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Sharing dance news, events and opportunities from across the globe.


Tons of summer fun with Brilliant Theatre Arts


Feel fabulous, get active and tone up for summer with Popdance


Thinking about doing a yoga class? YogiBird shows us some poses 8 How to quit those bad habits with Bridgette Mansfield


Online dance, fitness and yoga for you to enjoy


Release your inner showgirl with Panache Dance Fitness


10 things about dance that make us smile


Need help letting customers know what you offer - check out The Brandit 18


An interview with the amazing Arlene Phillips


Looking for a job in the dance world?


Dance News Round Up


A huge welcome to the second edition of Dance News Worldwide Magazine!

Bringing you the latest in dance, fitness and wellbeing from around the globe.

This month we have an array of dance and fitness genres to choose from - from Panache Dance Fitness to Brilliant Theatre Arts. From Hypnotherapy to Jobs and Classes. We all know that being active is amazing for both physical and mental health - so let’s get to it.

career and to see what she’s working on right now. So, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy - and please do share the link with friends, family and colleagues to register to get Dance News Worldwide Magazine free into your inbox every month. Just click on the register image on this page. Enjoy,

Plus, we caught up with the amazing Arlene Phillips to find out more about her incredible

The Dance News Worldwide Team

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Brilliant Theatre Arts are incredibly pleased to announce that this year’s Summer In-tent-sive project will be back and bigger than ever in 2021! Working under our EVEN BIGGER purple big top tent, Brilliant will produce two separate performance projects – a celebration of West End and Broadway Musical Theatre AND a promenade performance of Shakespeare’s hilarious play, As you Like It. Aimed at passionate young performers aged 7 – 21, this project will be an intensive workshop experience, with participants spending every day in our open-air, big top tent to create some truly special pieces of performance, before performing to a live audience. Over the course of each week, they will work with our professional Creative Team, focusing on improving performance skills, making new friends and creating fun-filled pieces of theatre . And this year, for the first time ever, we invite all participants and their families to a picnic celebration after each performance to recognize all our performers hard work during the project! WEEK ONE: West End and Broadway Musicals Week (3rd – 7th August) In this celebration of the globe’s best musical theatre, participants will work on a variety of numbers and scenes from some of our favourite shows around, including Beetlejuice, Heathers, SIX, Matilda, Hamilton, Mary Poppins and more! There really will be something for everyone in this thrilling week exploring acting through song, ensemble work and solo opportunities. Get back on stage and doing what you love in this exciting week of Brilliant musical theatre. Plus you will get to perform with a LIVE band!


WEEK TWO: Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It (10th – 14th August) Week Two sees us exploring the world of Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy of mistaken identity As You Like It, and creating an exciting promenade performance for our audience. Participants will work intensively on the text, developing their understanding, performance skills and knowledge. Brilliant make exploring Shakespeare’s works fun, engaging and unique, and we can’t wait to bring this hilarious comedy play to life! What are you waiting for? Get back to doing what you love this summer and join Brilliant for our Summer In-tent-sive! The stage is waiting... Book now and for more details go to www.brillianttheatrearts.co.uk/events Brilliant Theatre Arts also offer weekly sessions in locations around Hertfordshire (offering small sized groups for detailed training). Thursday evenings 6pm onwards in St Albans, Hertfordshire Friday evenings 6pm onwards in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire Call 07535904101 or email hello@brillianttheatrearts.co.uk Feel free to check us out at brillianttheatrearts.co.uk


Want to feel fabulous, get active and tone up for the summer? Don’t have much time to fit activity into your day? Not sure if it will make a difference? Want the feel-good factor every day? It’s easy peasey! Get a 15 minute Popdance Fit Dance Workout absolutely FREE. Just click on the link here, submit your details and we will send you a Popdance Fit 15 minute dance workout that you can do whenever it suits you. It could be that it’s your start to the day, with the feel good Pop music and our fantastic Popdance Teachers, it could be just what you need every morning. Or, it could be your mid morning or lunchtime 15 minute dance workout Or something you do in the evening, so you can have your tea guilt free! Whatever suits you - as it’s just 15 minutes, it’s super simple to fit into your day. And, if you like the session, you can get 14 more on-demand Popdance Fit workouts for just £17. Dance with Kerry by the pool in Cyprus, get boogieing with Emma and her crocodile in Scotland, or get your groove on with Shauna in Dublin. We’ve got Popdance


