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The Burlington School’s Facebook presence has grown exponentially in the past few months; thanks especially to an engaged parent-based admissions team We post—our TBS family “share.” We upload, and our community ‘likes.’ If you’re not engaged with The Burlington School on Facebook, you’re missing out! Take a look at just how powerful a community connected to social media can be.

Right: The Burlington School communications team promotes posts to get the word out to wider audiences. News about the first-ever TBS billboard sparked a firestorm online, reaching over 10,000 people and over 150 likes. Posts like this motivate prospective families to investigate our main website and subscribe to receive more TBS news.

Left: Did you know that over 70% of families research, visit and/ or attend a new school because of the recommendations of their close friends/colleagues? Word of mouth is the most powerful admissions tool any school can have. Our parents are our best public relations officers, and they utilize our Facebook page as a platform to express how passionate they are about The Burlington School. The reviews they leave inspire others to learn more about us and why parents sing our praises! Right: In addition to being active on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube, The Burlington School has now added Instagram to is repertoire of social media outlets. Students throughout our divisions are already sharing unique moments of their Spartan experience, and TBS wanted to follow suit! Follow us at ‘tbsspartans’ for frequent posts about spectacular moments at The Burlington School that we’d like you to have access to at the swipe of your mobile screen!

Left: The Burlington School Facebook page isn’t just for recruiting new faces — it’s for keeping in touch with old ones, too. Talented, vivacious South Korean students visited The Burlington School for two weeks this January and quickly grew close to TBS students, faculty and staff. While here and long after the Times-News covered their visit before they returned home, our international students engaged with their American peers by ‘liking’ our content and posting updates on their own lives. During their tearful goodbye, our visitors took pictures with their mobile phones and uploaded them to their personal Facebook pages. The Burlington School does well to connect our students with their peers halfway around the world!

Above: The Burlington School garnered over 400 page likes within the span of one year — extending our content reach to varied networks of people. Each page ‘like’ we acquire means hundreds of new eyes will discover more about what makes TBS great! Tracking this sort of data informs our marketing and communications team about how best to target new families.


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The Spear: Spring 2015  

The Spear: Spring 2015