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The Bunk Room Created By Kids

™ May 2012 Vol 5, Issue 5


Margo 18, Mount Dora, FL, our first Editor in Chief,11, graduates Annika and spreads splashes her her wings to a whole heart out on her new world.



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Read By All

The Bunk Room

Created by Kids

The Bunk Room is a magazine created by kids and read by all ages. Our goal is to inspire kids to love reading and writing. We have readers and contributors from all over the world. In addition to our online edition, our printed editions can be found throughout the United States. Print editions are provided without charge and can be picked up at participating local businesses and institutions. To locate your closest local provider, go to The Bunk Room is owned by Dimples Media, Inc. No part of this publication may be used without written permission from Dimples Media, Inc. Please email permission requests to Local editions of The Bunk Room are licensed by Dimples Media and are independently owned and operated. For information about being a local publisher of The Bunk Room, contact Mark Slaby, Director of Licensing at

wHAt*s uP tHis moNTh? Flight! Margo Takes

Features 10 Zoo Behind The Scenes Up close to thrills and challenges of zoo keeping.

page 14

14 COVER FEATURE! Margo 18, Mount Dora, FL, our first Editor in Chief, graduates and spreads her wings to a whole new world.

28 Spelling Bee Win! Megan 10, Apopka, FL tries her first spelling bee with success!

Departments 6 Publisher’s Note 8 Contributors This Issue 8 Margo’s Musings 11 What Do Your Think?

Why Our M oms Are Cool!

12 Day-To-Day

page 18

Madison 12, Sorrento, FL fills her day with babysitting, ballet and fun!

20 Poem! Poem! 26 Road Trip! 28 Future Life 30 The Bunk Roomies Notebook NEW! Come explore The Bunk Roomies world! Keep up with all the goings-on! Robots Compete on the Court

page 22

The Bunk Room

Created By Kids.

Publisher: Maria Slaby Editorial / Creative: Maria Slaby

Maria Slaby

Founding Publisher

It’s hard to believe this edition features our first Editor In Chief “leaving the nest” already! It’s been four years since our first

Editor in Chief: Margo Slaby

edition of The Bunk Room and Margo is


ready to spread her wings as she graduates from high school this month. See page 14 as she reminisces and looks ahead. She’s been a major part of our growth and we couldn’t have come this far without her quick learn-

The Bunk Roomies......................... Our loyal and diligent writers appearing in this issue: Anna Gazdecki 10, Sorrento, FL Becca Michaels 10, Concord, NC Annika Slaby 11, Mount Dora, FL Madison Yates 12, Sorrento, FL Benjamin Slaby 14, Mount Dora, FL Erik Slaby 16, Mount Dora, FL Eddie Cooper 17, Orlando, FL Margo Slaby 18, Mount Dora, FL Maria Chester 18, Eustis, FL

Founders.................................... The Slaby Family, Mount Dora, FL Margo, Erik, Benjamin & Annika Mark & Maria .................................................. The Bunk Room: Your Edition, is published by Your Company Here, XXX-XXX-XXXX. .................................................. All content submissions are assumed to be for publication and become property Dimples Media, Inc., 1515 Old Eustis Road, Mount Dora, FL, provider of The Bunk Room trademark and editorial content. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used without written permission from Dimples Media Inc. Contact for permission requests. Every effort is made to avoid errors, misspellings and omissions. If an error comes to your attention, please accept our apologies and notify us immediately. The Bunk Room is limited in liability to a correction in a future issue. All opinions expressed in these pages are those of the writers or advertisers. The Bunk Room cannot be held responsible for the products, services or opinions herein.

6 | | May 2012

ing and adaptablity. Margo has always been up to every new challenge I throw at her. Sometimes, she winced and squirmed, but she always rose to the occasion. You’ll still see articles by her in the coming months since they’ve been accumulating in our “vault.” ~~Newsflash! Fantastic publishing positions for kids: Community Editor. Space is tight here...go to to learn more. This is great resume building stuff for kids! Think college applications...

Director of Editorial & Creative

Are we in your community? Find your local issue on the streets in these locations: Central Florida La Crosse, Wisconsin On the streets soon! Brevard County, Florida Seattle, Washington

WeÍre Growing! Wanted Writers!

