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Inside his Week: Community Split on Refugees / Human Trafficking Penalties / Stormont / Fire Safety for Freshers / Simply Scrumptious

Who is my Neighbour ? Community Split on Syrian Refugee Crisis

From mainstream media headlines being placed on repeat and the resulting pro‐ paganda overlowing into social media, the thoughts and feelings of some of the Causeway Coast and Glens Community have shited away from pity and empathy to a drastic stance of fear, suspicion and judgement. A simple post asking for items to take to a collection point has been met with a lurry of activity with polarizing viewpoints being aired across our readership. Coleraine SDLP Coun‐ cillor Stephanie Quigley has shown her hand this week in a headline grabbing move stating that 'We'll take 50 families', this bold stance has garnered response and reactions from all sides of the com‐ munity including a previous political refugee who has went on record as stat‐ ing that "this community is not ready for anymore immigrants or refugees because it is barely able to look ater itself with it's existing infrastructure and cutbacks." he view comes from a lengthy experi‐ ence of working with ethnic minorities who are the exact opposite of what the headlines scream and shout about. he reality regarding coming over here and claiming beneits and taking our jobs ac‐ tually ends up on the inevitable conclu‐ sion of exploitation. here is an air of racism in the area with graffiti and tar‐ geted attacks on ethnic minorities simply because of how they look, speak or inter‐ act with the community, do we really have the ability to "take 50 families"?

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Have a treat on Main street Niamh and Amelia Hughes from Portstewart are pictured enjoying Translink’s recent ‘Happy Metro Saturday’ festivities in Belfast at a special bus stop party.

SIMPLY SCRUMPTIOUS, PORTSTEWART I'm not a huge fan of pink, but the Musi‐ cal numer 'Truly, scrumptious' was stuck playing in my head so I decied to give it a go.I was very pleasantly surprised by the interior and service that we received. he hot chocolate was made with the same eager determination as any Barista would place in crating a coffee. he menu is quite limited but there is ample choice and the bakery was homemade and cooked to perfection, Coffee was nice with a fresh strong lavour not too much but enough to give you a kick to brave the walk down the promenade to the car park. Interior also very good. Staff very friendly and couldn't have been more

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Ladies remember to pm on to get appointment am above gingersnips hairdressers coleraine society couldn't miss out on these deals ladies.

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To Love, Honour and Deny? Nearly 1,000 users identiied locally from Ashley Madison data dump by he TIMES newspaper. According to he Times Newspaper nearly 1,000 users have been conirmed in the area as being registered on the hacked Ashley Madison site data dump. with 500 in the town of Coleraine, alone! But before you go getting all best friends with your nearest geek to name and shame whoever you could think of per‐ hap your spouses or signiicant others, or your bosses or colleagues or other people who you may want to know is "trustwor‐ thy" - here is a bit of technical involve‐ ment but it is possible to search online for evidence that a person may have been using the website Ashley Madison. Some users of that site may have been hypothetically considering possibly hav‐ ing an extramarital or otherwise illicit affair, though the mere fact of a person being registered with the site does not, of course, indicate any such thing.A valid point raised by a reader this week: David Peacock "Does the public not have a right to a private and family life? Article 8 of the human rights act.I've no idea, I'm guessing they published a quote or a set of igures handed to them on a plate?

on of them might be married? Clare Kane brought a female perspective to the discussion with: "maybe you mis‐ understand the aim of the site, its specii‐ cally for people who want to have affairs, so if someone is registered on it then they will almost certainly have a few questions to answer with their partners. he bots you mention, the company ad‐ mitted, were 'female' designed to attract male users and string them along so the majority of males registered have suspect intentions to say the least...

As we are seeking to inform all of my many readers we have now researched this matter and discussed with our tech‐ nical counterparts and have compiled some authoritative and genuine advice for anyone who might be thinking of "having a wee nosey" for the data leaked from the site. Here are the points we would ask you to consider before taking such a step.

can get and will log your details as you use their service, and put these details on a list, which of course can then in turn appear on the internet and so the cycle continues.

