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The Cavalier

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The Cavalier welcomes and encourages any and all letters to the editor. All letters are subject to editing for libel, grammar, content, and space. Letters should be signed and brought to Mr. Martin in person in room B134. Some material courtesy of American Society of Newspaper editors/MCT Campus High School Newspaper Service. Discriminations of all persons is prohibited with regard to the provision of educational opportunities and benefits on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability in Spartanburg County School District Six as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendment Act of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. The following persons have been designated to handle inquires regarding discrimination policies: Mr. Gregory Cantrell, Title VI, VII, and IX Coordinator, and Dr. Allan Eggert, Director of Special Services, 1390 Cavalier Way, Roebuck, S.C. 29376.


Student life


Household item for decades made into synthetic drug

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Dorman alumni reflect on the first year at the new campus

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Getting to know GOP candidates for 2012 election

Preview for part 1 of the final Twilight Saga movie

Gears of War 3 review

New club joins the school



Pet peeves and why they get under your skin


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New changes to social network cause privacy scares


Former DHS players influence Clemson’s outstanding season

Chase Lollis’ school spirit


Former Dorman graduates contribute to Clemson’s great season


Dear Readers, This issue of the print edition contains stories covering the recent changes to the social networking site, Facebook, a feature on student Chase Lollis and his incredible school spirit, biographies on the 2012 Republican candidates, and a review of the Gears of War 3 release. In sports, you can find a feature on the sister rivalry between cross country runners Katherine and Madyson Coggins and a story covering how former Dorman players are contributing to Clemson Tigers successful season. Along with the stories mentioned above, staff members have reflected on the recent proposals of decorating the hallways, along with other staff opinions on recent topics in the news. -Kathleen Roberson Senior Editor

Drake album preview Lil’ Wayne album review

Round-up of fall sports


Sister rivalry on cross country team


Staff reflects on hallway decorations


Opinions from the staff


Door decorating contest winners




3 2

1 1.) Dané Waddel fills out applications on College Day.



2.) Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Boyce, and Mrs. Howell show off their tacky outfits. 3.) Mrs. Shepard, wearing a tacky amount of prints, poses with Mrs. Revan, who not-so-stylishly paired sneakers with her long denim dress.



4.) Zach Deloach and Keanu Philson work on college applications at College Day in Dorman’s library. 5.) Jaylin Miller, a member of the STARS program, reads to students at Pauline-Glenn Springs Elementary School 6.) Savannah Sellars sorts candy for the Anchor Club.


7.) Coach Sobeski rocks out to “Journey” at the pep rally for the Byrnes game. 8.) Mr. Bush and Mr. Lancaster admire the “Journey” band at the pep rally.


DHS orchestra students chosen for Upstate Region 1 Orchestra Violin 1 Sydney Whisenant Meghan Jones Anjali Amalean Edith Allan Saleha Salehani Jose Gallegos Sydney Poskevich Emeline Nguyenduy Marisa Demor Christine Frank Violin 2 Jane Kathryn Hucks Madison Hope Tiffany Nguyen Kaylan McFalls Kennedy Roberts Cassidy Culbreth



April Bussey Arista Setro Mary Rose Darwin Katie Roberts Kaylee Bright Violin-Alternate Brandon Ramirez Viola Carson Dixon Ariel McShane Laura Wilkes Amy Stidham Sarah Butler Katie Craft Kelly Kilgore Amy Palumbo

Cello Steven Chen Brianna Miller Micayla Ross Ben Coomes Adam Le String Bass Griffin Revell Zach Gray Brian Krebs Robert Taylor Emily Robinson Sierra Turner String Bass-Alternate Brianna Martin

Lawmakers move to ban ‘bath salts’ County enacts ban on popular accesible drug Michael Winks Staff Writer They re labeled as bath salts, but as state and local officials continue cracking down on them, the evidence builds that these substances are anything but harmless. These substances are nothing like the kind that people put in their baths to make them bubblythey re a recently emerging drug. Bath salts are a stimulant that can cause effects similar to that of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamines. People under the influence of bath salts often become wild and violent, officials say, and the number of bath salt related incidents is rising. The Drug Enforcement Administration says that there are currently 40 different variations of the drug. There is a way to test for bath salts but it only shows five variations, leaving the other versions difficult to detect. Effects on the body include sweating, chest pain, nosebleeds, nausea, and vomiting, according to the DEA. It also increases heart rate raising the risk for heart attacks and strokes. This drugs popularity could have been avoided. Early this year a state lawmaker tried to outlaw synthetic drugs like this, but the proposal didn t make it out of committee, according to published reports. Law enforcement officials statewide have been calling for action against the drugs, which they say present a health hazard to teens and young people who could until recently purchase them in many stores for as little as $25. Many retailers stopped selling the products. On Oct. 20, Spartanburg County Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the advertisement, possession, use, distribution and purchase of the drugs. A violation carries a $500 fine and possible further legal action.

photo courtesy MCT Campus Business was brisk at The Last Place on Earth in Duluth, Minnesota, June 29, before the ban on synthetic drugs went into effect at midnight. These are some of the Bath Salts that are included in the ban.

What are bath salts? Professionals assert that bath salts are made from MDPV, methylenedioxypyrovalerone. That there are so many derivatives makes it hard to be sure what they’re made of. Packages and bottles of bath salts are clearly labeled, “not for human consumption,” which makes it easier for them to avoid being identified as illegal.

The board that oversees the Department of Health and Environmental Control voted on Oct. 25 to band the compounds used to make bath salts and five used to make fake marijuana. The substances are classified as schedule I drugs under both federal and state law. Felony charges for possessing or selling the drugs in South Carolina carry up to five years in prison on first offense. Bath salts can be injected or snorted, Dr. Chris Lombardozzi, a physician for Spartanburg Regional s emergency room, told the Herald-Journal.

The DEA says they can cause agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, and chest pain. “A second concern is the ongoing suicidality in these patients, even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. At least for MDPV, there have been a few highly publicized suicides a few days after their use,” says Dr. Zane Horowitz, a specialist for

People under the influence of this drug can commit dangerous acts, officials say. The substances can cause violent hallucinations, psychotic reactions, and erratic behavior. The bath salts have even found their way into local schools, officials say. A common pattern that emerges is when teens begin learning about substances and those influences trickle down to teenagers. Assistant principal Mrs. Shay Rice said: When you have such a big school anything that s big in the society outside the school could be big in the school.



ce, n e i r e p x e r e li a The Cav ni m lu A n a m r o D In order to commemorate the tenth year at the new campus, The Cavalier newsmagazine will continue this series all year.

Abigail Hoffman Features Editor


orman Cavaliers have always been influential in their surrounding community, recognized for a certain sense of excellence, giftedness, and pride. These standards remained high when Dorman gathered its students and faculty and moved campuses to Roebuck in 2002. A sizeable portion of the current Dorman faculty attended the old campus in its high school days, and at least a third of the faculty taught at the old campus at some point in time. They weighed in Dorman s glory days, high school memories, and differences between Cavalier students then and now. The old campus had a community-feel, rather than that of simply a school. Hav-

ing a school that felt like our own went a long way to foster that spirit, English teacher Mr. Clayton Worthy said. It seemed to be a much tighter knit group. Almost everyone knew each other despite the size and it showed in the campus events. Worthy graduated in 2005, so he spent only his freshman year at the former school, but he still noticed such a large difference between the two school atmospheres. One of the most noticable reactions to the campus transition was that of the former students. The memories within the old buildings could not be replicated. I remember coming back as a former student before the demolition and having a walk around the old school and took photos with my former classmates, business education teacher Ms. Stacie Phillips said. It [the loss of the campus] felt like a

It felt like a part of my history was being taken away from me. -business education teacher Mrs. Stacie Phillips

Marching Band circa. 2000


Over the years, Dorman students have changed, especially when the school moved campuses.


