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Medical Equipment Rental Byrne Medical Equipment Rental is the only medical renting specialist in the Middle East. All members of our management team have a valuable wealth of expertise in technology, latest equipment, hospital management and the healthcare supply chain, which means we understand your business needs.

Own your equipment the easy way In todays rapidly changing healthcare market, having access to the latest medical technology is vital to the health of your patients and your business. Whether you are starting a new practice, upgrading or expanding your existing medical business, Byrne Medical is your partner to gain access to the medical equipment you want, with payments you can afford.

We buy it for you If you consider buying new medical equipment, you can buy it by paying with your own cash, requesting longer payment terms from the supplier or by borrowing money from a bank to finance your purchase. With Byrne Medical there is now an easier way, tell us what you need and we will buy it for you.


Medical Equipment Rental Solutions

We are experts in medical renting

Flexible rental plans We buy the equipment for you as per your exact specifications. You can then choose between 3, 4, 5 and 7 year rental plans, where you will receive a monthly invoice from us for your rental payment. The rental is not a loan and will be part of your business operating cost, just like your building or office rent.


Equipment Range


Radiology Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Dental Equipment

Dermatology / Aesthetic Equipment

Medical Equipment Rental Solutions

Ophthalmology Equipment

Physiotherapy Equipment

Byrne Medical can provide any other capital item required in the medical sector. Operating Theater Equipment


The Benefits

of renting from Byrne Medical Equipment Rental No upfront investment required

No CapEx – Off balance sheet assets

When renting from Byrne Medical, you receive the equipment immediately and your funds can be used for other purposes. Whether you’re running a multi-department hospital or small specialist clinic, our payment options allow you to get the equipment you need now and delay payment until later.

Operating rentals are paid from your operating budget and costs do not appear on the balance sheet as a capital expenditure.

Low monthly payments

Simple process

Renting normally costs less than paying cash or acquiring debt through other means.

There is less documentation than with other loans. Our agreements are only a few pages and can be processed quickly.

Medical equipment management

Medical equipment suppliers

There are no technology obsolescence or equipment longevity issues when you rent medical equipment. At the end of the term, you can either give the equipment back to us or continue to rent it.

If you don’t have capital budget available to purchase new medical equipment, but can commit to a low monthly payment term of 3-7 years, there’s no need to wait. Byrne Medical offers a simple operating charge to suit all budget requirements and it’s easy to set up. We are the only medical equipment renting specialist in the Middle East.

This therefore eliminates the risk of keeping outdated equipment.


Medical Equipment Rental Solutions

This helps free up capital and improves the financial status of your hospital or clinic.

Operating benefits - Purchasing power assures competitive pricing - Supplier independent - Possibility to package numerous suppliers’ equipment in one transaction - Equipment market know-how - Support in choosing the best equipment for your requirements - Support in supply chain for operation of equipment

Flexible payment plans Depending on the rental period and the type of equipment required, we can customise and agree on a higher residual value, which will lower your monthly rent, or we can agree on a lower residual value making the purchase at the end of the contract easier for you.

Easy application process Our application is a short two page form. Simply contact one of our trained associates on or send your details to us via our website

Simplified process - - - -

Simplified documentation Fast approval process No payment until delivery of equipment Monthly or quarterly invoicing

Supplier independence We pride ourselves on being supplier and brand independent, which allows us to offer the widest possible selection of medical equipment, provided the supplier is an officially registered agent with the Ministry of Health (MoH) or the relevant authority in your jurisdiction.

A 100% solution Banks will ask you for a 20% down payment and will only finance 80% of your equipment value. Suppliers will only extend you limited payment terms increasing your time and cash flow pressure for full payment of the equipment. That is not the Byrne Medical way of giving you access to medical equipment. We buy it for you and rent it out to you; no down payment with flexible rental options.



Equipment Rental

Byrne Equipment Rental was founded in the UAE in the early 1990s and since then has grown to become one of the largest plant and equipment rental companies in the Middle East. With 20 operational bases, covering the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, we have a fleet of over 10,000 items of plant and a team of over 1,500 people. Byrne’s product range is built upon their successful ‘one stop shop’ model approach, satisfying all equipment rental requirements across multiple industries. The rental fleet is constantly updated to carry the latest brands of equipment and technology, enabling operational efficiency through equipment rental and lease solutions.

