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The Byrne Group of today started with the formation of Byrne Equipment Rental in the early 1990s. Subsequent acquisitions of the Group by HSBC Private Equity in 2007 and by the Hanco Group in 2014 has allowed the business to grow rapidly over the years. Today Byrne is one of the largest and most diversified companies in the field of equipment rental solutions as well as the design and manufacturing of modular structures and services. The Group consists of the following companies: - - - - -

Byrne Equipment Rental Byrne Gulf Oilfield Rental Solutions Spacemaker (UAE) and Byrne Technical Services (KSA) Byrne Medical Equipment Rental Byrne Yas Petroleum

More recently the acquisition of the Byrne Group by the combination of Itqan Investments (UAE), V-Power (Hong Kong) and Citic Pacific (China) has opened up new opportunities to tap into new disciplines in the large scale power generation retail sector, and new geographies beyond its GCC wide footprint. As it stands today, the Group has 20 operational bases across UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain and a team of over 1,500 people offering high quality turnkey solutions to multiple sectors.


Byrne Group Overview


Company History


Byrne opens in: Doha, Qatar

Spacemaker acquired by: HSBC Private Equity



Byrne acquired by: HSBC Private Equity and merged Spacemaker into the Group






Byrne Equipment Rental established in: Dubai, UAE

Byrne opens in: Abu Dhabi, UAE Dammam, KSA

Spacemaker opens in: Sharjah, UAE

Byrne opens in: Jubail, KSA

Byrne Group Overview

For nearly 30 years, Byrne has grown from a small equipment rental and modular building provider, to become the leader in equipment rentals and manufacturing across the Middle East.

Byrne Group acquired by:

Byrne opens in: Muscat, Oman Yanbu, KSA Spacemaker opens in: Jubail, KSA

Byrne opens in: Jeddah, KSA

Byrne Technical Services (BTS) established in: KSA




Vpower Hong Kong Citic Pacific China Itqan Investments UAE





Byrne opens in: Riyadh, KSA

Byrne opens in: Fujairah, UAE

Spacemaker opens in: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Spacemaker and Byrne acquired by: Hanco

Byrne opens in: Manama, Bahrain Turaif, KSA Duqm, Oman Fahaheel, Kuwait Byrne Medical Equipment Rental established in Dubai, UAE



Commitment Service and Support The Byrne Group has differentiated itself through it’s commitment to the provision of high quality service, with dedicated 24/7 service response teams. Spread across the region are strategically positioned plant maintenance and service facilities to offer local support around the clock, driven by a proven operational excellence model. Our team of experienced professionals, backed by highly qualified technical teams handle requirements from inception to completion, ensuring all our clients expectations are met. Byrne deals with a wide range of equipment, therefore the skill set of our team members is essential in ensuring proper assessment, installation and commissioning. Providing on-going support to clients is our main priority.

Quality and Environmental Byrne Group is committed to securing and maintaining required ISO standards and accreditations across all of its companies with the implementation of ISO 9001:2015; ISO14001:2015. Our Oil & Gas fleet of products are DNV 2.7-1 certified and BSEN 12079 accredited.


Byrne Group Overview

Health and Safety We adopt a stringent approach to health and safety, ensuring our clients can expect a consistent level of safety awareness across the Byrne Group and the industry sectors we operate in.

Implementing the best safety systems

Recruiting competent and experienced people

Conducting the best HSE training

Maintaining the best preventative practices

Using the best performance monitoring systems

Implementing communication and reporting systems



Equipment Rental

Byrne Equipment Rental was founded in the UAE in the early 1990s and since then has grown to become one of the largest plant and equipment rental companies in the Middle East. With 20 operational bases, covering the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, we have a fleet of over 14,000 items of plant and a team of over 1,500 people. Byrne’s product range is built upon our successful ‘one stop shop’ model approach, satisfying all equipment rental requirements across multiple industries. Our rental fleet is constantly updated to carry the latest brands of equipment and technology, enabling operational efficiency through equipment rental solutions.


