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Your building investment demands the best products and expertise available. TOUGH & TRUE

 Our steel frames are precision engineered and will not shrink, twist or warp. No sticking doors, cracked walls, ceilings or cornices.

WILL NOT BURN Steel Truss Solutions design and builds steel frame wall and roof systems for all purposes.

 Steel reduces the amount of flammable material in your home because it's naturally not combustible.

You can rely on the experience and skill offered by our team.


Contact us for friendly advice and assistance with your special project.

 Lightweight steel gives you more design options with its spanning ability. Great for open spaces and feature bulkheads and ceilings. Perfect for steep, hilly sites. Easy and fast to erect.

We enjoy the challenge of helping our clients get the best and most cost – effective way of building their design. We can often find innovative and creative methods to maximise space without breaking the bank.


Our fully computerised systems design almost any single or two storey home, storage facility, shop, school, granny flat, chalet, workshop or shed.

 Steel is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. At the end of its service life a steel framed house can be 100% recycled to make new steel.

From building small weekenders to multi million dollar prestige homes, we have solutions.

 100% termite and borer proof. No need to apply toxic chemical treatments to steel frames.



 Our steel framing carries a fifty year warranty (conditions apply)

OWNER BUILDERS The majority of our clients are owner builders who want to minimize the cost of their building project. Our product range supports on – site efficiencies and enables you to perform most tasks yourself with limited assistance or specialised skills. We are continually researching new materials which simplify and optimise the process of erecting dwellings independently and making efficient use of materials. Difficult sights or unusual designs are easily suited to light weight, high strength steel solutions. You can take your time as steel, unlike timber, will not twist and warp before your eyes as it is left exposed to the elements.

complete building systems

P: 08 9409 2733 F: 08 9408 0215 E: 106 Windsor Road, Wangara WA 6065



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prefabAUS is the hub for building prefabrication in Australia

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Message from Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash



FAIR RESULT Eaton Fair Shopping Centre upsizes










SKIN RESUS GETS A FACELIFT Feeling a little old and tired, this cosmetic clinic decided it was time to rejuvenate





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We feature state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances with accenting ceramic tile, granite, and stainless steel designs. Featuring quality brands such as Beef Eater, Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, plus more. Design your own or we can suggest ideas to help you get to the desired finish.


P: (08) 9249 7411 • 1/45 Irvine Drive, Malaga WA 6 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


Your Number One Choice for Custom Built and Pre Fabricated PVC fencing in WA

 Supply only  Supply & Install (Perth Metro)  Privacy fencing  Picket Fencing  Post & Rail farm fencing  Double Gates, Single Gates

 Automated Sliding Gates  Pre Fabricated fencing  Custom Built fencing  Portable Event panels  Obligation free Quotes

Custom Built PVC Fencing Commercial, Industrial, Civil and Domestic

The benefits of PVC Fencing

Won’t Corrode Won’t Split Won’t Warp Cost Effective Durable Maintenance Free Cost Effective 100% Recyclable No Nails Termite Resistant

Tel: 9300 9220 154B Elliot Road, Hocking WA 6065 Email:



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McGrath Modular unveils its smarter than average building Steel framed building has been widely adopted in Europe, the USA and throughout Asia, whereas in Australia (and particularly in Perth) concrete is normally accepted as the main material for the construction of commercial buildings. This is especially true for high-rise construction. McGrath Modular and Alto Modular have partnered on the development of a high rise modular system. The system is aimed at the residential, aged-care, student accommodation and hotel markets. Alto Modular provided the design and project management team and McGrath Modular manufactured to produce a fully functioning hotel prototype. Due to the very nature of prototyping, a hands-on approach was taken by the management team, their suppliers and trades.

Typically high rise structures have a lengthy programme for completion, and also attract a higher cost per square metre the taller the building is. With modular construction, all levels are manufactured simultaneously and at the same square metre cost. This would seemingly make modular construction more attractive than traditional building methods. The challenge for alternative methods of construction such as modular building isn't then necessarily based around costs – it is moreso based on the lack of project stakeholders having a thorough understanding of the technology and benefits it offers. For example, builders committing to providing warranties for a particular

method of construction need to understand the risks involved before committing to it. This thought process now is changing with the market's demand for the faster and more sustainable methods of construction which steel provides. The response to that market demand became the main driver behind this project – to provide an alternative method of construction to the traditional forms, particularly for high rise construction. The resulting design and construction method can provide potential time and cost savings as well as quality increases for multi-storey buildings of up to 25 levels. The project commenced with extensive research and subsequent discussions with suppliers, developers and financiers who were jointly interested in working on a model that could remove the barriers and de-risk the challenges which typically affect this type of construction. McGrath Modular, together with Alto Modular, undertook to design and manufacture a prototype/display module utilising local trades and suppliers. McGrath and Alto believed that by offering an alternative to traditional construction (especially with Perth's metropolitan push for increased urban density and sustainable and faster methods of construction) the product could meet that market demand in a better way.



MODULAR BENEFITS There are many significant benefits to this type of modular system. They include:

Design clarity Modular manufacturing results in 100% design completion prior to commencement, therefore clients understand that everything has been accounted for prior to works starting.

Speed to market Unlike traditional construction programming where fitout follows the completion of a storey, every room or apartment manufactured simultaneously for completion. By adopting first principles of design using columns and beams, they set about partnering with local and national companies, adopting many of their specific core skills and experiences. This avoided a long learning curve, extensive testing or dealing with unknown quantities. McGrath and Alto utilised accepted available products and simple designs to develop their modular accommodation. It was also important to both companies to manufacture locally where possible. With poorer exchange rates and high shipping costs, the need for attention to costs became a significant factor when considering where to manufacture components. Quality control of overseas products was also considered, and coupled with the desire to provide an Australian made system, the decision to manufacture locally became even easier.

companies that every local developer and builders trust and understand such as CMI, James Hardies, Schneider Clipsal, Assa Abloy, Laminex, Boral and Corinthian Doors. Group Business Development Manager, Lawrie Foster, says, “As far as we are aware, this is the first competitive, multistorey modular system designed, engineered and manufactured in Western Australia by Perth companies (McGrath Modular, Alto Modular, Wood & Grieve). It offers a genuine alternative to traditional construction, is a risk adverse alternative to offshore manufacture, and incudes local builders within the process.” “The main innovation is that 99% of the design remains the same whether 2 storeys or 25 storeys. This enables continuity of manufacture and coupled with flexibility of fitout options, our product suits all market sectors including hospitality, apartment living, aged care, student accommodation, institutional, hospitals and schools.” “We learnt that locally produced product is a real cost efficient alternative to off shore modular construction. The design offers real opportunity for a fully integrated solution to offsite manufacture that financiers can fund similar to traditional methods.”

Every material used within the modular system is typical of traditional construction – steel, plasterboard, and other internal finishes. The project also uses recognised quality local and national companies – brands and

There are a number of exciting projects that are closely linked to the manufacture of this display module, in particular, several local and interstate hotel projects and student accommodation projects. McGrath Modular is also very close to signing contracts with a prominent local developer for several apartment complexes within the Perth Metro area.

Quality Manufacturing processes can be adopted for construction enabling every detail to be documented and quality delivered to the highest standard.

Sustainability Wastage reduction is achieved through smarter manufacturing and materials are produced exactly to required sizes, therefore reducing waste and landfill.

If you would like to discuss how the high rise modular system could work for your next development please email:

McGrath Modular Lawrie Foster 0448 102 908 Tanya Glamuzina 0428 910 425

Alto Modular Chris Dunnett 0416 609 350 Lee Aschettino 0416 771 182



Happy Holidays to all our advertisers and readers in the building industry.


e here at The Builders Choice Magazine would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over 2015. It's been an interesting year to say the least, and one which has seen our talented architects, developers, builders, designers, engineers and consultants achieve create many wonderful projects for their clients … and in some cases for the people of this state of ours. It has also seen the passing of some leaders in our industry, such as Mr. Len Buckeridge. For some within our great industry, it has been a quieter year than previous. Whilst quiet years can place some pressure on businesses, they also bring out that unique Western Australian spirit of innovation and creativity. This only serves to make those businesses leaner and more efficient, benefitting the businesses themselves as well as their clients. On the other hand, some of our industry partners have experienced growth in the last 12

months, contrary to financial and employment market conditions. This may have been due to new product development, improved design or building techniques, or diversification into untapped markets. Again, this is a testament to that West Australian passion and drive which makes our state and the building industry here so unique! Irrespective, we are all part of an industry that we love, and ultimately co-own together. As joint custodians of our industry, we have an obligation to do the best we can, not unlike a parent raising a child. We are defined by the industry we create, and the industry is a product of what we make it. There is often no separation between the building industry and those in it. Perhaps upon reflection, the greatest thing about our Western Australian building industry is our spirit of collaboration which only serves to make it better for everyone it comes into contact with.

12 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

And hopefully, we are playing a small part in that collaboration. As advocates and supporters of the building industry, we feel that it is our responsibility to highlight some of the great work that you do. In this edition, we include a diverse cross-section of projects…from the modular construction of Dale Christian School and Skin Resus fitout to the new Trigg Café for Kailis and Mozart Mews apartment development. We also highlight some unique new homes in Henley Brook (our cover story) and Attadale whilst contrasting them with some meticulous character home renovations such as Almondburry Road, Mt Lawley. We wish every one of you, along with your families, a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Our office will close on Tuesday 15th December and will reopen again on Monday 11th January. We look forward to working with you again in 2016! Kind Regards The Builders Choice Magazine Team.


Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Gentle, sweeping European lines. World-leading designers from all corners of the globe. Highest quality fabrics and standards of manufacturing. Kuka furniture is sophisticated through its simplicity, function and comfort without compromise. With Kuka you CAN be different. Your home CAN be a reflection of your own personal style. And you CAN have the kind of home that makes you feel proud to show it off when guests arrive. At Kuka there really is something for everyone. And if you find the choices all too over-whelming, simply ask about our professional interior-design service. You can purchase direct from our Kuka Gallery in the South West of Western Australia OR our online store.


181 Blair Street, Bunbury

phone: (08) 97216788

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 13


Indoor/Enclosed Approved Barbeques manufactured by Infresco Infresco is an Western Australian company which manufactures INDOOR/ENCLOSED approved barbeques. Imagine the designs and unlimited creations you can now fulfil without any limitations on the alfresco area.

Each barbeque has the option to have many different cooking choices including hotplates, grills, wok burners, deep fryers, paellas, crab cookers and many more.

Houses are now designed to accommodate an outdoor kitchen but are fully or partially enclosed areas, Outdoor use only barbecues do not comply with the strict regulations. Infresco easily works with the builder or resident to make the area fully compliant with the Infresco BBQ. We have four standard sizes in our gourmet barbecue range from 900mm – 1360mm, we also can custom design the barbecue to your specific measurements.

Infresco the outdoor kitchen experts visit our website, Contact us today 1300 004 003 or Come see us at our two convenient showrooms located at Beeliar & Wangara. Infresco Phone: 1300 004 003

new products


The Power to Protect – by ARC-i WELDING All welding fumes contain toxic chemicals and pollutants that can damage your respiratory system. The inhalation of iron, one of the commonest components in welding fumes, significantly increases the risk of lung cancer. Welders have a 40% greater risk of lung cancer than other professional groups largely due to the inhalation of toxic fumes. A powered air purifying respirator system with a P3 filter and a helmet with an assigned protection factor of TH3 is recommended for welding. A person or business undertaking welding has a duty of care to provide adequate protection against the hazards associated with welding. With a lower initial cost and greatly reduced total cost of ownership the FA100 delivers better value than any other system on the market.

Focus Air delivers the protection welders need in a light-weight, compact package with all the features they demand. Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the CE Standards and European Norms and independently certified to TH3/P3 Focus Air delivers new levels of protection and value for money.

14 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


Arc-i Welding Industries Phone: (08) 9242 5041



Up Close + Personal with

Alex Yap Managing Director JAV Developments JAV Developments is a locally owned and operated construction company that works across all areas of construction. From residential projects, unit developments through to luxury homes and shop fit outs, JAV Developments delivers support at every stage of the construction process. Today we take a few minutes to chat with Founder and Managing Director of JAV Developments, Alex Yap.  You established JAV Developments in 2010. What inspired you to start your own business? My father was a huge inspiration for me. He works as a builder and engineer and has his own construction firm in Indonesia. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with seeing the construction sites he worked on. Watching buildings come together from a vision has

always been fascinating and I find the entire process – from the idea through to the final result – an interesting one.  What makes JAV developments different from your competitors? At JAV developments we pride ourselves on superior customer service. We are not happy unless our clients are and we go the extra mile and take the extra steps needed to not only ensure they are satisfied, but to surpass their service expectations.

