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™ Mar/Apr 2013 Vol 6, Issue 2

Voice of Youth 18, raim A, the D n ,V Eva ndria legate a x e l A de ub gest youn 2012 Rep no e to th ational C ut N s n k o Annika 11, lica spea ion. n o i erat vent splashes her s gen i h r fo

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The Bunk Room

Lake County

Maria Slaby


This edition of The Bunk Room comes to you with so much excitement, as they all do, but this time, even more. It’s

Publisher: Maria Slaby Executive Editor: Margo Slaby Editorial Assistant: Randi Sue Huchingson

hard to imagine “even more!” This dream of mine, to

Editor in Chief: Erik Slaby

now blooming with the strength that only hard-work, diligence and stick-to-itiveness can

inspire kids to love and embrace reading and writing, originated as a fun little newsletter by my boys in their “bunk room” five years ago, and is produce. The concept of The Bunk Room has always been strong and well-liked. But as with

Advertising: 352-383-1456

anything, whether it be talent or a great idea, without follow through, it’s just words in a

Distribution: Mark & The Slabys Gary Wayne, Family Martial Arts Center

this issue. Often though, we see the results of amazing diligence, but take for granted what

notebook, notes on a sheet of music or paint on a pallet. We see examples of dedication everyday, and I’m passionate about sharing these stories with you as we have done again in it really took to get there. As cliche as it sounds, life is a journey; moments of happiness and hardship all strung together. I’m thrilled to say our journey with The Bunk Room is thriving.

Bunk Roomies (in this issue) ................ Mandi Huchingson 10, Tavares, FL Jackson Polk 10, Mount Dora, FL Javelyn Dempsey 11, Mount Dora, FL Clayton Polk 11, Mount Dora, FL Meg Greystoke 12, Mount Dora, FL Annika Slaby 13, Mount Dora, FL Benjamin 15, Mount Dora, FL Erik Slaby, 17, Mount Dora, FL Founders.................................... The Slaby Family, Mount Dora, FL Margo, Erik, Benjamin & Annika Mark & Maria .................................................. The Bunk Room: Lake, is published by The Bunk Room Foundation 352-383-1456. .................................................. All content submissions are assumed to be for publication and become property Dimples Media, Inc., PO Box 782, Mount Dora, FL 32756-782 provider of The Bunk Room trademark and editorial content. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used without written permission from Dimples Media Inc. Contact for permission requests. Every effort is made to avoid errors, misspellings and omissions. If an error comes to your attention, please accept our apologies and notify us immediately. The Bunk Room is limited in liability to a correction in a future issue. All opinions expressed in these pages are those of the writers or advertisers. The Bunk Room cannot be held responsible for the products, services or opinions herein.

More kids than ever are submitting articles, readers of all ages are finding us everywhere and new advertisers are joining us. We still have a long way to go, and would love to feature more kids each issue, but we need your help. Please share The Bunk Room with eveyone you know. Donate if you can, and most certainly, advertise your business with us. We’re extremely proud to say our distribution is unmatched in this community and will provide you with the positive exposure your brand needs. Together we can build a stronger child. :)

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Spring is in the air and

just washes away. On the side, I also

by the end of March I

bought a viola solo book filled with pieces

will be completely done

from the Pirates of Caribbean. It’s fun for

with my bachelor’s

me to be playing the music from some of

degree! I’m excited

my favorite movies of all time!

to finish and move

forward in life but Erik Slaby 17 ef hi C right now I still have to In r Edito keep my head in the game

Erik's Think Tank

I hope all of you enjoy this new

edition of The Bunk Room as much as I have! I love to be able to read The Bunk Room before it’s out on the streets. Our

and focus on getting great

features this edition are varied and fas-


cinating. From Evan Draim, the youngest

delegate to the Republican Convention to

With classes going

on, orchestra and submit-

David Willis’ American Idol journey. Both

ting applications for law

show that hard work pay off. That’s how

schools, I’m very busy. Orchestra has been

I feel. I know the work I put in now with

a great diversion in my schedule. It’s very

school will pay off in my future. Plus I’m

relaxing because I’m able to lose all the

having fun along the way as editor of The

stress I have. I don’t think about anything

Bunk Room! I am a magnet for words!

like homework or any problems I might

have. I just focus on the music and enjoy

your articles. I know I will be a fan of The

hanging out with my friends. Everything

Bunk Room forever!

