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Hydration Care Concept Aims To Improve Hydration Levels In The Care Sector CritiCaLLY, tHe key to increasing residents’ hydration is to offer an appealing concept. very few elderly people like drinking water. However, some homes are making huge strides in improving hydration levels in residents, by adopting an integrated approach. The Oranka Juice Solutions Care Concept advocates using a variety of fruit juices and beverages combined with different dispensing options. These elements create a complete solution to join up seamlessly with your catering operation. The key is making appealing drinks and juices more readily accessible to encourage increased drinking. Formats include the Eskimo Dispenser placed in dining areas, activity areas and lounges, which also work well alongside Oranka jugs, such as the Fill Line Jug for table service or in rooms. With over 70 high quality juices (including a choice of 16 types of orange juice alone) and the specially developed Hydration and Hydration Juice Plus range, there is huge variety. Not to mention freshly pressed, not from concentrate juices through to smoothies with a higher calorific value, ice

teas and multi-vitamin drinks. Most have no artificial additives, added sugar and are low in sugar, so suitable for diabetics. As Troy Smith, MD of Oranka Juice Solutions highlights; “This integrated approach delivers all the vital elements for encouraging residents to drink more. By providing choice, flavour variety and accessibility through a range of dispensing options there is noticeable health improvements and an increase in residents’ activity levels. Operationally, the dispensers are simple and easy to use, so staff are able to devote more time to patient care.” The entire Oranka Hydration Care Concept ensures residents and visitors have an increased availability and visibility of drink options and are therefore more encouraged to drink. The result; fewer dehydration related conditions, such as UTIs, falls, incontinence and constipation, which ultimately means a reduction in the cost of care and healthier, happier residents. For further information contact Oranka Juice Solutions on 0330 998 0555 or visit

Nutilis Clear from Nutricia ModifYiNg tHe texture of fluids can alter their original appearance and taste, which may reduce compliance and fluid intake1,2. fluid intake is notoriously poor in patients requiring thickened fluids3, therefore it could be hypothesized that a thickened drink which maintains its original appearance may be more appealing to patients and thus support compliance.

DairyLink UK Ltd works with local farmers, processors and distributors in the UK to offer a sustainable procurement solution to all their customers.

OUR AIMS ARE: To source local milk To reduce carbon footprint and food miles To ensure a fresher product To offer a first class dedicated support service for our customers

For a Sustainable Procurement Solution – DairyLink – a One Stop Shop For further information please contact Barbara Griffiths on 01785 286823 or email and please visit the website –

With this in mind, Nutricia launched Nutilis Clear; a xanthan gum based thickening powder, which can be used to modify the texture of both food and fluids. Nutilis Clear is a thickener which produces visibly clear results when mixed according to instructions and is designed to maintain the original appearance of fluids.

DairyLink UK Ltd dairyLink uK Ltd works with local farmers, processors and distributors in the uK by linking the supply chain to offer a sustainable procurement solution to all their customers, offering local supply wherever possible, and reducing food miles, carbon footprint and thus giving a local service. Many small milk distributors offer an excellent delivery service but sometimes cannot, for many reasons, seek out larger shares of business because bigger companies could hold the relevant contracts or can offer better prices. dairyLink work with these small local businesses to support and sustain their livelihood, whilst supporting the local economy and community. We work on a national level, but with local suppliers, offering a one stop shop to larger customers thus reducing the number of invoices, administration and other costs that they may otherwise incur by having to deal with individual suppliers. This in turn offers added value to the distributors

References 1. Matta Z et al. J Am Diet Assoc. 2006; 106(7):1049-1054. 2. Macqueen C et al. Dysphagia. 2003; 18:46-52. 3. Leibovitz A et al. Gerontology. 2007;53:179-183. 4. Oudhuis L, Vallons K. Presented at ESSD 2011. Data on File. 5. Oudhuis L et al. Clin Nutr Suppl. 2011; 6(1): 18(OP043). 6. Garcia MJ et al. J Clin Nurs, 2010; 19: 1618-1624

reducing any administration burden for them enabling them to focus on the service and delivery to the sites. Via our sales order processing system, we offer: • EDI (electronic invoicing) • Consolidated invoices • Management summary statistics • Invoice requirements tailored to suit customer needs Our staff has over 45 years of experience in the dairy industry and we offer a hands on approach, someone available throughout the whole working day to deal with order amendments, issues, general enquiries whereas many depots cut off at around 2/3pm. If you are part of/or own a nursing home group and would seek to deal with one company but with locally sourced product and distribution, Dairy Link can assist you in achieving this. For you, the customer, this could help you meet required targets of sustainability, less carbon emission locally, less food miles, therefore achieving a fresher product and have less impact on the environment by running your business in a responsible way whilst supporting the local industry. For further information, please contact Barbara Griffiths on 01785 286823 or email and please visit the website –

New Dysphagic Meal Cubes, Giving You Versatility For Your Residents

With over 40 years experience as specialists in procurement within the Foodservice industry Offering a specialist dedicated service to ensure our members business' benefit from the supplier relationships and purchasing power that we have negotiated from our supplier partners. We aim to give you the best prices on the products you want to use, whilst ensuring supplier service is not compromised.

