yeji Park Staff Writer

Christopher Patterson

Kori Green

Kenneth “Trent” Dominy

Oluwatobi “Tobi” Olagunju

“Start strong. Work hard. Finish strong.”

“Dont play around because it will catch up with you!”

“Don’t slack off; apply yourselves.”

“Be confident in your abilities as a freshman.” Images courtesy of Crystal Linsenbigler and Tarver Bechtel

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theboxoffice By Matt and Sulaiman Somani The Central Post

The Good: so manly you’ll want to go lift weights and eat 10 pounds of steak. The Bad: at times, it tries to be manly - and hardly succeeds. Bottom Line: if you don’t mind a rush of testosterone oozing from the movie, then go watch it.

By Matt Prindle Movie Columnist Inception is the latest movie by Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman: The Dark Knight. Nolan has created an amazing film that is as good, if not better, than his previous work. The movie feels like it was inspired by The Matrix, but still remains completely original. The characters are generally deep and all go through some tough situations, and then you have characters that are central to the plot and have personal psychological problems that are exposed and make things dangerous. Now the world of Inception is set in the semi-future, as we now have the technology to link each others dreams together. This allows some people to steal ideas from others, and like Cobb, who specializes on stealing ideas and information from people in their dreams. He is a fugitive from the United States and has a single wish of returning to his family. Of course he is given such an opportunity and jumps for it; his task is to do his average extract only in reverse. He is asked to plant an idea into someone’s head, something that has not been done successfully on record. While this plot is relatively simple, it can be difficult to follow the details. Things will happen that can confuse you and make you wonder why things are happening, the most confusing aspect of Inception was probably the dream within a dream sequence, each having its own standard of time. This movie makes you concentrate if you what to fully understand it, unlike most other movies.

Inception remains realistic in its settings and bends the rules every now and then, with optical illusions such as infinite stairways which can be pretty fantastic. They locations are also varied going from whole cities to frozen arctic bases. Each dream location is supposed to be designed like a maze, but they feel realistic and can present challenges to the characters even though they designed them. As for special effects, they are not as breathtaking as James Cameron’s Avatar with its plant life and crazy land formations, however, it does have some amazing scenes with entire sky scrapers coming down. The effects also were used to create what I would call the best fighting scene of the decade, having no gravity at all. No not defying gravity, but having no gravity to defy. My only complaint was that the most intense effects where used at the beginning of the movie and never really came back. Characters of Inception have deep personalities and are played well that are showcased through interactions rather than background information. Inception is something that really hasn’t been done since The Matrix in 1999. It played on the definition and bending of reality, , but what makes the two stand different is that characters do not have control of the reality bending as they did in The Matrix. Inception is beautiful, developed, well played, and has very few issues. With great flow of events, impressive fights shoot outs, infiltrations, vehicle chases, clever

The Good: dance scenes aren’t terrible. The Bad: even for a dance movie, it houses far too many dance scenes. Movie attempted to be a romance and failed miserably. Bottom Line: overall it was boring - waste money at your own risk.

The Good: funny, satirizes the generic buddy cop movies. The Bad: not one of Will Ferrell’s best movies. Bottom Line: Downright hilarious - worth the trip to the theatre. Between Dinner for Schmucks and this, opt for The Other Guys. trickery, and spectacular effects. Inception will have you wanting to see it multiple times.

