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Volume: 1 Edition 12 | Thursday, 5 December 2013

Born to be wild Minister praises environmental monitors in Lowveld The Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi, marked the achievements of Environmental Monitors of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, who form part of the Department’s Environmental Monitor Programme in partnership with SANParks. Environmental Monitors participate in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve (K2C) programme - an extensive community-driven initiative - that provides additional support to the Kruger National Park as well as numerous private host institutions bordering the park. It is an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) funded by the Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programmes (EPIP)

of the Department of Environmental Affairs implemented by the South African National Parks (SANParks).

Picnic spot Competition

According to Environmental Monitoring programme coordinators, the purpose of the day was to celebrate the contribution made by the Environmental Monitors and demonstrate what return-oninvestment, the programme has yielded. Biosphere reserves are conservation flagships that showcase the department’s approach to sustainable development. The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, one of the Department of Environmental Affairs’ six biosphere reserves in South Africa, received the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Or-

Competition winners will be announced before 13 December and prizes will be handed over on the 13th at Beares in Hoedspruit.

ganisation (UNESCO) registration in 2001 and is rated the third largest biosphere reserve in the world. It contains a unique mixture of protected areas, forestry, agricultural and rural landscapes. “The Department of Environmental Affairs plays a central role in empowering communities around the area through its Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme (EPIP) branch, and has nominated the K2C biosphere as one of its flagship programmes in this regard,” she said. “The programme has been running for fourteen months and has already seen 862 Environmental Monitors appointed, of which 168 jobs have been created in

the K2C Biosphere. It has also succeeded in developing a solid network of land owners, communities and private and public institutions in and around the area, to increase public awareness of both the value and threats to biodiversity in the region, and to drive sustainable, environmentally-sound development,” she said. The Environmental Monitors’ focal point is on accredited training of beneficiaries to support rangers in daily activities, located in the lowveld and escarpment regions of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. This includes operations such as patrolling to curb poaching as well as monitoring of biodiversity integrity in and around the protected areas. Department of Environmental Affairs


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Land Rights Amendment Bill published for discussion The Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform has begun a country wide public consultation process on the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill. The consultation process, which started in November, will continue on into 2014. The legislation amends the cut-off date for lodging restitution claims, makes provision for the advertisement of claims and regulates the appointment of the Land Claims Court judge. This process will lead to the second phase of land claims and restitution and will allow individuals and or communities to lodge their claims through the Land Claims Commission. It will include those who missed the deadline of the first lodgement phase (31st Dec 1998). To view a copy of the Bill

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From the desk of the Editor At the end of a day, often when I feel completely exhausted, it has nothing to do with all the things I’ve done. It’s not a consequence of managing numerous responsibilities between work and raising children. Sometimes when I’m exhausted, it was because I tried to bend over backwards to win everyone’s approval. Have you ever really obsessed over what other people think of you? I think many of us carry around unnecessary stress and frustration that we unintentionally misdirect from time to time. I have often pondered over meanings to feedback I’ve received, and it is easy to lose yourself in negative thoughts about criticism. Desperately afraid of being judged, I took everything, from everyone as condemnation. But I haverealized that criticism doesn’t always come gently from someone that is truly trying to help. A lot of the feedback we

receive might be unwanted but we can’t control what other people will say to us, whether they’ll approve or form opinions and share them. But we can control how we respond and learn from it. If you’ve been having a hard time dealing with criticism lately, it may help to remember it is not easy to take an honest look at yourself and your weaknesses, but you can only grow if you’re willing to try. Criticism could allow you to improve in so many ways. It can open you up to new perspectives and new ideas you might not have considered before. Whenever someone challenges you, they help expand your thinking and in the process it could improve your listening skills. By resisting a natural urge of defending yourself to a critic - change your attitude to one of simply considering what the other person is saying.

No nonsense Limpopo MEC for Roads and Trans- while motorists whose alcohol limit had port Lehlogonolo Masoga has adopted exceeded the required limit were fined. a ‘no-nonsense’ approach towards this festive season’s road safety activities. During the road block, Masoga disMasoga launched this year’s Arrive continued a Nissan 1400 from a Alive campaign last Sunday under the motorist. The bakkie had a dysfunctheme “Operation Thibela Kotsi (Prevent tional handbrake and brake lights. Carnage)” in The MEC Polokwane. said thou“We are gosands of trafing to make fic officers sure that our will be delaw enforceployed on all ment officers roads across are visible the province at all times in collaboto control ration with the influx traffic ofof traffic in ficers from the province. various local “Our mesmunicipalisage is very clear: We will not tolerate ties. He said Operation Thibela Kotsi was irresponsible behaviour on our roads. adopted to redefine traffic law enforceWe will show the true value of what ment and increased safety on the roads. we are made of in realising our goal of eliminating carnage on our roads.” “We encourage road users to do their best to avoid road accidents than to Immediately after launching the cam- live with the horrors of the after-crash. paign, the MEC embarked on a road No mercy will be shown to those who block at the notorious N1, where ve- disregard road rules,” said Masoga. hicles were checked for roadworthiness, SAnews

Comments from our readers after Miss Buchmann killed the lion in Limpopo

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Thursday, 5 december 2013 The Bushveld Times

Tourism Indaba 2014 promises to be engaging Indaba 2014 will be condensed into three days and take place from May 10-12. The form of the trade show will also change and will focus on engagement and networking rather than large and elaborate stands. J Hutton, CMO of SA Tourism, emphasised that the transition would take place over two years and would be informed by feedback from the trade. Hutton admitted that Indaba no longer owned the trade show space in South Africa but faced competition from other players. According to Hutton, while the increased competition provided by the additional trade shows forced everyone to “up their game”, it did not do the trade any favours. “By and large we’ve all had fragmented budgets,” said Hutton, adding that exhibitors had to decide whether to split their budget into three trade shows or triple their trade show budget. SA Tourism will be adding two new areas to Indaba – a hosted buyers’ zone and an exhibitors’ zone, said Hutton. The hosted buyers’ zone, or hosted buyers’ village, would consist of three areas that would offer different levels of engagement. These areas will be the Premium Lounge, Buyer Cocoons and Buyer Connect. Buyer Connect would give exhibitors an opportunity to meet face to face with-

hosted buyer’s in short informal meeting sessions. The Premium Lounge would have space for 150 exhibitors, although this would be extended in future shows, and they would be given a minimum of 42 scheduled meetings. The Buyer Cocoon would have WiFi access as well as a coffee bar. Hutton said that while this area might be a private buyer space, there would also be a concierge who would facilitate setting up meetings between exhibitors and buyers. The exhibitor zone would be laid out by zoning ex periences instead of areas. For example,

she said, instead of zoning Mpumalanga and Limpopo and the Kruger, safari products would be grouped together. Speaking about rebranding the tradeshow, Hutton said the creative messaging around Indaba would focus on pitching the show as an African trade show. Hutton said that while the show would become pan-African in nature, SA Tourism would ensure that a minimum level of SA representation would be maintained. Tourismupdate

Battle for SA’s rhino takes to the air the strategic advantage always belongs to the force that has superior airpower. Essentially, although this is a unique “warzone”, the Gazelle will strengthen SANParks existing forces and bring this element to the Kruger National Park.”

