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Club Stipend -

The Club Stipend is create to help allow individuals, groups, and clubs to have an ability to create events and activities, or ask for things that will help promote student life in this campus. It is made as a way to help support students by paying a partial of the what the cost of their proposed event and not to pay for the whole amount!!

Policy 1) Open to any individual, whether registered with student services or not group/club. They must be a student. 2) They must submit a proposal to the Social Vp or An SA executive so that we may review it to make a decision how much to dispense from the fund. a. In the proposal, it must have the i. who you are,and what you do on campus ii. the purpose of the proposal whether it is for an event or apparel, or other things that can come up iii. When and Where the event is iv. If it is CLC approved v. A detailed outline of the expenses and how they plan in executing what they have proposed. 3) All proposals that is less than $200 will be assessed by the Social VP 4) All proposal greater than $200 will be assessed by the SA Executive Committee. How the proposals are assessed -

To reiterate again this Club Stipend Fund is not designed to give clubs the whole amount of the proposed amount. Instead it is created so that students will be encouraged to start out events for your group, club, or school with financial support from the Student Association.


The proposals are assessed in categories such as o

Cost 

Example if the event is open to the whole school, yet it will cost them less than a $100 to accomplish, then more or less likely the stipend will cover the whole amount.


If the cost is greater than $200 and the proposal does not open up to the whole

school, but instead just a school club they will receive between 20-75% of the expenditure. o

Purpose 


Execution 


We look for whether the proposed event or item, is open to the whole school, does it promote student life, , and does it encompass what CUC is.

We look in the proposal for a timeline of how will they execute the plans and the likelihood that the event will be accomplished, and based on that, funding can be given via installments as an incentive to accomplish the time frame that the event was planned, and if it has it been approved by CLC

Based on these criteria 

Will we be able to judge how we will dispense the funds for the proposal.

Club Stipend Policy  

Club Stipend Policy

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