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As we are closing in on the very first anniversary of COVID, it is important that we are well prepared for what the future holds. The impacts of COVID are amalgamated in our day to day life since the outbreak, but is this the case for everyone? Since the outbreak, public health officials around the world are making efforts to limit the spread of the infection- they are providing guidelines that will assist in confining the spread. Nova Scotia along with other Atlantic provinces are doing an exceptional job in confining the spread compared to other parts of the world. Since May 5th, the total number of confirmed new cases are below 10*, which exemplifies the effort of the front-line workers along with other health care professionals.

Since the past few weeks, many people, especially students, are travelling to the Atlantic bubble while authorities are insisting on strict regulations in order to


reduce the spread of this virus. Many new protocols and restrictions are in place for students entering Nova Scotia after August 20th. ● Students need to fill a form consisting of personal information, along with the address for their quarantine location and their commitment towards the same. ● Students entering the province need to selfisolate/Quarantine for 14 days. ● Every individual needs to undergo 3 COVID tests after their entry within 14 days. ● Restriction on using public transport upon arrival, even for testing purposes, for 14 days. Instead, the use of a personal vehicle or taxi is recommended.


Precaution is better than cure. The term “social distancing� has been used a great deal amidst the pandemic. Social distance means maintaining a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters between individuals. It assists in limiting the spread by preventing contact with salivary droplets. After reopening certain businesses, emphasis on social distancing has increased to mitigate the risk of spread. Most food chains in Cape Breton are trying to achieve this by blocking every alternate table. People should keep in mind that social distancing is not the alternate of wearing face protection, they just complement each other.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acts as a shield towards the virus and its importance cannot be overstated. Use of a face mask or oral screen and gloves is deeply encouraged. The use of PPE not only aids in personal protection but also limits the spread of the disease in the community. Thus, wearing the facecovering works for the betterment of the whole community and not just the individual, obliging the moral ethics. Regular hand washing and using hand rub sterilizer when hands are not visibly soiled is the gold standard when it comes to personal hygiene. Cleaning surfaces with alcohol disinfectant is recommended for surfaces that are regularly touched or used by different individuals, for example- doorknobs and dining tables.


Young people, especially students are being found to increasingly neglect the mandatory requirement to quarantine. The lack of symptoms and discomfort faced by the students demotivates them to follow rules imposed for self-isolation. But it should be kept in mind that it may take up to 14 days to develop the symptoms of COVID after contracting the virus; so, by refraining from self-isolation they are endangering many lives. The government in recent days is working on several new policies that may impose a hefty fine on the individuals disobeying self-isolation when directed. Sources- * https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/data/ https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


Rising Star by Akshay Sharma


Cold, Cold night No one to say Hi!! So, I look at the sky Clouds passing by Cold, Cold night I look up high Calling my Name A Star in the sky Lonely, Not alone but, I am fine, Said I Stars shining Bright I see them in the sky Sitting on a tree I see them passing by A stare the star gave me Asked me a question why? Sitting on a tree You are counting us passing by? Hold my Hand Come and see How I am here and why Know Me, know my life, know the Star who’s in the sky Some day you can tell the one Sitting on a tree, watch the stars go by


He showed me his world I was stunned by its light Can I be like you, one of you? Asked I!! Yes, you can, My Rising Star, My child But Not sitting on a tree Counting stars at night Wake up, wake up, My rising star Oh, LORD It’s a morning light A story, A dream, A Lesson of life A look at the window On my right The Sun is out Shining bright Oh yes, my LORD In my mind Thank you for the dream Now I can see THE SUN, THE SHINE THE STARS, THE SKY No sign of clouds I have passed them by


by Pushya Choksi



I was walking on a road, saw a bird a bird who was finding someplace to hide his head in the stormy rain

the night passed by the bird took the shelter by the tree he knew this time will pass by

he was all alone looking for a shelter and a home

the morning came with the new light though it was still raining outside there was no sign of sunshine

A bird who don't know how to fly he is standing here , in a rainy night sky

the bird hear a beautiful voice oh it was a nightingale singing a beautiful lullaby

he saw a tree nearby asked that tree can i ?

the bird asked the tree is she one of us who got no place to hide ?

