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Overall Features

Xbox doesn’t have the fancy blu-ray player that the PS3 does but they have other solid features. Older versions of the 360 allowed for users to play original xbox games. The Xbox currently has many services available on it like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook and Twitter. They are planning on rolling out more services such as apps for Youtube, Crackle, UFC and MLB.TV. They also have dipped into motion gaming with Kinect. It provides the first and only hands free gaming experience available on consoles. They have many games in different genres for users to experience Kinect. Wireless Card: Yes Ethernet Connection:Yes HDMI port: Yes RCA output: Yes Power Supply: External USB Ports: Yes 2x Front 1x Back Hard Drive: Yes (20gb – 250gb standard)

Video Files Playback: Yes Audio Files Playback: Yes DVD/CD playback: Yes BluRay/HD: Yes (external HD Drive, via USB) Browse media from network: Yes Copy Media to HDD: Audio only and via the disk drive Online Play: Yes (With Xbox Gold Membership) Friends List: Yes Messaging System: Yes Voice Chat: Yes Avatar Creation: Yes Award System: Yes Custom Themes: Yes User-made Themes: No Online Shop: Yes (Xbox Live Marketplace) Online Shop Currency: Microsoft Points Downloadable Content: Yes Web Browser: No

Controllers Rumble: Yes Motion Sensor: No Triggers: Yes Wireless:Yes Start Console With Home(guide) Button: Yes Charge Cable:Yes

Exclusive Games

The Xbox 360 is dominant when it comes to exclusive games. Here is some of the top ones:

Halo Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo: ODST Halo: Reach Gears of War

Gears of War 2 Gears of War 3 Crack Down Forza Motorsport Fable Project Gotham Racing

Dance Dance Revolution Far Cry Lost Odessy Operation Flashpoint 5,000+ arcade (Xbox Marketplace)


There's no arguing with the success of Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service. Xbox Live has created the first cohesive online console-gaming community, boasting more than millions of subscribers. Microsoft has hit the ball out of the park with this one. The dashboard is easy to navigate and quite eye catching. It allows users to acces game ad-ons, music, videos, netflix, apps, and more. Unlike PS3 network Xbox Live has a subscription fee. $50 for 1 year of unlimited online gaming and access to all the Xbox Live Gold membership features. Although Xbox Live has a fee, it is well worth it. Xbox Live has dedicated servers for each game and has minimal to no lag.



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Online TheXbox360isdominantwhenitcomestoexclusivegames.Hereis someofthetopones: Halo GearsofWar2 DanceDanceRevolution Halo2 GearsofWar3 FarC...