Get tizzy with Drizzie’s huge success Rubicon TV Review By Juston Williams Music Columnist Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally time to thank him. Aubrey “Drake” Graham was born October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Canada and received his fame at a young age. Being the son of famous actor Dennis Graham, Drake picked up roles in the starlight early like playing Jimmy on the TV show “Degrassi.” But this is a music review, so lets examine how Drake became every other song on the radio. In 2006, Drake released his first mixtape “Room for Improvement,” and became a hit in Canada. In 2007, he decided to branch out to America, in which he dropped “The Comeback Season,” releasing songs with Trey Songz and Lil Wayne. “Replacement Girl” was Drake’s first BET single. Lil Wayne enjoyed working with Drake on his mixtape and wanted to create more songs with him. So Drake was around Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew, but was not signed. Most of Drake’s American fame can be contributed to his 2009 mixtape “So Far Gone,” including collaborations with Santogold, UGK, Lil Wayne, Peter Bjorn, and Lyyke Li. This mixtape was an album within itself, debuting at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. Drake can truly be credited with bringing back the mixtape game. Through his success of this album, Young Money Entertainment signed Drake in late 2009. “The Resistance,” with its “Houstatlantavegas” vibe, reminds fans that drake can still rap about his life and be successful on a personal level, mentioning how his mother and father met, and how his music is separating him from his family, but he plans on fixing it. “Who promised me you would never change?…” rings throughout the chorus of this song, stressing the fact how his success is affecting his appearance to his peers, but how he doesn’t seem to understand why they feel that way. If you liked “Say What’s Real,” you’ll enjoy this song. “How did I end up right here with you, after all the things that I been through…” “Show Me a Good Time,” is a song that definitely is an undiscovered single. With its unique house-like intro,

this song then allows the bass to drop and Drake’s famous R&B like chorus to harmonize all of the sounds. This song is one of my favorites due to the ability to shake your bass in the car, get the Drake flow going, and still be sensitive enough to be considered R&B. Drake has many songs with that type of feel, and many more songs on the album that should be considered, like “Thank Me Now,” personally the best outro I’ve heard in an album with its Orchestra beat combined with powerful kickdrums. This song shows you that he’s ready to take Wayne’s position while he’s away and in the process make a name for himself. He shows us through this album that hip-hop is not in a recession and he’ll prove it. For that, I (and hopefully you) can proudly say, thank you Drake.


By Ben Weintraut Copy Editor

As a mother plays with her children, her husband goes about his daily routine. All is fine until the man opens up a newspaper and finds a four-leaf clover inside. He walks to his home’s library, sits down, and shoots himself in the head. Rubicon follows a man named Will Travers, who is an analyst for the American Policy Institute, a fictional think tank organization. He spends his days researching and breaking codes. During the premier episode, he finds a code printed in crossword puzzles from various newspapers, but his boss, David (also his fatherin-law), rejects the achievement. Travers had lived a stressful life ever since his wife and daughter were killed during the 9/11 attacks. However, things soon got worse when his father-inlaw was killed on the day after his birthday. The following day, Travers is offered to fill in the position that his father-in-law had held. He accepts and begins to search through his boss’ old office. He receives a call from another codebreaker who knew more about the David’s death. On his way to meet the codebreaker, Will stops at the train station where David died. He notices that David’s car was parked in a spot numbered “13.” Will knew that David was a very superstitious person, and would have never parked in that spot. Simultaneously, Will noticed the car that had been tailing behind him drove away. Will knew that something was not right. Independently, he begins investigating the death of his father-in-law and stumbles into a world of conspiracies that span decades and continents. Rubicon continues the quality standard of shows produced by AMC by launching viewers into a series of intrigue and secrecy. It leaves many questions unanswered in order to stimulate thought, but not to the point where you feel disoriented. It finds a way to be consistently baffling without being incoherent.

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World Cup in retrospect - students loved it By Meera Patel Staff Writer The sounds of the infamous vuvuzela ring in our ears as we take our seats while leaning in to get a better glance of the players. We watch as they valiantly take on the field with pride in their eyes. Face-painted men and women of both countries fill the audience with their nationalistic spirits. Flags cover the dome from every corner whilst the audience cheers from the top of their lungs. The air is fresh, yet the players still drop a sweat. Welcome to South Africa. The 2010 World Cup was the first to be held on the continent of Africa. The event seemed to be a good way to unite the peoples of South Africa and the continent as a whole, and to ease the minds of the many who were suffering in that region. Senior Tobi Olagunju, however, was not in favor of the location. “It was held in South Africa, which is the European-colonized part of Africa. This is not the real Africa.” Though the South African team had overwhelming support from it’s fans, it became the only host nation team in World Cup history to not reach the top 16. Unlike the rest of the world, America is far down the list of countries