So keep writing and submitting

m o o R k n u he B


The Bunk Room is a magazine created by kids and read by all ages. Our goal is to inspire kids to love reading and writing. We have readers and contributors from all over the world. In addition to our online edition, our printed editions can be found throughout the United States. Print editions are provided without charge and can be picked up at participating local businesses and institutions. To locate your closest local provider, go to The Bunk Room is owned by Dimples Media, Inc. No part of this publication may be used without written permission from Dimples Media, Inc. Please email permission requests to Local editions of The Bunk Room are licensed by Dimples Media and are independently owned and operated. For information about being a local publisher of The Bunk Room, contact Mark Slaby, Director of Licensing at

wHAt*s uP tHis issue? Voice of Youth Evan Draim:


8 Save the Animals & Earth Day Love!

Zamariah 12, Oviedo, FL Victoria 8, Apopka FL


page 10

Evan Draim 18, Alexandria, VA takes ambition to the next level! Read how he became the youngest delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

16 First Try at Tennis Eli 14, La Crosse, WI

18 Behind The Lens

Jonathan 16, Eustis, FL explores his dream of entertainment production by interviewing a pair of Hollywood’s great boom camera operators.

Departments 7 What Do You Think? 9 Day-To-Day Kacee 13, Tavares, FL works hard everyday with love in her heart.

16 Future Life

page 14

Mandi mee contestant ts American Idol David Olive r Willis! Photography of David Willis on page 14-15 provided by Bonnie Whicher Photography

22 The Bunk Roomies Notebook

20 Photo Contest


rs e it r W d e t n a W ! g in WeÍre Grow This whole magazine is written entirely by kids, so come on kids, now’s your time to shine. See your work published! Submission Guidelines All writing, artwork and photography should be original work of the contributor, and be considered wholesome and acceptable content for kids. Submissions accepted from kids aged 8 thru 18 or high school graduation, whichever comes later. For photographs, please include names of persons in the photos. The Bunk Room Central Florida ............................ The Bunk Room

Submit Online Submit work at our Inbox at Parent’s or guardian’s electronic signature must accompany all submissions. For ideas, click on the Ideas page. All submissions are the property of The Bunk Room. The Bunk Room reserves the right to edit & deny submissions. The Bunk Room content is published monthly by Dimples Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reprinted without permission from the publisher. Email Updates:

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Publishing from Mount Dora, FL

What was the last book you read and what did you like about it?

What Do ? k n i h T u o Y

I read Popular Science, I read it because it talks about science.

Dork Diaries: Tales From not so smart Miss Know It All. Nikki got to be a mystery miss know it all.

Amber 13, Tavares, FL

Lily 11, Clermont, FL

The last book I read was Tears of a Tiger and I liked it because it had a lot of suspense in the timeline

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney. I really like the fact that the story is written from a teenage boy's point of view, and how he has to deal with Middle School, a Valentine’s Day dance, and trying to find a partner to dance with.

Caylon 13, Tavares, FL Meet Caroline. I liked it because it was an American Girl book. Annika 9, Eustis, FL The last book I read was While The Clock Ticked by Franklin W. Dixon. I liked it because it was a mystery. Brian 8, Mount Dora, FL The Hobbit, but I am almost done with The Lorien Legacies: I am Number Four. Like almost all the books I read, I love this one because it is so far from reality, but the way the author tells the story, I feel it is as real as you or me. Meg 12, Mount Dora, FL Don't remember the name, but it was about lights. I liked how it was informational. (: Daija 12, Tavares, FL The last book I read was DragonFlight by Anne McCaffrey. I liked it because it was set back in olden times and had dragons and other fantasy creatures. Javelyn 11, Mount Dora, FL The last book I read was The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan. I liked how the author combined ancient Egyptian mythology with modern day life. Clayton 11, Mount Dora, FL Uncle Tom's Cabin. I liked the details of the characters and the point of the story. Christina 12, Orlando, FL

Friend (6)

Cinderella Story. I liked that it was a romantic comedy. Kayla 11, Knoxville , TN Counting on Grace. I liked the facts about it.