part of my history was being taken away from me. While the building was just that, a physical building, it held an emotional spot in the hearts of students and teachers. I just could not believe that they were going to tear the school down, art teacher Mr. Eric Bomar said. The emotional responses stemmed primarily from activities and events held on the former campus. There were so many memories at the old campus for me: 2001 graduate Mr. Ryan Switzer said, one of Dorman s other business education teachers. Marching in the band at the old football stadium, playing baseball down at Boggs field, graduation on the old football field, etc. Dorman has a reputation for having more school spirit than most campuses in the Upstate. However, it is still nothing compared to the spirit Cavaliers had in Dorman s heyday, according to teachers and Dorman alumni. We do have spirited students here, but those from the old Dorman showed ownership of school and embraced being a Cavalier, student council adviser Mrs. Kelly Bailey said. This generalizing characteristic was common among the former students. When I attended Dorman, everyone was involved, Ms. Phillips said. There was a camaraderie between everyone and we all enjoyed things like senior Olympics, Farmers Day (with petting zoo), and during pep rallies everyone was

they taught. cheering, not just a select few. Math teacher Mr. Jeremy Parris I think the students who spent a agreed with the pep rally spirit sentiment. year or two at the old school and then Back then students did not want to transitioned liked that idea that they leave before every pep rally, he said. were the first classes to graduate from However some teachers believe that spirit the new Dorman, Mrs. Lane said. has dramatically improved this year with Many seniors in the first class of the new leadership. the new campus, 2002- 03 graduates, However, while spirit has changed had most likely watched friends and over the years, most teachers believe Cav- older siblings graduate at the old staalier students today are essentially no dif- dium, so feelings that May were bitterferent than those that attended the old sweet. campus. The rising seniors were not excited Teenagers are teenagers, and the about being on a new campus and basic problems and successes are the graduating from a different facility, same, assistant principal Ms. Renee Lane Mr. Terry said. Students had mixed said. Perhaps school spirit just varies de- feelings. pending on pop culture changes̶ not One student, 2003 graduate, and necessarily stemming from a school cam- current Byrnes High School teacher, pus change. Mrs. Mandy Loudermilk, reminisced As a whole, regardless of school spirit, about her hopes for graduation. Dorman students loved the feel of the I remember being excited about new campus. The new building opened graduation being outside on the super at the start of the 2002- 03 school year. nice football field, but of course it rained There were always activities going on that night, Mrs. Loudermilk said. My and there were always people on campus, graduation was in the gym. It was nice, Worthy said. We used the field (which is but everyone came in all wet from the now B-wing parking) for the Farmers Day pouring rain, and we had to limit the bonfire, we went to every sporting event amount of family members that could atwe could make it to, we put our trucks on tend. display in the front field after a long night Loudermilk left Dorman to study secof mudslinging, and there were always ondary education. When I finished at people running around the campus and Clemson in 2007, Dorman had no openaround the track. ings in the social studies department, she Initially, it really said. My husfelt like a small colband went to lege campus, he said. Byrnes, and I This is ironic, considhonestly spent ering Dorman s curmore time on rent nickname. the Byrnes On Farmers Day, baseball field the 4H students watching him would help the adthan at Dorministrators decoman sporting --English teacher Mr. Clayton Worthy events. rate the front lawn and they would even My stuhave farm animals dents usually on display, English boo me when I teacher Mrs. Lisa Richie said. We would tell them I went to Dorman…Byrnes and also have crazy competitions like greased Dorman have become rivals. When I was pig contests. at Dorman, Spartan High was much more Another hot topic of student debate of a rival. Overall my students don t mind was the issue of graduation that first that much, but they make sure I have conyear̶ would it ever feel the same? verted! Science teacher Mr. Lewis Terry and Some things never change though; DorMrs. Lane had differing viewpoints, even man parking and traffic flow always has though they both taught at the old cam- been horrible. pus in the 2002- 03 school year. This is The very first day at the new campus most likely based on the personalities I was riding down to football practice

Initially, it really felt like a small college campus.

-Junior bluebell Ashley Moore (2001-‘02) -Varsity cheerleaders in the old stadium -A past student body president pumping up the crowd at a pep rally -Varsity football players signing for their college teams and receiving jerseys -Miss Dorman: junior Jessica Porterfield (2001-‘02)

from the school with one of my friends, Mr. Worthy said. The car in front of the one which he was riding in (the driver of which had obviously missed its turn) veered off into the A-wing parking lot, making a u-turn. When it did, it slammed into the passenger side door of the car I was riding in, he said. Needless to say, I was late for practice. Despite the large expectations put on the new campus by those that attended Dorman at the W.O Ezell location, the new school had its own perks and successes. At that point we d moved away from the hustle and bustle and were pretty much the only ones out here [in Roebuck], Mr. Worthy said. At that point it really felt like our own.



Students form a philosophy club A new club debuts this year at Dorman High Ashley Hughes Staff Writer


hat is philosophy? What is it not? junior Sana Alimohamed said. And there lies the problem: There isn t one answer. Philosophy is anything and everything. Philosophy is a way to explore certain possibilities and questions that can never be answered, junior Hunter Lee said. Junior Victoria Ledford shared her opinion on philosophy. Philosophy is an open analysis of any aspect of humanity including religion, morals, lifestyles, politics, and knowledge, Ledford said. Dorman High School introduced a new club this school year. The club was created when students came to English teacher Dr. Mike Davis last semester and asked if he would be willing to sponsor the club. Dr. Davis instructed them to promote interest and speak with the principal. This semester Mr. Kiser gave the students the okay to begin the club. Some students ask if and why is philosophy important? Without philosophy one can never delve into the deeper meanings of life, or life it self, Sana Alimohamed said. Essentially, it is the purpose, the drive behind life. Some topics students hope


photo by Ashley Hughes Dr.Davis and members of the philosophy club discuss the principals of philosophy. The club reqularly meets every other Thursday at different loctions throughout the school.

to discuss during their meetings are the color theory, the answer to life, the universe, and the four branches of philosophy. Philosophy covers a wide range of topics and questions, Dr.Davis said. The main areas of our philosophical focus are metaphysics a study of the nature of reality, epistemology a study of knowledge, ethics a study concerning good & evil or right & wrong, and logic a study of argumentative reasoning. The forty-five members of Dorman High School s philosophy club meet two Thursdays every month after school with the three advisers Dr. Davis, math teacher Mr. Derrick Smith, and English teacher Mrs. Laura-Ann Jacobs. Famous philosophers throughout history include Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Aristotle, Socrates, COnfucius, and British empiricists John Locke.


DescartesRene Descartes is often called the father of modern philosophy. He is considered one of the three great continental rationalists. AristotleA student of Plato, Aristotle is perhaps the most influential of all the ancient Greek philosophers. He is famous for his empirical approach to studying nature. ConfuciusHis philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity.

KantImmanuel Kant is considered to be the most important modern Philosopher. SocratesLiked to appear ignorant and ask a lot of questions, thus helping people to find answers on their own -- a technique that became known as the Socratic Method. LockeJohn Locke was the first of three great British empiricists. He is most famous for his idea of the “tabula rasa.”(Latin for blank slate)


Kelsey Vess New Media Editor


et peeves, we all have them. It s universally known that every person has something that will annoy them. It s the question of why we get annoyed that is still a mystery. Could it be how much we are exposed to certain habits? Or, maybe, it s because your brain is musically inclined and have close to perfect pitch and rejects sounds that seem a little off. In a recent New York Times report, Dr. Abigail Zuger, points out that the things spouses found to be attractive while dating soon become an annoyance from too much exposure. That would explain why many students pet peeves develop in the home or activities we often participate in. When I m in the pool at swim practice, I hate when people announce that they have peed in the pool. That s disgusting, but, sadly, people do it. said Mac Moody, senior. Zuger also say that some annoyances are just universal annoyances. Like, the wailing of a baby. The cry of a baby has stock photo been closely related to nails screeching Everyone has something that irritates them whether it deals with down the chalkboard, which is why resounds, sights, or rituals. search shows that sounds are normally the main cause of annoyances. A large portion of pet peeves occur from our work place or school. In a study done by Current Health Weekly, it is said that childhood, temperament, culture, and self-esteem are also items that will factor into what will set people off. Students that sit in class and say OH I like that teacher, she doesn t make us do anything, really irritate me. French teacher, Jo Murphy, said Pet peeves also begin while young. Maybe you know that kid who s mom way always late. He is probably never late now that he is older. Ever. I can t stand when someone uses the last bit of toilette paper and is too lazy to replace it in my house, said Lauren Powell, senior. Things that reoccur often, normally in our own houses, usually set us off because of too much exposure. Research also shows that how people manage their pet peeves and annoyances are an important factor that can contribute to health problems. University of Texas conducted a study and found that 15 ‒ 16 year old girls that kept things hidden, or secretive were closely related to obesity. Studies also suggest people should address their pet peeves in an assertive manner. When bottling emotions up the body stays in a state of emergency. People with anger bottled up are subject to severe stomach aches, ulcers, and most commonly: headaches.