Go to page 8 to learn how you can contribute your writing. Also subscribe to our updates and “like” our Facebook page to stay plugged-in. yourlocaledition ............................ thebunkroom

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Contributors This Issue

Sophia 6, Orlando, FL Joya 7, Sanford, FL

Anna 10, Sorrento, FL

Sarah 12, Maitland, FL

Nate 16, Leesburg, FL

Megan 7, Concord, NC

Mary 10, Mount Dora, FL

Julia 13, Louisville, KY

Christina 16, La Crosse, WI

Devin 8, Sanford, FL

Elizabeth 10, Maitland, FL

Madison 13, Maitland, FL

Erik 16, Mount Dora, FL

Makalyn 8, Holmen, WI

Shayna 11, La Crosse, WI

Lauren 13, Lake Mary, FL

Sarah 17, Sydney, Australia

Natalie 8, Tavares, FL

Christina 11, Orlando, FL

Caroline 14, Maitland, FL

Sonia 17, New York, NY

Caio 8, Umatilla, FL

Emily 11, Maitland, FL

Alissa 14, Mount Dora, FL

Sophia 17, Leesburg, FL

Michael 9, Pace, FL

Ethan 11, Bradenton, FL

Benjamin 14, Mount Dora, FL

Allison 17, Merrillville, IN

Alex 9, Orlando, FL

Sadie 11, Atlanta, GA

Nathaniel 14, La Crosse, WI

Frank 18, Mount Dora, FL

Matti 9, Leesburg, FL

Madison 12, Sorrento, FL

Victoria 14, Orlando, FL

Jessie 18, Mount Dora, FL

Kate 10, Maitland, FL

Annika 12, Mount Dora, FL

Daniela 15, Astatula, FL

Margo 18, Mount Dora, FL

Kayla 10, Knoxville, TN

Alex 12, Maitland, FL

Nicole 15, New York, NY

Maria 18, Eustis, FL

Becca 10, Concord, NC

Auseta 12, Mount Dora, FL

Annie 16, Corvallis, OR

Megan, 18, Roswell, GA

Megan 10, Apopka, FL

Cason 12, Leesburg, FL

Matt 16, Coppell, TX

Sam 7, Atlanta, GA


Margo’s Musin

Congratulations to all contributors.

In my first “Margo's Musings,” I talked about the excitement of our new publication called, The Bunk Room. At that time, we had a 4-page publication written entirely by kids. Four years later, we've graduated to 32 pages with not only many of the same writers that have grown along with us, but many more readers and even some writers from throughout the world.

I myself, know how far I have come from those humble beginnings. This is my last official issue of being the Editor in Chief as I’m graduating from high school. I have learned so many skills that I will use later on in my personal and business life. My interviewing and writing skills have improved. I’ve learned publication layout, website design, video production, email marketing, and most importantly, I have learned how to lead kids to love reading and writing. hief


To me, that is a great achievement because that is what The Bunk Room is all about... and that’s exactly what we did! I could go on and on about the joy we’ve heard from kids after they have seen their work published. From being nervous to excited, these kids learned how to love reading and writing and I couldn’t be more proud!

These past four years have been an amazing journey for me. I’m hardly scratching the surface in sharing the feeling of joy I have experienced during these four years, but I’m happy to say I’m ready for more! ♥ (See cover story on page 14.)

Smiles! ~Margo

8 | | May 2012

See Yourself Published!

This whole magazine is written entirely by kids, so come on, kids, now’s your time to shine. See your work published!

Submission Guidelines All writing, artwork and photography should be original work of the contributor, and be considered wholesome and acceptable content for kids. Submissions accepted from kids aged 8 thru 18 or high school graduation, whichever comes later. For photographs, please include names of persons in the photos.

Submit Online Submit work at our Inbox at Parent or guardian’s electronic signature must accompany all submissions. For ideas, click on the Ideas page. All submissions are the property of The Bunk Room. The Bunk Room reserves the right to edit & deny submissions. The Bunk Room content is published monthly by Dimples Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reprinted without permission from the publisher.

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Behind the scenes By Benjamin Slaby 14, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomies A-Team Writer

Animals, some dangerous and some sweet. “Keeper Nick” Clark, Senior Reptile Keeper, has been working at the Central Florida Zoo for over 12 years, and knows this from experience. As an alligator wrestler for years, he has always been especially fascinated with snakes.

“Not to make it sound like all of our reptiles can kill you, but we do have one of the largest collections of venomous reptiles of any zoo in the Southeastern U.S.,” said Nick.

Keeper Nick has plenty of experience with these creatures, but he says don’t brag too much. “If you’re not on your game, the animal will bite you. No matter how much experience you have, it’s going to bite you!”

There are also many challenges to being a reptile keeper. “The most important thing to do is to respect the animal. You need to watch your own body language and the movement

“So how do you stop 500 pounds that is looking past you and moving as fast as he can?”

at the zoo with keeper nick

Benjamin & John enjoy their visit with Keeper Nick at the Central Florida Zoo.

of the animal.” Keeper Nick didn’t go to college for what he does, adding, “A college degree helps, but it can’t replace experience.”