The South African National Parks (SANParks) recently unveiled the Gazelle – a military spec helicopter – that will bolster the current fleet involved in AntiPoaching. The Gazelle was donated by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation in association with Paramount, a leading African aerospace and defence group, and is part of an on-going capacity building partnership announced almost one year ago. The Foundation has previously donated a Seeker MKII Surveillance aeroplane, which has been operating in the KNP since December last year. The Gazelle has been purposefully configured by Paramount’s Advanced Technology Division, and will vastly increase the areas that can be traversed and has additional equipment to in-

The Bushveld Times are the official media partner of:

crease aerial support. It has a maximum airspeed of 310km/h, a range of 670km and service ceiling of 5000 meters. The GAZELLE will bring the advantages of a light attack helicopter to the aid of SANParks Anti-Poaching operations the minute it takes to the air.

Mabunda thanked other private sector partners who were raising money to help in the fight against rhino poaching. He mentioned the Bavaria initiative, the Honorary Rangers and Unitrans Volkswagen amongst others. Speaking on the rhino population in the KNP, Mabunda outlined the results of a census taken a few months ago, saying despite the poaching onslaught, the 2013 rhino census in Kruger NP estimated that there are between 8400 and 9600 white rhino. These numbers were estimated by SANParks scientists using a 40% block count survey method. The census took 3 weeks to complete in September, making use of 3 helicopters with a total of 220 flight hours – SANParks

The Chief Executive Officer of SANParks, Dr David Mabunda welcomed this superior addition to the arsenal that is being deployed in the KNP. “We are grateful to have patriotic partners like the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, who have unselfishly been behind SANParks, supporting us with resources regardless of cost. Ivor Ichikowitz, Chairman of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation and founder of the Paramount Group responded, by saying “During war time,

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Thursday, 5 december 2013 The Bushveld Times

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Protection of Personal Information Bill signed into law

Weekly Poll Results In your opinion, do successful land claims result in tangible benefits for the communities involved?

The Protection of Personal Information Bill has been signed into law by President Jacob Zuma. However the provisions of the Act will only come into force a year from the date of publication which was the 26 November 2013. In addition the Regulator, in terms of the Act, is required to publish draft regulations for public comment which will in all probability occur during the first quarter of 2014. The Act will give effect to the right to privacy, by introducing measures to ensure that the personal information of an individual is safeguarded when it is processed by responsible parties. The Act also seeks to balance the right to privacy against other rights, particularly the right of access to information, and to generally protect important interests, including the free flow of information within and across the borders of the country. It also provides for the rights of persons regarding unsolicited e-mails and for the establishment of an Information Protection Regulator. Essentially the Act aims to: • Promote the protection of personal information handled by public & private bodies • Introduce information protection principles and establish minimum requirements • Provide for the establishment of a regulator • Provide for the issuing of codes of conduct • Provide for the rights of persons regarding unsolicited elec tronic communications • Regulate the flow of personal information across the coun try’s borders

Question withdrawn

Review of legal drinking age not new

about a question in the Dramatic Arts paper in the matric exams which was based on an extract of a set work - the play, Tshepang, which depicts the rape of a nine-month-old baby.

The Department of Basic Education’s request for part of a question in the Dramatic Arts matric exam paper to be excluded from the marking process has been approved by Umalusi. “The Department of Basic Education has submitted a formal request to the Quality Assurance Council [Umalusi] to consider a concession, where parts of the question that may have been perceived as offensive by some learners be excluded from the marking process and the marking guideline be adjusted to accommodate this concession. “Umalusi has granted approval and the marking process across the country in Dramatic Arts will be administered in accordance with this amendment,” said the department in a statement. Media reports had raised concern

The examining panel responsible for the setting of the Dramatic Arts question paper, together with the internal moderator appointed by the department, the Umalusi moderation team, and representatives from the provincial education departments had met to discuss the question paper earlier this week. The meeting was provided with samples of scripts of the paper from across the country to establish any disadvantage that learners may have suffered given the sensitivity of the question in the paper.

Government has said that the proposed review of the legal drinking age is noth- To this end, the national Department ing new and has been part of discussions of Health has developed a Draft Consince 2010. This assertion was made in trol of Marketing of Alcohol Bevera statement by the office of the Deputy ages Bill. The bill, together with other measures such as reviewing the legal Minister of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Obed Bapela, after he was age, the introduction of zero tolerance for drinking and driving and education misrepresented in media reports. “The Deputy Minister was merely highlight- campaigns in schools, amongst others ing the discussions that are in the public – will play an important role in combatting alcohol-related injury. “In support domain at present and was encouraging of President Jacob Zuma’s call for urcommunities to make comment,” said spokesperson Sifiso Ngcobo. One of gent interventions to address alcohol the key focus areas of government’s and substance abuse, the Deputy MinAnti-Substance Abuse Programme ister has initiated campaigns throughof Action is the introduction of new out the country to raise awareness, eslegislation to ban alcohol advertising. pecially amongst the youth.” SAnews

The department said while there was no compelling evidence to confirm that learner responses were adversely affected by the sensitivity of the question, it did concede that parts of the question may have been perceived negatively by some learners, depending on their personal backgrounds. SAnews

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1. She is a photographer. She took his picture, developed it and hung it to dry. 2. Zambia 3. Verkoyansk (In Serbia) 4. Jennyass 5. Knitting 6. Grapefruit 7. Elton John 8. Dogs 9. Let them eat cake Look for the quiz on page 7

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Southern Cross Schools Nature Based Schooling P.O. Box 116, Hoedspruit, 1380 Phone: 015 793 0590/1 Fax: 015 793 0557 Email: Southern Cross Schools based in Hoedspruit near the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park, is a unique boarding environment located in the breathtakingly beautiful Lowveld in Limpopo Province. An English medium co-educational day and boarding school, the school offers pre-primary, preparatory and secondary education to Grade 12 with boarding available for learners from Grade 6 and upwards. The school is ISASA register, is not a profit company and operates under the mantle of a registered trust. Our learners receive an outstanding, well-rounded education based on Christian principles and built on a deep respect for the natural environment.Southern Cross Learners follow the national CAPS curriculum and write Independent Examination Board (IEB) examinations. Boarding is available to learners from Grade 6 to 12 in beautiful thatched lodges. Being situated in an 1100 Wildlife Estate makes it possible to expose learners to the wonders of the natural environment daily. The school uses nature based teaching and learning to deliver that national curriculum, and wherever possible learning is linked to the natural environment.