Teachers across the globe bringing you the best fun dance workouts ever. Get your FREE 15 minute Popdance Fit Dance Workout here Or if you fancy offline classes, or a Popdance party, workshop or after school club - then find out more via our website here

Our founder, Sue Wybrow, has lived in St Albans for 25 years - and it’s been amazing working with the team to connect with dance teachers across the world to bring all sorts of dance and fitness to the forefront of people’s health and wellbeing. If you are a dance teacher in St Albans or know of dance teachers anywhere in the world,, do get in touch to find out more about opportunities of working together, in all genres of dance and fitness. Get in touch here


Thinking about your first yoga class? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In the launch issue of Dance News Worldwide I gave you a whistle stop tour of yoga. We looked at several types of yoga, discussed some of the health benefits of practicing as well as a brief history of yoga and why it’s become so popular. But for some of us, taking that very first step onto a yoga mat can be incredibly nerve wracking. The fear of the unknown, self-doubt and worrying about not being ‘flexible’ can often be enough to prevent us from trying a yoga class. With so many different styles of yoga it is of no surprise it might be a little daunting. Plus, thrown into the mix are the vast number of different poses and their names, which are sometimes spoken in Sankrit (an ancient Indic language). As a yoga newbie it can be overwhelming, but its ok, we are always learning. That’s why we call it yoga practice. So, in this article we look at just 6 basic asanas (asana is Sankrit for a physical posture) that you may be doing in your first yoga class – the ones I like to think of as the building blocks of yoga poses. Mountain Pose – Tadasana You would be forgiven for thinking I’m not doing very much here… But Mountain pose is a foundational pose for standing poses and often used to prepare for others. It’s a great way of checking in with your body and helps improve posture as well as establish good alignment.


Cat-Cow – Marjariasana-Bitilisana Often used as a gentle warmup sequence. This is a fluid movement of one pose to the other, whilst inhaling on each Cow posture and exhaling on each Cat posture. The synchronised movements with the breath stretch the front and back of the body, encourage spine flexibility and help you relax.

Childs Pose – Balasana A wonderfully restorative pose, often referred to as your resting pose. It also gently stretches the hips and

thighs, calms the brain and can help relieve back pain.

Downward-Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Shvanasana Probably the pose most of us are familiar with, or at least have heard of – great for strengthening the arms, shoulders and back as well as stretching all the way through the back of the body, including the hamstrings and calves. One of my favourites for ironing out all the kinks. No wonder my dogs do this first thing in the morning. It feels so good!

Tree Pose Vrksasana Possibly the pose that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga poses. A standing balance, with many variations. Great for posture and establishing strength and balance.

Corpse Pose – Savasana Is said to be one of the most difficult of poses as it requires us to completely surrender into the pose. A time for complete relaxation. Classes usually end with this pose. It is also when our bodies start to reap the benefits of all the work we have been doing throughout the class - known as the re-bound effect. A quiet word here Don’t be tempted to skip this. Some of us find it difficult to switch off but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. A time to disconnect from the busy mind – complete bliss.

So, whether you feel you are young, old, overweight, fit, or simply curious, there are many benefits to be had by practicing yoga. Please never feel intimidated by swanky studios and fancy yoga talk (that might not be the right class for you anyway!). You can always email or call the teacher in advance to get a feel for their style of teaching and ask any questions. I passionately believe yoga is for everyone and every body. So maybe it’s time to find your yoga. See you on the mat? If you would like to learn more or book a class with me, you can get in touch here www.yogibird.co.uk I’m happy to chat all things yoga. �

And now the boring but important bit... This article is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or replace your healthcare professional. Your health is super important, and it is your responsibility to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program, including yoga.