Part of this superior service is being proactive at all stages and across all elements of the building process to ensure construction runs smoothly and the client gets what they paid for, if not more.  What motivates you when it comes to business? I am motivated by many different things, as I am so passionate about our industry and what we do. Discovering new products, seeing new ideas come to life, exploring new ways and design methods applied to

the construction industry. I enjoy immersing myself in it all. One of the best things about our business is that we never build the same things twice – this helps to keep your knowledge fresh and expands your spectrum of experience. I'm also motivated by where we build. As we build throughout Perth, it truly is a never-ending array of fantastic suburbs.  What have been your favourite wins in your business? My favourite wins centre around happy clients. Seeing them move into their house and truly enjoy it is immensely satisfying. It's also great to hear them tell others how much they enjoyed the construction process and working with JAV Developments and that all the nightmares about what a bad and stressful experience building is were untrue in their case.

 Feasibility & Detailed Cost Planning  Bills of Quantities/Schedules of Works  Pre and Post Contract Construction Cost Advice  Assets and Portfolio Valuation Assessments  Contract Administration  Contract Services and Dispute Management  Serving the State of Western Australia QUANTITY SURVEYING & COST CONSULTANTS

Level 24, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 Integrity


16 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

‘‘Providing financial advice on the built environment’’ Trust Respect

Phone 08 6141 3319



‘‘My father was a huge inspiration for me. He works as a builder and engineer and has his own construction firm in Indonesia’’ It's things like this and hearing positive feedback about the quality of our developments that I consider wins. As our business predominantly relies on word of mouth marketing positive feedback is always a win and a must-have in my book.

 Perfmet Engineering Pty Ltd – Proudly Western Australian owned and operated  Metal Image Perforating  Ali Wood Fencing panels  Hand railing, Balustrading and Bollards

construction, tenders, account management, business development and more.

 Where do you see the business in ten years? JAV Developments aims to be the preferred builder for custom build homes and will also  What have been your manage design throughout the biggest obstacles when it construction process. comes to business growth? We will also have in house That there are never enough designer and architects to ensure hours in the day. Finding the time that any design changes or request to structure the business so that it from the clients can be done in a can run smoothly without me is quick and efficient manner. challenging. Whilst I enjoy being JAV Developments are the key factor of the construction effectively a one-stop shop in I would also like to structure the the construction industry. business so that it is able to They can provide construction operate in 'auto pilot mode'. services at every stage of the construction process. From  How big was your team planning, design, development when you started JAV approval (DA), building licence, Developments versus now? project management through to JAV Developments started as handover, certification and new one-man band. I did everything certificate titles. myself from accounts, contract Experienced across the management through to residential and commercial supervision and more. Now we space, JAV Developments cater have nine great people working to all types of construction in the business. projects including single storey Our team combined has over dwellings, renovations, shop fit 30 years of industry experience outs, unit developments, multi and work across the areas of storey dwellings and more.

 Supply manufacture and Installation  Custom made to your specification  Established 21 years  Limited only by your imagination

08 9209 1011

Leaders in Architectural and Light Metal Fabrication December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 17



Up Close + Personal with

Jack Quigley Founder and MD of CrowdfundUp CrowdfundUP is part of a larger fintech revolution bringing investing opportunities directly into the homes of everyday Australians. A unique player in a brand new market space, CrowdfundUP gives investors access to premium investment opportunities across Australia. All done online from the comfort of your own office or home, you can browse properties, invest preferred amounts and create an investment portfolio all in a few clicks. Today we get up close and personal with Jack Quigley and get a better insight into CrowdfundUP.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background Jack. Prior to establishing CrowdFundUP I worked in the legal sector as a commercial lawyer acquiring extensive corporate advisory experience in transactional, foreign investment,

range of opportunities to create an online property portfolio, while CrowdfundUP's experienced property partners receive exposure to a qualified investor market and access to capital for development projects.

corporate taxation, restructuring and regulatory matters.

raise capital for their next real estate project. Investors can easily browse  You established CrowdFundUp investment opportunities, in 2012. Tell us a bit about this explore background unique business. information about property CrowdfundUP was established in partners and communicate 2012 and officially launched in directly with key personnel 2015. A new concept and the first responsible for the project. of its kind in Australia, it is a real And we do all this online. estate crowdfunding platform Investors can get set up in less that offers both debt and equity than a minute and once they're investment opportunities to retail registered they can view and wholesale investors. investment opportunities and CrowdFundUP introduces connect with property partners. investors to selected property They also have the ability to partners who are looking to invest preferred amounts across a

18 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

 What motivated you to make the move from the legal sector to real estate investment? Crowdfunding for the purposed of real estate investing was a growing market overseas. When I discovered it I had a look at the Australian market and was surprised to see we had no such model. The thought of making investing in real estate accessible to many Australians who otherwise might not be able to do so was a large motivational factor. This combined with the drive to help ensure it is a safe process and well executed investment strategy motivated me to not only establish


Come and design your dream outdoor kitchen CrowdFundUP but to also ensure it is backed by a very experienced team and supported by stringent due diligence processes to make investing a safe experience for investors.  How much traction has crowdfunding gained in the market? Whilst crowdfunding for investing in real estate is a relatively new concept, it is definitely one that is popular and growing in take-up quite quickly. For example $19million was invested via crowdfunding in 2012, this grew to $800 million in 2012 and surpassed $2.57 billion in 2015 (all worldwide). Whilst most of this money originated from US and Europe, we are sure Australia will increase its investment via this process too.  How does CrowdfundUP navigate its way through the real estate market cycles? Here at CrowdfundUp we take a pragmatic view towards investing. It needs to be successful and sustainable over the long-term. We're not here to 'ride the market' when its hot. Our process and strategy ensures that each of the investment opportunities offered have been evaluated and verified through a stringent due diligence process that aim to make the investment process a safe one for our members, no matter what the latest property cycle may be.

 How feasible is investing via CrowdfundUP for the average Australian? As one of our main drivers is to make real estate investing accessible to as many Australians as possible, our minimum investments start at $1000. These minimum investment amounts are set by our Property Partners who align with our ethos that investing should be available to all.  Taking a look from the commercial perspective, how does a Property Group qualify to become a Property Partner with CrowdfundUP? We look at a variety of qualifying factors that need to be fulfilled before agreeing to work with a Property Partner. Factors include previous experience, current portfolio size, key personnel, whether they hold an AFSL and the ability to build a viable crowd of investors. But the first step in this process is creating a company profile page on our site, which takes less than a minute.  Where do you see CrowdfundUP in five years' time? Still growing strongly and offering more opportunities to the market! We also hope to be helping fund residential mortgages and help people invest or purchase their entire property completely online from anywhere in the world!

with Infresco

Infresco offers fully installed outdoor kitchens completed with gourmet barbecues, your choice of fridges, exhaust hoods, wok burners, bench top surfaces, under bench ovens... the options are incredible and the variety of appliances to complete your new infresco outdoor kitchen is outstanding. Visit our website for more information or just browse our gallery to see the wide styles and designs we have completed. CALL 1300 004 003 NORTH


Unit 7,

22A Fancote

15 Prindiville


Drive, Wangara


December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 19



Up Close + Personal with

Deborah Binet Associate Cameron Chisholm Nicol  What do you enjoy about being an architect? I find architecture a rewarding profession because not only is every project unique, but the range in scope of work through the stages of a project keeps things engaging. I appreciate good design and enjoy working to deliver well designed and well built spaces that respond to the client's brief. Most of all architecture is about teamwork, an aspect which I really enjoy. The success of a project depends on the contribution of each team member, from other architects, interior designers, consultants, builders, and the client. Each project is different so I am continually learning, from the process itself as well as from the people on the team.

Fremantle. I am also overseeing the Camilla Apartments in West Perth. We are a practice with around 60 staff with a broad base of repeat clients. We work in a number of sectors including multi-residential, commercial, education, health and aged care, sport and recreation, retail, defence and adaptive re-use. We are focussed on design excellence with a pragmatic approach. We also have an in What is your current role house mentor scheme which and what does it involve? I established and manage. I think I am an Associate at Cameron it is really important to consider Chisholm Nicol and currently the the career development of project architect for Heirloom, young architects and graduates. a multi-residential project in In return we get invaluable

20 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

feedback from the next generation of architects which informs the strategic planning of our workplace.

we worked hard and delivered on time. To walk into the finished building and see what we had accomplished was a very rewarding experience. It has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Australian Institute of Architects Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture in 2013 and also ranked as the world's top venue for its size by Billboard magazine in 2014.

 Tell me more about Heirloom Heirloom is a complex and high  What have been your profile project, prominently career highlights? located on Queen Victoria My career highlight would have Street which is the gateway into to be my role on the Perth Fremantle. It involves the Arena. It was a joint venture with conversion of the heritage listed ARM who is based in Melbourne, Dalgety Wool Stores into 183 and I led the Perth team for the apartments and a cafe. It is a construction documentation great example of the adaptive phase of the project. It was a re-use of what was a very stimulating and challenging dilapidated building, giving it a project with a series of tight new life by people who will deadlines. We had a large team appreciate its character. It is of highly motivated young currently under construction and architects and interior designers, is due for completion in early

profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE the life of the building. The building has beautiful jarrah structural elements and floorboards, the restoration of which has brought the material back to life. The project has been a catalyst for the invigoration of that part of Fremantle.

Photo: Greg Hocking

2017. I am on site a few times a week and enjoy working with the builder to resolve the issues that arise. They are working to a tight program and there are various building elements all proceeding concurrently, from structural work to finishes. The Dalgety Wool Stores is a 4 storey building of historic significance. In its day it was integral to the community of Fremantle as well as the development of the wool industry in Western Australia. The design involves the creation of 3 blocks of apartments within the existing fabric of the building and removing portions of the roof sheet and flooring to create two large atrium spaces. The new elements have been carefully considered and are respectful of the existing fabric of the building. The apartment party walls are based on the existing grid and the existing materials are exposed and expressed where possible. The facades and many of the internal heritage elements are retained and repaired, extending

 What are the most challenging aspects of the Heirloom project from a design and construction perspective? We are working with a heritage building with unique characteristics, for example existing columns do not always align, the existing beams sag, as do the floorboards. It is a challenge to resolve the interface of the new with the existing on site whilst maintaining design integrity. The builder is also working at a rapid pace so we have to be very organised and rigorous in our approach.  What are the challenges for women working in your industry? Women in senior levels in the construction industry are still under-represented, and I think support and flexibility needs to be considered to enable women to stay at work or return to work after maternity leave. The most important factor though is the availability of meaningful parttime work. This is why I think mentoring is invaluable as it gives you the tools and confidence to focus on what you would like to achieve and navigate your own career path.

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 21


THE BUILDERS CHOICE company rofile

50 years young and dynamic

Ceramo Tiles Ceramo (aka Middle Swan Trading Pty Ltd) has been a mainstay in the Australian tile industry, recently celebrating 50 years in business. A leading importer of the world's finest ceramic tiles that hail from classic tile making regions such as Italy and Spain, Ceramo continues to be a market leader in this space. Whilst competitors come and go and industry trends evolve, Ceramo's consistent focus on innovation, high quality craftsmanship and outstanding service has served it well, contributing to its overall success. We took some time to have a chat with John Tavelli, Managing Director of Ceramo, to get to know the business a bit better, discover how they have achieved a successful 50 years and delve into what plans they have for the future!

allowed us to show the tile buying public that there is more to ceramic tiles than a 300x600 gloss white.  How do you stay ahead of the game and your competitors? We believe that ultimately it is about the one percent. It's the We have seen our industry little things that add up to a  Congratulations on the 50th shun European product for the better buying experience. In anniversary of Ceramo! As saying that though, you can't Managing Director, what do lure of cheap imports and then ignore customer service as a you feel are the main factors turn itself around again to the major factor. that have contributed to the present where there is an everincreasing focus on the European Informative and helpful success of the business? customer service can form a big Thank you. Ceramo has always made brands again. In addition to this, we made advantage, particularly in the retail maintained its relationships buying space where most and its stable of products with some difficult decisions to reputable manufacturers from rebrand some 5 years ago with customers are on a steep learning Europe and has stayed true to a major showroom renovation, curve when it comes to choosing which was a necessity to their tiles.. It is in this situation the saying that “value is reinvigorate the tile buying that they place high value on a remembered long after the experience for our customers. knowledgeable sales person that price is forgotten� meaning This has had a major influence can give them the time they need that it's not always the on how our customers to be confident about what will cheapest price that is the perceive the product and be a very permanent decision. best buy.

