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THE GLEN MOORE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP By Pushya Chokshi The Glen Moore memorial scholarship and trophy is awarded each year to a CBU student who displays outstanding leadership, concern for others and contributes to the quality of life at Cape Breton University. The Glen Moore memorial scholarship started after the accidental death of Glen Moore to honor his memory. Glen Moore graduated in 1991 from Cape Breton University as a part-time student in Masters in Business Administration and at Dalhousie University in Masters of Health Administration. Unfortunately, during his first year of study, he met an untimely death in a motor vehicle accident on July 21th. 1994 when he was 24 years old.

Criteria for the award: During their duration of the study, the recipient must exemplify the university’s motto“Perseverance Will Triumph.”

This award is not based on academic excellence but is presented to a student every year at the time of convocation for demonstrating leadership and empathy and for adopting a proactive approach in contributing to the development of CBU.

The trophy for this award is on the display in the Learning Commons. The trophy lists some of the recent recipients of this award.


Some recent recipients of this award are: 2020 – Lesley Dewan 2019 – Breagh Gillis 2018 – Jordan Gracie 2017 – Taylor Burton 2016 – Sessyly Scheller

Lesley Dewan, the most recent recipient of this award firmly believes that this award not only inspired her to pursue her path of success but also helped her gain confidence.

“I felt honored and humbled when President Dingwall phoned me to say I had won the award. It has allowed me to peruse the CPA path, that I otherwise wouldn’t have able to do.” - Lesley Dewan.


Every year CBU recognizes students with outstanding qualities by honoring them with these awards. Awards not only honor's the deeds but also motivates the person to carry on the inspiring work they are doing.

Along with this award, CBU has many other awards presenting to the graduating students and the alumni which can be found here.


International Students Coming to CBU May Have to Pay $2500+ For Quarantine. By Manini Sethi On the 30th of January, 2021, The Government of Canada announced that they are tightening travel restrictions by introducing mandatory institutionalized quarantine for almost all travelers arriving in Canada. Travelers can now only arrive at select airports and will be required to take a covid-19 test upon their arrival. Travelers who took a covid test before boarding the flight to Canada will not be exempt from this. They will then have to stay in an approved hotel at their own expense till they receive their test results which may take up to 3 days. If they test negative they are free to leave and complete the remaining portion of their 14-day quarantine at the location of their choice, provided it meets the criteria set by the Government of Canada.

While it was stated that there would be some exemptions from this rule, it was unclear in the beginning whether or not international students would be required to follow these new guidelines. Most universities in Nova Scotia, including CBU and Dalhousie University, do already require incoming students to complete a 14-day institutionalized quarantine in one of their approved locations, which for CBU are CBU Residence and Cambridge Suites Hotel in Sydney. While there was no official confirmation whether international students would be exempt from this rule, some sources claimed that they would be.

However, the Government of Canada recently announced that effective February 22, all international students would also be required to get a covid-19 test upon their arrival


and would be required to book a 3-night stay at a government authorized hotel at their port of entry at their own expense. If the test results come back negative, they can go to their final destination. If they test positive, they would be required to stay in a designated quarantine facility for 11 more days in order to complete their 14-day quarantine. It is important to note that the 3/14 day quarantine (depending on covid-19 test result) does not exempt CBU students from the mandatory 14-day quarantine required for all travelers entering Nova Scotia. Upon entering Nova Scotia, students will be required to complete an additional 14-day quarantine in a CBU designated location (CBU Residence/Cambridge Suites Hotel in Sydney). On the 28th of January, CBU announced that they would give a 50% subsidy on mandatory quarantine accommodation in Nova Scotia for international students arriving in Canada until 31st March from outside Canada. (Students who were currently in Nova Scotia and chose to travel abroad and return would not be granted the subsidy). The cost of quarantine in a CBU designated location before the wage subsidy is $1050 and $1432 for CBU Residence and Cambridge Suites respectively. After the 50% subsidy, these costs would be $525 and $716. CBU specified that the cost associated with the 3/14 day quarantine at the port of arrival would be the responsibility of the students themselves. Justin Trudeau, The Prime Mister of Canada, has estimated the potential cost of the three-day quarantine hotel stay at $2,000. This means that international students traveling to CBU could be spending upwards of $2525 in quarantine costs alone in order to come to Canada. This figure excludes other costs associated with their travel such as flight tickets and relocation costs.


