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Volume: 1 Edition 7 | Thursday, 26 September 2013

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Ford prepares for Dakar 2014 - Page 13

Kruger advances information technology

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Mr William Mabasa together with Mr Phillip Fourie, Mr Wally Tollemache (GM: Anglo American’s Zibulo Colliery) and Ms Lucy Nhlapo unveil the TV screens at the Paul Kruger gate reception.

Information dissemination to vis- ers, this new information service in contributing and adding to con- staff or contacting the relevant itors in the Kruger National Park will provide visitors with content servation and tourism initiatives. park officials for more infor“The expectations from the pub- mation;” concluded Mabasa. (KNP) is about to get a whole lot such as updates on developments Philip Fourie commented: “We better as a result of Anglo Ameri- in the park, a reminder of the park lic are changing and amongst othcan’s generous donation of 27 flat rules and regulations, emergen- ers, they are looking for speedy see the handover of the screens television screens to the Park. The cies such as road closures, events access to information. As a re- and the signing of a memorantelevisions were handed over by and campaigns, scientific research, sult, we are looking to introduce dum of understanding as the bePhillip Fourie, head of safety and rare animal sightings and more. the kind of communication and ginning of co-operation between sustainable development for Anglo The screens have been installed marketing tool which affords us the two organisations – for the American’s thermal coal business and are already in use at the Paul the opportunity to communicate benefit of the country. Anglo to the General Manager Commu- Kruger gate and camp receptions. in an interactive manner with our American believes that the imnications and Marketing, William With the use of information com- tourists”, said William Mabasa. pact of mining should be positive “Like broadcast media, these and to the benefit of South Africa, Mabasa of the KNP last week. munication driven technology fast The idea is for the KNP to pass spreading in almost all spheres of TV screens will permit us to dis- its people and the environment. We look forward to a long and on information to visitors at a human, social and economic en- seminate information almost inpartnership with much faster rate than in the past deavours, Anglo American came stantly and thereby allow tour- successful by making use of text, images, on board after indicating to the ists to respond, by either making the Kruger National Park”. audio and video. Amongst oth- KNP management their interest follow-ups with our front office

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From the desk of the Editor

I came across this a while back and thought that I would share my favourite ones with you… Enjoy the Bushveld Times’ 7th Edition! Often those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it

the most. Money is not the root of all evil, fear is. The secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself. Happiness is not based on external status, it is an internal state. Coming is going, going is coming. Spend time alone with yourself every day. Always go with yourself, never against yourself. Music is one of the most supreme expressions of life. It is art in its most transitory form. It is gone within an instant, and therefore, extremely precious. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost special people in their lives recently...

Clamp-down on illegitimate rhino projects The Department of Environmental Affairs has called on Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), businesses and individuals involved in fighting rhino poaching to register with the Department by September 30. “This is part of an initiative to rid the sector of illegitimate and ill-intended operations and to ensure greater legitimacy of organisations and individuals involved in projects aimed at addressing rhino poaching in South Africa”, the Department said in a statement. The aims of the registration process include - ridding the industry of illegitimate operations and ensuring that funding is channelled to the relevant, identified projects; establishing a register of rhino projects, including but not limited to fundraising, antipoaching, safety and security, support


and conservation initiatives; confirming the registration of rhino-related NPOs with the Department of Social Development; and identifying priority areas that require additional assistance. The Department has also announced plans to establish a National Rhino Fund to co-ordinate the financing of anti-poaching initiatives. The establishment of the fund and database are among the recommendations being implemented following the adoption of the Rhino Issue Management report by Cabinet earlier this year. All NPOs, NGOs, organisations and individuals involved in raising awareness or funding to address rhino poaching are requested to contact Olga Kumalo through e-mail - Tourism Update - www.

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Dear Edito

Thursday, 26 September 2013 The Bushveld Times

The Consumer Protection Act The demise of “SQ” on menu’s?

Continuing on with the Consumer Protection theme from previous editions of the Bushveld Times, I thought I would cover a lesser known section of the Act and Regulations that deals with the consumer’s right to disclosure and information when it comes to the price of goods and services. Section 23 of the Consumer Protection Act, which deals with the disclosure of price of goods or services, will certainly impact many sectors of our economy more especially the retail and hospitality industries. Essentially this provision requires that a retailer must not display any goods or services for sale without displaying to the consumer a price in relation to those goods or services. This may be done in vari-

ous ways but must be displayed in such a manner that it may reasonably be inferred that the price represented is the price applicable to the goods or services in question. For example, a retailer may not exhibit any goods for sale without first displaying a price in relation to those goods or services. The only exception to this is when the goods and or services are displayed predominantly in the form of an advertisement. A further interesting point is that a supplier cannot require a consumer to pay a price for any goods or service higher than the displayed price and, if more than one price is displayed, higher than the lower or lowest of the prices displayed. However, just in case someone is tempted, it should be noted that a supplier is not bound by a price displayed for any goods or services if an unauthorised person has altered, defaced, covered, removed or obscured the price displayed or authorised by the supplier. As far as the hospitality industry is concerned and the restaurant trade

in particular, it will in all probability spell the demise of “SQ” (subject to quotation) menu items. It will also be interesting to see how this section would apply to pubs and bars. It appears to me that all pubs and bars would be required to either price the bottles on the shelves, which is not particularly practical, or provide some sort of wine and beverage list covering all of the products on sale. Whereas this is common practise in most hotels and restaurants, it may not be the case in all pubs and bars. Either way, it is clear that the consumer has the right to see or be made aware of the price irrespective of the nature of the product or service. It should be noted that the views expressed above are solely those of the author and that they should not be acted upon or implemented in isolation and must be read in conjunction with the actual provision of either the Act and or Regulation to which it applies. Peter Cumberlege

New plane to support Kruger anti-poaching

Rhinos in the Kruger Park are the they were able to obtain a plane light victims of an escalating poaching war and strong enough to meet their needs. in which official statistics say more “We initially used a 4-cylinder Bantam than 360 have been killed this year light aircraft, which we traded up for alone. Aerial surveillance is one of the a 6-cylinder Bantam,” Whitfield exmost effective tools game rangers have plains. “Rangers must be able to spot against the poachers – thanks to a light carcasses and pin down the culprits aircraft funded by Vox Telecom and quickly to effectively combat poaching other donors. The Kruger National Park as they tend to concentrate on one area is home to between 9,000 and 12,000 at a time, often killing several rhino white rhinos – more than 60% of South during a single incursion into the park. Africa’s entire white rhino populaUnfortunately, the Park lost their tion – as well as between 580 and 650 Bantam aircraft last year when it was of the highly endangered black rhino destroyed in an accident. The Park species. Roughly 5,5% of the Park’s desperately needed a replacement, rhino population is lost until 2005 that and hoped to purchase a Bathawk – a every year due to poaching – about 2 per day – and more than 70% of the rhinos poached in South Africa every year are killed in the Park itself. “The Kruger National Park covers an area of almost 19,633 square kilometres – that’s roughly the size of Israel,” notes Bryn Pyne-James, senior general manager for SANParks fundraising. “Protecting an area that large against poachers with ground-based vehicles alone is impossible, but with air support we have a chance.” Efforts to bring aerial support to the Kruger National Park stems back to 1980s, said ranger Steven Whitfield, but it wasn’t

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plane similar to the Bantam, but produced locally. A chance encounter between Vox Telecom CEO Jacques du Toit and Senior General Manager of San Parks Fundraising, Bryn PyneJames, quickly led to Vox’s decision to make up the shortfall needed to purchase the plane, and cover its operating costs. “Conserving our natural environment is one of the core aims of our corporate social investment programme, and this was one of the most rewarding investments we could make,” says Vox Telecom Head of Marketing Clayton Timcke. “This is providing the real, practical support the park needs to protect its rhino.” According to Timcke, the Bathawk will not be their only contribution to the conservation effort. “One of our goals is also to ensure connectivity for both tourists and rangers in the Park. We are actively engaged with SANParks to make this goal a reality. ”Pyne-James says the park is raising funds to buy at least four more Bathawks so that rangers can cover the area more effectively. “We need to put the most effective tools into our rangers’ toolbox, and the aircraft have proven to be one of the best tools we have.” Courtesy of SA - the Good News - WHO ARE WE?