that come to mind when they hear the word “soccer” or “football.” The US’ lack of knowledge in this sport was shown in South Africa when only one out of ten Americans interviewed knew how the game of football actually worked. The rest of the world may laugh at America when it comes to soccer, but most would agree that America played great games this year. Junior Walker Rogers who is a big fan of the U.S. soccer team was very disappointed when he discovered the U.S. was eliminated from the cup. “The U.S. played very well in the Olympics so I knew they would do well in the World Cup, but I felt like they deserved to go farther,” he said. Senior Trent Dominy was also in favor of the US. “It’s time that we prove to the rest of the world that we can do it,” he said. “That is exactly what America did this year’s World Cup. The United States was placed in group division C along with England, Algeria, and Slovenia. Most Englanders along with Fabio, the England team’s coach, were disappointed when America ended their first match as a tie with England. The first goal America made was by Clint Dempsey. England was, without a doubt, upset when their goalie Robert Green accidentally lost grasp of the ball and letting it enter the net. “My computer’s got the Robert Green virus. It can’t save anything” was one insult thrown at the English team for their dire mis-

Courtesy of Google Images

take. When it came to Slovenia, Landon Donovan and Sam Bradley scored two amazing goals, yet what would have been a victory turned into a tie when referee Koman Coulibay nullified an American goal. Looking past it, the team headed on to the Algeria game where Captain Donovan led America to another victory in overtime with an ending result of 1 – 0. A lot of the anticipation, however, quickly went down the drain as Ghana managed to score a goal within the first five minutes of play. Donovan tied the game with a penalty kick in the second half. The game went into overtime. Again, the U.S. allowed an early goal (in just the third minute) and they were eliminated from the tournament. Those who watched the game saw, in the stands, both American faces in disbelief and African faces with tremendous joy, as their continent would continue to be represented in the tournament. Many students had their bet on Spain when the finale of the World Cup came to show, despite the fact that it was the Netherlands’ third time to make it to the finals. Iniesta’s goal in overtime satisfied most of the student body, as the Spaniards left South Africa with the title “World Champs.” Overall, the games were received with a great fervor from the student body. “I was on the edge of my seat the whole time,” exclaimed junior Hudson Brown.