“When girls act dumb for attention, that really bothers me” - Mac Moody and lot ir g kin he par park t a to ll.” ’t ll in t can s me i u p I ha ake le t hen “W peop ously m i see , it ser cott s S r ca edith r e M “People driving slow in the fast lane. I mean honestly, we have designated lanes for a reason. GET OUT OF MY LANE!” - Mrs. Yordy

“Bad personal hygeine is not only gross but it’s a pet peeve of mine. You can fix that, it’s a choice.” - Caroline Seaye

the that things

common pet peeves

people who block the hallways slow drivers in fast lane drivers tailgating slow restaurant service messy areas

people who are obnoxiously loud obnoxiously used cell phones

people who blame everything on someone else overly used jargons Top 10 irritating sounds:

10. Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber 9. Cicadas - the bug that makes the extremely annoying sounds at night. 8. Snoring 7. The Hum - the sounds in your ear that’s really low, but you think you’re going crazy and no one else can hear it. 6. Dial-Up Modems 5. Car Alarms 4. Nails on a Chalkboard 3. Gilbert Gottfried- “AFLAAACC!” 2. Emergency Broadcast System 1. Vuvuzela - the horns from the World Cup everyone thought was cool.



-from Time

Facebook changes concern users Kathleen Roberson Senior Editor


ecently, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, introduced several new additions to the popular social network. The changes were supposed to help users by displaying the most important and the most popular information from friends rather than the just the most recent; friends that are interacted with the most will show up more in the news feed and ticker. When revealing the new look, Zuckerberg said We re more than what we did just recently. Timeline is a completely new aesthetic for Facebook. For some Facebook users, the changes have been frustrating. I honestly didn t like (the changes). I don t feel like you need to know everything about everyone, junior Megan Cummins said. It s too much information about everyone. The new changes show anything and everything that friends are doing from liking a status, to adding friends, or even listening to a new song. I don t care whose picture you like, who you re friends with, senior Faith Peters said. On the old Facebook, if I wanted to know something, I went to someone s page. It is not just students who have been a reacting to the changes. Founder of The Facebook Blog, Mark Tonkelowitz has commented on the topic saying it will help people who are not frequent to Facebook. Now, News Feed will act more like your own personal


newspaper, he wrote. You won t have to worry about missing important stuff. All your news will be in a single stream with the most interesting stories featured at the top, Tonkelowitz said. The changes might have frustrated some users, but some were indifferent to the additions. Honestly, the changes to Facebook didn t really bother me, senior Johnie Ellison said. I am on it a lot, but not for really any purposes, so to see it change didn t bother me that much. The ticker gives more real time updates from friend activity, showing anything that a friend does rather than just the most popular. If you re a parent, then its good because you can see what your kids are doing, Peters said. When you re the kid, it s not good because parents can see anything and will question who s who and what s what. The ticker isn t the only adjustment that has been worrying some users. I think the changes to Facebook are just making

photo courtesy of MCT campus New Facebook additions have users concerned for their privacy.

Could the changes cause users to switch to popular contenders such as Google+ or Twitter? Google Plus is where it s at because it s a lot easier to use, Ellison said. Some users will continue using Facebook though because it offers better services

We think it’s an important next step to help you tell the story of your life. -Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg your profile (your views, opinions, and facts about you) available to more people, which I don t really see as good, Ellison said. Although Facebook is a free service, it is not the only social networking available.


that may not be available on other sites. I will probably continue using Facebook. I mainly use it for the pictures anyways, Cummins said. Users at Dorman have some suggestions that they

would like to see on Facebook instead of the unnecessary additions. I would fix the news feed back to the way it was and get rid of the other unnecessary stuff, Peters said. I would also prevent arguments and cyber-bulling from Facebook. Whether or not Facebook users prefer the recent changes, their opinions are indifferent because the social network is a free service to users. Zuckerberg is excited about the new changes made. We think it s an important next step to help you tell the story of your life, he said. The technology chief for Facebook, Bret Taylor commented on the new changes according to CNN. This is the most significant change we ve made to our platform since we launched it four years ago, Taylor said.

Football manager gears up for graduation The end of the year is on its way for senior Chase Lollis Ashley Hughes Staff Writer


ecognizable by any member of the school, Chase Lollis is a Dorman Cavalier inside and out. Whether he is in his Dorman Cavalier blue and white double-zero football jersey, purchased by members of a previous Dorman football team, or just a regular t-shirt, known as a member and as a manager of the Dorman High School football team. As many Dorman High School students know, Lollis is graduating this year. Lollis is happy to be graduating. It feels good, Chase Lollis said. I feel happy and excited. Special Education teacher Denise Boyce has been with chase as long as he has been here at Dorman High School. Its bittersweet to see him graduate, Mrs. Boyce said. He has been here five years; he has been with me as long as I have been here. He is like my child in a way. Junior football player Christian Lovell is proud of how far Lollis has made it to graduation. Its sad to see him go, Lovell said, but I m proud of him for making it as far as he has. Chase is an inspiration to all the students and faculty at Dorman high school.

He kept us together, senior football player Bradley Scruggs said. When we were down he got us up. Lollis was crowned Mr.Gnimocemoh (Homecoming king) for this school year while being filmed by WSPA and FOX Carolina News stations which were both broadcast their programs. I felt nervous, Lollis said, but it was awesome to be on TV. Lollis said his favorite memories from his time at Dorman include the homecoming dance and the peprally when assistant coach Mark Dempsey was acting out the role of Rick Flair. He also recalled volunteering at jobs with classmates, working with the football team, going on field Trips, and the dances (Proms). Lollis keeps busy with football, his job, and volunteering with Mobile Meals, Mary Black Hospital, and United Way. Lollis is known for his assistance with the football team and the bond they share. I think Chase has been as good or better for our football program as we have been for him, coach Dempsey said. He has shown all of us that obstacles and adversity in life can be overcome. Chase has shown that people with disabilities such as his can be important and contributing members of society. The football players unanimously agreed that the most memorable part of Lollis being at the football games was his ability to get the team pumped up and ready to win.

photo courtesy of Denise Boyce Senior Chase Lollis was crowned homecoming king durring the homecoming dance Sept. 27.

What players said about the coronation “I think it is great because Chase really wanted to win.” Lovell said. “There’s not a better person out there then Chase,” senior football player Patrick DeStefano said. “He definitely deserved it.” “I thought it was great for him to be crowned Mr.Gnimocemoh.” Taylor Scott senior football player said. “He deserved it,” Scruggs said. “It meant a lot to him.” “I couldn’t be any more proud,” senior football player Andrew Bolton. “It was awesome.”

He just had great energy, senior Ian Metts said. He is always excited to be at practice and games. Probably the most memorable [moment], coach Dempsey said, was when

the seniors that first year chipped in and bought him his customized jersey. It was very touching to see him cry when they presented it to him before the game.



