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Taking back time

February 24, 2014


Procopio pitches platform

Campbell Confessions

By Sierra Fox

SGA argues over constitutionality of emergency meeting

Staff Writer

Valerie Procopio, a Campbell University political science pre-law major, is currently running for chairman of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans (NCFCR). The NCFCR consists of all the college Republican chapters throughout the state. Procopio currently serves as NCFCR Communications Director, a position that she has held for a year, and serves also as chairman of Campbell University College Republicans. While serving as NCFCR Communications Director, Procopio coordinated new communication strategies such as expanding the organization’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She also worked at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services as well as N.C. Governor Pat

By Courtney Schultz Editor in Chief

Blood boiled at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting Thursday as Congress addressed the constitutionality of the emergency meeting held Feb. 4. During the Feb. 4 emergency SGA meeting, the House allowed proxy voting to be the method of Newby voting. Proxy voting is a way absent congressional members can vote via e-mail and text messaging. Proxy voting is allowed by the regulations in Robert’s Rules of Order, which SGA abides by. However, during the subsequent meeting, Resolution 007-14: Congressional Constitutional Parliamentary Authority Compliance, the resolution in question for the evening, called the organization’s use of proxy voting during the emergency meeting improper, rendering the meeting in itself null and void. According to Advancement Committee Chair and senior class representative Emily Tadlock, the Feb. 4 meeting “technically did not have a quorum” due to the misuse of proxy voting. The meeting was scheduled See RESOLUTION page 5

76 - issue 9

See NCFCR page 8

Kappa Sigma PAINT ON THE ONLINE WALL looks to the future

Twitter page “CU Confessions” features anonymously-submitted posts including derogatory comments about students. What started out as friendly has become offensive to some.

By Rachel Rock Staff Writer

Campbell University students have taken to the Internet to anonymously lash out against one another through a Twitter page, CU Confessions (@CU_RealTalk). Students submit anonymous tweets to be posted for the public’s reading pleasure. Lately, the tweets have taken a cruel turn. What originated as a page to post humorous anecdotes about the life of a Campbell student is now a way to shame and expose.

For the latest CU news, visit thecampbelltimes. com

Whether the tweets are true or not, comments posted can have a negative affect on the reputation of an individual or a group of individuals. Posts on the Twitter page include, but are not limited to, accusations of STDs, derogatory comments, and lies. Many of the posts include specific names of students with crude language, curse words, and inappropriate content. One specific group of people which is heavily targeted on the CU Confessions

Twitter account is the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Someone tweeted, “No one likes Kappa Sig,” another tweet reads, “I’m pretty sure Kappa Sig is the most hated group on campus.” And a third tweet, “Kappa Sigma is pathetic.” In response to the negative attention drawn to the group via social media, Grand Master of Kappa Sigma Miles Wobbleton said, “Greek life is new to Camp


See SGA voters guide Page 6 and 7

By Catherine Ardoin Feature Editor

Since their official charter, students can feel the presence of Kappa Sigma on campus. This weekend, executive members and select chairpersons will attend the Carolina Conclave, a conference with workshops regarding rush, See SIGMA page 8

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2 February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times

IN THE CREEK CU adopts new honor society Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society has accepted Campbell University. The society’s board unanimously accepted the university’s application for membership. Alpha Sigma Lambda is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to recognition of nontraditional students pursuing higher education. The honor society and its member institutions recognize the special achievement of adult students who accomplish academic excellence while maintaining commitments to their families and careers. CU invites students and faculty candidates to become members during the next few weeks and will hold its first induction ceremony in April.

English majors attend conference Campbell University’s chapter of International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta will attend the honor society’s conference Thursday. The clubs four members, Erin Overton, Olivia Henry, Rebecca Hatcher, and Caitlin Brown will all present individual papers at the conference.

Congratulations to The Campbell Times, the Pine Burr and The Lyricist for your North Carolina Media Association Awards The Campbell Times “Best in Show”

Hunter Tadlock Honorable Mention in Photography “Seussical”

Sierra Fox Honorable Mention in Feature Writing “Trading Guns for Pencils”

Kendall Tart Inside spread design “Colors of Campbell”

Kelli Hartill and Courtney Schultz Single- or Two-Page Design “Front Page, Oct. 21”

Nolan Perry Honorable mention in inside spread design “Spring Formal”

Pine Burr “Best in Show”

Christopher Weston Honorable mention for fiction story “Back in the Saddle”

Photo Of The Week

Warne splashes to NCAA Division I

Senior swimmer Kylie Warne set the 200 IM record Thursday at the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association Championships. According to Go Camels, Warne’s 2:01.70 beat her own 200 IM school record, which also qualifies for the NCAA Division I B Standard. Warne is Campbell’s first NCAA qualifier in the program’s 10 years of existence. The senior also beat her own school record by nearly three seconds in the 400 IM Friday with a time of 4:20.27.

Lambda Pi Eta accepts inducts new members Campbell’s chapter of the National Communication Association’s honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, accepted four new members this week. Anna Barham, Claire Carrington, Kelsey Bennett and Romain Stanley were all inducted. Photo by Daniel Solomon

Senior forward Ashley James goes for the shot at Saturday’s women’s basketball game in John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center.