Power Generation

Temporary Buildings

Material Handling

Hoist & Access

Air & Steam

Mobile Lighting


Cargo Containers

Climate Control

Welding Equipment

Byrne Group Overview


Byrne Technical Services

Spacemaker (UAE) and Byrne Technical Services (KSA) were founded in the UAE in 1990. A turnkey solution provider, able to deliver prefabricated modular building solutions without having to rely on third party providers or sub-contractors, the business has grown to become one of the highest quality modular building construction suppliers in the Middle East. Engineering is provided by our in-house team and we thrive on providing solutions in complex scenarios. Whatever the project and however remote, we can provide design, manufacturing, logistics, installation and maintenance. Our internal quality procedures adhere to the highest standards in the industry - from detailed documentation of material procurement to thorough certified inspections. This internal process ensures that the highest quality of workmanship is met at all times.



Yas Petroleum

Founded in 2017 under the Byrne Group portfolio, Yas Petroleum provides a fuel management and distribution service across the UAE. We have a fleet of tankers which are constantly on the road making sure diesel is distributed to you on time, every time. With delivery available 24/7, we provide a convenient way to obtain fuel to power your diesel driven equipment. Utilised in conjunction with our equipment rental services, we are able to offer a complete turnkey solution.


Byrne Group Overview


Medical Equipment Rental

Byrne Group’s portfolio encompasses Byrne Medical Equipment Rental which is the only medical rental specialist in the Middle East. All members of our management team have a valuable wealth of medical expertise in medical technology, hospital management and the healthcare supply chain, which means we understand your business needs.

Own your equipment the easy way In todays rapidly changing healthcare market, having access to the latest medical technology is vital to the health of your patients and your business. Whether you are starting a new practice, upgrading or expanding your existing medical business, Byrne Medical is your partner to gain access to the medical equipment you want with payments you can afford.

We buy it for you If you consider buying new medical equipment, you can buy it by paying with your own cash, requesting longer payment terms from the supplier or by borrowing money from a bank to finance your purchase. With Byrne Medical Equipment there is now an easier way, tell us what you need and we will buy it for you.


Sectors Oil & Gas Byrne operates a specialist arm specifically providing efficient, innovative and cost effective equipment rental solutions to the downstream, midstream and upstream sectors of the O&G energy industry. We fully appreciate that equipment reliability and high levels of operational safety performance are critical to our customers’ success. We have an extensive fleet of equipment that is of the highest specification to industry recognised design, manufacture, safety and certification standards, including such standards as ATEX and DNV 2.7-1. Strategically Located Depots – Extensive offices, depot storage and workshop facilities located across the region. Specialist Teams – Our multi-disciplined, integrated team provides service excellence with an uncompromising focus on safety and quality. Operational Support – We provide equipment support for planned shutdowns, turnaround, routine maintenance, construction and emergency support activities. For planned work activities, Byrne can engage early on in the project planning process to help specify the equipment solutions for all concerned parties. Byrne can act as the single accountable ‘go to’ focal point for a complete site equipment rental needs, on behalf of the operator or for multiple contractors. We ensure the equipment is standardised, the correct specification, maintained, safe to use, issue to user controlled, the correct quantity is available to support multiple work campaign activities and is timeously available. Villages – Our temporary building project team can specify, design and set up your complete temporary building needs from offices and accommodation to kitchens, workshops and storage facilities -whether it be a full scale static, mobile main village or rig village.