22 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

company profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE


CALL 13 62 60 1 Naylor St, Beaconsfield WA 6162 Just one example of the amazing timber look porcelain planks that are now available.

 Now that you've hit 50 years do you have any large changes planned for the business? We actually went through substantial changes approximately five years ago with the showroom renovation and rebrand. However we are always looking for innovative products and new/unique ways that people can leverage the ceramic medium to a new level beyond the traditional areas of tiled surfaces. Whilst we say changes from here on in might be incremental and continual rather than wholesale, we never say never as you just don't know what the future may hold!  Where do you see Ceramo in say 10 years? I envision that Ceramo will continue to build on its quality product that is both sustainable and produced in an ethically responsible manner. The inherent characteristics of ceramic make it an obvious choice when looking to create sustainable, eco-friendly products of the future.

Ceramic is a low maintenance and hard wearing material. Combined with the ability to effectively replicate natural materials such as stone and wood, makes it the ideal alternative to take over from the usage of these finite/limited resources. However it's important that the specifier and end user know which ceramics are created in a sustainable and eco-friendly manger as not all tiles are created equal! Ceramo Tiles focuses on high quality and sustainable product which is not only innovative but when combined with effective interior design can bring one's lifestyle and creative vision to life within their home. Their tiles cover the full spectrum of household needs – including bathroom, feature walls, mosaics, alfresco/outdoor areas, kitchens and living areas. This, in conjuction with their ethos of exceeding client expectations at every stage of the customer relationship makes Ceramo Tiles a solid, strong and continual player in the tile space.



 System Scaffold  Mobile Towers – Pro Series  Folding Scaffold

Oldfields Pro Series Mobile Tower’s 1.3m Wide x 2.5 Long x 4m Platform with 2 Outriggers



1.3m Wide x 2.5 Long x 3.5m Platform

*Top working platform of 1.9m requires minimum of 2 outriggers

$2890+GST SPECIAL $685+GST Base only $990+GST Without Outriggers or $1090+GST With 2 Outriggers Zippy Fold-up Scaffold Extension Base Unit: 1.96m(H) x 0.74m(W) x 1.96m (L) Standing Heights: 0.4m, 0.9m, 1.4m 1.9m* Maximum Load 225kg

SCAFFOLD TO HIRE  System Scaffold  (Aluminium or Heavy Duty Steel)  Mobile Towers (Aluminium)  A-Frame Scaffolding  Hand Railing

Ceramo’s flagship supplier the Porcelanosa group boasts a state of the art manufacturing plant with a huge emphasis on sustainable production. Porcelanosa is second to none in the world tile industry when it comes to sustainable production.

Erect & Dismantle our staff are scaffold experts – FREE Quote anywhere anytime with fast turn around! DELIVERY SERVICE

FREE DELIVERY PERTH METRO – NEW SALES ONLY December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 23


THE BUILDERS CHOICE company profile

Company Profile

prefabAUS Directors & Membership Information prefabAUS is the hub for building prefabrication in Australia:  Educating a wide audience about the benefits of modern building prefabrication  Acting as a portal for quality information about Australian building prefabrication  Exploring and addressing barriers to the uptake of building prefabrication  Encouraging research and development programs across the industry  Advocating on behalf of members

key players in Australia’s prefab industry. Membership allows you to participate in and guide discussions that address big industry issues, it facilitates moments to network

prefabAUS works with manufacturers, architects, building designers, engineers, and other construction professionals, affiliated industry associations, research bodies, client groups, government agencies, and regulatory bodies to advance Australian building prefabrication. Joining prefabAUS connects you with



24 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

 What are some of the benefits of joining? prefabAUS is powered by its members.  Become key player in the future of the Industry  Representation + advocacy to regulatory and strategic industry players  Priority presentations at prefabAUS events so you can guide the discussion topics  Discounts on our events so you get to mix and mingle, contribute and participate, listen and learn, visit and observe, and generally keep track of where prefab is heading today and in the future

 Regular Members Newsletters along with the general monthly news, to which members are invited to make contributions  Corporate, Associate, Professional and Small Professional members will have their own dedicated, full page presence in the prefabAUS Directory, with active links to their own website.

For more information about becoming a member email: or go to:

company profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE

prefabAUS Board of Directors Damien Crough is our Board Chair and is a founding Director, and sees strong opportunities for the industry to set itself apart by providing low waste, high quality, sustainable and design led alternatives. Now Managing Director of Advanced Offsite Group, he was previously Business Development Manager at Hickory Group, Damien has been involved a range of medium to high density modular housing projects. He also understands the importance of research and development collaborations following the participation of Unitised Building (UB) in a number of projects with the University of Melbourne exploring issues such as advanced manufacturing technologies and embodied energy. …and in alphabetical order… Josh Chaplin is Sales Manager for Modular Building Systems, an off-site construction company based in Sydney. Josh has been in the modular building industry for over 14 years specialising in permanent and semi-permanent modular building construction projects. Josh has extensive knowledge with the off-site construction techniques from previous roles held including Procurement, Production Management, Project Management and Sales. Experienced in all sectors of the commercial modular building market including education, government, mining and resources, accommodation and health and aged care, Josh looks forward to the continued growth of the modular building industry in Australia. Rob Colquhoun is one of our founding Directors. He is also a Director of two prefabrication companies which operate Australia wide: Prebuilt which provides design-led prefab homes, and Precom which focuses on commercial solutions to corporate clients. An engineer by training, Rob has extensive experience in development management, manufacturing and corporate governance, in addition to his passion for quality building prefabrication. Adrian Fratelle is director of Fratelle Group, a multi-disciplinary architecture firm in Western Australia. Adrian has a passion for all aspects of sustainable design, in particular prefabrication and modular construction. His company is a leading partner of the Property Council of Australia’s WA Division, and Adrian has been elected to the Multi Residential Committee. Adrian’s involvement in industry bodies such as these and regularly presenting sustainability courses is a channel for him to promote prefabrication to the construction industry and the public. David Hartigan is the Chief Executive Officer of Tektum Limited, a company that he co-founded five years ago. Tektum designs and manufactures in Australia, a high-performance, architecturally customisable modular building system – SPACE2.0. Prior to Tektum, David ran a number of Project Management businesses, most recently as an Equity Partner and Director of Project Management with Davis Langdon, which at the time was the worlds largest Quantity Surveying and Project Management firm. David is a Certified Practicing Project Director; a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management; the Risk Management Institute of Australia; and the Lean Construction Institute. He has also been a licensed builder in NSW for over twenty years.

Andrew Lian is a Director of Alda Consultants, a Perth-based independent, vendor-neutral modular design services consultancy. Alda consults to Owners, Contractors, Manufacturers and Architects in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Alda has worked on modular projects in the North West of WA for major mining companies and private developers. He has spoken at major modular international conferences including UK Offsite, Modular Building Institute (USA), BCA (Singapore) and is actively consulting in Singapore on modular projects. Andrew holds an MBA and is a qualified Project Manager and registered Architect in Western Australia. Prior to joining the industry, Andrew was the Managing Principal of Woods Bagot in Western Australia. Richard Sheridan Principal of Richard Sheridan Consulting, Adelaide, has operated in the Modular Building Industry since 1977. His unique portfolio of industry experience, knowledge and expertise covers all modular building industry market sectors in Australia and overseas. Richard also owned and operated a modular manufacturing business for over 10 years and has designed a number of manufacturing plants. A renowned industry specialist and stalwart, Richard fully understands the ever changing intrinsic and challenging supply process. He recognizes the critical relevant importance of new building innovations and technologies to pre fabs/modulars continuously released globally. Andrew Stewart is Managing Director of PDSM in Sydney and has a long history in the Australian Modular Building industry. He has worked for Ausco Building Systems (Technical Sales/Account Management), Australian Portable Buildings (Sales Manager) & Affordable Portable Buildings/Modular Building Systems (General Manager ) in Sydney NSW. Andrew has studied Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Organisational Management at the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW) He also holds a Diploma of Building and Construction and Certificate IV in Building and Construction. In 2008 Andrew started his own company, PDSM, a specialist design and project management company focused on commercial and educational prefabrication and hybrid prefabrication. New Directors Newly appointed directors as of the 2015 AGM are: Josh Chaplin, David Hartigan, Andrew Lian, John Lucchetti and Bill McCorkell. In total the PrefabAUS board is 10 directors. CEO Warren McGregor joined PrefabAUS as CEO in February 2015. Warren has a diverse professional background, but predominantly management consulting both in Australia and 10 years in SouthEast Asia, across many industries including financial services, new business ventures and with a property focus for the past 10 years. Most recently Warren has been consulting with Thinc Projects, including examining the advances being made in the prefabrication space. His interest in prefabrication dates back more than five years when considering modular options for an apartment development. Warren may be contacted on

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 25




This Henley Brook Home becomes a Family Estate



ost great projects begin with a client wish list, and this home which was to be situated on a 3.5 hectare property in Henley Brook certainly needed to be worthy of its site and location. The clients wanted a sophisticated home with the feel of 'an estate'; a home which embraced the out-of-suburbia feel and took advantage of the large expansive outdoors. A number of major factors influenced Parm Tjhung, the project designer for this exclusive and unique home. One was the client's brief to provide them with their dream home – a large two storey home with a resort feel. They wanted the home to be informal, with spacious areas for family and friends, and have easy access between the inside and outdoors. The home needed three large

Phone: 9248 6399 Phone: 0422 849 056 Phone: 9316 8368

26 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


bedrooms downstairs, with two guestrooms upstairs for grandchildren or guests sleeping over or family and friends holidaying from overseas. Each bedroom was to have its own ensuite. The upstairs area was to also include a home theatre and games room. Downstairs, apart from the living areas, the clients wanted to have a good size swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a gym, and a steam room. Given the nature of the property, there was also to be a large shed for tractors, sit on mowers and gardening equipment. Cars would be housed in a 6 car garage. The final requirement was for a granny flat or self-contained caretaker's unit which was to be remote from the home. Other influencing factors related some of the basic principles of rural architecture in Australia such as deep verandas around the house to protect the house from the sun, energy efficiency and water efficiency. Additional factors such as orientation and topography also played an important part in the final footprint and design of the house.


As the actual site for the home was set some way back from a somewhat busy West Swan Road, Parm decided to create an entry statement with electric iron gates and a limestone bridge over the brook. From there, a drive along a lengthy winding driveway flanked by liquid amber trees up to a hill would finally reveal the home itself. This would give the house the estate feel that the client was after and set the scene for the actual home. A large garden round about and Porte Cochere emphasises the arrival to the home. The property faces south west, so a wide wrap around verandah and covered balcony protect the home on its front elevation. These serve to screen the harsh summer sun and let the winter sun through. Large windows and doors were utilised in to take advantage of the surrounding vista as well as allowing for cross ventilation. The outdoor pergola is positioned on the south east side of the home to capture the morning sun throughout the year. A rustic pergola area with a round fire pit is directly accessible from the alfresco area, where this side of the home has the best vista of

Michelangelo Painting 1ST CLASS PAINTERS & DECORATORS Mobile: 0409 510 645 Painters Reg No. 5476 26 Mary Street, Hazelmere WA 6055 ABN: 13 264 031 690 Phone/Fax: 9274 1325

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 27


both the hill and the undulating landscaped garden. The swimming pool is on the north east end, enclosed on two sides by the gym and Jacuzzi cabana, giving the pool a courtyard area for wind protection. Overall, the design of the home allows the owners to mainly use the ground floor areas without having to go upstairs for everyday living. This home is not only about visionary architecture. It is also about meticulous construction. The home was built by Pirone Builders, a respected Western Australian family business. Pirone Builders only takes on a selection of luxury homes each year. This ensures that the homes they construct are completed to the highest standards and with exceptional attention to detail. The directors share over 65 years of building experience between them – something that they refer to as 'The Pirone Difference'. Both directors have personal involvement in every home that they build. They embark on every project with the same aim in mind – to see their client's vision come to life in the hands of true professionals. And this home is certainly a testament to that philosophy. The company has an impressive portfolio of luxury residential, architectural commercial and specialist development projects to its name, so it was no wonder that the owners chose Pirone Builders to create this impressive home. Whilst the home is firmly entrenched in a true Australian semirural setting, it also has an international flavour about it…via the finishes used to create this masterpiece. Local finishes include Donnybrook sandstone, limestone blocks, granite benchtops and Brushbox timber floor boards. More exotic materials combine the use of Chinese Mazu stone, Portugal cobble stone, Italian marble floors and American Cherry timber cabinets. Combine this with Parm Tjhung's Indonesian heritage and South East Asian project experience, and Pirone Builders' Italian heritage, and one can start to see how this can be such an opulent house and yet have a homely feel and be unpretentious and practical for day to day

