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Metro Fitness is more than just a gym


s January comes to a close, many of us evaluate the resolutions we made at the beginning of the month. Losing weight is the number one resolution of Americans at the start of each new year. It also tends to be the first resolution that gets abandoned. When you join Metro Fitness, you’re not just joining a gym. You’re joining a team of the best trained and highest certified personal

trainers. As well as being certified in one of the industry’s top four accreditation programs, our trainers possess a minimum of a 4 year degree in an Exercise Science related field. Holding our trainers to these standards allows Metro Fitness to deliver a consistently safe and effective programming regimen for our clients that is tailored to their specific needs and abilities. We have held to this standard for over 20 years at our Downtown location on Salina Street. Our health club was first established exclusively as a Personal Training Studio. Over the course of 20 years we have evolved into a more “hybrid-boutique” fitness facility, offering a wide variety of wellness services to complement the one-on-one personal training experience. We developed a corporate fitness program that we implement with many local CNY businesses. We grew a small-group training program making the personal training experience more accessible to the Downtown community. And we continue to grow and change our group fitness classes to keep up with new research and fitness programming methods. Last year we were very excited to bring our variety and expertise to the Fayetteville/ DeWitt area. In the very beginning of 2016, Metro Fitness assumed control of the health club across from Wegmans on East Genesee Street. Those who have been local to the area for some time may remember this club by the name of Track & Racket or Fitness Forum. Both companies held a high level of prestige in the local fitness community. We are proud of the success and excited by the growth we


RANDY SABOURIN, TEAM LEADER saw in 2016 with our first expansion. Our plan for this new year is to continue that success by strengthening our membership programs to include more education and additional resources to make your new healthy choices a more sustainable lifestyle. The value of our services lies in the individual attention we can give to each and every one of our member’s specific goals and needs. As we change and grow moving forward in 2017, we realize a “membership” is the least that we can offer. Those memberships are abandoned with your resolutions as Januarys draw to a close. We don’t sell access to a gym; we sell access to knowledge. We sell access to education and programs that produce sustainable results. At Metro Fitness, we have the solution to your fitness and nutritional obstacle whether it’s to lose weight, break through a plateau, recover from injury or illness, or improve for a specific sport or event. We are so grateful and appreciative of the relationships we have with our current successful clients and we look forward to expanding our reach and helping others in our community become their best self in the new year!


2017 Lookahead/Presidents' Forecast Messages


2017 Lookahead/Presidents' Forecast Messages