I read the book Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. The theme of the book Homecoming is to never give up until you succeed and about giving hope to four children in finding their long lost aunt. I liked this book because I could relate to the theme of never giving up; I always try my hardest in all the activities I am involved in and never stop trying until I succeed! Tayler 13, Onalaska, WI Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I've read it a bunch of times, but since it’s one of my favorite series, I decided to read it again. I like the characters, especially the three main ones, Percy, Annabeth and Grover, and the conflicts and settings. I love how Rick Riordan makes it so relatable and writes it almost as if he is the characters’ age. I also love how he mixes a little bit of romance in with the action, and doesn't forget what age group he's writing it for. Plus, it's great for girls and boys!  Heaven 12, Melbourne, FL The Puppy Place Book called, Bella. She was cute, and I liked the ending when she got a home. Julia 9, Medford, OR Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I liked how the main character had what is considered a "perfect life" but you get to see that is actually isn't. Mary 14, Columbus, OH Last book was Aliens on Vacation and I liked the boy, Scrub, didn't know that his grandma's house was an alien hotel, until she told him. It was a very interesting book. Megan 10, Apopka, FL

Annika 12, Mount Dora, FL

School (1)

By The Title (9)

By The Cover (9)

How do you usually pick a book?

Kaitlyn 12, New York, NY

ur vey! Take Our S

Go to TheBunkRoo vey New one each m onth!

March / April 2013 | | 7

Help Save The Animals By Zamariah 12, Oviedo, FL Have you ever paid much attention to any of the rain forests around the world? Do you ever wonder why some animals are going on the endangered list? Or have you ever wondered why some animals are becoming extinct? Has it come to your attention that you can help with these international animal problems and find the solution? About 10,796 animals are on the endangered list. Endangered species such as the Zuniga’s Dark Rice Rat are on the verge of dying. That means the population would not be able to survive any longer. Sadly, a wonderful and very beautiful wild cat became extinct called the Javan Tiger. The Javan Tiger couldn’t survive due to habitat loss; the species could not survive the rapid changes of their environment.

became extinct because of poaching. Poaching is one of the worst things you can ever do to harm the animal kingdom. (Editor’s Note: Poaching is illegally hunting an animal.) This is what causes animals to get on the endangered list. Mostly, animals are dying because of habitat loss. Sometimes builders don’t care what animal homes they destroy. What they don’t realize is that each time they build or mark a piece of land, that animal must move. This might even drive them in human habitats. This could be deadly for the animals and for humans as well.

Many animals are also poached. The Dodo which is a flightless bird,

We can all make a change and make a difference. Many animals need your help; you’re the person to do it. To learn how you can make a difference, visit To learn how you can make a difference, visit

Sumatra n tiger K emiri, a Adelaid favorite e Zoo’s in Planetke www.zo eper pro gram. .au

Earth Day Love! By Victoria 8, Apopka, FL Clarcona Elementary

I like to have fun on Earth day. My favorite thing is to play with friends and family and sing about Earth Day. My daddy likes to play on the computer. My mommy likes to talk, talk, talk. My brother likes to play with his LEGOs. My dog Sparky likes to play with me. I like to do lots of things on Earth Day, like clean up the Earth. I like to plant flowers. I like bunnies and dogs and ladybugs.

Today I went to the park and I played with friends. My aunt brought me and my brother to the park. At the park it was a birthday party. I ate hot dogs and ice cream. My mom and dad cleaned up outside. We talked about Earth Day and how important it is. I can’t wait till next year’s Earth day.

8 | | March / April 2013 | Be published! See page 5.

Artwork courtesy of Sacramento Earth Day by artist Dana Gray.


By Kacee 13, Tavares, FL Tavares Middle School

........................ First, I wake up to my autistic little brother waking me up, usually to say the words "Kacee, I can't find a shirt!" I turn around under my covers to see a smiling shirtless seven-year old. I help him

What a regular day is like.

and then eat breakfast. I usually make it for everyone.

I then put in my contacts and get dressed. I try to keep my room organized but I make a mess trying to get ready. My sister is a year and a half younger than me and is in sixth grade, so we go to the same middle school. We walk together to the bus. I then have a normal day at school and come home to first help my little brother with homework, because it's really hard for him to do some things.

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• Pre-School - Grade 12 • College Prep Curriculum • Accredited by SACS & NCSA • 33 Athletic Teams • Quality Fine Arts Program Christian Home & Bible School • After School Care on Campus LogoType

My weekends are different because Dylan, my little brother, plays little league baseball and I watch and cheer him on at tournaments. I'm the oldest, so I also do lots of chores but my family all works together so its not too bad.

