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The Self-Care Agency. Our November Publication is about recognizing personal needs during this pandemic; getting ready for a finals season with a peaceful mind. We hope this finds you well. By The Caper Times

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There’s an App For That by Manini Sethi


emember when we used to go to classes? Now there's an app for that.

Here are four must-have apps for students.

FOREST If you're anything like me and find yourself having difficulty getting off your phone when you should actually be studying for a test or focusing on your ongoing online lecture, this one is for you.

Here's how it works:

Image source- https://www.forestapp.cc/

Trust me, watching your tree wither away just because you decided to watch the Instagram story of that random girl named Tammy who was in your high school and who you've never (and probably will never) speak to IRL is all the motivation you need to start paying attention to your online lecture. Maybe the experience will also help you realize that knowing what Tammy had for lunch today will not add much value to your life. On the other hand, when you spend the virtual coins that you earn on the Forest app from letting your trees grow, Forest donates money to organizations such

as Trees for the Future which plants actual

trees in the world to help contribute towards a greener planet. So far, Forest users have

contributed towards the plantation of 910,612 trees. Forest is available on Google Play and The App Store.

EVERNOTE Suppose for some reason, you just *have* to watch Tammy's Instagram story while you're in class (maybe she was your childhood crush..? I'm not here to judge). Evernote will help you do you by taking your notes for you. One of my favorite features of the app is that it can help you convert voice to text and can also help you share these notes across dierent platforms. Image source: https://evernote.com/why-evernote

Evernote also helps you scan documents from your phone and helps you stay organized. The app also allows for collaboration and allows multiple users to access folders at the same time.

The free version of the app allows you to sync your data across two devices and allows 60 MB of new uploads each month.

GRAMMARLY Now, while Evernote was busy making your notes for you, you ďŹ nally gathered the courage to reply to Tammy's Instagram story and you want to pretend to be interested in the bagel she's having. Let's also assume that you're like me and English is your second language, or maybe it's not but you just don't want to risk sounding silly. Grammarly has you covered. The free version of the app checks your writing for spellings, grammar, and punctuation. You can copy-paste your text in the app or even simply use the Chrome extension.

Image source: https://app.grammarly.com/

Using Grammarly over time will also help you eventually improve your writing. I like to look at it as the training wheels of writing. Grammarly deďŹ nitely helps build the conďŹ dence you need initially and hopefully, soon you won't need it as much.

SPLITWISE You and Tammy have been going around for a while now. Your well-crafted message about her bagel won her over and you went out on a few dates but now it's starting to get messy. You both decided to get the bill on

alternate dates but somehow she always seems to get the coee dates while you get the drinks and dinner at the fancy restaurant. Splitwise is an app that allows users to split expenses with anyone, including travel companions, roommates,

and partners. The app allows you to create groups or add friends and split expenses with them. You can even request money or make settlements the app.

Here are some features of the app:

Image source: https://www.splitwise.com

Miss Vickie’s Chips Might be “Crunchier” Than You’d Expect by Pushya Chokshi


ollowing Halloween when food lovers are in an adrenaline rush, eating Miss Vickie’s chips might be a real treat or treat. On November 3rd there was a food recall initiated by Miss Vickie’s chips company under the authority of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) who are making sure that all the affected products are withdrawn from the market. The food recall was categorized as the class 2 recall under the classification provided by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Image source: CFIA official website.

The listed products have a possibility to contain the pieces of glass in their ingredient. These may possess a serious hazard if ingested and thus the recall was initiated. Along with the official Canadian government website, Miss Vickie’s website also published a warning regarding the recall urging customers not to consume the specific products.

Image source: CFIA official website.

Affected products include a long list of products with some exceptions to keep to taste buds active. The products which are considered safe to consume includes some 6 products namely: • • • • • •

Harvest Cheddar Honey Dijon Balsamic Vinegar Lime and Black Pepper Sour Cream and Caramelized onions.