The closure of the Sydney airport further complicates the situation, as students would have to book their ticket to Halifax, after which they would be required to travel to CBU via the shuttle service provided by CBU. While this shuttle service is free of charge for international students arriving in Canada, the shuttle only runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1PM, AST. If a student is unable to board this shuttle after their arrival, they would be required to wait for the next shuttle at Quality Inn Hotel at Halifax, which charges $89 per night, which excludes meals other than breakfast.

CBU is currently assisting students with their travel by providing travel support letters to CBU students who plan on coming to Canada from other countries. This letter however does not guarantee entry in Canada as the final decision rests with the Border Officer who will assess each case individually. The travel letter also states that "Cape Breton University is not responsible for any financial or other losses due to you being refused entry to Canada" Two international students (names not mentioned for maintaining confidentiality) reported that it took over 3 weeks for them to hear back from CBU about reserving a spot at CBU Residence for the mandatory quarantine in Nova Scotia. CBU recently announced that they would be having some in person/on campus classes. Students who have courses on campus would be required to come to campus for these classes. This means that it is likely that it would be mandatory for international students in these programs to spend over $2500 for travelling to Canada if they are currently in another country.


Caper Times interviewed Amrinder Singh, President and CEO of Cape Breton University Students' Union regarding these stringent and expensive quarintine measures being imposed on students travelling from foreign countries. Amrinder told Caper Times that CBU and CBUSU are working closely with each other and with the provincial government to ease the financial burden on international students coming to CBU this year.

"Canadian government research estimates that international students contribute over $22 billion annually to the country’s economy and help to sustain over 170,000 jobs. International students will play a critical role in the post pandemic economy, especially in Cape Breton, by providing a much needed boost by injecting capital. Nova Scotia has one of the highest per capita population of international students and we at CBU are aware of our responsibility towards assisting international students. So far we have provided financial aid for students through two programs. The first one is the 50% subsidy on the self-isolation cost for the students who came in the last few months and the students that will be coming until 31st March which will cost around $235,000. The second funding is for the students in financial need that will be applied to the in-course bursary program. The criteria are the same as every year that is students who have shown financial need in their applications. For this CBUSU donated $40,000 which was matched by CBU plus additional $100,000 dollars bringing the total to $180,000. We are looking into more options to help more students and will be having discussions to open the applications for this bursary again which closed on January 15th which is its closing date every year. We want to make sure more students in need can benefit from this."

(If you are an international student who recently arrived at CBU or if you had to alter your travel plans due to the new restrictions, reach out to us at ct_editorinchief@cbu.ca and we will publish your story to help CBUSU advocate for financial aid for students coming to Canada for higher education)


Things To Do This Reading Week: Pandemic Edition By Manini Sethi If this were any other year, I would spend my reading week catching up with friends, hitting every club in the city (since we're talking about Sydney that would be exactly 2 establishments), and waking up at 2:00PM guilt free. But, to the relief of my mom, dad, bank account and probably also Professor Herbert who expects me to dive into research, this time it isn't like other years and I won't be able to do what I had planned.

While travelling and exploring would usually be a fun way to spend "reading" week, CBU strongly discourages out of province travel. People travelling to any province other than Prince Edward Island would be required to complete a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon returning to the province. None the less, I put together a list of fun things that can be done safely, keeping in mind social distancing regulations. ▽ Skiing at Ski Ben Eoin

Located only 37km from CBU, Ski Ben Eoin is one of Cape Breton's favorite skiing destinations and is great for first timers as well as pros. You can get a day pass which includes rental ski gear for just $30. They even have a Café and a pub on site (the


poutine served at the café is the best poutine I've ever had. Or maybe I was just really hungry after failing miserably at skiing, I guess we'll never know.)

Photo Source: Ski Ben Eoin Facebook page.