1. Your Computer is pretty much guaranteed to get Infected With A Virus If You go for a snoop. I know, I know, it's not fair but this is an unfortunate, but true, fact. Most websites purporting to have the Ashley Madison data available for download or search are in fact fakes set up by cyber criminals. Simply clicking through to such a site from a Google search is nearly certain to set you up for an infection on your com‐ puter with serious malware that wants to do more than snoop on your facebook his would then ultimately end up with curious people looking for these 'lists' for naming and shaming and will see you on that list and simply assume you were checking whether your details were on Ashley Madison. Even if a search service appears to take no personal details from you, it will almost certainly will be. his will inevitably reveal you to the world as a guilty Ashley Madison user even if you had never even heard of the website be‐ fore the recent media irestorm.

3. he Mere Fact hat Someone's Details Are In he Ashley Madison Data Means Absolutely Nothing At All I'm not a journalist or computer expert.. But trusting the stolen account stats pro‐ vided by hackers, from an adult site that has been shown to have fake 'bot' ac‐ counts.. Combined with an obvious de‐ sire of 'real' users to remain anonymous + a few other motives to use fake start up emails etc details.. All add up to an un‐ trustworthy story that has little 'news' merit and has potential to contravene the HRA.. What next?.. Taking photos of adults entering bars without partners and leaving with one, in the off chance

ley Madison data, in almost all cases those card numbers will have been stolen by criminals - perhaps by hacking a completely legitimate online store or other website - and used fraudulently without the owner's knowledge.

holiday albums.

2. his Poisioned Chalice of Data Could Add Your Name To A List Of Likely Ashley Madison Users Y'know like a register you really don't want to part of, Large numbers of un‐ scrupulous companies are offering web‐ pages or sites which they say will allow you to search safely through the leaked Ashley Madison data. But they them‐ selves are waiting to hack you for all they

he fact of the matter is that the vast ma‐ jority of people whose details were held by Ashley Madison had absolutely no in‐ tention whatever of having any sort of il‐ licit affair. Many proiles were created us‐ ing people's details - for instance their names, photographs nude and/or dressed, email addresses etc - without their knowledge by other persons for a huge variety of reasons. hese things are easily harvested from the internet. Even where someone's credit card details are found in the Ash‐

Even where this has not occurred and someone appears to have really regis‐ tered with the site of their own volition, again this means nothing. Most Ashley Madison users were motivated by inno‐ cent curiosity: and in many cases they may have had no interest in having an affair but instead bona-ide work reasons to be registered with the site. his is especially true of journalists, the vast majority of whom were registered with the site in order to do essential re‐ search into prospective articles on web security. It's important to be aware that such in‐ vestigative news articles oten take a long time to prepare, not just a case of copy and paste.

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Is Stormont just a House of Cards full of Jokers?

Photo Credit:Steve Lav: Claire Sugden MLA‐ denMLA On Monday 14th September 2015, I suc‐ cessfully tabled a Matter of the Day con‐ cerning the future of the NI political Insti‐ tutions. "Mr Speaker,hank you for the opportu‐ nity to speak on this matter. I will begin by saying how privileged I feel to stand here and represent East Londonderry in the Northern Ireland Assembly. While we now ind ourselves in exceptional circumstances I will con‐ tinue to do the job I was entrusted with, while I can. 100 000 constituents expect me to represent them in this House.his House is cards is falling Mr Speaker. he only good that will come out of this is if the jokers at the top coming crashing down too and do not get up again. I am concerned because we have so much to lose. Not just the message that Northern Ireland has failed, but the prospect of be‐ ing governed by people who don't know us; understandably are fed up with us and won't ight for the people or sell our country for the potential it has like we can.Events that unfolded on hursday make me very sad.My constituent, Mr Watton and I know he won't mind me saying his name, has been waiting for a disabled parking bay for over six months. Mr Watton is very ill, it takes him all strength to walk several feet and he is certainly entitled to this space. He is entitled to a public service that will make his life a little bit easier while he focuses his strength on his day to day struggles. He won't get his disabled park‐ ing bay, because the Minister and then the Committee need to sign it off. he