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country’s 24 poorest district municipal areas and Msinga has been Weekly Poll Results identified as one of the areas that into some of the state-owned farms has been most affected by soil eroSmoking in public places, do you in order to enable them to expand sion. support? their farming operations. Speaking Twenty-seven young people from on behalf of the Gunjana livestock the local community, who received farmers during the launch, Mkak- training on disaster management, eni Mchunu from Msinga village have been deployed as part of the welcomed the introduction of the environmental rehabilitation of programme in their village. “We the 42.5 hectares of land where the have livestock but not enough community members keep their grazing land. We appreciate not livestock. As part of the roll out only the opportunity to access of AVMP to the rest of the counm o r e try, Nkwinti 78.6% voted land, but ‘We appreciate not only the a n n o u n c e d continuation of indoor smoking also the that the depart14.3% voted t r a i n - opportunity to access more ment will host indoor and outdoor ban ing and consultaland, but also the training a 7.1% voted skills tive workshop and skills development’ a total indoor ban developwhich will be ment in attended by order to enhance our farming op- ministers and MECs from partner Did you know? erations.” government departments, as well In Hazyview you can dine The Animal and Veld Manage- as district mayors. at the number one rated resment Programme will reach the taurant in the Mpumalanga Province – Pioneer`s Butcher & Grill (rating by TripAdvisor) “Topolino” is the name of a mouse and an Italian motor car That the number two rated restaurant in Hazyview (TripAdvisor) serves “Seafood and Sushi” That a giraffe uses its 52.5 cm tongue to clean its ears The Hotel Numbi & Garden Suites is the only family owned and managed lowveld hospitality business celebrating its 50th birthday Hazyview is 529 metres above sea level “Oom Paul” Kruger would have celebrated his 188th birthday this year and would have been 138 years older than the Numbi which was established in 1963

Relief for struggling rural farmers

with soil rehabilitation and re-greening of the environment. It is part of gove r n m e n t ’s intervention towards reversing the legacy of the 1913 Natives’ Land Act, Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti which led to the congestion of the has unveiled the Animal and Veld majority of black people into 13% Management Programme (AVMP), of the land, resulting in challenges which is aimed at providing relief of overcrowding and overgrazing for farmers in rural areas who are in communal areas. The department will identify operating under challenging circumstances made worse by spa- farmers in communal areas who tial congestion and environmental have shown potential for successful farming. Based on their track degradation due to overgrazing. The programme will also help record, such farmers will be moved

First mobile agri-lab established

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) has spent R3 million to help establish South Africa’s first mobile agricultural laboratory that will enable farmers to have their water, soil and animals tested on their doorstep. The lab was recently launched by non-governmental organisation Mobile Agri Skills Development and Training (MASTD) at

the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport outside Mbombela with Seda’s assistance. “The benefits of the lab are numerous and include bringing conformity assessment support closer to emerging farmers, giving them access to a testing facility that will help them in their farm planning and crop production,” said Seda spokesperson Beverley Kgame.

South African leads Concordia salvage The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner was finally pulled upright off the Italian island of Giglio last week following a 19hour salvage operation, the biggest such project ever attempted - led by a South African. Salvage master Nick Sloane was hired by US firm Titan Salvage and Italy’s Micoperi to lead the massive operation to right the 290-metre, 114 000-tonne vessel, which ran aground off Giglio on 13 January 2012. The salvage was “the biggest for a passenger ship ever undertaken, and the position of the hulk posed unique challenges to the 500-person international salvage team,” news agency AFP reported. According to AFP, the ship was dragged upright by means of 36 cables strapped across the

hull, with giant water-filled tanks “the size of 11-storey buildings” welded onto the side of the Costa Concordia to act as ballast. “The man who gave the orders from a control room on a barge next to the ship was Nick Sloane, a South African with experience on some of the world’s biggest shipwrecks,” AFP reported. The news agency quoted Sloane as saying afterwards: “I’m relieved. It was a bit of a rollercoaster ... the scale of it was something we’ve never seen before.” Project overseer Franco Gabrielli told AFP that the newly exposed side of the wreck would need “major repairs” before the vessel could be towed away for scrapping, which would only happen next year at the earliest. Courtesy of SAinfo

Laughter is the best medicine It is said that laughter is the best medicine. The Up, an organisation that brings joy to humanity is proving this to be true. Nikki Jackman the founder, explains how it all got started, “After choosing to use my talents for a greater purpose, I researched laughter therapy and hospital clowning. I saw the gap that there was to bring extra emotional care to sick and traumatised children and so The UP was born in 2003”. Working with numerous hospitals in the Western Cape and Gauteng, Up Care Clowns are trained and committed to visiting weekly or monthly as a group. “A Care Clown is the best version of you,” Jackman says, “It’s the child-like all loving, non-judgmental, awesomely creative and enthusiastic being that deeply cares and gives freely. Scientifically speaking this type of emotional support work has been proven to aid the children’s recovery,” she says, “Beyond the

science, I have seen and experienced the joyful sharing of play and laughter being a gift to ALL”. Running The Up does come with a few challenges. Jackman mentions that marketing and PR are amongst their biggest challenges, “I envision a time where folk will know our name, think joy, find joy and step UP to be part of joyous solutions for the world. We have so many wonderful ways for folk to sUPport us and be trained UP,” she says, “You can inspire your team to do our corporate care clowning programme – imagine during work taking a few hours to go share joy! You can also become a monthly or once off donor. All contributions help UP to train more Care Clowns and grow joy in hospitals and homes around South Africa”. To read more visit – courtesy of SA - the Good News

Answer to Quiz on page 16: 1. What 2.A towel 3. A stamp 4. Silence 5. Smiles - there is a mile between the two s’s 6. He is walking on the sidewalk 7. Four - calling a trunk a leg does not make it a leg 8. All month have 28 days 9. Your right elbow 10. Daughter-in-law Thursday, 26 September 2013 Hoedspruit

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Nyani Cultural Village well worth a visit The Nyani Cultural Village, located at the Cheetah Inn on the Guernsey road just outside Hoedspruit, is well worth a visit. The Village is a reconstruction of an authentic Shangaan village and offers an interesting insight into the traditional lifestyle and mythology of the Shangaan people. Bookings are by reservation only. A village tour and storytelling starts at 11h00 and the “Roots of Rhythm� show runs from 12:15 to 1:15 and is followed by lunch. The whole package is R295 for adults and R150 for children 12 and under who are accompanied by adults. For the show only, or the village tour and lunch only, it is R175 for adults and R50 for children 12 and under accompanied by adults. Tour and school group concessions are available upon request. Contact Maureen Lahoud 083 785 5354 or

Sabie Shenanigan MTB Rally 26 October 2013 Sabie, Mpumalanga Province The Sabie Shenanigan Mountain Bike Rally is a one of a kind race in South Africa. The race follows the format of a motor rally, where each team is given a route schedule & a specified time before their allocated start. The stage is 75km long with the day leg being 47km & the night leg 28km. The race requires that each team have basic navigational skills as well as a good fitness and endurance qualities to complete the rally.

2013 World Gold Panning Championships 27 to 29 September, 2013 Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga Province Bring the family and enjoy the art of gold panning at the 2013 National Gold Panning Championships in Pilgrims Rest from the 27th to the 29th of Septemberor or join us for the semi-finals and finals on Saturday the 28th of September and Sunday the 29th of September to see who will be crowned the Gold Panning Champion. Prize giving will take place on Sunday at 15h00.

German Weekend @ 3 Bridges Restaurant (Situated along the Olifants River on the R40 Road) 18/19th October 2013 Come join us for some German Beer & Food! Bookings essential -079 9129 416

EVENTS CALENDAR Danie Botha in Graskop Date 28 September 2013 Time 19:00 Tickets available Contact: 013 767 1093 Spring Festival Magoebaskloof & Haenertsburg Date: 21-29 September Contact Linda: 082 575 5738

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times


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101 Electronics 102 Employment 103 Farm Equipment 104 Furniture 105 Medical Services MARIE HELM HIPNOTERAPEUT Gesertifiseerde Hipnoterapeut, (Nie - medies) Angs en vrees verteer jou lewe? Kom ons stop dit saam – met hipnoterapie. Skakel Marie by 082 683 2835 106 Miscellaneous Baking Wedding, birthday/baby shower/ bridal shower/ all novelty cakes. Cupcakes, cake props and do custom made piñata. Party invites and other party decorations such as polystyrene cut outs for photographs etc. As well as design and printing on mugs, T-shirts, badges, and much more including screen-printing. Contact: Cynthia 0833051714 ____________________________ Crazy for events We do weddings, parties, symposiums, conferences and launches any type of event. We arrange everything. Email nh9840@gmail. com. Cell: 0725962833 ____________________________ Bush camps, tented camps We do it all, from start to finish. More info? Call now: Alta 0823369693 107 Motor Hazyview Radiators Clean and services. Supply new radiators, fuel tanks, inter and oil coolers. FREE Test. 28 years’ experience. Frans 082 505 4743 108 Notices 109 Pets New products at the petshop in Maroela park, new dog food “Lassie “ also for big and small dogs. Dog houses and dog beds, with dog play things and rawhide bones. Half price on all bird feeders, also bird play things and products. New Range-”Pet Regal Products”Weigh loss remedy, Glossy coat remedy,skin healing spray,joint health remedy. Contact Elize - 076 556 9280

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African Rock Lodge An unique lodge for a spectacular stay at a moderate price. Tel: 084555.4875 or ____________________________ APARTMENTS FOR RENT Furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent in central Hoedspruit Town. Walking distance from businesses and restaurants WILD FIG APARTMENTS 083 9779 678 ____________________________ HOMES FOR RENT Luxury, furnished homes within a Bush & Aero Estate Available for holiday and long term rental. Zandspruit Sales Agency 083 9779 678.

