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Boost response rates with Calmark’s exclusive ClearVue product

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Build a brand while improving your ROI. Help your brand put a green foot forward with our groundbreaking eco–friendly product made from post­consumer recycled soda bottles. When an image or design is printed on ClearVue, it takes on an ethereal quality with various shades of light and color shining through. • Attach samples, magnets, business reply envelopes or anything to ClearVue • Design custom door hangers, cards, bookmarks, calendars, stand-up displays, etc. • Product also available in GreenVue, which is recyclable, to shout out your “green”

James Drake, Executive VP of Sales & Creative

message • Made in the USA, ClearVue and GreenVue products have received glowing reviews from our clients and their donors. Whether you’re trying to maintain your eco-conscious image or are attempting to begin a green initiative, GreenVue offers an opportunity to design a premium that will accomplish both goals. Our clients get a lift in responses


when they use ClearVue over other premiums. ■ ■ ■ Please see the ClearVue bookmark enclosed.

EDITOR’S COLUMN The Calmark Group is always looking for new and better ways to improve and enhance our clients’ fundraising capabilities, such as helping them incorporate new technology with their fundraising efforts. The key is to integrate resources such as mobile marketing with direct mail to optimize direct marketing/ fundraising efforts. We continuously update our data processing software, project management software, communication and equipment to ensure that our clients get the edge in the marketplace. ■ ■ ■

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Robert Doyle, president and CEO of The Calmark Group, has announced the appointment of James Drake to the position of executive vice president of sales and creative.

Drake brings his talent, expertise and more than 30 years of experience in the direct marketing industry to The Calmark Group. His vast experience includes 21 years with Experian/ MetroGroup/Metromail/Cole Publications, where he held numerous positions from financial manager, major account executive, VP general manager to president/chief operating officer. From 2006-2008, he held the position of chief operating officer with Quadriga Art, Inc. Most recently,

Drake served as CEO of Innovia Medical LLC., and provided business development for a direct marketing company. A native of Nebraska, Drake holds a B.S. degree from the University of Nebraska and an M.B.A. from the University of Iowa. “I’m really excited about being part of The Calmark Group,” says Drake on beginning in his new role. “The Calmark Group is a sleeping giant, in that many people don’t know we have so many resources to offer — from production with a huge capacity to full agency services, including creative, writing, design, strategy and analysis. Plus we offer leadingedge fundraising services, including digital marketing, and mobile giving platforms, among others.” “I look forward to working with our team and our customers to develop marketing solutions to drive their results to new levels.” Drake says. “Because our creative team can

Because our creative team can design for our specific equipment capabilities, we offer innovative packages that can compete with both the traditional and inline packages and provide a higher return on investment.

— James Drake, Executive Vice President of Sales & Creative

design for our specific equipment capabilities, we can offer innovative packages that compete with both the traditional and inline packages and provide a higher return on investment.” “I don’t think there’s another company in the U.S. that has the experience level, capabilities and services that The Calmark Group has to offer.” ■ ■ ■ 402.450.5080

Is your retention rate where State-of-the-art equipment, software give our clients the edge The Calmark Group has added a new line of machinery and data processing software to give our clients the edge in direct marketing. The Océ Variostream 7650 offers state-of-the-art web printing that sets new standards in speed and nonstop printing capabilities. This equipment produces high quality output that is efficient and cost effective for our clients. To enhance client communication, we’ve launched GMC Inspire™ software to create, manage and deliver seamless client communications. The new software provides tools that enable us to extract data, images and text from

existing print streams for re-use in new communications. This flexible system enables us to quickly rebrand and improve existing output, response time and time to market — all giving our clients the edge. ■ ■ ■

Paper prices

effective April 1, 2016 For your information and planning, all of the major paper mills and suppliers of paper to the printing industry have announced a $3.00/ CWT increase effective April 1, 2016. ■■■

you think it should be? In our fundraising world, retaining donors sounds so simple, yet it is proving to be one of the most vexing and troublesome goals all of us seek to reach. Why is that so? It really encompasses the entire life cycle of donors. Beginning with how a donor is acquired, through all the touchpoints with that donor, until they stop donating or leave, retaining donors is hard work. Improving retention rate isn’t as simple as including a premium. A selected premium may or may not improve retention. Of course testing, as well as measuring retention over time, tells the value of the original offer and whether it increases retention. But that is only the beginning. Is the new donor acknowledged promptly?

Is he or she welcomed to the organization, and as an important new friend? And are the new donors cultivated and treated with respect versus inundated with appeals every few weeks? Too many organizations prefer not to offend new donors and keep them out of appeal cycles too long. Balance is the key here. New donors deserve to be treated as new friends. Also, organizations do not study their new donors to learn when they make that critical second and third gift. If you are nearing 7-8 months and the donor hasn’t made her second gift, it’s time to ask why. Too often, appeal programs are not consistent with the acquisition offer that inspired the donor to make that first gift. Many groups talk at their donors instead of talking with them and

learning about them. A brief survey at the welcome stage or within your cultivation efforts (such as a newsletter appeal) could greatly improve your insights. Wouldn’t you like to know which program is most important to your new donor so it can be featured early in the appeal sequence? The more you know, the more relevant your appeals can be and the greater your retention rates will be. Recognition, donor satisfaction, being told thank you often all matter, perhaps more so today than in the past. When making the case for more investment in acquisitions, isn’t your budget case much stronger when retention is higher than prior year’s rates? How about your program—is your retention rate where you think it should be? If not, give us a call. ■ ■ ■ 5/20/16 12:57 PM

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