If you're like me and can not ski to save your life, Ski Ben Eoin also offers skiing lessons and certification courses. Ski Ben Eoin is open Mondays to Thursdays from 12:00 PM to 9PM, Fridays 9:30AM, Saturdays 9AM to 9PM and Sundays 9:00AM to 5:00PM. They also have season membership options which you can find *here*. ▽ Learn Martial Arts in Sydney

Whitalls Martial Arts offers Kickboxing, Uechi Ryu Karate, Taekwondo and a variety of self defense and fitness programs. They are located at 30 MacKenzie St and are currently taking in students for their new batches.


Photo Credits: Pushya Chokshi, {our very own Associate Editor (extreme left, middle row)} ▽ Visit Cape Smokey

At a distance of 135km from CBU, Cape Smokey makes for a fun day trip. It is a year round destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Cape Smokey offers 59 acres of skiable terrain with a 2.4 km long ski path. If you're not big on skiing, you could also do snow tubing here. If you love it just too much to leave, you don't have to: you could book a local resort near Ingonish *here*.


The Art's burger at the Cape Smokey Café' is a must try. You can look at Cape Smokey's covid protocols *here* ▽ Beer @ Breton Brewing Visit the Breton Brewing Company’s taproom in Sydney for a cold pint of natural, unfiltered and preservative free beer. They have 8 flagship beers on tap and rotate a number of different seasonal beers throughout the year. For example, over the fall they brewed Maple Lager and Jack’d Up Pumpkin Ale, and this winter they have Cocoa Envy Chocolate Porter, Cranberry Belgian Wit, and will be soon serving their Gingerbread Holiday Ale. My personal all time favorite is their fruity beer "Let's Jam". You can also grab yourself a can at your local NSLC.

▽ Binge watch shows and movies!

OR you could sit at home and binge flicks, GUILT FREE! My personal recommendations:

Series ♦ Anger Management {Sitcom, Prime Video} ♦ SuperStore {Sitcom, Netflix} ♦ Brooklyn99 {Sitcom, Netflix} ♦ Firefly Lane {Drama, Netlix} ♦ The Queen's Gambit {Period Drama, Netflix}


Movies ♦ Happiest Season {Romance/Drama, Prime Video} ♦ Soul {Drama/Animation, Disney Plus} ♦ Coco {Drama/Animation, Disney Plus} ♦ The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run {Drama/Animation, Prime Video} ♦ The White Tiger {Drama/Thriller, Netflix}


Breaking Down Myths About Vaping By Pushya Chokshi Electronic cigarettes(E-cigarettes) or Vapes were introduced as an alternative to delivering a "pure" form of nicotine to help smokers quit smoking. But according to several medical experts, we might have introduced something even more harmful in an effort to help the addicted. Vapes are fairly newly introduced equipments which lack research about long term use effect.

What are E-Cigarettes? The structure of most e-cigarettes is very basic consisting of 3 parts 1. The vaping fluid 2. Power source 3. Mouthpiece Vaping liquid is the mixture of tobacco salts and the combination of chemicals that contribute to the flavor of the vapor. Using tobacco salts instead of tobacco leaves helps deliver the pure form of nicotine compared to conventional cigarettes. Power Source helps burn the vaping fluid by heating the coil which in return forms an aerosol (Not Water vapor), which exits the device by the mouthpiece. Bioaerosol is the formation of the cloud having different liquid in a small droplet form that is suspended in that cloud. Vaping liquid contains various chemicals like alcohols, aldehydes, and others having unknown health effects.


Picture source: CDC educational website.

Why is it getting so popular? Teenagers and young adults always like to try the new things, which might lead to addiction later on. E-cigarettes like Juul are easier to carry or hide in books or wallet, also it can be recharged in the USB port, making them quite popular among teens. Some vaping devices produce minimal vapor, allowing the school kids to even use them during classes.

Picture source: CDC educational website.


Adjustable temperatures and modification capabilities allow them to experiment even with marijuana. There are hundreds of flavoring pods available in the market for ecigarettes making them palatable and worth experimenting with for teenagers and young adults. According to Suchitra Krishnan, Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, teens and young adults are inclined towards experimenting with new things leading to exposure to nicotine and addiction of the same.

Picture source: https://www.juul.ca/en-CA Juul webpage.

