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Only @TheCedar

2014 -15 Program Summary and Annual Report

“Only @TheCedar: Somali fans, college kids & hippies grooving hard together to @AarMaanta. Beautiful, really.” — Chris Riemenschneider, @ChrisRstrib, Aar Maanta Residency Finale Concert

“It is clear that The Cedar is dedicated to being inclusive to the artists and the communities around it, and you are making an important difference.” — Sarah Lovan, Program Officer at McKnight Foundation

Only @TheCedar /donation Midnimo Community Event at People’s Center Health Services

“We are grateful for your contributions to our community. Truly, you are building One Minneapolis.” — Abdi Muse, Senior Policy Aide to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges

Midnimo Residency Workshop with West Bank College Bound at Common Table

When you come to The Cedar and donate to The Cedar, you change our community for the better.

65,000 X

Audience members in 2014

The power of live music


A stronger community

When experiencing live music, our senses operate at their peak. We are present in

the moment and fully alive. We connect with each other through this experience. It illuminates our commonalities and fosters understanding around our differences. It opens our minds and hearts to new perspectives and ideas. When we leave the performance, this experience comes with us and shapes who we are.

In 2014, more than 1,800 artists from over 30 countries shared their stories and cultures

through performances and activities at The Cedar and 31 partner venues throughout Minnesota. When you support The Cedar, you make it possible for people to experience the transformative power of live music.

Only @TheCedar /donation

M U S I C F O R U N I T Y, C A M P U S A N D C O M M U N I T Y

In 2014, The Cedar and Augsburg College launched Midnimo, a program featuring multi-week residencies with Somali artists from Minnesota and around the world that include public performances, workshops, discussions, and activities on campus and in the community.

Did you know?

41 Somali Artists 17 Augsburg Faculty 1,600

The Cedar is located in the largest Somali diaspora community in North America.

Between 35,000 and 75,000 Somalis live in Minnesota with the largest concentration in Cedar Riverside. This project is made possible in part by a grant from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters; Building Bridges: Campus Community Engagement Grants Program, a component of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.

is a project of


K-12 Students



Somali and non-Somali audience members


Total Activities

Classroom Visits and On-Campus Events


Community Events and workshops


Live Music Concerts at The Cedar


Programs for K-12 youth



Film Screenings

Data reflects activities to date since the launch of Midnimo in Jan 2014.

K-12 Schools College Classrooms Homes Tutoring Centers Museums Chapels Coffee Shops Bowling Centers Health Centers Shops

Midnimo activities have taken place all over the Metro Area


This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

videoLINK: - 2014

“I am back home today in Somalia.” — A Somali mom sang along and cried through every song at the K-12 Program featuring the legendary Dur-Dur Band

(Clockwise from top left) Dur-Dur Band Living Room Concert, Dur-Dur Band K-12 Program at Seward Montessori, Aar Maanta K-12 Program at The Cedar, Dur-Dur Band Discussion on “Popular Music and Social Change in the African Context” at Augsburg College

Only @TheCedar /donation

The Cedar is at the center of a revival of pre-Civil War Somali musical traditions. Midnimo allows Somalis in Minnesota to more fully participate in community life. It is easing tensions between generations and building cultural connections for Somali youth. For most audience members – both Somali and non-Somali – Midnimo has provided the opportunity to experience live Somali music for the first time. “Before working with The Cedar, I wasn’t sure I was going to hear live Somali music with a full band ever again. Listening to Dur-Dur Band live reminded me of when I last visited the Somali National Orchestra in Mogadishu decades ago. I haven’t heard sounds like that in 20 years.” — Abdul Ibrahim, Somali music promoter and Cedar House Manager

videoLINK: - 2014



“It’s very emotional. And moving. And I am crying for everyone who wasn’t here tonight.” — Jenelle Cummings, audience member (in tears), Austin MN


OWATANA ROCHESTER OWATANA GRAND RAPIDS ROCHESTER MN Express took five Minnesota DULUTH musicians of diverse musical styles GRAND RAPIDS M ORRIS A USTIN on collaborative statewide tour. Pop-up shows and formal concerts Da ULUTH B EMIDJI MORRIS

AUSTIN delighted and surprised audiences who had never before connected BEMIDJI

with The Cedar.