• Unique boarding in magnificient nature reserve • Wide range of sporting and cultural extra-murals and activities • Outstanding academics - 100% IEB pass rate, multiple distinctions • Exceptional learner experience - small classes and individual attention • Developing enviromentally aware and socially conscious future leaders

Independent Schooling like no other

Thursday, 5 december 2013 The Bushveld Times

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1 - Jesus’ Mother (4) 2 - In Poland their webs are common decorations on Christmas trees (6) 3 - President Teddy Roosevelt banned this item from the White House in 1912 (4) 5 - The first artificial Christmas tree (made from dyed goose feathers) is believed to have been made by this nation (7) 7 - Sacred (4) 8 - Carols by candlelight concert is a major concert held on Christmas Eve in this Australian city (9) 11 - Their traditional Christmas meal used to be pig’s head and mustard (7) 12 - This fruit is believed to have been one of the first Christmas decorations (6) 14 - This custom of hanging up this item was started by the Dutch (9) 16 - In South Africa it is extremely … to see snow during Christmas time (4) 17 - The first printed reference to a Christmas tree was in 1531 in this country (7) 19 - If you are in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve you can join a parade that travels to which Church? (8) 20 - In Ireland the woman bake lots of rounds cakes filled with this for everyone in the house (5) 24 - Old English for seventh day of the week (5) 25 - Vampires might have used this as a Christmas tree decoration 27 - An excess of 3000 tons are used yearly to wrap turkeys (4) 29 - You are most likely to perform this action to your table on Christmas day (3) 30 You could use this as decoration on your presents (3)

1 - Name one item kids leave for Santa (4) 2 - Christopher was one. (Non-religious) (5) 4 - Christians may do this before they start a meal (4) 6 - Ancient peoples like druids believed this plant was sacred and could cure infertility (9) 9 - The reindeer pulling Father Christmas’ sleigh are most likely to be which gender if you look at factual occurrences during this time of the year? (7) 10 - Father Christmas will ring this from his sleigh (4) 13 - It is believed that this Viking god gave out both gifts and punishments during Christmas time (4) 15 - A natural yeast - to bake with this Christmas (7) 18 - More than 400 000 people get sick after Christ mas for eating this type of food (6) 21 - According to data analysed from Facebook two weeks prior to this holiday, it is the most popular time for couples to break up (9) 22 - They are Santa’s little helpers (4) 23 - In Greece, Italy and Spain this is signed into law to pay this to employees during Christmas (5) 25 - To purchase (3) 26 - City referred to as Big Apple (3) Abbr. 27 - Abbreviation – feet 28 - If you were not on the naughty list Santa might bring you some (4) 31 - In France the children put them in front of the fire place (6) 32 - In the Greek language X means the same (5) 33 - In Ireland the man of the house would per form this action on a candle on Christmas Eve so it would show the way to lost travellers (3) 34 - In Norway they harvest this in fall and save the best for Christmas time (5) 36 - This is a common decoration on Christmas trees in Sweden (4)



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Down Memory Lane with The Star The 1950’s New Gateway

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MARIE HELM - HIPNOTERAPEUT Gesertifiseerde Hipnoterapeut, (Nie medies) Angs en vrees verteer jou lewe? Kom ons stop dit saam – met hipnoterapie. Skakel Marie by 082 683 2835 MISCELLANEOUS

Christmas general knowledge crossword

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Test your observation skills

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The 1950s had dawned bright and sunny on a South Africa still respected across the globe. When Smuts died in 1950 England had mourned him as her own. The Star’s social pages show what a fashionable city Johannesburg was to visit in those days. Because of the development of fast intercontinental airliners – essentially a phenomenon of the 50’s – the city suddenly usurped Cape Town’s position as South Africa’s grand entrance. The country as a whole was a tremendously popular destination. King George of England, after his major operation in 1952, expressed one desire – to have a long South African holiday. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands came out on an extended visit in 1951. So did a whole pageant of the rich and the elegant, of statesmen, athletes, stars and writers. South Africa welcomed them all. The Union was popular in the United Nations too. When the 50’s began men of the SAAF’s famous Cheetah squadron were fighting, and dying, for the UN against the communists in Korea. South Africans were welcomed in the Olympics and in the Empire Games, and at the Oval, and by singing Welshmen at Cardiff Arms Park; they were welcome in Adelaide and toasted in Wellington. Springbok teams often played simultaneously at home and abroad – Jack Cheetham’s cricketers playing in England while Robin Thomson’s British Lions were touring South Africa. But by the mid 50’s the world image of South Africa was beginning to change – An extract from The Star “Like it was 1887 – 1987”

Crossword answers to edition 11

Living with emotiontional stress and anxieties is not uncommon for adults. But what if the person suffering from some sort of fear or apprehension is a child? Too often, children are experiencing a negative reaction to events taking place in their environment. Parents become separated or divorced, a child may experience some sort of traumatic abuse or perhaps a child lives in a place that exhibits excessive amounts of violence. It is hard to deny the fact the world is changing on a daily basis, and our children have to cope with

Project 24 in Phalaborwa issues their parents and grandparents didn’t even consider. Immediate satisfaction from television newscasts and newspapers constantly bombard children with negative images of death and destruction, and violence in television programs, movies or video games have created a cacophony of aggressive behaviour in adolescents.

Whatever happened to the days when children played with the innocence of their youth? Child therapists are infiltrating a kind of therapy that can help children recapture a sense of tranquillity by exposing them to play therapy. Child play therapy exercises not only help children develop a sense of creativity and imagination, but they also help children communicate various fears and anxieties they have about the world around them.