Trey--ning Trey


By Trey Camps Sports Editor

It’s been dubbed “The Decision”, “The Great Betrayal”, and “The Event Six Years in the Making”; no matter the title Lebron James’ free agency process and announcement was the most publicized sports story in recent memory. ESPN began their coverage before James could even officially declare for free agency on July 1st, updating the public on every aspect and meeting that occurred. The process culminated in an hour long special where James announced his decision to take his talents to Miami. The backlash ensued immediately as ESPN had cameras stationed in both Miami and Cleveland (as the two most probable destinations). Scenes came streaming through of distraught Cavalier fans visibly upset over the controversial decision. This was followed by an unbelievable vision of angry Cleveland fans burning James’ number 23 jersey in the streets of downtown Cleveland. In the subsequent days following the decision, an angry letter surfaced from the offices of the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, referring to James as the “self-proclaimed King” and guaranteeing the Cleveland fans that the Cavaliers would win a title before James and the Heat did. Honestly, I have trouble seeing how James was wrong in leaving Cleveland. He is just another NBA player, possessing the right to leave one team for another after his Courtesy of Google Images contract has expired. The fans of Cleveland seemed to feel as if they were entitled to an explanation or that James had to stay because he was born and raised in the close city of Akron. Neither of these is true, James was indeed a FREE agent, and FREE to come and go as he pleased. The explanation for his decision is simple; he From Sea to Shining Sea: The US team was a hopewanted to go somewhere where he could win multiple ful for many Central Students, unfortunate that it championships, and obviously he felt that he had a betlost in the playoff round. ter chance of doing so in Miami rather than Cleveland. Logic puts it simply; the Heat had already signed high profile free agents Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, whereas the Cavs had not made one move of any notoriety. By Ethan Hammock/Thomas Young In hindsight, James looks as if he made the right move, Staff Writers as Cleveland handled the situation in a completely A heat index of 105 degrees and compare. where we want to be.” classless manner. Treating a man that had brought so the echoing sound of metal bats To Coach Jennifer Raymond, this To predict the future success of much to that city and that organization with no restriking fast pitches can only mean change of pace is nothing new. this year’s softball team, it is crucial Courtesy of Google Images one thing: the beginning of softThroughout her 11 years as the to examine the freshmen players. ball season for Central High. As Central High School softball coach, This year’s freshmen girls have a lot the girls take the field for a rigorshe has experienced many divito contribute to the team. Freshous practice, they have in mind sional movements. Despite these man Elizabeth Smith has been play“the hard work we’ll soon be givnumerous changes, Coach Raying softball five years. When asked ing to become a better team,” as mond’s goals for the softball team if she was intimidated by the idea Stacy Thompson puts it. After a few have always stayed the same. Her of competing against high school speedy laps around the infield and constant objectives are to “stay teams, especially AAA, she exclaimed: “No! Not at all.” Her cona few stretches, the girls are set to competitive” and “limit mistakes.” begin the bulk of their practice. However, she says that because fidence and goals prove her to be p them p y Smith’s goals g Their hard work has helped of the move to AAA, the team an ambitious player. will need to on its include being the left fielder, makwin 15-14 over Northside in their work on ing a hit at every bat, and making spect and as if he was worse than the dirt they walked first game. pitching. at least five home runs in the sea- on. James for the past seven years has been revered Central High School has recently The girls will face son. Heslin would also describe as a “savior” to Cleveland. Prior to Lebron’s arrival the moved up a division from AA to many tough rivals this seaherself as an ambitious player, one Cavaliers were among the bottom feeders of the NBA, AAA. son they did last year, like of her goals being to play second with a dismal 17 wins in 2002, the year before James The move to AAA might scare not face or third base. Both girls, was drafted. James made Cleveland relevant again inmost athletic teams. However, the Rutland, softball creasing the Cavs’ win total and attendance, selling out every home game for the past several seasons. Can Cleveland really blame him for leaving though? Yes, oth the Cavaliers had made the playoffs for five consecuand many othteam is quite different. They have Mary Persons and West Laurens, er freshmen players like them, will tive seasons, and boasted the league’s best regular seacontribute to the success of the son record for the past two seasons, but what did they already begun two-hour practices which is considered by Coach Rayteam this season. daily in the sweltering heat. Each mond to be the best team in the have to show for it? No championships, and except for “I expect that we’ll do great, one NBA Finals appearance, they have not come even player has her own perspective on region. However, this challenge has this recent change of division. not stirred the girls. Dudley, after because we have a well-rounded remotely close to achieving that goal. So how can a To senior Jasmine Taylor this move seeing the Rutland team play, re- team, and because everyone on man be patronized for leaving for a team that is built will be a flashback to her freshman marked that they were “good, but the team brings something differ- to win multiple championships in the coming years? ent to the plate,” remarked senior year, when Central was still in AAA. not too good.” When asked if she Did James handle the whole situation correctly in my She looks to this change in divisions was at all intimidated by the switch pitcher Stacy Thompson. opinion? Yes, for the most part, he did it in a stand up as “a good challenge and way to to AAA she stated: “No. That’s manner. He met with six teams and gave them all amprepare this year’s freshmen playple time to make their pitch to persuade him to sign ers.” In junior Zavier Dudley’s opinwith their team. I do not agree with one aspect, James’ ion, the switch is beneficial for the decision to turn his announcement into an hour prime team in a sense that the girls will time television special. This was a little ridiculous and get to play to their full potential. unnecessary and shouldn’t have occurred, but didn’t Harder competition will give the deserve the public backlash he received for it. In the girls more motivation. end, Lebron had to go where he could win. Simply Freshman Kiley Heslin said the put, he could not do that in Cleveland. As Seth Meyers switch does not really mean anyjoked at the ESPYs, “Leave is in your name Cleveland.” thing, having only her middle Top: Pitcher Stacy Thompson winds up to throw. Courtesy of Charlotte Heslin school experiences with which to Middle: [GET HER NAME] swings at the ball.