3 The Campbell Times • February 24, 2014

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Our View

Student government emulates federal government

By Courtney Schultz Editor in Chief

With Executive Elections for SGA occurring on Wednesday I couldn't help but to wonder who will be buying the executive positions this year. Pardon me for being honest, but doesn’t it seem like it? Isn’t it the person that wins usually the same person that hands out the most snacks engraved with their tagline? Quite frankly, and what's most distressing, is that the student election process is no different than real world elections. Candidates that spend the money to gain name recognition, with flyers, commercials, and the like, in local and national elections are often the ones that win. Such a phenomenon occurs because voters are not informed about the either of the election's candidates. Americans often vote not because they are familiar

with a candidate's moral or economic philosophies, but because they are familiar with the candidate's name--which is tattooed across the doughnut they are shoving into their mouths. Student government elections in The Creek are no different. Most students won’t know the improvements the candidate has promised, or the basic principles underlining his philosophy, but they will know who handed out the pancakes or offered red velvet cupcakes. It’s not completely the student body’s fault. Some of us are busy, others don't care. This feeling of inefficacy, too is an emotion that the Campbell Student body has in common with Americans, and stems, in both cases, from the mixed feelings the constituency has toward the governing body. It logically follows then that students wouldn't devote an extensive amount of time

researching candidates and their platforms. That's the only logical part I can see in this event. Most voters make ill-informed, illogical decisions. With that being said I would like to give those running for elections this tid-bit: according to Democracy Despite Itself: Why a System that Shouldn't Work At All Works So Well by Danny Oppenheimer and Mike Edward, one-tenth of a second may be long enough for a voter to decide who he or she will vote for. Studies have found first impressions to be the basis upon which voters make decisions. Through the clutter of messages individuals receive each day from the world, the first messages heard about politicians are often the ones that resonate. J. Scott Armstrong, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, conducted an experiment on the basis that voters will vote for the

candidate who looks the most competent. Armstrong asked New Zealand schoolgirls about the 2008 Democratic and Republican primary candidates by showing pictures of each candidate. The school girls selected Barack Obama and John McCain as the individuals who looked the most competent— correctly predicting who would win the primaries. Basically, we vote as fast as we can for the most attractive candidate because we don’t know much about the candidates. How can we not expect the same from the Campbell community in a trivial student election? I’m waiting to hear students say “ I’m voting for so-in-so because she guarantees a student center next year” rather than whether or not they received a hot dog with the names of the candidates branded in the bun.

Study Abroad Column

Too busy to study abroad?

By Hannah Shackelford

Office of Study Abroad Representative

Many students believe they are too busy to study abroad. This is not necessarily true. A summer program is a simple solution to fit study abroad into a crowded class schedule. Study abroad is a great way to earn required General Core Curriculum credits. Classes you may not be very interested in will seem a lot more exciting in exotic locations. Study abroad offers both academic and personal growth that cannot be taught in a regular classroom and makes you stand out to competitive graduate programs and potential employers. Campbell offers several fantastic summer programs led by our own professors. Students can earn British literature credits on the Great Britain program while exploring the places that inspired famous works of literature. The various Costa Rica programs offer Spanish credit, Ecology, and Education credit. There is also a plethora of programs out there offered by Campbell’s partner organizations all over the world. Internships are also available! Micah Fields, a senior music major, studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria for five weeks summer 2013 and earned credits while exploring Europe.

Photo courtesy of the Office of Study Abroad

Senior music major Micah Fields posed outside of the infamous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany while studying aborad for five weeks in Austria during the summer of 2013. “As a music major, we don’t have time to study abroad, but take the time. We’re probably the busiest, but you’re never too busy to study abroad,” Fields said. To see the full interview, go to the Office of Study Abroad website and look under the “Alumni” tab. There are also many language schools worldwide that

allow you to earn foreign language credit over the summer at an accelerated pace. You can learn languages Campbell does not offer on campus and experience their culture firsthand. Study abroad can fit into your schedule and can assist your college journey.

For more information on Study Abroad: Visit Kivett Office 114 or Contact Kendra Erickson at

4 February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times


Tweets of the week @TheCampellTime What is at the top of your bucket list? *All tweets are printed as they were originally submitted.



go to Alaska

the thing at the top of my bucket list to make better grades..



I want to climb Mt Everest.

To go Skydivin’, Rocky Mountain Climbin’, and 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fumanchu.



Graduating college and getting a good job then starting a bucket list!

to ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy!



buy a bucket so I can write a list of things to do with said bucket.

depending on the list its either race and crash the most expensive car I can find or skydiving



My goal is to meet another person named “Kena,” written and pronounced the same way.

Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef #TWEETOFTHEWEEK


5 The Campbell Times • February 24, 2014

A G Supdates By Courtney Schultz Editor in Chief

The following are the happenings of the SGA meeting Feb. 20: •Appointments: Junior Miles Wobbleton was appointed to Parliamentarian. •Student Forum: Jonathan Bushhouse praises Caleb Johnson for his Commuting student Forum. •Executive President Peter Newby said no one has elected to serve on the Environmental Task Force or Technology Task Force. The two topics are the most prevalent in student feedback. He also spoke about the upcoming Executive Elections to be held on Wednesday. •Executive Vice President Hunter Outlaw said he desires to speak to administration regarding the icy sidewalks and placing salt on the brick during inclement weather. •Secretary Sue Ann Forrest said she and senior class vice president Andrew Ryan Hall spoke to administration about extending health center hours, but the two are still working toward an extension. •Commuting Students Coordinator Caleb Johnson said Orange Wednesdays will continue. He also said he was thrilled with the feedback he received •Academic Chair Nick Hudson said SGA will vote on Teacher of the Year. •Advancement Chair Emily Tadlock said clubs have been active this semester and using SGA as a resource. She also

revealed the new SGA banner. Tadlock would like to use the popcorn machine they bought last semester during the SGA meetings to attract students to meetings. She also could potentially hand out prizes to visiting students who watch SGA meetings. •Men’s and Women’s Community Coordinators Mark Jones and Sara Boltinhouse are planning a T-shirt design for SGA and are planning to continue surveying the students for ideas to better the campus.’ •The sophomore class is looking to fill a vacancy for a position as a class representative. •The freshmen class plans to host a “block party” as well as a T-shirt design contest. •Resolution 003-14: Ad hoc Service Committee: SGA will create an Ad hoc Service Committee “to promote an overall sense of civic and community consciousness and meet the needs put forth by the community”: PASSED. •Resolution 004-14: Reprimands for Office Hours Week One: The Rules Committee reprimanded senior class president Brandon Hudson, senior class representative Emily Tadlock, and freshman class president Homie Ershadi for not completing appropriate office hours: FAILED. •Resolution 007-14: Congressional Constitutional Parliamentary Authority Compliance: On Feb. 4, SGA held an “emergency meeting” with the intent to approve the

SGA budget which had been postponed due to inclement weather. Due to violations of Robert’s Rules of Order and the SGA Constitution because of a lack of attendance, the Rules Committee Chair Bryan Schad moved to make all business conducted during the Feb. 4 meeting null and void: PASSED. •At the Feb. 4 meeting, SGA approved the SGA Spring 2014 Budget. By passing Resolution 007-14, SGA has rescinded all clubs’ funding and must reapprove the SGA Budget for the semester. Budget was re-approved. The resignation of senior class representative Nicholas Whitlock was also reapproved. •Resolution 008-14: IOC Funding Authorization: The money allocated to the IOC Funding and IOC Committee in the adopted Spring 2014 budget is authorized to be spent as designated by the IOC Oversight Committee: PASSED. •Amendment 03-14: Punitive Edicts Establishment Amendment: FAILED. •Amendment 04-14: SGA Constitution and Bylaws Reorganization and Clarification Amendment: PASSED. •Amendment 07-14: Greek Students Inclusion Act: TABLED. •Amendment 08-14: Greek Students Election Act: TABLED. •For more information on the details of SGA’s meeting, please read “Taking back time” on page 1.

Do you have an opinion about something on campus? Share it with us! Contact:


continued from page 1

on an atypical day, which conflicted with members’ schedules. Thus, Rules Committee Chair Bryan Schad wrote Resolution 007-14 to retract the Feb. 4 meeting. After an hour-long debate, Congress passed Resolution 007-14. By passing this resolution, SGA retracted all funding from IOC clubs, as well as approval of the Spring 2014 SGA budget. The resolution also had the effect of reinstating members who resigned at the Feb. 4 meeting. Essentially, reinstating these members required SGA to Tadlock have more members present at Thursday’s meeting to maintain a quorum. “What they wanted to do was to revoke what happened at the [Feb. 4] meeting so they can ‘constitutionally’ reinstate what we did [at the meeting],” Tadlock said. “In my opinion, they discredited what we did at that meeting.” Some members of SGA left the meeting, although there is no evidence these vacancies were caused by the approval of the resolution. These members leaving further diminished SGA’s ability to achieve the minimum number to formally conduct business. Chair Schad also wrote a second Resolution 008-14: IOC Funding Authorization, which would reinstate IOC funding. SGA did eventually pass Resolution 008-14, but the incident left many congressional members upset. Executive SGA President Peter Newby said he was disappointed with the meetings’ activities. “I was extremely disappointed with the way the meeting went Tuesday. Members resulted to name calling instead of problem solving,” Newby said. “Egos were put ahead of respect and responsibility. I sense that not only do members of congress not respect each other; they do not want to work together under any circumstances. This deeply saddens me. As a result of this continued behavior, productivity has come to a standstill. It is not fair in any way to the students. The students deserve much better. They deserve a functioning body that is devoted to serving them.” Treasurer Andrew Strobo spoke during one of many con-

