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NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park


Lee‐Anne Holmes, manager of The Canopy, spoke to guests about the history of The Canopy, the value of family and the changes to services over the last 25 years. Guest speaker Dr Amanda Howard, author of Working With Communi es: Cri cal Perspec ves explained the value of community development and the important links between community and family.

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SPECIAL                              25th ANNIVERSARY  EDITION 

The Canopy celebrated 25 years of suppor ng families on Wednesday 6th November with an amazing collec on of entries into the family exhibi on and 75 guests in a join in on the celebra ons. The Canopy started out in 1988 as Westlake Macquarie Family Support Service, expanding its services in 2011 to include management of the Cameron Park Community Centre and a name change to reflect the expansion of service. Staff and commi ee members from years gone by had an opportunity to compare stories of days gone by with the help of scrapbooks which included old newspaper clippings and newsle ers.


Peter Lewis gave some of our special guests the unusual opportunity to have a live caricature done, and Michelle McLeod added to the ambience to the event with her beau ful classical guitar rendi ons.

The winner of the Family Community Exhibi on was Northern Se lement Services with their incredible entry as shown. The exhibit was a huge collabora ve work between parents and children who use the service. A document that accompanied the entry included a “map” of the art piece which explained what each part of the entry meant to the person pain ng it, adding an understanding of the relevance of the process to the par cipants. Northern Se lement Services have won a family caricature by Peter Lewis. Winner of the Highly Commended award was Domain Macquarie Place with their entry of a mosaic. More on the exhibi on inside this newsle er

Member for Cessnock Clayton Barr presented an apprecia on cer ficate to Janelle Hope for 25 years of voluntary service to The Canopy. Janelle has been on the board of management since the organisa on’s incep on, an incredible commitment to her local community and to the wellbeing of families.

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140

NEWS continued   “CAMERON PARK COMMUNITY SPIRIT IN ACTION”                        NOMINATE SOMEONE YOU KNOW!!                Our “Cameron Park Community Spirit In Ac on” award this issue goes to the staff and residents of Domain Macquarie Place. Their entry into the Family Community Exhibi on gained a Highly Commended. The story they wrote about the process of crea ng their entry is a great example of collabora on and meaningful conversa ons around what family means. Fi een of the residents plus staff came along to the exhibi on to support those who had made the crea on. Here was the descrip on of the process wri en by Ka e Payne, the Recrea onal Ac vi es Officer:

DOMAIN MACQUARIE PLACE  “Family—Heart and Hands” Mosaic When I asked the residents of Drysdale House what family meant to them, the response I got was overwhelmingly “love” and the thought of everyone being together. We threw around a few ideas of symbols meaning “family” and the heart won out. Everyone agreed that love and family go hand in hand, so our work began on warm sunny a ernoons in our courtyard construc ng our heart held by hands. A lot of our les came from dona ons of staff and families old les which also added a special element of family and togetherness. Many wonderful conversa ons and reminiscing came with our “labour of love”, family and friends and mes gone by. We hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it. Ar sts—Ka e Payne, Joan Pa erson, Ruth and Ted Richardson, Dorothy Moss, Barbara Morris, Tess Lee, Thelma Cowan Art Director: Noel Bungate HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CELEBRATIONS 

Lee‐Anne Holmes talks about the last 25 years of suppor ng families, from WLMFSS to The Canopy