Republican cadidates battle for chance at Obama Hunter Steinberg Managining Editor

The 57th quadrennial United photos courtesy MCT Campus States Presidential election will be From left to right Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and held on Nov. 6, 2012. `Barack Michelle Bachmann pose after debating in Las Vegas on Oct. 18. Obama, who is eligible for a sec- ceeded George W. Bush in 2000 away from social issues. Cain ap- Barack Obama has taken signifiond and final term as President, and winning re-election twice. peals to a wide majority of people cant hits to his popularity due to has announced that he will seek Chairman of the Republican Gov- and has drawn the most support the lackluster economy, as he tries nomination to be the Democratic ernors Association, Perry is popu- from his home state, Gerogia, re- to put forward a plan to create Party s candidate in this election, lar with both social conservatives ceiving 41 percent of the vote in a jobs heading into his re-election and the Tea Party movement, and poll conducted on October 8. campaign. His jobs speech on but the RepubCain was pushed to admit rebecame an inThursday, Sept. 8 attempted to put lican nominee cently that talk shows that his stant top-tier forward a concrete plan to help is still undePrimary Dates c a n d i d a t e much touted 9-9-9 tax plan, get America back to work. January 31st: Florida cided. when he en- which has helped boost him in the the Republican presidential February 6th: Iowa caucuses As the February 7th: Minnesota GOP polls, would increase taxes for tered the race, nomination race is beginning to mood of the caucuses, Missouri, New Jersey some people. The other candiin Charleston, garner attention. The candidates nation continFebruary 14th: New Hampshire dates are now attacking Cains SC. have consistently been on the ofues to falter in February 18th: Nevada cauplan, which would create a 9% naH e r m a n fense, and have hammered the inthe face of a cuses Cain has risen tional sales tax. cumbent on his sub-par economic February 21st: Wisconsin stuttering February 28th: South Carolina, Cain defended his plan in a record. to attention economy, runArizona, Michigan presidential debate in New Hamplately, capturThe race for the nomination is away public shire. Now he needs to provide an ing 17 percent scheduled to officially begin with debt and the extra something to his plan to in a CBS poll, tied at the top with the Iowa caucuses on February 6. lack of viable solutions from politiNew Hampshire, Nevada and cians from both sides of the divide, Mitt Romney. Cain is the only non show people he has power. With unemployment still hov- South Carolina all are supposed to the importance of the presidential politician running, and is straightelection has taken on an added forward and specific about what ering over nine percent, Ameri- go next, but several states includhe believes and what actions he cans have been incredibly ing California and Florida have significance. wants to take. He has moved frustrated with the pace of the U.S. threatened to jump ahead in the It is well documented that any incumbent president has a distinct through the corporate ladder be- economic recovery. President queue. advantage in running for a second ginning with Coca Cola with stops term. Unless Obama makes some at Pillsbury, Burger King and GodWofford College To Host Republican Debate huge blunders, the majority of his father s Pizza before moving to The South Carolina GOP an- the November 12 debate on lead the National Restaurant As2008 supporters will vote for him nounced it will host a GOP Pres- Wofford College's beautiful in 2012. In a recent poll, con- sociation. He s had a stint at the idential Debate at Wofford campus and continuing to ducted by Rasmussen Reports, the Federal Reserve, a talk radio prodemonstrate that in South CarCollege on November 12. "The South Carolina Repub- olina, 'We Pick Presidents.'" republican candidate garnished gram, and he s the author of a few According to Connelly, the lican Party is excited to be a 47 percent of the vote while books. Cain told the NY Times that partner on the first nationally debate will focus on National Romney has been a Wall Street Obama tallied 41 percent. televised, broadcast network Security and Foreign Policy. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and executive, I have been a Main The 90-minute debate will debate of the Presidential PriHerman Cain are the favorite Re- Street executive, citing his experimary season," said Chad Con- begin at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. nelly, South Carolina GOP The first hour will be broadcast publican candidates right now. ence in the restaurant industry. I Chairman, told WSPA. "Presi- live (8-9 p.m. ET/5-6 p.m. PT) Each of candidate received at least have been closer to the pulse and dential candidates and Repub- on the CBS Television Network. 15 percent in a recent poll con- the heartbeat of medium and lican activists across our nation Additional portions will be small businesses, operationally, ducted by Gallop. Romney ran for know South Carolina's historic broadcast on FACE THE NATION, Republican nomination in 2008 more so than Mitt. tradition of successfully choos-, NationalJourHe is a folksy southern Baptist but was defeated by John McCain. ing the Republican nominee, a and will be available to tradition uninterrupted for over CBS affiliate television and Rick Perry is Texas s longest- with fiscal experience and Tea thirty years. We look forward to radio stations. serving governor, having suc- Party credentials who doesn t shy

When John McCain lost the 2008, Mitt Romney became the clear favorite for the 2012 Republican nomination. Many believe that the Harvard grad is the most qualified candidate to tackle the struggling economy and federal

budget deflect. His business background and a term as Massachusetts governor strengthen his qualifications. He appeals mostly to moderate Republicans, and could draw former Obama supporters.

Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts

On August 13, 2011, Rick Perry announced his candidacy for President of the United States, declaring It s time to get America working again. Perry is the only Texas governor since WWII to cut general revenue spending. According to, He sup-

ported tax cuts and recently announced his tax plan where Americans would have the option of the current tax reform or 20 percent flat tax.. Since June 09, more than 40 percent of all net new jobs in America have been created in Texas.

Cain is not as well qualified in politics as the other candidates but does have far more experience in business related activities. He is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a former deputy chairman (1992‒ 94) and chairman (1995‒96) of the board of Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain of Georgia

Gingrich believes, as most conservatives do, America is spending way too much and should cut entitlement programs such as medicare, medicaid, and social security. Gingrich was first elected to Congress in 1978 where he served the 6th District of Georgia

for twenty years. In 1995, he was elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served until 1999. The Washington Times has called him the indispensable leader and Time magazine, in naming him Man of the Year for 1995.

Bachmann has been one of the most influential people in lowering taxes for all Americans. She recently became the leader of the Tea Party Caucus with the House of Representatives. However, most would be surprised to know that Bachmann was once a representaRepresentative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota

Ron Paul grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine before serving in the Air Force in the 1960s. He served in Congress in the 1970s and 1980s, before leaving

Governor Rick Perry of Texas

directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Cain would implement his 9-9-9 plan As is well-known, one levy is a 9 percent retail sales tax and another is a 9 percent income tax.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of Georgia

tive of the IRS as an attorney collecting taxes, according to She would cut the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent down to nine percent understanding that to help businesses grow and expand.

in 1984. However, he returned in 1997, and still stands by his desire for limited government and reduced taxes and regulation. He has pursued the Republican nomination in 2004 and 2008 also.

U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas

Rick Santorum supported the Paul Ryan budget proposal that would strip 60 billion dollars in spending as an effort to reduce the deficit and reform Medicare and Medicaid. The former senator sits near the bottom of most early polls, but his staunch opposition to Former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania

abortion and gay marriage may make him attractive to the religious conservatives who hold sway in Iowa and South Carolina. He believes the government needs to make the Bush Tax cuts permanent. He argues that the top wage earners in the states are job creators.

