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s November begins, so do the annual toy runs. I am always amazed at the empathy that bikers feel toward those who are less fortunate. We always come out in numbers for good causes. Many people that I know ride on multiple toy runs and some have their special causes to support. Either way, it is a matter of heart and I applaud you all. Some dates do not have the best of weather, but unless it is a blizzard, I have seen many ride in less than ideal conditions. I recall, as many of you probably do, leaving out and making a few stops when it began snowing. It is much like getting caught in the rain together. Everyone just laughs at the next stop and the fun goes on until the mission is accomplished. Each year, with all the toy runs that are posted in The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Cruisin’ Calendar, it boggles my mind that there can be that much need, but I am sure that there is. Sometimes I think being able to afford $20K motorcycles makes it hard to relate to people that are struggling to pay rent and electricity, much less the cost of a Christmas tree, food, and gifts. But I am sure that we all can remember the challenges we faced when we were younger and faced with these same circumstances. I just pray that the weather is primo and there is a great turn out for every toy run. Remember, some people count on us to be the Santa Claus of their Christmas. Please follow your heart and give as much as you can. Maybe it will make more of a difference than just helping with Christmas for a family. It may be just what they need to revive their spirits to make it through the winter. It may even make a long-range difference in their lives. On November 10th we celebrate the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775. November 11th is Veterans Day when we celebrate our veterans. Only a small percentage of the overall population are veterans, but in the motorcycle community it is far higher than that. For every one of you that served, we thank you. The Charlotte CBA Fall Swap Meet is November 14-15 at the Metrolina Fair Grounds in Charlotte, NC. It is the oldest and largest event of its kind on the east coast. It is a tradition with the bikers around the Carolinas. If you have never been to it, you should put it on your calendar. Thanksgiving falls on the 26th of November. While I am certain that everything is not perfect in everyone’s lives, I am sure that there is much to be thankful for. Many organizations like His Laboring Few Motorcycle Ministry provide free meals to the less fortunate on Thanksgiving and that in itself is something to be thankful for. There are many reasons in November to celebrate. Check out The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Cruisin’ Calendar in this issue and online at FullThrottleMagazine. com for many more events. Ride to as many as you can and may God bless you

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November 2015 - Issue # 208  

Full Throttle is a free monthly publication packed with the best biker news, stories, deals, services, and places to go in both the Carolina...

November 2015 - Issue # 208  

Full Throttle is a free monthly publication packed with the best biker news, stories, deals, services, and places to go in both the Carolina...