Janelle, Marg and Dawn reminiscing

Students Kristen and Luke

Highly Commended and Winner Presenta ons

Boolaroo Art Group Live Pain ng

Michelle McLeod

Dr Amanda Howard

Northern Se lement Services

Clayton Barr, Janelle Hope and Susan Jenkins

Pat Conroy, Clayton Barr and Lee‐Anne Holmes

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140

NEWS continued

WHY WE DECIDED TO HOLD AN EXHIBITION INVOLVING CREATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE ENTRIES FROM                  COMMUNITY GROUPS AND OGANISATIONS  The Canopy focuses on families, children and communi es. Our aim was to create an event that highlighted all three areas plus ac vity focussed so that it inspired collabora on both within groups and with each other. Addi onally we wanted to challenge individuals and groups to define “family” and present it in a way that was inclusive. We decided on crea ve representa ons as this method allowed par cipa on from all ages, backgrounds and skills levels. Our communi es are from various cultural backgrounds coming together to develop new rela onships that redefines family in Australia a er their loss through migra on of close loved ones. This project has been very important as a way of parents, children, siblings and community coming together as family. We have had over 20 par cipants inclusive of children involved + 5 staff and 4 volunteers. NORTHERN SETTLEMENT SERVICES A lot of our les came from dona ons of staff and families old les which also added a special element of family and togetherness. Many wonderful conversa ons and reminiscing came with our “labour of love”, family and friends and mes gone by. DOMAIN MACQUARIE PLACE THE PROCESSES 


Worked as a team 

Spread awareness of services among other organisa ons and community members

Explored individual members’ thoughts on the meaning of family

Engage with the community                                                         using an unconven onal approach

Processed a way to arrive at a common vision

Showcase the focus and                        interests of the organisa on through a different medium

Reflected on the organisa on’s contribu on to family life in the community

Celebrate users of the service  and the organisa on’s work with families

Involved members who might not usually par cipate in promo onal tasks Used a method of interac on that is relevant to all ages, cultures and backgrounds 

Posi vely model rela onships and family

Used crea vity and innova on  to present the concept

Network with other organisa ons also suppor ng families in the Lake Macquarie Area

Promote social inclusion and diversity

Boosted team morale, Had FUN!! Special thanks to Peter Lewis for the live caricatures of special guest and for the cartoon of “family” we used throughout the promo ons of the exhibi on.

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

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107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

NEWS continued


Meet other parents


Share a morning tea together


Make toys from everyday items


Have fun playing with your child


Be welcomed in a suppor ve environment

JOIN US AT OUR SUPPORTED PLAYGROUP EVERY THURSDAY  10am to 11.30am  (during school terms only)      

       Contact Angela for more informa on. 4908 1140  or Heather at Samaritans 4014 9318                                                                           

PROGRAMS FOR  PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS AND CARERS  If you’re a parent, grandparent or carer and feel a li le lost about what your child might need right now, then perhaps one of The Canopy’s paren ng programs can help. We run numerous programs such as Circle Of Security, Triple P, Incredible Years and 123 Magic. There is no cost for these programs and they are run on a regular basis throughout school terms. For further informa on or to register your interest, ph 4908 1140 or email

FREE TRIPLE P  SPECIAL ONE DAY PROGRAM SATURDAY IN FEBRUARY Child care available FREE lunch Phone 49081140 for bookings


General Services & Resources

8 Chaucer Street Hamilton NSW 2303 Australia

   

Informa on and referral Assistance to emerging and established groups with project planning and management. Ph: (02) 4969 3399 Room & basic conference equipment for community ac vi es. (bookings required) Fax: (02) 4961 4997 Informa on sessions, workshops & cultural awareness training for corporate or educa onal groups.  EAPA ‐Emergency assistance with electricity, gas and water accounts (by appointment only).  Legal Clinic provided by Hunter Community Legal Centre  Outreach field visits by officers from Department of Immigra on & Ci zenship Immigra on Advice Service Providing informa on for Visa Applicants in the Community, Migra on advice, informa on and assistance to eligible clients through registered Migra on Agents (by appointment only). Fees apply for migra on agent services.

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140

NEWS continued NORTHLAKES YOUTH PROJECT AT                                      EDGEWORTH MEMORIAL  NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE  Young people between 12‐18 yrs Support – Health – Housing – Educa on 

Informa on about a range of services, and ac vi es for young people


Referral to other services and Government agencies.


Support programs, self esteem, anger management.


Weekly crea ve and school holiday programs Contact: Richard Phone: 4958 8648 Email: Facebook/Northlakes Youthie

MINI MUNCHKINS PLAYGROUP  Playgroup runs at the Cameron Park Centre Mondays 9.30‐11.30 and Fridays from 10am‐12pm Open to parents with preschool aged children. For more informa on please phone: Kristy on 0439 131 247.

