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Eight Simple Steps To Laundry Cycle Management WitH CoNtaMiNated linen carrying the main risk of an infection outbreak within the majority of healthcare environments, laundry hygiene is a key part of the quality process. Here, amanda dufrane, Care segment Manager at electrolux Professional, explains the best practice guidelines for proper Laundry Cycle Management. Given that bacteria and viruses can remain active in linen for long periods of time, paying due care and attention to laundry processes is absolutely vital in the fight against infection. Each stage of the journey must be effectively controlled, and Laundry Cycle Management is a validationbased system that helps care staff to do just that. Electrolux Professional has developed the system to ensure that, no matter whether they are washing bedsheets or bath towels, carers can follow these eight simple steps and be confident that they are minimising the risk of infection. 1. Cleaning operatives should first pre-sort dirty linen, ensuring that items can be washed effectively with programmes appropriate to their textile type. 2. Linen should then be transported using dedicated trolleys and routes established to avoid contaminating the surrounding environment.

3. The next stage of the process is sorting, during which cleaning operatives should check for sharp devices and waste products that may risk damaging the linen. 4. Items are then washed. Operators must ensure the appropriate temperature and chemicals are used based on the fabric type of the items. 5. The drying and ironing of items should be performed as soon as possible after washing to prevent recontamination. This also provides a further level of thermal disinfection for added peace of mind. 6. Then, clean items should be packed and stowed in appropriate trolleys or areas of the laundry. Again, this reduces the risk of linen being re-contaminated once washed. 7. This clean linen must be then transported post-wash. Again, this should be via pre-established ‘clean’ routes. 8. The final storage of linen is vital to ensuring linen remains hygienic. Wood shelving should be replaced with metal or plastic to keep growth of micro-organisms to a minimum, whilst linen which has been stowed away for the longest should be used first. The demands placed on healthcare professionals are constant when it comes to preventing infection, but the aim of Laundry Cycle Management is to reduce this strain where laundry is concerned. Ultimately, following these simple principles could be the difference between working in aesthetically clean environment and a hygienically clean one. For more information on Electrolux Professional’s leading range of laundry solutions, visit

FowlerUK - Commercial Laundry & Catering Equipment tHe origiNs of fowleruK go back to 1966 when the father of the present managing director, david fowler, set up a business to supply and service white goods in the local community. in 2005 david took over the running of the business and decided to focus exclusively on the supply and maintenance of commercial laundry and catering equipment. the business continued to trade on family values such as reliability, care for others and trustworthiness. The secret to FowlerUK’s success lies in building a personal connection with each customer. The most important element in this is recruiting people who fit with the company values, and who demonstrate these to customers

and colleagues on a daily basis. FowlerUK is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial laundry and catering facilities in the Care Industry, supplying and maintaining equipment in care homes and hospitals nationwide. The product range that FowlerUK has made available is extensive and varies through different specialist requirements specific to each industry. FowlerUK are constantly searching the markets for new technological developments to assist in saving their customers money as well as providing the same fantastic results. The results of FowlerUk’s determination to stay true to its family roots are impressive; the business has seen annual turnover double in the last four years. FowlerUK is undoubtedly a local business making a national impact. For further information call 0800 619 9337 or visit

PFC Re-Equip Laundry At Great Yarmouth Care Home st edMuNds Care Home is situated right on the cliff top at gorleston on the outskirts of great Yarmouth, with stunning views straight out to sea. it consists of 40 single en-suite rooms offering respite and convalescent care as well as long term accommodation for residents who are not quite able, or do not choose to look after themselves. Until recently the laundry was done in a rather dingy store room but earlier this year Eastern decided to upgrade the laundry facilities. Dave Ward, who acts as a consultant to Eastern on building and safety matters, identified a suitable room and was responsible for all the necessary building work which included widening the doorway, putting in new plumbing, gas pipes and flooring. For the equipment Dave contacted Armstrong dealer PFC Commercial Laundry of Norwich. They installed two Amazon high spin free standing 11kg washers and a Huebsch stacked tumble dryer with

Girbau’s Energy-saving ED Series Dryers Believed to be the most energy efficient conventional tumble dryers available, girbau ed series eco dryers help care and nursing home laundries to cut energy bills. they feature traNsfLoW technology, a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency and drying throughout the drum, reduced cycle times and lower energy consumption. The highly reliable and accurate built-in humidity control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring the best textile care. The unique Care Touch drum also prolongs fabric life. Cabinet insulation and a doubleglazed door further optimise energy efficiency and prevent heat escaping to the laundry. Large opening doors make

loading and unloading easy and the high capacity lint filter is very quick and easy to access and clean. ED Series dryers have intuitive and easy to use controls. There are 10 preset programs catering for most commonly laundered fabrics. Three short-cut functions, Eco, Soft and Half-Load are ideal for day-to-day adjustment and can be used in combination. ED Series dryers also offer the durability and low-maintenance for which Girbau has a long-established reputation. Girbau’s exclusive G-drive system manages the operation of the inverter and motor controlling drum speed so that programs precisely match the drying needs of each different type of fabric while also ensuring the dryer delivers optimal efficiency, longer life and the lowest possible total cost of ownership. For more information on the Girbau ED dryers visit:

New Build Care Home Chooses Miele Professional’s Dryers and Saves up to 60% on Energy Costs. sustaiNaBiLitY aNd environmental management programmes are becoming increasingly important for care operators as they strive to develop practical solutions to make their operations more ‘green.’ forbes Professional can help clients achieve these targets not only with our energy efficient laundry machines but also with our innovative auto-dosing pumps, which ensure that there is no unnecessary detergent waste. We were recently awarded the commercial laundry contract for a new build care home in Yorkshire. The client was looking for the latest Miele Professional laundry equipment for their laundry operation. The inclusion of the revolutionary heat pump dryer PT8337 WP with its 325 litre drum and 13-16kg load capacity will enable the care facility to achieve an impressive

60% saving on energy costs, compared to a standard dryer. The heat pump technology precludes any requirement for costly ventilation ducting, making it the ideal choice where no external ducting is possible. Miele’s commercial laundry range is exquisitely engineered to provide the optimum end result, whilst achieving impressive water and energy efficiency. Forbes’ experienced commercial team advise on all necessary WRAS and CQC guidelines and can devise an end-to-end solution for each specific environment. With our Complete Care package installation, commissioning, user training and a comprehensive same day/ next day service response are fully inclusive. For further information call 0345 070 2335, email: or visit

each section providing 13.5kg capacity. The laundry handles everything from the home – bedding, kitchen and dining room items as well as all the residents’ personal washing and is in operation pretty well all day every day. It is operated by three domestic staff who are fully trained in the use of the machines. Dave is quite adamant – “if they’re not trained they don’t use the equipment”. The new machines are working really well and the staff are very happy with them. Dave told us he had worked with Paul Cullum, managing director of PFC over many years. “They’re one of the best companies around,” he told us. “They look after the maintenance of all our laundry equipment. I know that if I ever need to call them out they’ll come quickly and do whatever needs doing exactly as I want it done.” For more information contact PFC Commercial Laundry on 01603 747836 or or visit

The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.

The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.