How to quit those bad habits - If you want to stop smoking or know someone who does... read on! Firstly, why do you want to stop? We all have different reasons! Are you fed up with stinking like an ashtray? Are you afraid of an extra risk of cancer? Do you want to improve your health / breathe easier? Are you embarrassed about having stinky breath? Are friends and family nagging you? Are you worried about

aging prematurely? Is it inconvenient standing out in the cold and rain? Do you feel controlled by cigarettes?

If you have tried to stop before, do you know why it didn’t work? Was your will power not strong enough? Peer pressure? Were you stressed? Angry? Fed up? Did alcohol play a part? Are you making excuses?

Are you scared to stop? Most people are afraid to stop smoking – what if you fail? What if you succeed? These fears cause you to sabotage any attempt to stop. Do you worry about what you will do with your hands? What if I get stuck in a traffic jam, what will I do if I don’t smoke? How will I deal with stress? How will it change me?


It’s what I have always done? You can overcome these fears if you understand them – you will find a way to work it out.

you (but of course it might be as hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates in stopping smoking!).

If what you are doing isn’t working, then do something else! For example, if taking nicotine doesn’t help you to stop smoking, taking nicotine some other way isn’t likely to help you stop smoking either. The physical habit of smoking will not be replaced by a nicotine substitute. Choose the right hypnotherapist for you There are many people out there promising they can stop you smoking. The only person who can stop you smoking is YOU. A therapist can HELP you to stop smoking. When choosing the right therapist for you, check their qualifications. So if you would like help to stop smoking, give me a call on 07932 084321 for a no obligation chat or email me Bridgette@123relax.co.uk

What is the best method for me to stop smoking? We are all different and so certain methods will be successful for some and not for others. So, if your friend stopped by using the conscious act of willpower, this does not necessarily mean it will work for you or if you know someone who succeeded with hypnotherapy, that doesn’t necessarily signify it is the right therapy for

I also help people to lose weight, overcome fears / phobias / anxiety / stress / insomnia/ lack of confidence and most emotional issues, I also teach hypnobirthing antenatal classes.

Bridgette Mansfield Hypnotherapy www.123relax.co.uk 07932 084321


Online dance, fitness and yoga for you to enjoy Mondays

adults - find out more and book here

11am - midday (GMT) - Popdance Seniors with Kerry - aimed at the over 50s, but everyone welcome. Popdance Seniors is based on low impact, fun dance moves to pop music from the 80s, 90s and current tracks - find out more and book here

4.30-5.15pm (GMT) - Dinky Dancers with Debbie - for ages 4-5 years includes Popdance Kids routines in this lesson - find out more and book here

6pm (GMT) Panache “Rehearsals” classes using zoom - contact the “Box Office” at Panache Dance Fitness, quot eDance News Worldwide Magazine to claim your first class FREE panachedancefitness@hotmail.com 7.30pm (GMT) - FREE Bachata Solo Class with Havana People Salsa find out more and book here Tuesdays 7.30am - 8.00am (GMT) - Stretch Class with Lianne - a class for adults of all abilities to stretch and mobilise your body and improve your overall flexibility. Relieve tension, lengthen muscles and enjoy moving. A lovely way to wake up - find out more and book here Wednesdays 3-4pm (GMT) - Beyond Basics Ballroom & Latin with Debbie - for 12

5.25-6.10pm (GMT) - Mini Moovers with Debbie - for ages 6-8 years includes Popdance Kids routines in this lesson - find out more and book here 6pm (GMT) Panache “Rehearsals” classes using zoom - contact the “Box Office” at Panache Dance Fitness, quot eDance News Worldwide Magazine to claim your first class FREE panachedancefitness@hotmail.com 7,30-8.30pm (GMT) - Intermediate Ballroom & Latin with Debbie - for adults - find out more and book here 7.30pm (GMT) - FREE Salsa Class with Havana People Salsa - find out more and book here Thursdays 7.15am-8am (GMT) - Ballet Barre with Lianne - a ballet inspired full body workout, combining elements of dance, yoga, strength training and pilates. For adults of all abilities - find out more and book here