Along with these flavors, some versions of the chips were also excluded in the recall which includes a reduced-fat version of the original chips.

The Miss Vickie’s Chips that are part of this recall were specifically sold in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Image

Source: Miss Vickie's website notice first page.

Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Following the recall, the food chains and the malls where these chips were sold started displaying notice justifying that these products were o the shelf. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency urges the food chains along with the customer to dispose of these products or return to the vendor when you come in contact with these products. According to CFIA, there is no such report of any incident from the consumption of these products. And according to the Miss Vickie's website announcement, there is one small reported incidence of dental injury.

Get Banksy’ed by Hridya Chaudhary


anksy, the man of the hour; is an anonymous street-artist who has been leaving his imprints throughout the UK since the 1990s. He's also a political activist and a film director. The only catch is, nobody has known him, ever. In 2010, he was named Time magazine's 100 most influential people, along with Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, etc; and for his headshot he provided a his photo with a bag over his head.

"Commercial success is a mark of failure for a graďŹƒti artist. We’re not supposed to be embraced in that way." Banksy Banksy has gained his notoriety through a range of urban interventions, from modifying street signs and printing his own currency to illegally hanging his own works in institutions such as the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art. Most often using spray paint and stencils, Banksy has crafted a signature, immediately identiďŹ able graphic style, and a recurring cast of cops, soldiers, and children, through which he critically examines contemporary issues of consumerism, political authority, terrorism, and the status of art and its display.

Here's 5 of his breathtaking works:

5. CND CND (2005) is Banksy’s statement on war violence. It amazes me that Banksy’s work doesn’t just conform to one era, the meaning and value remains the same no mater when you try to pick it up and dissect it. Look at this in light of Remembrance Day. It is said that CND first appeared outside the Houses of Parliament during an anti-war protest led by Brian Haw, an English peace campaigner who lived for a decade in the Westminster peace camp. At the time UK’s involvement in the 2003 Iraq war had been brought to light, and the fact that millions of people, including soldiers, protested against the invasion was reportedly ignored.

What role does the army truly play in keeping the peace?Â

4. Welcome Mat It seems ironic to include such a subtle message, Welcome Mat (2019), amidst all the wildly explicit political art Banksy has done. It is however important to understand that

these soft nuances is what makes Banksy, Banksy. Welcome Mat was stitched from abandoned life vests on the beaches of Mediterranean.

3. Grannies With Christmas around the corner, I feel weirdly drawn to Grannies (2006). It also emits the perfect Thanksgiving vibe; imagine your next door left-wing liberal trying to convince their grandma why saying certain things is racist, and believe you me, they agreed! It is 2020 folks, we are stepping our

game up. Don’t know if it’s irony or not, but “Punk’s not Dead”, “Thugs for Life”.

2. Soup Cans Soup Cans (2007) is a classic pop-art modern graffiti situation staple to Banksy’s style. Soup Cans, Rats, Political figures are Banksy’s favourite. The fact that I have to capitalize S, R, and P, says heaps in itself. If you tell me you haven’t seen at least one local ripoff Soup Can poster in some obscure art major / art history major’s dorm room, you’re lying.  

1. Love is in the Bin Love is in the Bin is a 2006 interactive???? painting by the legend himself, Banksy. I feel like this is the most epic of his works because it is an attack on the structure of capitalism. It was originally a part of the Girl with Balloon series. Girl with balloon originated in 2002 and it featured on The Waterloo Bridge and murals around London. So, this particular Girl with Balloon was renamed Love is in the Bin in 2018, at Sotheby’s. It was set up to go off shredding the minute it was sold off in an auction. The painting was sold for a whopping CAD$1,611,659; and the minute the gavel hit to close the bidding, the same minute the painting was destroyed with a capital d. Even though it stopped halfway through, Banksy revealed that it was supposed to be cut into pieces through and through.