Tree replied in sweetest voice i am the shelter i am the home for millions who are new to this world

the tree said

world where birds like u always finding place in Que But here there is no Que u can rest your head till i am with you.

we are all the same Just the same the bird went to the nightingale on the top of the tree he saw the world from different eyes rain falling from the sky there was no fear in his eyes 14

he got the answer right i can fly with no fear in my eyes i will try to fly with no regrets from the past life i will fly with a dream in my heart i want to touch the sky Nightingale with a rhyme Together forever We will make it fine Take me with you Make it a rhyme Forever together



As if 2020 didn't already bring enough storm in our lives, we're expecting to see another hurricane early this week (not a metaphor this time).

Image Source- Jay Scotland (twitter)

Hurricane Teddy is expected to hit eastern Nova Scotia and central Newfoundland around Tuesday afternoon and will put these areas at high risk of power outages. It is expected that along with high speed winds (going up to 100kph) and large waves, this moisture filled storm will also bring rain of upto 100mm in these areas. Hurricane Teddy is also expected to have an impact on portions of the Leeward Islands, the Greater Antilles, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the east coast of the United States.


In a press release, Matt Drover, Nova Scotia Power’s storm lead, said that the province has already begun taking precautions for the hurricane and is opening the province's Emergency Operations Centre in advance. Here are some of the precautions you should take if you are in any of the regions expected to be hit by the hurricane✔ Keep a safety kit. Find the recommended Red Cross safety kit check list here. It's always a good idea to ensure that you have supplies for at least 72 hours when expecting a storm. ✔ Steer clear of all electrical cables as these can get charged up and can potentially cause electric shock. Click here to find Nova Scotia Power's storm guidelines. ✔ Ensure that your power generator is safe. Follow this guide. Also, don't attempt to access your electrical panel if there is water around. ✔ Avoid parking vehicles near trees ✔ Ensure that your pets are inside. ✔ Keep monitoring storm updates. You can do so by clicking on this link. Grocery stores may have particularly longer line ups as stores would also need to follow covid-19 restrictions pertaining to social distancing and maximum number of people in an enclosed space. While it is definitely 18

recommended to stock up, one should avoid hoarding as this may result in others not getting access to supplies as stores may not be able to keep up with increasing demand on this short a notice. University students and those working from home should also keep in mind that power outages would mean no WiFi and may therefore disrupt class and work schedules. Students who have live class sessions and are residing in hurricane prone areas should consider requesting their professors to record their lectures in advance.



There has been a sudden hike in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Canada after a short latency period. There is a scorching fear among the population reminiscing the situation in late April. Social distancing, use of personal protective equipment along with the effort of health care workers helped Canada to drop their COVID-19 cases significantly. But the sudden hike in the cases suggests that people have started to take things lightly, as the number of public gatherings has increased along with more people getting reluctant to wear a mask after the epidemic cooled down. Many public health officials along with researchers were in the news during the latent period, they suggested that precaution should be taken to terminate the second wave but is it too late for that?

World cases as seen on 22nd august 2020 Image credit: Government of Canada's official website.


World cases as seen on 22nd September 2020 Image credit: Government of Canada official website

As can be seen from the images, the number of COVID-19 cases is on spike around the globe for a month (darker shade contributes to increased number). This graphical interpretation of the world should be a topic of concern for every individual as the whole community is going to be affected by the same. It can be observed that the second spike is currently in progress when u look at the graph on the lower right column. Canada has been on the exceptional end when it comes to recovering from COVID-19. Many provinces such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Manitoba had a negligible number of COVID-19 cases in July-august. But there has been a recent hike in cases and the hotspots are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. 22

Image credit: Government of Canada Click here

Ontario premier Ford in the recent public speaking stated his concerns regarding the 2nd wave of COVID-19, he also stated that in the coming week he is going to provide plans to deal with it in the fall of 2020. As seen above, there are more than 3000 active cases in Ontario and the curve is spiking leading to panic. But other provinces that are the topic for discussion include British Colombia and Quebec, both having more than 2000 cases and are on the spike.


Image credit: Government of Canada Click here

Nova Scotia has 0 active cases of COVID-19 along with other Atlantic provinces that have less than 5 cases as of 22nd September 2020. The Atlantic bubble is amongst the safest places to be in Canada right now, but is it going to be the same in the coming days? This is a topic of concern among public health officials currently. Maintaining low exposure and protecting the province will not be that easy when there is a significant hike in the cases of neighboring provinces. All the protocols and efforts are in action to prevent further spread of COVID19 but in the end, it comes to personal responsibility. Being a responsible resident of this country, everyone should follow the basic rules mandated by the officials


(social distancing, wearing a face mask) to limit spread and be safe.