Softball season off to a great start

“ ,, Le is in Leave your name Cleveland

1. Alabama

What’s not to like about W the th h defending National C Champions? The Crimso son Tide are returning tthe core of their offense, th in including reigning Heism man Trophy winner RB Mark Ingram. Look for increased contributions from QB Greg McElroy, WR Julio Jones, and RB Trent Richardson. The Tide will have a few question marks entering the season as they look to replace shutdown corner Kareem Jackson and explosive returner Javier Arenas. These concerns aside, Alabama looks poised and ready to make a run at back-to-back National Championships.

4. Texas

Texas will have to rebuild after the losses of QB Colt McCoy, M Mc c LB Sergio Kindle, and S Earl Ea rl Thomas. T Garrett Gilbert will take o over vee as the Longhorns starting quarterback. Gilbert ran the team’s offense for the majority of the BCS championship game last year after McCoy injured his shoulder, and did not look too bad considering the stage he was playing at and the little playing time he had gotten all season. Texas will, as always, be a force to reckon with in the Big 12, but may not have the experience to contend for a national championship.

The Horned Frogs are coming off a 12-1 season, and playing in their first BCS Bowl game, losing to Boise St. S in the Fiesta Bowl. TCU returns reetu ur 16 of 22 starters off of last l year’s squad, including 9 of 11 on offense. The big concerns revolve around the defense, where the Frogs will have to replace leading defenders, DE Jerry Hughes and LB Daryl Washington.

LLast La stt year, the Hawkeyes ended their season at the Orange the th Bowl, where they were able to shut down Georgia Tech’s triple option to come out with a 24-14 win. DE Adrian Clayborn w (largely responsible for the shutdown) is one of eight returning starters on the Hawkeyes defense. The offense should be solid as long as two year starting QB Ricky Stanzi improves his completion percentage. Stanzi will be handing off to three strong running backs, who will alternate turns in Iowa’s two-man backfield.

Andrew Luck Stanford QB

Our Bowl Picks National Championship Alabama over Ohio State

Sugar Bowl Georgia over TCU

Orange Bowl Pittsburgh over Virginia Tech

Fiesta Bowl Boise St. over Texas

Rose Bowl Iowa over Oregon

starters startee on offense and seven on o defense. de They have great roster ro depth on both sides s of the ball. Behind their t strong offensive line lil stands Terrelle Pryor, o a dual-threat quarterback t who will most surely s be a Heisman hopeful. hope hope ho peffu ful Though they will have ful a tough schedule, the Buckeyes are very capable of going undefeated and earning a shot at the national championship.

3. Florida T Gators will attempt to imThe prove on a 13-1 record, while trying to replace the legendary play of Tim Tebow with sstrong armed QB John Brantlley. Brantley has limited game experience playing behind Tebow for the past two seasons. The spread offense will probably become more pass oriented with Brantley at the helm. The Florida defense will be ran by new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, who faces a big challenge in replacing the former heart of the defense LB Brandon Spikes. The Gators under the tutelage of head coach Urban Meyer coupled with the nation’s number one recruiting class, look like a viable contender for the SEC crown and are always a National Championship prospect.