Dirty, bad-tasting or hardwater? We can fix it! Agents for Aquamat in Mpumalanga and Limpopo! Call now: Alta 0823369693 ____________________________ Doulos Couriers Daily between: Komatipoort - Nelspruit – Komatipoort - Nelspruit - Hoedspruit – Nelspruit, Jhb - Pta on request. Competitive rates. Please phone: 0833553426 ____________________________ H.P.C Termite Specialists Pest Control, 5 year guarantee treatment against termites. Fanie: 0828365609, Rachel: 0843212912 ____________________________ Plant Hire Specializing in plant hire services. Rachel: 0843212912, Fanie: 111 Sales 0828365609 Beans for Africa ____________________________ Is a hot beverage solutions company servicing Hotels, Restaurants P.K’s Locksmiths 24 hour service, Transponder and Lodges in the Lowveld area. Keys for your Vehicle. Opening / A full basket of products and maRepairs / Replacements on Safes, chinery enables us to service every Vehicles, Home & more. Pierre aspect of our clients’ needs. 082 451 4474 Our products include: Espresso ____________________________ Beans (regular and decaf), filter Extreme Spitbraai coffee, imported and local teas, All your Spitbraai, Catering & sachets, mini milks and sugar Sound requirements, Corporate amongst others. For more info & Private, All Functions, Large email: sharon@beansforafrica. & Small. D.J.’s, Sound and more. FBextreme spitbraai. Pierre 082 ____________________________ 451 4474 2006 YZF 450 YZF 450 for sale, R25 000 includ- ____________________________ ZAS ARCHITECTURAL DEing many extra’s. 079 300 9437 SIGNS For affordable professional build112 Services ing plans. Fanie : 072 055 2150 CAD:21198 Jonkel Carbons We sell all Grades of Graphite Powders used by Industries and Grain farmers.We also manufacture Products like fireplace/coal stove Polish, lubricants and Paints. 013 767 1820 or 072 760 4226. ____________________________ HANDYMAN SOLUTIONS Lodge and home maintenance. Complete renovations and make over. Construction, design, repairs and maintenance. Owner supervision. Andre Pelser: wss@absamail. ____________________________ Laundry & Upholstery Cleaning, Professional Upholstery Cleaning to the Lodges and Hotels. We specialize in cleaning carpets, mattresses, couches, wingbackchairs and day beads. 083 525 9890 or brian.macaulay447@

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Lowveld Lodging and Dining

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

Motswari introduces new bush experiences


Motswari Private Game Reserve in the Motswari tracker. Breakfast is served at the Timbavati, Kruger National Park, has in- lodge when guests return from the excurtroduced two new bush experiences for sion. The Giraffe’s Nest tree house is three guests – walking safaris and overnight metres above the ground and overlooks stays at The Giraffe’s Nest tree house. The the Xanatsi Dam. Guests on the overnight guided ‘walking safari’ begins with an stay are served a picnic dinner, while an overnight stay at a luxury tented camp af- open canopy provides a view of the stars. ter which guests set out on foot, guided by a Tourism Update.

The Lilizela Tourism Awards


Extracts from the speech by the Minister of Tourism, Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk, on the occasion of the inaugural Lilizela Awards in Pretoria. The national winners were announced earlier this month at a function held at the Tshwane Events Centre and attended by the who’s who of the tourism industry. “The Lilizela Tourism Awards were created to honour the outstanding contributions of tourism establishments and individuals who are driving innovation and delivering quality service and products. All of the winners – provincially and nationally – have not only set the standard for global excellence, but they have also demonstrated why our country continues to be one of the most frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. Our visitors from abroad as well as our local travellers have had fantastic experiences, and this is reflected in the Service Excellence category where visitors were encouraged to vote”. “In addition, the Tourism Grading Council

of South Africa’s star grading is working to ensure that our accommodation establishments are on par with global offerings – all contributing to phenomenal traveller experiences. I am incredibly proud to be part of an industry that has such high standards and impeccable service excellence records. Over the last few months, we have been privy to some exceptional entries all of which show the level of detail establishment owners go to ensure visitor experience is comfortable and reliable. This is what sets our country and its offerings apart from the rest of the world”. More than one thousand submissions were received across all but two of the categories, that being ETEYA and the Minister’s Awards. The latter is a completely new addition and was introduced specifically for the inaugural launch. The Minister’s Award seeks to honour recipients who have made a noteworthy local and global contribution to tourism economically and socially. The award was presented to Mr Jabu Mabuza for his exceptional contribution to the tourism sector. Mabuza has played a leadership role in Tsogo Sun, which he has helped to build into one of the top gaming and hotel groups in the world, interalia as chief executive officer (CEO) and, today, as deputy chairperson of the board. He helped to grow this industry into a major contributor to economic growth and employment and always did so in a wise, dignified and level-headed way. To view the full list of the national finalists visit

Thursday, 26 SEPTEMBER 2013 The Bushveld Times

Recipe of the Day

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Have fun with container gardening

salsa with corn chips

Situated at Spar Complex Hoedspruit

Serves: 6

Ingrediants Salsa 2 tomatoes, finely diced 1 red pepper, finely diced ¼ small red onion, finely diced ¼ cucumber, finely diced 1 clove garlic, finely sliced 1 carrot, finely diced 1 to 2 small chillies, pips re moved, finely diced a hand ful of fresh chopped herbs like coriander, parsley or chives

Dressing 2 tbsp (30 ml) extra-virgin olive oil 1 tbsp (15 ml) freshly-squeezed lemon juice or balsamic vinegar ½ tsp (2 ml) herbal salt, or to taste a pinch of cayenne pepper, or to taste (optional) ½ cup (125 ml) mozzarella cheese, grated (optional) 1 packet (250 g) plain, preservative-free corn chips

Method: 1. Prepare all the ingredients for the salsa and toss together in a bowl. 2. Add the dressing and toss lightly. 3. Heat the oven to 180°C and heat the corn chips on a baking tray (optional). 4. Sprinkle the hot chips with mozzarella (optional). 5. Dip the corn chips into the salsa and enjoy.

At this time of year, as we await the summer rains, container gardening can be very rewarding. Containers are obviously a lot easier to look after and with regular watering, they will soon reward you with a splash of colour against the back drop of the dry Bushveld. Containers should always have drainage holes at the bottom and, in order to allow the water to drain without letting the potting soil escape, place some stones or broken bits of clay below the soil. I recommend using potting soil in all your containers as it contains a slow release fertilizer which is good for up to six weeks after planting. I

Don’t overheat this summer

With summer just around the corner I thought I would share some out of the box ideas on how to keep cool. At night: Put a small pillow in the freezer an hour or two before you go to bed. Put a few plastic shopping bags over it to keep ice from forming on the fabric. Use silk or satin pillowcases and sheets. During the day: Drink water frequently. Your body will feel cooler if you are hydrated. Spray water on your exposed skin for an instant cooling effect. Relive the 80’s and wear a wet ter-

rycloth headband on your forehead. Run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds on each hand. Soak your feet in a bucket of cold water. Dress appropriately: Wear nothing. If you’re in a situation where you can go without clothes, this can be the most comfortable and natural way to stay cool. Wear loosely-woven natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen instead of polyester, rayon and other artificial fibres. Wear light colours which reflects light and heat. Alter your diet:

Stock your freezer with flavoured ice treats. Freeze a bag of chopped fruit such as watermelon, pineapple or lemons. Mint refreshes the skin and leaves a nice cooling sensation. Try a few minty or menthol products to cool your skin. Slice a thin piece of cold cucumber (from the fridge or a cooler) and stick it in the middle of your forehead! An ice cube or a cold soda can work similarly. Eat spicy food. It’s not a coincidence that many people in hotter regions of the world eat spicy food. Spicy (hot to the taste) food increases perspiration which cools the body as it evaporates. Little extras: Lie on a tiled floor. It will be coolest near the floor on the ground level. Warm air rises since it’s less dense than cooler air. If you’re in a house, for example, stay lower than the warm air. Try a heat snorkelling system. Take a glass and fill it almost to the brim with ice cubes. Hold it up to your mouth and blow gently into the cup. The ice causes the air you are blowing into the cup to cool

don’t advise using garden soil as it tends to compact over time causing your pots to crack and split open. Always add sufficient water so that it drains out the base of the pot. This encourages deep rooting which makes your plants more resistant to drought. However don’t allow your pots to ‘sit’ in water, but rather use ‘feet’ under the containers to ensure good drainage. Feed your pot plants once a month with a water soluble fertilizer like Nitrosol or Multifeed and always make sure you choose a plant suitable for both the size of the container and the position in which you intend to place it. Remember, you don’t solely have to use traditional terracotta pots as containers. You can in fact use just about anything, for as long as it will hold enough soil and provide drainage after watering. Try the trusty “Google” as a source of inspiration and view a few of the many creative options provided. Enjoy your gardening this month and if you need advice on containers and what to plant, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Belinda McLintock, Botanical Bliss – 083 407 1969