Collaborative Performances


Communities in Greater Minnesota


Homecoming Performance at The Cedar

Only @TheCedar /donation

“ MN Express was a creative space that’s very difficult to describe... It burst something open in people, including the artists who provided it. I experienced a world of growth.”

“Putting five artists together with such different musical backgrounds seems like it just shouldn’t work, but the way they melded together was almost hypnotic. They gave us a top-level performance.”

— Sara Pajunen, 416 Commssions and MN Express artist

— Will Olson, audience member, Austin MN

videoLINK: - 2014 (From left) Aby Wolf, Kyle Sobczak, Nathan Hanson, Nick Gaudette, Sara Pajunen perform at Riverwalk Market Fair in Northfield

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. /donation



This program commissions and showcases new work by six emerging Minnesota composers each year.


2014 recipients


27 Artists commissioned to date



Minutes of original, new music

Artists commissioned for the upcoming 2015-16 season


funded by

“...One of the most impressive and progressive commissioning programs in the Midwest.” — Noah Keesecker, 416 Commissioned composer, Program Director of Artist Development at Springboard for the Arts

Only @TheCedar /donation

Maria Isa performs her 2013 -14 commission, “The Latina Ritual Project”

“If you have never been to Zimbabwe, we are here to take you to Zimbabwe!”





— Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi during his performance at The Cedar


Our FREE Global Roots Festival presents artists from all over the world.




La Yegros, 2014 Global Roots Festival

The Cedar’s new public plaza opens this summer!

THANK YOU! With nearly $700,000 in support from the community, we began renovation on our fenced outdoor property, transforming it into an open community gathering space.

213 213


3,000 3,000+

The new plaza will open this summer and be home to Horn Teahouse, a project that will engage neighborhood youth in the design, construction, and operation of an outdoor coffee stand.

Rusty fence posts removed

Neighborhood youth leading the charge

Cups of coffee for smiling visitors and residents


Neighborhood residents and visitors anticipated

612 Youth Engagement Project, Youth Philanthropy Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation


Funding also provided by James B. Linsmayer Foundation, Marbrook Foundation and West Bank Business Association.

2014 Financial Report

This condensed statement of operations and financial position are derived from the financial statements of The Cedar Cultural Center as of December 31, 2014, which have been audited by Sherry D. Heffernan, Ltd. Cedar Cultural Center Condensed Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2014 Assets Cash and cash equivalents Unconditional promises to give Inventories Deposits Cash restricted for capital Property and Equipment (net of depreciation)

$ $ $ $ $ $

Total assets


232,301 436,363 5,932 5,900 229,200 241,301

Liabilities and Net Assets Payables Deferred Revenue Accrued Expenses Long-term debt Line of credit Unrestricted deficit Temporarily restricted assets

$ 44,692 $ 5,870 $ 66,729 $ 264,523 $ 0 $ 35,416 $ 733,767

Total liabilities and net assets $ 1,150,997

Cedar Cultural Center Condensed Statement of Operations December 31, 2014 Revenue Contributions Admissions and Concessions Rental Income

$1,125,026 $1,072,855 $ 57,200

Total revenue


Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets:

$ 191,157

Expense Program Expenses Food and Beverage Service Fundraising Management and General Other Production Costs

$ $ $ $ $

Total expense


834,144 81,878 176,809 169,770 801,323

Total Revenue: $2,255,081

Total Expense: $2,063,924

Rental Income 3%

Contributions 49%

Other Production Costs 39% Program Expenses 40%

Admissions and Concessions 48% Management and General 8%

Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets: $191,157

Fundraising 9%

Food and Beverage Service 4%


The Cedar would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their support in the current year.