irst one doesn't exist.Mr Watton is only a small piece of the puzzle of Northern Ireland. he bigger picture is ruined, however, when one piece is missing. he collapse of our institutions are being felt from the people up while politics is be‐ ing played badly from the top down.he events that have unfolded since the death of Mr McGuigan are really quite unbe‐ lievable. A lot of big decisions have been made on 'what if?'. It goes further in my belief that many who sit in this House are not it for the job. Yes, I appreciate you were given a mandate, but I really don't think the people expected this nonsense when they trusted you with their vote.My interpretation of what is really happening here is delection and election. Mr Speaker there are people bleeding this country dry and the cur‐ rent events are providing a very conve‐ nient smoke screen. I see it in my own constituency. Our drug problem is oten hidden by the contentious issues. But Mr Speaker these people will be caught and I look forward to the day, because the peo‐ ple of Northern Ireland deserve better and I trust they will realise this come next election.Whether in a month or May next year we have an election. Mr Speaker there is nothing wrong with electioneering. But electioneering should begin the day ater you are elected to earn the Mandate you were given, not in panic to get one over on your competitor. As an Independent, I proba‐ bly have more than most to lose in an early election, but it's not about me, it's about the people I represent. If losing my seat and never speaking a word in this Chamber again means that we will move forward positively, then by all means, bring it on.But it won't. I believe that Northern Ireland will only truly move on when those people involved in the Trou‐

bles are no longer in politics. For the good of the people you claim to repre‐ sent, move on, step aside if you will and encourage, young politicians like Gary Middleton, Steven Agnew, Chris Lyttle,

Claire Hanna, Megan Fearon, Sandra Overend and me to be the future so that Northern Ireland and these institutions have a chance.hank you Mr Speaker."

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No respect given to Sacred Garden he Angel Of Hope Memorial Garden which has been recently opened in Col‐ eraine has been badly vandalised and is becoming a 'hot spot' for under age drinking and was also used by a Bridal Party for wedding photos that has let many visibly upset. Andrea McAleese one the founders of the project has been inundated on social media with reports ranging from doing no harm to doing no good."Hi it has been brought to my at‐ tention that the garden was used at the

weekend by a bridal party taking pho‐ tographs . he garden is private and owned and managed by the Angel of hope Company and committee the gar‐ den is not allowed to be used for adver‐ tising or wedding photos without the prior consent of the above named . he bridal party where sitting on top of the raised planter which is a memorial for babies this is not acceptable and worse for a parent who may have been visiting their child's memorial"

FREE DANDER BALL, MEAL and HEALTH CHECK Part of Positive Ageing month, October. Open to men aged 50+ from Neighbourhood Renewal Areas of Coleraine. Wed 14th October, 2pm, at SCORE. Take a dander down.

Funding Deadline For Local Groups 21st September 2015 PUBLIC NOTICE Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council invites applications from com‐ munity and voluntary organisations for the following Community Grant Pro‐ grammes: BUILDING A UNITED COMMUNITY FUND he fund replaces previous Good Rela‐ tions Grants Programmes that were sup‐ ported by the four Legacy Councils and has been designed to support, promote and develop Good Relations projects within the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area. For details, con‐ tact Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council's Ballycastle Office on (028) 2076 2225 or email lisa.harris@cause‐ SOCIAL INCLUSION FUND

he fund is open to community organi‐ sations who provide community activi‐ ties and services for local communities within the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area. For details, con‐ tact Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council's Coleraine Office on (028) 7034 7032 or emailzara.curry@causewaycoas‐ Both funds open on Wednesday 12th August 2015. he deadline for submis‐ sions is 21st September 2015 at 4pm. Organisations interested in submitting an application are invited to a Grants In‐ formation Roadshow, where Council staff will be available to answer queries at Ballymoney Town Hall on hursday 27th August from 7.00pm. Application Forms and Guidance Notes for both funds are also available on the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council website


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Introducing: Mr & Mrs Kelly

We just want to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate our wedding day. We had so much fun but we couldn't have done it without the love and help from everyone. We had the Perfect day and full of memories we'll never forget. We are so lucky to have family and friends like we do. hank you and see you all soon! Love Mr and Mrs Kelly.