Child therapy sessions use various games and toys so children will be able to express how they feel about events taking place in their lives at the time. Much like talk therapy for adults, play therapy allows a child to act out certain scenarios by using clinically proven tools to encourage expression. The end result demonstrates to therapists where they need to focus on to help a patient cope with their feelings. To get involved or read more go to:

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Hunting contributes to preservation according to PHASA The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) said that the abundance of white rhino in South Africa is almost exclusively due to the impact of private wildlife ownership and trophy hunters. South Africa is home to around 19 000 white rhinos or about 75% of the world’s entire population. An extract from the Government Gazette 36117, dated 1 February 2013 on white rhinos states that rhino numbers have been growing at 7% per year from about 6 000 in 1991 to today’s figure of an estimated 18 800 individuals.

it wasn’t for hunting, the rhino might have already been extinct.” she says. The biggest threat to rhino is poaching. In 2010, 333 rhino were poached, in 2011 448, in 2012 668 and the figure for 2013 have some experts predicting it to reach the 1000 level. Kitsfoff says she is alarmed by the amount of people who still don’t know the difference between poaching and hunting. “Hunting is a legal activity which, in addition to being a very effective conservation mechanism, contributes approximately R2 billion to the fiscus every year and creates work for around 100 000 people, mostly in marginal areas. Poaching, on the other hand, is stealing,” she says.

‘Hunting is a legal activity but poaching, on the other hand, is stealing’

According to the gazette: “A number of key events apparently contributed to the exponential increase in the national population of white rhino since the late 1800s, such as the advent of translocations and policy changes both locally and internationally that cre- “What’s more, the hunting and wildlife ated economic incentives for the private ranching community is very involved ownership and protection of rhinos.” in anti-poaching initiatives. PHASA, for example, has raised R9 million PHASA CEO Adri Kitshoff says that through the annual African Wildlife economic incentive is the substantial Heritage Gala Dinner which is used amount of money foreign hunters pay to to train guides, rangers and protected come here and hunt. “A rhino can fetch area managers as well as anti-poaching up to R650 000, which is a massive in- initiatives across the SADC region.” centive for farmers to dedicate their land to rhino and other wildlife conservation.” Issued by du Plessis Associates on “It may sound counter-intuitive but for- behalf of the Professional Hunteign hunters are the biggest contributors ers’ Association of South Africa. to the preservation of the species and if (PHASA)

Domestic workers set for wage increase The minimum wage for domestic workers is set to increase from the 1st December 2013. The adjustment is part of an annual binding determination by the Labour Minister in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

Bribes plague Kruger tourism Tourists visiting the Kruger National Park continue to be approached by police soliciting bribes, IOL reported last month. According to the report, the police insist that drivers pay ‘spot fines’ in cash, often requesting amounts in excess of R1 000. Getaway Magazine Editor, Cameron Ewart-Smith, said a number of international tourists had reported inci-

dents of bribery and intimidation by the police. Lisa Sheard, Chairperson of Kruger Lowveld Tourism, said this was an on-going problem that intensified over the Christmas period. She said the organisation had engaged the police, Mpumalanga Traffic Department, government officials and the MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism on this issue. “I am attending a tourism safety and security meeting and I intend to raise it again,” said Sheard. Kruger Lowveld Tourism has advised members to deal with the issue as follows: If stopped by a traffic officer, always check and record his/her name and registration plate of the vehicle. It is required

by law that an official must display his initials and surname on the uniform. Should this not be the case, take a photo and pass it on to Kruger Lowveld Tourism. Also ask for the address and telephone number of the Traffic Head Office. It is unlawful to pay or demand any admission of guilt on the road, therefore make sure that a summons is issued to you with a court and payment date. Request the address of the Head Office and forward it, along with your concerns to that address. Never agree to pay a cash, spot fine, rather offer to go to the closest magistrate’s office or police station (if after hours) with the officer if they do not withdraw their request for a cash payment Tourism update

From 1 December to 30 November 2014, the minimum wages for domestic workers, who work more than 27 hours per week, will be: • Area A [all urban areas with munici palities such as Buffalo City, City of Tshwane, Emalahleni, Johannesburg and others]: R9.63 hourly, R433.35 weekly (for a 45-hour week) and R 1 877.70 monthly (for a 45-hour week) • Area B [includes those municipalities not included in Area A]: R8.30 hourly, R373.50 weekly (for a 45-hour week) and R1618.37 monthly (for a 45-hour week)

per week or less are as follows: • Area A: R11.27 hourly, R304.29 week ly (for a 27-hour week) and R1 318.48 monthly (for a 27-hour week) • Area B: R9.80hourly, R264.60 weekly (for a 27-hour week and R1 146.51 monthly (for a 27-hour week) The minimum rate in Area A was calculated as - minimum wage for the past period + consumer price index (CPI) + 1% and the minimum rate in Area B as - minimum wage for the past period + CPI + 2%.

“The Department of Labour wishes to caution employers that in terms of the law, a domestic worker may not be made to work more than 45 hours a week; work more than nine hours per day for a five-day work week; and also work more than eight hours a day for a six-day work week,” said the department. Overtime must be paid at one and half times the employee’s normal wage or an emThe minimum wages for domes- ployee may agree to get paid time-off. SAnews tic workers who work 27 hours

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3 Large carrots, scrubbed 1 stalk celery with leaves 1 apple, diced. Juice all the ingredients in a masticating-type juice extractor. Drink carrot juice as soon as it has been juiced. A juice extractor should be used to make vegetables juices while a

With only 20 days to go until Christmas day - don’t allow this year’s Christmas to become a typical stressful event. The expense of buying gifts, the pressure of last minute shopping, and the heightened expectations of family togetherness can all combine to undermine our best intentions. Budgeting, shopping for presents, planning the best Christmas lunch to impress the in-laws can certainly put on the pressure – but it can so easily be avoided.

stress and delegate tasks. You don’t need to do everything yourself. Consider keeping it simple – for instance, you could always arrange for a ‘buffet’ lunch, where everybody brings a platter. Don’t expect miracles. If you and certain family members bicker all year long, you can be sure there’ll be tension at Christmas gatherings. Use relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing to cope with anxiety or tension. Family members involved in afterlunch activities (such as cricket on the back lawn) are less likely to get into arguments. Plan for something to do as a group after lunch if necessary.

liquidiser, power blender or food processor is good for making fruit juices and smoothies. A liquidiser, power blender or food processor breaks up food to a pulp, whereas a juicer extracts the liquid part out of a plant and leaves all the solids in a hopper. This information appears in Naturally Nutritious Wholefood Cookbook by Heidi du Preez and Karen Werge Tilney, published by Natural Nutrition.

Safety on the beach Don’t let your coastal holiday turn into a nightmare - here are some basic safety tips.