Banksy, the man of the hour; is an anonymous street artist who has been leaving his imprints throughout the UK since the 1990s. He's also a political activist and a film director. The only catch is, nobody has known him, ever. In 2010, he was named Time magazine's 100 most influential people, along with Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, etc; and for his headshot, he provided his photo with a bag over his head. Information from: artsy.net, myartbooker.com, time.com, sothbeys.com.

Everything You Need to Know Before Travelling Back to CBU by Manini Sethi


nless you're living under a rock, you probably heard that CBU's Winter 2021 semester is going to be online.

But just because classes are being conducted online doesn't mean there's no reason for CBU students to be in Sydney. CBU and CBUSU continue to provide support to and organize events for CBU students in Sydney. For example, CBU's library is now allowing students to book a seat at the library and pick up books via curbside pick up. CBUSU's food bank continues to provide support to students in Cape Breton. CBUSU also continues to organize non-virtual events in Cape Breton such as the Diwali event at Swaagat and Butterbeer restaurants in Sydney on 13th November.

Many students attending CBU from other countries and dierent time zones may also want to return to Sydney so that they don't have to take their synchronous classes in the middle of the night. Many students may also have trouble attending classes due to unstable internet connections in their home countries. Here's everything you need to know if you're travelling back to Cape Breton for university from:

A) Outside Canada

Cape Breton University has a COVID Readiness Plan that has been approved by the Province of Nova Scotia. CBU was added to this list on the 3rd of November, 2020. This means that students can travel to Canada from other countries if they are enrolled in CBU. However, they must complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine in a CBU designated location. CBU has two designated locations for quarantine.

1) CBU on-campus Residence. Students travelling to Canada from another country can complete their quarantine in CBU's on campus residence. For students who only wish to stay in residence for the 14-day quarantine period, the cost is $1050 per person, which includes 14 nights of accommodations and the $20 per day meal plan. This cost will be billed directly to your student account.

2) Cambridge Suites Hotel in Sydney

Students who wish to stay in the off-campus location at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in downtown Sydney must make their own reservation directly with the hotel for the reserved block of rooms under “CBU Quarantine.” The total cost for this option, which includes room and meals, is $1,712.90. You can call 902-562-6500 to make your reservation. The cost associated with this option is $102.35 per night, for a total of $1,432.90 for 14 days. This is payable to the hotel prior to arrival via credit card. Meals will be an additional $20 per day for a total of $280. Meals will be delivered to your room three times per day, for 14 days. The $280 cost of meals will be billed directly to your student account. If you are travelling with a family member(s) or support person(s), the cost of the room will remain the same. However, each person

will be charged an additional $20 per day for meals. This additional charge will also be billed directly to the students account Students would also be required to ďŹ ll out the Quarantine Commitment form by CBU here. In addition, all students traveling to Canada from another country must also complete the ArriveCAN Application and the Nova Scotia Safe Check in form. International students must also ensure that they have medical health insurance and can contact internationaloďŹƒce@cbu.ca regarding the same. It is also mandatory to inform CBU before making any plans to travel. It must also be noted that CBU does not guarantee students entry to Canada as the ďŹ nal decision regarding this rests with the CBSA.

B) Outside the Atlantic bubble, but within Canada Students travelling to Nova Scotia from other Canadian provinces are also required to inform CBU about their travel. Students would be required to complete a mandatory 14 day quarantine but can chose to complete this quarantine at any location of their choice. According to the Government of Nova Scotia, "Self-isolation means you go directly to your destination and stay there for 14 days, or for the duration of your stay if it’s less than 14 days. The day you arrive in Nova Scotia counts as your first day of selfisolation. You need to stay in the same location while you’re self-isolating (you can’t change locations). Avoid taking public transportation (like a taxi, bus or shuttle) if

possible. If you do need to take public transportation, wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others, as much as you can. Only take public transportation if you don't have COVID-19 symptoms. Make plans to have groceries and other supplies delivered.�

C) From within the Atlantic Bubble If you're currently in the Atlantic bubble (eg: Halifax, Moncton etc), you are not legally required to self isolate but you should continue to monitor your symptoms and follow provincial guidelines. To self-isolate, you need to follow these guidelines: • Don't go to work, school or other public places. • Take and record their temperature daily and avoid fever reducing medications (like acetaminophen and ibuprofen). • Have groceries and other supplies delivered. • Avoid anyone with chronic conditions or a compromised immune system and older adults. • Don't have visitors to your home.

