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VOL 1, 2018

The Bullroarer Snapshot New Melbourne Coffee & Dining business kicks off with logo by The Bullroarer Proud new business owner Michael Galluzzo has sought creative inspiration from Far North Queensland for his innovative coffee and global dining experience shop in Melbourne. Michael’s new business logo is now splashed across staff uniforms, aprons and coffee mugs. However, his creative adventure didn’t stop there! Article continues below

Cultural pride with brekky and a hot cuppa in Melbourne Kito’s Coffee and Dining in Melbourne are proudly embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage by taking bold steps to embed cultural atworks across their business. In early April, The Bullroarer worked with business owner Michael Galluzzo to develop his vision of a rose-gold K for Kito’s logo, as well as a Platypus artwork that could be applied to work shirts, aprons and coffee cups. Both graphics went through an intensive creative process which involved Michael each step of the way. The result was a a logo that could move its colours into the waters of the artwork as the platypus himself. After printing the work uniforms (shirts, shorts and aprons) and the platypus coffee mug, Michael returned to the Bullroarer to develop an earthy-toned Lizard inspired by Michael’s totem which is tattooed on his arm. The response to Kito’s creative artworks have been overwelmingly positive. Michael says it has helped set his business apart from the rest, and he loves the positive impact it is having on his staff and customers.

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