gressional recess, during which he stated unofficially he wished to resign from SGA. “I am going to resign from SGA. I’ve had it in my mind for some time now, though I never let it affect Strobo my work,” Strobo said. “I believe that I drafted a budget that both accommodates the plans of SGA and addresses the financial needs of the students. Furthermore, I do not plan to leave the organization with no way of replacing me or confusion about the budget. I will be leaving a representative with all the information I have.” Strobo said he feels the government organization needs to learn from their past mistakes. “SGA has many aspects that it needs to improve on. I believe that the organization is full of students learning to represent, so it is only to be expected that mistakes be made. My resignation comes as result of the same errors being made consistently and the refusal to either acknowledge them or to correct them,” Strobo said. President Newby echoes Strobo’s call for change. “There need to be some serious changes going forward and the responsibility for not making them sooner falls solely on myself,” Newby said. “We need to reevaluate our priorities as individuals and as an organization. It is as simple as this: If students leaders are not willing to put their egos aside and behave like actual leaders, ones who are not afraid to create solutions instead of problems, then they have no place or purpose in the organization. It is not fair to the students to have a representative who is complacent. It is not fair to the organization to have a member who is seeking conflict instead of progress. And it isn’t fair to the representatives who want to accomplish meaningful work who are silenced by a vocal minority of troublemakers.” Newby said he believes the association can change its behavior. “I still have confidence that SGA will be able to change. However, I cannot change our course on my own,” he said. “I need the support from our members in congress, as well as from the students. We have good men and women serving the students. It is time for those good men and women to stand up and lead. As Edmund Burke said, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing.’ It is time for the good to do good. That is my humble and sincere request of the student government.”


6 February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times

Executive SGA Ele Elections for SGA will be held Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Executive President Sue Ann Forrest My name is Sue Ann Forrest and I’m a junior English and Communications pre-law double major from Greenville, North Carolina. I’ve been incredibly involved in SGA since my first year on campus. Though I was not a member of SGA my freshman year, I attended all of the meetings. My sophomore year, I served as sophomore class secretary and during that time was promoted to executive secretary where I have continued to serve this year. In addition, I have also served SGA as the student conduct chair. I believe that the time I’ve spent in SGA has given me the experience and knowledge necessary to lead our student body. In addition to being involved in SGA, I am secretary of English club and College Republicans. I am a member of the Women’s Club Volleyball team and participate in multiple intramural sports. I also represent Campbell as a student call team member, a peer mentor in the English department, and a student member of Greek Life Council. My platform includes three main points: extending hours in the Student Health Center and Wiggins Memorial library, improving Campus Safety for the entire Campbell community, and proactively addressing the needs of all students. I am dedicated to serving the student body and hope I can count on your support! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me Go Camels!

Executive Vice President Nick Hudson My name is Nick Hudson and I’m a rising Junior Trust and Wealth Management major from Stedman, North Carolina. I feel I’m qualified for the Vice Presidential position due to the many leadership roles I have served in on campus. I have served in the roles of freshman class president and academic committee chairman for SGA, as well as VP and historian of PBL. All of these positions have prepared me for the role as I have gained much experience in running a meeting which is the key job of Executive Vice President. If elected Sue Ann Forrest and myself plan to pursue our three main goals: improving Campus safety, extending library hours, and improving the hours and service of the student health center. The most important part of our platform to me is campus safety. I feel that our schools administration needs address many of the flaws around campus including lighting on the female side of campus as well as creating new locations of crosswalks for both commuting and on campus students. If elected I will push administration to address these flaws on our campus in order to improve the well-being of our students. I hope to receive your support in the upcoming election, and Go Camels.

Executive Treasurer Danielle Barnes My name is Danielle Barnes, and I am a fourth year 3/2 Trust Pre-law major. I have been a member of the Student Government Association for two academic years and have served on the SGA’s Advancement Committee, Elections Committee, and Rules Committee. In addition, the SGA has allowed me to sit on Campbell University’s Multi-Cultural Council. I chose to run for Executive Treasurer for the upcoming year because I feel that, with my background in Trust, I would be an asset to the SGA and students, in general. Through Trust, I have learned fiscal responsibility and to prepare and adhere to a budget. If I am elected to the position, I hope to expedite funds to clubs. This has been an issue in past SGAs, and I wish to correct the problem. I also wish to encourage SGA members to spend funds responsibly and solely for the benefit of their constituents. I want to eradicate frivolous and unnecessary spending and make the students’ interests the most important thing in the minds of SGA members.

Nick Wilder My name is Nick Wilder and I am running for Executive Treasurer. I am very exited about this opportunity to serve the Campbell students for another year in SGA. The treasurer position requires a great deal of responsibility as well as an ability to work well with the other members of SGA. I consider these to be strengths of mine. My experience as a class representative over the past two academic years has prepared me for this position. I have been involved in many SGA activities but most notably I was able to add the squat rack to our fitness center among other upgrades. I hope to bring these traits as well as many others to this position. I am always eager to hear student requests and hope to improve Campbell University in any way I can. Again, I am excited about this opportunity and hope you will support me.


7 The Campbell Times • February 24, 2014

ections Voter Guide Executive Secretary

Phillip Hedrick Jr. As executive secretary I intend to take diligent notes so that any students that want to know what SGA is doing can easily read and understand what their class is doing. I have years of experience taking notes and more importantly my experience comes from outside SGA, from business meetings and political events. I am a sophomore Trust and Wealth major who has been involved on campus since the day I first arrived. The most important quality that I bring to the secretary race is diligence. I fully devote myself to each and every project I embark on and SGA is no different. I look forward to this election and I hope to be able to serve the student body as your next Executive Secretary.