• Don’t take public transportation (like a taxi, bus or shuttle) if possible; if you do need to take public transportation, wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others, as much as you can. • Don’t take public transportation if you have COVID-19 symptoms • Stay home - you can go on your deck or balcony or in your yard, but you need to avoid contact with other people • Don’t use elevators or stairwells if you live in an apartment building (stay inside your unit) • Complete a COVID-19 Self-assessment if you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; you can call 811 for assessment if you’re unable to complete the COVID-19 Selfassessment online (or to speak with a nurse) • Follow hand washing guidelines, cough and sneeze guidelines and cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

Continue to monitor canada.ca for more updates on travel restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Diwali: Festival of Happiness by Pushya Chokshi


iwali commonly known as the festival of lights is one of the most celebrated festivals all over India. The festival has its roots in Hindu mythology making it religiously significant but all people from various religions celebrate Diwali with utmost enthusiasm. CBU being the hub of international students witnessed glimpses of India this year. Amid COVID-19 students of Indian origin made sure that the festival does not lose its charm and engaged in the celebration while keeping covid protocols in mind. Usually, CBU hosts the party for Diwali as it is followed by the Hindu new year but this year we don’t want more than 1000 people at one place, do we? (That would be a Public Health nightmare). The staff at the Caper times made sure that you get the best glimpse of Diwali by

scrolling Instagram and Facebook during this digital Diwali. Students Union at CBU made sure that the student's get the best of Diwali by holding

multiple contests to motivate students to celebrate and win vouchers, making it a winwin situation.

There was an overwhelming response from student featuring #diwaliwithcbusu. Students had to compile their celebration video and post it on social media to enter the contest and get featured. Here are a few glimpses of that‌

Festivals are usually connected with delicacies. Everyone misses their home and most importantly home-cooked meal during Diwali, don’t we? CBUSU partnering with Swagat - The real taste of India and

Butterbeer - The Indian restaurant made sure that students are not deprived of the food they deserve. CBUSU provided meals to the CBU students at aordable rates of merely 5$ per meal. Many students took advantage of this venture as it provided dine-in as well as take-away options.

Also, if you live in Sydney, you probably heard the bursting of ďŹ recrackers on Saturday night 14th November.

It looked like a mini Christmas during the weekend as students decorated their houses with the lights, making it a glimmering night.

Overall, Diwali was a memorable event here at CBU for Indian students reminiscing their home. Everyone also needs to keep their lights on the bay as Santa is on his way.

A Circle in my Palm Byzantium by W. B. Yeats by Hridya Chaudhary


o me this feels like a treasure box, a rigid outer layer with strict boundaries but with a skillfully hidden life-awakening treasure. Since Yeats is directly talking to me, it’s as if I’m the one opening the Pandora’s box to discover some secrets. I believe Byzantium is another-worldly “country” where souls go after their death. A secret place only a few, who terribly love art, know about. Yeats lets me know that the Earth is no place to exist for those whose vessel has reached a stage of death and corrosion. The rule of nature states, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fish or if your skin is rotten, you have to die. Its written in the Gita, your body dies, leaving your soul behind. Yeats is trying to let me know about the fact that everything is a circle. I believe this holds true for the entire universe as well. It was born from the big bang, it is going to end from the big bang. Everything that we know will cease to exist when the apocalypse comes. He also