The Twilight saga continues First part of final film in popular teen series hits theatres Nov. 18

father and a human mother also known as a Dhampir. Bella s father, Charlie Swan, will be played by Billy Burke, who works as a police office in Forks. Her mother Renée Dwyer will be played by Sarah Clarke. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Amber Gilstrap Facinelli) is the adoptive father of Edward Cullen after Staff Writer he married Edward s adoptive Twi-hards are awaiting the mother Esme Cullen (Elizabeth release of the last and final Reaser). Jacob s father Billy movie Breaking Dawn part Black in Breaking Dawn is played by Gil Birmingham. one. Later in January, Godfrey The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part one comes out confirmed that the Part Friday, Nov18. The movie 1 will cover the wedding, will be split in two parts, with honeymoon, pregnancy and part two coming out next birth and ends just before her transformation into a vampire November 2012. The Twilight series has as the filmmakers wanted to take the audience through been read by teens all over the world for years, since the emotional part of Bella s the first novel Twilight was journey as she becomes a released in 2005. New Moon vampire , producer Wyck Godfrey told USA was released almost a year Breaking Dawn: Today. Part 2 will later, in 2006, Part 1 follow her following that Release Date: Nov. 18 transformation, was Eclipse in Cast: Kristen Stewart as the first 2007. Breaking Bella, Robert Pattinson as Edward, Taylor exhilarating Dawn is the Lautner as Jacob moments of final novel to Director: Bill Condon her vampire life the series which and the final was released in confrontation 2008. Some students are torn with the Volturi. Godfrey also between the fact of Breaking confirmed that Part 1 will Dawn being split into two follow the book s storyline parts, I think it is a good idea as it breaks away from Bella to separate Breaking Dawn and switches into Jacob s There is a into two parts because it is perspective. a long story and has a lot sense that as Bella and the of information, sophomore Cullens (Edward s makeshift vampire clan) deal with her Kaylan McFalls said. The main characters for pregnancy, the world is still part one are Kristen Stewart turning outside with Jacob, as Bella Swan, Robert he explained The Twilight Saga may be Pattinson as Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob coming to an end after the last Black. Bella and Edward s and final movie comes out, daughter Renesmee Cullen but it will never be forgotten. (who is played by Mackenzie Teens all over the world have Foy) is the child of a vampire read the books and have been



The Breaking Dawn movie will be in two parts. Part one will cover the wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, and birth of Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesmee Cullen. It ends just before Bella’s transformation into a vampire. Part two will be released Nov. 16, 2012.

obsessed over them since the first book Twilight came out in 2005. There is a lot of controversy over whether the Breaking Dawn movie will be based on the book or if it will be like the other three movies which are not totally based on the books. Breaking Dawn was the best book of the series so I hope the final movie will be just as good, sophomore Heather Keller said. I want the final movie to be more of Stephenie Meyer s writing

and less of the director s writing. This is the first time Meyer will be producing on the set for one of her movies. The big difference is just being there and seeing everything , Meyer told USA Today. I feel I ve seen so much of the movie and really understand what it will look like. There are still a lot of compromises. That hasn t changed. It doesn t make a huge difference, but I have a producer credit, which is crazy.

Gears of War 3 Tyler Young Graphics Editor With an awesome story and continuation of the gameplay that has made the franchise great, Gears of War 3 completes a brilliant videogame trilogy that's been seven years in the making. The latest third-person shooter game from Epic Games and Microsoft wraps up the Gears story and answers all the lingering questions that have developed in the battle against the reptilian Locust and their mutant cousins, the Lambent. Campaign Players control COG soldier Marcus Fenix for most of the game. But certain levels require the player to switch off to another member of his Delta Squad. The game starts a couple years after the conclusion of Gears 2 and finds Marcus in jail. Characters familiar to players of the franchise are reintroduced in the opening scenes, and the action kicks off quickly at a breakneck pace. Gameplay Combat typically offers four options for weapons: a primary weapon, secondary weapon, pistol and grenade. Three other players are with the team, and can be controlled by the computer or by others for co-op play, which is fun if you want to get a real feel for the campaign while enjoying the game with your friends. The weapons have weight to them and feel powerful. Shooting from behind cover,

one of the hallmarks of the franchise, is required as enemies appear from nearly every angle. Teamwork is key. Not only will a teammate come to your rescue when you are down, teammates can also set up opportunities to flank your opponents and end battles quicker. It all flows naturally and is well-paced, with plenty of ammo and weapons to be scavenged and used. The game helps new players along with a casual mode that highlights enemies and objectives for easier play. There is an aim-assist mode that will line up enemies if you have trouble getting those pesky Locusts in your crosshairs. The interaction between characters never feels forced or fake. Their emotions are believable, and their concern for one another is genuine. Senior Jacob Brady describes it as a "soap opera for guys," but it is more like a TV mini-series. The action blends well with the dialogue and creates a flow that helps pull the player along from scene to scene. Multiplayer Six modes of multiplayer action offer all kinds of mission objectives beyond just killing the other team. Whether it's capturing and holding an enemy leader (while defending your own) or playing as one of the monsters a g a i n s t human op-

ponents, variety will keep players entertained. Dedicated servers around the world, which host the multiplayer games, also will be available, fulfilling a common player desire from previous Gears of War games. Developers said this should eliminate the perception that players hosting multiplayer matches had an advantage over other players. In multiplayer mode, the different modes offer challenges for any type of player and put a premium on strategy to achieve victory.

The Gears franchise introduced the gamer to a new multiplayer game mode, team death match. In this game mode players are split into two teams: Locust and COG. Each team is given 20 lives. The team to deplete the enemies lives before losing their own wins.

Overall Ratings Gamespot 9.5/10 IGN 9/10 GameStop 9.4/10 Tyler’s Take 10/10

Overall, Gears of War 3 is exciting, emotional and blends competitiveness with teamwork. Whether playing the campaign alone or with friends, the story mixes with the action and provides a satisfying feeling even if the ending may not be to your liking. As this trilogy ends, don't be surprised if there is more "Gears" action down the road. A Season Pass has been announced and may be purchased now. The Season Pass entitles players to the first four DLC avalible on Gears of War 3. These downloads range from, maps, characters, weapon skins, and more. The first of four downloads is set to be on November first. Gears of War 3 is available now in North America, Europe, and Japan. It is an Xbox 360 exclusive title and rated M for mature due to blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language.

entertainment 15


To improve the pe rsonal aspect of his new album, dr Fans have comp ake recorded Ta lained that Drak e is constantly ke Care in the co so he decided to talking about ho mfort of his Toro go home so he w w mu nto home. ch ould stop missing he misses his life what the pros of it so much. Fans before he was being a famous ha famous, rapp ve stressed to by lucy mcElr him that they wan oy, design editer are, not just the cons. t to know or On Nov 15, Drake’s second album, more personal than his first album, will be released. According to Drake, he recorded his debut album, Thank Me Later, while he was a bit disconnected from himself. “The whole process has been about slowing life down and really pinpointing emotions,” Drake told Rolling Stone. Take Care was produced by 40, a Canadian hip-hop producer from Drake’s hometown, Toronto. 40 has worked with artists like Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys and is one of Drake’s closest friends. Many of us were introduced to Drake as Jimmy Brooks from the series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was a student who loved basketball but became physically disabled. After his accident, his character started showing an interest in rapping and music and then in 2009, his role ended when he graduated from the school in the show. Drake’s first mixtape, Room for Improvement, was free for download on his MySpace. In 2007, Drake became the first unsigned Canadian rapper to have his music video featured on BET. In 2008, Rap-A-Lot records founder James Prince gave Lil Wayne some of


Drake’s music and after listening to the material, Lil Wayne almost immediately asked Drake to fly to Houston and tour with him. He went from a character on a TV show to becoming part of the Young Money crew. He transformed into a new rap artist among names like Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj, and many more reputable artists. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of July 4, 2009, “Best I Ever Had” appeared 2nd and “Every Girl” appeared 10th. Drake is only the second artist to have his first two top ten hits within the same week. On June 29, 2009, Drake signed a record deal with Young Money Entertainment. Two days before, America’s Most Wanted tour kicked off in Pennsylvania with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, and Drake, who had not even released his first studio album yet. On Sept 15, 2009, So Far Gone EP was released. It debuted No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and was later certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. On April 18, 2010, So Far Gone won Rap Recording of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards. Thank Me Later was released on June 15, 2010 featuring big time artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. On the day the album was released, Drake and Hanson did a free concert at New York’s South Street Seaport and 25,000 fans gathered. It was cancelled by police due to over-flowing crowds. Thank Me Later sold 447,000 records in its first week, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Upon the release of Thank Me Later, Drake sold the most records for any hip hop artist in one week in 2010. This


mark would be passed by Eminem a week later. Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, was first scheduled to be released on his 25th birthday, Oct 24, 2011. Drake moved the date to Nov 15 because his intention for this album is for him to present his thoughts and stories in a way that makes the listener feel like they are living the events portrayed in the album. If he released the album on the intended date, he thinks the album would be too rushed. Take Care will be sold in three different editions: the standard edition, Birthday edition, and OG Ron C edition. “This album isn’t about missing anything. This album is about living it and owning it and letting you know exactly what I go through,” Drake told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m proud of who I’ve evolved into, for sure.”