As serious as it is being the Senior Reptile Keeper, there are exciting moments as well. At one time, Goober, the 500pound Aldabra Tortoise, escaped during a feeding session (to a fenced non-public area). "So how do you stop 500 pounds that is looking past you and moving as fast as he can (5 mph)? Well, the short answer is: you don’t," said Keeper Nick.

Because tortoises love orange food, Keeper Nick came up with a plan. “With my years of training and too many witnesses to kill, I laid across the tortoise's back and held the carrot in front of him and he followed that carrot right back into his enclosure, just like I knew what I was doing.” It is that respect, care and experience that has allowed Keeper Nick to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career as the

10 | | May 2012

Reptile Keeper.

What Do You Think? If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why? Not to FOLLOW ME! Because I’m not a good leader.

Worldwide democracy because everyone deserves it.

That you had to compliment 3 people every day (they couldn't be the same people or the same things). Because it makes people feel good, and then want to compliment you back! :)

Alex 12, Maitland, FL

Victoria 14, Orlando, FL

To show kindness to everyone because everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

I would make the rule that everyone would have to dedicate one day a week to helping the less fortunate, in any way possible. :)

Megan 7, Concord, NC

Kate 10, Maitland, FL For everyone to love one another. Margo 18, Mount Dora, FL I would make a rule that when I talk people have to zip it and when I ask a question, people have to answer me. The reason why I would make this law is because whenever I try to talk, people start talking over me! It's extremely annoying. Erik 16, Mount Dora, FL My rule would be that everyone would have full control of their property and the government would have no say in your property. Benjamin 14, Mount Dora, FL No one can be a vegetarian because meat is awesome.

Alissa 14, Mount Dora, FL People must use a creative adjective before every noun when speaking. Then, everyone would have to think before they speak! (Dramatic cows like to eat only chocolate ice cream with incredible chunks of crushed cookies.)

Nathaniel 14, La Crosse, WI No littering. This would keep our earth and the life on it clean and happy. Madison 13, Maitland, FL Never bully anyone because God made people the way they are and people can't help that. Emily 11, Matiland, FL Everyone be nice and friendly to each other so no one would fight. Alex 9, Orlando, FL

Shayna 11, La Crosse, WI No more drugs. Drugs ruin lives! Kayla 10, Knoxville, TN Follow all great ideas that Sophia makes! I would because then there would be no another great ideas that no one would follow. ;D

Splash Into Our Surveys!

Sophia 17, Leesburg, FL

Not to make up crazy rules.

That everything would cost only $1 and then there would not be any poor people and or needy people at any time.

Sadie 11, Atlanta, GA

Megan 10, Apopka, FL

I would make the rule that everyone would have to be informed about Christianity. I believe this would give people a chance to be saved and go to heaven.

Love one another. There wouldn't be any wars or bullies.

Michael 9, Pace, FL

Christina 11, Orlando, FL

Sam 7, Atlanta, GA

Go to school to play and learn video games, then go home to study and learn about school work!! Why? Because this could be fun and people might be happier.

Julia 13, Louisville, KY

Answer our surveys and see yourself published here! Go to TheBunkR vey New one each m onth!

Everyone to be nice to each other.

May 2012 | | 11


By Madison 12, Sorrento, FL Bunk Roomie Writer ........................

I wake up in the morning to the blinding light that my mum turns on when she comes in to wake me up. The light is on my ceiling, and it is so bright, and usually I am still so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. Even though I try not to, sometimes I can't help but fall asleep again. If that happens, then I usually wake up to the little fella that we babysit coming into my room to say hello and play with me.

The Bunk Room For Kids By Kids

September October 2010 3 Issue 3

Written By Kids. Read By All.


What a regular day is like.

Sometimes, I just lie in bed and let him play before I get up. I get up and bring him into the living room with me, and I get started on my day which consists of having breakfast, putting my contacts in, brushing my teeth and getting dressed. After that, I will most likely either take the little fella for a walk or just play with him and his little sister. When the little ones go home, I do my school work before I have to get ready for ballet. Starting at about 3:15 in the afternoon, I begin to get ready for my favorite thing in the world....ballet! To get ready to go, I have to put my tights and leotard on and put my hair up in a bun. I also have to get a water bottle and make sure I have my pointe shoes and things like that. Then when it is time, my mum and I leave for my class which starts at about 5:15 or 5:30, depending on what day it is and finishes at about 7:30 or 7:45. When I get home, I have dinner, and sometimes soak my feet and maybe take a shower depending on how sweaty I got. I then brush my teeth and go to bed so that I can be full of energy for tomorrow. Tell us what your day is like! Submit your Day-to-Day article to us through our InBox at About 200 to 350 words.