Regulations: The government realized that vapes were gaining popularity very quickly and that the regulation of e-cigarettes was important. E-cigarettes were under the regulation of the FDA (Food and drug administration), under similar rules as that of the tobacco.

Selling of the e-cigarettes to the individual under 18 years of age is prohibited and the display of e-cigarettes is also regulated.

Uncertainties: Although regulation of e-cigarettes is in place, there is still a lot of uncertainty. For example, the effect of alcohol in food is know and thus can be regulated, similar regulations are in place for alcohol in e-cigarettes but the alcohol from these e-


cigarettes is going to be aerosolized and is gonna be inhaled, and absorbed in the lungs. The effects of the short-term dosage of aerosols are knows but the research is too young to judge its long-term effects. While the long-term effects may be unnoticeable. there are more chance of it being devastating (Judging from the increased absorption into the blood from the lungs). There are lots of other chemicals in these ecigarettes with unknown health effects making it difficult to judge their harmful effects right now.

To sum it up, it’s too early to judge the harmful effect of e-cigarettes but it is likely that it is not half as safe as it is considered to be. It shouldn't be considered a "safe" alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Promoting it as an alternative should be regulated until extensive research is done. Introducing the legislation to prevent teenagers and young adults should take place to avoid the potential addiction. Regulation of the open vaping competition should also be done, vaping high amount of smoke cloud takes place in the competition to form rings and dragons from it.

Some company claims that they are just for the people looking to get out of the addiction of cigarettes, but dozens of the children-friendly flavor in vape does not justify that claims.

Source: TEDMED by Suchitra Krishnan


Love’s a Bitch Songs as Different Places around the World – Eric Alexandrakis Album Review By Hridya Chaudhary Living in your head is the best thing ever. You know that one scene in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where she has a solo dance party with herself, Love’s A Bitch is that album that you dance to. I’m listening to Love’s a Bitch by Eric Alexandrakis right now, and just traveling everywhere you could possibly imagine. Eric Alexandrakis is a Grammy-nominated musician and a songwriter-producer. His EP, Love’s a Bitch released on 1st February, and here’s where you can listen to it https://push.fm/fl/pdrhkigs.

It kicks off with the perfect song too, – I love me? Yes, sign me up. More self-love for me. Imagine: You’re sitting on your echo chamber floor and it’s 2 am and you’re completing that one assignment that you were dreading to start, and this song just


comes on the radio and you can’t help but get off your feet and start dancing. She Sparkles is a love ballad. Imagine: you live in a tiny NYC apartment with the love of your life, while this song just plays on the record player while you read, and they make your coffee. Dream come true. Alternatively: your s/o is just your long-lost twin flame vampire, and this is just an ode ballad of her sparkling in the sun. Mediterranean Sun gives me Hannah Montana plus Panic! at the Disco Vibes. For some reason, I love comparing everything to the cities I would wanna live in? Mediterranean Sun is LA. Imagine: you drive to the shittiest beach in LA in your half broken down SUV, and you don’t get parking anywhere because obviously, it’s a perfect hot day. You’re disappointed but you say fuck it and park really far away and hope to walk the rest of the way. You always loved walking anyway. It’s the only time you can really blast your music in your headphones. Mediterranean Sun is the song you choose. And you listen to it on repeat. London Girls… is situated in, London! Is that Christmas I feel flowing through my veins? Strap your high boots on and get ready to headbang in London. Stalker Fever (No Sleeping In The Dark) is an eerie small town that everybody is scared to go. Imagine: a horror movie but it’s real life and you’re the protagonist, and simultaneously, the first person to die. This song just plays in the background as you try to run away from the bad guys in the forest. Caroline The Hot Flight Attendant [Heathrow Terminal 3 Mix] is most definitely an alternate universe playlist where AI robots have taken over and all you can do is just sit at airports waiting for someone to come save you. Imagine: time is just a loop and the robots control every action and every decision you take and make. The last song bids us goodbye in a weird eccentric manner (I wouldn’t expect anything else anyway, to be honest). R.I.P Unfinished Business is that song which you would play on the last day of your summer camp when you’re kinda sad but not really and you’re kinda ecstatic to leave but not really, but you know that you have to in order for your life to move on? That. LOVE’S A BITCH - https://push.fm/fl/pdrhkigs


Work from home: Tips and Tricks By Pushya Chokshi The pandemic has conditioned us in several ways, not able to go at the workplace and working from home is one of them. Work from home is one of the major adaptations that we went through in 2019 along with the curbside pickup shopping and wearing a face mask.