i. The series’ prev eat expectations gr s e me re th co n ng tio ludi ipa with great antic om all angles, inc ed (Aug 29) and sitive acclaim fr riv po r hip hop’s ar of fo ly r nt al he ou fin hig am s ormous set even en as an w d r Tha Carter IV ha ba ive e ce th , re id w standards. ing sa Tha Carter III, to meeting his ne p classic. That be d) ho de hip en ous installment, a int as un it (p ; some viewed erly-dedicated Grammy Awards ne hasn’t been ov ay W Lil aphics Editor y, dl Sa . me by Tyler Young, Gr most popular na ‘Intro’- The almost 3-minute track is a weak introduction to a faint album. The beat is incredible, like every other beat of Waynes, but the lyrics lack the unique aspect that Wayne usually brings. ‘Blunt Blowin’- This is one of the songs you hear and turn the volume up right away. The beat once again is outstanding and the lyrics are catchy. This is the song you serenade your friends with. ‘Megaman’- This is the one track that has no chorus; it’s basically Wayne spitting one-liners for three and a half minutes. Wayne’s confidence stands out in this track through his catchy metaphors and producer titled, “head banging beat”. ‘6 foot 7’ Featuring Corey Gunz- The first single released for the album, this track has been out nearly a year. It will be stuck in your head with credit to the beat as well as Wayne and Corey’s punch lines. ‘Nightmares of the Bottom’- Not as dark as the title suggests, but this track provides some much needed depth and perspective. The classical background beat is what makes this song. “Don’t call me sir call me survivor,”

Weezy shrugs. ‘She Will’ (Drake) - This track showcases Young Money’s true talent. Drake provides a provocative hook while Wayne goes into vivid detail. Wayne’s vocals always hold well with Drake’s smooth flows. The tracks’ chorus is infectious even if you are not a fan of rap music. ‘How to Hate’ (T-Pain) - T-Pain and his pitch-corrected voice gives a disrespectful label to all rappers in this track. It’s hard to listen to a song this bad. Wayyynneee should haveeee leeeeeeft this one out of the albummmmmmm. ‘Interlude’ (Tech N9ne, Andre 3000) Wayne is nowhere to be found in this song. He lends his ‘Intro’ beat to veteran Tech N9ne. Hip Hop legend Andre 3000 ends the track kissing the listener on the forehead as the beat fades. However, being that this is the interlude the track is too short. ‘John’ (Rick Ross) - Wayne and Ross team up for the album’s second single. The bass line and background beat in this track kick off the second of half of “Tha Carter IV.” ‘Abortion’- If you are thinking that this track has something to do with abortion, think again. Other then the name of the song having nothing to do with the song, Wayne knew where he was going with this one. Wayne uses his catchy metaphors to talk about his achievements and accolades, but not once does he mention abortion. The songs based on what is important to Weezy, and he makes it clear. “Ashed my blunt in my Grammy Award” raps Wayne. ‘So Special’ (John Legend) - One of Wayne’s best. The beat, the verses, and

the chorus all compliment the mood of the song. The chorus comes from 7-time Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend. ‘How to Love’- Call it the “Lollipop” of this album. It is an unexpected, R&B-inflected track in which Wayne embraces Auto-Tune, and takes a shot at singing. The fans Love this one. ‘President Carter’- Best track on the album. The Jimmy Carter sample puts this song on the top of my list. Unlike most tracks on “Tha Carter IV,” this track is one to enjoy and relax to. ‘It’s Good’ (Drake, Jadakiss) - Forget the Jay-Z diss. This track is what “Tha Carter IV” needed. All three rappers use the beat to their advantage. Drake uses his only verse to lay a red carpet down for Wayne to end the song with an edgy message. ‘Outro’ (Bun-B, Nas, Shyne, Busta Rhymes) - Wayne lends his beat once again for the finale. Nas Bun and Busta rap it out for the stand out verse while Shyne’s flow and lyrics are on point. This Track wraps up “Tha Carter IV” perfectly.

entertainment 17

Brandon Laass Sports Editor


he relationship between the Clemson Tigers and Dorman Cavaliers has been growing over the years. Over the past few seasons, many former Dorman stars have decided to play for the Tigers. Dorman has produced many great Division I football players and many have decided to play in Death Valley. Wide receiver Charone Peake, wide receiver Adam Humphries, left guard Brandon Thomas, and long snapper Michael Sobeski have appeared in at least one game this season. Redshirt sophomore Brandon Thomas, who made his first start in a win over Florida State, has been crucial to the success of the offense this year. The Tigers have been the talk of the nation in offensive coordinator Chad Morris high powered offense, and the offensive line plays a major role. Brandon is a very talented player who had really improved since the preseason, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said in an email interview. I was quite frankly disappointed in him early in the season, but when he got his opportunity against Auburn he made the most of it.


He went from playing just 136 snaps last year to playing 89 snaps against the defending national champion and he performed very well after David Smith was injured. Now he has held the starting position ever since. Thomas took over the starting role at left guard in the Tigers win over Auburn. Regular starter David Smith, who had shoulder surgery, was replaced by Mason Cloy, but Cloy left with an injury at the end of the first quarter. Thomas came in to replace Cloy and has started every game since. His play off the bench had a lot to do with our victory over Auburn. He then had six knockdown blocks against Virginia Tech and that was the most knockdowns by an offensive lineman this year. I don t know if he has given up a sack either, Swinney said. The 2009 Dorman grad was credited with a touchdown in the Tigers loss to Georgia Tech on Oct. 29 when quarterback Tajh Boyd fumbled just as he crossed the goal line. Thomas, who was at the bottom of the pile, alertly recovered the ball for the score. Redshirt freshman long snapper Michael Sobeski (2010 graduate) recently broke through

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus Clemson freshman receiver Adam Humphries (16), a 2011 Dorman graduate, tries to avoid Maryland linebacker Alex Twine (35) after making a catch during their match up. Clemson defeated Maryland 56-45 on Oct. 15 in a thriller.

‘A dream come true’ Former Cavaliers make their mark on Clemson’s season

Brandon Thomas

Adam Humphries

Michael Sobeski

OL, RS soph.

WR, fr.

WR, fr.

LS, RS fr.

6-3, 300

6-0, 190

6-3, 205

6-2 195

started every game since Auburn win

6 receptions for 46 yards; key plays on special teams

3 receptions for 54 yards

Held for all field goals against Boston College

and started against Boston College on Oct. 8 in place of long snapper Philip Fajgenbaum. He was the snapper on all five of Chandler Catanzaro s field goals. Sobeski has friends on the team, which helps with the high school to college transition.


Charone Peake

It is special every day at practice, and it is reassuring to know you have a friend on and off the field, Sobeski said. Freshman wide receivers Adam Humphries and Charone Peake (2011) have also made an impact.

Humphries has recorded 6 catches for 46 yards in eight games this year. He had a 7-yard catch against Troy in his first college game, one catch for six yards against Florida State, and two for 13 yards against Boston College.