12 | | May 2012

her own ls about Sarah tel re! adventu For Kids By Kids Septe mber /Octo

TheB unkR oom ber 2010 |

.com | 1

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“The response to our ad has been great!” Jane, Manager, Dairy Queen Apopka, FL

Expect to find the best value in advertising. Our mission with The Bunk Room is to inspire kids to love reading and writing. If a child is able to turn reading and writing into a joyful experience, the journey to lifelong learning takes over. There is nothing more exciting to us than hearing the silence of kids devouring The Bunk Room. Just as exciting is when we hear comments everyday from adults gobbling it up just as much. People read and cherish The Bunk Room, especially mom’s and families. Please remember us when you’re budgeting your advertising dollars. Together, we can build a stronger child.

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Graduating Margo

ion 1st edit

08 April 20

The Bunk Room’s first Editor in Chief is graduating from high school and launching into a whole new world. As Margo spreads her wings, we’ll be breaking in a new editor here at The Bunk Room.

e owner wing th Inter vie aker y in B of Butch City, August rk New Yo 2010.

nted First pri ition d e l a loc 08 Sept 20

for e stress Deadlin national our first August 2011 edition.

A Peek Back

By Margo Slaby 18, Mount Dora, FL Editor in Chief

It’s not all fun and games, working at The Bunk

Four years. It’s been four years since The Bunk Room took it’s first flight as the only publication written entirely by kids. From the beginning, I’ve had a front row seat. Boy, has this been an experience!

Room, it’s also really hard to get everything together on time. When we were just online, the deadlines weren’t as serious as they are now that we’re a printed magazine. Did you know we have to get content ready two to three months in advance? It takes a lot of work and juggling! There’s content to gather, layouts to create and a lot of behind-the-scenes networking. Crazy, but in a good way!

What I have really loved about being the Editor in Chief of The Bunk Room is all the personal interactions I have with kids and adults alike. I love being able to talk to kids who are interested in writing and tell to them about the opportunities in writing for The Bunk

I seriously love what I do at The Bunk Room, and, honestly, I’m very sad to be leaving as the first Editor in Chief, but proud to hand over the torch to my brother, Erik.

Room. Sharing how they can improve their writing and be featured in print nationally are just little bits of the fun I’ve had with kids. With adults, I’m always so proud to be the face of the editorial for our magazine. My pride in The Bunk Room runs deep!

And, of course, there have been some funny experiences along the way. . . most break out when we’re deep in deadline in the late night hours, while working with my mom. I inevitably veer off task to YouTube and find some hilarious video to totally distract us, or my dad will wander in and change our music to some of his Latin favorites and throw some totally goofed-up cha-cha moves. In the stress of the moment, which in the early days were many, I’m thankful for my family’s sense of humor...and the cookies my little sister Annika makes to keep us fueled along the way!

As a graduating senior, I will be moving on to finish my college degree and taking on a larger behind-the-scenes role with The Bunk Room. I will be expanding my role of sharing The Bunk Room joy with educators in schools all over the country, as well honing my internet marketing skills. I look forward to the new challenges and I’m positive there are going to be many, many awesome experiences to come.

May 2012 | | 15

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FREE  cutting mat with any purchase, with this ad. While supply lasts. 

IRD Since 1984

International Restaurant Distributors

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150 Semoran Commerce Pl, Apopka, FL Off 436 behind the Tag Office. Take road to the end.

Fun video! Scan me!

Mother’s Day More than a box of chocolates. By Annika Slaby 12, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomie A-Team Your Mother, one of the most important   persons in your life. She either gave birth to you or adopted you. She makes you lunch. She tucks you in at night. Do you think she needs a little more attention? Well, yes, that’s why there is “Mothers Day.”

simply giving their mothers a box of chocolates or insincere store- bought cards. To Anna, "Mother’s Day" was about sincerely thanking your mother who has given you all that she could give.

Mother’s Day was created in 1907 by Anna Marie Jarvis in honor of her mother Ann Maria Jarvis. Anna’s mother founded "Mother’s Day Work Clubs” in five US cities to promote sanitary and healthy living. The clubs also helped feed, clothe and treat wounded soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies of the American Civil War.

"A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And, candy? You take a box to Mother —and then eat most of it yourself. A petty sentiment,” stated by Anna Jarvis as quoted in the book Women Who Made A Difference.

Anna started a movement to make "Mother's Day" an official holiday. By 1914 "Mother's Day" became a nationallyrecognized holiday, falling every year on the second Sunday of May.

To Anna’s dismay, by the 1920s the day became too commercialized with people

18 | | May 2012

A great "Mother’s Day" idea is serving her breakfast in bed, then later, maybe a nice bike ride together or whatever your mom loves to do. "Mother’s Day" is to celebrate your mother’s awesomeness. Your mom brings love to your life, so it is time to give back to your mom for all the times she did the dishes or she kissed your knee when you fell off your bike. Give your mom the joy that she gave you. Happy "Mother’s Day!"

