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Mass food production

Mass production is the production of large amounts of products, it involves making many copies of products very quickly usually through using assembly line techniques (series of workers or machines in a factory in which a series of identical items is progressively assembled) The process of mass production is often referred to as 'Fordism' in association with Henry Ford, who began the phenomena producing mass amounts of cars with moving assembly lines. So what is mass food production? And what are the effects in the meat industry? In today's western civilisation, with mass amounts of people and their mass amount of 'need' for mass amounts of things, literally nearly everything is mass-produced, especially our food!! Factory style farms are continuously producing meat and dairy products creating abundance in waste with a lower cost and easier access this has created a situation where now, western society, it seems is not aware or even concerned about food wastage (In Britain around 40% of our food products goes to waste) and unnecessary suffering on the animals involved as well as the consequences on our own physical wellbeing. Factory farmed animals are fed actual 'crap', to keep production costs at their lowest, the animals are fed the cheapest grains and feeds available on the market with the majority being of no nutritional value such as corn and containing, among other disturbing, ingredients, like; restaurant waste, chicken feathers and even bubble gum. This of course is absolutely counterproductive to our own health, as of course, their bad diet, becomes our bad diet. Animals such as cattle, dairy cows, goats and sheep, are all designed to eat fibrous grasses, shrubs and plants so in making the switch from pasture greenery to non-starchy, low-fibre grains and feeds many animals develop a number of disorders and painful conditions which causes them to suffer... alot. Once sick these animals are then given constant low-level antibiotics and chemical additives. When you eat antibiotic treated animals especially if you’re a heavy carnivore your body creates a resistance to antibiotic drugs which can play a crucial to the deficit in your health. Factory- farmed products just don’t provide nutritional goods, the animals raised in these conditions are constantly tightly packed into cages and pens, more often than not, they’re even strapped onto conveyor belt like apparatus which leads the animals to their slaughter if they’re lucky they’ll die instantaneously; if not… During they’re short lives, the conditions they live in our often so inhumane many of the animals are unable to practice normal behaviours, which causes these unfortunate creatures a great deal of stress and discomfort, they are beaten, made to breed then separated from their offspring, forced to watch each other suffer and be killed, the list of torturous experiences goes on endlessly. Factory- farming enables us plenty of access to cheap and convenient food, the argument that it pollutes your air, your land, your health, and your morals cannot be denied, is it all worth it? Is that even our question to ask?

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