Tired of eating your lunch and all you have is your pen? Here is the solution! Find it on

Make your own picture frame with all the odds lying around

down drastically, and since the air only has one way out of the cup the cold air is forced out over your skin. To put the “snorkelling system” to more efficient use, point a fan into a square of four cups filled with ice water and ice cubes. The cooler air in the cups have nowhere to go but out. Think cool: Read books about climbing Mount Everest, visiting Norway, or watch winter movies like “March of the Penguins” and “Ice Age.” You might not be physi- Don’t cry over spilled cally cooler, but if your mind en- wine... When red wine hits visions a cold environment, you a white shirt, table cloth or might feel a bit cooler - wikiHow I asked my husband to help prepare supper. Told him to peel half the potatoes in the bag and put them in the pot of water! Where was I not clear?

light coloured carpet, try to blot up as much of the wine as possible and look for a product containing hydrogen peroxide to put on the stain, followed by a generous sprinkle of baking soda. Make sure that the peroxide and soda fully cover the stained area and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with water and, if it’s a shirt or table cloth, pop it in the laundy as usual.

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Thursday, 26 SEPTEMBER 2013 The Bushveld Times

SKA will be world’s biggest telescope Southern Africa, the SKA radio analyse all the raw data telescope will constantly scan that will be collected daily. The SKA project will also have space and feed the data to astronomers around the world. The unprecedented data connectivity amounts of data being collected needs. Meeting the advanced techand transmitted will be stagger- nological and engineering needs ing – the SKA says the data col- of this massive project will result lected by the SKA array in a single in significant local skills developday would take nearly two million ment, revolutionise science and years to play back on an iPod. This technology research and enable means the project requires super- innovative new businesses and computing power and Big Data employment in the science, techmanagement and analytics capa- nology and engineering fields, RatThe Square Kilometre Array bilities on an unprecedented scale. cliffe says. “Aside from the ben(SKA) project is more than a maSKA is working with the world’s efits to African science, Big Data jor feather in SA’s scientific capabilities could be our cap – it could also catalyse biggest spin-off from the significant science, techSKA project. The innovanology and engineering tions, skills development business opportunities, and commercial potential jobs and innovation. It also emerging as a result of has the potential to put Afthe project are huge. The rica firmly on the map as a potential is not just acaworld Big Data and analytdemic – we develop the ics hub. This is according to most significant ICT powerhouses taxpayer-funded intellectual propSimon Ratcliffe, technical lead for – such as IBM – on the project. One erty to a point where it’s ready to scientific computing at the SKA aspect of the project will see AS- become commercialised and benoffice in Cape Town. The multiTRON, the Netherlands Institute efit the economy” - SKA Project billion rand SKA, to be hosted in for Radio Astronomy and IBM col- courtesy of SA - the Good NewsSouth Africa and Australia, will laborating to research extremely extend into eight African counfast, but lowtries and will be the world’s bigpower exasgest telescope. It is also one of the cale computbiggest-ever scientific projects and er systems, multinational collaborations in data transthe name of science. The project port and has already entered its first phase, storage with radio astronomy scientists processes, and engineers finalising its design. and streamConstruction will start in 2016 ing analytand the radio telescope should ics that will be operationally mature by 2020. be required With thousands of linked radio to read, wave receptors in Australia and Picture courtesy of SKA Organisation/Swinburne Astronomy Productions store and

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“the world’s biggest telescope”

Back to the future for the Coach House The Coach House Hotel & Spa, built in 1983, is situated on 560 hectares in the lush sub-tropical Letaba district of Limpopo some 15kms outside Tzaneen in an area called Agatha. Nestled atop a ridge, the retreat offers dramatic panoramic views of the Letsitele Valley and Drakensberg Mountain Range. Just recently, the task of returning the Hotel and Spa to its former glory fell to the newly appointed General Manager Coba Röhm. Having successfully transformed the Sheppard Boutique Hotel in Nelspruit, Coba has taken up the challenge of recreating the ambi-

ence of days gone by. “I want the Coach House to fulfil the role of a custodian of history and nature, but it won’t be easy. I do not have unlimited resources however I will work hard to maintain the highest level of service and standards”, she is quoted as saying. One of the ideas she has up her sleeve is to promote the hotel as an arts and culture venue by introducing a small art gallery cum studio and by reintroducing the classical concerts that were once so popular. A second key member of the new management team is executive chef Peter Irons who has re-

turned to the Hotel after 29 years, having been married there back in the mid 80’s. He says that his six course wedding feast plus fresh oysters cost him a whopping R26 a head back in the day! Not only will Peter be looking to bring back the dishes for which the Coach House became famous but he will also be looking to introduce “a fusion of modern cuisine together with the old classic dishes”. As if that will not be enough of a challenge, as an avid gardener, he will be taking over responsibility for the extensive grounds as well. For booking inquiries contact Manya on 082 895 2020 .

• Computer Sales • Cable & Wireless network installation and config. • Server Sales & Setup • Data Recovery • Custom built systems • Upgrades • Peripheral equipment sales

Gregg van Rensburg 074 317 4076

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times


Business and the Law

SANParks and the proposed smoking regulations Beware the smoker that braais would be for parks management to provide such “designated outdoor smoking areas” and in so doing, they would be required to put up signage and to manage, control and police these areas 24/7 all across the park. Not madly practical! When considering that most braai facilities in the Kruger Park are located well within the 10 metre Back in March 2012, you may limitation in relation to bungalow recall that the Department of doors and windows and, when Health published a draft Regula- considering the propensity for tion relating to smoking in public overnight visitors to braai and places and, certain outdoor public places which they referred to as “designated outdoor smoking areas”. In essence, this proposal bans smoking indoors in all public places and requires that all existing indoor designated smoking areas be discontinued. In the last edition of the Bushveld Times, I mentioned that I would take a look at a few of the challenges facing the department when it comes to the practical implementation and consequences of the so called in many instances to smoke at “designated outdoor smoking ar- the same time, one can only but eas.” The first that comes to mind chuckle at the probable outcome. You will be able to braai but not is somewhat amusing and, you can be quite sure, was not con- smoke while doing so. However, sidered nor hopefully intended you could of course consider inhalby the overzealous script writers. ing the braai smoke as an alternaIn terms of the draft, both inter- tive! The next option as a smoker national and domestic visitors to while braaing, would be to risk South African parks including burning the wors by nipping off the Kruger National Park, will to the “designated outdoor smoknot be permitted to smoke any- ing area” which will hopefully where other than in their private have been provided and will, with vehicles (if no kids under 12) or any luck, be in the centre or therein lawfully designated outdoor abouts of the circle in which your smoking areas. If these areas are bungalow is located (not adjacent provided, they may not be located to walkways and areas where perwithin less than 10 metres from sons generally congregate or walk). walkways, doors and windows. Failing that, you may have to Tourists would therefore not be sprint across to the circle opposite, permitted to smoke in or around have a quick puff, and hurtle back bungalows, restaurants, shops, before you set the chops on fire. Over and above the antics that toilets and public vehicles, nor at any of the hundreds of viewing will be required of smokers, there points (where they can legally exit are a few challenges that the parks their vehicles). The only solution management face as well. The

Peter Cumberlege

there is significant scope for SA to host more international conferences and events, which will be a ness tourism can benefit us all. major boost for tourism and the One successful event leads to the economy. “Hosting more Afrinext successful one,” Nzima says. can association events is a major Tourism Business Council of opportunity and is also necesSA’s (TBCSA) chief executive sary in that it proves to the rest Mmatsatsi Ramawela, said last of the world that SA can successmonth that the TBCSA FNB tour- fully hold such events,” she says. Danny Bryer, director of sales, marketing and revenue for the Protea Hospitality Group, says one of the fastest-growing inbound tourism segments has been the MICE market, which people under-estimate. He says the top performing areas are Johannesburg ism business index for the second and Cape Town and to a lesser quarter of this year had confirmed extent Durban. Bryer says one of the industry had returned to nor- the biggest opportunities for the mal trading levels. Ramawela says South African business tourism business tourism had sustained the industry is the incentives market, index at near-normal levels dur- where companies send staff to SA ing the winter months, when the as part of a performance-incentive index usually declined. She says scheme – courtesy of I-Net Bridge