Christmas lights are like some municipal officials... They all hang out together, half of them don’t work and the ones that do aren’t that bright ``` Why is Christmas just like a day at the office ? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

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Christmas Countdown

Buy a few extra gifts, such as chocolates, just in case you forget somebody or you have unexpected guests bearing gifts. It is natural for us females to take on the ‘matriarch’ roll but avoid the added


Rip currents cause the most incidents and can occur at any beach with waves. Signs of a rip include: discoloured, brown water (caused by sand being stirred up from the seabed); foam on the water’s surface and debris floating out to sea. If you’re caught in a rip, stay calm and if you can stand, wade -don’t swim. Keep hold of your board or inflatable to help you float. Raise your hand and shout for help. Never try to swim directly against the rip or you’ll get exhausted. Swim parallel to the beach until free of the rip, then make for shore. The safest part of the beach is where the lifeguards patrol. Lifeguards will move the flags to adjust for changing conditions during the course of the day as rip currents and other dangers can come and go with the tide and varying weather conditions. Find out about the beach before you go there, and check the weather and tide times. Ask at the local tourist information or read the safety signs at the en-

trance. This will help you to identify and avoid hazards as well as find out about the safest areas to swim. The signs will also have specific information that you can provide to emergency services to help them locate you quickly. Never swim alone. Never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas, even a slight breeze offshore can sweep you out to sea very quickly. Keep an eye on children at all times and agree on a meeting point when you arrive at the beach in case you’re separated. Watch out for waves, especially if you have small children. Even a small wave can knock a child over. Dumping waves are particularly dangerous. These waves break with great force in shallow water and occur during low tide. Walking on the beach could turn into a disaster if you step on a jellyfish, the sting can be very painful. The best advise it not to rub the affected area as this will make the pain worse. Lightly spray the area with seawater and apply a cold compress if it’s available. NHS

Don’t make it easy for thieves Don’t allow the excitement of your upcoming holiday make you forget about the dangers of leaving your home alone. By following some simple tips you could keep the burglars at bay and avoid coming home to natural disaster. Secure all ladders, axes, hammers and saws – anything that will help thieves break into your house. Lock all doors and windows, set alarms and use deadbolts. Leave your curtains open and your blinds up. Make sure you turn off all appliances at the wall to minimise the risk of electrical fires. Prevent leaks by turning off your water. Alternatively, have someone stay at your house or drop in regularly. They won’t

be able to stop a pipe leaking or bursting, but they can deal with it sooner. Minimise the amount of food you keep in the fridge and freezer - less will be lost if there’s a power cut while you’re away. Turn down the ring tone on your phone. Long loud unanswered rings are just another way of shouting out, “No-one’s here.” Don’t advertise your absence on your phone answering machine, sites like Facebook or anywhere else that isn’t secure. Leave an emergency contact number with friends or neighbours. Cancel all deliveries. If you are away for an extended period, arrange for someone to come and mow your lawns and tend the garden. Tell trusted neighbours that you are going away and to keep an eye on your home.

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Quiz 1. A woman shoots her hus band. Then she holds him under water for five minutes and finally she hangs him. But after 5 minutes they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner. How can this be? 2. Which African country is known as the country of copper 3. The coldest place on earth is? 4. If a male donkey is a jack ass, what is a female donkey called? 5. If you happen to be plaining and pearling what you be doing? 6. Name the fruit which earned its name from the way it hung in branches like grapes. 7. Who is Reginald Dwight bet ter known as? 8. Toy, gun and working are all types of? 9. When told that the people had no bread was was Marie Antionette’s reply? (keep in mind her answer led to her decapitation) Look for the answers on page 3

Watering when away

What can you do if you’re about to leave for holiday and can’t find a plantsitter to regularly water your indoor plants? Just like pets, your indoor ferns and marigolds need attention, too! Fortunately, there are many simple and cheap DIY tricks to keep your green friends properly hydrated so that you don’t return home to a house full of wilting and yellowing plants. For many houseplants, it can be as simple as sealing a plastic bag over the foliage, which acts as a miniature greenhouse, preventing the soil from drying up quickly. You also can get super-crafty and set up a DIY watering system with a container full of water and a nylon cord or shoelace. When stretched from the container to the pot, the cord wicks water down to the plant’s soil on a gradual basis. For the diaper technique, make sure the diaper does not cover the drainage hole. Whatever you decide to do, give yourself a big pat on the back for being such a responsible and caring plant owner. - -WonderhoW- -

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‘What’s up’ in December December 13-14, 2013, mid-evening until dawn, Geminids Radiating from near the bright stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini the Twins, the Geminid meteor shower is one of the finest meteors showers visible in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere. The meteors are plentiful, rivalling the August Perseids, with perhaps 50 to 100 meteors per hour visible at the peak. Plus Geminid meteors are often bright, so, if there’s a bright moon, many meteors may be able to overcome the harsh moonlight. These meteors are often as good in the evening as in the hours between midnight and dawn. However this eyear a bright waxing gibbous moon will interfere with the Geminids throughout most of the peak night. Your best bet is to watch on the mornings of December 13 and 14, from moonset until dawn.


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December 16, Aldebaran close to the moon Aldebaran is an orange giant star located about 68 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus. With an average apparent magnitude of 0.87 it is the brightest star in the constellation and is one of the brightest stars in the night time sky. The name Aldebaran is Arabic and translates literally as “the follower”, presumably because this bright star appears to follow the Pleiades, or “Seven Sisters” star cluster in the night sky.

National heritage under serious attack A total of 550 rhino have been killed in the Kruger National Park in the past 11 months, Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said on Monday. During the past five years, more than 1 457 rhino had been killed for their horns in the park, she said in a speech prepared for delivery to a meeting of Parliament’s environment portfolio committee at the Kruger National Park. “Rhino poaching poses a threat to South Africa’s national security, threatens the country’s national heritage and the future of the country’s tourism industry,” Molewa said.


The government declared the illegal killing of rhino and trade in rhino horn a national security threat in 2011. An increase in the number of rhino deaths prompted the government to make R75m available to SA National Parks for the employment and training of additional rangers for the 2013/14 and 2015/16 financial years.


Apartments available

This figure was announced during Molewa’s budget speech last year. “The South African government is acutely aware of the seriousness and intensity of wildlife crime, specifically rhino poaching,” she said. SAPA

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10 Years until extermination? Against the backdrop of an ever-escalating attack on Africa’s wildlife and the particularly alarming increase in ivory poaching, the International Union of Nature Conservation (IUCN) has convened a meeting in Gaborone, Botswana for December. “African elephant range states, as well as many of IUCN’s members, are concerned that this problem, increasingly entrenched in networks of organised crime, cannot be addressed by the actions of environment ministries and wildlife authorities alone,” says the IUCN. At the last count, sub-Saharan Africa is home to fewer than 500 000 elephants. The current estimated off-take from poaching is assessed at around 40 000 a year. Without accounting for growth rates it will be a mere 10 years before the herds are exterminated. The elephant problem is indicative of the onslaught that all African wildlife is facing and without wildlife, Africa’s nature-based tourism industry will cease to exist.

