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6 KEES can be used for some apprenticeship programs this fall Kentucky residents have a new option for using their Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) after high school graduation. Last April, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law a bill expanding the use of KEES to include expenses for registered apprenticeship programs. Beginning this fall, KEES-eligible students can request reimbursement of approved expenses toward registered apprenticeship programs. This may include costs such as tuition, books, required tools, uniforms, safety equipment, licensures and travel allowances.

directly to their postsecondary institution. • Students must pay for items related to the apprenticeship, then complete a request form and provide supporting documentation to KHEAA for reimbursement of approved expenses. • The maximum reimbursement amount per year may not exceed the student’s KEES annual award amount earned while in high school. • Similar to traditional KEES, eligibility will extend for up to four years of reimbursement. Eligibility ends within five years of high school graduation or when the student successfully completes the apprenticeship program. For more information about the KEES program, visit Questions may be directed to 800-928-8926, ext. 67401, or

Students must participate in a program approved by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet and must meet certain requirements related to instruction and work experience. Specific details about the new KEES option, including forms and instructions for students, will be available on in late spring. In the meantime, below are some key points to assist in counseling students. • There is no change in the way KEES is earned before high school graduation. • KHEAA will verify student participation through the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. • Registered apprentices will be contacted by KHEAA to see how they want to use their KEES. Apprentices may receive reimbursement for approved expenses or have their KEES sent

Senior Planner …… Let your high school counselor know which school you’re going to so the school can send in final grades, class rank and proof of graduation. Send in any deposits that are required. …… Send thank-you notes to counselors, teachers and others who helped you through the process. …… Prepare a budget for the coming school year.

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