Poppy Madsen is determined to catch Mr Robin, but in the meantime here's some one from one of her gardening jobs. A bit random, but Poppy does like frogs

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Life Sentence for Human Trafficking Justice Minister, David Ford, has pub‐ lished the irst annual Human Traffick‐ ing and Exploitation Strategy for Northern Ireland. Minister Ford said: "Human trafficking and exploitation are vile crimes which dehumanise victims. hey have a de‐ structive impact on society in general. his strategy sets out how my Depart‐ ment intends to work with partners across Government, law enforcement and civil society to put an end to modern slavery and to support victims. he strat‐ egy shows what can be achieved when we stand together against these evil prac‐ tices. It sends a strong message to traf‐ ickers that Northern Ireland is closed for business." A drat version of the strategy, developed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) was subject to a 12 week public consultation and the inal strategy has been amended to relect a number of suggestions re‐ ceived by respondents to the consulta‐ tion. he strategy builds on previous Human Trafficking and Exploitation Action Plans which have helped to set a clear strategic direction for the Department of Justice and its partners. It sets out a chal‐ lenging programme of objectives and ac‐ tions that the Department and its part‐ ners are committed to driving forward under four strategic priorities: Pursue; Protect and support; Prevent and; Part‐ nership. David Ford continued "I believe that this strategy will facilitate effective investiga‐ tions and prosecutions and will help to ensure that victims are identiied, pro‐ tected and supported."

Human trafficking and practices such as slavery and forced labour - so-called "modern slavery" - are life shattering crimes that degrade and dehumanise in‐ nocent men, women and children. To traffickers, victims are not seen in terms of their humanity, but only in terms of what proit they can bring as commodi‐ ties. Tackling these offences and the peo‐ ple who perpetrate them is a priority for me and for my Department.his strategy includes a rat of challenging and target‐ ed actions that my Department and its partners are committed to delivering during 2015/16. Partnership is a key thread running through this strategy. We cannot do this alone. I greatly value the eagerness of our strategic partners, both statutory and non-statutory, to work collaboratively in a joined-up and effective manner. It is only through working together that we will be able to bring these crimes out of

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the shadows and bring perpetrators to justice.

trafficking and slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour;

he strategy has been developed around four strategic priorities which, together, provide the focus for our collective work.

• increasing the maximum sentence for human trafficking and slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour to life imprisonment;

hese priorities are: • introducing a minimum 2 year sen‐ tence for these offences, unless there are exceptional circumstances to warrant a lower sentence;

1. Pursue (effective detection, disruption, investigation and prosecu‐ tion of offenders); 2. Protect and support (protection and support for and improved identiication of victims); 3. Prevent (prevent and reduce risk of human trafficking (and re-trafficking) and exploitation in Northern Ireland);

• 'Lover boy' - Around 8% of potential victims described the 'lover boy' ap‐ proach, a recognised method of luring young girls into sexual exploitation.

4. Partnership (Effective, collaborative and joined up partnership working,

• Kidnapped or sold - Around 8% of po‐ tential victims described being kid‐

travelled willingly in the belief that they were going to be offered legitimate work.In some cases individuals seeking work had been targeted outside job cen‐ tres only to ind themselves then com‐ pelled to work against their will.- here were also a number of cases involving

• making it easier to coniscate the assets of exploiters and to force them to pay reparation to victims;• criminalising the purchase of sexual services; • introducing a new offence of forced marriage; • introducing slavery and trafficking pre‐ vention orders;

potential victims indicates an age range which spans six decades identiication of best practice and lessons learned). Age of potential victims, 37 (82%) of the potential victims recovered in 2014 were adults and 8 (18%) were minors.he OCTF's wider strategic proile of poten‐ tial victims indicates an age range which spans six decades, the youngest at only 3 years old to the oldest at almost 60 years old. Recruitment methods: he OCTF's strategic proile report found that the majority of potential vic‐ tims recovered in Northern Ireland were recruited within their home country. Around 20 potential victims were re‐ cruited in the United Kingdom or Ire‐ land (either because they were United Kingdom or Irish nationals, or because they had previously travelled there of their own volition). A number of recruitment methods were identiied: • Job advertisements - Around a quarter (26%) of potential victims indicated that they had been trafficked ater applying for what they thought was a legitimate job. • Approaches made by individual 're‐ cruiters' - Around 14% of potential vic‐ tims described being approached by in‐ dividuals who promised them work.

napped or 'sold' by a family member. Key vulnerabilities: he strategic proile report also identiied a range of key fac‐ tors that appear consistently in the case studies which serve to heighten the vul‐ nerability of the victims.- In several cases the victim had been orphaned or had been affected by illness within their fam‐ ily. In these cases, some had been forced to ind work to support themselves, oth‐ ers had gone to live with family or friends and had subsequently been 'sold'.- A number of individuals were in debt in their home country and initially

the internal trafficking of minors for sex‐ ual exploitation, many of whom had been within the care system.