2-2.30pm (GMT) - Popdance Kids with Megan - for aged 5+, the class is all about learning fun dance routines to their favourite pop tracks - for all abilities - find out more and book here 6-7pm (GMT) - Sun Power Yoga with Paula - a blend of 4 traditional styles of yoga. Sun salutations and a flowing sequence of postures moving with the breath - great for adult beginners and intermediates find out more and book here Fridays 9.30-10.15am (GMT) - Ballet Bums with Lianne - the first HIIT ballet workout of it’s kind - cardio based ballet workout to upbeat music, great fun. No ballet experience required - all adults of all abilities welcome - find out more and book here 10.30-11.30am (GMT) - Popdance Fit with Lianne - a fun fitness dance class for adults - back to back, simple, fun dance routines to pop music that you love from the 80s, 90s and current day. Great cardio workout that you can take at your own pace - find out more and book here 4.30-5pm (GMT) - Groovy Kids Music and Dance with Debbie - for ages 8-12 years, includes Popdance Kids routines in this lesson - find out more and book here Saturdays 9-9.30am (GMT) - Popdance Kids and Tots with Megan - suitable for

some of our younger Popdancers. Learn fun dance routines to pop music that they love - find out more and book here 10.30-11.00am (GMT) - Teeny Boppers with Debbie - for ages 2-3 years Popdance Tots routines included in this lesson - find out more and book here 11.15am - 11.45am – Popdance Fit with Emma Class 8th & 15th May 2021. A fun fitness dance class for adults. Great cardio workout that you can take at your own pace. All abilities welcome. Book here 11.15am-12 noon (GMT) - Dinky Dancers with Debbie - for ages 4-5 years - Popdance Tots included in this lesson - find out more and book here If you’d like to feature your online, offline or hybrid classes or events here - get in touch at hello@ dancenewsworldwide.com or book here

If you are looking for work in the dance, fitness or wellbeing industry, or have a vacancy to offer, get in touch with us at hello@dancenewsworldwide.com to feature in the magazine 13

Welcome to the world of Panache Dance Fitness, come and step into the spotlight and release your inner showgirl This new and exciting dance fitness concept was created during the Pandemic by Barry Kinder, a trained professional dancer who after traveling the world performing turned his passion of dance, exercise and musicals into something he felt was missing from the fitness industry.

He wanted to help people not only improve fitness levels but also wanted to learn to dance and/or go back to their roots of dancing. Referring the class as a ‘Rehearsal’ and the participants as “Cast Members’. Panache Dance Fitness is a Showbiz style full body workout that features iconic soundtracks from both Stage & Screen. With easy to follow choreography and uplifting music this concept has been really popular online and has already reached various countries around the world, also been showcased at big fitness conventions.

Lockdown was an ideal opportunity to dedicate time to write the program, trademark and get it endorsed by a governing fitness body EMDUK. The training can be achieved by using various platforms , live face to face, online training and most recently an OnDemand system. Fully certified dance captains receive marketing help, graphics, support, a catalogue of choreography to choose from and much more. Message the box office for more information panachedancefitness@hotmail.com

Up to 50% bursary may be available through EMDUK. The Masterclass is just £175 for full training and assessment - contact us for more information panachedancefitness@hotmail.com


More information on the training and the benefits of becoming an instructor (Dance Captain) can be seen at www.panachedancefitness.com Or find your nearest “rehearsal” class or on demand here Panache Dance Fitness promotional video Social Media Facebook - Panache Dance Fitness Instagram - panache_dance_fitness Come and join the team and get ready to deliver your own unique rehearsal to your cast members.

