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Candy Crush Saga Levels

Welcome to The Candy Crush Saga Website. If you are looking for quick and easy tips to get you through that tough candy crush level, look no further! We have built a site that shows you step by step how we have beat all the candy crush saga level.

Tips to Beat the Candy Crush Level 77

In this level you have 9 jellies to clear with 25 moves so, here we will provide you the best tips to beat candy crush level and clear these jellies in the possible time period as well as moves.

Use Best Tips to Beat the Candy Crush Level 65

If you are on the candy crush level 65, you know that you have to strive hard for clearing all the jellies with just 50 moves. You can use the best tips to beat the candy crush level 65 so that you can get rid of the jellies.

The Candy Crush Saga