mentions living in the present moment by comparing life to musical beats. What really baffles me is that we cannot really document a present moment, it exists. He expresses that he wants to be unattainable when he dies. I believe he’s trying to convey that he wants to leave the human realm altogether and be like a golden bird carved by Grecian goldsmiths. I do not quite agree with him. On one hand, he wants to offer up everything he has in him and never return to the human body, on the other hand, he talks about being stuck as a golden bird. Why not attain salvation? If one’s anyway giving himself up trying to let me know about the fact that everything is a circle. I believe this holds for the entire universe as well. It was born from the big bang, it is going to end from the big bang. Everything that we know will cease to exist when the apocalypse comes. He also mentions living in the present moment by comparing life to musical beats. What really

baffles me is that we cannot really document a present moment, it exists. Referring to the mosaics in San Apollinaire Nuovo, he calls on to the Gods of art to come and inspire him. He sounds almost meditative as he yearns to be motivated. Even I need a trigger to set my heart going. I believe he wants the overwhelming surge of power to consume him fully without leaving a speck of his heart and soul behind. He wants the vortex to replace the matter inside his vessel and aid him to achieve eternity. I love the powerful imagery associated with his lines. It almost feels like he is sacrificing himself by offering the art he has to contribute including the source of where the art comes from. He expresses that he wants to be unattainable when he dies. I believe he’s trying to convey that he wants to leave the human realm altogether and be like a golden bird carved by Grecian goldsmiths. I do not quite agree with him. On one hand, he

wants to offer up everything he has in him and never return to the human body, on the other hand, he talks about being stuck as a golden bird. Why not attain salvation? If one’s anyway giving himself up for art, why stay? Why trap one’s soul again and find a new purpose again? Maybe, the fact that everything is a circle applies here as well. Maybe, one’s soul never escapes. Maybe, even after you find your purpose to provide for art, you are meant to stay here as art. Byzantium retrieved from - poetryfoundation.org

Scholarship Opportunity for Data Journalists by Manini Sethi


nvestintech.com, Inc is the developer of award-winning and industry-leading PDF conversion, creation, and editing solutions. They recently announced their annual data journalism scholarship which is in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ). If you're an amateur journalist looking to develop your data journalist skill, this may be a great time to start. The deadline for the application is 1st April 2021. While applicants need not have an academic background in journalism, they must show evidence of their journalism skills and interest. Interested CBU students can get their articles published at The Caper Times for their application. Students can email

their submissions at ct_editorinchief@cbu.ca. However, students can also submit published blog posts or even class assignments with their scholarship applications. The guidelines for the submissions are as follows: "Work must have been produced within one calendar year of the scholarship closing date. • Individual work is preferred. If the submitted item is produced as part of a team of two or more, the applicant must submit their own proof of work. Previous winners are not eligible to apply. The submission must include: • An example of a work of journalism that shows the application of data skills (e.g. use of spreadsheets, web scraping, use of mapping tool).

• An explanation of what you did and how you did it, including the resources you used. For submissions that were part of a group project, applicants must explain their role, the skills they used in fulfilling that role, and the specific parts of the story, or stories, that their contribution influenced. • An idea for a project you would like to work on, particularly if you had more data journalism skills. Include a link to a dataset that shows why the story is worth pursuing, and a link to a story you aspire to create or one that inspires you as a journalist. • A letter of support from an instructor or editor.” CBU Students interested in applying can contact ct_editorinchief@cbu.ca for the support letter from the editor if they are applying for the scholarship with a submission at the Caper Times.

The submission should have at least 500 words and should demonstrate the effective use of data, visualizations, and/or medium being used. The winning candidate would be awarded: • $1,000.00 CAD • Free one-year membership with the CAJ • One free pass to the annual CAJ national conference Interested candidates can find more details about the scholarship here and can contact scholarships@investintech.com regarding further queries.