28 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

Our passion in delivering world class style elegance your imagination standards to the construction of custom luxury swimming pools, has rapidly earned us a reputation that we keep our promises with transparency and integrity. Reputation and trust which is only awarded from our customers; it is a core value of Blue Stone Pools which must be earned each and every day and not just assumed. Handcrafted luxury swimming pools’ using the finest materials from all over the world takes time. Blue Stone Pools have always been about the passion, our entire philosophy rests on it. Unit 3/36 Enterprise Crescent, Malaga WA T: 08 9249 6649 M: 0414 630 829 E:


living. And apart from being aesthetically pleasing on its large rural setting, the home is practical and respects the environment and climate it is situated within, boasting rainwater collection and underground grey water tanks. Parm Tjhung won the project after a 'word of mouth' referral to the client. His company went on to take up the role of principal designer, contract administrator and project overseer. Parm says, “I approached the home's design by embracing the outdoors as part of the overall design concept. Every part of this large property has been developed and landscaped to create a unifying theme – an Estate.” “I was conscious of not wanting to create 'a little house on the prairie' given the scale of the land itself”, says Parm. Parm firmly believes that he has been able to create the right scale and balance for the home, as the owners have been known to

comment that “the moment you pass through the entrance double gates and the bridge over the dam you feel you're home, and yet the house is still out of sight further up the hill...” Immigrating to Perth from Jakarta, Indonesia with his family in 1969, Parm continued his upper school education and went on to pursue his childhood passion to become an architect. After Parm graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Architecture from W.A. Institute of Technology (now Curtin University) he worked for a number of prominent Perth architectural firms, such as Cameron Chisholm & Nicol, Commonwealth Department of Construction and Roger Gregson & Associates. Parm was fortunate to work on the State Library of Western Australia, Federal Police complex at Perth Airport, and the Swan Brewery Redevelopment in Mounts Bay Road, and many other smaller projects.

GREAT INTERIORS ENHANCE GREAT PROJECTS The client for this magnificent home wished to create an interior that blended in seamlessly, and enhanced the style of architecture. Our initial approach was to incorporate some of the architectural details into the cabinetry and then to develop the overall interior design from there. We selected American Cherry veneer for most of the built-in cabinets throughout the home to give it that 'wow' factor while adding some visual warmth to the interior. The wall colours were kept to lighter tones while adding darker tones in some areas as accents. Using lighter tones helps to make rooms feel larger

and more spacious. At the same time they help emphasise the richer dark tones which add elegance to the interior. Specialising in commercial and residential interiors, Josh Interiors is a design consultancy with one objective – to provide distinctive, functional and long lasting designs that reflect a client's personal character. Design excellence and the successful implementation of designs is the foundation of Josh Interiors, and the team prides itself on offering a high level of personalised customer service. The team's ability to speak both English and Indonesian helps to communicate effectively

and gain confidence from both Australian and Asian clients. “Focusing on more than simply function, Josh Interiors aims to create the type of space that will enhance the lives of its occupants.” Yosua Susetya Interior Designer M: 61422849056 F: 618-94515224 E: W:

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 29


The highlight of Parm's early career was working for an American based architects Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp for the design of Australia's New Parliament House in Canberra. It was an outstanding architectural masterpiece which was officially opened in 1988. He was also responsible for overseeing certain areas of Parliament House during its construction – which proved to be useful in his later years. When Parm came back to Perth from the Canberra project in 1987, he wanted to open his own architectural practice. Perth was still a developing small city then and having been involved in large firms doing mainly large civic buildings he no longer had the appetite to continue in the same direction. Parm focused on the more personal residential architecture, which at the time was relatively unsophisticated. In 1988 he started Parm Tjhung Designs Pty Ltd, specialising in residential architecture. In 1991 Parm applied for and became a registered builder. He now could provide his clients with the 'design and build' services which bridge the infamous 'great divide' between architects and builders. This meant that 'the guy who designed the house also built the house', and there was no buck to pass. Parm also started designing houses overseas, in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Bali.

‘ ‘ Quality Every Tim e ’ ’ PTY LTD

In 2004 Parm won the HIA Western Australian Residential Designer of the Year, and awarded Finalist in five subsequent design entries – one as recently as 2014.

WEST COAST BALUSTRADING Specialising in • Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron • Balustrading • Electric Gates • Fencing

We were proud to work with Pirone Builders on this beautiful residence in Henley Brook. Our quality and expertise on similar successful projects utilising our extensive wealth of experience showcase the things we do best – no matter how demanding your requirements may be. Phone:

0416 060 060 Fax: (08) 9437 5350 Email:

30 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


training & development THE BUILDERS CHOICE

Message from Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash

Jobactive – helping you find staff


obactive – helping you find staff. I am delighted to introduce myself to readers of The Builders Choice Magazine.


As Minister for Employment in the Turnbull Government, I am excited by the opportunity to help employers and entrepreneurs deliver economic growth and free small businesses from unnecessary, burdensome and often counterproductive regulation. One of my priorities as Minister for Employment is to put in place the appropriate legislative framework to ensure employers can grasp opportunities and create the jobs of tomorrow. We must never lose sight of the fact that Governments do not create jobs – employers create jobs. This Government is committed to ensuring that we produce the best conditions to support employers who are looking to start up or expand. As economies and market conditions evolve, it is our responsibility to ensure that we evolve accordingly. Governments who stand still for too long do a disservice by the business community and in turn, jeopardise job creation opportunities.

One of my priorities as Minister for Employment is to put in place the appropriate legislative framework to ensure employers can grasp opportunities and create the jobs of tomorrow. As you know, unnecessary regulation leads to unnecessary complexity. It leads to uncertainty, impedes productivity, inhibits innovation, and stifles entrepreneurship. To this end, the Government is continuing our battle against red-tape by removing at least $1 billion worth of unnecessary red tape each year. We have met this target each year to date and this will continue. For those of you looking for employees, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with your local jobactive provider. jobactive is the Australian Government’s way to help employers source suitable job-ready candidates and get more Australians into work. It has been redesigned this year with employers in mind, so businesses can hire quality employees more quickly and more easily. jobactive connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in over 1700 locations across Australia. As an employer, you can use a local jobactive provider for tailored recruitment services, at no cost to you.

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 31

THE BUILDERS CHOICE training & development

Or you can choose to manage your own vacancies through the jobactive website or app. Your jobactive provider will talk with you, in person or over the phone, about your specific business needs. They will outline the services they provide, including:  screened and job-ready candidates  pre-employment training and work-related equipment, if needed, for the jobs in your business  support while new employees settle in  access to wage subsidies when you recruit and retain an eligible job seeker. Once the jobactive provider knows your needs, they can screen and shortlist candidates who are the right fit for your business. A key feature of jobactive is the $1.2 billion wage subsidy pool which provides financial assistance to employers as follows:     

Up to $10,000 for mature age job seekers over 50 Up to $6,500 for young job seekers under 30 Up to $6,500 for Indigenous job seekers Up to $6,500 for long-term unemployed job seekers Up to $6,500 for parents.

Some conditions apply to these subsidies, with most of the payments able to be paid flexibly to employers over 12 months. I encourage you to go to for further information. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda – an exciting initiative which is particularly relevant to the dynamic and constantly evolving building and construction sector. Innovation is at the heart of a strong economy. Keeping Australian businesses competitive and at the cutting edge is essential for job creation and to maintain our high standard of living. The National Innovation and Science Agenda focuses on four key areas:  We're backing our entrepreneurs by opening up new sources of finance, embracing risk-taking on innovative ideas, and making more of our public research.  We're increasing collaboration between industry and researchers to find solutions to real world problems and to create jobs and growth.  We're developing and attracting world-class talent for the jobs of the future.  Government will lead by example by embracing innovation and agility in the way we do business.

32 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

The measures in the National Innovation and Science Agenda put Australia on the right track to becoming a leading innovator; open to adapting and evolving to ensure continued prosperity and quality of life for all Australians. I am also delighted to be Minister for Women and excited about how my two portfolio responsibilities will unlock exciting opportunities. As well as working to eliminate domestic violence, my priorities include lifting the number of female leaders in our workplaces and importantly, a concerted focus on boosting female workforce participation. Increasing women’s workforce participation has the potential to boost Australia’s productive capacity and help mitigate the demographic challenges of an ageing population. Australia, like all dynamic economies has challenges to face however they are outweighed by the vast opportunities that lie before us. I am honoured and excited to be part of a Government that has a plan to grasp these opportunities and realise our potential. I wish all readers of The Builders Choice Magazine a safe holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

training & development THE BUILDERS CHOICE

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 33




Eaton Fair Shopping Centre UPSIZES



GC Construction was appointed the Head Contractor for the construction of this significant expansion to the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre, near Bunbury. The contract included the construction of a new Coles supermarket, a new Kmart, and up to 65 new specialty tenancies. The project also entailed building 12 new apartments and more than 1,000 new car parking bays (the majority of these being on a roof top open-air car park). The centre also incorporates infrastructure for a future cinema complex and fast food outlet. Added to the project was the expansion of the current Woolworths supermarket that remained trading continuously without interruption.

Phone: 9261 1700

34 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

The contract for construction was 300% larger than any previous regional project that had been undertaken by BGC Construction, and the 2nd largest commercial project in the south west. One of the challenges for this project was that the additions had to be carried out to an existing shopping centre which traded 7 days per week throughout the construction period. All existing services were maintained by BGC at all times – even throughout the complete renewal of the Western Power substation and associated switchboards which were changed over with the use of temporary services to accommodate the 7 days a week requirements of the existing shopping centre operations. Eaton Fair Shopping Centre has now become a retail, commercial and community hub that can be enjoyed 7 days a week; and in the case of Kmart 24 hours per day. The achievements of this project demonstrates excellence in construction, an outcome resulting from the dedication of BGC's staff, suppliers and sub-contractors whom should all be very proud of their achievement.


The greatest achievement for BGC however was the construction duration. Constructing a new shopping centre (with a value in excess of $60m) in a regional area, in a period of 59 weeks was always going to present additional challenges. The time frame for construction would have simply been impossible if it wasn't for BGC's alternative post tension design with mobile scaffold-type formwork. This ingenuity and dedication of BGC's staff and sub-contractors was pivotal to the success of the project. This option was suggested by BGC, and adopted in lieu of the client's designed and documented pre-cast system. The coordination of design and mobilisation of up to 120 resources on-site required micro planning, very effective communication, material scheduling and a huge commitment to safety. A full time representative was employed to ensure all HSEQ issues were effectively managed With more than 24,000m3 of concrete, the shopping centre could be considered a very large concrete box and therefore the scale and delivery time frame of the project could have been used as an excuse for poor quality. However the Project Superintendent (a respected Builder) was unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence and quality. This requirement for seamless quality whilst meeting the demands of an overwhelming programme was expertly managed by the carefully allocated, experienced and competent

members of BGC's site team and the engagement of leading industry subcontractors and suppliers. Strict quality control procedures were maintained throughout the project – primarily for the concrete structure and services commissioning. The electrical/mechanical/hydraulic and travelator services accounted for 25% of the contract value and that in itself required detailed planning, coordination, installation and commissioning. Having constructed the lower areas, the upper deck car park as a structure and watertight roof was extremely complex in construction detail. The build comprised a post tensioned concrete structure, a full torch-on membrane and a concrete wearing layer. The deck was expertly constructed to ensure control of structural movement and watertight integrity. The building's external feature painting, Donnybrook stone cladding and complex entry structures finished in Alpolic cladding which now characterise some of the shopping centre's striking new features. The tender consideration period included a shortlist opportunity for BGC (as one of the lowest tenderers) to provide additional value engineering and cost savings. Most notable was BGC's post tension proposal that resulted in an $800k saving for the client. In addition BGC tabled a 'shopping list' of ideas for the client which provided another $2M in savings. Ultimately the delivery of the shopping centre in such a challenging time frame proved to be the most valuable item


Busselton City Construction is a Qualified Carpenter and Joiner, Providing the southwest and surrounds with construction services, Renovations, Decks, Pergolas, Maintenance, 2nd fix, Framing, Roofing, Machine operations.