I woke up one morning and I was empty With the night sky painted all over my skin, There were blues and splashes of violet, All of me was covered in Violent hues. So a dark head full of smoke And a midnight canvas my only truth, I sat alone to cry myself a universe, There’s grey fog on the thick glass Leaving me trapped in a wordless void, So I told the moon all my secrets And I told no one else I told him exactly how lonely I am. Hoping when the palette burns red and orange The ink of your touch will be wiped of me.


Always You by Diya Anand Wish you and I could meet in the chorus, A melodious bliss of no ends. Just you, me, and the glow of our fall; Trembling with every note As we bask in the glory of our harmony. Bittersweet trysts amongst the strings; Just you and just me, And not a single eye to set us ablaze. Us and the scars of our hidden allegro, While we present an affectionate aubade. But then they saw our fingers touched. How we sang through the pages, the way Your baritone danced with my contralto. And in the blink of an eye, we disappeared. Reduced to a mere dissonance. But oh my love, I saw it coming. I heard your tears, and I saw your cries Yet I won’t lament for the missing pieces. I will rejoice like a loony For our song was the most beautiful of them all.



With all the chaos around us, it is easy to not-pay attention to minor misunderstandings happening right below our nose. However, it is important to keep your eyes open and stand for what’s right. The spike between Indigenous fishers and non-Indigenous fishers is not a minor misunderstanding, it is a direct result of various microaggressions as well as direct blatant racism against the Indigenous community of Nova Scotia.

Pc – NB Media Co-op (https://nbmediacoop.org/2016/02/16/weare-all-treaty-people-read-the-treaties-here/)

What’s up? Although fishing disputes are not a recent thing, it all started on September 17, when Sipekne’katik Mi’kmaq launched its fishery, which is to be controlled by Mi’kmaq themselves, on a right-to-right basis. The lobster fishery is located in St. Marys Bay, 250 kilometers from Halifax. This fishery was supposed to revolutionary in terms of changing what “moderate livelihood” means for Mi’kmaq people. Sipekne’katik 28

started off by blessing the fishing fleet, proceeding to distribute livelihood tags. This decision that came into effect 21 years after First Nations treaty rights to hunt, fish, and gather was given away; wasn’t very well received by the non-Indigenous fishers. It led to a violent outburst between concerned parties in Saulnierville. Sipekne'katik First Nations is 1/13 First Nations of Nova Scotia. Timeline of the dispute – September 17: Fishery launch. As a response, nonIndigenous fishers allegedly blocked boats, shot, harassed an alleged buyer, cut traps, and removed traps from the water. September 18: In order to protect themselves, Indigenous fishermen put up lobster trap blockades at the wharf. September 20: A statement was put out by the Sipekne’katik Chief, Mike Sack which stated that while they will ensure safety of the community, they will still not back down from their fishery plans. Is the fishery legal? Yes. Why is the 1999 Supreme Court Ruling controversial?


The ruling states that First Nations people have a right to hunt, fish, and gather for a “moderate livelihood”. It was never made clear what the term “moderate livelihood” means. This is where problems start. Why are non-Indigenous fishermen so angry if the fishery is legal? In the eyes of non-Indigenous fishermen, since Indigenous fishermen are fishing all year round, it’s illegal. They’re also concerned about lobster stocks going down, if out of season fishing continues. Is all year-round fishing legal for Indigenous people? Yes. The 1999 Supreme Court ruling aka The Marshall Decision - “moderate livelihood”. This ruling came into fruition because of the Peace and Friendship Treaties between Mi’kmaq and the British Crown. What do we mean when we say, “we’re all treaty people”? “We’re all treaty people” refers to the us residing on Peace and Friendship Treaties. Various treaties were signed by the British Crown with Mi’kmaq / Nova Scotia between 1725 – 1779. To maintain balance and aid in commercial relations, the treaties ensured chasing, fishing and land-use rights for the kin of the Indigenous signatories.


In conclusion, hopefully everyone (including the lobsters) aren’t hurt in the process of resolving this issue.