Business tourism set to take off The mushrooming tourism industry is spurring investments into new hotels and conferencing facilities across SA. Business tourism conferences combined with leisure activities - is fairly new to SA and has become a key focus of the Department of Tourism. It established the South African National Conventions Bureau about a year ago, which has proved successful in attracting bids. South African Tourism’s chief executive Thulani Nzima says that there are 88 secured bids for major events between 2013 and 2017 and these will generate upwards of R2.6bn for the SA economy. “The results that we are registering now are quite impressive, but we are just at the beginning of the process,” he said. “My call to the industry is to sit up and look at how this segment of busi-

draft proposes that “the owner or person in control of a designated outdoor smoking area must ensure that no person under the age of 18 years is present, no food or refreshment is served, no entertainment is provided, ashtrays are installed and the area regularly cleaned and that smokers are discouraged from remaining in the area longer than is necessary”. OK, so the parks official elected to keep an eye on the designated outdoor smoking area will need to ensure that the smoker that braais does not - bring along his guitar, have any wors with him or at least that he does not “serve” himself any wors, that he does not “serve” himself a beer whilst there and of course, the official will be required to explain to the kids why they cant tag along behind Dad. The smoker that braais, on the other hand, will have to get used to the ever present park official whose role it will be to ensure that, as soon as he has finished puffing, he leaves the area without hesitation. I guess two continuous ciggies will be out of the question! Finally, I would suppose that each park official, whose duty it will be to officiate at the designated outdoors smoking area 24/7 (no doubt they will spin coins for the privilege), will be equipped with a suitably powerful pair of binoculars in order to verify that those “braai persons that smoke” are not taking any liberties when they return to their smoking fires. OK admittedly tongue in cheek but what on earth were they thinking – or were they thinking? How can it possibly be reasonable for the Department of Health to place such uncontrollable, unworkable and, in all probability, costly responsibilities on the management of our national parks?

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Economic news in brief Quarterly Employment Statistics, June 2013 The June 2013 Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) survey shows that the number of people employed in the formal nonagricultural sector of the South African economy decreased by about 28000 persons (-0,3%) from March 2013 (an estimated 8 465 000 employees) to June 2013 (an estimated 8 437 000 employees). The gross earnings paid to employees during the quarter ended June 2013 (April 2013 to June 2013) amounted to R384 344 million. Manufacturing: Production and sales, July 2013 Manufacturing production increased by 5,4% in July 2013 compared with July 2012. Seasonally adjusted manufacturing production for the three months ended July 2013 increased by 2,2% compared with the previous three months. Six of the ten manufacturing divisions reported positive growth rates over this period. Mining: Production and sales, July 2013 Mining production increased by 0,6% year-on-year in July 2013. The highest positive growth rates were recorded for manganese ore (17,0%), nickel (14,7%) and chromium ore (12,3%). The main contributors to the 0,6% increase were PGMs (contributing 1,0 percentage point) and manganese ore (contributing 0,7 of a percentage point). Iron ore (contributing -1,7 percentage points) was a significant negative contributor. Seasonally adjusted mining production increased by 3,2% in July 2013 compared with June 2013. This followed monthon-month changes of -1,9% in June 2013 and 4,3% in May 2013. Electricity generated and available for distribution, July 2013 The actual volume of electricity consumption increased by 1,8% year-on-year in July 2013. Seasonally adjusted electricity consumption increased by 1,4% month-on-month in July 2013, following a month-on-month increase of 0,2% in June 2013. Seasonally adjusted electricity consumption increased by 2,3% in the three months ended July 2013 compared with the previous three months. The actual estimated electricity production increased by 0,7% year-on-year in July 2013. Consumer Price Index (CPI), August 2013 The headline inflation rate in August 2013 (i.e. the Consumer Price Index for all urban areas in

August 2013 compared with that at August 2012) was 6,4%. The official inflation rate (i.e. the percentage change in the CPI for all urban areas in August 2013 compared with that in August 2012) was 6,4% at August 2013. This rate was 0,1 of a percentage point higher than the corresponding annual rate of 6,3% in July 2013 (i.e. the Consumer Price Index for all urban areas in July 2013 compared with that in July 2012). Retail trade sales, July 2013 Measured in constant 2012 prices, retail trade sales increased by 2,8% year-on-year in July 2013. The highest annual growth rates were recorded for retailers in hardware, paint and glass (10,3%), textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods (8,9%) and food, beverages and tobacco in specialised stores (4,3%). Retail trade sales increased by 3,4% in the three months ended July 2013 compared with the three months ended July 2012. Motor trade sales, July 2013 Measured in nominal terms (current prices), motor trade sales increased by 13,2% year-on-year in July 2013. The highest annual growth rates were recorded for new vehicle sales (18,6%), workshop income (18,0%), fuel sales (14,1%) and sales of accessories (11,4%). Seasonally adjusted motor trade sales increased by 5,1% in July 2013 compared with June 2013. This followed month-onmonth changes of -3,0% in June 2013 and 1,1% in May 2013. Motor trade sales increased by 8,8% in the three months ended July 2013 compared with the three months ended July 2012. The major contributors to this increase were: Wholesale trade sales, July 2013 Measured in real terms (constant 2012 prices), wholesale trade sales increased by 8,5% year-on-year in July 2013. Seasonally adjusted wholesale trade sales increased by 0,5% in July 2013 compared with June 2013. This followed monthon-month changes of -0,9% in June 2013 and 2,6% in May 2013. Seasonally adjusted wholesale trade sales increased by 2,1% in the three months ended July 2013 compared with the previous three months.

Afull report on each of the above, can be found on the Statistics South Africa website at

What happened on this day….. 1901 - Boer General Botha fails to capture Fort Itala in Natal 1936 – Birth of Winnie Mandela, South African activist 1968 - 1st broadcast of “Hawaii Five-O” on CBS-TV 1973 – Concorde makes its first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in record-breaking time

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A big heart for a little lady

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

Cyberphobia – fear of computers and of learning new technologies Things animals dont do...

An exceptional act of compas- only did Savanah sell her toys continue to require funding and sion and concern for the plight of and raise R1000 but, at such a our help will always be needed. To read more about the Rhino Orour rhinos came in the form of a young age, she fully understands little ray of sunshine when 7 year and has grasped the concept of phanage, you can visit their webold Savanah Gutteridge, from preservation and conservation. site at For donations equal to or better Hoedspruit, sold some of her own A while back her mother, Sarah toys to raise money for the Rhino Gutteridge, posted this amazing than Savanah’s, the Rhino OrphanOrphanage in Entabeni. When story on their website at www. age banking details are as follows her class mates asked her why and, as - Account Name: Legend Rhino she would give away so much a result, numerous businesses Orphanage. First National Bank. money, her humble reply was and individuals pledged to match Mokopane Branch code 26-02-48, that she wants her own children or double Savanah’s donation. account number 62366479171 and It is so good to know that her use your name, company name to be able to see a rhino one day. I don’t know about you, but ev- generosity has not gone unan- and email address as the reference ery time I think of this amazing swered. But as we all know, the sacrifice, I get goose bumps. Not conservation of our rhinos’ will - Editor

Unit, WWF-SA, said research had shown that regulatory action needed to be implemented alongside campaign activities to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products. “Government must ensure law enforcement is effective in combating illegal activity around the purchase and use of rhino horn, while also joining the efforts to reduce demand,” she explained. In South Africa, 618 rhinos have been killed this year, compared with 668 killed in 2012, according to the latest statistics from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tour-

A congregation of praying mantis A crash of elephants Devil’s Flower Mantis Idolomantis Diabolica

One of the largest types of praying mantis, the Devil’s Flower Mantis, is also one of the strangest. And that’s saying a lot when you’re talking about praying mantids. Females of the species can measure up to 5 inches (13 cm) long, and have developed a range of natural coloring ism. HSI noted that conservationthat allows them to mimic the Devil’s ists have warned that SA’s black Flower, a type of orchid. and white rhino could be extinct Mantids are predators, and their in the wild by 2026. Tourism Update - hunting style usually involves sitting motionless until their prey comes within reach, and then whipping their forearms out at lightning speed to snag flies, beetles and even, in some cases, birds. The Devil’s Flower Mantis uses color patterns that mimic a flower to actually lure its prey within reach

Campaign hopes to reduce rhino horn demand Humane Society International has partnered with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in a campaign to reduce the demand for rhino horn. The awareness campaign, which was launched in Vietnam last month, will engage key stakeholders in an effort to reduce the demand for rhino horn. Stakeholders that will be engaged include women’s groups, business leaders, students and traditional and Western medical practitioners. “We are very pleased to be working with the Vietnam CITES Management Authority on this important issue,” said Teresa Telecky, Director of the Wildlife Department of HSI. “Reducing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam will cut off a marketplace for the criminal networks that run the illegal trade, and this is an essential part of the solution to save rhino lives.” Jo Shaw, Rhino Co-ordinator: Biodiversity

One of the major things that separate humans from animals is that most lower life forms have an intense will to live. Unless they are defending their babies or food, most animals will prefer to run off than fight, because life is precious. Plus, given the fact that most don’t really appear to be all that self concious, the likelihood of ‘goth’ hamsters and ‘emo’ pigeons seems pretty thin. Suicide is not one of the things that animals do. Humans could learn from them…

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times


It’s all about the angle of view Wildlife Photography by Chris Martin level, it offered me a unique opportunity to capture an unusual image of a relatively common subject. I deliberately used a large aperture (f5.6) to soften the background and make the bird stand out as I lay flat on the ground outside the hide. Low angle shots give us a differing view of the natural world. Here are two quick tips when taking low angle shots for your portfolio.