Byrne Group Overview

Construction & Infrastructure We provide equipment to support any site from groundworks to completion. The growth of the construction industry in the Middle East has seen Byrne involved in some of the region’s most ambitious projects, including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Riyadh Metro and many more. We operate as suppliers of quality equipment serving many of the best-known names in the construction industry, with a range of plant and 24/7 back-up service that remains unmatched in the market. Our specialist project team can specify, design and set up a complete site infrastructure from offices, security cabins and ablution units to advising and supplying the right climate control, temporary power and fuel solution for your project. On-site Rental Depot - developed to suit any requirement. Byrne can provide a bespoke on-site rental depot to provide contractors with quick and easy access to rental equipment, thus increasing efficiency, productivity, site safety and decreasing delivery costs and CO2 emissions on live sites.

Events With the growth of the leisure, sport and tourism industries in the Middle East, the demand for customised events is greater than ever. We provide equipment rental solutions to both sport and entertainment events, including international golf tournaments, horse racing, tennis championships and motorsport, as well as music concerts, cultural festivals and exhibitions. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for events and set the standard for the variety, quality and delivery of temporary equipment to the industry. We supply: - - - - - - - -

Power Generation Hoist & Access Climate Control Temporary Buildings Sanitation Fencing & Barriers Catering Facilities Mobile Lighting


Sectors Marine & Ports With our established presence in the region, and the vision of innovation of our sister companies Spacemaker and Byrne Technical Services, we have incorporated offshore marine engineered modules into our portfolio to meet the requirement of internationally recognised marine specifications. Whether operating in ports and dry-dock facilities, or supplying export modular solutions to seagoing vessels, we will continue to become a leading provider in marine modular construction. This is down to our ability to meet the marine world’s diverse specifications as well as providing the essential service and support for typically more “complex” modular solutions. Our Engineering team can specify, design and set up your complete barge accommodation building needs from offices and accommodation to kitchens, workshops and storage facilities.

Manufacturing & Logistics Through our long association with the industry, we have become a key supplier of equipment and services to this vast sector in the Middle East. Providing process oriented support and logistics solutions, our rental equipment is suitable for factories and manufacturing units including food and beverage processing, bottling plants, paper and plastics factories, cement and steel works. In industries where continuous production or operation is the norm, we provide rental solutions for planned / unplanned shutdowns and emergency breakdowns. When owned equipment needs to be upgraded or maintained, utilising rental equipment minimises production loss and downtime. Our equipment can be used to maintain production if your compressors, steam boilers or generators need maintenance, repair or replacement.

Retail & Commercial We have a wide range of equipment to support the day to day running of your facility - whether that’s a hospital, supermarket, shopping mall or any other type of commercial property. Our vast range of electric access machines ensure overnight maintenance schedules are completed efficiently and kept on track, with minimal impact on your customers. In addition, we have a wide range of sanitation equipment, temporary building solutions, generators, mobile lighting and more. Our ‘one stop shop’ model ensures we are well equipped to service the Retail & Commercial sector.


Byrne Group Overview

Military & Defence Together with our sister companies, Spacemaker in the UAE and Byrne Technical Services in KSA, Byrne serves the military and defence sector through the design, fabrication and erection of remote camp sites throughout the MENA, CIA regions and Africa. Our services range from base village construction with quickly deployable modules, modular warehousing and even blast resistant modules which can be used for security and patrol checkpoints, accommodation, communal toilets and shower facilities. Our rapid deployment villages are purpose built to ensure easy transport and erection in the most remote of locations with minimal equipment requirements. Able to be deployed in just 20 minutes, the nonmechanical shelter systems are suitable for implementation in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or crisis, for example as a hospital or as an initial military village set up.

Medical Not only do we provide the option of leasing your medical equipment through our sister company, Byrne Medical Equipment Rental, but with the combination of products offered from both Byrne Equipment Rental and Spacemaker / Byrne Technical Services, we can offer the following: Life Support Units – Engineered by medical specialists, life support units are more than just a clinic - they are a vital component in all temporary accommodation establishments. Emergency Response – Able to be deployed in just 20 minutes, the non-mechanical shelter system is suitable for implementation in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or crisis as a hospital or as an initial military village set up. Power Generation – For remote locations or backup generators in times of a crisis.


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