Men’s Community Coordinator Harley Powell I am Harley Powell. I am a sophomore social work major here at Campbell. I am running for Men's Community Coordinator for the executive council of Student Government Association. I have been on SGA for two years now as a freshman representative and this year as sophomore class vice-president. With my experience in SGA, I know who to talk to in order to get resolutions passed. Also, I will do all in my power to work for the men on campus to fight for a better life for them while they are here on Campbell's campus. I want to actually meet my constituents to find out the issues they face. I will work effectively with the other elected members of the executive board in order to change Campbell for the better by fixing the concerns of the students if possible. If voted as Men's Community Coordinator I promise to work with the men on campus in a more direct way by going to them rather than just expecting them to come to me as other Men's Community Coordinator has done in the past. I would appreciate for all men on campus to vote for me Harley Powell this Wednesday, from 9 until 4. Thanks.

Women’s Community Coordinator Marlee Sloan

My name is Marlee Sloan and I’m a junior Athletic Training major from Turkey, North Carolina. This year was my first year in Student Government Association and I have served my fellow classmates as a junior class representative and as a voice to all students as a member of the Student Affairs Committee. Alongside other members of said committee, I helped to ensure the continuation of the weekly, spirit-filled Orange Wednesday event. In addition to my involvement in Student Government Association, I am also a member of the Athletic Training Club, College Republicans, the Sound of the Sandhills Pep Band, and a member of multiple honors society. As a candidate for Women’s Community Coordinator, I hope to bring energy to the Student Affairs Committee by immersing myself in the needs and desires of my fellow Camels. I hope to achieve this through: organizing outreach events on campus to improve students’ understanding of Campbell’s policy-making body, effectively communicating student interests to both the Student Government Association and Campbell administration, providing students with comprehensive updates on the actions of the Student Government Association, organizing town hall meetings in order for students to voice their desires in regards to how Student Government can better serve them, continuing SGA’s efforts to ensure more plentiful options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten and celiac-free individuals, and those with other dining needs, as well as continuing the current efforts to instate a permanent student section in the Gilbert Gore Arena. I look forward to serving not only on-campus women next year but the entire student body here at Campbell University.

Commuting Students Coordinator Megan Avery My name is Megan Avery and I am running for the Commuting Student Coordinator for the 2014-15 school year. I'm a kinesiology major from Lincolnton, NC and am currently the sophomore student body president. As the Commuting Student Coordinator, I plan to work one-on-one with the commuting student body to address the problems at hand, like the parking situations around campus and creating a more efficient, rollover meal plan option. Make sure you come out this Wednesday to vote.


8 February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times


continued from page 1

community service, and how to throw formals and mixers within the limits of both Campbell University and the fraternity’s code of conduct. Although the organization desires that all members attend, as a new chapter the budget does not allow it. However, Kappa Sigma Grand Master Miles Wobbleton hopes in the near future to be able to bring all members to the Carolinas Conclave. “[Affording for all members to go to the conference is] going to be our benchmark for the year.” Wobbleton said. Currently, the chapter said they focus a great deal of attention on a military-dedicated 5K they will host on campus later this semester. Executive members anticipate generating between $20,000 and $30,000 in funds. Wobbleton intends to involve not only the Campbell and surrounding communities, but also politicians. Kappa Sigma also intends to be involved with Relay for Life, an annual event hosted on Campbell’s campus to raise money for cancer research. The fraternity will team up with the other Greek chapters on campus to form one team. In addition to the 5K, Kappa Sigma will host several events for members throughout the semester to foster brotherhood and unity, including hiking and camping trips, a formal, and the Carolina Cup, a horse race in Camden, S.C. In July, the chapter will attend the Kappa Sigma Leadership Conference in New Orleans. The national fraternity provides an awards manual, which lays out the various awards each chapter, district, and even individuals can win at the conference. These awards include having 35 hours of community service from each member, raising fifteen dollars for charity per member, and member ritual proficiency. “We’re going to shape all


of our operations next year around those benchmark awards that Kappa Sigma uses to boast why we’re the best fraternity,” Wobbleton said. As a new chapter, Campbell’s Kappa Sigma is unable to win any awards this year. Next year, the chapter intends to win several awards. Due to the stereotypes associated with Greek Life, Kappa Sigma said they take a strong effort to display a positive image of Greek Life. “We are going to be Campbell students and Kappa Sigma at the same time,” Wobbleton said. “We are going to battle those stereotypes and show that here at Campbell you can have a fraternity and it can be successful- be a real fraternity- but not be a stereotypical fraternity.” James Holloman, a freshmen homeland security major and the Public Relations Officer for Kappa Sigma, aids Wobbleton in moving beyond these stereotypes. In December, he organized an event, entitled Kappa Sig Cares, in which the fraternity partnered with St. Jude’s Children Hospital. For every “like” the organization received either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a dollar was donated to St. Jude’s. “Our goal was to donate $1,000 to St. Jude’s and we ended up reaching 1,113 new people via social media,” Holloman said. According to Holloman, the Kappa Sig Cares initiative garnered national support and attention for Campbell’s chapter. Dr. Dennis Bazemore, the chair of Campbell’s Greek Life Committee, works closely with Wobbleton and said he expects Kappa Sigma to represent the university well. “I am pleased with the excellent beginning of the Sigma Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma,” Bazemore said. “I believe these young men will continue to add to the campus life experience at Campbell through their community service, leadership opportunities, outreach and support of activities on our campus.”