39 Frederick Street Busselton WA 6280 Telephone: (08) 9754 8668 Mobile: 0410 857 246 Email:

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 35


of all. When one considers the holding project's costs for the client, and the bank interest on a $60M development, the importance of opening the shopping centre with paying tenants was paramount. The client, a very successful property developer, had the ability to recognise construction value for money. This ability never exhausted, BGC were encouraged throughout the project to ensure value for money was maintained – sometimes to the detriment of the onerous programme milestones. The resulting Eaton Fair Shopping Centre represents incredible value for money. The project was overseen from BGC's Bunbury office with a dedicated project team stationed on site. Noteworthy site management issues included clients demands, inconsistencies in design documentation, a gruelling programme, close vicinity of residential neighbours, restricted hours of work, a fully operational 7 day a week existing shopping centre, ground water to footings, sub-stations and loading docks, safety of personnel and public, integration of post tension design, 56 days for propping of shear walls prior to grouting, the residential aspect of the 2 storey apartments and the vast area of the site. In the closing stages of the project it was necessary to have works being carried out 7 days per week, often well into the evening. Resource allocation and fatigue management required a

careful balance of motivation and support to meet the onerous programme. BGC staff provided evening and weekend site supervision to ensure that sequential works were carried out in reduced durations. BGC remained vigilant to ensure that the safety of staff, sub-contractors and public was maintained. Excellent two-way communication with the Shire of Dardanup, regular letter drops to surrounding residents, and additional oneon-one communication with adjoining landowners business operators allowed for unhindered progress. The quantity of documentation, drawings and compliance records was enormous. Using a database document management


Mobile:0409 511 524

Estimator: Jay Reynolds office: 08 9726 1178 / mob: 0408 933 191 Manager: Steven Carbone office: 08 9726 1178 / mob: 0417 935 577 email:

36 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

commercial THE BUILDERS CHOICE system was essential and this provided a solid backbone for the project management team and client design team. On site technology and internet connectivity played an essential role in the delivery of documentation, information and communications. The scale of communications could have been considered overwhelming, however regular site meetings and the physical closeness of the site team facilitated the dynamic requirements of the project. Regular site meetings were also held with the client, architect, consultants and the major tenants. All meetings were minuted and distributed to ensure everyone was aware of their responsibilities and to expedite the meeting actions with efficiency. BGC worked closely with an external time planner who was engaged to monitor progress and provide critical path analysis. Due to the scale of the project several programme revisions were necessary. On each occasion the BGC project management team acted to mitigate exposure to time defaults by reallocating existing resources or engaging additional sub-contractors. These were all excellently managed by the site management team. The exhausting level of quality maintained on this project can be credited to BGC's site management team who ensured suppliers and sub-contractors met or exceeded the client's specified requirements.


Don't gamble with inferior quality. Engage Vigil Antislip, your only long term solution for your most important assets.

 Stair Treads  Stair Nosings  Ladder Rung Covers  Metal Deck  Vinyl Deck  Deck Light; and

All aspects of fabrication catered for and were proud to be included in the BGC Construction project at The Eaton Fair Shopping Centre Phone: Andy 0415 724 343

Port Kenndey WA 6172

 Deck Mark

1/34 Discovery Drive Bibra Lake WA 6163 Mobile: 0499 710 040 Telephone: 08 9434 4773 Facsimile: 08 9434 4779 Email:

D.W. KOLAGOW AND ASSOCIATES Pty Ltd. PLANNING TO SUCCEED Because time is money, accurate planning of a major project is essential. D.W Kolagow & Associates have over 35 years of experience in project planning, ensuring construction efforts like the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre have a detailed, accurate and comprehensive program in place at tender stage and refined at the start of construction, with on-going monitoring and reporting to ensure everything stays on track towards contracted completion dates. Dick Kolagow commenced developing the initial timeframes for the project at design development for the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre client, analysing the schematic drawings to map out the expected progress. Post-tender, he developed the construction program for BGC Constructions, including guidance for timings of the subcontractors, and carried out an audit every four weeks throughout construction, producing progress reports and advising if any time losses needed to be recovered. “The contractor and subcontractors have done an excellent job,” said Principal Time Planner, Dick Kolagow. “There was one big challenge with this project, availability of large labour crews. The project has been very intense in terms of the timing of trades and services.”

To be effective at time planning, you need to have a real eye for detail and understand the building process, and you have to understand subcontractors. Effective planning is all about introducing the subsequent trades at the earliest possible looking at the “We do about 130 new jobs time, interrelationships between trades. every year, so we see all We also look at the sorts of issues in terms offsite processes involved and the of buildability,” materials lead times.

Other BGC projects D.W Kolagow & Associates have recently provided planning services for include the new Perth Rectangular Stadium, Perth Police Complex, Hitachi Customer Service Centre and assorted apartments in Rivervale.

The company have been one of the West Australian Building Management Authority’s approved Project Planning Consultants since 1980. D.W. Kolagow & said Leon Associates have provided project planning services for projects with construction costs of up to $500 million across residential, aged care, commercial, retail, Defence, hospitality, industrial, government, health care and specialist construction sectors.


“Time planning gives everyone a highly accurate road map. We update the program every four weeks and re-issue it. Each project needs to be individually and schematically analysed, no two jobs are the same – they all have their complexities.”


Unit 14, 24-26 Thorogood Street Burswood West.Australia 6100 Email:

A.B.N. 161 0895 7446

Phone: (09) 9470 5035 Fax: (09) 9470 5036 Mobile: 0424 983 693

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 37




Badenport Digs Deep to build New Café at Trigg Beach



rigg Beach is synonymous with fresh fish. So it was only fitting that the beach should have a Kaillis Seafood Café. This project came about for the Badenport as a result of the project's architect recognising Badenport's abilities from previous projects and inviting the builder to respond to a tender request. Badenport submitted for the project against four other builders and was tentatively selected by the client, being the most cost competitive. It was then a matter of meeting with the clients and referring them to several of Badenport's past projects to ensure that the clients felt comfortable in formally awarding Badenport the project – which they did.

Phone: 9286 3777

38 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


Even though Badenport was the lowest tenderer, its price was still higher than had been budgeted by the client and they were keen to explore ways in which to reduce the construction cost without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the building. To that end, Badenport embarked upon several months of brainstorming ideas and suggesting changes to achieve a better project at a lower price. This also involved working closely with Adrian DeLuca of Designwise to suggest alternatives to the design and materials selection, something that Adrian collaborated with Badenport on with full cooperation. In December 2014, the client made it clear they were extremely keen to be open before summer 2015 – even though the redesign to reduce costs was yet to be completed. Badenport and Designwise pushed hard to finalise the redesign and cost saving initiatives, working closely with Kailis representative Laurie Thorpe. With the redesign complete and a contract finally signed in February 2015, the 'sands of time' began running.


Reva Glass Products: Bi-fold Doors Louvers Awnings Sliding Windows Sliding Doors Double Hung Windows Frameless Doors Single and Double Glazed Glass

Reva Glass creates quality, functional and modern products that will enhance the look of your home. All Reva Glass products are manufactured in our factory based in Wangara, Western Australia. Our products are creative, innovative and of a high standard. We specialise in energy efficient units that will not only make your building or home comfortable but will also add style and value. If you are after quality products and workmanship that is creative and distinctive contact Reva Glass today.

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December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 39


There were some early challenges to the project in the form of some extremely heavy and large timber trusses (for the feature roof of the restaurant) which Badenport fabricated on site. The problem Badenport encountered was that we they did not have enough access available in order to place a crane large anywhere they needed to outside the building perimeter so that it could reach all the way across with these large trusses. The Stirling Council was also rebuilding and resurfacing all of the car park areas whilst Badenport were constructing. This meant there were further complications to be overcome when it came to the already limited access – not to mention increased safety issues. Badenport cleverly overcame the truss issue by dividing the concrete slab pour to this section of the building into three separate pours. This allowed a small crane access onto the poured pads to put the trusses in progressively over three separate lifts. In regards to the car park restrictions, Badenport very quickly established a good rapport with the council workers and had

40 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015



regular meetings with them to schedule the most effective way to keep both jobs running. The result was that both parties were well informed of each other's activity, requirements and future progress, and so did not hinder each other's progress. The project was completed in September 2015 (ahead of schedule) which was very pleasing to clients Kailis as it allowed them to commence setting up and operating much sooner than was expected. What Triggs Beach now has is another landmark – one with an instant character of its own. Dominant materials include glass and timber. The aforementioned trusses are constructed from Oregon in lengths that needed to be imported to meet the required spans, and the ceilings are lined in design pine. All of the glass is thermally rated at high levels to help reduce energy costs and ensure customer comfort. Badenport General Manager Rob Woodforde enjoyed working on the project, irrespective of the 'truss trauma'. In fact, Rob says that the trusses are actually one of his favourite feature in the

Express Fixing were proud to be part of the new Kailis restaurant at Trigg Beach for Badenport.

Riverglow Tiling Floor or wall tiles expertly laid by a highly trained professional who pays close attention-to-detail and completes all jobs to the highest standards. We were proud to carry out all tiling requirements for Badenport at The Kailis Café.

Express Fixing have been providing quality carpentry services across WA since 2006 for both commercial and residential clients with services ranging from complete fix outs, internal/external linings and cladding, large scale commercial or one off high end properties.

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Michael McCracken Express Fixing Pty Ltd

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Quality & Professionalism • Free Quotes Advice on Colours & Materials • All Perth Metro Areas Proud to be contractors to Badenport at Trigg Beach


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42 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

building. “The trusses themselves, along with the timber ceiling, are striking features that set the tone for the mood and environment within the building, and for its operation and purpose. Well over 100 hours were spent carefully painting each metal fixing in black without getting any on the vivid white of the trusses themselves. The result is stunning in my opinion”. Rob goes on to say, “I am not sure that this next point necessarily makes the project unique, but I felt that between the design and the construction, Kailis has been able to secure a bright open building that makes the most of the exquisite views that are available and the heavy pedestrian traffic along the foreshore. Aesthetically, the building is very inviting and I think the local residents are very pleased to have it in their neighbourhood. The building feels very 'beachy' and the decorative timber and glass doors give a Mediterranean feeling which is perfect for its location”. “This project has reinforced to us that if you are prepared to work hard enough with your designers and clients, then you can achieve a great outcome for your clients at a reasonable cost, and thus ensure that a project proceeds. After the initial tender, there was some big doubts as to whether or not this project would proceed due to budget constraints. But we were determined to make it happen for the client, so we worked hard with Designwise



0418 948 730


Commercial and Residential Projects


Rob Woodforde enjoyed working on the project, irrespective of the 'truss trauma'. In fact, Rob says that the trusses are actually one of his favourite features in the building. “The trusses themselves, along with the timber ceiling, are striking features that set the tone for the mood and environment within the building, and for its operation and purpose’’ and Kailis to come up with suitable, cost efficient alternatives that allowed the project to go ahead. Yes it took many hours of concerted effort to achieve this but we, along with our clients, are very pleased with the outcome”. Badenport is a (commercial) sister company to Palazzo Exclusive Homes and in recent years has been involved in various projects types including fitouts, industrial buildings, tilt up construction, luxury apartments, banks and retail projects. Contract values have ranged from $100k to $17mill and have included traditional tendered projects, design & construct, and construction management roles. Whilst most of the company's projects have been in Perth (such as a five level luxury apartment complex in South Perth), Badenport is also completing a three level residential building in Mandurah and another in Geraldton which will ultimately see Westpac plus one other tenant move in. Rob Woorforde commenced working in the building industry as an apprentice carpenter 34 years ago and gradually studied and worked his way up to state and general management levels over the years. Rob personally project managed this build for Badenport alongside a site manager who run the day-to-day activities for Rob on site.