CERB? Here’s What You Should Know. by Pushya Chokshi


or those who don’t know, After the beginning of the pandemic of COVID-19 government of Canada released the CERB- Canada Emergency Relief Benefit to assist the people of Canada to relieve their financial burdens. The CERB ended 2 months ago and there are a few revelations that CRA is

making now in terms of funds according to the report submitted to CBC. What is CERB? CERB was a government sponsored emergency fund for individuals residing in Canada who faced financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. There were a few conditions and prerequisites individuals were required to fulfill in order to receive these benefits from CRA or Service Canada. A total of $2000 was received by the beneficiary per month as long as they fulfill the given conditions. This benefit was dissolved by the government after the introduction of CRB(Canada Recovery Benefit) and the reopening of EI(Employment insurance).

Image source: CRA website Government of Canada.

Error’s in taking CERB: CERB was provided by 2 government bodies, namely CRA and Service Canada, which created some confusion. According to the clarification provided by CRA officials in a letter provided to CBC, many people claimed benefits from both organizations. They also clarified that this might be ‘an honest mistake’ and many people might have even paid it back before receiving a warning from the organizations. There was some fraudulent activity also involving claims and individuals involved in these

activities will be required to pay back the benefits. You may be required to return your CERB benefit if you were: • Receiving benefits despite not qualifying for it. Receiving the benefits from both organizations instead of one.

Image source: CRA website Government of Canada.

Facts and figures associated with CERB: As provided by the report from CRA, a total of a whopping $81.64billion was issued by the government to over 27 million applications. After the application of the CERB got over CRA also introduced the feature of voluntary repayment to the government and as of now, more than 945,000 people have already returned their benefits. Repaying CERB and Notice: CRA has started issuing notices to the account which were ineligible for receiving benefits but still received it or who received double benefits. There are up to 213,000 people who have to return their benefits to CRA after the notice was issued. This notice can be found in the EI section of CRA. If you received the benefit you still can return it under CRA my account if you were not eligible for it, if not then it should appear in the T4A section of your tax return as income

and whose tax should be paid in 2021 tax returns. Fortunately, there is no time limit set for the repayment of CERB as government officials are making sure not to collect any payments amid this pandemic. But government officials are saying they will make sure that the repayment is done. It was also noted that if the individual capacity is below the repayment amount then it will be compensated by diminishing the future benefits and reflecting it in tax credits. There will be a different section of the Tax slip on the CRA account which will reflect the CERB tax. For more information on CERB and CRB, visit canada.ca Source: CBC- letter from the CRA.

How to Beat Exam Stress by Manini Sethi


xams, the most stressful time of the year for most students, are right around the corner. (If you haven't already, you can ďŹ nd your exam schedule here.) If you took an introduction to psychology course in high school you were probably told that stress isn't always a bad thing and that there's the "good type of stress" called eustress, which is good for us and helps us respond appropriately to situations. The primary example for eustress in many introductory psychology books was that being stressed for an exam helped us get the motivation to study for it. In many situations, this is far from true. Exam stress, in several cases, becomes the "bad type" of stress or distress which actually makes it

diďŹƒcult for many students to study and perform well on the exam.

Source: www.teodesk.com

If you're anything like me and often ďŹ nd your heart racing the night before an important exam or your hands sweating during the exam (to the point where ink would smudge on my test papers), here are some tips to help you cope with your exam stress:

1. Several days before your exam ♥ This one sounds obvious, but studying before your exam will definitely help reduce your stress levels significantly. If you leave exam preparation to the night before, you may find your stress consuming your ability to prepare. Even if the exam isn't too tough, it's always best to prepare in advance. You may also want to consider making notes which you can use for doing a quick revision the night before your exam. ♥ Don't neglect your diet and lifestyle. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep. You can also consider trying breathing exercises to help you calm your nerves. Apps like Calm can help you practice mindful breathing.

♥ Maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you have difficulty managing your time and find yourself procrastinating, it may be a good idea to make an hourly or daily schedule. Remember to include activities that help distract you from your exam, like catching up with friends or watching a movie.