When I look through images posted on social media, it is true to say that those that make the most profound impact are where the photographer has managed to attain an angle of view that is either level or slightly lower than the eye level of his subject. In wildlife photography this approach is especially difficult and in Africa sometimes dangerous. We become used to working from game vehicles or our cars and whilst this can often allow us to view our subject closely, the re-

sults can be somewhat unflattering as we are forced to shoot down on the subject, sometimes losing the perspective of their environment as well as the animal’s real scale. Shooting from ground level overcomes this and often gives a much more natural image. For the image of the juvenile Natal francolin, I was waiting beside a hide I had erected to photograph elephant activity in Madikwe Game Reserve. This is a subject that we drive past a thousand times a day but from ground

2. Get flat on your belly!! I know that this can be a little unappealing at times, but for the sake of art, nothing comes without sacrifice!! To make it slightly more comfortable, buy yourself a cheap piece of matting or use an old piece of carpet. If you are on safari with a guide tell him or her what images you are looking to get and that you’d like to get some ground level shots. Chris Martin - Wildlife Photographer and Photographic Safari Guide

1. Stay safe!! Don’t take unnecessary risks to get your shot. National Parks and game reserves post warnings about the dangers of wildlife for a reason. However, in the presence of an experienced guide who understands and can read the behaviour of the animal, you can go about your photography safely. Most importantly of

SANParks to restore natural ecological processes

South African National Parks of jackal diets, particularly when has engaged in a challenging impacted by the presence of large programme of restoring natural carnivores such as cheetah and lion. According to Dr Magome the ecological processes, including predation by carnivores, as a key establishment of large predators means of conserving biodiver- may have created conditions that sity in several of its smaller na- hamper natural regulatory mechational parks. This according to nisms of medium-sized predators SANParks Managing Executive: such as jackal. Declines of smaller Conservation Services, Dr Hector herbivore species such as springMagome who said learning from bok, klipspringer and duiker, toSANParks research work and field gether with observed increases in observations which commenced jackal abundances, have raised in 2010, jackal numbers are being concerns about a possible colculled from national parks such as lapse of predator-prey dynamics in Mountain Zebra and Karoo NPs. some of these small national parks. He said jackals are culled in acDr Magome explained that “A cordance with SANParks Standard number of hyOperating Procedures for Lethal potheses regardPopulation Management, which ing the factors has been approved by SANParks involved in such Animal Use and Care Committee. a collapse were Dr Magome said the Centre for proposed during African Conservation Ecology at the workshops the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan involving SANUniversity in Port Elizabeth will Parks scientists analyse biological material from and managers. the culled jackals as part of existing Firstly, robust research to further understanding fencing erected

all, do not break park regulations.

to contain larger predators is likely to prevent mature jackals from dispersing as they would in open systems, resulting in high jackal abundances and associated increases in jackal predation pressure. Secondly, the presence of large carnivores such as cheetah, lion and spotted hyena can improve food availability for jackals through the provision of carrion, thereby enhancing jackal population growth. In addition low densities or absence of solitary carnivores such as leopard, known to kill jackal, potentially reduces jackal mortality rates”. “Demographic studies on springbok have pinpointed predation on lambs (less than 6 months old) by jackals as the cause of population declines in Mountain Zebra National Park. In Karoo National Park, springbok dispersed after the park was expanded, reducing springbok herd sizes and increasing their vulnerability to jackal. Dr Magome emphasized that the management intervention through a combination of prey introductions and predator removals, specifically jackal removals, is therefore required to reduce the risk of local extinction of small springbok populations - SANParks Corporate Communications.

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Did you know?

The total number of rhino poached in South Africa since January 2013 has increased to 635, while the number of people arrested for rhino poaching-related offences has climbed to 194. The Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt with 396 rhino killed for their horns. South Africans are encouraged to report incidents of poaching and tip-offs to the anonymous tip-off lines 0800 205 005, 08600 10111 or Crime-Line on 32211. –

Ig-Nobel prize for dung beetle boots

Dung beetles sporting custommade caps and boots entered the annals of the Ig Nobel Prize when South Africa’s second ever winner was announced during the 23rd Ig Nobel Prize ceremony at Harvard University earlier this month. Organised by tongue-incheek magazine Annals of Improbable Research, the Ig Nobel Prizes “honour achievements that first make people laugh and then make them think”, the magazine says on its website, adding: “The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative and spur people’s interest in science, medcine, and technology”. Professor Marcus Byrne from Wits University in Johannesburg, along with his colleagues from Lund University in Sweden, were awarded Ig Nobel Prizes in Astronomy and Biology for their novel research on Southern Africa’s famous dung beetle. Byrne and his team designed caps and boots for dung beetles and dressed the beetles in their new apparel to prove, firstly, that dung beetles use the Milky Way to orientate, and secondly, that dung beetles climb on top of their dung balls to cool their bodies as they roll the ball away from competitors at the dung pile. “We are chuffed to win the Ig Nobel! Believe it or not, it is a significant recognition of one’s work,

especially in reaching the wider general public. Poking fun at science is good. The whole enterprise is one of questioning something even the results - and enjoying it. All four of us are really honoured by the award and hope it spreads the word among the general public that science is not dry and boring but actually good fun”, said Byrne and team members Marie Dacke, Eric Warrant, Emily Baird and Clarke Scholtz. South Africa has had one previous winner. In 1999, Charl Fourie and Michelle Wong were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in Peace for inventing a burglar alarm for cars consisting of a detection circuit and a flamethrower. During Thursday’s ceremony, 10 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded to winners from 18 countries on five continents - with genuine Nobel laureates, including Dudley Herschbach (chemistry, 1986), Eric Maskin (economics, 2007) and Roy Glauber (physics, 2005) - handing out the prizes to the winners. The ceremony also featured the world premiere of The Blonsky Device, a mini-opera in four acts inspired by George and Charlotte Blonsky, who were granted a patent in 1965 for an “Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force” Courtesy of SAinfo and Wits University

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It’s all about pork at Pick n Pay White River

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

Schools Calendar for 2015 published The Minister of Basic Education has, in terms of the National Education Policy Act No 27 of 1996, published the official Public Schools Calendar for 2015. Group 1: Inland Provinces: Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West Coastal Provinces can be found on Department of Educational website Term


No. of Weeks

No. of Days

No. of public holidays

Actual No. of school days

The judging panel, Gouzette Str- 1 Riekie Trollip, from Pick n Pay give participating butcheries the (12) 14 January - 25 March 11 (53) 51 0 (53) 51 in White River, has once again opportunity to introduce new pork ydom from Premier Pork Produc- 2 13 April - 26 June 11 55 3+1 51 entered the Premier Pork Pro- products to their customers. Over a ers and Elna Erasmus and Wilma 3 20 July - 02 October 11 55 2+1 52 ducers campaign entitled “The period of around two months every Bridger from Deli Spices visited 4 12 October - (11) 09 December 09 (45) 43 0 (45) 43 Porkalicious Project”. Last year participating butchery, of which Pick n Pay last week to carry out Total 42 (208) 5 + 2 (201) Riekie managed to secure an ex- there were 60 this year, is required their final inspection and assess204 197 cellent third place however, judg- to complete and record a vast ar- ment. There was absolutely no ing from her amazing effort this ray of tasks, promotions, in-store doubt that they were extremely imBursaries available for Mpumalanga year, she is destined to go one or demonstrations, displays and cre- pressed with the Riekie’s dedicahopefully even two steps better. ative recipes as set out in the “The tion, commitment and enthusiasm. matrics The final results are expected to Ettienne, the owner of Pick n Pay Porkalicious Project” portfolio. Mbombela - Grade 12 learners in fice. Applications can also be made White River, said that he was ex- The store customers have definite- be announced in late October and Mpumalanga have until September online at the department’s website: tremely proud of the work, creativ- ly benefitted as a result with R150 we will of course let you know 30 to apply for bursaries to further ity and effort put into the promo- pork hampers being given away the outcome. The Bushveld Times their education. “The department “Learners need to be aware that all tion by Riekie. “It has definitely each week, pork specials on sale, wishes Riekie all the best - we have calls on all Grade 12 learners, who bursaries offered by the provincial impacted our pork sales” he said. new and exciting pork products a sneaky suspicion that she may need financial assistance to further government are centralised which The project, conducted in coop- on offer and a number of cooking just top last year’s performance. their studies in different universi- means that we, as the Education Deeration with Deli Spices, aims to demonstrations having taken place. ties, to apply for the Mpumalanga partment, administer all the bursaries Provincial Government Bursary Scheme for the 2014 academic year before the closing date,” said provincial Education Department spokesperson Jasper Zwane. To qualify for the bursary, learners have to complete a bursary application form that is available at the provincial government complex in Riverside Mall in Mbombela or any Riekie Trollip from Pick n Pay in White River regional Education Department of-

of the departments.” Zwane said “Learners are also encouraged to take advantage of other opportunities provided by government to assist them to obtain a university qualification such as the Fundza Lushaka Bursary Fund and the National Student Finan-

cial Aid Scheme,” said Zwane.

