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January 2014

D E T N WA Seven ways to build your list of new suspects Sure, you’re busy, but are you relevant? Make it personal Is it that time again?




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LinkedIn, Facebook and the slew of other similar sites provide an excellent opportunity to connect with people and groups of suspects you want to target. January 2014 Publisher mark potter creative director


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Best of Canvas Notes Make it personal


Marketing Insights P12

Wanted Seven ways to build your list of new suspects


Sure, you’re busy, but are you relevant? P24

Is it that time again? Three ways to make your annual sales meeting pop

tony narducci O’Neil Printing CANVAS, Volume 6, Issue 1. Published bi-monthly, copyright 2014 CANVAS, All rights reserved, 2180 Satellite Blvd., Suite 400, Duluth, GA 30097. Please note: The acceptance of advertising or products mentioned by contributing authors does not constitute endorsement by the publisher. Publisher cannot accept responsibility for the correctness of an opinion expressed by contributing authors.


Publisher’s thoughts



appy New Year. Time to put the cookies away and get back to work. A new day awaits. The most astute business people will embrace emerging trends and dare to try new things. As we embark on a new year, I’m always reminded of how quickly things change. It seemed like only yesterday that there were three TV channels and rotary phones. Heck, I remember my first mobile phone, which really wasn’t mobile. It just sat in my car in a large case. I only used it for emergencies or if I was paged. OMG! Pagers. Do you remember those things? That was big-time technology.

You can’t stop change. In fact, you can’t even slow it down. So, do yourself a favor this year and immerse yourself in your community and embrace trends.

The truth is that in a very short amount of time, things can change dramatically. Just look at these signs: • We went from those Neanderthal pagers to a powerful computer that sits in the palm of our hands. • Thanks to smartphones, GPS systems in our cars already are obsolete. • Almost more than half of the U.S. population now favors same-sex marriage, up from less than one-third in 2003. • A majority of Americans (52 percent) now favor legalizing marijuana, up from 17 percent in 1991. • 36 percent of Americans, ages 18 to 31 now live in their parents’ home, the highest share in at least four decades. • 40 percent of all American households with children include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of the family’s income, up from 11 percent in 1960. • The United States is home to a record 40.4 million immigrants. • The internet is the main source of national and international news for 50 percent of Americans, up from 13 percent in 2001. You can’t stop change. In fact, you can’t even slow it down. So, do yourself a favor this year and immerse yourself in your community and embrace trends. In other words, put down that pager and listen closely. Study the changes. It wlll not only make you more in tune, but you’ll become a more joyful participant in the world, too. We are proud to bring you this fun, new issue of CANVAS Digital. Our cover story, “Wanted – Seven Ways to Build Your List of New Suspects,” offers a great way to start engaging your communities and building relationships that endure any and all changes. In turn, our second feature, “Sure You’re Busy, But Are You Relevant,” is a big deal. It strikes at the core of what CANVAS is all about – not mistaking being busy for progress. Providing value by connecting deeply with your clients is the only sustainable advantage. Enjoy the issue and have a fantastic new year.

Mark Potter, Publisher P2

CANVAS January 2014




In every town and in each individual, the American spirit runs deep. It’s working hard, having fun, keeping it simple. There’s a pride that comes with the freedom to follow your own path, and the grit to succeed. Achieving independence by consistently outperforming the competition.

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Make it pers


g Warmest Re


Mark Pot te r Follow me @


CANVAS January 2014

er markricepott

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market insights

A snapshot of the trends defining our industry

Mobile men

Today, more men are purchasing smartphones than women. According to SeeWhy’s “The Roles of Gender, Geography and Age in Mobile Commerce” study, 22.2 percent of men have made a purchase on their smartphones compared to 18.2 percent of women. But fear not; analysts involved with the report said these roles could soon change as women become more comfortable with mobile. For example, the report found that 57 percent of women made an online purchase in the last year, while only 52 percent of men had done so.

Social media advertising underperforms

Did you know

in providing business value to companies, according to Forrester Research’s “Q3 2013 North American and U.K. Digital Maturity Online” report. Forrester found onsite rat-


ings and reviews were rated No. 1 in providing the greatest business value to compa-

nies, followed by search, email, branded communities and blogs, and online display advertising. LinkedIn was rated No. 8 out of 13 channels, and YouTube was No. 10, followed by Google+, Twitter and, in last place, Facebook, the report found.