Amazing collage created by the Northlakes Youth Project

CAMERON PARK MIXED PROBUS  COMMUNICATION AND                                        ASSERTIVENESS WORKSHOP                          Are you re red? Looking to fill the ON SOON                                              void? How about joining our club. We CHILD CARE AVAILABLE                      are looking for new members, single phone 49081140                                      persons most welcome. The purpose of Probus is to provide for informa on or bookings  opportuni es for re rees to keep ac ve, meet new friends and have fun.


Want to know more? Contact Barry Guggridge 4950 8404 or Lyn Thomas 4966 0147

Meet the first Monday of every month from 10am to 12 at Wallsend Spor es Club. Contact Karen Rose on 4965 6081 or Julie Urquhart 4023 1446 ALL WELCOME

Meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month.


25 Years Experience Monday: 1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m. ‐ Li le Ballerinas 1.45 p.m. – 2.15 p.m. ‐ Li le Jazz

Cameron Park Community Associa on meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month from 6:30pm. Email: NORTHLAKES CHRISTIAN CHURCH AND YOUTH GROUP  Meets at Cameron Park every Sunday morning at 10.00am. Childcare and Kids Church available! Contact Friday Night Youth Group Every Friday night of school term from 7 to 8:30pm. Open to high school students years 7‐12. Contact:

Tuesday: 10.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m. ‐ Li le Ballerinas 10.45 a.m. – 11.15 a.m. ‐ Li le Jazz (Except school holidays) $5.00 per lesson Enquiries: Please phone Miss Angela 0416 478 115

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140

NEWS continued THE CANOPY FAMILY COMMUNITY EXHIBITION—THE ENTRIES  Thank you to all those who entered the exhibi on. It was an inspira onal and thought provoking collec on of crea ve interpreta ons of family and a testament to the collabora ve poten al within our community.




















NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140



If you have children aged 0‐12, live in the North Lake Macquarie area and need advice or referral around paren ng , please phone the Child and Family team at The Canopy on 4908 1140 Mon– Fri 9am to 4pm.

Providing support for families living with ADHD in the Lake Macquarie area by way of online discussions and social groups.

The Canopy also regularly runs free paren ng programs The Community Spot Café offers: ADHDinlakemac


free internet access, free internet and computer support

Support group at Cameron Park Community Centre.


informa on about the local community

Phone Amanda 0401 780 454


free paren ng advice


Training opportuni es in barista


mentoring opportuni es


a free New Resident Kit


Access to other organisa ons to expand support & training opportuni es


Coffee and Cake !!


OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE  Out of School Hours Care is provided at Cameron Park Community Centre. All primary school aged children are welcome. There is a drop off and collec on service for children that a end Edgeworth, Edgeworth Heights and St. Benedict’s Public Schools. Before School 6.30am‐9am A er School 3pm—6.30pm School Vaca on Care all day 6.30am through to 6.00pm Enquiries and Bookings ph 0409 286 959 or Email:

YOGA AT CAMERON PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE—BACK TO BALANCE  A yoga and backcare program adapted to meet the need of the individual and any level of ability 

Develop flexibility, strength and muscle tone. 

Increase energy and reduce stress

Wednesdays 6.30pm to 8pm For details phone Catherine on 40091984 or 0411358460 Email: catch‐