In the current scenario, many professions are involved in the work from home practices apart from the one requiring the absolute presence at the workplace. The call center that employs many students, like the one we have here is the Sydney call center, and Concentrix employing the CBU students are part of this change. Many students are currently studying and working from home spending their majority time in the room.

There is no escape from the situation, so we thought of providing you something that will help you fit right in. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout during work and study.


Pick the right type of chair:

If you are working on your computer for the majority of the time, perhaps sitting on your dining chair is not a good idea.

Keeping your spine bent for a long time can be painful and we all know this fact but, keeping your back completely straight for a long period can be discomforting as well. The ideal way is to find a middle way, this can be done either by fusing pillows or finding the chair with the right curvature.


Getting a chair that allows you to flex your spine by reclining a little is the best option. These chairs are easy to find and are available almost everywhere at a reasonable price.

Picking the right place to sit:

Ambient light condition is important for your eyes when working for a longer duration. Sitting in a dark room with the only light source as your laptop is likely to damage your eyesight.

The best possible source of light is the natural source, sitting near the window or screen that permits sunlight not only provides better light but also helps you relax your eyes when you are peaking outside.

During your video conference or presentation, natural light creates a positive impression. You need to make sure that the light source is in front of you and not at the back so that you are eliminating any unnecessary glares on your screen.

Organizing your workspace:

If the table that you are working on is messy then you are not definitely motivated to go there every morning are you? The most important step I think is keeping the workspace as clean and organized as possible.


A few of the things that I recommend keeping on your workbench are:

1- Basic stationery- Pen, pencil, eraser, post-its, sticky notes, and a notepad. 2- Bottle of water. 3- Some basic snacks. 4- A small plant or vase (if you are not allergic of course) 5- Some sort of fidget always helps, like a small ball or spinner.

Another thing that you can do is keeping some bright colors on the background, this will create an impression during your presentation.

Staying active:

Standing from the chair periodically and straightening your back should be an integral part of your routine.


Regular exercise always helps you stay fit and healthy. Some gyms are not functional during the lockdown but there are always some alternatives like •




Practicing martial arts



If not you can always buy some equipment and make a house gym.

Doing exercises will help you stay in shape and reduce your screen time as well.

Differentiate your work and personal space:

Separating your work from your personal life is important and it grants you some time for your personal activities. Combing both the activities usually ends spoiling both the activities and poor quality of work. The best example of this is “laying on your bed and working is not the best way to work“


The Father Paul Abbass Award By Hridya Chaudhary Father Paul Abbass is a priest from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He was ordained in 1979. Till 2012, he was serving as the Executive Director of Talbot House – an addictions treatment center in Nova Scotia. He was also a former CBU Chaplain. The students loved him, and he had a great relationship with the Students’ Union. When he departed from CBU, in order to honor him, the Students’ Union decided to create an award to recognize a person each year who worked closely with the Students’ Union Executive. The recipients need to have heavily contributed to the betterment of the student life. The recipient needn't be a university member. It’s a very diverse award wherein if you have good intentions at heart for CBU’s future, you’re eligible.

In winter each year, the Executive Board meets to nominate and discuss the potential awardees. It’s a small gathering usually in the Dingwall Boardroom or Pit, and CBU members as well as friends of the recipient are invited to join.

The Father Paul Abbass award was established in March 1994, and some of the awardees are –

2020: Donalda Johnston-Roper 2019: Scott Thomas 2018: Jennifer Billard 2017: Deeno Tuggar 2016: Nick Head-Peterson


Here's a picture of Dr. David Johnson, the 2015 recipient of the Father Paul Abbass Award:

“I was so honored to receive this award. I love being a professor and I love all that the position entails - research, writing, publishing, university administrative work, community service, but most especially I love teaching and working with students. Students are central to everything we do here, and I felt humbled to receive this award from students.” - Dr. David Johnson CBU’s efforts in recognizing the stars making CBU what it is, is very commendable and heartwarming.