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Warning to vaccinate domestic pets

The tourism industry currently employs 12.8 million people (direct and indirect) in sub-Saharan Africa and the social fallout of a collapse in the industry would be felt globally. Governments would also suffer. Direct revenues from sub-Saharan African tourism industry were US$36 billion in 2012. This represents a total contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of 7.3% to GDP. “The importance of the elephant summit lies in the recognition that the problem of elephant poaching is an international one and can only be tackled if enough political will and cooperation is found. In fact, it is likely that the links between wildlife crime, syndicated criminal networks and international ‘terrorist’ groups are so important that the elephant summit may lead to international recognition of the scale of the problem and should aim for United Nations involvement,” says Map Ives, Wilderness Safaris Conservation Manager in Botswana. Tourismupdate

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development says it is compulsory for all domestic pets to be vaccinated against rabies and failure to do so is illegal and a public health risk. “All dogs and cats over the age of three months that have not been vaccinated for rabies this year must be vaccinated. The public can choose between having the vaccination of their pets done by their private veterinarian or by the State,” the department said. The department warned that the presence of rabies in an area must always be considered as extremely serious. This follows the recent attack by a cat in Rosashof in the Emfuleni area, Gauteng. The cat, which bit two people, has been put down after it was found to have been infected with rabies. Rabies is a disease affecting the brain and can lead to the death of the person or animal involved. Symptoms vary widely and include: behavioural changes, aggressiveness and paralysis. Symptoms can occur from seven days to six months after being affected with the virus. SAnews

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Business and the Law Why not kick me when I am down?

After having read through this article you will probably wonder what on earth it has to do with business and the law. Well, in truth – not a lot. However, when using the law and when you are in the right, you still need to consider carefully what you are about to do, why you are about to do it and what the implications are likely to be. I have often wondered why, under certain circumstances, some individuals enjoy nothing more than to kick others when they are down and yet many, hopefully the majority of us, are sympathetic and will do all in our power to pick the unfortunate person up off the floor. Is kicking someone when they are down a “power” thing? Do people who are given a “little” bit of power go out of their way to use it and to hell with the consequences? Does such an action make them feel momentarily good about themselves? What type of individual takes pleasure in doing such a thing? Have they themselves suffered at the hands of similar individuals? What goes through their minds

when they do such a thing? How do they manage to sleep? – hopefully they don’t. A few weeks back I was unfortunate enough to witness such an event. A large family, finding themselves without a place to stay, were given temporary housing by a friend who had leased a property some months before. Having no other choice at the time, the family took up the kind offer and moved into the property whilst looking for alternative accommodation. However this vulnerable family, who were just beginning to overcome innumerable obstacles and were finally starting to find their feet, were unceremoniously evicted and given less than 24 hours to vacate the premises.

Normally, one would assume that a summary eviction would come about as a result of either the rent being in arrears or because of damage to the property or perhaps there had been a severe altercation with the rental agent or the landlord. But in this instance, it was not the case at all. The motivation behind the eviction is vague as it would appear to have been triggered by an outstanding debt owed by one spouse, who lives apart from the family, to a third party. This in turn resulted in the rental agency and the landlord taking action against the innocent spouse and requiring that the family leave the property forthwith. For the purposes of this discussion let’s agree that the rental agency and the landlord were well within their rights to request that the family vacate the premises as, in all probability, the good Samaritan

who came to their aid was not within his or her rights to “sub lease” the property in the first place. My argument is not about the legality of the circumstance but the methodology adopted by those wielding the “power”. Who in their right mind gives a large family with young kids 24 hours, not only to pack up a house and to move but, to find somewhere to move to? Yes they may have inadvertently and unknowingly been caught up in a “sublease” not provided for in the original lease agreement but surely sanity and humanity should have prevailed. Surely those involved should have ascertained the facts and assisted the family in every way reasonably possible. Surely they should have looked to resolving the unfortunate situation in the best interests of all concerned. But I guess that would have been time consuming and too much trouble. Anyway, the rental agent and the landlord had the legal right and power simply to evict and so they did. QED. My plea to those who wield power, more especially those who wield a “little bit” of circumstantial and temporary power, is to consider carefully any decision before taking action. Take the time to ascertain all the facts up front and, more importantly, take the time to consider the immediate and longer term implications of your proposed course of action. When making a decision don’t be frightened to use a little humanity more especially when your decision will impact those in a more vulnerable position than yourself – If you do, I can promise that you will sleep a lot better at night.-Peter Cumberlege

MEC urges outlets to comply with liquor legislation Appeal to compliance The Mpumalanga MEC for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, Mrs Pinky Phosa, has called on all liquor outlets in the province to comply with the legislation. Phosa made an appeal after the provincial liquor inspectors, in conjunction with the South African Police Service, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Cooperative Government and Traditional Affairs, recently raided several liquor outlets during a three days blitz around the Mbombela municipality. Of the 25 liquor outlets which were inspected, 11 did not comply with the Liquor Act and were closed down, while the remaining 14 were given fines totalling R18 000 for contravening vari-

ous provisions of the Liquor Act and without the Liquor Board’s consent. their licence conditions. These con- “I am calling on all liquor licence holdtraventions included the sub-letting ers in the province to comply with our liquor legislation. Failure to comply will leave the department with no choice ‘Of the 25 liquor outlets which were inspected, 11 did not comply but to close those non-compliant liquor outlets. The department will continue with the Liquor Act and were to partner with other law enforcement closed down, while the remaining agencies, including the criminal justice 14 were given fines totalling R18 cluster, in its quest to ensure that the liquor industry is well regulated in our 000 for contravening various province,” said MEC Phosa. When deprovisions’ livering her Policy and Budget speech earlier this year, MEC Phosa made a of liquor licences; failure to produce commitment to fund the Mpumalanga Liquor Authority (MLA) to the tune of liquor licences upon demand; trading with a deceased’s licence and effect- R6,6 million to ensure that liquor afing structural changes to the premised fairs are well regulated in the province.


