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Jan 21, 2011 • The Bona Venture

Take responsibility to prevent break-ins

Part of the cause of recent break-ins in Bonaventure campus parking lots falls on multiple human faults. The idea of not touching or taking other people’s things should have been instilled in us in kindergarten at the impressionable age of 5. College students should be more than capable of Staff practicing the same ideals. Editorial Disrespect for personal belongings aside, the Jan. 18 Notice Board mentioned the Office of Safety and Security found no signs of forced entry into any of the vehicles and they reminded students to keep their doors locked. There is no reason to leave your doors unlocked on campus. Granted, we shouldn’t automatically assume our cars are going to be broken into, but Bonaventure has a history of car theft. If you leave anything valuable in your vehicle or want to keep your vehicle free from unwelcome entry, locking the doors is a simple, quick way to lower the risk of theft. Limiting the valuables that you keep in your vehicle will also help keep your belongings safe.

Route 219 should be four-lane highway

Sunday’s fatal car accident on U.S. Route 219 in Ellicottville, N.Y., which claimed the life of Joseph Faircloth, 53, a Bonaventure freshman’s father, is an extreme reminder of how badly a non-stop four-lane expressway from Buffalo to the Southern Tier is needed. Countless Bonaventure students have traveled the perilous winding road from Buffalo’s southern suburbs to Allegany throughout the years and have experienced its slick, icy conditions during the brutal western New York winters. The route is a four-lane expressway for roughly 29 miles from West Seneca to Ashford before changing to a standard two-lane road until it joins with Interstate 86 in Salamanca and reverts to four lanes. But the 25-mile, two-lane stretch from Ashford to Allegany can be quite treacherous and is notorious for accidents. There are few spots to comfortably pass cars, which is what the driver whose vehicle struck Faircloth’s was attempting to do, and there is no physical median separating traffic heading in each direction. A northbound vehicle, driven by Henrietta, N.Y. native Matthew Disch, slid on ice across the center

Route 219, currently a 25-mile, two-lane highway, offers drivers few opportunities to safely pass each other, especially in poor driving conditions.

Tyler Diedrich

line while attempting to pass another vehicle and collided with Faircloth’s southbound SUV head-on, according to Sunday. It was obviously a poor decision by Disch, especially given the unsafe driving conditions, but there should be a way to safely pass other cars on this road. It is the most direct route to the Southern Tier from many Buffalo-area points, and it can be incredibly frustrating to navigate through backwoods towns while stuck behind slow-moving traffic, notably oversized trucks and other commercial vehicles, which are basically forced to use the route and often hold up regular traffic. Although people probably shouldn’t be passing in such conditions, the fact of the matter is it’s legal, and people do it. A complete four-lane expressway would keep slower-moving vehicles out of the way, for the most part, and allow more efficient and timely travel for all Route-219 motorists. But most importantly, it would divide northbound and southbound lanes with some sort of median, significantly reducing the risk of head-on collisions. Current plans for Route 219 are to add on a short, four-lane stretch every few years until it reaches Salamanca. The most recent addition was a 4.2-mile extension from Springville to Ashford, completed in November, which took more than three years and $129 million to complete, according to a Nov. 20 story. Obviously, funding — especially considering New York State’s dysfunctional government— is a major hurdle to the extension’s progress, as is getting permission to build on the Seneca Reservation. Maybe this tragedy will give the powers-that-be in the Empire State some perspective. Instead of shelling out millions of dollars to build, say, baseball stadiums — Citi Field and Yankee Stadium — in New York City (according to an April 6, 2009 USA Today story) that were, quite frankly, unneeded, maybe the state can get its priorities straight and show how much it truly values motorists’ safety.

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EIC prepared for change Editor-in-chief ready to steer The BV toward a social media-filled future

Amanda Klein

“ ” “You know that newspapers are dying, right?” So says anyone I talk to about my major in journalism. I could argue how there's more to journalism than the newspaper industry, but the truth is, the news is still relevant whether it leaves your fingers black with ink or not. Anyone with television access can pick up the remote and tune in to a 24-hour news station or local news channel. Twitter is constantly updating with news stories from national and local papers. Even local news stations have Facebook accounts. The industry is rapidly evolving, and The Bona Venture is evolving

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with it. The new promotions department updates Facebook and Twitter with our weekly stories. We have a website,, that has content the print version may not carry, along with the opportunity for readers to discuss content. More importantly, The Bona Venture covers your Bonaventure community. Readers can count on the news, whether it's just who is speaking on campus this week or a scandal that rocks the university's foundation. The Bona Venture covers Bona's sports teams, editorials on national and local issues, and features on topics you care about. The Bona Venture will be there. It'll be in print; it'll be online. There will be information on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It may be a newspaper, but it's more than that. It's a changing entity. It's where you want to view it. It's online. It's in your various news feeds. It'll still be on newsstands throughout campus this semester. Newspapers are evolving, and The Bona Venture is following that same path. We're dedicated to changing the way we bring you the news, and we hope to see that change even more this semester. I'm ready to see these changes being made. I hope you are, too.

Amanda Klein is the editor-in-chief for The Bona Venture. Her e-mail is

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C M Y K Established in 1926 Call (716) 375-2227 or e-mail for information. Staff Editorial We want to know what’s on your m...

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C M Y K Established in 1926 Call (716) 375-2227 or e-mail for information. Staff Editorial We want to know what’s on your m...