1. What do you think is the coolest thing about your mom?

1. My mom's favorite hobby is fishing. 2. My mom and I went to this really cool place called the House on the Rock in southwestern Wisconsin last summer. Allison 17, Merrillville, IN

2. Tell us about one fun thing you did with your mom.

1. She is fun in all ways but I would have to say going on bike rides all the time is the best. 2. My family has a thing that for our birthday we go on a special day with our mom. We can do anything that we want like going bowling, ice skating or putt-putting. Every special day has been the BEST thing ever. Annika 12, Mount Dora, FL

1. My mom makes people laugh all the time! 2. My mom and I recently went to Bogota, Columbia to help families in really bad Need of Life's Basics. Christina 16, La Crosse, WI

1. The coolest thing about my mom is the fact that she spoils me rotten. 2. Once my mom took me to the Fair in Leesburg.

1. She cleans my room. 2. Played chess. Nathaniel 14, La Crosse, WI

Mary 10, Mount Dora, FL

1. She always listens to my problems and helps me fix them. 2. Every Monday while my sister has theater, my mom and I go to Dunkin Donuts and relax. Christina 11, Orlando, FL

1. She lets me have whatever I want. 2. We went to Discovery Cove. Devin 8, Sanford, FL 1. She has good surprises. 2. We went to the Fair. Joya 7, Sanford, FL 1. She makes everything fun. 2. One fun thing I did was that we got to relax in the water at Lake Burton in Georgia Caroline 14, Maitland, FL 1. The coolest thing is she makes everything FUN! 2. One fun thing I did with my mom is going to the movies. Elizabeth 10, Maitland, FL 1. She is nice and has fun like a child does. 2. Every day is fun with her. Sarah 12, Maitland, FL 1. She is sweet. I love her. 2. Go fishing. Natalie 8, Tavares, FL 1. She does hair for a job. 2. My mom and I go shopping. Matti 9, Leesburg, FL 1. She's funny. 2. Went to a resort together. Lauren 13, Lake Mary, FL 1. She is very flexible. Auseta 12, Mount Dora, FL 1. She is a hippie and goes to the Wellness Center. 2. We went to the beach. Cason 12, Leesburg, FL

1. She always treats me well even when I treat her badly. 2. We went to the beach today and played football on the beach. Michael 9, Pace, FL 1. She's always so patient and loving . . . and she definitely shows that actions speak louder than words. 2. I went to the mall and got to check out ALL the new clothing which I needed. Rebecca 10, Concord, NC 1. I think the coolest thing about my mom is that she surprises us all the time and hangs out with us. 2. My siblings and I went for a bike ride and picnic with our mom. Erik 16, Mount Dora, FL 1. That the two of us can have a mega-argument, but end up hugging each other 10 minutes later. We both can't hold grudges which is such a blessing. 2. We just talk all the time, and that's fun. Margo 18, Mount Dora, FL 1. The coolest thing about my mom is that she is very fun and surprises us all the time with special bike rides and fun trips. 2. One of the fun things that I have done with my mom is when my brother, Mom and I went on a trip to our cabin in Alabama. We had a ton of fun. I like spending quality time with my mom. She even drove me 45 minuets to get a part for our golf cart. My mom is awesome. Benjamin 14 , Mount Dora, FL

1. Her face. 2. We went to Universal Studios. Nate 16, Leesburg, FL 1. She can do Capaweta. 2. Go to the circus. Caio 8, Umatilla, FL 1. That she makes me laugh all the time! 2. We have had a Mother-Daugher Book Club together with 4 other families for going on five years now. Victoria 14, Orlando, FL

May 2012 | | 19

poEM pOE


Flowers .......... Roses are red! Violets are blue! I like to paint How about you? Flowers are cool

M Ho akal lm yn en 8, ,W I

Flowers are cool to hold Flowers give us oxygen! Flowers! Flowers!

Attention Educators


The Bunk Room For Kids By Kids

They’re so pretty!

ber Septem r Octobe 2010 3 3 Issue Volume

FLOWERS! What pretty flowers!

poEM pOE

own about her ! Sarah tells adventure For Kids By Kids


Septembe r/October 2010 | TheBunk

m | 1

The Bunk Room is available for FREE to your classroom! We will deliver an issue for each student in your classroom or organization. Educators throughout the country are embracing The Bunk Room, not only for supplemental reading but for inspiring writing in the classroom and beyond.

The Bunk Room

The Bunk

Room Create

d by Kids

Movie Makin g! ers Ryann Watt Jonath an 15, behind works the sce of a nes big movie box offi ce set.