“Don’t you dare do that ever again”, mama shouted at the

top of her voice, I, startled, dropped the precious memento I had been making lovingly for myself. As I grew up I heard more of “don’t dos”, my blaring soul instead of rebelling, always had the courage to murmur meekly, “Why?” The answer I heard shook me to the roots “Because you are a girl, women are supposed to do these certain things and not do the other”. The only thig I had ever known was that, I was a human being and not categorized as man or woman, week or strong, egoistic or compassionate. I stared dumbfounded at her face and felt my Inner human withdraw into my shell. My mama, she is a strong woman but had been beaten by life, and now that it was my turn I wanted to stand looking directly into it. I have come a long way growing up, Growing wings for my fantasies, Channelling anger where it was needed, learning on my own, getting slapped by the world, and keeping up enough strength to get up again 33

and again and again.



The Coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we knew it. Everything, from schools to shopping, to hanging out with friends, isn't how we ever imagined it to be. However, the most debilitating and universal impact of the pandemic is that it caused financial upheaval in the lives of many people. In Canada, in April alone, almost 2 million* jobs were lost due to the pandemic. While the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB ) /Canadian Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) initiated by the Canadian Government, which gave eligible Canadians $2000/month and Canadian students $1250*, did help reduce financial burden of many Canadians, many people, especially new international students, did not qualify for these benefits on the account of their immigration status as international students in Canada. CBU President, David Dingwall, publicly addressed this concern and called for federally sponsored financial aid for international students.


Source- https://www.cbu.ca/newsroom/releases/federal-fundingleaves-international-students-behind/

Students are a particularly vulnerable segment of the population and are one of the worst hit sections of society during the pandemic. Not only do many students live paycheck to paycheck, but several students also have huge debt from their student loan. Cape Breton University (CBU) and Cape Breton University Student Union (CBUSU) took on many


initiatives to help ease the financial burden on students during the pandemic.

Source- https://www.cbu.ca/newsroom/features/perseverancestudent-relief-fund/

On the 9th of April, Cape Breton University announced that they would be financially supporting students who were impacted by the pandemic but were ineligible for CERB through an emergency bursary fund called "The Perseverance: Student Relief Fund". CBU later announced that through this emergency fund they were able to support 393 students through emergency bursaries, totaling $203,00* Ryan Magee, Vice President Finance & Operations of CBUSU, told Caper Times that CBUSU has spent over $5,199 since May 2020 on its food bank activities. In March, the foodbank reimbursed $20 to each student 38

who sent in their grocery receipt. 863 students were reimbursed for a total of $17,260 since March. CBU Students Union Representatives started the Mobile Food Bank in the beginning of July where they set up a food bank booth in easily accessible locations in Sydney or Glace Bay. About 30 students have accessed the mobile food bank so far.

Source- CBUSU Facebook page. 39

On 28th of August, food bank deliveries were carried out and supplies was delivered to 20 different locations and a total of 50 students benefited from these deliveries. While this direct and indirect financial support from CBU and CBUSU has benefitted some students, many still feel that the majority of students are still under immense financial pressure due to an unanticipated increase in tuition fee along with the mandatory use of paid digital learning platforms for some online classes. Troy Sawyer (name changed for maintaining confidentiality) reached out to Caper Times to express his concerns with the increase in tuition fee during the pandemic. "I’m a business management student currently doing my internship. First of all, I want to say that what CBU told us was we have to an estimation of $22500, and I think estimation doesn’t mean it would go up to $27000. If they increase the fee also by 3% then too it doesn’t make sense. Secondly, they want us to pay the full amount before September 30th" otherwise they will deregister us from our courses which is completely unacceptable in light of current situation. Sydney, Glace bay doesn’t have that many jobs and the pandemic ruined our chances of getting a job in the summertime which was the only hope for many students"


Troy shared a snippet of the document he received from CBU giving an estimate of the tuition fee along with his offer letter from the University

The email referred to by Troy

When asked about the strict deadline for tuition fee payment, CBUSU President, Amrinder Singh told Caper Times, "A formal letter from the Students' Union was sent to the administration on Sept 9th asking for the reasons why such an email was sent to the students in the middle of a global pandemic where our student body is already under financial and mental distress and demanding extension on the deadline to the end of the semester."