they have not been historically active yet. Third, she plans to hold a McCrory’s campaign. fundraising campaign to secure While running for chairenough funding to bring her man, Procopio created an ideas into fruition. initiative entitled “EmpowerFinally, she said she intends ing NCFCR.” to empower the youth vote. In her campaign platform, Her campaign is statewide she identifies four key ideas and she has garnered support that she believes will help beat from other College Republican Kay Hagan in November. chapters. The first point empowers Procopio said she believes chapters to grow membership. this campaign will help her She said she wants to increase later in life. the organization’s influence on “I truly believe that College campuses. Republicans is the best orgaSecond, she said she hopes nization for conservatives to to expand the chapter base to begin their careers,” Procopio colleges and universities where said. “Besides making life-long continued from page 1


continued from page 1

bell, and change can be scary to some people.” Wobbleton said he believes the bashing of the fraternity comes from not being able to accept change. “A lot of hatred about Greeks comes from stereotypes and misunderstandings,” he said. He urges people to learn more about the organization instead of simply bashing them. Director of First-Year Ex-

perience Dr. Jennifer Latino posted on her Twitter she was proud of the way Kappa Sigma handled the CU Confessions accusations. She said she was glad the group had “solidarity” and said, “I am proud of all of you.” This is not the only group who has taken offense to the page. Freshman Taylor Parrish said she is offended by a lot of the content on the account. She said, “They put derogatory comments toward specific people. If something

would be posted about me, I would be angry and want them to take it down.” The owner of the page refused to comment on the content of the page due to its anonymous nature. Yet, the information and accusations on the page still upset many students. Parrish said she believes the 140-character limit intensifies the accusations because “no one knows the whole story.” Students can still submit tweets to the page. As long as students continue to submit content, the page will continue. 330 N. Raleigh Street PO Box 1110 Angier, NC 27501 Phone: 919-639-6396 Fax: 919-639-6393

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friends, in my experience with College Republicans, I’ve been able to participate in local and state politics as well as gain meaningful internship experience.” She said she intends to use her past experience to move the organization forward. “I’ve seen how much this organization has grown over the past year and I am hoping to continue those efforts by empowering the organization to have the tools in order to beat Kay Hagan in November,” Procopio said. The election will be conducted April 4 and 5 at the NCFCR Convention in Charlotte.

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9 The Campbell Times • February 24, 2014

Style tips

the humble houndstooth

Each issue communication studies major and fashionista Marisa Linton will share her latest tips on being fashion-forward and perfecting the outfit of the average college student.

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Linton showing off her personal houndstooth style.

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Welcome to the world of patterns. Life would be dreary if we only wore solid colors. The pattern “houndstooth” is thought to have originated in Scotland in the 1800's and has come in and out of fashion since then. Houndstooth is a type of plaid with a bit more edge. The term houndstooth, or dogtooth, was first recorded in 1936. In the 1930s, it was a symbol of wealth among the upper class. Since then, it has come in and out of fashion every 20-30 years. It has become a legacy with fashion designers such as Dior and, more recently, was incorporated by football coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant, as part of Alabama's Roll Tide paraphernalia. Now: Houndstooth is making a big appearance in fashion today. It has become popular on the runway and with celebrities, such as Lady Gaga. With that queue, it is time to add some houndtooth to your closet. I promise, you will not be disappointed. How to Wear It: The answer to how to wear houndstooth is anyway and anyhow. Ok, that is slightly exaggerated, but really though. It doesn't just have to be a bold blazer. Try a skirt or pants. You can also go for the accessories. Think shoes, scarves, bags, and even nails. The key to houndstooth is not overwhelming it. Pair it with a solid. It is already a busy pattern and there is no need to give anyone vertigo by putting on more pattern (Google Lady Gaga’s houndstooth outfit for an example of what not to do). One or two pieces at a time is ideal. Guys, houndstooth is absolutely for you too. While I don't recommend doing your nails in houndstooth, a blazer or small print houndstooth (called puppytooth) in pants looks sharp. Color: Traditionally houndstooth is black and white, but it also comes in some other great colors. Don't be afraid of these. Houndstooth wants a little fun and color in its life too, so don't keep it in the black and white. If you do decide to wear the classic black and white houndstooth, accent it with a bright color such as red or orange. It is sure to add some pizzazz to your outfit. Where to Get It: If you don't have any houndstooth in your closet, and don't want to break the bank, because let's face it, we are broke college students, try looking for vintage items either in thrift stores or on Ebay. You can indulge in the fashion trend while staying within budget. There you have it--from humble beginnings, houndstooth has risen to stardom and is ready for you to be its showcase.