5. Boise State

Thee Broncos Th B return 22 starters from fr rom last year, when they won tthe Fiesta Bowl. QB Kellen th Moore will have to lead BoiM sse State past a huge road test in the season opener aat Virginia Tech. The Bronco cos o only significant loss was cornerback and returner Kyle Wilson. So barring injury setbacks and assuming they can weather the tough opener, Boise State may be the first non-major conference team to ever play for the BCS National Title in January.

6. Virginia Tech

Th feeling TThe f li around the Hokies locker room is that this yyear’s offense could be ye thee mos th m most os explosive unit in the co country. oun untr tryy. tr y. Led by QB Tyrod Taylo lor or and and a core an co group of returning co starters, the offense will have to be on its game early as powerhouse Boise State comes to town for the season opener. However, it may prove very difficult for Tech to replace six defensive starters and endure the competition of the ACC.

8. Oklahoma

7. TCU

10. Iowa

2. Ohio 2 State S St ttat aattereturning nine ate The TTh he he Buckeyes B ck Bu cckeyes are ret

Q Landry Jones gained valuable experiQB ence last year after the injury of Sam Bradford. Landry led the Sooners to their first bowl victory since 2005. The Sooners offense should be pretty well intact, with nine starters returni n g including WR Ryan Broyles and RB DeMarco Murray. However, the Oklahoma defense is only returning five starters, though three of them were All-Big 12 selections. As long as the Sooners can avoid the injury woes of last season, they will be a Big 12 and national championship contender.

9. Nebraska

TThough defensive star Ndamukong SSuh is gone, the Cornhuskers deffense will return nine starters and aand should be just as impressive as it waslast season. Although ten offfensive starters are returning, QB Zac LLee will need to step up his game in order to pose a serious passing threat. Many people may forget that Nebraska came within a field goal of winning the Big 12 last year, so look for them to be a contender agin this season.

Georgia Tech

Though Tho TTh ough h Tech Tech lost WR DeMaryius TThomas and RB Johnathan Dwyer tto the NFL, the core of their tripleoption offense will remain with o eight eeiig returning starters including QB Josh Jo o Nesbitt and RB Anthony Allen. The Th he Yellow Jacket defense, on the other h hand, d will need to revamp quickly. Last season, they gave up an average of over 24 points per game. It doesn’t help that they lost DE Derrick Morgan to the NFL. The Yellow Jackets will also face a much tougher schedule, playing ACC powerhouses Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech, all of which are ranked in the preseason AP Top 25.

Dion Lewis Pittsburgh RB


The TTh he Dawgs’ D Da ’ off ffense and success w wi will hinge on the perform mance of redshirt freshman Aaron Murray. Murray and WR A.J. Green will llook to improve upon the lo nati na tion’s 80th ranked pass offense. The defense is transitioning to the new 3-4 scheme being installed by new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. If Murray can play better than QB Joe Cox did last year and the revamped defense can limit the big plays, the Dawgs may make run in the SEC East.

Jake Locker Washington QB

Mark Ingram Alabama Terrelle Pryor RB Ohio State QB

10 Most Anticipated Games This Season 1. Boise State @ Virginia Tech, Sept. 6th, ESPN 2. Miami @ Ohio State, Sept. 11th, ESPN 3. Penn St. @ Alabama, Sept. 11th, ESPN 4. Florida @ Alabama, Oct. 2nd, ESPN 5. Texas @ Oklahoma, Oct. 2nd 6. Georgia @ Florida, Oct. 30th, CBS 7. Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech, Nov. 4th, ESPN 8. Miami @ Georgia Tech, Nov. 4th, ESPN 9. Georgia State @ Alabama, Nov. 18th, ESPNU 10. Georgia Tech @ Georgia, Nov. 27th, CBS

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Who Will Win the BCS Championship? Alabama Georgia Tech UCLA Florida Georgia Tennessee Miami Ohio State

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