Join us today completely FREE of charge and start enjoying the many benefits IPP can bring you!

We cover a range of products and services from local and national suppliers at competitive pricing in the following areas of Foodservice procurement:

• Ambient, Frozen and Chilled Food • Dairy • Fresh meat and poultry • Fresh fish • Fresh fruit

Nutilis Clear thickens rapidly and does not continue to thicken4. Additionally it has amylase resistant features to protect against the action of salivary amylase, which helps to ensure a safer swallow by maintaining correct consistency in the mouth5. Incorrect consistency of a thickened product during consumption may result in the patient having poorer control of the bolus putting them at increased risk of aspiration6; therefore the amylase resistant features of Nutilis Clear promotes safer swallowing. For further information see the full page on page 27.

• Fresh vegetables • Catering Equipment • Cleaning Products and Chemical Dispensing Systems • Non Food Disposables

We are proud to work closely with the ever growing list of Supply Partners and Brands.

01628 854 794

difficulty with swallowing in the elderly is common place, almost any condition that produces any muscle weakness or any condition that is associated with a neurological impairment of the swallowing mechanism can produce a swallowing disorder. difficulty with swallowing is most often a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a primary disorder. One of the major consquences of dysphagia is malnutrition. The inability to coordinate the complex mechancism of swallowing, which slows down eating and can result in food being left in the mouth, or a meal being unfinished and therefore a reduction in all relevant nourishment from food and fluid. Consistency of product texture therefore is of paramount importance to ensure safety and to prevent choking. Nourish is a new brand of dysphagic food that not only gives you a consistent quality and nutrient density but allows a flexibility with the dysphagic consumer, that hasn’t been offered before into the Care Home Sector, and developed by our own trained Dietitian. The product comes to you as 25gm portions (12 cubes would give you a 300gm meal), each recipe is delivered in an individual resealable pouch. You have the flexibility to create the meal

size that is appropriate for your consumer. It is a frozen product and can be served from the freezer to the consumer within minutes, preparation is swift and uncomplicated. This flexibility allows you to serve a dysphagic meal with any combination of accompaniments and also reduces wastage. Only serve what you believe the consumer will eat. There are 12 protein recipes including meat, fish and vegetarian options; 8 vegetables including peas, broccoli, baked beans and butternut squash; and 2 carbohydrates, mashed potato and rice hash. We are also happy to work with the industry to produce snacks, puddings and drinks. Nourish is kind to your budget, produced by Nourisher Food & Drinks Ltd, in a BRC AA grade factory in Southampton with the best quality ingredients, serve only what your resident needs, no fancy packaging and straight from the freezer to the plate. It is simple, economical and reduces the requirement for expensive and skilled labour. It’s competetive pricing plays an enormous advantage on the strict budget of the care home sector and improves the offering to the consumer; increasing the day to day menu choice and reducing menu fatigue. Contact Jane Stobie 07710 400467 / 02380 664100.

Independent Power Purchasing as specialists in procurement within the foodservice industry and with over 40 years experience in obtaining the right terms for customers, independent Power Purchasing offer a specialist dedicated service to ensure our members business' benefit from the supplier relationships and purchasing power that we have negotiated from our supplier partners. IPP offers our members a 7 point promise: • A FREE of charge service to all of our members. • A dedicated point of contact that will work with and for you to ensure you benefit from the best deal for you and your business. • Regular reports so you can see your savings and expenditure. • Price checking and monitoring, making sure that you have the flexibility to change as the market does.

• All our suppliers are vetted and due diligence has been carried out to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. • In addition to the savings retrospective discount on your spend is available* • You pay suppliers directly, giving you control of your budget, but take advantage of IPP's negotiated terms. The first step to enjoy these terms is to contact IPP today to begin the process of increasing profits to your business. One of our team will respond to you to start your journey. We cover a range of products and services from local and national suppliers at competitive pricing in all areas of Foodservice procurement. Join us today completely FREE of charge and start enjoying the many benefits IPP can bring you. Call today on 01628 854 794 *Terms and Conditions Apply

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The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.

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