Find a rehearsal near you and join in the fun, or join in a virtual class from the comfort of your own home


10 Things About Dance That Make Us Smile! 1. Number 1 has to be the music when Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go comes on – you’ve just gotta dance to it 2. The fact that dance will never date, be boring or run out of moves! 3. The fact that everyone can dance! Even if they say they have two left feet – everyone has their own way of dancing. 4. It’s fun – it makes us happy and makes us feel good. 5. The fact we’ve made so many new friends through dance – it’s a very sociable experience. 6. Being in a dance studio – we just want to run across the sprung floor and do a “fame leap” mid air. 7. It’s me time! Forget the phone, the kids tea and work – it’s just about me, the music and dancing! 8. The fact that dancing is good for us – being active, exercising and it’s such a fun way to do it. 9. Re-living our youth – dancing to tracks from the 80s, 90s and 00s – blasts from the past put a big smile on our face. 10. We just love to dance – even though I am not a “dancer” – I feel like I am! 11. Snuck an 11th in here – try a little dance move now – classics that spring to mind are “Gangnam Style”, Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now, or how about a moonwalk – go on – we know you are contemplating it!


Get yourself down to your nearest dance class or if you are a dance teacher and you’d like to include Popdance classes, parties and workshops in what you do – then find out more here What makes you smile about dance? email us at hello@dancenewsworldwide.com


The Brandit Logos, branding, concepts, communication, first impressions, relationships, feelings, memorable, stand out, understanding, journeys, pain solving, results, sales, service. Just a few of the things that The Brandit brings to customers and their customers.

No jargon No fuss Simple, effective design helping you to deliver the best product or service you possibly can.



Businesses COMMUNITY



U G E9

1 A L B AN N S 20

Let’s have a chat www.thebrandit.co.uk


An interview with Arlene Phillips CBE Sue Wybrow, from Popdance World and Dance News Worldwide caught up with the amazing Arlene Phillips, CBE to talk about her incredible career, how they first met and what Arlene’s up to at the moment. Never a dull moment with this amazing lady. Hi Arlene, it’s so lovely to chat with you - can you believe that it’s been around 10 years since we first met at Pineapple Studios in Langley Street, London? You were auditioning in the next studio to us when we were working with some new Popdance Teachers. I feel like I’m forever auditioning in Pineapple and suddenly the pandemic stopped all of that. Luckily I went back and began auditioning again and I’m feeling positive about the future. I was delighted to meet you and so intrigued by Popdance with a method of teaching where everyone can become a dancer. And it’s been 7 years since we “Danced My Street” for Alzheimer’s Society. It was great fun making the launch video and seeing the videos that came in with donations going to the charity.

I had no idea I would have a career as a choreographer. I only wanted to dance and became a teacher. Eventually my career turned to me becoming a choreographer when I took the best students from the class I was teaching, created a dance group called Hot Gossip, which became a revolution in TV dance because they were so different, and sexy, and there was an uproar that made the front page of all the newspapers… and my new career was born! What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far? Perhaps some of your favourite moments?

I have many highlights in my career – my first ever musical was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, to working with stars like Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, Freddie Mercury and Elton John. But also creating a contemporary dance piece for the brilliant Alzheimer’s Society is a cause very close Ed Watson from the Royal Ballet company. to my heart and I am proud to be an More recently one of my dream jobs, an ambassador for the charity. Working immersive production of A Midsummer together with you on the project was such Night’s Dream at Bridge Theatre where the fun and of course the realisation that dance whole audience could join hands together can help and support charity which we and be a part of the magic. need more than ever right now. I can’t wait for our next one together. And you are also an author - can you tell us a bit more about “Alana Dancing Star”? You’ve led such an amazing career in the dance world, did you always know you I love writing this series of children’s books, would make a career doing what you loved? named after my eldest daughter. In each