Apopka –Wekiva

™ August 2011 Vol 4, Issue 2

By Kids Created By All! Read

The Rose ..........

Br Etha ad n en 11, ton ,F L

One day I found a broken rose Snapped in half. It reminds me of my grandpa All dead and gone. I wish I could put it together again To raise its life. Do you think you’re the next Maya Angelou? We’d like to see it! Submit your poems through our InBox at

20 | | May 2012

Annika 11, splashes her heart out on her Staycation!


Issue In Thto isEagle Scout:

Rise JourneyFor The The Vision Dog Blind Write! mies! Roo Kids Bunk The

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SAM PLE Febr uary 2011 Vol 4, Issue 1



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Fun at the

By Margo Slaby 18, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomies A-Team Writer Wrenches cranking, uncooperative programming and kids screaming “Robot!”are some of the many things going on in the pit of the FIRST* Robotics Orlando Regional competition. Sure, it’s hectic, but everybody, from mentors to parents and students, is having a great time.

FIRST is an international high school robotics organization, created in 1989 by Dean Kamen, to inspire young peoples’ interest and participation in science and technology. Kamen, an American inventor, is best known for inventing the Segway. For years, students have enjoyed learning all phases of robot creation; teaching them the power of innovation. Every spring teams gather from around the world in a competition among robots. FRC-Orlando gathered 57 teams from across Florida and other locations (even Australia!) for the three-day-event. Teams competed in the Rebound Rumble, a robotic basketball tournament, with the robots they created in a limited six-week period. Similar events took place in other regions around the country. *FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

s c i t o b o R e r o M See s Kids’ CeBoumnkRmooemn.ctom/survey Go to Th

Mentors are very important to the FIRST organization.They provide the leadership that’s critical to the kids’ success!

22 | | May 2012

Why I wanted to be a Mentor:

To give back. I had some great mentors in my life and wanted others to have the same experience. I also want to ensure that our youth have a place to learn and demonstrate technical skills. Dave Owen, Eustis, FL FRC Team 1557, 12 Volt Bolt

12 Years! Dave Owens of Eustis, FL Winner of the Orlando Regional’s Woodie Flowers Award

Robot coming through! What do you like about being part of a Robotics Team? What is challenging? I love the fact that your team almost always becomes like your family! The FIRST credo “Gracious Professionalism” also sets the FIRST program apart. It challenges each student, even students from opposing teams, to work together towards a common goal. This work ethic will definitely come in handy later in life! The most challenging part of FIRST is making a robot in only six weeks. This means for those six weeks, you meet every day except Sunday, at least for my team. Talk about a lot of time! It's so totally worth it :)

5 Years!

Jessie 18, Mount Dora, FL FRC Team 1557, 12 Volt Bolt I like the spirit and friendship that comes with being on a robotics team. Some of our freshmen this year were trying to tighten a bolt on our prototype. Not only were they using the wrong tools, but they refused to ask for help, so they spent 45 minutes trying to tighten the same bolt before anyone noticed that they were not doing it right. Matt 16, Coppell, TX FRC Team 3413, Mad Cows

5 Years!

Nicole 15, New York, NY FRC Team 2265, FeMaidens 2 Year Member

Frank 18, Mount Dora, FL FRC Team 1557, 12 Volt Bolt

Megan, 18, Roswell, GA FRC Team 1002 4 Year Member The biggest challenge I face is balancing school work and Robotics. During Build Season, my team members and I meet every school day as well as on the weekends. Sometimes, this mentally and physically drains me because my work piles up but all the hard work is worthwhile at the end. Sonia 17, New York, NY FRC Team 2265, FeMaidens

I like being in the Robotics Team because everyone on the team is so connected. We choose our friends based on what we like, but on a team, we really have no choice. You may think this is bad at first, but it's like a family. You don't choose who's in your family, but you have to put up with them anyway and accept who they are. This is the same for my Robotics Team, and it strangely only brings everyone closer as we learn to accept other people even though we might not particularly like them or think of them as an ideal friend. Either way, you end up never forgetting them and the memories you shared with one another.

I like being able to develop connections in my community and to share the fields of STEM with other high schoolers. It’s challenging to adhere to deadlines and build constraints, like in real world engineering projects.

There's not much to dislike. It's just crazy fun going through the whole process of creating a functional robot in so little time and then going to competition and meeting a ton of other brilliant high schoolers who are incredibly passionate about what they do. As a girl, it's hard to jump in there with so many boys who are all absolutely positive that they're right. But organizations like RoboChix help with that. In general, it's just high stress with such a short building schedule.