#HUMANSOFCAPEBRETONUNIVERSITY: Meet Tal Parsons! By Hridya Chaudhary We at Caper Times love everything that has to do with interconnectivity and a sense of belongingness; which is why we started a monthly segment called Humans of Cape Breton University where we try to bring the community together, one person at a time. We hope to share individual and unique stories and experiences each month, to build a stronger consciousness of empathy and collectiveness.

Our February's #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity is Tal Parsons, Chairperson of the CBU Students’ Union 20/21 and the Jennifer Keeping Centre student representative on the SRC.

Here's our interview with her:

Q. A little bit about yourself!


I’m a 28 year old, cis gendered female, lover of nature, dogs, dark humor and the moon. I’m originally from Balls Creek, Cape Breton, but currently living in Antigonish, Nova Scotia with my partner. I was raised primarily by my grandparents, the two sweetest and most generous people you could ever meet. I was very fortunate to grow up in a home full of love and unconditional support modeled through the importance of hard work, compassion and care for others something I deeply value and have carried into my adult life. I’m currently in my 3rd year at CBU in a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender and Women’s studies, with the hopes of completing a Bachelor of Social Work after CBU. I’m also the executive Chairperson of the CBU Students’ Union 20/21 in addition to being the Jennifer Keeping Centre student representative on the SRC. My best friend has four legs, big pointy ears, a long snoot and a double coat of thick Husky/German Shepard fur, his name is Koda and he has saved my sanity - and in turn my life, time and time again. I am a huge advocate for mental health and wellness, I believe in the power of storytelling and speaking my truth to create better connection with the people close to me, my community and myself and to do my part in ending the stigma around mental illness.


Q. What’s your story, how did you get here today?

A lot of bouncing, stretching and moving around. After high school I moved to Halifax to attend the Hair Design Centre where I studied hairdressing. I worked as a hair stylist for the better part of 3 years in Halifax and moved back to Sydney and continued working in a salon there for about a year. I was in the process of making a career change after moving to Sydney in which I obtained my CanFitPro Personal Training certification but roughly 10 days after completing my certification I was in a pretty bad car accident resulting in severe whiplash ultimately rendering me unable to return to work as a stylist or start a new career as a personal trainer. Although I suffered with mental illness prior to the accident, my struggle really took a turn for the worst after. I was in pain, unemployed and severely depressed for the better part of a year following the accident, in which I used this time to reflect on what my next steps would be. Knowing I wanted to be in (what I considered at the time) the health industry, I moved back to Halifax to study holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Although I was studying something I was passionate about, and for the most part I wasn’t experiencing physical pain, my mental health was still suffering immensely and I wasn’t getting the support I needed from the mental health care system. After completing my program at CSNN I managed to land a job as a personal trainer at a gym in Halifax where I worked for a year. This business was extremely lucrative and had supports in place for mental health through their Employee Assistance Program. Although I was receiving the best mental health support I had ever had through this company, the conditions in which I worked under (demanding schedule, pressure and torment over my body and weight, sales at a high price point) were directly contributing to worsening my mental health. It was in this time that I really evaluated the cost of my wellbeing for the hefty paycheque I was receiving. After spending a couple months with a therapist focused on holistic wellbeing, I was so inspired by this way of making people feel good but recognized that I no longer wanted to help people look good, I wanted people to feel good and the biggest obstacle I encountered was the mental health aspect of both my careers. From break-up haircuts to body image issues, the constant was the mental health piece. I wanted to contribute to my community in a way that was more than skin deep. I applied to CBU, got accepted and once again, moved back to Sydney. Since starting my studies in


psychology, I have recognized my need for flexibility with my future career and have decided that working in the field of mental health as a social worker is my dream.

Q. What has been your biggest struggle in life? Accepting that if people don’t value me, it doesn’t mean I’m not valuable. In the past I have often let others define my worth, which led me down a number of unfavorable paths, one of which being alcoholism. Although I was a very high function alcoholic with a huge friend circle, I really wasn’t happy with who I was despite the gratification from my peers. When I finally decided to get sober, I had to acknowledge that my wants and needs were more important than what other people thought of me. Getting sober was the easy part. Learning to love and appreciate myself? That’s still a work in progress, but it gets easier every day.