Anonymous* Michael and Karel Helgeson* Robert Nordin and Nancy Kosciolek* Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, Cooper Schneier Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Rob Simonds and Karen Margolis*

$10,000 - $19,999

Creative Endeavors Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation* Galen Hersey and Darcy Sudderth*

$2,500 - $9,999

David Edminster* Cari and Nathan Nesje* Chuck and Jennifer Tatsuda*

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous, in honor of Adrienne Dorn Anonymous Russell Cowles* Charlotte Forsythe* Joe Hoopman Hugh Pruitt and Fariba Sanikhatam David and Susan Sanborn

$500 - $999

Kristen Bothun Mark Gilberstadt Sandra and Gary Jahn Dave and Joyce Lasecke Nancy and Nate Molenda Andrew and Lana Slavitt

$250 - $499

Emmy Carter Karen Collyard Arne and Jessica Cook Monica Gross and Joe Sayles Edmund Kelley and Dawn Hofstrand Erik Lillestol

Christine Nelson Stephen Parliament and Laurie Broome* Shannon Petersen David Schuller Mary Laurel True Diane Waller

$100 - $249

Mohamed Abdi Nicole and Dan Beers Kathryn Biederwolf Dustin Cahill Peter and Susan DeMaris David and Kathy Dillon Kevin and Elizabeth Dooley Adrienne Dorn Mary Finley Jack Grothe Kathryn Hudak Stuart and Penny Katz John Kelly Rebecca Latner John Levy John and Searcy Lillehei

Only @TheCedar

and Searcy David John C. Mahoney and Lillehei David C. Mahoney and M. Lisa Whitehill M.Jessica Lisa Whitehill Aaron and Myers Aaron Jessica Myers Maureen andand Gordon Rudd Maureen Gordon Rudd Lyle and Peggy and Schmidtke and Peggy Schmidtke David Lyle Simonett DavidStroup Simonett Jan Adams and Mary Jean Korsmo Jan Adams Stroup and Mary Jean Korsmo Julia Tabbut JuliaMary Tabbut Mark and Van Note Mark and Mary Van Note Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson $25 - $99 - $99 Bruce $25 Abbott Abbott and DonaldBruce C. Aggerbeck Jane A. Pederson Donald C. Aggerbeck and Jane A. Pederson Paul Amundson Paul Amundson Julie Andersen Julie Andersen Janet Anderson Janet Anderson Gregory Anderson Gregory Anderson Anonymous Michael Michael AustinAustin John Bankson John Bankson Jose Barra Jose Barra SusanSusan BedorBedor Carla Blumberg

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

* Includes Capital Gifts

Janet and John Bohan Jeremy Brezovan Eric Carlson Anthony Cohen Bradford Colbert and Sandra Parnell Timothy Cook Jennifer Couzens Gayle Cupit Karmin DeClercq Riana Dilley John English Edward Foster Kenneth Fraser Thomas Gardner Pilar Gerasimo Daniel Gilchrist Sarah Godfrey Jed Gorlin Charlie Greenman Rosanne Gronseth Owen Gustafson Carrie Hammer Richard Harrison James Hartmann Erin Harvey Sean Hearn and Michelle Parra

Brian Henriksen Abdul Ibrahim Paul Jackson Brian James Francis Janik John Balchunas Janet Johnson Jodi Jorgenson Janine Joseph Chad Kampe and Matt Felt Peggy Keefe Carol Klee Michelle Klein Kim Knutson Veronica Koes Jordan Koidahl Jeffrey Konick Steve Kronmiller Keith Lee Scott Litsheim David Logsdon Mark and Amy Lucas Catherine Lundoff Daniel Lussenhop GW Gant Luxton

Ben Marcy David Matthes Jenna McClay T T McVay Dorcas Michaelson Ann Mitchell Diane Moe John Moore Mike Musty Christopher Nelson James Noble and Heidi Spesard-Noble Melissa Olson Marcie Oltman Gabe Ormsby Katherine Panning Maggie Pastarr E.Carlton Perry Debra Peterson David Reidell Cristine Reiling, in honor of Greg Reierson Thea Reilkoff Sue Roberts Kate Rogers

Only @TheCedar

Philip and Tammie Rosenbloom Jana Sackmeister Stanley Sattinger Peter Scal and Ruth Hornstein Bradley Schultz Stephanie Shimp Jennifer Sippel and Jonathan Colville Karen Steige David and Robin Sternberg Alexander Stone Joy Svoboda Steven Sweeney Richard Thomsen John Thwing Karen Totten Debra Varner Elizabeth Velner Lisa Warne Jerry Washburn Bill and Sharon Wolfe Martin Wolfe Jody Wurl Robyn Yechout Charles Youel

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .


The Cedar would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their support in 2014.



Anonymous* Anonymous Michael and Karel Helgeson* Robert Nordin and Nancy Kosciolek* Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, Cooper Schneier Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Rob Simonds and Karen Margolis*

$10,000 - $19,999

Creative Endeavors Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation* Galen Hersey and Darcy Sudderth*

$2,500 - $9,999

David Edminster* Craig Futterer and Terri Simard Cari and Nathan Nesje* Sarah and Kevin Shriver Chuck and Jennifer Tatsuda*

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Michelle Courtright and Bazak Sharon Russell Cowles* Charlotte Forsythe* Stephanie and Jerry Gilman Don Helgeson and Sue Shepard Ron and Anne Hoffman Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Joe Hoopman Benjamin Jacobson Sandra and Gary Jahn Joanna Lees Nancy Michael Rick and Jan Neville Stephen Parliament and Laurie Broome* Hugh Pruitt and Fariba Sanikhatam Rob and Carol Salmon Tom Von Sternberg and Eve Parker Neil Winston

$500 - $999

Nick Allen Anonymous Mark Ditter Everett Forte Mark Gilberstadt Tom Hatch and Stacy Mattingly Randy Hope Steve Katz and Jennifer Leopold Nancy and Nate Molenda Shannon Petersen Anne and Matthew Schuerger Lee Skold Scott Vankoughnett Diane Waller Wittenberg/Strauss Family

$250 - $499

Mike Ashworth James Bialke Douglas Black

Only @TheCedar

Douglas Black Mary Bolton Mary Bolton Jeff Carnes Jeff Carnes Dave Carroll Dave Carroll Gene and Barb Case TerranceGene and and Barb Case and LaurieTerrance Christiansen Laurie Christiansen Karen Collyard Patricia Karen DahlenCollyard Patricia Adrienne Dorn Dahlen Adrienne Dorn Patrick Doughety Patrick Doughety Sade Hashi Sade Hashi Brent Hickman Brent Hickman Charlie Hicks and Hicks and VickyCharlie Sherman Jim HowittVicky Sherman Howitt MatthewJim Hunt Matthew Kathy Jursik and Hunt Jursik and Chris Kathy Dronen Chris Dronen Colleen Kingsbury Colleen Kingsbury Erik Lillestol Erik Lillestol Kita McVay Kita McVay Robert Meisel Robert Meisel Laurie Pohlman Laurie Pohlman Carol Prescott and Thane Tierney

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

* Includes Capital Gifts

Fred Quirsfeld and Linda Campbell Carolyn H. Roby Steven Sarafolean Barbara Sibley David Simonett Paul Vick

$100 - $249

Rachel Aldrich Todd and Allyson Aldrich Family Charitable Fund Diane Allan Jim Almendinger Sue Amidon Sandra and Richard Anderson Nancy Andrews Anonymous John Anthonisen Andrew Arsham Wayne Bailey Karen and Gary Bartig Susan Bedor Nicole and Dan Beers Michael Benz

Joan Bibelhausen and Neal Dimick Kathryn Biederwolf David Boudreau Joe Buck Candace Campbell Alan Carlson Emmy Carter Kathe Connair Brian Corner Irving Crandall Ken Cutler Larry Cutler Sage Dahlen Hal Davis and Liz Peterson Robert and Susan Donsker Helen Duritsa and Curtis Sloan David Eccher Sue and Chris Eidem Mark and Sonja Elias Paul Epton L. Peter and Karen Erickson Bob and Mary Ann Evander Muhyadin Farah Gordon Fink

Tracy Fredin and Debra Petersen David Gardner and Ronda Willsher Jonathan Garnaas-Holmes Janice Gepner and Eric Newman Cindy and Thom Gerst Tom Gilde and Mary Orr Robert Goepel Benjamin Goldfarb Ron and Dana Goodman Richard Grimm Loren and Mary Ann Gross James Hamilton William Hamlin John Halla and Christine Hansen Palmer Harbison Jeffrey Hardin and Linda Kelley Paul Harding Myra Hartman Thomas Hiendlmayr and Jan Ormasa