5 Years!

3 Years!

We have six weeks to build a robot, so tensions can run high. As a team though, we do a good job not losing tempers and blaming others. We have had issues in the past, but we worked hard to get over them! I like the breadth and depth Damian 16, Corvallis, OR of experiences it gives you. FRC Team 955, Raiderbot What’s challenging is the 6 Year Member short (build) timeframe. Sarah 17, Sydney, Australia 3132, Thunder Down Under The challenging parts are the team parts. We need to work as a team, and 8 Year Member if any part of that slips the whole project can come cascading down in ruins. Another hard part is managing robotics and school. Robotics is a privilege; school has to come first. Because of the nature of the difficulty of it robotics tends to draw in the gogetters and honor students. These students have to manage their difficult school schedule, rigorous homework, and still have time for robotics. There definitely tends to be a drop in grades during the build season of most students.

2 Years!

Annie 16, Corvallis, OR FRC Team 955, Raiderbot

May 2012 | | 23

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24 | | May 2012

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A Cruise of Surprises! By Anna 10, Sorrento, FL Bunk Roomie Writer Hi, I’m Anna and I’m going to tell you about the time I went on a Disney Cruise.

Road T


Shar e adve yo ur ntur Land e! • A ir • Sea Sen adve d us you nture r trav !S el InBoxubmit at t TheB he a t 200-4 unkRoom .com 00 w pictu ords. Se nd res to o!

When we got to our room, there were surprises. There were “Happy Birthday” signs for my sister Jojo’s birthday on Friday. After we were settled in the room, we checked out the kids places. First we looked at Edge, the tween area. Then we looked at the Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab. I was excited about going back to spend time there.

Soon after, there was a take-off party. It was so cool. It had a lot of dancing and music. Our first dinner was at Parrot Cay and at dinner is when I met my new friend Madison. I could not wait to spend more time with her.

The next morning we were arriving at the Florida Keys. When we got off the boat we explored so much. We saw and got our picture taken at the most southern point in the USA. We looked at the hotel my dad stayed in when he was on a business trip. And I almost forgot, we went to a butterfly conservatory. I think I saw almost every butterfly in the world! In the morning we woke up early to watch the beautiful sunrise. We went to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was so cute. After, I went to the Oceaneers Lab and played for a while. It was fancy night.  When we were ready we saw “Twice Charmed, the Cinderella Story.”   We were at Grand Cayman the next day. We stayed on the boat. We went to the pool. Dad and Jojo played ping pong for three hours.   We saw the “Villains Tonight “ show and had our dinner show at Animator’s Palate. The “Villains Tonight” show was my favorite.

The next morning we docked in Cozumel, Mexico. It was a very good view and we got off the boat! My dad got a really cool hat and I got a pretty blue dress. I also got a pretty wooden fan. We went to Senor Frogs. We danced, got balloon hats and drank pop from these cool, huge cups that we were able to keep. After dinner we went to the Pirate Party on deck 9 and 10. The Pirate Party was awesome! I got to hang out with Madison and we danced almost the whole time. We spent the next day at sea. I went to the lab and hung out with my friend Madison. We did a “Friendship Rocks” show. A lot of kids got on the stage and danced at the Walt Disney Theatre. We saw the show “Dreams” before dinner.  

Sponsor this page. All proceeds go toward The Bunk Room Apprenticeship Program. Call 352-383-1456

26 | | May 2012

Our last full day we watched the ship dock at Castaway Cay from our balcony. I had so much fun. It was my little sister Jojo’s birthday. I got to hang out with Madison again most of the day. We floated on tubes and mats. We tried to snorkel, but the water was hard to see through. We had ice cream with lunch. I collected shells and we went on a bike ride. We were bummed when we had to get back on the ship. We celebrated Jojo’s birthday at dinner. The next morning we had to get off the ship. I had so much fun on my first Disney Cruise!

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Future Life

Kids! Tell us what your life looks like in 10 - 20 years. Submit articles to our InBox at 200-400 words. By Maria Chester 18, Eustis, FL Bunk Roomie A-Team Writer How do I see my life planned out? That’s a difficult question to answer; and at the age of eighteen, it seems the time for decision is at hand. As I started taking a good look at my plans for the future, I found myself wondering, “Is this the path I should take? . . . Or is this just a childhood dream?” I finally told my Mom all about my worries. And she laughed! “Honey,” she said to me with

a smile, “At your age you can still change your mind about what you want to do with your life several times.” Suddenly all my fretting seemed awfully silly, and I was reminded of the tune that made Doris Day famous.

The song tells of a young girl who is uncertain what she should do with her life. She goes to her father, her mother and her teacher for advice; and they all tell her the same thing, “Que Sera, Sera.” In other words, don’t worry about the future, in the end, everything will be as it should.