2. The night before your exam ♥ It's best to not try and learn new things the night before the exam and focus on revising topics that you have already covered. ♥ Eat a healthy meal and sleep on time. ♥ Maintain perspective and try to avoid having unrealistic expectations. There is life after the big test. Life is more than scholastic success. One test will almost never make or break your career. Those who love you would not care about how you perform in one test.

3. During your exam ♥ If you feel jittery during your exam, take a break. Yes, during your exam. You can take a short walk to the washroom, wash your face or hands, and try and distract yourself from your exam. You can do this by thinking

about your after exam plans or something you look forward to. ♥ Avoid giving in to your nervousness. If you have a nervous tick like biting your nails or pulling your lip, make a conscious effort to avoid doing it. The first step towards this is to be aware of the habit. ♥ Again, maintain perspective. One exam is not going to define your career or your life. You're so much more than the grades you receive in an exam. Remind yourself of the things you are good at.

#HumansOfCapeBreto nUniversity: Meet Dexter Pillas by Manini Sethi


HumansofCapeBretonUniversity is an initiative by The Caper Times to help bring about a sense of community and togetherness amongst the CBU community within the virtual set up. Every month, a sta member from The Caper Times will interview a student or faculty member from CBU and write about their experiences, world views or anything which they would like to share with Caper Times readers. For our second edition of #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity we’re excited to introduce you to Dexter Pillas, an international student in his third semester of the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management.

Pictured: Dexter (top right) with his family.

CT Staff: Tell us a little about yourself. Dexter: My name is Dexter Pillas, and I am doing a Post-Baccalaureate in Business Management. I also have a degree in Accountancy and passed the licensure examination for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) thirty years ago. I chose that field not because I am interested in business and money, but because my grandparents told me it leads to great career options, too. Then,

immediately, I decided to enter the corporate world, my vast experience in accounting profession has included life insurance, bank deposit insurance, beverage manufacturing and supermarket. CT Staff: What do you like the most about Cape Breton and what made you decide to come here? Dexter: Aside from the renowned Cabot trail and its dramatic coastal views, what I like the most about it, are the locals friendliness from the first the very day, I and my wife arrived here to register at CBU, look for a high school for my kids and for a place to stay. It is like a home away from home, because in our place, come seven o’clock in the evening, there are few cars and people on the street, not too many establishments that are open. CT Staff: Why did you choose to pursue business management? Dexter: In the span of my career, I have been working as an accountant or finance manager (behind the scene), I want to take it in the next level and broaden the range of my

career path. It will help me grow professionally by understanding the other aspects of business, such as, sales and marketing management, strategic management and supply chain management. And develop my skills to lead and motivate people, make sound business decisions, troubleshoot and solve problems. Or as small business owner. CT Staff: If you could give one piece of advice to the younger generation, what would it be? Dexter: Never give up, it should not be an option in one’s life, persevere. Instead, strive to achieve his or her goal. And please allow me to quote Steve Jobs message before he died “nonstop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into twisted being�, so learn to forego the material things in life and just live a life in moderation and be happy. CT Staff: What was the happiest moment of your life? Dexter: The happiest moment in my life is when I got married to my wife who was my elementary classmate in the Chinese school.

CT Staff: What is your most important priority? Dexter: My most important priority in life is my family and in the center is God. CT Staff: What is your one take away from your time at CBU? Dexter: My one take away from my time in CBU is its diversity. Reach out to ct_editorinchief if you would like to be featured in #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity or if you would like to nominate someone for it.

Buried by PCQ


thought I saw your mirage in my childhood vanity It didn’t make sense You weren’t in my room let alone my heart Get the fuck out of my daydreams Remove yourself from the tension in my neck You aren’t welcome Your disgust will end with me I will lay your guilt where your weak body sits with the maggots And I wont cry.