Only @TheCedar

Lisa Hinz and Stuart MacDonald Bruce Hubbard Debbie and Jim Ingebretsen Ron Jensen and Judy Ostendorff Mark Johnson James Johnson Edmund Kelley and Dawn Hofstrand John Kelly Bernadette and Barry Koffman John Kohring Carla Korb and Tom Surowicz Joan Krikava Karla Larsen and Ken Bearman Marsha and Eric Larson Dave Lasecke John Lauber and Elizabeth Lincoln Keith Lee

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

Tom and Janet Leopold Barbara and Laverne Leuelling John Macke Ronald Marquis and Lois Carolan Susan Meyers Robert and Suzanne Meyerson Kristi Miller Susan Mitchell Stanley Mros Shellae Mueller John Myott Audrey and Rusty Nelson Patrick and Kerin O’Connor Cori Ofstead Jesse Okie Judy Olsen and Myke Rachu Michael Palmquist Chris Parton Dave Paulson and Teresa Sutton Stuart Pemberton and Anne Lippin Mike Pengra and Laura Syverson

Georgette and Hans-Olaf Pfannkuch Stephen Rice and Leslie Schiff Claude and Laurel Riedel Laura Ringuette George C. and Karen L. Rosar Kent and Betsy Rossi Christine Sanguinet Peter Sauer Lyle and Peggy Schmidtke Susan Sentieri Maureen Shannon and Ray Conroe Angela Simonson Carey Sirianni Tom and Gai Skramstad Karen and Bruce Smith Charles Spetland and Paula Brugge Dennis Stephens Jennifer Stockwell Steven Swanson Mary T’Kach Julia Tabbut Matt Tillotson and Deb Liang William Tilton

Julie Tomlinson Yeager and Karl Joseph Yeager Mark Trehus Angelica Riley and Christopher True Mary Laurel True Andy Tso Norman and Maureen Vanek Jen and Charles Vanek Paul Wagner and Cindy Schlosser Bernard Waibel and Donna Rodel Bryan Wakat Laura Walsh John Ward Susan and Robert Warde Mark Warnken Joel Weisberg Gina Wesley Eli Wheeler Frank Wilkinson Josie Winship Bill and Sharon Wolfe

$25 - $99

Bruce Abbott

Only @TheCedar

Abel $25 R. - $99

Margaret Bruce Abbott Adamek Beverly Adams R. Abel Jessie Adams Margaret Adamek Donald C. Aggerbeck and Beverly Adams Jane A. Pederson Jessie Adams P Alagna Donald C. Aggerbeck and Katherina Anderson Jane A. Pederson Gordon Andersson P Alagna Allan Angen Katherina Anderson Cindy Angerhofer Gordon Andersson Anonymous Allan Angen Anonym(3)ous Cindy Angerhofer Anonymous Anonymous (3) Arnorsdottir HildaHilda Arnorsdottir Steve and Carol Askew Steve and Carol Askew Rondi Rondi AtkinAtkin Michael Austin Michael Austin Jessica Bachaus Young Jessica Bachaus Young Thomas Badow and Thomas Badow and Cynthia Unowsky Cynthia Unowsky William Baker William Baker Wider D.L. D.L. Wider and and I. L. Baltikauskas I.L. Baltikauskas Tom Schmitz and Mary Barber-Schmitz

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

Burton Barnard Mike and Caryn Barr Dan and Lynn Barron Joanne Bartkus and Gary Dunny Bernard Battig Margaret Beagan Thomas Bedard Cathryn Beil Margaret Belew Lisa Beller M. Berscheid Mike and Ruth Bettendorf Georgeann Bianchi Bryan Bick Greg Bistram and Rebecca Hartman Randall and Susan Blum Janet and John Bohan Daniel Boivin Gerold and Lenora Bourbonnais James Bradt Lauren Braswell Chad Breckenridge Eric Silva Brenneman