No B

The percent of brand advocates that use email to share branded information, according to research from SocialTwist. Facebook was used for sharing by 41.8 percent of advocates, while 2.6 percent said they used Twitter, the study found.

factor here

elieve it or not, a recent study from The Boston Consulting Group found consumers trust celebrity and athletic endorsements less than every other method of brand promotion (only 15 percent in the United States), including digital and traditional advertising, and company-sponsored social media. So, whom do they trust? The most reliable endorsements come from what their family and friends have to say offline about a brand followed by what they say online. Other trusted sources of information are Google and other search engines, preceded by product reviews and expert opinions.


CANVAS January 2014

market insights

e n o dright

A snapshot of the trends defining our industry

Content marketing

If you use it – and use it correctly – content marketing can be a beautiful thing. According to the “2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America” report, 90 percent of B2C marketers are using content marketing today, compared to 86 percent last year. But just how are they using it? The study, produced by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, delves into the distinctions between effective and non-effective marketers. Three of the most interesting findings include:

32 percent 60 percent 85 percent of B2C marketers feel they are effective or very effective with their content marketing efforts

of the most effective B2C marketers have a documented content strategy, compared with 12 percent of those deemed least effective

of the most effective B2C marketers have someone who oversees content marketing strategy, compared with 50 percent of their least effective B2C peers

There is a realization that content needs to focus on the entire buying cycle and not just the end of the buying cycle.


– Bob Murphy, managing partner at Movéo Integrated Branding, on why marketers are using branded content for strategies such as community engagement, thought leadership and how-to videos


Leading So People Will Follow So,




really take to lead in today’s

By Erika Andersen

leading in a way that creates loyalty, commitment and results.


Step by step, Andersen lays out six key attri-

ing business land-

butes – far-sightedness, passion, courage, wis-

scape? Erika Ander-

dom, generosity and trustworthiness – and gives

sen, one of Forbes’

you the tools for developing them. This innovative

most popular blog-

book offers a practical guide for building the skills

gers and a success-

to become a truly “followable” leader. Leading is

ful business coach, explores the six leader-

filled with examples from forward-thinking orga-

ship characteristics that inspire followers to

nizations such as Apple, NBC Universal, Union

fully support their leaders.

Square Hospitality Group and MTV Networks.

“Leading So People Will Follow” lays out

Using self-assessments, real-world examples

a proven framework of how new leaders and

and concrete tools, “Leading So People Will

veterans alike have increased their capacity for

Follow” is a must-read as we head into 2014.

CANVAS January 2014




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market insights

A snapshot of the trends defining our industry

Strong and getting stronger Survey highlights the growing power of content marketing It is no secret that thought-provoking and inspiring content can subtly influence marketing conversations and improve the perception of your company, your brand and your products. And according to BtoB’s recent “2013 Content Marketing: Top Tools, Benchmarks and Metrics for Success” study, marketers are making it a stronger part of their ongoing strategies. Here’s what they feel content marketing’s key strengths are:

54 27

percent Can improve lead generation

percent Can help nurture leads

P10 CANVAS January 2014

40 21

percent Can make a brand a trusted source

percent Can improve search engine optimization and create more relevant touch points with prospects and customers

Identifying suspects

Seven ways to build your list of new suspects


very sales organization

and sales process begins with identifying a group of legitimate suspects – people and organizations who may one day do business with you. They aren’t prospects yet. You don’t know if they have a legitimate need for what

P12 CANVAS January 2014

By Dave Kahle

you sell or if they are even qualified to make that decision. That determination comes later. But in order to get a group of prospects, you must create a list of suspects. Here are seven ways to build that list:



No. 1: Get referrals from your customers The best way to meet a prospect for the first time is to get introduced by someone you both know and respect. But before that can happen, get the name and details for the person you want to meet. That means you must ask current customers for referrals. The best way to do this is face-to-face. Have a conversation about your products/services and their satisfaction with them, and then ask them specific questions to generate a list of names. This will direct their thinking in more productive routes and acquire more referrals.

No. 2: Rub shoulders with groups of them If you have precisely defined your target markets, spend some time thinking and researching this question: “Where do groups of them go?” The answers can vary from trade fairs and association meetings to other suppliers. If you can identify where they go, you can inquire about a list from someone who organizes or administers that event or meeting place. Or you can just show up and collect business cards.

The best way to meet a prospect for the first time is to get introduced by someone you both know and respect. No. 3: A  dvertise in publications and websites they view There is a reason why advertising has been around for so long. Market yourself in publications or websites they view. Offer something free or inexpensive, and then collect the names and details. A person who responds to your ads has an interest in what you offer and takes one step closer to being a prospect.