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December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 43




When Floor Space runs out – there’s only one way to go. UP!



ale Christian School had a problem. It had run out of space due to its enrolments steadily increasing over the last few years. This resulted in additional transportable classrooms being installed in the car park and at the expense of the school oval – and provided a short-term solution. The longer-term solution to their space (classrooms and ground) running out was to 'go up'. The school considered conventional and traditional sources of construction to solve its problem, but the quotes they received back greatly exceeded their budget and time expectations. The school had a budget and time frame that seemed completely unachievable, so it appeared that the problem was

Phone: 9333 5100

44 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

going to remain unsolvable. Ausco Modular however, was able to meet both the client's timeframe and budget. Nowadays, we are all aware of the benefits of modular construction; the manufacturing facility has complete control of the building process that ensures speed. Project time lines are weeks and not months. Each building is engineered to be delivered to the site, ready to use. The minimal on-site construction approach means less disruption to the client's busy work environment. Additionally, costs can be tightly controlled at every step of the process and inclement weather delays are a thing of the past. Ausco Modular (a subsidiary of Algeco Scotsman, the largest modular construction company in the world) is a leader in this field. The company provides temporary and permanent building solutions using modular technology, and manufactures locally from its four manufacturing facilities located across the country. And fortunately for this client, Ausco was able to meet their targets. Ausco under took a design and construct, full turnkey package for the building. To Ausco's credit, it was also later awarded the civil


works package, winning the tender to provide new car parks, the relocation of existing buildings, the electrical transformer upgrade, new fire pumps, bin compounds, bike shelters and landscaping. From a design viewpoint, the school asked Ausco to incorporate all the requirements of a new, modern, state of the art high school including;  A full commercial kitchen for the home economics class with 8 student areas and a separate teachers' area  2 fully fitted science labs with separate prep lab  Soundproof music rooms  Industrial arts areas with separate machine room for wood work and metal work  A canteen, uniform store, toilets, and  11 general learning classrooms. The project essentially became 2 storey structure complete with its own elevator. The biggest hurdle facing Ausco on this project was minimising the disruption to the school. Fortunately, modular building techniques meant that the buildings themselves were prefabricated off site, and when it came to the installation phase, Ausco set up a 300 tonne crane which it would not have to move for the duration of the install.

Ausco scheduled trucks around school times and implemented a traffic management plan in order to minimise the disruption to parents and teachers, buses and the general public using the roads nearby. Ausco installed all 52 floors in just 5 days, creating what Ausco believes is the first 2 storey modular school in WA. Construction wise, the overall building is mainly composed of structural concrete and steel, with cladding panels in Colorbond and aluminium. The pre-cast concrete columns between the modules and Ausco's onsite concrete poured walkways both on the lower floor and the upper level enabled Ausco to achieve the required fire rating and gives the building a 'solid' feel like an institute build rather than a temporary feel which some might expect from the idea of a modular build. Similarly, the variety in exterior cladding materials chosen provide architectural diversity to the school's façade. Geometric panels in three colours provide an identifiable signature and style for the building. This is not what is normally expected from modular construction…..but fortunately modular construction has evolved thanks to innovators such as Ausco. Internally, the materials and finishes are no different to any other commercial interior – typically gyprock walls, cabinetwork and stainless steel benches, and vinyl floors or carpet tiles. In fact, if placed within one of the schools' interiors without knowing that the shell was constructed in a factory, one would not be able to ascertain that

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 45


they were standing in a modular structure – again a testament to Ausco. From the viewpoint of a teacher or assistant, or even a student, they are simply in a classroom or learning area. That perhaps is the greatest compliment that Ausco and their project could have. It is a built-for-purpose structure, and does not represent a compromise in facilities for the school because their budget and timeframes were tight. In fact, quite the opposite. The school will have freed up (or not have expended) funds that would have otherwise been swallowed up by the building. Now those funds can better be used elsewhere, ultimately benefitting the students. Ausco's product and service offering now extends to one of the largest building hire fleets in Australia, providing full turn-key delivery of buildings for short term or long term hire, in addition to its network of Stayover® by Ausco of accommodation villages to service remote worker habitation needs Leo Crohan (Ausco Modular's General Manager – Western Region) spent over 25 years travelling the world in the Oil & Gas industry, and during that time watched the transition to modular construction as a smarter, quicker, more sustainable, and more competitive alternative construction method. Leo jumped at the chance to run a modular construction business when he was offered the position with Ausco. Leo says, “We have learnt lots from this project and how we could modify future builds and processes. Overall this project went really well, without any major hiccups. We are constantly developing our product, and as a result have many exciting things in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more!”

46 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

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Feeling a little old and tired, this cosmetic clinic decided it was time to rejuvenate



n some ways, the Skin Resus fitout symbolises what the business itself does for it clients – it removes unsightly blemishes and makes them look their very best! And so the story of this project begins….with two adjacent, old and rundown office suites in Floreat. Skin Resus' owners are long term clients of Core Development's & Construction. Having previously completed extensive renovations including an extension, a second storey addition and a selfcontained granny flat to their home, meant that Core already had an established working relationship with them. Trish Hepburn (one of the owners of Skin Resus) says that "the decision to approach Core Developments & Construction to transform our new business premises was easy". The original Skin Resus practice was located in leased premises at the Floreat Shopping centre. This location served the business well over that time, and allowed it to grow. With that growth, the owners decided to invest in their own premises, and so set about

Phone: 9244 1641 Phone: 0412 199 975

48 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

to locate some suitable commercial space nearby. They finally bought two interconnecting office suites in an 80's building on Cambridge Street. Given the clients' historical working relationship and previous satisfaction with NRG INTERIORS, they contacted the interior design firm again and set it the challenge of converting the bland, dark spaces into the new Skin Resus. The clients wanted an interior which was similar to their leased practice (that is, clean, uncluttered and functional) but also wanted to update it and make it feel a little warmer. One of the biggest challenges for NRG (apart from the cosmetic upgrade that the space desperately needed) was that this older building did not comply as far as toilets and disabled access were concerned. This meant significant consultation with the relevant consultants, and referral to the current codes and standards before those layouts could be drawn. As a result, a new disabled toilet was designed in, as was a new shopfront which included an automatic opening door. A number of layout options were reviewed, these layouts had to work on a few levels; compliance for the various authorities, functionality for the staff, privacy and comfort for the patients, security for staff working back late, practicality for the building's limitations, and budget and return on investment for the owners.


The two storey building itself is constructed of cream brick, and inside the two suites there was old vinyl flooring and extraction ductwork, as the space had been used as a café/kitchen in more recent times. It also had different floor slab levels, which would have meant patients having to negotiate a small (and hazardous) step when crossing from one half of the clinic into the other. It was decided that it was more practical to raise the floor level of the lower suite to match the higher one – so this meant ramping down into the reception area. An additional ramp was also required at the front entry off the street to ensure that appropriate wheelchair access was available. Starting with a significant amount of demolition to open up and amalgamate the two adjoining tenancies, Core set about transforming the spaces into a modern practice consisting of a reception and waiting area, four consultation rooms, display area/coffee & water station, clinical store, staff kitchen, and client lounge. Timing was of the essence as the move from the soon-to-close Floreat practice had already been planned prior to Core Developments taking on the project. With only weeks to complete the entire project Core had to plan carefully and give consideration to the other tenants and owners occupying the building while coordinating their suppliers and contractors on the site. Much of

the noisy and heavy construction work had to be completed outside of normal hours without adding further expense or disrupting the building's occupants. This was successfully done, including significant demolition and plumbing work to add a disabled toilet. Over a short period of time, the outdated building interior began its transformation into what is now the new Skin Resus clinic. The clinic is now operational and is finished in dark carpet tiles, neutral cabinetwork tones, and light coloured walls and ceilings (with the occasional punch of colour via accent walls). One of the significant features in the space is the central display area/coffee station/water station. The plasterboard walls with cut-outs forming this area not only allow the clients to display their skincare products, but also some old glass apothecary bottles from early last century which Trish managed to find and purchase. The owners of Skin Resus love their new premises, as do their existing and new clients. It was Core's ability to translate the client brief and set of detailed documents, along with their flexibility, committed team and strong communication that ensured the project was completed on time and budget. Transformation complete!

• Pre-Construction Treatments • Concrete Curing • Homeguard Physical Barriers • Reticulation Systems

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Rivett’s are the main force behind New Warwick Stadium



his project had been in discussions for approximately 4 years before serious consideration was given to the possibility of being able to achieve all of the requirements for the available budget. The client simply did not want to proceed if the required standards could not be meet. The main requirements that the client had for the new building were:  4 new sporting courts, marked for basketball, netball and volleyball.  Compliance with FIBA Level 2 standards for run-off, equipment and sports flooring.  A new entrance, café, receptions and offices.  A new 500m2 gym with stand-alone facilities.

Phone: 9445 3072

50 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


The two significant challenges for this project were firstly providing a high standard of building and sports facility that would meet the requirements of both recreational sport and elite-level sports at the budget available, followed by providing a suitable interface between the existing building and the new building which would have a 25-year age difference. Another key feature of this project was the requirement to tie all new work into the existing structure whilst maintaining the operations within the existing building. The current building is used 6am to 10pm over 7 days a week by up to 6000 people – so continued public access and amenity were extremely important to the client. Builder, Rivett Construction personnel were able to travel with the client to a number of sporting stadiums around Australia to get an idea of what worked well with local sporting stadiums and what didn't. This, coupled with a solid understanding of the current operations of the stadium allowed Rivett to put together a package that met the requirements of the client. Fortunately, Rivett Construction was able to witness the mistakes that can be


DOMINATING THE GAME Aura Sport are proud to be associated with The Warwick Stadium.

A sports floor has to satisfy a variety of demands, like durability and performance. This Aura Sports floor not only is an internationally certified sports flooring system, but also offers excellent shock absorption and resilience for the athletes at Warwick Stadium. It minimizes the impact to the athlete’s musculoskeletal system, helping to prevent injury and premature tiring. This flooring system is at home in major sports centres around the world. The taste of victory is an experience you don’t want to miss... made when additions are incorporated to the existing community-based sporting stadiums – mistakes that had to be avoided at all costs on this project. The Rivett Construction team was able to sit down with the client to assess their requirements and developed some reasonable (and achievable) budget expectations so that there would be no pricing shock when the final design was agreed and the facility built. Rivett Construction was subsequently appointed as the Head Contractor under an AS4903 Design & Construct Contract. The company rose to the challenge and successfully oversaw the design development, budgetary allocation and specification development on behalf of the

You want AURA SPORTS on your team when your game is on the line

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 51


‘‘In response to the extensive client brief, architect Paterson Group Architects identified additional opportunities for the centre's brand and image renewal. By locating the new courts in front of the existing building rather than behind (as initially proposed by the client) the extension project now appears to be a completely new building from the approaching streets’’ client and their project. Rivett's role also included all City of Joondalup and WAPC approvals. In response to the extensive client brief, architect Paterson Group Architects identified additional opportunities for the centre's brand and image renewal. By locating the new courts in front of the existing building rather than behind (as initially proposed by the client) the extension project now appears to be a completely new building from the approaching streets. This provided the client better return on their expenditure and improved marketing opportunities to the community. In addition to locating the new building closer to the adjacent major intersection, the colourful panels, curving form and dynamic lighting solution also engage passing traffic and increase the public profile of the centre. This approach was extremely well received by the client.

m 0438 809 666 p 1800 774 809 e

ShadeFX engages Australia's leading shade engineers and has WA's most experienced commercial shade sail designer.

52 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

In conjunction with the work carried out by Paterson Group Architects, Rivett continually monitored the design of the building and made the necessary adjustments to the materials and layouts to stay within the budget. The main materials used on this project are concrete, structural steel and Colorbond sheeting, and Rivett Construction have been able to achieve significant value with the finish of the external façade being horizontal multi-coloured panels. The dominant internal finish is definitely the timber sports flooring from Aura Sports. The key to project's success was the close relationship between the client and their builder which in turn enabled good decision making. There was a clear and agreed understanding of the design brief and the requirements that would make the new building function. In hindsight, Steve Rivett (director of Rivett Construction) thinks that “the key

Phone: 9302 5650 21 Profit Pass WANGARA WA 6065 ABN 39 384 357 361 Ph: (08) 9302 5650 Fax: (08) 9302 6590 EC 7495 Email: PL 7799

commercial THE BUILDERS CHOICE Structural Projects by Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners Pty Ltd HIGH RISE PROJECTS Sky Tower, Darwin NT 22 level residential apartments, utilising precast walls. Wind tunnel model was undertaken for dynamic wind analysis. This building was designed in conjunction with JWS Consultants. GNFP designed & documented vertical elements and superstructure above podium. Cyclonic loading Client: JWS Consultants/Sunland Oakford Apartments, Sydney NSW 20 storey serviced apartment building, concrete framed with post tensioned slabs with 3 major transfer floors. Won in Design and Construct tender with McCloys Client: McCloys/Metroland Architect: Wolff Architects Alfred Street, Milsons Point NSW This building is 18 levels above ground and six below. Slabs are post tensioned. The building features 10 storeys that cantilever 6m over the adjacent property and are held by storey high cantilever shear walls. Client: Walker Developments Architect: Walker Developments

COMMUNITY AND LEISURE CENTRE Northam Recreational Centre

Northam Recreational Centre, Northam WA Large 3 court indoor basketball courts, with meeting rooms, club rooms and amenities. Extensive use of precast tilt up walls and large span roofs. Design and construct for Cooper & Oxley. Architect: Patterson Group Architects

Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy NSW Major regional aquatic centre – 60m span tubular trussed roof over indoor 50m, 25m leisure and program pools. 2 court multipurpose building and gymnasium featuring post tensioned steel roof. Extensive use of exposed steelwork. All aquatics undertaken. Client: Gosford City Council Architect: Michael Davies & Assoc. Emerton Leisure Centre, Emerton NSW Curved wave formed roof incorporating major tubular trusses and cable stayed curved tubular rafters over indoor 25m and 25m leisure pool, change rooms and seating. Curved trussed roof over a 2 court sports hall. All aquatics undertaken. Client: Blacktown City Council Architect: Michael Davies & Assoc.