Jeremy Brezovan Michelle Britton Mark and Jenna Brouwer Paul and Kristy Brown Sara Brown Anna Bruhn Laurie Buchberger Susan Budig Carrie Burbrink Christopher Burke Steve Bye Dustin Cahill Elizabeth Cambell Jonathan Campbell Stephen Carpenter and Megan Hazen William Causey Chad Kampe and Matt Felt Sharen and Rulon Chappell Douglas Chasar Charles Cochrane Barrett Cole Bridgit Colleran Albrecht Sheila Conway Bruce Cooper Heidi Coplin

Sam Cutler Mary Daniels Patrick H. Darcy Sr. Leah Darst Gerald Dastych Barb Delaney Kathleen Delaney Laura Delavie Michael and Rita DeZurik Dennis Dienst Marianne Dietzel David and Kathy Dillon Jeff Ditzel and Donna Ziemer Bob and Lynn Dixon Jim and Linda Dobbs Dan Donkers Chuck Donnelly Susan Doyle and Richard Oberg Timothy and Patricia Doyle Paul Dragsten Robin Draper Madeline Dubois John DuCane Clem Duffy Steven Durant Therese Durkin

Only @TheCedar

Benjamin Durrant David and Alison Edgerton Tom Eggum Andy Eng Teresa Engstrom Molly Erickson Rick Erickson Elle Erpelding Julie Farnham Federica Fields Patrick Finnegan Patricia Fitzgerald Peter Fleck and Mary Weber Robert Fogerson Dana Fox Sharon Frank Martin Freeman Holly Frye Susan Funk and Wood Kidner Timothy and Denise Furlong Christine Fury Beth Gaede Rebecca Gagnon Mark Galatowitsch Giles Gamble Sean Gardner

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

Lynn Garfunkel Olivia Gault Andrew Gieseke Scott Graham Don Grandbois Helen Grant Vilnis Gredzens Rose and Paul Grengs Michael Griffin Rosanne Gronseth Sue Groth Mariann Guevara Tom Gullett Eleanor Haase and Paul Sebby Theodore Haland Dave and Barbara Halsey Tim Harding Amy Hargens James Hartmann Barbara Hassing Kirsten Hayman Kyle Heino Ann Helm and Scott McKell Teresa Helmstetter Janet Herbert Jeff Herman

C J Hessevick Robert Hicks Douglas Hill David Hocker Jim Hodges James Hofman William Holden Ann M. and Gary S. Holter Tim Houlihan Kathryn Hudak Elizabeth Hughes Nicholas Hughes Heli Hunter Patrick Hunziker Edward Jackson Emily Jacobsma Laurice Jamieson Robert Janzen Gina Jarvi Beau Jeffrey Eric and Elizabeth Jensen Annette Jewell-Ceder Dawn Johnson Derek Johnson William Johnson Karin Jordahl

Stephanie Kampa Matthew Kane and Elizabeth Conway Karen Feit Shannon Kearney-Coborn Warren Kearney Jon Kerr and Margaret Youngquist Carol Keyes-Ferrer Rob Kinghorn Jeanne Kirby Katherine Klimmek Steve and Barri Klingaman Philip Klitzke Curtis Klotz Timothy Koehler Lindsey Kopp Tim Kramer Don Kvist Allison La Pointe Emily Lane Connie Lanphear Molly Lanpher Nancy Lapakko Bradley and Patricia Larson Brittany Larson

Only @TheCedar

LynnBradley Larson and Patricia Larson Brittany Larson Rebecca Latner Larson BrianLynn Layer and Joan Beckrich Rebecca James Leavitt Latner Brian Steven LeeLayer and Joan Beckrich James Leavitt William Leslie GinaSteven Letts Lee Ann William Leviton Leslie Letts GaryGina M. Lidster Leviton ScottAnn Litsheim PaulGary Little M. Lidster Litsheim JohnScott Longballa Little Bart Paul Lossing Longballa PaulJohn Lubinski PaulBart LundLossing Paul Lubinski James Lutz Lund MarkPaul MacLennan James Lutz Margaret MacPherson Mark MacLennan David C. Mahoney and MacPherson M.Margaret Lisa Whitehill David C. Mahoney and WIlliam Margolis M. Lisa Whitehill Ruth Markowitz WIlliam Margolis Laura L. Marquardt Ruth Markowitz Judith Marshall L. Marquardt LindaLaura Martin Judith Marshall Jeffrey Mason

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .


Cori Mattke William Maxwell Michael Mayer James McCarthy and Gloria Peterson Virginia McCarthy Paul McCormick and Flanery Deleney Terry McDaniel Stuart McLean Jay McNamara Steve McVay Mel and Georgia Duncan Marc and Donna Melrose Barbara Mikkanen Richard Miller and Carole Senty Benjamin Miller James Miller Paul Miller Greg Milliren Nicholas Minderman Randy Miranda Carol Mizuno Curtis Moe Carol and Jim Moller Erica Moore

Pat Moore Ardus Morgan Bradley Morison Elsie Morningstar Patricia Mulcahy Andrea Mulry Gail Murton and Doug Connell Eric Muschler and Karen Lundegaard James Natwick Shannon Negaard Mark Nelson Rosalind Nelson Tim Nelson Kathryn Nettleman Kerry Newberry Ed and Mary Ann Newman Gary Nichols Amelia Nielsen Christopher Nolan Tim and Lara Norkus-Crampton Ellen and John Nyberg Sarah O’Banion Gary and Mary O’Brien Catherine O’Dell Bonnie O’Malley

Colleen O’Neill Milo Oien-Rochat Douglas Olson Melissa Olson John Onkka Gabe Ormsby Rachel Orville Christopher Oswood Carol Ott Murray Riley Owens Patrice Pakiz Richard Parnell Cheryl Paullin Jeanne Paulson John Paulson Kathy and Steve Peters Ronald Peterson Sarah Petzel Chris and Sandi Pidel Barbara Pilling and Dan Carlson Timothy Piotrowski Don Pitlik Barb Pokela Claudia Poser and Ron Ofstead Megan Powers Sally Pyle

Only @TheCedar

Marsha Qualey Rita Quigley Allie Quinn James Raines Sybille Redmond Trisha Renken-Sebastian William Ricci Barbara Rice Carol Rice Ty Richardson Jan Rivers Deborah Robin Louise Robinson and Neal Cuthbert Danielle Rogers Peter Rose Jennie Ross Kenneth Ross Anthony Rubin Martha Ruddy Samuel Ryan Kelly Rynda Khadija Said Teresa Sanislo Subramanya Sastry Naomi Sato

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

Mary Beth Schacherer Jim Scheidt Lena Scherfenberg Bryan Schmidt Deborah Schnur Colleen Schuller Katy Schultz Paula Schulze Larry and Andrea Schussler Rhesa Schwartz Philip Sellew Raymond Serrano John Shepard and Suzanne Brust Scott Sherman Terry and Curt Shima David Shuster Mark Simonson Jennifer Sippel and Jonathan Colville Kelly Slawson James Slusarek Karl Smelker and Debby Lane

Susan Smith Tom Smith Eva Snitkin Eric and Suzanne Sorensen Nancy Sorjanen Anne Sovik Dean Spencer Michael Spengler Micah Spieler-Sandberg Irene St. Onge Peter Stark Jane Starr Paul Stein Beva Steinberg Judy Steltzner Scott and Mary Stelzner Gail Steward Marie Stipkovits Alex Stone Amy Stoner Maggie Struck

Bill and Jerri Sudderth David Swenson Diane Tessari and Duncan Storlie Elizabeth Therkilsen Kim Thingvold Priscilla Thomas Michelle Thompson Victoria Thor Jackie Thureson Barbara Tigan Mary Tkadlec Andrew Tucker Lon Tusler Verena Van Fleet Richard VanDeusen Debra Varner Cindy and Jeff Voyen Carol and Tim Wahl Susan Watchman Val Watson Jason Waye

Thank You!

Val Watson Jennifer Weaver Waye MarkJason Weaver Jennifer Weaver Shelley Wefald Mark Weaver James Weides Shelley Wefald Michael Welch BrianJames Wene Weides Michael Welch Jim Whitney JohnBrian Wild Wene JimWilliams Whitney Daniel Wild MaryJohn Lou Wilm DanielWilson Williams Catherine Mary Lou Wilm Will Wlizlo Catherine Wilson Aby Wolf Wlizlo JanetWill Woolman Aby Yudell Wolf Amanda Janet Woolman Jerome Zanko Amanda Yudell Robert Zeglovitch and Jerome Zanko Jane Young Ken Robert Zieska Zeglovitch and Jane Young Ken Zieska

Current as of July 1, 2015

Questions? Please contact Emmy Carter at if this donor list does not match your records.