No. 4: Partner with someone who sells something compatible to them The key here is “compatible.” Again, if you’ve done a thorough job of describing what the ideal suspect looks like, ask, “What

P14 CANVAS January 2014

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LinkedIn, Facebook and the slew of other similar sites provide an excellent opportunity to connect with people and groups of suspects you want to target.

else do they buy?” or “With who else do they

No. 6: Conduct seminars

do business?” This should lead you to compa-

By holding a free or inexpensive seminar, you en-

nies, and eventually people, with a vested inter-

gage with people interested in your product and/

est in sharing their lists with you in exchange for

or service. These are people who are willing to in-

something of value from you.

vest time and money. This has the added benefit that you position yourself as a valuable source of

No. 5: T ake a survey or send a newsletter to a larger list

information as well.

If you want to find “sales managers of mediumsized agencies who supervise six or more sales-

No. 7: U  se social media to unearth them

people,” take a survey or send a newsletter. This

LinkedIn, Facebook and the slew of other similar

will give the sales managers the opportunity to

sites provide an excellent opportunity to con-

respond to something that’s suitable for them.

nect with people and groups of suspects you

Those who respond fall into the category of sus-

want to target. Each of these mediums offer a

pects you want.

wealth of resources.

Dave Kahle has trained tens of thousands of B2B salespeople and sales managers to be more effective in the 21st Century economy. He’s authored 10 books, and presented in 47 states and eight countries. To sign up for FREE sales course, visit The Sales Resource You also can sign up to get his free weekly Ezine. LINK TO SALES RESOURCE: LINK TO EZINE:

P16 CANVAS January 2014

E n c o u r a g i n g

c r E at i v E

m i n d s

Founded in 1996, The Electronic document scholarship Foundation (EdsF) is a charitable, non-profit, that engages in programs designed to attract the best and brightest to the industry. By granting scholarships, fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation, and garnering and disseminating knowledge, we are helping build the next generation of digital content and delivery professionals. SCHOLARSHIPS



EdsF’s scholarship program makes it possible for students to receive the education necessary to pursue careers in the document management and graphic communications industry. What sets EdsF apart from other Foundations is the international scope of our operations.

EdsF sponsors academic research grants and partners with major industry research firms to provide businesses with cutting-edge data on trends in the document management and graphic communications industry. since 2001, EdsF has provided 30 research grants, developed a grant/mentor program and published over 25 white papers.

Through recognition of leading educators and educational programs worldwide, EdsF continues to build awareness about career opportunities in the industry, while ensuring that businesses have a talented pool of applicants to recruit.

more than ever before, there is a critical need for individuals and companies to support the future of the document management and graphic communications industry. EdsF’s scholarship program enables students to receive the education necessary to pursue careers in the industry, while providing much needed assistance in offsetting the ever increasing financial burden. Please join us as we work together to provide our future business leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to shape our industry for years to come.

The Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation For more information visit or call +1 817.849.1145


Sure, you’re busy, but


are you relevant

e marketers spend billions of dollars to get people to buy a product, embrace a brand, follow a candidate or join a cause. Are these campaigns, ads, initiatives, programs and social media efforts as effective as we’d like them to be? To be honest, many of us hope for better results than we achieve. Most of us need to

P18 CANVAS January 2014

find a better way to forge deeper bonds with the people we hope to influence. We would benefit from a single, reliable guiding principle to ensure that all of our marketing and communications efforts make a sustained impact. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I can sum that guiding principle up in a single word: relevance.

By Andrea “Andy” Coville


Sure, you’re busy, but are you relevant?

Webster’s defines relevance

That’s where the emotional part of relevance comes in. If your

as “being practically and es-

product, service or idea resonates with a customer – if it truly

pecially socially applicable.”

means something to them – then the relationship will be deeper,

That’s a good start, though

longer-lasting and more profitable.

most people misread the defi-

For example, a Gen Y shopper is twice as likely as a Boomer to say

nition, understandably over-

their favorite retailer delivers an experience that they’d like to share,

emphasizing the “practical.” It

according to our research. This “shareability” underscores the new

is certainly true that whatever

social experiences this cohort is seeking both offline and online.

you are offering must solve a

Although sharing after shopping is not particularly practical, share-

customer need and do it well.

ability is what’s required to be relevant to Gen Y.

But practicality is not enough.