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

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Team Ford Racing prepares for 2014 Dakar Rally Team Ford Racing is preparing for its assault on the 2014 Dakar Rally in South America with an intensive nine-day test session in the remote desert wilderness near Walvis Bay in Namibia. The fullscale test encompassed a complete shake-down and set-up of the Dakar-specification 5,0-litre V8 Ford Ranger, and featured almost the entire local and international Ford Racing crew including team management, drivers and navigators, race engineers and mechanics.

“This is the first time the Dakar Ral- huge dry river bed with soft sand on Dakar. It matches a lot of the ly Ranger has really been tested,” and lots of undulations that really Dakar stages we’ve done through says Neil Woolridge, team manag- gives the suspension a good work- Argentina, Peru and Chile over the er. “We did a short two-day test in out. The area is also famous for its past three years, which makes it Pietermartizburg straight after the dune driving, plus there are vast the perfect place to test the vehicle launch of the Dakar campaign in open rocky plains that allowed us in the right conditions,” he says. As the lead duo for the Ford July, but this is our first opportuni- to test the high-speed performance ty to evaluate all aspects of the ve- of the Ranger.” Argentinian lead Racing Dakar campaign, Alvarez hicle and focus on the race set-up.” driver Lucio Alvarez who has and navigator Ronnie Graue be“We chose this area near Walvis completed three Dakars with two lieve the Ranger is an impressive Bay as it has a bit everything and top 10 finishes agreed. “The loca- package. “The design and chasreplicates a lot of the conditions tion was very good for training and sis are excellent and we simply we will encounter on the Dakar,” testing because you have all the dif- need to fine-tune some aspects of Woolridge explains. “There’s a ferent types of terrain experienced the vehicle, including finding the

perfect set-up for the suspension and optimising the engine and gear ratios”, Alvarez says. Chris Visser and co-driver Japie Badenhorst were equally impressed with the performance of the Dakarspecification Ranger in the arid Walvis Bay test area. “This was the first time we drove this Ranger and it is superb. The independent suspension gives it a much softer ride than our SA-spec vehicle, which makes it very comfortable”.

Keep your vehicle in top condition It’s worth remembering these tips every time you get behind the wheel. They’ll help keep your vehicle in top condition, make it more enjoyable to drive and can save you money.

Rundle and Mohr to contest 2014 Dakar Rally Thomas Rundle and Juan Mohr will compete privately in the 2014 Dakar Rally in South America in January in the same Toyota Hilux in which Duncan Vos and Rob Howie finished 10th in the 2012 rally. It will be their first attempt at the world’s longest and toughest motor race and the realisation of a long-held dream for both experienced off roaders. The pair earned a free entry after they won the Dakar Challenge that formed part of the Toyota Botswana 1000 Desert Race in June. “The Dakar Rally is the ultimate challenge for an off road racer and

it has always been my dream to compete in it,” said Rundle. The 30-year-old group manager of the family-owned Barden Company in Pretoria started his off road racing career in 2004 in a Toyota Hilux and is delighted to be back in a Hilux. “I have worked closely with Glyn Hall during my off road racing career and have received tremendous help and encouragement from him and his team. We concluded a deal for me to take over Duncan’s Hilux at the end of the current season in Gauteng in November”. With the Courtesy of QuickPic

fully engaged and the car is left in gear. Select ‘P’ with an automatic transmission, or first or reverse gear with a manual transmission.

Avoid hard revving when cold: Starting up from cold is when most engine wear occurs. So give your vehicle a few minutes to warm up by using low engine revs as you drive. When the temperature gauge is in the normal operating zone, your vehicle is ready for what it does best. Driving smoothly: The stop-start nature of city driving is hard on cars. By adopting a smooth, steady driving style you’ll dramatically re- Avoid gutters, kerbs and bumps: duce wear on your engine, clutch, Try to avoid hitting kerbs when transmission, brakes and tyres. parking and potholes at speed. The impact can put the front Always park in gear: Whenever wheels out of alignment, causing you park, ensure the handbrake is uneven and premature tyre wear.

Keep an eye on the gauges: Check your gauges regularly when driving. Water temperature and oil pressure are most important as they monitor your engine’s vital cooling and lubrication systems. If these gauges move into the critical zone, stop the car as soon as practical and get help. Drive for a cleaner environment: The combined effect of all our vehicles reduces air quality, but we can help reduce this environmental impact. Have your vehicle serviced regularly, avoid hard acceleration and braking, keep tyres correctly inflated and try not to carry heavy loads. Driving at dawn or dusk: Make sure to use your headlights rather than parking lights. With the courtesy of Ford South Africa


It was a weekend that promised remaining, while team-mates Leemuch and at one stage a Castrol roy Poulter and Elvéne Coetzee finTeam Toyota Yaris 1-2 looked very ished seventh in the second Castrol much on the cards. But at the end Toyota Yaris after leading the rally of the Toyota Cape Dealer Rally, with just two stages remaining. which finished in Brackenfell near Between them Gemmell and PoulCape Town after two days and ter won seven of the 10 special stages 10 special that stages in the made Durbanville, up the Malmesbury 172 kiand Moorlomereesburg artres of eas, Johnny gravel Gemmell racing and Carolyn Swan fell just over 1,8 seconds the shy of a maiden victory for the new two days. They were well2013 Yaris. Second place behind placed to push for a victory on Mark Cronje and Robin Hough- the Saturday after finishing a ton was enough for Gemmell and close second and third respecSwan to move into second place in tively at the end of the first day. The results are provisional and the championship with two rounds

‘A Castrol Team Toyota Yaris 1-2 looked very much on the cards’

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

subject to an appeal that Toyota Himmel from Namibia and Ar- all manufacturers’ championship. The next round of the champiMotorsport has indicated its in- mand du Toit (Toyota Etios R2). tention to lodge - against a deci- In addition, Toyota won the manu- onship is the Polokwane Rally in sion to rescind a 10-second pen- facturers award for the event and Limpopo on October 18 and 19. alty imposed on the winners for a extended their lead in the overjump start in the last of Friday’s special stages. The sixth round of the eight-event SA Rally Championship was a drama-filled and exciting affair, run in cold and windy weather on the Friday and wet and slippery conditions on the Saturday after overnight rain that continued for most of the morning. While overall victory might have eluded them on this occasion, Toyota claimed wins in the S2000 Challenge for older specification four-wheel drive cars, with local favourite Jean-Pierre Damseaux and Hilton Auffray finishing fourth overall in the Team Total Toyota Auris, and in the S1600 class for Anything you can do I can do better - Namibian teams challenged in wet Cape Rally two-wheel drive cars with Thilo

Johnny Gemmel and Carolyn Swan (1) Photo Quickpic

Mark Cronje and Robyn Houghton (1) Photo Quickpic

Advertise your Car Services here Please call 083 774 2383 or email

Making its South African debut duce the new Ford design direction innovative proportions. Attentionat the 2013 Johannesburg Interna- while also showcasing future smart grabbing lines conceal a unique tional Motor Show in October, the technologies. While you will never new format, with a four-door, Ford Evos Concept embodies the see this car on the road, key design four-seat layout which combines company’s new global design lan- elements and innovations will be dynamic appearance with surprisguage while providing a glimpse at applied to forthcoming Ford vehi- ing practicality. With the length of Ford’s future technology highlight- cles,” says Ford South Africa Mar- a typical C-car, but with width of ed by the use of cloud computing keting Manger Gavin Golightly. a CD-car, the Ford Evos Concept The Ford Evos Concept was con- has a powerful sporting stance. to enhance the driving experience. “The Ford Evos Concept was ceived as a dramatic fastback, comspecifically developed to intro- bining a striking new profile with With the courtesy of Quickpic

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times


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F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone remains in the dark

Bernie Ecclestone will not know kowsky has been jailed for taking until next year whether he faces the “bribe” and other offences. a criminal trial in Germany. Law- In July, the public prosecutor’s yers representing Ecclestone office in Munich filed charges have obtained an extension of a deadline, set by a court in ‘Munich filed charges Munich, to submit their full against Ecclestone of responses to charges against the Formula One group CEO. bribery and abetting’ Ecclestone is alleged to have paid a $44 million “bribe” to Gerhard Gribkowsky in 2006, against Ecclestone of bribery and when the BayernLB banking ex- abetting a breach of fiduciary ecutive was negotiating the sale duty. The Munich Higher Reof his employer’s Formula One gional Court stated that it would shares to CVC Capital Partners, the make a decision in mid-Septembiggest current shareholder. Grib- ber on whether to proceed to trial.