Another financial concern being faced by students is the mandatory use of paid online learning platforms such as McGraw-Hill Connect and Top Hat. CBUSU Executive Vice President, Tom Joseph Scaria told Caper Times that he has been in touch with university representatives regarding this issue. The following are excerpts from his email to university faculty regarding this issue: "A student with a full course load of 5 courses being asked to pay roughly $113 per course is an added $600 per semester that they were not expecting or might not have accounted for. This has caused distress among students, who are already struggling to cope with the current predicament. While going through the features of these paid platforms I noticed that most of what they offer such as Textbooks, Teacher/Student Screensharing, Interactive Quizzes, Online Presentations, Instant Messaging, Student Assignment Distribution, Student Assignment Collection, Progress Reporting & Shared Content Libraries, are already available within the combination Moodle, Microsoft Teams and Outlook - services that the students are already accustomed to and more importantly, don’t cost them anything." "While it might be a small number, almost all the student concerns have been based on this particular service McGraw-Hill Connect. Platforms like McGraw-Hill Connect that have no affiliation with CBU and force you to buy an access code to get the textbook and do the add-on quizzes etc. does feel like an attempt by the publishers to extract money out of students. Faculty need to be reminded that these are expensive and when they force students into 42

buying eBooks, they are losing out on the option they previously had about sharing, rotating or buying used textbooks. The Library has been working on getting more Open Textbooks and the Student Union has been pushing for the same (https://libguides.cbu.ca/OER), and this use of McGraw-Hill Connect seems to be going in the opposite direction" Tom also added that he has informed the deans of all schools, the Centre for Teaching and Learning as well as the VP Academic and Provost from CBU Management about this concern. They are all now aware that this practice is happening and that the students are facing difficulty.

Caper Times continues to be in constant communication with the student union body and the university to help give students a platform to raise their concerns and find possible solutions to resolve these concerns during these unprecedented times. On a positive note, Atlantic Canada is relatively ahead on the path to recovery from the financial impact of covid-19 as cases of infection in the Atlantic provinces have declined significantly. How long will this be sustained? Sources: -https://www.cbu.ca/future-students/tuition-fees/financialaid/perseverancefund/ - https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerbapplication.html


Disclaimer- The author of this article is a CBU student enrolled in 2020 fall semester and was also affected by the increase in tuition fee and use of paid digital learning platforms. Although best efforts were made to eliminate any bias and report as accurately as possible, occasional errors may be possible.


by Maninder Kaur



I’ve come to a realization that artists are very selfish people. Especially writers. They go on and on and on about different tangents, forget intersecting the tangents, they don’t care if they’re even in the vicinity of each other. How do they literally. never. stop. talking. about. themselves.? Let’s count the number of times I’ve lied today. #1. I lied to my mom about having money, #2 I lied about not having a universal TV remote (I do have one. Hit me up.), and #3 I lied to my boss about being almost done with this article. So here I am Friday 12:02am with an energy drink in one hand, snacks in the other, trying to string my thoughts on my favourite thing in the whole wide world - poetry. Neil Hilborn is a slam poet from Houston, Texas. He is known worldwide for his viral poem called “OCD”. Hilborn has three published books - Clatter (2015), Our Numbered Days (2015), and The Future (2018). He reads his work in colleges & various other places. He is mainly associated with Button


Poetry on YouTube. He’s also a co-founder of Thistle, a Macalester literary magazine. I spend what seems like half of my day on public transport and I’ve been reading Our Numbered Days on my way to everywhere. If you saw me crying on the bus, shhhh. My usual bus stop has a lot of acorns just lying there for a reason I never tried to find out. Maybe it’s just the tree nearby or maybe it’s the universe carefully placing things for me to reflect upon because, you know, I am the most important human of them all. None of us progress if I don’t progress. Anyway, the minute I stepped on the first acorn, the entire Ice Age movie flashed in front of my eyes & it all made sense to me. That’s Our Numbered Days. The minute you pick it up and read the first poem out loud, your entire life will flash in front of your eyes & your sadness will start making sense to you.


Our Numbered Days has 6 poems titled the same, a hexagon of glass if you will. #1 is about the spaces between life, death, and heaven. Hilborn mourns over a relationship with his mother which is not over yet, but will be soon. He mourns over a thing that has ceased to exist partially. The ending is when he hits you the most. “I will slouch on my knees as though in prayer, I will write one or two poems, then I will no longer think of her.” I am secretly mad at Hilborn for writing this. How dare tell me I will forget my mother when she dies. How dare he punch me in the face with this inevitability. How dare he tell me I ‘won’t cry when my mother dies’.