His best game so far was against Maryland when he caught two passes for 20 yards. Peake has been limited with an injury for the majority of the season so far, though he showed off his immense potential with an acrobatic grab in the 38-24 win over defending national champion Auburn. The 6-3 freshman will never forget making that first catch in his college career. It was one of the greatest if not the greatest feelings I have had, he said. I thought I was going to score until I was tackled by the safety who I did not see coming. It was a memorable moment and I am sure it always will be, Peake said. Humphries has made some special memories already in Clemson. It was amazing to have the opportunity to start in my first collegiate game. Not many players have that opportunity as a true freshman, but it is something I will always remember, Humphries said. Coach Swinney sees the potential for both of them. I am excited about both them. They are exciting players who are going to get more and more opportunities, Swinney said. Both can spread out the opposing defense and that is a key to

our offense, keep the defense off balance, and, they have great practice habits. That desire will make them get better as the season goes on. Both Peake and Humphries are only true freshmen so they will have three more years of eligibility left after this season. Peak should move up in the depth chart with the graduation of seniors Jaron Brown and Marquan Jones. The players ahead of both

frame make him a good target, but defenders must respect his big-play ability. ESPN s recruiting director Tom Luginbill has said that Peake has a uncanny similarity to (former Georgia standout and Cincinnati Bengal) A.J. Green. He also adds that Peake has quick hands and can contort his frame to haul in passes thrown outside his natural catching radius. His focus and intense ability to

photos courtesy of Anderson Independent-Mail Top Left: Brandon Thomas (63) recovers a fumble for a score against Georgia Tech. Top Right: Michael Sobeski (75) during pre-game. Bottom: Charone Peake (19) holds on to a nice catch against Auburn

Peake and Humphries have been excelling this year, especially freshman receiver Sammy Watkins. But that just opens up more opportunities for the rest of Clemson s crop of weapons. Humphries has drawn comparisons from Swinney to former Tiger and current NFL wideout Tyler Grisham, who was known for being a great possession receiver. (Adam) is an outstanding receiver with good hands. He is a smart player who has become familiar with the offense in a short period of time, Swinney said. Peake, who gained a reputation for making big plays while at Dorman, has been under the radar a bit, but many experts expect him to make a bigger move next season. His wide

make plays in a crowd as well as one-handed, acrobatic grabs is as good as we have seen. Despite the loss at Georgia Tech, Clemson is still the favorite in the ACC, and Morris offense will be a force for the near future. One thing that the former Cavaliers will always be able to look back on is the thrill of running down the hill in Death Valley. It is crazy, it gets better every time, Peake said. The tradition is already favorite of these former Cavaliers. It is extremely exciting. It just gets you ready for the game from the very start, Sobeski said. Running down the hill in front of 80,000 screaming fans is definetly a motivator for players. Said Humphries: It is amazing, it is a rush and it is very special, a dream come true.

Clemson connection: It’s a Dorman thing Hunter Steinberg Managing Editor


orman players are now showing up in orange and white more than ever before. Adam Humphries, Brandon Thomas, Charone Peake, and Michael Sobeski, are all Dorman graduates who are now suited up for the Clemson Tigers. This pipeline has not always happened though, as Dorman players used to be more prone to go to South Carolina than Clemson, according Dorman coach David Gutshall. Clemson has done a great recruiting our players, Gutshall said. The Clemson recruiting department is always here in the locker room and on the sideline, they were the only college here in the game against Boiling Springs. Not only are they suiting up, but also making major contributions. Junior Brandon Thomas is the starting left guard, and Adam Humphries and Charone Peake are both seeing significant playing time at wide receiver. Michael Sobeski has found a spot on special teams. It feels great knowing that I have a special bond with the former Dorman players, Humphries said. Now that we are performing at a higher level and still being successful on the field makes it more special. Senior Offensive lineman Patrick Destefano committed to Clemson on May 23, adding another Dorman player to the Tiger depth chart. The decision was made easier for him because of the opportunity to play with his former teammates. It s huge, Destefano told the Herald Journal. Not only do I get to play with Adam (Humphries) and Charone (Peake), but I get to play with Brandon Thomas and Michael Sobeski. My old teammates have become my new teammates. Players who have grown up in the Upstate or in South Carolina have a tendency to be a fan of either Clemson or South Carolina. With most all of our players growing up in South Carolina, they have grown up around Clemson and South Carolina fans, Gutshall said, which persuades them when it comes to college decisions.





Senior Katherine Coggins runs during a meet against Riverside on Oct.4.It was the last meet for Katherine at home.

Photos by Tyler Young Sophomore Madyson Coggins runs during a meet against Riverside on Oct.4.The Cavaliers defeated Riverside.

Coggins sisters lead Lady Cavaliers to top Sisters Katherine and Madyson fuel cross country team Brandon Laass Sports Editor


e are almost through with the season for cross country and the main story for the Lady Cavaliers has been the performance of the Coggins sisters. Senior Katherine Coggins and sophomore Madyson Coggins have led the Cavaliers to a perfect undefeated record. This is the third consecutive undefeated season for the team under Coach Jerry Kimbrell. The Girls team is also undefeated in dual meets. Preparation for this season started back in the summer. We started practice back in July, and we attended a team camp at Appalachian state in Boone, Katherine Coggins said. This group of girls is dierent from last year after losing key seniors. It is different from last year, Madyson Coggins said. The interesting dynamic on the team

They bring a very competitive streak to our team. --Coach Jerry Kimbrell is to have the two sisters competing against each other on a daily basis. It brings out the sister rivalry and it brings out the best in me, Madyson Coggins said. Older sister Katherine agrees: It definitely makes it more competitive . Coach Jerry Kimbrell sees the rivalry as a good thing for the duo. I think there is a rivalry but it is a positive rivalry, he said. I have never seen either girl complain or become upset if the other beat her in a race. They do not always show it but from talking to both individually, you can tell they have a lot of pride in the others ability and willingness to compete. I doubt there is a bigger fan of Madyson than Katherine and no bigger

fan of Katherine than Madyson. The Cavaliers are on pace to compete for a repeat as the state champions. My goal is to win state this year, Katherine Coggins said. The Girls Cross Country team closed out the regular season with a Region II-4A title on Oct.12. Katherine placed third at the region meet and earned all-region honors with a time of 19:20. They bring a very competitive streak to our team, Kimbrell said. Both girls are willing to work hard and expect their teammates to do the same. Their team knows when Katherine and Madyson toe the line at the start of a race they are going to compete very hard, Kimbrell said. That competitive spirit can only bode well for the team as a whole. Katherine, as a senior, has taken on more of a leadership role this year. Katherine has been a tremendous leader in our program the last two years and a lot of our success can be attributed to her leadership, Kimbrell said. With great leaders on the team like Katherine the run for a state title looks promising. The younger runners are learning from the upperclassmen and that will be a great thing for years to come.




Decorating the halls is a good call F

our years of life spent walking up and down the boring, florescent lit hallways. The same old concrete blocks and white paint. Well this year, a splash of color is being added to those bland hallways. Recently, students have been signing up to help in the decorating of the hallways. Specific hallways are being designated for specific grades, clubs, organizations and more. Not only will the school be more animated, but students will be given the opportunity to

express their creativity and artistic talents. All throughout the school, classwork, projects, and other assignments have been displayed in hallways, outside of classrooms, and even inside classrooms. Having their accomplishments shown around school gives students an incentive to work harder, along with getting to see other students work. This splash of color in the school unites the students and allows them to feel rewarded and praised. Does anyone really like

walking down those same bor- those long eight hours someing hallways, sitting in those what livelier. same boring classrooms? StuJust by hanging a couple of dents arrive achievements at the school display, the What do you think? for around 8 spirit around a.m., and by the school will The Cavalier welcomes and enthe time traf- courages any and all letters to the ed- be noticeably fic clears, it s itor. All letters are subject to editing different and almost 3:45- for libel, grammar, content, and students will space. Letters may be delivered in that s nearly be determined person to room B134 or email the adeight hours viser at to work harder. a day spent A sense of in the school environment. By pride will spread around the getting students to work to- school, leaving the students gether while expressing their with a feeling of accomplishskills and creativity, it makes ment and achievement.

