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Play Candy Crush and Enjoy Clearing Its Difficult Levels with Ease

Candy crush is one among the most famous games on the internet. It is actually a match-three video game supported by approximately forty-six million average monthly users. You can monetize this game through in-app purchases. It includes three main characters Tiffi, Mr. Toffee and Easter Bunny. Besides this, as a player you can get five lives which if lost will fail your level. So, either you can send a request to your Facebook friends or purchase them. This game has approximately 530 levels and it’s important to clear all the initial levels to reach to the upper section. Now, let’s discuss about some of the difficult levels that can confuse you with their smart moves.

Candy crush level 33: In level 33 you will enter in Lemonade Lake with 16 jellies to clear. You have to clear all these jellies with just 17 moves and score of at least 32,000 points.

In case you follow our amazing tips to beat this level, you can clear all the difficulties in provided moves. For extra moves left, you will get Sugar Crush that activates jelly fish for eating the candies as well as increasing the score.

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Candy crush level 65: This level is the last one that come I the section of Minty Meadow. You will be having 38 double as well as 27 single jelly squares for which you need 120,000 points in just 40 moves. After you finish this level smartly, Tiffi will bring out a trampoline for you. This level is considered as one among the hardest levels of this entire game.

Candy crush level 70: The level 70 is one among the most hated level for the players and has been voted for the same. It s actually the fifth level in the section of Easter Bunny Hills with 28 double jelly squares and needs a score of at least 60,000 points.

The possible moves in this level are 45. So, it takes a lot of efforts to clear all the jellies in this stage.

Candy crush level 77: When you reach to a level where it’s extremely hard to clear the isolated candies then you are possibly at the level 77.

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It is the 12th level in the Easter Bunny Hills with 9 double jelly squares and score of 50,000 points. The total provided moves are just 25.

Candy crush level 79: In this level 79, the player has to clear 29 double and 26 single jelly squares. The required score is 1000,000 points with 40 moves. The candy crush level 79 is actually the fourteenth level of Easter Bunny Hills.

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Candy Crush Level 65  
Candy Crush Level 65  

his level is the last one that come I the section of Minty Meadow. You will be having 38 double as well as 27 single jelly squares for which...