On Sunday, we go to

church. I am thankful for my family, and they have made me who I am today. It can be hard having a sibling with a disability, but they are blessings in disguise. Autistic children, for instance, only like certain things and are very picky. They also have trouble in school and hate to have their schedule changed. Yet, for my brother, you can't tell he's autistic, unless he has an "episode" or he does something that involves being social

Horizontal for light background

2 color PMS 1245 PMS 072


I eat dinner and take a shower, after I do my homework; yet

I almost always find time to hang out with my best friend,who lives above my apartment.


Full Color

Contact us: 352.383.2155 | 1 color Blue 072

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or doing educational things. Dylan is our family's Valentine because in 2005, he was born on Valentines Day. I remember the first day I held him---the day my family's life changed forever. Until he was four, he couldn't walk, crawl, talk, sit up, roll over or talk unless he was saying things we never understood. He has showed me how precious life is because at birth until time for Kindergarden he was as helpless as a new born. He is our family's miracle! Tell us what your day is like! Submit your Day-to-Day article to us through our InBox at About 200 to 300 words.

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Evan Draim

What’s a Delegate?

Editor’s Note: Every four years the Republicans and the Democrats host a convention to elect their representative to run for president. Historically, delegates are chosen from each state to represent the voters. Here are some fun facts about the 2012 RNC convention: There were between 13,000-15,000 media members at the convention, making it the single largest media event in the world except for the Olympics. There were over 15,000 hotel rooms booked for every single night of the convention.

est & The Old Delegates t s e g Youn

Youngest Delegate By Evan Draim 18, Alexandria, VA / St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School myself (one was even the chairman of the Arlington County Republican Committee).

In May 2012, I was honored by the Republican voters of Virginia’s 8th district in being chosen to represent them as a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

My mission was twofold, to represent both my constituents in Virginia and my teenage peers nationwide. As the convention’s youngest elected delegate at 17 years old, I felt that I had a unique perspective to contribute that could communicate our party’s message to the youth demographic and motivate those voters to become more involved in the political process.

To effectively introduce myself to the voters of my district and convince them that I was a serious candidate, I called all 700 Republicans registered to attend the district convention, spoke nightly at conservative gatherings and acquired endorsements from prominent party figures or organizations who saw the value in having a younger face representing the Republican brand.

Although the issues being discussed in 2012 were particularly relevant for our generation, many young voters remained apathetic about a political environment that appeared to only enfranchise a much older section of the electorate. By becoming an RNC delegate and thereby shaping the direction of a major political party, I hoped to demonstrate how young Americans could exert influence in government. Before I could achieve this goal, however, I had to overcome a number of obstacles, most notably a field of contenders with much better name recognition and political experience than

other young Americans that the general public was interested in listening to their concerns. RNC officials were not the only ones who valued my perspective as a young American. Many elected Republican lawmakers also took interest in my story. During the roll call of states, Governor Bob McDonnell introduced Virginia by saying that our state was home to the youngest delegate at the convention, which was, of course, myself. After the roll call, Eric Cantor greeted me and gave me a shout-out via twitter. I was even given seating in the front row of convention hall, allowing me to shake Mitt Romney’s hand as he walked through the crowd to deliver his acceptance speech.

After four months of campaigning, I finally won the position by garnering the most votes out of 7 candidates.

Before I even left for Tampa, the national committee had already contacted me multiple times and assigned special staff to assist me in coordinating media appearances. Their interest enabled me to conduct over 100 interviews with national, local, and foreign press on six continents.

Some of my most notable media appearances included hits on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, CNN, MTV, The Washington Post, and Al Jazeera, among numerous others. Since I possessed the honor of representing the collective voice of all my peers back home, my high demand among media outlets and Republican officials alike communicated to

Although the convention and election are now over, I continue to use my position to communicate my peers’ political priorities to Republican leadership. As the party seeks to rebrand and modernize itself following a disappointing election result, young conservatives should play a central role in fashioning its new agenda. In order to facilitate this change, I routinely speak to high school and college audiences and was recently appointed to the Republican Party of Virginia’s resolutions committee to help draft their party platform.

March / April 2013 | | 11

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7. Who will donate $100 to the cause of your choice if you buy a vehicle?

3. Who is an American Idol contestant of season 12?

8. Where is Delia's Boutique?

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JMarch / April 2013 | | 13

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Journey to By Mandi 10, Tavares, FL Bunk Roomie Writer Homeschooled

“Don't be aggravated when your mom says to play for Aunt So-and-So.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on American Idol? David Oliver Willis, 21, from Mount Dora, Florida knows what it is like. He is in the top 40 of American Idol, season 12.