Geoff Ninnes CPEng,MIEAust,BE(civil),MEngSc, DipAdmin,DipEnvStud,RPEQ,RPENT Director Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners Pty Ltd, Consulting Aquatic, Structural & Civil Engineers, L2 Cedar House,1321 Hay Street West Perth WA 6005 Mobile: 0418 678 993 Ph: (08) 9321 0159 Email:

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 53


innovation for this project would be the process of design development that we have contributed to. Being a not-forprofit organisation, our client had strict limitations on the budget and project feasibility. We have been able to work through the problematic issues and costs to establish the required standards and budget positions. A collaborative approach to ensure a successful outcome between all of the parties has been achieved on this project”. “The project is unique in the relationship between the builder, design team and client. We have been able to part of a design and construction process that has produced a building of the highest of standards that will be used by the community. That is something that I find very satisfying”. Rivett Construction was founded by Steven Rivett, a second generation builder. The company came into existence in 2012, with the specific intention of servicing the Western Australian commercial and industrial construction industry. Rivett Construction seeks to remain a small to medium sized construction and consultancy firm specialising in the industrial, institutional and commercial construction sectors within the state. The company draws on 19 years of experience within the Western Australian construction industry with involvement in projects ranging in value from $0.5m to $27.0m located in metropolitan, regional and remote areas. With its extensive contacts within the construction industry, Rivett Construction continues to attract projects from selected clients with a focus on a narrow range of projects under $10m in value. Underpinned by experience, the consistent delivery of quality projects will very likely earn Rivett Construction an enviable reputation in the commercial construction industry. The Company has a strong emphasis on safety and the environment, innovation and technology – whilst maintaining a focus on achieving efficiencies to provide time and cost savings for its valued clients.

Roofeze Pty Ltd is involved in a number of significant and award winning projects around Perth and regional areas. Specialising in metal roofing, vertical cladding and roof plumbing needs. Working alongside builders, architects and suppliers to achieve outstanding results and complete customer satisfaction.

Unit 5, 8 Hurley Street, CANNINGVALE WA 6155 Phone/Fax: (08) 9354 5982 Mob: 0412 699 638

Specialising in Concrete for Commercial construction, Urban developments, Public Opens Spaces and Decorative Street Scapes. For hassle free concrete, phone Matt on 0439 977 761

54 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015




This Marmion Home is bathed in Northern Light whilst looking Westward



he client approached Dorrington Homes wanting to build a residence that would make great use of their 12m wide block's northern aspects, and inland and ocean views. The block (which is located close to shops, schools and the beach in Marmion) also had a 2.5m rise from the road level to the proposed finished floor level – typical of that area. There were some other quite specific requirements that the clients had for their home. Firstly, they wanted to make use of the morning northern sun in winter, and to ensure that the home was solar passive. They also wanted a pool that could be viewed from

Phone: 0488 330 886

almost every room in the house. Externally, they wanted an outdoor kitchen and alfresco area. Internally, the clients wanted the home to have open plan living area, with the master bedroom be located on the ground floor. Overall, they wanted their home to include high end building materials and appliances, and to have quality workmanship. The clients knew it would be a somewhat challenging project, but they had seen Dorrington Homes' previous work and thought that this was the builder who could design and build what they were looking for. Dorrington Homes was engaged for the project, and embarked on providing the necessary design input, then moving on to manage all aspects council approvals, engineering, energy rating and project management, and finally constructing the home right through to providing landscaping, interior design, and furniture itself.

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 55


Given the harsh marine environment, it was decided to finish the home's exterior in acrylic texture coat. This will serve to reduce maintenance on the home and help it retain its new appearance. Similarly, for durability and maintenance reduction purposes, the home has custom designed front aluminium gate and fences. All external hard flooring is washed concrete – again for a natural look and low maintenance. The external palette is neutral and fitting of the location. It also sets the scene for the interior finishes which are also light and neutral. The alfresco has a cedar lined ceiling which gives it a warm look and feel, and defines the area. It also overlooks the pool area, which could have meant the unsightly and noisy pool pump and filtration equipment. Given the proximity of the pool to the home's main outdoor entertaining areas however, all pool equipment is cleverly situated in a hidden store room located under the stairs, so it cannot be seen or heard from anywhere in the house. Internally, the general area floors are finished in polished porcelain tiles. This makes the home bright from the time one enters it. The tiles flow from the entry through to the main living and meals areas where the kitchen is located. Recessed ceiling lighting is reflected by the polished tiles, adding sparkle to the home. Contrast is added to the neutral flooring by the visual texture of the Blackbutt timber staircase treads – visible up the entire stairway due to the clear glass balustrade. The Blackbutt flooring continues at the top of the stairs and spills out onto the first floor landing and immediate passages. The kitchen cabinetry is a combination of gloss lacquered panels to the cupboards doors and drawers, and textured timber grained laminates to the breakfast bench front – both with white reconstituted stone tops. The result is a kitchen that looks clean and uncluttered. It overlooks glass sliding doors which lead out to the undercover alfresco which is complete with a 'kitchen' of its own having a built in bench, sink, hotplate, wine fridge and range hood. Wet areas are finished in a slightly darker floor tile than the lighter general area porcelain tile. This darker large format tile is also used in the shower recesses. Cabinetry is constructed with darker wood grained doors and drawers with similar white stone tops to the kitchen (providing some design continuity within the home), or

56 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

matching dark stone tops in the main ensuite. Robe sliding doors have also been finished off in a similar dark woodgrain finish rather than the traditional mirrors. Whilst quite simple in design, the kitchen ceiling does include a dropped bulkhead panel which allows for concealed lighting between it and the main ceiling above, and a shadow line detail around the perimeter of the kitchen/meals areas. Other areas such as the lounge room, bedrooms and bathrooms have a geometric cornice detail at the wall – ceiling junctions. The house is contemporary but does not lack warmth or character. It adds to the streetscape and provides the family a relaxed and low maintenance environment in which to entertain. The owners are very pleased with their new home and are reminded daily that they made the right decision in choosing Dorrington Homes to build their residence – although given Dorrington Homes' experience, that comes as no surprise. Specialising in custom built luxury homes, Dorrington Homes is owned and managed by director, Chris Dorrington. Chris has sixteen years' experience within the building industry in Western Australia. He has developed close working relationships with top quality tradespeople and suppliers in various discipline areas, having worked alongside them over the years. Chris has extensive experience, initially with a background as a carpenter and joiner through to 8 years with leading Perth home builder Ross North Homes as a building supervisor. Chris has a passion for clean and sharp looking buildings, and it is his eye for detail that gives the homes he builds that differentiation. It also make the company an award winning builder. “It is true to say that our homes are both exquisite and individual, and we are extremely proud of them”, says Chris. “Dorrington Homes may be a newly established building company, but having

Phone: 9303 9496 Mobile: 0412 281 370


in the not too distant future. “These projects will be another example of our absolutely amazing designs and quality workmanship”, promises Chris.










D 21





already won two Master Builder Housing Excellence awards, we have proven that we offer unparalleled quality in the design and construction of truly inspirational homes.” Testament to that is that Dorrington Homes has just been awarded the MBA Best New Builder 2015 and Best Contract home $1m – $1.5m! “When building with Dorrington Homes, our clients get to work closely alongside their builder in a one-on-one relationship. This ensures that they can have as much or as little involvement in the building process as they choose. Any challenges are always tackled head on with a solutions-focused approach. Variations are a natural part of the building process and we ensure that we are always able to accommodate any client changes requested. A complete and comprehensive service is offered from design through to turn-key construction. Nothing is beyond the limits of our expertise, including designing our clients' new home, providing exterior and interior design, landscaping, high end finishing's and helping them get settled into their new home. The company's success is very largely due to Chris Dorrington's amazing 'hands on' involvement with every home and client. Dorrington Homes has a few very special projects under way at the moment which Chris looks forward to sharing

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w Suppliers of Hunter Douglas + Verosol + Vertilux + Helioscreen blinds quality curtains + soft furnishings + shutters + motorisation outdoor blinds + awnings.

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 57




Viva Developments brings this Modern Home to Life


aniel Scafetta, one of the directors of Viva Developments, and his wife wanted to downsize. They found a 550m2 block which would enable them to do this, whilst still allowing them enough room to build a descent sized home. They also wanted to ensure that the gardens and grounds would look great with minimal upkeep. To achieve this, Daniel became immersed in this personal project – from the purchase of land, through to design of the home, and then completion of construction. “Daniel Lomma Design was employed to create something unique for us”, says Daniel. “We wanted an architectural, contemporary style of design with the use and blending of

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58 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

different materials both inside and out to create a real showpiece. In essence, I wanted to construct an individual and unique home that offered something different” And that is exactly what Daniel and Viva Developments did! The result is a magnificent 2-storey custom built home, finished with quality fixtures and fittings. Daniel realised that the amount of detail on the home was always going to present a challenge. Every step of the way he had to think ahead to accommodate the required architectural details. Dealing with the trades and suppliers was a constant challenge as Daniel had to make sure they understood what the final detail would need to look like – although having the 3D imaging from the designer was certainly beneficial. To help achieve this Daniel also held many meetings with trades and supplier to ensure everyone was clear on the details. Daniel also engaged Akiva Design as the project interior designers. Akiva assisted not only with selection of finishes, but also with the development of certain detailing, adding more clarity to Daniel's vision.


Externally, the home has architectural screens and aluminium cladding. These elements give the home a sharp clean look which compliments the overall architectural form. The home is accessed via a number of large platform steps, and these along with the planters are stone clad and also reinforce the architecture of the home itself. The design also incorporates a Vergola (automated aluminium louvre system), double glazing, solar panels, an 8-Star energy efficiency rating, a double void alfresco and a pool with an infinity edge – all hallmarks of a luxurious and energy efficient residence. Appropriately placed vegetation softens the vistas and compliments the architecture. The modern theme continues inside, although the home has a seamless junction between the inside and outside. Large glass sliding doors open the home's living areas onto the alfresco area which in turn connects onto the pool and outdoor entertaining areas.

Double the style. Double the choices. We offer an extensive range of window and door frame styles, colours and accessories.

Windows Inward/outward Awning Sliding Tilt and Turn Fixed Louvres

Doors French Bifold Sliding

Free consultation: 9338 9000 December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 59


“We wanted an architectural, contemporary style of design with the use and blending of different materials both inside and out to create a real showpiece. In essence, I wanted to construct an individual and unique home that offered something different” Internally, flawless detailing is evident with items such as the built in fireplace and television – both set into an acoustic panelled wall. Another striking feature is the two level display cabinetwork. This timber veneer 'furniture piece' is asymmetrical in design and extends upwards from the ground floor living area to a void outside of the home's study/office…..and then almost through a glazing panel into the study/office itself.


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coatings TP Texture Coatings provide a wide variety of specialised quality services that supply the commercial and residential building industry in Perth.

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0419 960 104


‘‘Internally, flawless detailing is evident with items such as the built in fireplace and television – both set into an acoustic panelled wall’’ In the same spirit of connectivity, the kitchen extends outwards and morphs into the alfresco cooking bench, with the only separation being a glass sliding door and small nib wall. Once open, it is difficult to determine where the inside of the home stops and the outside starts. Large 1200mm x 600mm floor tiling further connect the indoors and outside, and make the living and alfresco spaces feel more expansive. Other rooms (including the bathrooms

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 61


Eurotouch Painting: Affordable Painters in Perth Eurotouch Painting is a proudly Western Australian owned and family operated company providing a professional, quality assured and reliable service to all of our clients at an affordable rate. We are a fully qualified and registered team, specialising in all aspects of painting, industrial coatings and protective coatings to suit all your requirements.

and even the master bedroom) also include more of the custom designed, built in cabinetwork which looks much more like furniture than cabinetwork. The finishes palette is simple here – timber veneer and white lacquer and benchtops. This is a timeless combination and projects a clean but inviting feel. Daniel believes that Viva Developments and its tried and tested team of contractors and suppliers have all lived up to their reputation of creating an individual design to suit the owners' requirements and way that they entertain – even though this is his own home. Understandably, Daniel's expectations are high, having been in the industry for many years and being the company's registered builder. In fact, since the early age of 18 it was always Daniel's intention to become involved in the building industry. As his father had worked in the building industry for all of his life Daniel wanted to follow in those footsteps in some way. It wasn't until 1993, with some help from his father, that Daniel was offered the opportunity to work for a well known local builder specialising in luxury homes. Daniel initially started out as an estimator/scheduler and worked his way through the different stages of construction to eventually become a site supervisor. Whilst working full time Daniel decided to obtain his Builders Registration by attending night school at Tafe. He became registered in 1999 and worked with a number of builders within the building, gaining the necessary experience before deciding to start Viva Developments with his long-time friend Mel Letizia. Mel started his building industry journey as a junior drafter in the in 1994. Also working for a well know project builder, Mel gained extensive experience in drafting working his way up to firstly becoming a drafting manager and then an on-site supervisor in the building industry.

