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Adolescents rushing adulthood I mention pointless? Take Suri Cruise for example; what 5 year old needs high heels for anything other than maybe church or formal events? It’s not practical, not to mention the fact that her parents encourage her to “grow up” prematurely. But, hey, this doesn’t apply to teens, right? Wrong. During the teenage years, our brains- teenagers’ brains, that is- are still developing, primarily in the Prefrontal Cortex, which controls understanding, (That’s one reason the drinking age in America is 21; growing teenage brains can be severely harmed by the loss of oxygen that travels to the skull). We theoretically have less fear, seek more emotional highs, and have fuzzier judgment skills than the average adult. When half-matured brains coincide with peer pressure, drivers’ licenses, the internet, and high school settings, a new breed of American is born: the Anti-teenager. You may hear that some-

thing is immature, “not cool,” or get flack for certain actions. The truth is, these things might just be age-appropriate. Over the past century, while the average age of marriage has definitely risen, the starting age of maturity has rapidly lowered. There is no hurry to remain a child, or even a teenager. Consider the debate of early graduation. Many Dorman students that have obtained the minimum credit values opt to graduate early in January. Do I think this is a bad idea? No. But is it necessarily the best idea either? Probably not. While the decision does depend on the student and their personal situation, if they do not have a specific need to fulfill by entering college early, then why graduate? College isn’t free like public school. Why is there such a rush among teens to mature quicker though? Maybe we simply want

the respect and understanding adults are given. Could it be that the current USA pop culture is at fault? Most child stars seem to mature quicker than normalin reaction to the stress and expectations placed upon their shoulders by Hollywood, and singers that market to children are usually at least 16 already. Or perhaps peer pressure forces teens to move along through life faster in order to keep pace with their friends. There is no real reason to grow up so fast though! To all of you students out there, when taking your AP, College Prep, or SAT courses, just remember that while college is definitely important in your future, in the meantime, this is still high school. Feel free to kick back and reminisce on your childhood every now and then and to take the most out of these teenager years while you can.

pany behind the idea, said in an interview. If the earth scraper gets built it will pierce through the history of Mexico City. When Aztecs first settled in what we now call Mexico City they built pyramids. As they became more powerful and grew they just kept building the new onto the old. This trend continued when Spanish settlers came in. Mexico City is in need of new housing and more buildings. There isn’t that much space available because law prohibits the tearing down of historic buildings. "There is very little room for any more buildings in Mexico City, and the law says we cannot go above eight stories, so the only way is down," Suarez said. This building would provide

numerous houses and office spaces. And the idea of it being built downward is ingenious. It doesn’t break any of the building laws so it being built is a possibility but there are still other problems. The earth scraper is said to be put in the center of Mexico City. It will have a glass roof to replace the concrete ground of the town square. Mexico City’s town square is one of the biggest town squares in the world. It’s also fairly empty making it a prime location for the building Energy costs would most definitely be a problem for a building of this scale. Suarez says that they would use water turbines as a renewable source of energy. He also says he doesn’t

know if it could give the building power 24 hours a day. If they come up with an energy efficient way to give the building power all day every day the earth scraper could happen. This is a really inventive thing that BNKR Arquitectura has thought of. This idea has probably been thought of before by architects but there was never a way thought of to execute it. If this project happens it could mean a lot for architecture in the future. Rather than building up, we can build down.

Abigail Hoffman

n a day and age where adolescence is dreaded by parent and child alike, more and more teenagers are attempting to grow up faster. Unfortunately by the time they regret their lost childhood, these teens are already swamped with homework and engaged to high school sweethearts. Cell phones. Facebook accounts. Adult conversations. Clothing choices. Lately I’ve seen third graders- yes, third graders- texting their “boyfriends” on brand new phones. Fifth and sixth graders own illegal Facebook accounts, just so they can add fake celebrities and their six friends that actually have illegal accounts too. And yes, their parents approve. Clothing choices are issues as well. If I see another mini, or itty-bitty yellow polka dot bikini, I might just scream. France has recently introduced a lingerie line for elementary children and toddlers, labeled “Loungerie.” Am I the only one who deems this highly inappropriate, not to

Amazing new building in Mexico City


Michael Winks

exico is a country where pyramids play a big role in their history and plans for a 65 story glass and steel pyramid have been revealed, but this won’t be seen in the skyline. Designs and sketches of this concept depict, what looks like a skyscraper, but inverted. Most people are calling this building an “earth scraper”. Pictures of this are phenomenal. It looks like something a lot of people would enjoy going to. The idea is something they could do a lot with. The first ten stories are said to hold a museum. "We'd almost certainly find plenty of interesting relics during the dig dating right back to the Aztecs who built their own pyramids here," Esteban Suarez, co-founder of BNKR Arquitectura, the com-


For pictures of the Earth Scraper go to!


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know if it could give the build- ing power 24 hours a day. If they come up with an en- ergy efficient way to give the building power all day...

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