Instead, a court statement last week revealed that the Munich Higher Regional Court will wait for additional responses to the charges, that have been promised by Ecclestone’s legal team. The statement also says that the composition of the panel of judges considering the case will shortly be changing, and consequently the decision on whether to go to trial “can no longer be expected this year.” Ecclestone, who denies any wrongdoing, is also facing a major civil action in the London High Court relating to the same 2006 negotiations. Autoweek

It’s a question which is becoming 6 to 7 litres, which at the current increasingly relevant in a world price of R13,55 for a litre of 95 ocwhere footprint and the intelligent tane unleaded is almost R100, not use of resources is becoming an im- to mention less stress and wear on portant consideration for motoring the vehicle, and fewer emissions. A luggage box is like having an consumers: what size car do I need and if I downsize can I still travel extra boot and the size varies besafely, economically and com- tween 330 and 630 litres with a weight limit of fortably when up to 75 kilos. using a trailer, By comparison, or – even better the boot volume - a roof-mounted of a B-segment luggage box? supermini is in Depending on the region of the vehicle and 300 litres. Other other conditions, advantages of a independent roofbox include testing conducted by Thule Sweden shows that a cost (depending on the model, a roof box is worth a fuel saving of box is roughly half the price of between five and six percent com- a trailer), it requires virtually no pared to towing a similarly-laden maintenance, doesn’t need to be light trailer. This makes perfect licenced, and – unlike a trailer sense as it has a lower impact on you can leave it attached to the vea car’s aerodynamic efficiency and hicle for the duration of a holiday. That’s not a bad thing when parkalso has no mechanical drag. On a C-segment sedan car on a round ing space at a holiday home or trip to Durban from Gauteng, the timeshare resort is in short supply. saving could be in the region of

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Down memory lane with The Star

SAA to restructure in 2014

Thursday, 26 september 2013 The Bushveld Times

Test your observation skills

Many of the answers will be found in the adverts

1886 to 1889 Playing and praying A feature of Johannesburg was its large number of hotels and saloons. Years later, Trelawney Ansell, a pioneer, wrote in I Followed Gold of the triumphant entry of the town’s first barmaid. “Word of her coming had got ahead of her. Tales were being spread of her wonderful beauty, the glorious clothes she wore, the very low cut of her bodices, etc. Special emphasis was also laid on how easily she bestowed her nightly favours – at a price. The day came when the coach was to arrive with this beauty of the bar. The coach arrived with the beauty seated inside. Cheer after cheer went up as she was carried shoulder high from the coach to the billiard room of the Central Hotel, there to be regaled with iced champagne. Then she was forced to stand on the billiard table – in clothing that today would be thought much overdressed, but was then thought naughty – in corset and voluminous drawers edged with plenty of lace – and was sold to the highest bidder for the sum of 150 pounds, champagne flowing like water meanwhile and all laughing and enjoying the fun”. - An extract from The Star “Like it Was 1887-1987”

By early next year SAA, SA Express and Mango are to be integrated into a new airline group that in turn will form part of a new holding company reporting to the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE). SAA will also review its global network and eliminate loss-making routes. This restructuring forms part of SAA’s new Long-term Turnaround Strategy (LTTS) presented to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises in Cape Town earlier in the month. The longawaited presentation was made jointly by Public Enterprises Minister, Malusi Gigaba, SAA Chairperson, Dudu Myeni, and SAA CEO, Monwabisi Kalawe. Of high priority, said Monwabisi, was the recapitalisation of SAA, a review of its global network to eliminate loss-making routes and refleeting to mitigate fuel costs. He confirmed that most of SAA’s __________________________ international routes were currently loss-making and were under March 20 1907 review in co-operation with the Daring Outrage – attempt to hold up

DPE. “Management has clearly identified loss-making routes. We have asked DPE to identify those that are crucial to growth of the economy. Once these have been identified, we’ll pull the plug on those not deemed crucial and that are making losses,” he said. Apart from the airlines group, the new holding company will include three other sub groups: a Maintenance and Repair Organisation (MRO) sub group that will rebuild SAA’s aircraft maintenance capability, a Logistics sub group incorporating Air Chefs and Cargo, and a Loyalty sub group incorporating Voyager. In order to ensure implementation of the LTTS, a turnaround office will be created that, along with the Group executive committee, will report to the CEO, who reports to the board, which in turn reports to the DPE and National Treasury via quarterly reports, and to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee and other stakeholders, as required - Tourism Update.

Trees of the Lowveld

Shortly after 1 o’clock on Wednesday a desperate attempt was made to hold up the branch of the National Bank at the corThe Fever Tree or Acacia Xanthophloea ner of Harrison and Kerk Streets. One o’clock had gone by, the luncheon cars to Braamfontein had passed and the street was rather quiet, when suddenly shot after shot rang out, and the people in the houses close by rushed terrified to the doors. The shots were soon located, and a crowd gathered dismayed around the doors of the unpretentious building which serves the purpose of the bank. Not since the attempt to hold up the branch of the A.B.C. Bank in Commissioner Street has such a crime been perpetrated, and indeed JohanAcacia xanthophloea is a tree from living in the self-same swampy arnesburg has been remarkably free from those daring crimi- the Fabaceae family and is com- eas and not by the tree itself. Fever nal exploits, which were rather monly known in English as the Fe- trees are fast-growing and shortfrequent before and immedi- ver Tree (local East African names lived and they grow to a height of ately after the war - An extract include Olerai, Kimwea, Murera, around 15 to 25m. The characterfrom The Star “Like it Was 1887-1987” and Mwelele). This species of istic bark is smooth, powdery and

acacia is native to Eastern and greenish-yellow in colour and the Southern Africa and can be found tree is one of the few where phoin Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mo- tosynthesis takes place in the bark. zambique, Somalia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and The characteristic holes in the bark Zimbabwe. The tree is only found are caused by woodborers whilst near permanent water sources monkeys and baboons eat the such as rivers, swamps and pans. flowers, young shoots and seeds and elephants eat the pods, leaves The common name, Fever Tree, and branches. The bark is often comes from its tendency to grow used by the local population for in swampy areas. Early European treating fevers and eye complaints settlers noted that malaria fe- and the wood, being a hard and ver was often contracted in areas heavy, is used for building and is where these trees were prevalent. a useful general purpose timber. However, it was then discovered that malaria is spread by mosquitos Wikipedia/Trees of SouthernAfrica



1 - As opposed to oranges (6) 8 - A B&B in Hazyview (9) 10 - Father (2) 11 - Malignant tumour (6) 12 - House, hotel and Spa near Tzaneen (5) 13 - Topolino’s does not only serve pasta (5) 16 - A slice of bacon (6) 17 - Gloomy and unsociable (6) 19 - A national celebration at 3 Bridges (6) 22 - A cage for keeping birds (6) 25 - A member of a US state police force (7) 26 - Kidnapped (8) 29 - Flat surface for launching rockets (3) 30 - The opposite to being younger (5) 31 - A plan, opinion, vague belief (4) 32 - Proudly stocked by Khaki Fever (5) 33 - Of the nose (5) 34 - A family footprint in Hazyview (4)

2 - A butcher and grill in Hazyview (8) 3 - Famous actor or performer (4) 4 - “Tides” has more than seafood (5) 5 - To knock gently (3) 6 - What liquid soap does for dishes (6) 7 - To enquire (3) 9 - 50% discount at year end functions (13) 10 - American slang for criminals (5) 12 - Wild Fig Buffet on a Sunday (7) 14 - A place where wild animals are kept (3) 15 - A period of history (3) 18 - Farm Watch in an English City (9) 20 - Allow to enter (5) 21 - Often exposed when the tide goes out (8) 23 - Colourful name of a thatch repairer (6) 24 - Dramatic works set to music (6) 26 - Decorate or enhance with orna ments (5) 27 -To avoid an American car (5) 28 -The highest in rank (5)

Answers will be provided in the next edition of The Bushveld Times Edition 6 - Crossword Answers


1. A cat had three kittens in January, March and May. What was the mother’s name? 2. What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? 3. What goes around the world but stays in a corner? 4. No sooner spoken than broken. What is it? 5. What is the longest word in the dictionary? 6. A truck driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, and passes at least ten cops. Why is he not caught? 7. How many legs does an elephant have if you count his trunk as a leg? 8. In a year, some months have 30 days, while some have 31. Guess which month has 28 days? 9. What can you hold in your left hand and not in your right? 10. I am a married woman. John’s son is my daughter’s father. What is my relationship to John?

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