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

Ph 02 4908 1140

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FACILITIES FOR HIRE                                                                                                    The Cameron Park Community Centre is a state of the art community facility that is the mee ng place and home of many of our area’s community groups, children’s services and cultural groups. It is also a wonderful place for families and individuals to enjoy facili es such as a BBQ area with shaded sea ng and tables, fabulous children’s playground and expansive off‐street parking. Birthdays, Family Gatherings, Weddings, Conferences, Workshops, Business Mee ngs,  Exhibi ons, Fundraisers and more  To have a look at the Centre, you can either drop in weekdays between 9am and 4pm or alterna vely take the virtual tour on the Cameron Park Community Centre website or facebook page                                                                         Visit:107 Northlakes Drive, Cameron Park. Phone: 02 4908 1140 Fax: 02 4908 1134 Postal address: PO Box 4185 Edgeworth 2285 Email: DESCRIPTION OF ROOMS     HALL  The hall is the perfect se ng for any func on, holding 150 people seated in rows or 100 seated at tables. Available for hire in conjunc on with the adjoining commercial kitchen. This area also has an audio system and data projector with screen (for small addi onal fee). KIDS ROOM  This room features child sized tables and chairs, rugs, TV, DVD player, and a secure outdoor area. Perfect for children’s birthday par es, playgroups, and any func on that involve young children. Seated it holds approximately 75 in rows, or 50 at tables.

  SOUND PROOF ROOM  Fully sound proofed and carpeted, this is the ideal room for confiden al conferences, band prac ce, training groups, commi ee mee ngs or any small func on for 25 guests or less. A fixed data projector and smartboard are available for a small addi onal fee FRONT ROOM  This room is perfect for the larger corporate conferences, training sessions, or func ons for up to 75 guests. This room has an audio system, fixed smartboard, data projector and screen (for a small addi onal fee). This room opens up to our beau ful BBQ area, perfect for summer func ons.

COMMERCIAL KITCHEN  The state of the art commercial kitchen is available for hire either individually or with another room. It features a 6 burner gas stove, commercial dish‐washer, commercial microwave, commercial fridge and freezer, as well as cutlery and crockery. A chef’s dream space.

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

Ph 02 4908 1140

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

NEWS continued

COME ALONG TO OUR              MULTICULTURAL              FOOD AND COOKING  GROUP  Experience the taste of delicious food, meet new friends and share stories of interes ng tradi ons from different cultures. You don’t need to be able to cook, everyone is welcome to join in on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 11am at Cameron Park Community Centre It’s FREE and child care is available.  Bookings phone 49081140








6.30am OOSH 

6.30am OOSH 

6.30am OOSH 

6.30am OOSH 

6.30am OOSH 



9.30am MINI               MUNCHKINS PLAY‐ GROUP 

10am  to  2pm  COMMUNITY CAFE 

10 am                                     10am                               10am MINI              CAMERON PARK                CANOPY                            MUNCHKINS               PROBUS  CONNECTIONS  PLAYGROUP 


10am                      INDIAN  DANCE CLASS 









4th Dec 10am                                      COMMUNICATION  ASSERTIVENESS  





11 am                             MULTICULTURAL  COOKING GROUP 

6.30pm  ADHD               SUPPORT GROUP 





3pm OOSH 

3pm OOSH 

3pm OOSH 

3pm OOSH 

3pm OOSH 












6.30pm YOGA 







6.30pm CP                    COMMUNITY                        ASSOCIATION 


7pm NORTHLAKES                               CHRISTIAN YOUTH  GROUP 


Red = monthly Blue= one off events

NOV 2013– JAN 2014

107 Northlakes Drive Cameron Park

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CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS  The Centre will be closed from 12 noon 24th December and will re‐open on Thursday 2nd January 2014


Family movie – Santa Claus The Movie (Rated G) Local entertainment on the main stage Free kids ac vi es Carols, featuring The McClymonts, Damien Leith and a visit from Santa Fireworks finale DID YOU KNOW



Emergencies phone 000 

Do you need some clothes for your children?

Lifeline 131 114 24 hour counselling service

Do you have any good quality children’s clothing to donate to families in need?

Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

Please speak to recep on at The Cameron Park Community Centre

Parents Helpline 1300 301 300 (8am to 10pm 7 days a week) Salvo Care Line 1300 363 622 24 hour counselling service Samaritans 1300 656 336 Housing Homeless Hotline 1800 152 152

Or phone 49 081 140

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope The spirit of Christmas which is peace

Domes c Violence Helpline 1800 656 463 Poisons Informa on Line 13 11 26

The heart of Christmas which is love

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The Canopy Cameron Park Community Centre Newsletter Nov 2013 to Jan 2014