2013 saw the re-inception of the Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce. Sitting down to pen the final newsletter of 2013, I look back at what we have achieved throughout the year. I have come to the realisation that, with the assistance and invaluable support from all our members , the HCC was able to forge better working relationships with local business and government alike, it afforded us the opportunity work closely with the Maruleng Municipality on most of their projects and we want to thank the Mayor, Municipal Manager, Ward Councillors, Directors and staff of the Maruleng Municipality for opening their doors to us and allowing the Chamber to form part of the process in delivering a better service to local business and the com munity. I would like to thank our dedicated committee for their effort and time, all our members for their continued support, as well as the AHI for their guidance. The loss of one of the HCC’s founding members, treasurer and very dear friend, Andrew Smith, left an immense gap in our community and hearts, and is sorely missed. Andrew’s optimism, knowledge and consistency contrib uted to the Chambers’ success thus far. It is with renewed optimism and energy that the HCC is embarking on 2014. A myriad of new opportunities and projects were identified for next year, where many of them will focus on business and entrepreneurial, socio-economic, tourism, sport and local product development. We look forward to the branding of our town and other infrastructure maintenance projects from our Municipality, Anti-Poaching efforts from our valiant “bush crusaders”, festivals, markets, air shows and outdoor events, but to name a few. I wish all our members and their families a blessed festive season and a prosperous 2014! Enjoy the holidays and return safely to our beautiful Hoedspruit. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. BE PART OF HOEDSPRUIT. JOIN THE CHAMBER.

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The Consumer Protection Act “Time to cool off” ment signed. You are on top of the world.

Section 16 of the Consumer Protection Act deals with a consumer’s right to a cooling-off period after direct marketing has resulted in a transaction or agreement having taken place. So, there you are, visiting the coast for the weekend and gazing out over the tranquil blue sea, it’s a beautiful sunny day, the kids are happily playing on the beach and you and your husband have not had an argument for over a month. Things are amazing and to top it all, you are talking to a sales consultant who has just introduced you to the most fantastic time share unit you have ever seen. Although it is more than a little over the agreed budget, you and your husband spend a few moments together working out what you can cut from your expenses in order to cover the monthly repayments. You both keep looking back at the apartment and, as most of us would do, you quickly convince yourselves that it is perfect and that if you forfeit a few little things you will fairly easily cover the cost. With broad smiles all around, the deal is struck and the agree-

Monday morning and back in the city it’s raining, the kids were late for school, the car would not start, no chance of doing the washing as the damn machine is on the blink and you don’t have a spin dryer anyway. The day goes from bad to worse and when hubby finally gets home, late as usual, you are not a happy chappy. Over dinner the inevitable happens and you both have second thoughts about the time share unit. Both agreeing that perhaps you were a little hasty. What now? In the good old days you would probably have been in more than a little trouble, as the deal was done and dusted. However, not today. Thanks to the Consumer Protection Act, “a consumer may rescind a transaction resulting from any direct marketing without reason or penalty, by notice to the supplier in writing, or another recorded manner and form, within five business days after the later of the date on which the transaction or agreement was concluded or the goods that were the subject of the transaction were delivered”. Phew – you are off the hook. Please note that the comments and remarks contained in this article must not be acted upon in isolation and must be considered in conjunction with the actual provisions of both the Act and Regulation to which they apply. The Act can be viewed by going to documents/download.php?f=99961 and the Regulations documents/detail.php?cid=292342 - Peter Cumberlege

Oman market opens doors for Mpumalanga agriculture Four Mpumalanga Communal Property paigne farm in Bushbuckridge, which focuses on citrus and on vegetables. Associations (CPAs) have been identified to trade their produce in the Sultanate of Oman. This follows a three-day visit to “The investment possibilities cover proMpumalanga by a delegation from the duction, processing, packaging, transport and other logistics. Mncwango country late last month. “With regards added that the delegation also visited to key agricultural investment areas, the delegation identified the readily avail- Karan Beef in Balfour, which is one of the largest producers of beef in South able communal property association farms acquired through the government’s Africa and throughout the continent. land reform programme,” said Premier Other areas of cooperation will include exchange programmes on veterinary David Mabuza’s spokesman Zibonele Mncwango. Mncwango said the five- services, agriculture research, direct airmember delegation from Oman, led by line flights to Oman and environmental Oman’s Under-secretary for Agriculture management issues. Premier Mabuza suggested that a permanent team be esand Fisheries Wealth Dr Ishaq Ahmed Mohamed Al-Roqishi, visited govern- tablished to start working on the trade ment departments, provincial public en- partnership. Dr Al-Roqishi said: “With tities, local farmers and also a number the facilities and opportunities you have in your beautiful province, we hope our of agricultural projects throughout the business people will easily be attracted province. The farms include Coromandel to invest. Our priority is first to give a in Mashishing, which produces wheat and specialises in agri-tourism, the Giba report to the minister of agriculture farm in Hazyview, which produces ba- and our Cabinet and, based on their approval, we will need to initiate a visit by nanas and vegetables, the Ndwandwe our business people to Mpumalanga.” Trust in Badplaas, which focusses on – potatoes and citrus and the Cham-

Tax Guide for Small Businesses SARS has published a tax guide for small business. This is a general guide and deals with the taxation of small businesses. It does not go into precise technical and legal detail and should not be used as a legal reference. The information provided relates to the 2012/13 year of assessment and covers, in the case of individuals, the period 1 March 2012 to 28 February 2013; and in the case of companies and close corporations, tax years ending during the 12 months period ending on 31 March 2013. To view the document -

SARS publish Guide on Income Tax and the Individual The purpose of the guide is to inform individuals who are SA residents of their income tax commitments under the Income Tax Act. The guide does not attempt to reflect every scenario but does provide clarity on the majority of issues that are likely to arise in practice and it does not deal with precise technical and legal detail associated with taxation and should not be used as a legal reference. To view the document:

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“Think Before You Click” Wildlife Photography by Chris Martin Wildlife photography has never been so popular. In itself, this has many advantages with the development of better cameras, better lenses and all manner of photographic gadgets. Conversely it means also that there is a lot of great photographic material out there in both

social and printed media. It has probably never been harder to establish a “brand”, or reputation, as a great wildlife photographer. We are lucky in Southern Africa that we are blessed with photographic opportunity at every turn with the remarkable array of flora and fauna that we

have on our doorstep, so much so that we don’t need to spend $000’s traveling to remote destinations to get the images of a lifetime. With a little thought and imagination we can all produce wildlife imagery of the highest order in our local parks and game reserves, the secret lies in developing your technique to capture images that offer something different to other photographers out there. For example, how many unflattering photographs do we all see of animal and birds shot out of the window of a car in the Kruger Park, camera pointed downwards and with no thought for the environment in which the animal lives in? These images might be nice keepsakes, but in many ways these images look the same as those shot in captivity and really lack punch. Far better to look for the interest value in an image and try and capture action from a different angle such as the shot of the Egyptian Goose (left).

the majority of animal species and birds (especially working from bird hides) and the only inconvenience will be dirty / dusty clothing. A small price to pay for a knock out image good enough to grace the pages of Africa Geographic!! Lazy photographers will just point and shoot from the window of the vehicle, and yes , on occasions they might get lucky but “Get Down and Dirty” more often than not, they will just get an A simple solution is to try and shoot at ordinary mug shot of no real quality. Get down in the dirt and you enter the world the eye level of your subject. Whilst this of your subject, and see it from their eye can of course prove difficult to achieve with larger and more dangerous spe- level. After a while they will adjust to cies, it’s easy enough to achieve with your being there and you might even get

Giving is better than receiving

Rhino horn coming home Will it lead to prosecution?