~David Oliver Willis

Reaching people with his music is his number one goal. “I am definitely a people person. I enjoy outreach . . . music and performing have become a huge part of my life, it is all in the light of the avenue to reach people,” David said. He wants to reach people where ever they are though his songs. He likes to sing songs that are uplifting stories that people can relate to.

David's experiences with American Idol have been filled with work, excitement and even some funny stories. One of his funny American Idol experiences was when he went to Hollywood and showed up with the same clothes as another guy.

“I had on a burgundy jacket. He had on a burgundy jacket. I had on a black t-shirt. He had on a black tshirt. I had on a gray scarf. He had on a gray scarf. I had on brown shoes. He had on brown shoes. That was kind of weird!"

At the age of three, David's budding singing career began at his mother's evangelist church. He began singing seriously in high school drama and chorus. That is also when he started singing and training with the Orlando Opera.

David has a lot of advice for kids who have a passion for music and performing. “Hone your crafts. Focus on your own strengths. Get as much practice as possible and don't be afraid of taking the opportunities that you are given. Don't be aggravated when your mom says to play for Aunt So-and-So. Those are the moments that prepare you for anything. And if you want to be on American Idol, you have to be willing to put in a lot of work now. It may look like a lot of fun, which it is, but there is a lot of work.”

Although he started young, David's experience with guitar had a pretty rocky start. He got his first guitar at the age of 12, but played around with it, tried to tune it, and broke the strings. Then he thought he was a rock star and slammed the guitar. He did not start playing guitar and piano seriously until his senior year of high school when he got a book of guitar chords and taught himself to play.

American Idol isn't the only thing keeping David busy


d Man

these days. He is the worship leader of Lake Church in Eustis, Florida. He also travels around to local restaurants and plays different gigs. He plays many styles of music such as folk, blues, oldies and spirituals. He is also a freelance audio technician with American Audio Visuals and is a leader of Project Movement, which is nonprofit organization in Lake County, FL.

David says his mom has always encouraged him to push through different struggles in life and to keep pursuing his passions, to keep his focus and to always put God first. Another big influence in his life is Bishop T.D Jakes. “He is very motivational in encouraging people to live out their passions and to put God first in doing those things.”


Photography by Bonnie Whicher Photography

March / April 2013 | | 15

Future Life

Kids! Tell us what your life looks like in 10 - 20 years. Submit articles to our InBox at 200-300 words. By Hannah 11, Tavares, FL Tavares Middle School As I see my life in the future it will be very busy. When I turn 19 I expect to be in college; a veterinarian college. I will get out of college when I turn 27 because vet college is 8 years long.

Five or more dogs and six trained monkeys that will do everything necessary to keep my life neat and organized.

I expect to be able to be a full time worker about one month after I get out of college. Every four weeks I will take a 5 day break. I will retire when I turn 45. Then I will become a writer. I will live in a beach-house on the great Island of St.Kitts. I will have three or more horses.

What can make two boys come home from school and then VOLUNTARILY work on a writing assignment? Only The Bunk Room! Jennifer Dempsey, Mount Dora, FL

First Try at Tennis After the school year ended my assistant coach called my mom and asked if I wanted There are many fun things about tennis. When I started out lessons with Coach and I said in tennis I was not very good at "yes." So over the summer I practiced with Coach on top it. I did not know top spin or spin, got a new racket and my any fancy shots. I started out shot was faster and smoother. I with a small kid’s racket and competed in my first tennis did not like it at all. But, I tournament and I got 4th out of decided to join the 6th grade 8 players. Lincoln Cougars team. By Eli 14, La Crosse, WI Independence Middle School

The team in the past did really well. I started the season out pretty well. I was one of the starters for doubles. After that I got moved into exhibition and I did better. After the season was over, the team only lost one match. For the last practice we ate pizza, drank pop and played some tennis too. That was a lot of fun.

After much practice I am a much better tennis player. I watched the players during Wimbledon and the Olympics and got tips from them that could help me. Next year, I hope to do well and be the #1 player on my team.

16 | | March / April 2013 | Be published! See page 5.

When I turn 85 ( if I am alive ) I will retire and be lazy, but I can`t retire until I move to the Bahamas and criticize the guy who made my one week of vacation terrible and I will make him (or his kids) miserable.