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10 February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times


Why Craig Ferguson is the most ‘punk’ late night TV host

Photo courtesy of

By Brian Brown Staff Writer

Last week Jimmy Fallon began his run on The Tonight Show, and this week Seth Meyers will take over Late Night from Fallon. Fallon has proven that he is a capable and likeable host and Meyers’ Late Night shows a lot of promise. Meyers and Fallon are both so affable and funny that they’re respective shows are all but guaranteed to be successful additions to the historic franchises. However, there is one late night talk show host whose future has never been close to guaranteed. The Late Late Show Craig Ferguson is not an enthusiastic freshface with dreams of living up to his predecessors. He isn’t good at impressions and he’s never played straight man to eccentric characters. I consider him the most punk late night host. 1. He mocks the establishment One of the defining aspects of the punk movement was an untethered hatred for established power structures, whether it was the government, corporations, or the music industry. Likewise, Craig Ferguson laughs in the face of the traditional talk show format and the CBS Corporation, which airs his show. Instead of starting his show with a dozen one-liners Ferguson’s monologue is a stream of consciousness about two or three topics. Where Conan O’Brien has Andy Richter and Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, Craig Ferguson has a robot skeleton named Geoff Peterson. Where Jimmy Fallon has the Roots and Jay Leno had Kevin Eubanks, Craig Ferguson has Alfredo Sauce and the Shyguys, all of whom are too introverted to step out from behind the curtain or even to exist. Before every interview Ferguson rips up his question cards and tosses the pieces in the air, and then takes a sip from his mug, which is a symbolically phallic snake. 2. He has a code Punks aren’t angry for no reason. They become angry when their values are threatened. Ferguson is in his 50’s now and in place of anger is the wisdom of a man who has battled his demons and come up on top. After years of drug addiction Ferguson has been sober for 22 years. But even without the anger he still has his values. Because of his own troubled youth Ferguson has been known to take it easy on popular late night punch lines like Britney Spears and the Jersey Shore cast. Ferguson is also a diehard patriot. Originally from Scotland, Ferguson became a U.S. citizen in 2008. He still considers his native country as his home, but he also openly loves America. The tattoo on his arm speaks to this. The tattoo is based on Ben Franklin’s famous “Join or Die” political cartoon that became a symbol of the American Revolution. 3. He was in a punk band There is nothing more punk than punk music. That fast and loud style of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols and so on was the sound of the angry, righteous and disenfranchised for decades. Comedy wasn’t Ferguson’s first foray into the entertainment industry. He spent several years as a drummer in a Scottish punk band, Bastards from Hell. The group recorded only a few songs, which weren’t successful (which actually just makes them even more punk). The band’s front man was actor Peter Capaldi, who will star as the titular Doctor in Doctor Who when the show returns later this year. Ferguson said it was Capaldi who inspired him to go into comedy.

ASK LUCY Dear Lucy, When’s the best time to tell your parent you would like to move out? -All Grown Up All Grown Up, Sadly, moving out isn’t typically anything like those cliché movies/TV shows where the parents are completely okay with it then proceed to hi-five each other and to do a well-choreographed victory dance that probably involves the Harlem Shake. (Not that you’d want to see either of your parents do the Harlem Shake). I’m not saying that every parent is going to be completely against it and lock his or her adult children in the basement or anything, but I’m not saying it’ll be the easiest thing to do either. To your mom and or dad, the same snot-nosed kid that tried to eat the macaroni and cheese crayon 15 years ago is asking them to live alone in a place with no rules and regulation. Be ready to brace yourself for a boatload of questions. What’s wrong with living here? You don’t like my cooking? Is it because of your little boy/girlfriend? I never liked them. How will you afford it? Are you on drugs? Be ready to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” when confronted with this. I suggest investing in one of those cheap plastic little bracelets that has the WWJD up there just to remind yourself because it’s going to get tough. Keep in mind you’re going to be their little snooky wookums until you’re at least 52. They nag because they care. Go ahead and have their questions answered before you even consult them. Who will your roommate be? How far away will it be from home? What will you do for food? Now to your question: When is the best time to tell them? I believe that the time is right when you get a decent job with steady income and are able to prove yourself responsible enough to handle it all. That’ll be the day where you should sit down with your folks with a calm demeanor and tell them it’s time for you to move out. Peace, love, and apple juice my friend.

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11 The Campbell Times • February 24, 2014

Cardboard boats take on waves in the water By Katlyn Clark Staff Writer

On Thursday night CAB’s Small Events Committee hosted their annual Cardboard Boat Race in the Johnson Aquatic Center. According to CAB President Kena Hawkins, the annual race is more than just a small event for Campbell. “CAB annual cardboard boat race has been a time-honored tradition here at Campbell University for years,” Hawkins said. “CAB collects cardboard throughout the year in anticipation of this event. We hope we can continue with this event into the future as it is one of our favorites in the CAB activities toolbox.” The race had three participants, each with a theme. One of the boats was owned by junior pharmaceutical science major Amber Oakes and junior clinical research major Jacqueline Augusto. Their theme was the based on the movie Titanic. Oakes dressed up as Rose and Augusto imitated Jack. Another boat’s theme was Phi Delta Theta, created by senior business administration major Hunter Outlaw and sophomore Nick Hudson, a trust and wealth management major. The last boat arrived to the race late because though it was already made, it lacked a participant to join the race. Brooks Gross, a senior biochemistry major, was only in the Center to lifeguard, but agreed to participate. As the race began, students watched intensely and waited to see whose boat would sink, and whose would last. A lot of laughter came from