An agreement between the South African Government and People’s Republic of China in committing to fight the illegal exploitation of wildlife crime has yielded positive results, with the return of poached rhino horn and elephant ivory back to South Africa. A consignment of 33 rhino horns and a large number of elephant ivory products seized by customs officials in Hong Kong were returned to the country at OR Tambo Airport International Airport. Explaining the events leading up to the return of the products, Colonel Johan Jooste, Senior Rhino Investigator in Hawks, said that during October 2011, a container allegedly containing waste, parings and scrap plastic was cleared at the Import and Export customs office of the South African Revenue Services in Alberton, Johannesburg, to be shipped to Hong Kong.

The Bushveld Times’ first introduced Alyssa Carter when she was acknowledged by the South African National Parks for her contribution to conservation and received the merit award for this year’s Corporate Contribution to Conservation in recognition of her entrepreneurial spirit and acknowledging that the fight against rhino poaching requires funding. In the true Christmas spirit of giving she

has launched her first specific project; her aim is to raise enough money to help supply a trained sniffer dog for the Kruger National Park, as well as the necessary supplies the dog will need. Alyssa started making and selling chocolates to help raise money in the fight to save the rhino. It is her dream to buy a trained sniffer dog for the Kruger National Park. Her chocolates, selling for R10 each, have a hand drawn picture of a

rhino, created by herself. All the funds raised by her will go to the SANParks Honorary Rangers. They work directly with the counter poaching teams in the parks to provide crucial training and equipment. Alyssa does not plan to stop here and want to continue to raise funds for further projects. To help Alyssa in her cause, visit

Hunting contributed R811m to economy in 2012 Preliminary findings by the Department of Environmental Affairs show that hunting tourists contributed R811 million (2011: R901 million) to South Africa’s economy in 2012. The deputy director policy development Magdel Boshoff, speaking at the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa’s (PHASA) 36th AGM recently, said the results were still subject to an audit but no material differences were expected between the initial report and the final one. The statistics are based on species fees and daily rates meaning that the total economic contribution of overseas hunters is un-

derstated. The statistics also exclude the impact of local hunters, numbering some 320 000, who hunt mostly for venison. The top three source markets for hunting tourists were the USA followed by Denmark and Spain. Last year, 40 866 head of game were hunted compared to 48 605 the year before. Rhino hunts showed the biggest decrease with only 52 harvests taking place in 2012 (2011: 137) and contributing R36 million (2011: R84 million) due to stricter criteria used in issuing rhino hunting permits. Lion hunts showed the largest increase with 596 lions har

vested in 2012 (2011: 445) and contributing R122 million (2011: R77 million) at an average species fee of R203 000.

some interaction with them, or at the very least a beautiful “catch light” in their eye as they stare down the barrel of your lens. In my view, strong eye contact with the subject is what sets an image out from the rest of the pack. Sometimes you just don’t have the action of a lion kill, or an eagle swooping down on it’s prey, to give you that picture of a lifetime. But with a bit of legwork you can definitely find something out there that will be a worthy portfolio shot. Give it a try next time you are out in the field and, if nothing else, it’s a great deal more fun!!

we see the engagement of other countries seeing it as important as we do. We’ve never heard about the great success and this is one of the best especially for the transnational and national environment. He said they could see the support from outside as well as government’s efforts and willingness to cooperate, it was a slow process but with persistence they will see progress. He added that the return of these products will now enable the Hawks to further their investigations and determine the origin of the items by means of inter alia DNA analysis. This may lead to the arrest and prosecution of the alleged rhino and elephant poachers and couriers of the illegal shipment. Mketeni said that on top of the existing agreement between the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and Hong Kong, they were now negotiating a broader agreement, which was not only about legal assistance, but also included cooperation on biodiversity matters.

“On 15 November 2011, Hong Kong customs officials seized a container of 33 rhinoceros horns, 758 ivory chopsticks and 127 ivory bracelets, which was “It is an improvement because we are not shipped from the Cape Town harbour. going to look at rhinos but all environmental crimes, issues of awareness, techAn investigation was launched by the nology transfer, compliance, aligning our Endangered Species Section of the laws, harmonised policies. It gives us Hawks and the docket presented to space to work better with Hong Kong.” the National Prosecuting Authority. He added that the return of the horns “Based on the information collected dur- proves that government is serious and ing the investigation, and the fact that concerned about this and cannot allow both South Africa and China are parties the trend to continue at this rate, “otherto the CITES (Convention on Interna- wise, we could easily lose all our rhinos tionals Trade in Endangered Species and we would have lost our heritage”. of Wild Fauna and Flora), the Director SAnews of Public Prosecutions, South Gauteng, applied to the Hong Kong SAFARI GURU Special Administration Region of the People’s Republic of China for mutual legal Assistance,” Colonel Jooste explained. The estimated value of the 33 rhino horns, which weighs 79.9 kg, is R23.8 million on the black market.


Congratulating the investigation team for their success, Colonel Jooste said this was one of the best for South Africa thus far. “It’s a positive step forward,

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22 November Day 2 consisted of two 170km loops. I felt ready to tackle it as I was more confident, had a better idea of what to expect and learnt from my mistakes the previous day. The first loop of the day started off quite well but 20km from the end we had a flat tyre. We kept going for another 15km until there was literally no tyre left.We stopped and tried to change it - but the jack was stripped so we were forced to continue the stage crawling to the end on only on the rim. In the 2nd loop all went well until th egearbox got stuck in 3rd. Not being able to gear up or down we lost plenty time. Overall my first off road event as a navigator certainly did not disappoint. And to top it off we had a podium finish! Finishing in a well deserved 6th place overall and 2nd in our class. It was a great experience, one I’ll never forget. If I get the chance I will certainly do it again. The atmosphere and the vibe at the evnt was fantastic.

GWM Nelspruit Tel: 013 757 0506/8 7 Mystic River Crescent Riverside Park Nelspruit 1200 *Prices include VAT & Environmental Levy. Prices & specification subject to change without prior notification. E & OE.

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