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Enabling Independent Living... aHM installations are specialists in providing bathroom and kitchens that have a unique difference. the firm, based in Lincoln and Newark, specialises in creating rooms to facilitate independent living... Being able to live independently is a vital part of dignity in later life. That’s why Lincoln and Newark based AHM Installations has spend over 25 years perfecting the design of rooms to facilitate independent living in later life, or those with mobility problems. The firm’s specialism means that AHM Installations are wellplaced to provide advice with unprecedented expertise and product knowledge. But moreover, its team of in-house fitters and specialised tradespeople provide a trustworthy service that facilitate the same peace-of-mind during the design and installation process as you’ll experience after the creation of each new room. In addition to complete kitchens and bathrooms, the firm can also provide heating solutions, and can install stairlifts for mobility over different floors. AHM Installation have more than a few ideas

for making life easy, whether you’re looking to configure a kitchen or bathroom for independent living... BATHROOMS • Walk-in baths, baths with integral seats or those with door entry, make independent bathing easier. • Wetrooms facilitate easy access for wheelchair users, whilst slip-proofstools provide better safety. • Height adjustable baths make entry and exit easier and safer. • Non-slip materials can be utilisedwhich are easy to clean and safe. KITCHENS • Height adjustable worktops can be lowered for easier access. • Cabinets can be raised from the floor, to enable wheelchair footplates to pass underneath, giving better access to work surfaces and cabinets. • Different drawer options andhinged wide-doors provide easier access to storage. For more information on AHM Installation’s bespoke kitchens and bathrooms for independent living, call 01522 500288 or 01636 821443 or see

AKW Releases Stroke Survivor Care Home Design Guide a NeW guide that aims to help care homes build the ideal personal space for stroke survivors has been released by aKW. Produced with expert knowledge from senior occupational therapy Lecturer terri grant from the university of Worcester, the guide called “Creating care homes that aid stroke rehabilitation” outlines the best practice design principles for bathroom and bedroom suites, and offers comprehensive advice to both nursing and residential homes. With approximately 8,000 people being discharged from hospital to a care home after stroke every year in the UK, the guide highlights the importance of creating suitable accommodation that puts stroke survivors on the road to

rehabilitation. It has been developed as a reference point for care home staff, plumbers and builders, and, as half of all survivors have a disability, the guide aims to further improve the facilities available for those who have survived and subsequently live with the impact of stroke. Free to download through the AKW website, the guide gives an insight into the different types of stroke, the impact it can have on people’s lives and the challenges that survivors commonly face in the home environment. It then goes on to provide advice on designing areas that encourage rehabilitation and wellbeing, and offers specification guidance for essential equipment, such as showers, toilets and basins The AKW guide to creating care homes that aid stroke rehabilitation can be downloaded stroke-bathroom-guide/

‘Life-Changing’ Assistive Technology Raises Independence tHe terM ‘life-changing’ is probably overused nowadays but in this case it is accurate”: so says andrew Watkins, talking about his toilet lifter. He elaborates, “My Aerolet Vertical Toilet Lift has changed my life as it has given me back my independence, privacy and dignity. I can now manage all my toileting needs on my own.” The Aerolet toilet lift, supplied by Clos-o-Mat, can fit over most WCs. It gently raises and lowers the user over the lavatory. The unit replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, automatically and smoothly lowering the user over and onto the toilet and then raising them to standing whilst ensuring their centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. The Aerolet’s operation is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing for the user. Vertical and Tilt options are available, the Vertical benefitting people with upper body strength but who cannot bend their knees whilst the Tilt suits users with control over their lower limbs who may lack upper body strength. Andrew, aged 42, from Portadown, cannot stand from a seated position without assistance, in his case as a result of muscle wasting disorder, Spinal

Muscular Atrophy Type III. He already uses various lifting aids, including a vertically rising recliner chair, office chair and bed. For Andrew’s intimate care, his Occupational Therapist had devised a modified, raised toilet frame to help him, but it was unsafe, and had to be removed every time anyone else needed to use the toilet. “With my disability I need my legs locked straight to stand- I need a seat height of 81cm to get my legs straight and stand unaided. With the toilet frame I had been using, I kept getting stuck, and needing help, and even fell off it! I needed to find an alternative. I came across the Clos-o-Mat website searching online and the extensive information there helped me confirm the Aerolet was well-suited to my requirements, as it is able to go higher than I need. “Clos-o-Mat was able to demonstrate it at my home; after trying it just once, I knew it was perfect and ordered one straight away! It is probably the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased to help with my daily needsand I have purchased a lot! It means a normal part of daily living is made so much easier and safer,” he says. Details of the Clos-o-Mat’s assistive toilet care offerings, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website

A Problem Solved

WHeN We received a call from Mrs Barker we knew she had a distinctive problem but not one we couldn’t help with. Her husband was wheelchair bound and getting heavier as the days went by. He now weighed 28st and Mrs Barker couldn’t help lift or move him on her own. Mr Barker really wanted a bath to be able to soak away his aches and pains. The problem was getting in and out, up and down and also finding a bath deep enough to cover him in hot water. We offered him our Oakham 75 Special which is wider than most walk in baths

and also could take up to a 35 stone person in a sitting position. The full width opening door meant he could wheel up to the side and easily transfer across onto the seat using the grab bars. The Oakham Special comes fitted with a spa jet massaging system which was great for soothing his aching joints etc. Two months on; Mr Barker is enjoying the benefits of being able to have a relaxing hot bath and the independence it brings. Essential Bathing have a large range of walk in baths to fit most situations and can be contacted on 01664474603 speak to David or take a look at the web site


If so, then call local company Safer Bathing who can offer over 55 years of combined experience in helping you choose the right solutions to fit the space.

Please call on 01480 218116 or email us at We guarantee you won't be disappointed

The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.

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