That’s just one way relevance encompasses more than the mere-

Customers are becoming pro-

ly practical. And it’s an example of how relevance goes deeper

gressively fickle and spoiled.

than other objectives marketers have aspired to, e.g., engage-

Superior execution merely is

ment, eyeballs, alignment and stickiness. Relevance incorporates

the price of entry, not some-

the power to change not only minds but behavior – like choosing a

thing that will secure customers’

store, buying something there and sharing the experience online.

long-term loyalty.

This power is especially critical in an era when it’s so easy to switch

Facing a staggering range of alternatives, people will connect with whatever is most meaningful to them. What seems most important. What is most relevant.

to another brand, company, product, candidate or cause.

That was then. This is now. When the world was a simpler place, organizations offering a product, candidate or cause were in the driver’s seat. People had far fewer choices than they have today, whether it was the type of wine you wanted to buy, where you wanted to get your news or anything in between. If an organization had a good story, product or service, that was typically enough to earn a sale, vote or commit to a cause. Today’s world is more complex. People constantly are bombarded with commercial messages. They have an expanding universe of options and new ways to select them. There are terabytes of information at their fingertips, and

P20 CANVAS January 2014

networks upon networks to discover their friends’ preferences and

something wonderful with her

experiences with the things they are considering. They are cynical,

own hands and competing with

and they are careful about who and what they will connect with.

her friends as teammates. Sud-

Fortunately, people still are eager to connect to something.

denly, geometry has become

Facing a staggering range of alternatives, people will connect

relevant. The new behavior is re-

with whatever is most meaningful to them. What seems most

dedicating herself to learning it.

important. What is most relevant.

The key to understanding relevance is remembering that

So what exactly is relevance?

it is spawned by many factors

I believe relevance is that which provides meaning in our lives.

beyond logic. For example,

Relevance is the full experience of a product, brand, candi-

everyone knows on an intel-

date or cause. More than just an intellectual experience that

lectual level that smoking is

changes minds, it’s an experience that changes behavior and

harmful, but that information

sustains that change. The new behavior could be buying a prod-

is insufficiently meaningful to

uct, supporting a candidate, telling a friend about what you have

a person who relishes nico-

discovered, donating to a charity or losing weight.

tine’s calming effect, or whose

Consider the first-year high school student who challenges her

friends and family who smoke.

teacher: “How exactly is geometry relevant to my life?” Her grades

Unfortunately, many organi-

suffer until she discovers the thrill of student robotics competitions

zations have no idea whether

that reveal a promising career path in science. Suddenly, geometry

they are relevant or, worse,

has meaning. It has come in the form of the elation she feels building

they don’t know how to find

Sure, you’re busy, but are you relevant?

out. Fortunately, there are

How the four pillars work

ways to quantify your rel-

Here’s how these four pillars work in practice. Imagine it’s raining and

evance because it is as much

you have no umbrella.

science as art. As we’ve shown

Thinking tells you that you need to buy one.

in our various research proj-

How does each umbrella feel in your hand? Sensory consider-

ects, it can be measured.

ation is every bit as important as the thinking.

Although there’s a lot to it,

Now, if everyone in your profession carries a black umbrella,

you can start assessing and

you might not find relevance in a pink one with a unicorn on

improving your relevance by

it. That’s a community consideration. So you want a black one,

investigating what we call the

but which one? It may be important to you that the umbrella

four pillars of relevance:

was designed with sustainability in mind, that it comes from a

Thinking. Clearly, your prod-

local retailer, or is the same brand your father and grandfather

uct, idea, candidate or cause

carried. These emotional elements reflect one’s values.

must make logical sense to

The opinions of people your customers respect has always been important, and the Internet has made finding out what they think far easier than ever before.

customers before it triggers the behavior change you seek. Sensory appeal. How does the object you are selling look, feel, taste, smell and sound? Given two devices that perform equally well, surgeons always will choose the one that feels better in their hands. And, of course, users of Apple products rave about their look and feel. Community considerations. The opinions of people your customers respect always has been

As you can see, relevance is a profound concept with major implications for any marketing program. In fact, it might be your most urgent marketing imperative today, one that needs to be built into both your over-arching strategy as well as your tactics. What makes it worthy of an organization’s full attention? First, it focuses on results: the behavior change. Oldschool concepts of awareness and engagement are the potential means, not the end. Relevance is about the

important, and the internet has

ultimate goal, triggering the

made finding out what they think

desired behavior.

far easier than ever before.

