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Go Easy For This Hard Level with Our Best Tips & Moves

Candy crush, it’s this marvelous game that has gained a lot of fame with millions of lovers who spend their free time in playing this game. Well, the initial levels do not take much time as those are easy to clear but when you reach to the higher levels, it may take at least a week to clear those stubborn jellies. Let us consider the Candy crush level 65 that is one among the toughest levels in this game. If you want to pass this level, you have to clear approximately 38 double and 27 single jelly squares. The minimum score for this level is 120,000 in just 40 available moves.

Given below are some main considerations that you will observe while playing it.

The amazing part in the level is that if you are left with any move, you will get Sugar crush in which jelly fishes will crush the candies to add on extra score with your gained ones.

You have to just concentrate on the chocolates and clear them as quickly as possible. In case you collect lots of chocolates then you may waste your moves in clearing those and lose the level due to jellies. Thus, before it’s too late to play it smartly, you have to be sure that these chocolates do not create a hurdle for you.

Don’t lose the color bombs and striped candies as these plays a very important role in passing this level. So, whenever you get chance to crush these, don’t miss. This will lead you to success and best scores.

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Candy Crush Level 65  

Our unique tips to beat candy crush level 65 will help you to clear all the jelly with great ease. You will also increase your speed to get...