When I die I will give everything to my pets and my pets’ keeper. If my pet keeper quits and leaves my animals to starve to death then I will torture him in a ghost body.

Mandi’s local recognition has skyrocketed with The Bunk Room. Her online popularity is rising, too, with new subscribers every day. Randi Sue Huchingson, mom of Ukulele Mandi, Mount Dora, FL

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Chris S


By Jonathan 17, Eustis, FL Homeschooled

Behind The Lens Often, people don’t realize that everything you see on television or in the movies requires someone to be on the other side of the camera. That's the beauty of amazing camera work. You as the viewer can melt into the story as the camera operator takes you into the imagery.     Even though camera operators may be in the credits and announced at the Academy Awards, they usually fly low to the radar behind the scenes, but make all the difference in the world in the final production.      Brothers Chris and Jeff Schutz are two of some of the most sought-after specialized crane camera operators in Hollywood and bring to life many of the shows we take for granted.      They have both worked on some well known TV shows, such as “Biggest Looser,” “Mobbed,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Some other things they have filmed are trailers for movies where they will spend a day or two just filming one scene for the preview.      Every day they are working with someone who is, in some way, famous. Between the two of them, they say they have probably worked on projects with just about everyone in Hollywood, including Snooki and Tom Hanks.  

   Chris and Jeff Schutz moved to California eight years ago to follow their passion for film. The two brothers work as specialized camera operators on everything from car commercials to big budget movies. At 33 and 26 years old, they are living the dream!     Having grown up in South Florida with both homeschool and traditional education, Jeff and Chris broke away from the college experience after a couple years, realizing their dreams in

n worked o e v a h y e . . . th with just projects ryone in e v e t u o b a cluding n i , d o o w y Holl s. Tom Hank d n a i k o Sno the western sun. Jeff followed in his big brother's footsteps to join Chris, who had established himself as a highly regarded camera operator in Hollywood.    “My first impression of Hollywood was that the city itself is incredibly unimpressive. It's just lots of tourists and then some sound stages. My first

18 | | March / April 2013 | Be published! See page 5.

Jeff Sch


impression of Los Angeles as a whole is that it is HUGE! The city is very spread out, so getting anywhere takes forever," said Jeff.     Since Chris was already working there when Jeff came along, Jeff was able to get great on-the-job training simply by watching Chris. It’s a good thing Jeff got such great training, because the cameras he has to to operate can be quite difficult.     The cameras that they operate (called jibs) are at the end of a long crane and have a remote control at the bottom, which is used to adjust the angle of the camera while it is in the air. Both Chris and Jeff agree that operating the cameras can be pretty challenging.   When operating the camera and crane, they have to control both the pan (side to side) and tilt (up and down) of the camera, PLUS the height and location of the crane, all the while being careful not to hit people or the set. They both agree that, “It’s like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, while riding a unicycle.” Since this is such a unique job, being chosen for a project can be quite a process.     When their production company is hired for a TV show or commercial, the client reviews the different people who


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have worked for them in the past. When they find a camera operator that they are pleased with, they call the production company. More often than not, it is Chris and Jeff.


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    According to Chris and Jeff, not many people are capable or know how to operate such a big piece of equipment, so there isn't much competition in their field. Also, different companies that they work for will send them to wherever they will be filming. “A few months ago I got to go to Hawaii and before that I got to go to Fiji,â€? said Jeff. “It’s all paid for, plus I get paid to go there. Sometimes I’ll get a couple days off once I get there, so it’s like a little paid for vacation.â€?                 It is clear to see how exiting their jobs are. “You’re always in a totally different location. One day you’re in the desert somewhere and the next day you’re on the edge of a cliff‌â€?    

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20 | | March / April 2013 | Be published! See page 5.

Samantha 13, Umatilla, FL

Nick 16, Mt Dora, FL

Montessori at Roseborough Est. 1983

education as a preparation for life Early Childhood Elementary Middle School This 3 1/2 year old is building the Pink Tower using her sense of vision. She determines which cube goes next, from largest to smallest. This activity assists the child in developing coordination of intentional movement and visual discrimination. The Pink Tower is found in the Sensorial Area which is one of the four main areas that can be found in a Montessori classroom.

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Slice-O-Life Stories

The Bunk Roomies! Notebook

Grandfather Stories: WWII to Bugs!

