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Authentic NFL jerseys can be hard to find. That's because there are tons of imitators and knock offs on the market today. The good news is that it is easy to spot the difference between an authentic NFL jersey and a knock off, before you shell out the cash and it's too late. Keep these ideas in mind when you're shopping for an NFL jersey to ensure that you end up with the real thing.

All authentic NFL jerseys are manufactured by Reebok. That's the bottom line, any other brand name claiming to have new authentic NFL jerseys is feeding you lies. Reebok has an exclusive license and they're the only legit source at this point in time. Reebook jerseys are not produced in China. Sometimes seeing "Made in China" is a scent of authenticity to certain products, because so much of our clothing is manufactured there. However, Reebok does not currently operate any production or manufacturing facilities in China. So keep an eye out for anything claiming to be "Reebok" but saying Made in China, because something is amiss. Reebook authentic NFL jerseys are produced in three quality and price tiers. The cheapest is the Replica jersey, which features screen printed numbers as opposed to stitched on numbers. The next tier up is the Premier Replica jersey. These will feature stitched on numbers, however the numbers will only consist of one layer of fabric. The upper echelon of authentic NFL jerseys is the Reebok Authentic NFL Jersey. Here, the stitched on numbers will feature multiple layers of different colors. There are other differences between the jerseys besides these differences between the numbers, but this is the easiest way to tell them all apart.

Finally, you should keep in mind that bargains that seem too good to be true usually are. There are plenty of great deals on NFL jerseys to be found, and you can find plenty of cheap options. However, something that is absurdly priced is probably priced that way for a reason. You won't find a new authentic NFL jersey for $20. But you may be able to find replica jerseys in that price range. Just use your common sense and try to sniff out things that are just a little bit too good sounding.

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==== ==== Why pay for your favorite NFL jersey when you can easily score one for FREE! Click the link and check it out now... ==== ====

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