Gentle Boy by PCQ


bought you therapy for Christmas And you still blamed me for your fuckups

I won’t shave my legs so you feel soft Keep your lies riddled with petty Save your patronizing gaze You’d never admit that I’m funny I don’t need to scream Fuck your ignorant inconsistencies—its not an institution You’ll put rocks in your shoes to keep the joke alive I see through your empty clichés I never should’ve wasted my money on your failed attempt at fucking yourself.

Travel Story - India by Srishti Datta


he trip started with a night in Rishikesh a few days in Dehradun and a few hours in Haridwar.Â

The laxman bridge was very lively with people of every age being fascinated with things of their likings. Kids were busy teasing and playing with the monkeys, middle aged and young adults looking for their friends on the raft, older people chanting and ďŹ nding their way to the temples through the crowd. Everyone talks about white river rafting and the greenery there (yes, pun intended) but no one talks about the cool sadhus chilling there in sunglasses and cuties snatching your snacks be it popcorn or chips from your hands and enjoying it while teasing you.

Flight or Fight by Ashwin Bhatnagar

See (B) You by Rishi Midha

Patiently waiting, for chaos to happen. But this time around, this place feels more home than it felt before. by Nishant Bhardwaj

And in my case tourists giving out beautiful and photogenic expressions.

Dehradun is a beautiful city if you want the city life in mountains. It beautifully merges your fast city life to the serenity you want and

come to mountains for.

Friendly faces in roadside conventions to finding Hogwarts in Dehradun, it's a beautiful poetry on its own. From shopping near the clock tower market to surrounding yourself amidst the rocks and waterfalls in robber's cave, it’s a perfect city for a staycation.

For us this trip ended where Hindus's life cycle ends, yes Haridwar. (this wasn't intended but fate.) Haridwar has this energy that can calm anyone. Walking alongside The Ganges, doing pooja for everyone's well being to drinking and eating one of the best street foods- the lassi gives you a moustache!

And the puri chana makes you drool for more. Even though you'll ďŹ nd many and many sadhus here spotting the old helpers of sadhus for getting pooja done and

acknowledging them also makes them happy and their stories are also awe-ing.

Come Home by Tal Parsons


e your own best friend. That’s the key to your happiness. Stop trying to find yourself in other people. You need someone that is 
 honest, blunt and kind; 
 strong, supportive and constant;
 soft, true and vulnerable;
 everything that you already are. 
 Be it all; all the time. Be your own best friend, 
 And don’t stop until being alone feels more like home than prison.

Selfless or Selfish? by Ashly Reji


had to think about my family, I had to think about daily needs, I had to think about the peace in others, That I never actually concentrated On me. I was too indulged in making sure others are alright, That I forgot to ask myself that question once in a while, And now I just avoid it, Because I know l am not ďŹ ne. Do l know what I should do to be better? Yes, I do, But l can't do that now, My responsibilities have made itself a ticking time bomb, That I should do my duties before Things go o hand or the guilt trip would be another punishment,

That I just can't bear now. I guess the detriments of being an adult Have increased way more than The child in me would have ever imagined to go. And now it's too far gone, Long before I realized, The good old days won't come back anymore, It's the big girl from the big city, Learning to do things on her own. I was neck-deep in responsibilities, That I forgot one among them was me.

Self-Care Bingo

About the Authors A feminist, and an animal lover, Manini is a business student at CBU who is fond of reading and exploring new places. Being a part of the student senate and CBUSU, Manini works actively to help CBU students voice their concerns.

Manini Sethi, The Editor

Pushya is in his 2nd year of PG diploma in Public health and is a Dentist from India. He loves talking about research in medicine and has a keen interest in ďŹ nance and sports. Apart from writing, he plays badminton and does kickboxing.

Pushya Chokshi, Associate Editor

Hridya is a Psychology, English student at CBU. She has a passion for writing and is swstoked to be working with Caper Times again. Stoked is her favourite word. Lover of all things poetry, she enjoys obsessing over astrology and ďŹ nding new ways to smash the patriarchy. Hridya Chaudhary, Associate Editor

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November 2020- Official Publication  


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