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in response to A LETTER TO THE EDITOR THE PBS STAFF EDITORIAL Written by the Positive Behavior Supports Leadership Team Editor’s Note - In the previous print issue of the Cardinal, there was a staff editorial written about PBS. The PBS Leadership Team wrote a letter to the editor in response and is as follows. After reading the student editorial about Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), the teachers and staff members who are part of the PBS Leadership Team felt a need to respond for two reasons: first, to dispel a few bits of misinformation, and second, to explain from our viewpoint what PBS means to our school. PBS is a nation-wide pro- gram that is implemented to create positive expectations in schools. Area school districts in Kansas that are currently implementing PBS include Shawnee Mission, Salina, Olathe, Gardner-Edgerton, and El Dorado. Eudora has implemented PBS in our district using SOAR as our expectation model, targeting behaviors that are Safe, Outstanding, Accountable and Respectful. SOAR is used at all grade levels and buildings within our district. Last fall, the high school staff began tracking behaviors that did not SOAR, using the Majors and Minors system. By collecting this data, we were able to see trends in our building that we could target to change. Can you guess what behavior we saw the most? Tardiness to class. We kept looking at ways to encourage students to get to class on time. This fall, we had our formal kick-off that finally introduced the most rewarding and exciting part of PBS to all of you – the incentive program. Students can earn SOAR cards when they do not receive Minors or Majors, or from a staff member that sees a particular student consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. It has given all of us on the staff great satisfaction to be able to give the proverbial pat-on-the-back that you deserve, and do not always receive, on a day to day basis. Teachers are here for YOU. We want your experience in school to be meaningful and positive. We unfortunately do not have a budget (like those middle school StarBucks prizes) for our incentives, so we rely on creative ideas for our SOAR tickets. Did you know there are 40 students that reprepage 4 // Letter to Editor

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sent you on our Student PBS Team? We’ve included a picture for you, so that you can seek out these students if you have comments, concerns or suggestions. The question still remains, “how do we implement something that will appeal to 400+ students, 30+ staff members, makes sense, and is easy to do?” Criticism is welcomed, but be prepared to offer a solution. Seek out the Student Team and relay your ideas. The incentive piece is not meant to make our students feel childish or immature. Quite the opposite is true! Teachers have commented that when SOAR tickets are given to a student, there is that glimmer in the eye, a sense of pride and accomplishment that is so important for you all to feel. Every human enjoys being recognized. One of the best things that SOAR does for our school climate is to form better relationships between all of us here. SOAR is a district-wide initiative and the high school is leading the charge. You are an integral part of that leadership, and we are encouraged to see all of you strive to do your best. EHS is a great school filled with incredible students, dedicated staff, and high academic achievement. SOAR aids all of us in remembering that good things happen here everyday. Letters to the editor may be sent to and are published online at Letters may be accepted or rejected at the editors’ discretion, and anonymous letters will not be published. and are accepted or rejected at the editor’s discretion

The Cardinal Issue 2  

December 2011