• placing a statutory requirement on the Department of Justice to provide assis‐ tance and support to adult potential vic‐ tims who are referred to the NRM;

he Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Vic‐ tims) Act (Northern Ireland) 2015 ("the 2015 Act") was granted Royal Assent on 13 January 2015.

• creating a new statutory defence for victims who have been compelled to commit certain other offences;

his legislation enhances our capacity to tackle human trafficking and slavery or forced labour in Northern Ireland by:

• creating new protections for victims within the criminal justice system in re‐ spect of avoiding secondary victimisa‐ tion in police interviews and ensuring access to special measures in court and;

• establishing new offences of human • introducing independent child guardians for trafficked and separated children.he majority of provisions in the Act came into force upon Royal As‐ sent. his strategy also includes a num‐ ber of speciic actions to implement the remaining provisions.

! raising public awareness including through:- the Modern slavery media campaign and helpline;- the UN Git Box; and- events to mark EU Anti Traf‐ icking Day.Progress reports against the 2013/14 and 2014/15 Human Trafficking Action Plans for Northern Ireland can be found at:- northern-ireland-human-trafficking-ac‐ tion-plan-2013-14-progress-report‐ land-human-trafficking-and-slavery-ac‐ tion-plan-2014-15

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People are people no matter what tag you give them here has been so many terms bandied around the media recently, one that is missing: Human. B y : S a z Mc C o n n e l l h ttp s : / / i n‐ I have heard so many different terms bandied about the media recently to describe the large number of people looding into Europe from war zones in the Middle East, migrants, immi‐ grants, refugees, invaders, cockroaches, scroungers, terrorists in disguise etc. All these terms are used in order to illicit either a compassion, fear or anger, whichever emotion the media wishes to ignite on that given day. he term that is rarely used how‐ ever is "human beings", as if somehow they have lost their right to be human, conveniently of course meaning they then lose their human rights. We can keep invaders trapped in a train for days without access to basic sanitation, we could not do that if they were hu‐ man. Yes there have been images shown in the media of people refusing aid, apparently due to the red cross symbol being Chris‐ tian not muslim, did you ever hear such nonsense?! Open your eyes, use your brain & do your own research, you will ind that yes aid was turned down, but no it was not because of the cross. his was a group of people who had simply had enough of being treated like scum. Men women & children alike who were trapped in a train under armed guard and were simply showing their frustra‐ tion in the only way they knew how. How desperate must you be to refuse wa‐ ter just to get your point across? Yes when the media shows images of large numbers refugees most of those shown are young men, please consider the culture. Women & children are kept out of the limelight, if seen they are cer‐ tainly not to be heard. he men speak for their families, the men collect the aid to

be shared with their families. Again do your own research, the official statistics will show you that over half of Syrian refugees are children & the majority of those are under 12. he next issue I wish to address is the barrage of absolute ilth coming from people's mouths (or ingers if they are at their keyboards) because refugees have been seen with smart phones & of course this proves that they are not really refugees but chancers trying to con their way into europe & scrounge money from our welfare systems. here is a reason these refugees come off trains whilst checking their mobiles (probably the only way they have to keep in touch with friends & family let behind, of loved ones separated on the way). hese people never claimed to be poor, the fact that they had enough money to pay for their passage into Europe shows us that, un‐ like the millions of other "internally dis‐ placed people" who cannot afford to leave. So ask yourself, what would force you to leave your nice house, most of

your belongings, your job, your weekly coffee morning at your favourite coffee shop with a friend? I am sure most Syri‐ ans would not have led from the beauti‐ ful street in the top picture….but what have they to stay for now it has been re‐ duced to the one below it? A British MP has stated "We are al‐ ready providing sanctuary and shelter to people in over 20 refugee camps in Turkey and also further in Jordan so nobody is actually leeing because of war, everyone is taking an economic decision… are refugee camps looking ater people throughout Syria

and the Middle East. We can provide people with safe refuge….So those people who are in Hungary at the moment are taking decisions that they'd rather be in Germany, and the people in Calais are taking an eco‐ nomic decision that they want to be in the UK…here are no wars in Calais and there are no wars in cen‐ tral Budapest."