Power Generation Our generators range in size from 6kVA to 1650kVA and have the capability to be synchronised and scale up but can provide backup or standby power if your usual electricity supply fails, or provide temporary power during expansion or refurbishment works. Available for a variety of environments, our power generation equipment can be adapted to meet your needs and is available for short or long term hire. Complete power packages can be supplied if required, including secondary power distribution and transformers, bunded fuel tanks, drip trays, and cables.


Medical Equipment Rental Solutions

Powered Access Our powered access platforms provide a versatile environment for all your access requirements during cleaning, expansion and refurbishment works. The range of rental equipment includes scissor lifts (both electric and diesel), telescopic booms, articulated booms and electric booms. Our Genie/JLG machines feature the latest technologies in the market such as extra capacities and secondary protection.



Equipment Rental

Temporary Buildings Whether you have a small clinic, a large hospital, or need accommodation for hundreds of healthcare workers, we have a building solution and the experience to deliver to your exact requirements. Our portable accommodation consists of offices, medical centres, living accommodation, toilets, catering facilities, and much more. Our cabins come prefabricated or as flatpack units and are available in a wide range of modular sizes and styles enabling them to be linked end to end or side by side. Spacemaker (UAE) and Byrne Technical Services (KSA) Founded in the UAE in 1990 and since then has grown to become one of the highest quality modular building construction suppliers in the Middle East. Able to design and build state of the art buildings made solely from modular sections. These bespoke semi-permanent buildings can be used for clinics, hospitals and surgeries. Prefabricated modular sections are pre plumbed, pre-powered and pre-commissioned, ready for installation on site and are available with a high-end finish.


Medical Equipment Rental Solutions


Yas Petroleum

Fuel Management & Distribution Service Byrne Yas Petroleum provides a fuel management and distribution service across the UAE. We have a fleet of tankers which are constantly on the road making sure diesel is distributed to you when you need it. With delivery available 24/7, it’s a convenient way to obtain fuel to power your diesel driven equipment. Utilised in conjunction with our equipment rental services, we are able to offer a complete turnkey solution. We provide an easy convenient way to procure fuel to power your diesel driven equipment. - Competitive rates - Customised service based on your site / operation requirement - Diesel standard – diesel 10 ppm and biodiesel B5 & B20 - Sourced from reliable suppliers based in the UAE - Byrne owned fleet of tankers - Quality and quantity assured - Timely delivery with flexible hours of operation



Equipment Rental

Climate Control We offer a complete Our Climate Control solution for your business, with a diverse fleet of equipment including split and package air conditioning units, chillers, air handlers, cooling towers, dehumidifiers, heaters and ventilation equipment. Our division specialises in three main areas; Spot Cooling, Comfort Cooling and Process Cooling. In addition to our product range, our service offering includes free site survey, HVAC design, customized solutions, installation and commissioning, servicing, maintenances and health checks. Our fleet is equipped to serve the medical industry in the following capacities;

Hospitals & Clinics Comfort Cooling: This type of cooling system is similar to the systems we find in our residential houses & offices. The air-conditioning system is designed to provide a comfortable temperature for patients & medical professionals.

Labs & Research Facilities Precision Cooling: This type of cooling system is an air conditioner or cooling technique designed specifically for medical equipment, IT systems or electronics.


Medical Equipment Rental Solutions



Clemenceau Medicine’s rapid regional expansion required an accomplished, reliable partner and service. Working with Byrne Medical Equipment Rental has significantly satisfied our needs and operational efficiency by providing access to a wide range of modern medical equipment and specialist technical support in a cost efficient manner.” Chieft Operating Office Clemenceau Medical Center

” “

We at Quality Care Medical Centre were looking for a trusted, reliable, established partner and we have found this with Byrne Medical. We are very happy with the high quality of equipment they provide as well as the consistent high quality of service. It is a pleasure working with Byrne Medical and we would highly recommend them to any medical facility in the region” Clinic Manager Quality Care Medical Center

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