book Alana travels in a dream to each country where the genres of dance came from, like Vienna for the Viennese Waltz, Los Angeles for Hip Hop, Brazil for the Samba, and lots more. Do you have a favourite style of dance, or a favourite routine that you love to do? Do you still dance on a regular basis? My favourite style of dance is contemporary dance. Prior to the pandemic I think Sadlers Wells Theatre in London felt like my home. They always have such an incredible programme. I dance when I choreograph but I don’t dance at weddings, when everyone expects me to jump up and do pirouettes! What’s next on the horizon for Arlene Phillips? I’m thrilled to say that the future is looking really bright and sunny. As a a director, I’m working on a concert production of Hair the musical which will show for one night only at the London Palladium on 13th June and Southamptom Mayflower on 27th June. Then in April next year I’m directing a

new version of the Broadway production of The Cher Show. I’m choreographing a new production of Grease which is going on tour around the UK, opening in Leicester at the end of July. Then I’m straight on to the Tom Jones musical What’s New Pussycat, opening at Birmingham REP mid October. What piece of advice would you give to all the amazing dancers out there, whether they are teachers or participants? Anyone who is involved in dance, either teaching or those who see it as their future, have to be passionate about it. Dance isn’t an easy career so you have to know you cannot live without it. As a wonderful example, what you have created shows your belief in dance for all and you have put your heart and soul into it. You are the absolute proof of what is necessary to succeed.

Keep up to date with Arlene on instagram here Or visit her website here


JOBS Did you know that it’s completely and utterly FREE to list any job vacancies you have, or to list a job that you are looking for - simply email hello@ dancenewsworldwide.com This month’s job opportunities: Clacton, Essex, UK - ISTD Dance Teacher PositionMondays 3.45-8.30pmFor more information, please send your CV to Claire at JA Performing Arts admin@japerform.com North East, UK, Wallsend - teacher required Saturdays 9am - 2pm, Freestyle, Disco and Cheerleading, Sundays Cheerleading - amanda@ amandanicole.co.uk Ashton Under Lyne, UK - dance teacher needed for Saturdays (with possible weekday work available also) - start ASAP danceacademy@hotmail.co.uk


International dance business, Popdance World, are recruiting! If you are a qualified and experience dance teacher you can: Register your details completely free for paid work opportunities, such as parties, workshops, classes, hen parties here Or you can take a look at becoming a Popdance Partner and adding Popdance to your current offering. Popdance will provide you with everything you need, including help and support, and they will also help you to promote any genres of dance and fitness that you offer find out more here




ROUND UP The Dance News Round Up section of the magazine is an opportunity to share what you have to offer whether it’s: • • • • • • • •


an event you are running new classes or workshops you are launching a vacancy you have a job you are looking for a show you are putting on dance wear or products news that you want to share tips or advice

Let’s share with the world what’s on offer and get people active and feeling amazing! Find out more on how to feature here

Meanwhile, here’s the June News Round Up: Offline Dance - Scotland, UK - Book a trial class with Emma Louise Dance Club. Summer term starts May 2021 - find out more here Online Dance - Worldwide - Live STRONG with Citrine - Nicole Ricardo: mental health & fitness: fun, music based movement and the mindset to match! - find out more here Promote your dance, fitness and wellbeing business - feature in Dance News Worldwide Magazine or on the Dance News Worldwide website - let’s share with the world what you have to offer - find out more here 7th June - An Evening With Arlene Phillips at the Duchess Theatre in London find out more here

Would you like help and support with promoting your dance school as well as additional income with things like parties and workshops? Find out how working with Popdance will benefit your business Do you have news, events, workshops, products and services to share - book to feature in next months Dance News Round Up, or in the magazine or on the website and let’s tell the world what you have to offer Do you have a story to tell, perhaps how you’ve benefited from dance in terms of physically or mentally, or perhaps one of your students has really surprised you, or risen to a challenge? We want to share your stories of how dance, fitness and wellbeing really does work - get in touch at hello@dancenewsworldwide.com


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