Yes a lot of these people are choosing to make their way to the richer countries in the EU….but wouldn't you? hey are leeing from the wreckage of their once safe, happy lives which have now become a living hell, why should they not seek somewhere safe & comfortable where they will be treated with the respect that any human being deserves instead of large camps where there is poor sanita‐ tion & they are completely reliant on aid with no hope of making a better life for themselves, no hope of a decent educa‐ tion for their children. A refugee camp is not a permanent residence so you can neither apply for jobs nor beneits. While

you are in a refugee camp you are a problem to be dealt with, if you can af‐ ford to travel to europe & claim refugee status there you have a possibility of be‐ coming a person again, with the chance to provide a better life for your family. he type of life you once had in Syria be‐ fore your home was blown up. I will say however that I completely agree with David Cameron about resettling refugees directly from these camps so as to pre‐ vent many more from risking the dan‐ gerous crossing offered by people smug‐ glers into Europe….however I think this should have been done before the crisis reached this stage. Whilst it is admirable to want to prevent any more unnecessary human tragedy it is impossible to simply turn a blind eye to those who have al‐ ready took that desperate step with their families because you ignored their cries of help for so long. As far as the whole argument over settling in the irst coun‐ try they land in goes….if i was leeing with my family, I do not think I would want to settle in Greece, when their economy is not so much on the brink of collapse but is lying in tatters at the bot‐ tom of the cliff,where there have been scenes of rioting in the streets shown all over the world media…not exactly a safe haven now is it? Now I am not saying they should be al‐ lowed to settle wherever they choose, obviously there has to be some common sense applied to the situation as some countries simply do not have the space or the structure to cope with so many new arrivals. All I am asking is that you start to see these people as just that, peo‐ ple.

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Bright Sparks given Fire Safety Tips With a new academic year beginning for many, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) is urging students get‐ ting ready for university and college to be aware of the dangers of ire. Students across Northern Ireland will be embarking upon academic studies that will set them for the future but the most important lesson learnt during term time, that of ire safety could ultimately save their lives. Fireighters will be visit‐ ing university and college campuses over the coming weeks to provide ire safety advice, lealets and information to help students to stay ire safe in their shared or rented accommodation.Northern Ire‐ land Fire & Rescue Service Group Com‐ mander Kevin O'Neill explains:" Living away from home for the irst time can be very exciting for young people and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of student life and for‐ get about ire safety. As a ire and rescue service it's impor‐ tant that we engage directly with young people at this time in their lives - not only will this keep them ire safe, it will install good ire safety habits and pat‐ terns for the rest of their lives."We would urge all students to think about ire safety and take personal responsi‐ bility for looking ater themselves and their housemates to protect them from the dangers of ire. "Fireighters will be visiting university and college campuses in the coming weeks to give out ire safety advice and to remind students about the impor‐ tance of having a working smoke alarm. Students might not be aware but they can request a free home ire safety check through NIFRS."Ensure that all smoke alarms provided are in working order and tested once a week. his will alert you and your house‐ mates to the earliest stage of a ire giv‐ ing you vital extra time to escape. Fol‐ low a good ire safe bedtime routine and take some time to agree a ire es‐ cape plan to ensure everyone is clear what to do in the event of an emergen‐ cy. "Following our regular ire safety up‐ dates and advice on Facebook or Twit‐ ter will help students ensure ire doesn't become their uninvited guest during term time. We want students to enjoy this next chapter in their lives but to act responsible and to help us in our role in protecting the community. "Student Fire Safety Advice:- Test Your

Smoke Alarm - only a working smoke alarm will waken you during the night. Make sure that all smoke alarms provid‐ ed are in working order and tested every week.- Prepare A Fire Escape Plan know where the ire exits are and made sure furniture or stored items do not block them. If there is no ire exit, plan an alternative escape route other than by

the main entrance door.- Carry Out A Night Time Check - by checking a few things before you go to bed you can re‐ duce the risk. It only takes a minute and can save your life.o Turn off all electrical appliances not designed to be let on;o Put a guard on open ires;o Put out all cigarettes and empty ashtrays into a noncombustible container;o Put out all can‐

dles;o Close all internal doors;- Do not cook when under the inluence of alco‐ hol. You can request a free home ire safety check by calling 028 9260 0477 or logging onto for further ire safety advice.

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