Q. What’s your most cherished memory? My grandparents used to have a motorhome, in which they would take my cousins and I to Rainbow Valley in PEI as a grading celebration. The year after Rainbow Valley had closed, we went to Upper Clements Park in the Valley instead. On the way there, one of our tires blew up and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. When the tow truck showed up, myself, my three cousins and my grandparents had to squish into this little tow truck to travel to the nearby garage. By the time a tow truck showed up and the tire was fixed it was almost dark, so my grandparents decided to park somewhere for the night and resume the drive in the morning. They found a church parking lot, with an extremely creepy graveyard and that’s where we stayed for the night. We eventually made it to the amusement park, but honestly, I don’t remember much about Upper Clements Park. For me, the journey really was the best part.

Q. What’s one thing you love about CBU? That I have the freedom to be myself, wholeheartedly. CBU is the place where I can explore all the things I told myself I couldn’t do. I have been very fortunate to have professors that have been understanding, inspiring and supportive people that recognize the importance of personal growth and development in ways that


cater to the individual rather than the organization, this has been crucial in finding my voice and place at CBU.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to say to Caper Times’ Readers? Don’t sell yourself short, don’t wait for someone else to tell you “you can do it”, do it now. And if you don’t meet your expectations of success, find the lessons and reconfigure. You are the only person you have to spend every day of your life with, be gentle with yourself and make it count.

Reach out to ct_editorinchief if you would like to be featured in #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity or if you would like to nominate someone for it.




Photo’s taken by Anne Marie Pasternak


An old man's allegory

Tripped on a ford albeit of a club Grey beard fellow ,shriveled by time Screamed and shrieked on nature’s timely drub For the days ahead it’s just a stime Forlorn old man striving on the lane Croesus wealth, inept to heal Ephebe in past ,now life is a bane In search of repose ,Croesus appeal Algid waves greeted with a scowl Effete cartilage shudders in fleece Fastened life ,like a trapped fowl With a glimpse she weeps , dear cantatrice Crutches and staff inutile to assist A long known marathoner Feeble to hold one morsel in a fist O Delphic Apollo save the fellow and arrest the batterer by Akshit Dawar


Body Humiliation By Neelam Solanki

2020 the millennium era of high technology. The virtual world of social media. The peak of freedom. The globe of a fancy life. Though, I believe that we are still too far to beat societal norms. The issues of gender equity, menstrual shame, education are yet on the torch to resolve. Besides these, the invisible subject that has made way to depression for many is the BODY HUMILIATION. The unusual look to the one who is fat, thin, black, short, tall is enough to make that person uncomfortable. But I would like to raise the question, who has decided the ideal body shape? Who has marked the absolute skin tone? Who has authorized the society to judge the girl for her height, weight and looks? If the people started life on mars or moon, still the biological factors in females are not going to change. Sometimes, it is genetically impossible for a girl/woman to reorient herself. Then why are these advertising agencies always behind to make fools for flawless beauty and ultimate physique? Racism of body diversity has a lot to face with the injustice by our society. If someone is slim, fair-skinned, then she would be considered as good-looking or attractive. If someone is fat, dark-skinned, then she would not be as per society standard. She would have to face ignorance and disgrace. Even she may not praise for the friend zone. The fact in which people are living is that FAT AND DARK ARE BAD. The influence of being enchanting is such that we started comparison. We begin to hate our own body and try to be someone else. Our mind runs behind the strategies that “I want 55 kg weight”, “I should start using XYZ beauty products”. And to fulfil the demands, we give rise to unhealthy eating habits and activities that do not fit us. Silver Lining: 56 and 5.5′ are just the numbers. They cannot define intelligence. Fair and dark skin is due to melanin hormone. It cannot define beaut


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Sunset at SouthBar shot by Stella Martinello