Second, relevance is right for the times. The world has

Values. What is deeply im-

moved beyond buzz, flash,

portant to the person you are

glitz, shock, schlock and

trying to reach? What do they

decibels. It wants substance. It wants authenticity.

feel strongly about? Caring for

Third, people are awash in choice about how to spend their

friends and family is the most

money and entrust their loyalty. If you aren’t relevant, they will

important thing to Americans,

go somewhere else.

our research shows.

So, let’s get to work.

Andrea “Andy” Coville is CEO of global marketing firm Brodeur Partners.

P22 CANVAS January 2014

business insights

sales meetings • by Greg Coticchia

Is it that time again? Three ways to make your annual sales meeting pop


ou hate it. But then again, you love it. That annual sales meeting. During the year, your company’s sales team spends its time meeting with people to help get deals done and drive revenue. And now so are you. It's a new year – time to hit the reset button and do it all again. What is it about this ritual? Is it effective? Can we make it better? More interesting? How about shorter? There is no better time than now (January) to reevaluate the structure of your annual sales meeting. The pipelines are drained. Deals have closed. Hope springs eternal, as they say, for the year ahead. It’s time to set new sales goals. Get introduced to new people. Learn from your mistakes. So, how can you jazz up that sales meeting? Here are three things you can do to make this year’s meeting – and your sales efforts – better than last year’s meeting:

No. 1 – It’s a sales meeting, people Try to remember this: Why is the vice president of sales, CEO or the head of marketing organizing the meeting? Let them plan the company party. Regardless of who leads

P24 CANVAS January 2014

gy? Burned out on old technoexlo pand operations


to Looking for and grow your business?

Here’s a great idea. Come to the one industry event that really showcases

what’s next for the sign industry. ISA International Sign Expo 2014 provides face-to-face access to the industry’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Stay at the top of your signage game and see what’s new on the tech horizon.

Learn more or register at Education & Networking Events: April 23–26 • Trade Show: April 24–26 Orange County Convention Center, south building • Orlando, FLorida

Produced by:

business insights

sales meetings

The focus of your sales meeting is to improve the company’s ability to “go to market” to meet its financial goals. ...That’s the agenda. While it’s good to thank

No. 3. – Set your product plan roadmap

them for their efforts (the

This must be presented

annual sales awards) and

in the context of a com-

share stories of who had the

petition or better yet

toughest client, let them tell

– how we all win. Who

you what your customers

really cares about when

want. Think of them as cus-

Feature X and Feature Y

tomers. Ask them what

are coming? If you’re in

they need from you

sales, you want to know

to make their jobs

how these features fit on


the road map. Will they

the charge here, remember, it should be all about sales.


and successful.

beat or match your competitor? Will they shorten

No. 2. – Match marketing needs with sales deliverables

the sales cycles? Will they overcome an ob-

Don’t let marketing ramble on about its de-

to the prospect?

jection? Will they provide differentiated value

partment to-do list. In the end, it’s all about hitting the sales numbers for everybody. Work

Remember, the focus of your sales meet-

on matching up the sales forecasting cycle with

ing is to improve the company’s ability to “go

what’s in the marketing goodie bag. Show mar-

to market” to meet its financial goals. Think

keting what you’re adding to help shorten a par-

through that process. That’s the agenda. If it’s

ticular stage and how you will hold yourself ac-

anything, it’s just a nice party. And, did you

countable to your quota.

need that?

Greg Coticchia is an award-winning technology executive with more than 25 years experience in high-tech products and services. Recently, as CEO and co-founder of eBillingHub, he grew the company from inception to establishing it in a leading market position that led to its sale to Thomson Reuters. He currently teaches both business-to-business marketing and entrepreneurial leadership at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business.

P26 CANVAS January 2014

Learn Something New. Every Day. Sappi etc.— Now Online Free and fully searchable, Sappi etc.—the education, training and consulting program from Sappi Fine Paper—gives you access to more than a century of rare historical documents, detailed case studies and expert technical advice. Search by keyword for instant results or browse by topic for unexpected inspiration. With Sappi etc. online, design and print industry professionals will find everything they need to work smarter, faster and more effectively. A wealth of knowledge.

ColorPath ColorPath

9 J Press

9Acuity LED 1600

J Press

Acuity LED 1600

Kiss makeready goodbye. Sheetfed or web. Now you can. Kiss makeready goodbye. Sheetfed or web.

-FUJI-0781_Black_Wordcloud_JPress_Canvas_2.indd 1

See how at

Now you can.

See how at

7/10/13 10:2

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