Now, #2 is about absent fathers. “I have seen my father perhaps ten times, and while that is almost certainly an exaggeration it tells the truth of my story:” vs. I have perhaps talked to my father ten times, and that isn’t almost certainly an exaggeration.

I remember being in Grade 10 trying to perform Sierra DeMulder’s Today Means Amen in front of my whole school. I panicked & forgot all lines after the first two. My best friend at that time rushed to sneakily hand me my journal so that I could be successful in making everyone feel an ounce of the same thing that I felt while reading the said poem. Older generations often go after Gen Z and our social media habits but fail to realize that, 50

to be known is to be loved. To be seen is to be loved. Hilborn goes on about the love of his life in #3, about how “she likes hazelnut in her coffee” and how “her favourite colour is Bakelite seafoam green”, and about how ‘she loved him once’. I don’t mind hazelnut in my coffee, my favourite colour is pink on my good days, hot pink on my bad days, and I am always in love. Repeat after me: to be known by myself is to be loved. To be seen by myself is to be loved.


TW. Hilborn talks about death / dying / death / killing himself / death a lot in his poems. The last Our Numbered Days of his book is a beautiful last lost part of the series in which he talks about hope. As it should be. He says “hope drinks with me and against me” which I feel is a perfect way of describing how hope is related to luck in some ways and one flip of the coin and you’re either on the good side of luck and hope or the bad side of luck and hope. He does spoil a perfectly optimistic poem by adding “dear god, I can’t stop sleeping.” It’s 3am now, I’m going to read Our Numbered Days to my crush and make him fall in love with me. Sorry mom, sorry dad. Sorry boss. Sorry about the god complex & for talking about myself all this while. Peace out.



Look at us, the humans: most pampered beings of nature, but still most confused ones, most afraid ones, who are we afraid of ? we are afraid of each other and the reason behind this fear is that we know we(the humans) cannot be trusted, we know we back off from being good if there is nothing for us in that deal of being good. Why are we like this, you never see a dog/cat or any other animal showing love to someone just because they have some ulterior motive to be accomplished, they just do because they want to do it in the moment. For instance, if a dog see someone eating something they just stand there and start looking at us or we can say they show their intuition of getting that eatable, they don’t play some game to get it, they just do whatever they feel without a mask, either they get it, or they do not. What about us, we always have to play safe, play it good enough to get something even simple as love. The love is a feeling that should arise automatically from inside without any efforts, but everyone knows what is happening out there, you play it well, you lay it well. The life we are living is full of games that we have to play each day, each second to get accepted, to achieve something that gives us power of the moment, power over our surroundings and obviously, people. Why do we need that power? What is the purpose? Actually, we do not need power, to be honest what we just need is being loved, being accepted, being fulfilled and power is just a part of game that will get us that feeling of accomplishment, that means end product is not power, end product is feeling accomplished. This power game is not only present in humans, but this is going on with 54

whole animal kingdom, but we humans are the most greedy players of this game, we do not know where to stop and in the mean process we just lose our self because there is always more and more that keeps us running all our life. What we do not realize is that the real freedom cannot be achieved by empowering external world but can be achieved by empowering internal world. How can it be done?  Before making people accept you, you have to accept yourself  Before making people love you, you have to love yourself At the last, the accomplishments defined by the social game are not permanent, they are just levels that promotes the player to some higher level in outer world that really does not make a difference in the bigger picture, but the sense of power on our own thoughts and feelings, sense of being present in present moment rather than past or future, sense of not proving yourself to be good in the game called “the society” but being the real you is real freedom and power that is permanent, real and matters.



There is a dream in my heart You are its vision There is love to impart From my hearts heavenly Elysian There is love, there is warmth In every blink of my beat There are tears swarmed Before they swarmed Before they sprout let us meet I kiss the waves gliding to your heart Allow your heart to feel it once Let the barriers fall apart Steal the moment and romance with candence Petals of life need your care A lifelong shower of trust and lust Fuse in me like a cream in ĂŠclair You come to me before I rust Fuchsia O fuchsia A life is in love There is a shadow, rest is love


Into A Bull by Lijo George







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