Indian Cuisine Kadahi Chicken Recipe in Traditional authentic way By Chandrayog Yadav When you eat out at an Indian restaurant, chances are that they’ll have Kadhai Chicken on the menu. It’s a popular north Indian dish that’s made with a few freshly ground whole spices and is known for it’s incredible flavor. I am going to describe briefly here about the ingredients and process to serve this amazingly delicious dish at home. What the fuss? Kadai Chicken is a spicy, tangy Chicken dish made with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and fresh ground spices cooked in special utensil (kind of cooking pot) made of metal, traditionally Iron but nowadays available aluminium alloy. Kadhai Chicken is more of a drier curry where the spices really cling onto the chicken. What’s the Secret? Lets check out the ingredients which makes this so special. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE THE RECIPE 1. ITEMS TO PREPARE OR CUT: 4 Mid – Size Onions (250gms) 4 Mid – Size Tomatoes (300gms) 300 – 400 Gms Chicken 2 Green bell pepper cuts in medium size 2. WHOLE SPICE MIX 1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic Paste ½ tsp Turmeric Powder 1.5 Tbsp Kasoori Methi 1 – 2 tsp Kadhai Masala- MDH (Available in NoFrills)


1 Cups Water (you can add more) 1.5 tsp Salt 3. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE GROUND SPICE MIX 3 tsp Coriander Powder ½ tsp Roasted Jeera Powder 1 tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder ½ tsp Red Chilli Powder (optional) 4. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE WHOLE SPICE MIX 4-5 Black Peppercorns / Kali Mirch 4-5 Cloves/Laung 2 Green Cardamom / Choti Elachi 2 Bay Leafs/Tej Patta 1 Black Cardamom / Badi Elachi 1 Cinnamon Stick/ Dal Chini 1 Tbsp Whole Coriander Seeds 1 Dried Red Chilli ½ tsp Sauf or Aniseed 1 tsp Jeera or Cumin ½ tsp Black Peppercorns Lets Do It: Once we have all the ingredients ready then its time to cook. Below is the stepwise explanation:


Steps: 1. Dry roast all the spices point 3 Ground spices for a couple of minutes until fragrant. Then grind them into a powder. Keep them aside for now. 2. Peel and cut each of the tomatoes and onions into half step 1. Deseed them and then chop them finely. Wash and pat dry the chicken. Add some salt and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to the chicken and mix well. 3. Heat the Kadhai(Pot) and add the Ghee to it. Once the ghee is medium hot, add sugar, stir and let it caramelize, keeping the heat on medium. Adding sugar at the beginning will add a bright red color to our Kadai chicken recipe dish. 4. Add chopped onion and sauté for a couple of minutes until it starts to soften. Then add ginger and garlic paste. Sauté on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes until the onion turns light golden. 5. Now add the chopped tomatoes and salt and cook for 10 minutes. Keep them separate now. 6. Put again 2 tbsp of Ghee or Oil add all the spices Point 4 of Whole spice mix then fry them for 2 minutes. Then add Whole spices from Point 2 which Kadhai Masala, fry them for Corriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and the grinded spices from Step 1 for Kadhai chicken and sauté the spices for 2 minutes. 7. After 5 minutes more on medium flame or heat check if there is oily texture on the spice mixture in Kadhai. Then add the chicken. Stir well so that all chicken pieces are coated with the spices perfectly. 8. Cover and cook the chicken on low heat stirring after every 5 minutes so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pot and the chicken absorbs the flavors. 9. Sauté the chicken for good 20 minutes until all the pieces have nicely absorbed the texture and color. Add green bell pepper and give a stir. The crunch of the capsicum to be retained as it gives a raw flavor to our Kadhai chicken. At the last put Kasoori Methi flakes or any seasoning on the top and serve it with naan or any bread. 10. Now add about a cup of water or more depending on the consistency you desire and let the liquid come to boil on high heat. 11. Once the gravy starts boiling, cover and let it cook on low heat for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is completely cooked through.


12. Uncover and give a stir for a few mins. 13. Sprinkle garam masala and some freshly chopped coriander leaves to Kadhai chicken. Serve hot with plain white rice or butter naan! POINTS TO REMEMBER: · Cook the onion and tomatoes Very WELL · Add salt when you add tomatoes. · Do not over toast the kadai masala · Fresh masala is very strong Enjoy your dish with family and friends!


Shot by Ashwin Bhatnagar

“The Glory of Dominion Beach” by Paul Edmond (visit pauledmondfineart.com)


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