Students at both schools deserve better


illustration by Lucy McElroy


n the morning of Oct. 7, students and faculty of Boiling Springs High School arrived to find the front of the school vandalized. Phrases like DHS 2012, Dorman U, Seniors 2012, and We Own U were found in blue and white letters on the sidewalk. The bulldog statue was painted half blue and half white to represent the Dorman colors. As of Oct. 28, no charges were filed and no suspects have been identified in the case. It is hard to believe that individuals would want so much attention that they are willing to face criminal charges. While having school spirit makes the high school experience fun and memorable, engaging criminal behavior in an effort to show support for your school is crossing the line. Sure, kids will be kids, but when the actions are breaking the law, it is no longer an innocent prank. Rumors have circulated that students at Boiling Springs̶in an effort to deface the reputation of Dorman students̶could be to blame. No evidence has been reported yet to suggest as much. Regardless of who is responsible, the actions were outlandish and

reprehensible; when the truth comes out, the actions of a few individuals will tarnish the reputation of an entire school, whether the students are from Dorman or Boiling Springs. The group of people responsible for the defacing of the school could be charged with destruction of property along with trespassing. Are the charges that the people face really worth being considered the top story in the news for that day?


What about the actions of those individuals who didn t take part in this travesty? Students, faculty, and other groups participate in events that uphold the reputations of both schools. Students from the schools competed that night at volleyball and junior varsity football games. Their efforts and performances were overshadowed and tarnished by the petty acts of a few attention-seeking miscreants. They deserve better.

In news reports published that Friday, reporters referred to the individuals as vandals. What a great reputation to uphold̶especially when it is Dorman seniors presumed to be responsible. News of the event has spread across the county and the viewing area, leaving a bad impression on parents and other supporters of DHS. The fervor not surprisingly spread to social networking sites like Facebook that weekend. Statuses updates about the incident filled news feeds of users, continuing to harm the reputation of students and alumni outside the area. To top it off, the Bulldogs edged Dorman 31-28 in Friday s football game, the first victory by Boiling Springs over the Cavaliers since 1996. But the embarrassment lies with the perpetrators, not the football team. As surveillance videos are reviewed and the investigation proceeds, the story will unfold and the truth will come out. Those responsible will be charged and the guilty will be punished, but the reputation of both schools will remain damaged by an immature and thoughtless act. Both schools deserve better.

Freedom of religion equates equality here? Awkal is sentenced to death row for murdering his estranged wife, Latife Awkal, and his brotherin-law, Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz in 1992. His execution is set to take place in June. Fellow inmate Cornelius Causey joined Awkal in the lawsuit. Causey is serving 15 years to life, for murder and aggravated robbery convictions. The issue of eating halal meals is especially important to me because I face a death sentence, Awkal said previously this year. It is important to me that I follow the requirements of my faith as I approach death. Yes, religious freedom is a privilege, but is it one that should be denied so readily? While inmates should still have religious freedom, their allowances should be within boundaries though. Obviously there will be no trips to Mecca, Vatican City, or the Wailing Wall. At the moment these men were convicted for their crimes, they relinquished their rights to freedom. Prison and freedom are usually not connected positively in a sentence. However, respect is still necessary in the treatment of these religions, so a level of grace should be granted by the prison system. In addition, the availability of

specific meals should not be select to only one religion. If kosher meals are offered, then halal meals should also be prepared as an option. Equality is as much a factor in the United States government as religious freedom is. In the Qur an, Surah 2:173 states: If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin on him. So, if the ODRC continues to refuse to prepare halal meals, the Muslim prisoners are without sin, according to the Qur an, if they must then eat haraam, or non-halal, food. Surah 5:5 also compares kosher food to halal; This day are all things good and pure made lawful to you. The food of the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them. While not slaughtered by dhabiha standards, kosher meals are still equal in lawfulness to those that are deemed halal. Neither Jews nor Muslims are permitted to consume pork, blood, or animals sacrificed to any God other than that of their religion. Thus, while Awkal s case for halal meals is filed under that of a civil rights violation and treatment Abigail Hoffman


he issue of religious freedom and what it includes has long been a fuzzy area in America s mind. More often than not, problems arise when citizens claim to be cheated of their freedom of religion. In truth, this freedom is a gift and should be treated as such. One of the most recent examples occurred in Columbus, Ohio̶ at a (now) well-known prison. A Muslim inmate at Ohios Department of Rehabilitation and Correction sued his prison for refusing him halal food̶ meals that are specifically prepared according to Islamic law. Food that is deemed halal̶ the Arabic word for lawful ̶ must not be prepared with certain animals, and the animal must be slaughtered by specific measures. This method of slaughtering, dhabiha, orders that the animal is killed swiftly, with as little pain as possible. The prisoner, Abdul Awkal, is especially livid that the prison will not prepare halal meals, yet will accommodate its Jewish prisoners needs for kosher meals. And while the ODRC serves vegetarian and non-pork meal options, Awkal and a fellow prisoner have complained that they are just not good enough. Excuse me, but whos in prison

should be given according to equality of religious freedom, his argument is flawed. While still a valid complaint, Awkal s request seems slightly exaggerated. Kosher meals are available for Awkal, Causey, and any other prisoners that refuse the standard prison meals. The ODRC s guidelines claim that they will accommodate any kosher dietary restrictions for recognized Jewish inmates. In the case of Muslim inmates, the prison promises a completely pork-free diet. All meat and non-meat alternatives are promised to be nutritionally adequate. Currently, the ODRC adheres to each of these statements. Imam Sunni-Ali Islam, one of the Muslim spiritual counselors at the prison, agrees with Awkal that the Department should offer both kosher and halal meals, but does not think it rises to the level of religious discrimination. And I, in turn, agree with the spiritual counselor: equality should be shown to all prisoners, especially in conjunction with their religious freedom. Awkal, however, should be content with, and grateful for, the level of allowance the prison has already granted him and his fellow Muslim prisoners.

14 years old is too young for the death penalty racism that convicted Stinney. Stinney was accused of murdering two white girls, 11-year old Betty June Binnicker, and 8-year old Mary Emma Thames. They were found a day after they disappeared. Stinney s father, who had helped look for the girls, was fired immediately and ordered to leave his home and the sawmill where he worked. His family was told to leave town prior to the trial to avoid further retribution. His execution date was set to June 16, 1994 at 7:30 p.m. With no family

visits, the 14 years old had to endure the trial and execution alone. Supporters would like the courts to admit that the boy the officials executed was not the criminal. In many situations like Stinneys, petitions have been made to persuade courts to overturn these decisions made in the past. In these cases the petitions are kept going by stature of people who signed it. Michael Winks


n the 20th century the world was a different place, but even in that time the execution of George Stinney seems unjust and unfair. At the age of 14 yrs. 6mos. and 5 days old Stinney was executed for the murder of two young girls. George Frierson, a community activist fighting to clear stinney s name, told the Associated Press in a recent story that Stinney couldn t have done it. Frierson says that Stinney was compelled to give the confession he gave and that it was southern

Some have already found justice. Radio host Tom Joyner won a pardon for two of his great uncles. When this happens and these people convicted in the past are pardoned it shows that there is justice for all who deserve. It just has to be fought for, as cliché as this sounds, and these are causes worth fighting for.



Cavalier Spirit! Homecoming Decorations

To celebrate the 2011-’12 Homecoming theme of “Class from the Past,” Dorman students decorated their third block doors with classic movie scenes and characters.

Winning classrooms:

Mrs. Pam Broome’s class

Mr. Robert Urban’s class

*B-Wing, downstairs: Mrs. Broome’s Drama III, and Mrs. Baier’s Symphony orchestra [tied] *B-Wing, upstairs: Mrs. Robinson’s Spanish II *A-Wing, downstairs: Mr. Rich’s US History *A-Wing, upstairs: Dr. Smallfield’s Physics I

Mrs. Lori Moore’s class

Mrs. Jennifer Gallman’s class

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