Oakes and Augusto as they started the race because they said they had trouble propelling their boat. Gross had to push his boat into the water and then jump into it. As the race continued, his boat eventually sank and he had to carry it along with him to the finish line. Outlaw and Hudson’s boat was the most effective in persevering the water. Their outfit included paddles, which were also made out of cardboard. Awards and gift cards were each given to the participants for special accomplishments. Augusto and Oakes won Best Costume, Fastest Time went to Outlaw and Hudson, Photo by Katlyn Clark and Gross had the Best Sink. Senior Hunter Outlaw, left, stands proudly with his teammate junior Nick Hudson as they Augusto said they wanted to play on the theme with cross the pool in their boat. The duo went on to win the Fastest Time award for the event. their boat, named “The Door.” ”I know we were both excited about winning,” Augusto said. “We decided to do the boat race randomly and it was nice that people thought our costumes were as cool as we thought they were.” Hudson and Outlaw said they had a good time building their boat and having their theme based on their fraternity. “We were hoping that there would be more people [in the race] so we could sink somebody,” Outlaw said. CAB Small Events Chair Leah Britt said she was pleased with the turnout of students that came to watch the race. “People should definitely do it next year,” Augusto said. “You get to be creative while Photo by Katlyn Clark making the boat and coming Participants in CAB’s Cardboard Races got wet while attempting to cross the pool in their up with a theme, and it's a boats. Multiple participants fell overboard into the water while trying to complete the race. ton of fun. Plus a trophy and a prize is always awesome as well.”

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Campbell baseball: Starting the season right By Matt Sokol Staff Writer

Coming off of an incredible 2013 season last year, the CU baseball team is ready for action. Last year, the team posted a record number of wins, 49-10, and went 19-5 in the Big South play, finishing the season with the Runner-up title in the Big South tournament. The Creek has baseball fever as the team began their season against La Trail Salle Feb 15. In their first series, the Camels won Saturday 9-2 and took both games in the double header Feb. 16 with final scores of 9-4 and 10-6. Freshman Danny Pardo was named Big South Player of the Week for his collegiate debut. Head coach Greg Goff said he felt empowered by the team’s performance. “As a coach, the biggest reward is the relationship with my players where I love to coach and to practice. This is where our program might be different from other ones. I come out here every day to instruct and develop my players. I want my practices to

be designed for my players to get better and be motivated to practice. If they see me excited at practice, then they will feel excited to practice.” Goff said. “It is important for me and my assistants to bring energy to each practice. There are still a lot of things that we need to get better at after playing this weekend.” Behind the team success this season will be 2013 Big South Pitcher of the Year senior Ryan Thompson. According to Gocamels. com, Thompson tied the Campbell single-season saves record with 10, ranking tenth on the Big South charts and fifth on the CU career list. Thompson had 31 appearances in 2013, all in relief, which rank second in school history. He totaled a 9-1 record with a Thompson 0.88 ERA in 71.2 innings with a total of 57 strikeouts. “We have to take every performance as a new one, and one of coach’s philosophies is every Monday we start the year 0-0. We are going to try to get four more wins this week and that’s the way we got to take it.

I go out there on the mound every day, and it doesn’t matter what I have done in the past. I just have to see every pitch as a new one, and do everything I need to get that guy out at the box.” Thompson said. “I feel honored to be voted 2013 Big South Pitcher of the year, but as a player you have to put that behind you. The mental part of baseball is the hardest part of baseball, and that separates the average players from the great players.” Campbell also has success off the mound. Senior Elijah Trail was named First team All-Big South last year and set a school record of 10 sacrifice flies which also tied the Big South single season record. According to Gocamels. com, Trail tied the school record with 59 games played, hit .260 with 51 RBI, 39 runs scored, 13 doubles, seven home runs and a triple, also stealing nine bases, and collected 14 multi-hit and 13 multi-RBI game. He also posted a 12 game hitting streak while reaching base in each of his first 34 games. “With the series against La Salle, we had outstanding starting pitching and phenomenal defense.” Trail said. “I am just trying to play my game at third base, and stay loose, anticipating every pitch could come to me.”

Upcoming Games This Week

February 24, 2014 • The Campbell Times

Tuesday: Women’s Tennis vs. UNCW 1 p.m. Softball at N.C. Central 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Wednesday: Baseball vs. Missouri at USA Baseball Complex 12:30 p.m. Men’s Tennis vs. UNCG 1 p.m. Men’s Basketball at Radford 7 p.m. Thursday: Women’s Basketball at UNC Asheville 7 p.m. Friday: Softball at USF UnderArmour Invitational 2:15 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Baseball vs. Army 4 p.m. Men’s Basketball at High Point 7 p.m. Track and Field Big South Indoor Championships- Day One at Virginia Tech 3 p.m. Saturday: Track and Field Big South Indoor Championships- Day Two at Virginia Tech 9 a.m. Softball at USF UnderArmour Invitational 9:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Men’s and Women’s Tennis vs. Mercer at Savannah, Ga. Lacrosse at Kennesaw St. 1 p.m. Women’s Basketball at Winthrop 1 p.m. Baseball vs. Towson 12 p.m. Baseball vs. Army 3 p.m.

Issue 9 Of The Campbell Times  
Issue 9 Of The Campbell Times  

Issue 9 Of The Campbell Times