So, whether I’m to pursue my dream of being an actress . . . or my dream of being a writer . . . or my dream of being a therapist . . . or a combination of all these dreams and some even more fantastic, I won’t worry, because my life is in the hands of someone far greater than I, and I know that He has something spectacular planned just for me.

Spelling Bee, Oh My!

By Megan 10, Apopka, FL Hi, my name is Megan and I am in 4th grade and go to Mount Dora Christian Home & Bible School. I was in my first ever Spelling Bee and I had so much fun. Yes, it was scary, at first, I even spelled my word wrong in the practice round. It ended up being a lot of fun and I even did pretty well. I ended up 5th! 5th place out of all the 4th,5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders at my school! My family was so happy for me and I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself, too. So, if you ever get a chance to be in a spelling bee, try it. It is a lot of fun after all.

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Slice-O-Life Stories

The Bunk Roomies! Notebook

The Bunk Roomies take their first step into the reporting world by interviewing someone they know and turning it into an interesting article.

Blooms by Judith

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By Annika Slaby 11, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomie A-Team Writer

Waking along a path, the flowers shout out, LOOK AT ME! SMELL ME! PICK ME! When you look at all the flowers your first thought is, "Could this get any prettier?" Judith Schutz of Mount Dora, FL has been a gardener for 17 years and at 78-years-old, she still works in her garden every day making sure “pretty” stays in bloom!

Room FREE Bunk T-Shirt!

t Writer Frequen Program Just submit 5 ticles publishable ar ! irt tsh a t and ge .com/ thebunkroom Tshirts

Bunk Roomies write By Eddie 17, Orlando, FL Bunk Roomie Writer I have been going to a YMCA camp called Camp Wewa for almost 6 years. I love it there, and consider it to be a second home. I was interested in having a fun, enjoyable summer job, so I filled out an application and soon my phone was ringing with Wewa as the caller ID.

After the call, I ran outside and screamed. I was so excited! The interview was set for the next day at three o’clock. After school the next day, I rushed home to clean up and drive out to camp. When I arrived at camp, I was warmly welcomed in by the activities directer, Chance. I was so nervous walking in, but I had to keep calm and just relax. The interview lasted around one hour, and went very well. The interview questions ranged from super easy, to the very thought-provoking. Once the interview was concluded, Chance walked me out, and we said our goodbyes. I was so incredibly relieved to be out of the interview, and I immediately became anxious to hear back from them. Editor’s Note: Eddie soon was offered a volunteer camp counselor position with potential to grow into a paid position. Great job, Eddie!

30 | | May 2012

"I started gardening when I was diagnosed with cancer. A voice in my head said to “dig” so I did." All those beautiful flowers didn't pop out of the ground without help and a lot of hard work. "The challenging part is the hot weather (in Florida) along with the GREAT BIG grasshoppers that eat leaves of plants. It’a hard to keep them away." Even with the challenges, for Judith there are many delightful things that keep her coming back to her garden. "The reason I love gardening is the excitement of watching nature grow and hearing owls and birds and the wind. And, watching the butterflies," said Judith. Judith and her granddaughter also have a vegetable garden. They even planted sunflowers that grew over 17 feet tall. Judith's garden is like walking into Monet's Garden. She has eight little gardens around her house. Just when you think you've seen it all, a walk down to the lake takes you to a whole new experience. Roses, daisies and pentas burst out with joy surrounding a lakeside gazebo that sits next to a beautiful splashing custom-made creek. Not a day goes by without someone complimenting her garden. "It makes me feel good that people enjoy my garden.” And, for this writer, I’m proud to say this special lady is my granny.

Habilis Boy

Habilis means “handyman” and dates back to the classification of early man, known as Homo Habilis. That’s when man started using tools and became pretty handy around the house. We have our own resident Habilis man, in boy size: Benjamin.

Digging into Frustration By Benjamin Slaby 14, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomie A-Team Writer

Excerpt from Habilis Boy Blog. Restoring a ’77 VW Beetle.

Day 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today I did some more work on my Camaro. I pulled the dent out on the passenger side. It was kind of tough. I’m still going to need to Bondo the spot because I didn't get it pulled out all the way. I also tore out the headliner because it was sagging. I continued to jack up the car and put it on jack stands so I could start taking out the Scan Me With transmission. The first thing I did was remove the drive Your Smart Phone and shaft. I started to unbolt the transmission bell housing but I watch Benjʼs latest video. couldn’t get any of the bolts off. Frustrated, I decided to call it a day. I have been looking around for parts and I Keep up with Benjamin’s blog. think I found a good used transmission and some other Go to and parts. . . . READ MORE at Click on click on Habilis Boy. Habilis Boy.

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