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Double Award-Winner Meg Named National Care Personality a Carer at a family-owned dorset dementia home has won two coveted awards in the space of a week. Meg Austin, a Healthcare Assistant at The Aldbury in Parkstone, Poole, has been named Care Personality of the Year at the National Dementia Care Awards. Nominated by colleagues at Colten Care and residents’ relatives, she was presented with her award by astrologer, broadcaster and author Russell Grant at a gala ceremony at the Brighton Centre. The award recognises active promotion of excellence in care, peace of mind for relatives and a happy working environment. It is made to “someone whose personality and energy has made a difference in ways that are truly inspiring and memorable.” In their citation, judges said Meg demonstrates “exceptional warmth and consideration for people living

with dementia. She inspires others around her by drawing on her own personal attributes and values. Meg appreciates every worker’s contribution to delivering outstanding dementia care.” Just a few days later, Meg was in Bristol to hear she had won the Dignity in Care Award for the south west region at the Great British Care Awards. The criterion there was to “demonstrate the significance of maximising client independence and choice, whilst respecting and maintaining privacy and dignity at all times.” Meg, who lives in West Moors, said: “I chose the combination because it’s ideal for focusing on dementia care. I am passionate that people with dementia are treated as they should be, compassionately and holistically. I really push that approach at The Aldbury and help others in the home to follow it too.”

Freedor - The Safe And Legal Way To Hold Fire Doors Open oNe of the most contentious health and safety issues that care and residential homes face is that surrounding fire doors. Carers want to allow residents free independent movement; however the way this is achieved can often result in fire regulations being breeched. Freedor, a wireless overhead door closer, takes all the resistance out of your fire door, allowing it to swing freely at any angle. Residents can easily push fire doors open without needing assistance. Doors can be left ajar at night, giving ill or nervous residents peace of mind. On hearing the fire alarm Freedor will activate and automatically close the fire door, preventing the spread of fire within your building. Encouraging residents to move around your care setting independently will improve their self-esteem and their general wellbeing. Residents don’t always like to trouble staff to assist them to walk from

one room to another and having the ability to just get up and go can be very empowering. Many residents comment that they feel as though they have lost their independence when they go into a care setting. So much is done for them, meals prepared, medication handed, so that enabling the residents to move freely without assistance is a small but important change to improve residents’ independence. Not only will Freedor allow you to improve the free movement of your residents, installing them will also give you peace of mind that fire doors within your care setting are not being held open illegally with door wedges and other objects. Wedging fire doors open is an illegal offense and as the manager you could be held responsible and could face a heavy fine or even a prison sentence. For more information about Freedor visit Alternatively see the advert on page 12.

DermaSaver Skin Protectors for People with Fragile Skin


derMasavers are breathable wearable garment-like protectors for elderly and disabled people with fragile and thin skin. dermasaver skin Protectors protect the skin from damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion, shear and external pressure, leading to skin breakdowns, lacerations, bruising, sores and ulcers. DermaSaver Skin Protectors are made from soft 3D medical textile that replaces foam, gel and fleece. Superior moisture wicking properties and breathability of DermaSavers keep the skin dry, cool, healthy and protected from damage.

DermaSaver Skin Protectors are loose, non-constricting and comfortable for 24-hour wearing – when sleeping, sitting or walking. Fully machine washable, DermaSavers are hygienic and compatible with ointments and medicated creams. Easy to apply and self-supporting with constant ventilation reaching the skin, DermaSavers overcome the inconvenience and expense of frequent redressing and re-bandaging. Most popular DermaSavers are shin protectors, heel protectors, knee protectors, forearm protectors, elbow protectors and hand mitts. Available from Win Health Medical - call 01835 864866 or visit

The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.

The Carer #35 Winter 2017  

Issue #35 of The Carer - The leading independent publication for nursing and residential care homes. Published Winter (January) 2017.