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March 2013

1912 By Kieran Kindig Pink petals encase children as they play on the damp green grass. They sky is tainted orange as the sun flees the earth. I stand up to gaze at the scene-- whirlwinds of leaflets, families throwing white Frisbees across the pink sea, the last strands of the sun disappearing into the blue, and the faint honking of geese as they fly through the now-darkening sky. Gusts of wind blow against my By Mira Fink jacket as I descend down the hill past families on picnic blankets. I take a last glimpse at the swarming of petals around the field as I step into a cab. By Nthabiseng Cooper

New Year! New York!

The Literary Tale of the PawPrint

Early in the morning the crowd starts to form. Lola starts to search for her friends. The icy air brushes against her face. She goes farther and farther into the street. As the crowd gets thicker she starts to feel warmer. Everyone is filled with excitement. Lola finally finds her friends. As it gets darker, the crowd gets louder. The bars and restaurants are overflowing with people yelling and cheering. Lola starts to feel the joy of the crowd coming from every corner. Julia hands Lola glittery and huge glasses. They all put them on and start to sing to the blasting music. The crowd slowly stops talking. It’s finally reached the ten-second mark. Shouting in sync, Lola, her friends, and the crowd say, “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1” Hoots and hollers come from every inch of the pavement. Lola and Julia jump with elation.

By Will Evans

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Cold Christmas By Sarah Deleonibus The lights on the tree glisten like the moonlit snow. The cold wind knocks on the frosted window. The mistletoe is hung. The warm fire is lit, And the children are sleeping, waiting eagerly for St. Nick. The warm feeling around is superior to the cold air, And you just can’t wait for Christmas day to be here .

Artsy Anna’s Hanukah By Anna Rosen-Birch

By Grace Gibson

Presents like Christmas day Running and screaming down the halls Family comes together Excitement is everywhere Laughter at every corner Lovely prayers fill the air Smiles on everyone’s faces like little children at a fair

By Jessica Schuble

The Happiest Time with Family By Aaron Kim People are moving as busy as bees. When the meal with turkey is finally ready, Cats and dogs dance playfully around the dinner table. Family flocks to each other like ants carrying crackers, And solemnly pray to God. As soon as the prayers end, Proud Aaron adorably distributes Turkey to his Family.

By Lindsay Lewis

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Scared of Nothing


By Aaron Thompson

The puny path way was ever impossible to walk on It was very dark and scary Unexpectedly the men popped out with chainsaws I began to run like a cheetah Then I remember It is only Halloween

By James Pitzer Family Come together to celebrate The birth of Jesus Christ, Our Savior Ripping open the wrapped and ribboned presents with Jubilation Peace and love Joy to all

Holiday Season

Valentine’s Day

By Alex Trippi Holiday lights shine bright in the night sky, Cheerful joy seems to never die. No school for so many days, While with your family you play all sorts of games. The next day seeing what is under the tree, Which is full of presents just for me!

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By Mayron Ayenew Red hearts and “Be Mine” chocolates Secret admirers and Love letters Perfect hugs sealed with a kiss Love fills the air like the smell of fresh baked cookies As everyone hopes to meet... Someone they can call their own

A Blast from the Past By Jamie Albert The sea reaches for us with its foamy white edges and pulls away Sandcastles rise gracefully from the sand as if coming alive from their graves When nightfall comes colors burst into the sky They splash vibrant colors against the endless black canvas My heart yearns to be here Listening to the calming tempo of the waves crashing To the crackle of the fireworks The smoky smell of the bonfires along the beach I sit here alone wondering what home is like now My family roars with laughter and it becomes a reality I am home I will always be home By Avva Sarkarzadeh

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