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By Javelyn Dempsey 10, Umatilla, FL Bunk Roomie JAy-Team / Round Lake Elem

My grandfather (Opa), Dr. Hindrik Wolda, lived in the Netherlands during World War #2. He had to leave his home twice because they were under direct artillery fire. “It was generally rather scary. My dad was in the resistance against the German occupiers and we had three Jews hidden in our house. If the Germans had found out, we would have been killed” said Opa.

Bunk Roomies write

Mom, Nurse, Pilot!

By Jackson Polk 10, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomie JAy Team / Round Lake Elem Interview with Patricia Keller, Orlando, FL

Jackson: When did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

er Kell Pat

Keller: From the time I was a very little girl. I accomplished my dream and worked in many fields of nursing. The areas I liked most were in the operating, emergency and critical care. I also taught in a school of nursing. Jackson: What other things did you do in life? Keller: Well, first of all, I raised three sons: Brad, Michael and Chad. I also took flying lessons in a small single aircraft and received my private pilot’s license . . . . after some exciting experiences. Jackson: What kind of experiences are you talking about? Keller: One of the most memorable ones was when I was on my last solo cross-country flight before I took my flight test. I got lost. I was looking for signs of where I was when I saw what looked like an airport landing strip….so I landed and parked. A small mini bus pulled up and asked me if I wanted a ride to the hotel? I said, “No” and went into the flight office. I had to tell them I was lost. The airport was not listed on my chart. I asked about that. They said because this is the airport for the Lake Geneva Playboys' Club! They helped me chart my way back home. Jackson: What is your life like now? Keller: I am happily married to Frank Keller and have 6 wonderful grandchildren!

What is the JAy Team? The JAy Team is a level of writers in The Bunk Roomies who are spreading their wings interviewing people and sharing it as a Q & A. This is the first step to becoming a full-fledged feature writer on the A-Team. Learn more at

22 | | Mar/April 2013

The Bunk Roomies take their first steps into the reporting world by interviewing someone they know and turning it into an interesting article.

In 1944, when they evacuated for the second time, they went to stay with Opa’s grandparents. On the way they stayed a few days in Coevorden with a friend of his dad’s named Barteld Menkveld. Barteld and Opa’s father decided to work together in Coevorden after the war. That is how Opa met his wife, Trientje (Oma); my grandmother.

started when his father showed him the various grasshoppers in the grass next to his house and culminated in the rainforests of Panama.

Originally, Opa studied Land snails, but when he went to Australia he decided to study fruit flies. Then when he went back to Holland where Opa continued to study land snails. Eventually he went to Panama where he didn’t know what to study for a while, and then it struck him . . . Insects. Now, Dr. Wolda is at a retirement community alone and thinks back at the old times as a scientist. He remembers all the weird creatures he encountered like the 3-toed sloth, peanut nosed flungorid insect and, much, much more.

Opa and Oma both went to the same high school together but Oma would pay no attention to him. So he joined the army, got a uniform, and then kept teasing Oma until she gave in and married him. Opa was always fascinated by the vast variety of animals and plants around him. It

Editor’s Note: Mr. Wolda studied insects for over 20 years, researching for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, Central America.

A Spin! r o F t I g Takin

By Benjamin Slaby 14, Mount Dora, FL Bunk Roomie A-Team Writer Excerpt from Habilis* Boy Blog. Restoring a ’96 Camaro.

Day 28 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Today I got to take my really cool car for a drive down my street. I had a ton of fun. The car handled perfectly! I “accidentally” did a little burn out. I am very happy with the car.

Day 29 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Well today I have the car for sale. I wasn't able to get a headliner or a dash pad but if I find one before someone buys it then I will get those last parts. This has been an awesome experience for me. I am very happy with how this project went. READ MORE at Click on Habilis Boy.

Habilis Boy

Follow Benjam in’s NEW blog thebunkroom .com and clic . Go to k on Habilis Boy. Scan Me With Your Smart Phone and watch Benjʼs latest video.

Habilis means “handyman” and dates back to the classification of early man, known as Homo Habilis. That’s when man started using tools and became pretty handy around the house. We have our own resident Habilis man, in boy size: Benjamin.

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The Bunk Room Mar/Apr 2013  

Enjoy The Bunk Room, a magazine written entirely by kids and read by all. Be inspired as kids all over the world share their writing, artwor...

The Bunk Room Mar/Apr 2013  

Enjoy The Bunk Room, a magazine written entirely by kids and read by all. Be inspired as kids all over the world share their writing, artwor...