Only @TheCedar

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation .

2 014 - 2 015 Business and Foundation Partners Aetna Foundation Allina Health

AmazonSmile Foundation Ameriprise Financial Arts Midwest Touring Fund Association of Performing Arts Presenters with Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation Battle of the Jug Bands Best Buy Political Action Committee (PAC) Match Program Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation* Carolyn Foundation Central Corridor Funders Collaborative* West Bank Business Association and City of Minneapolis Great Streets Program* City of Minneapolis Transit Oriented Development* CoBank Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation Expedia Gives Matching Gift Program First Merchant Financial Services and Republic, LLC of Seven Corners General Mills Foundation Gift Matching Program*

* Includes Capital Gifts

Indeed Brewing Company James B. Linsmayer Foundation* Jerome Foundation Land O’Lakes Foundation* Marbrook Foundation* McKnight Foundation* Medtronic Foundation Minnesota State Arts Board Nash Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Rosemary and David Good Family Foundation Saint Paul Travelers Seward Community Fund Still Ain’t Satisfied: A Foundation with Attitude Target The Youth Philanthropy Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Thomson Reuters U of M Good Neighbor Fund / MN Vikings Partnership Fund* U.S. Bank Foundation University District Alliance* Venture Solutions VSA Minnesota*

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Abdirizak Bihi Director Somali Education & Social Advocacy Center Sarah Bowman Community Volunteer

Chuck Corliss Owner, North Shore Winery Owner/President, Center for Efficient School Operations Michelle Courtright President The Stratford Companies

Jill Dawe Associate Professor, Piano Augsburg College

David Edminster (Treasurer) Data Manager Travelers Insurance Glen Helgeson Musician and President Worldview Music

Galen Hersey (President) Indirect Sourcing Senior Category Manager Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Brent Hickman Vice President, Merchandise Finance Target Steven R. Katz Partner Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Cari Ness Nesje Director of Station & Non-Profit Services Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services Rob Nordin Vice President Philanthropic Services Wells Fargo Jeff Potter Founder, Metric LLC Owner, CobraStove Music LLC Hugh Pruitt Director of IT United Health Group

Rob Salmon (Vice President) Attorney Meagher & Geer Robert Simonds Executive Director The Cedar Cultural Center

Chuck Tatsuda (Secretary) Portfolio Risk Manager US Bancorp

Mary Laurel True Director of Service-Learning and Community Engagement Augsburg College

Only @TheCedar

What YOU give is multiplied by the power of live music! You can make your 2015 donation online at /donation

Only @TheCedar

The mission of The Cedar Cultural Center is to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through the presentation of global music and dance. The Cedar is committed to artistic excellence and integrity, diversity of programming, support for emerging artists, and community outreach.

Accessibility: The Cedar welcomes all visitors regardless of mobility

restrictions. For best service, please call in advance to arrange for wheelchair seating and to make special needs requests: 612.338.2674 x 0.

Tickets: or 612.338.2674 x 0

Mon - Fri, noon - 4pm


This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund, and a grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota.

Special thanks to Jon Behm, Brian Corner, and Gordon Byrd for photos and stills.

!"#$%&'()*"!$+,-(./!),( ®

Additional support provided by: Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation, Carolyn Foundation, James B. Linsmayer Foundation, Nash Foundation and Still Ain't Satisfied: A Foundation with Attitude.

Front cover (left to right from top): Ibeyi, Jozé González, The Church, Dan Deacon, Dave Simonett, Taleex Band, Charlie Parr, Rhiannon Giddens, Ahmed Gaashaanle, Lágbájá, Lott, Pert Near Sandstone, Inti-Illimani and Los Llaneros, Alash, Dur-Dur Band Back cover: Lágbájá band member and Lunasa

Profile for thecedar

The Cedar Cultural Center's 2014-15 Annual Report  

The Cedar Cultural Center's 2014-15 Annual Report  

Profile for thecedar