62 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

Commercial At Eurotouch Painting, we can cater to all sectors of the market including commercial projects. We employ a quality team of painters allowing us to undertake a broad range of projects from small to large whilst maintaining a high standard of workmanship. Our supervisors and team are friendly and approachable.

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Stylish Marble and Granite Pty Ltd ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING STONE

Being a property developer from an early age Mel has extensive practical experience in design, whether it be for a single or double storey home or multi-unit development site. Mel is completely familiar with the codes and standards, and prides himself on achieving the maximum potential for any building site. Mel works closely with all Viva Developments clients to ensure the building site for their home or development is carefully selected so as to achieve the client's requirements. Mel also works closely with Daniel to ensure that client budgets are met.

08 9209 1011

We use high quality, durable marble and granite from highly regarded suppliers to make sure your product exceeds expectations.

Troy and Mandy Hassett

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Symphony Apartments on Mozart Mews resonates with buyers



ark D'Alessandro was introduced to the building and development industry by his family. His Grandfather and Father were both in the construction industry, and Mark started working for commercial builders straight after finishing university. Mark's company, JCM Property Group, has been operating since 2010, and now develops and constructs grouped housing, multiple dwellings and commercial projects. With Symphony, JCM's aim was to create an apartment complex which utilised natural light and took advantage of the neighbouring parklands to provide the apartments with an open, spacious feel. Foremost on the design front was solar orientation, followed closely by high end, durable finishes and the use of indigenous plants for the exterior landscaping. The palette of exterior finishes

Phone: 6465 4121 Phone: Selling Agent: Dean Sims 0412 812 029

64 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

is comprised mainly of brick, concrete, texture coat and Colorbond – all of which are durable and low maintenance. Overall, this combination gives the development a 6-star energy rating. The project incorporates 10 one and two bedroom apartments. Located approximately 7km from the Perth CBD, the orientation of the building gives the feeling of being in suburbia when inside the complex. It is situated immediately adjacent to parklands and is conveniently close to transport routes. “The project came about when we saw an opportunity to produce an apartment complex which incorporated the nearby parklands – something that we felt was lacking in the market”, says Mark. “We procured the site, designed the units, and then constructed them. JCM managed the whole process from site selection, feasibility, design, tendering, construction and handover”. The use of Revit in the design and modelling process helped JCM to co-ordinate services and design disciplines. The 'management' which Mark refers to also included constructing within a quiet, residential cul-de-sac. The logistics of working on a tight site were challenging given minimal working space for machinery, contractors


Highest quality at an affordable price!

Our company specialises in:  Sophisticated Suspended  Luxury apartments ceilings  Luxury Kitchens  Complicated timber and  Commercial & public carpentry works buildings

and vehicles. This was further exacerbated by a tight construction programme of only 10 months. “We overcame these challenges by ensuring that proper planning was undertaken prior to mobilising the site. This meant that we had as much working room as possible. Storage was also an issue, so all deliveries were made on a 'just-in-time' basis”, says Mark. To sell the units, JCM was referred to Dean Sims (Director of Bellcourt Property Group and Principal of the South Perth office) by a mutual acquaintance, and from there Bellcourt went about preparing to market the apartments for sale. This involved every related aspect, from having them styled and furnished, to organising photography and launching the apartments to the market, through to dealing with potential buyers and negotiating offers. “What attracted me to the project was the quality build, high quality finishes, ease of access into the city and close proximity to public transport. It is definitely one of the better quality builds in the area with each apartment offering a great floorplan”, says Dean. Dean Sims' expertise in property has extensive scope beyond the traditional responsibilities of a real estate agent. Growing up with family in the building industry and having operated in this industry for over ten

Oracle Contracting (Ceilings & Drywall) Pty Ltd 2/220 Star Street, Welshpool WA 6106 Contact Person: Aidan O'Kennedy +61 0405 490 934 Office: +08 9467 5818 Email:

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 65


ABN: 79 167 502 445

years prior to commencing in real estate. Dean's background combined with his experience as an agent allowed him to offer his sound, wellrounded advice on the project and determine the best marketing strategy for the sale of the units, based on the current market. Bellcourt Property Group is a boutique agency which specialises in the marketing and negotiation of residential properties – both for sale and lease. The company has two offices – one based in Shenton Park and the other based in South Perth. With the completion of Symphony, JCM remains active in the market with other developments already underway including a 3 storey apartment block in Maylands, another 3 storey apartment block in Beckenham and a 5 storey apartment block in Bayswater.

Damo’s Carpentry & Cabinets were proud to be involved with JCM on the Symphony Apartments at Mozart Mews

e t a M Old encing F

0451 821 599 Daniel Hopkins

Mobile: 0419 919 815 Office: 08 9303 9493 Email: Unit 4/68 Callaway, Wangara WA 6065 PO Box 2754, Clarkson WA 6030

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DOMESTIC – COMMERCIAL • Re-Roofs • New Roofs • Gutters and DOWNPIPES! We will beat any written quote!

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Abacus multiplies the returns on this North Perth Development



he client for this project, Greg Brennan, approached Abacus Project Services after seeing other projects that had successfully delivered in North Perth by Abacus. This was hand in hand with positive feedback that the client had received from current Abacus clients at the time. With a development site located in Albert Street in North Perth, the client made the obvious decision, and Abacus was duly appointed to the project, and commenced the role of builder. Abacus Projects Services owner, Mike Stephenson, recalls that the documentation supplied for the project was “poor and incomplete, leading to a constant migraine for our team,” but Mike believes that he won the project partly due to his unique approach where he quotes using an open book approach.

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68 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


As if poor documentation wasn't challenging enough, the project brought with it other challenges. Firstly, the required permission for piling anchors was refused by neighbours, as was access to their properties. This led Abacus project manager Stephan Heydenrych to seek out an alternative solution, namely an innovative shoring system by Coates Hire. Secondly, the site had limited access via a narrow rear lane. This meant that the tilt-up concrete panels could not be poured and erected as had been documented. The solution for this problem was to change the tilt-up walls to pre-finished Formcraft, AFS and blockwork. The third setback was that the structural design for the project was incomplete. The choice that Abacus made was for their project delivery team of Stephan Heydenrych and Peter Botica to become intimately involved with the resolution of structural changes on the project whilst maintaining the schedule. With these problems resolved or managed, the building proceeded. Fortunately for the client and his project, Mike's experience and perseverance ensured completion in a timely and cost effective manner.


The build itself (notwithstanding the aforementioned issues) was fairly straight forward for Abacus. The main materials used on the project were varied, but nothing that Abacus hadn't dealt with before. They included insitu concrete framing, AFS/Formcraft walls, blockwork, pre-finished Formcraft boundary walls and structural steel. Whilst this might then just seem like many other projects, there were some innovations which Mike is particularly proud of. One such innovation was the use of Coates' MEGA Brace, a proprietary mechanical or hydraulic strutting system which increases the overall load capacity of the waling beam. The Mega beam can also be used as the waling in raking strut systems. This system was used to keep the perimeter ICW walls propped until the ground floor transfer slab was poured and could cure. The modular format of this system allowed for easy installation of large frame configurations with relatively light duty lifting equipment. It has pinned joint corner connections for quick assembly on sites,


m: 0418 956 337 EC000847

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 69


and is ideal for long excavations, where large clear spans are required. The inbuilt corner joint articulation enables the legs to be used for non-rectangular excavations. The system's double acting hydraulics have an integral mechanical lock off valve for ease of installation and removal with zero fluid loss. With this project, Abacus became the first company in Western Australia to use the MEGAshore system. In hindsight, what has Mike learnt from this project? In his own words, “That by resolving the challenges that these sorts of projects present, I am reminded of what sets our team apart from some other companies”. He comments that the resultant building now benefits from generous views, and attractive design, and a great location near the Angove Street coffee strip – all of which add value to the building. However, having built the structure and solved many of the 'behind the scenes' problems during that construction, Mike believes that the real win for the client was getting the project built in the first place, coupled with the level of support and assistance that Abacus was able to provide them. And those experiences and lessons will continue to serve Abacus and benefit its future clients. Abacus Project Services is a service oriented, boutique construction company, specialising in architecturally designed urban infill low rise commercial, residential and industrial construction. Owned and run by Mike Stephenson, the firm has been operating for the last 15 years. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science and Construction Management Degree, having graduated in 1989. Mike has been involved in the construction industry all of his working life, and has 25 years of local experience. Abacus' mission is to build and maintain market leadership in construction and related services, exceeding customer expectation by excelling in three areas; quality, flexibility and value for money. Mike and his specialist team strive to safely complete each project to the highest quality possible, on time and within budget. The

70 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

15 years experience specialising in final builders clean • site cleans • corporate and domestic cleaning • waste management Phone: 9296 0166





T - (08) 9446 0456 M - 0418 942 639 F - (08) 9446 0457 46 Hector Street West, Osborne Park WA E -

Jeff Dial Constructions Pty Ltd  Roof Carpentry team  Specialising in large architectured style homes  2nd storey additions and staircases

Mobile: 0418 912 874 Phone/Fax: 9380 4636 ABN: 19 087 215 370

Reg: 7091



company also seeks to provide the highest levels of service to its clients, whilst ensuring that the projects it safely delivers minimise their environmental footprint. One point of difference for the company, is its 'open book' method of contracting (referred to earlier) where Abacus is the exclusive contractor. This system offers clients a lump sum price with full transparency from the initial estimating and tender stages to completion and final account. Mike believes that this transparency, backed up by professional service, quality and delivery on the company's promises result in its client's having a positive building experience. A positive experience for Abacus' clients which results in excellent references and referrals…of which the company has many.

Jason Wedley Director

Hard ‘N’ Fast Concrete Panels

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969 548

WATER PROOFING CONCRETE FOR LIFE Radcon Formula #7 is applied topically but it is not a sealer, it is an internal flexible membrane that reacts with the presence of water and the calcium in concrete to form an impermeable internal gel that remains active inside the concrete for the life of the structure as tested by the CSIRO. Radcon Formula #7 is self-healing and continues regrows across future cracks for the life time of the structure. • Radcon Formula #7 the waterproofing system for the design life of the structure and is back by a watertight warranty • Environmentally friendly as approved by Ecospecifier and Singapore Green Label • Unlimited life span • 100% Trafficable within 6 hours • It cannot be damaged by other trades during construction. • Is non-toxic and emits no VOC's • Regrows and reseals future hairline Cracks • Rehealing membrane inside the concrete Applications – Water Vessels, Roof tops/Podium Decks, Trafficable Areas, Shopping Centres, Lakes, Bridges, Facades, Car Parks, Marine and Airports.

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We also specialise in FRP reinforcement for more information please visit our website


‘Western Australia Award Winning Painting Company’

“The permanent solution for Corrosion”

Suite 6, 7 Gympie Way, Willetton WA 6155 Tel: (08) 9354 9200 F: (08) 9354 9211

W:; E: P: 08 8445 2233; A: 240 Victoria Rd, Largs Bay SA 5016

SINCE 1995

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Vanguard Construction creates a 5 level Masterpiece under budget



an Scott's father was an architect in Jersey in the Channel Islands so Ian was always around plans and buildings when he was young. Ian used to spend time in his dad's office each day after school and saw sketches and drawings turn into shops, zoos and museums; many now iconic architectural buildings of the island. This developed Ian's keen interest in building form and how buildings are constructed. After leaving school at 16, Ian was very fortunate to get an advanced 5 year apprenticeship with probably the most prestigious builder in Jersey; working in both the joinery shop and on high end homes and large restoration projects like manor houses. Ian started Vanguard Construction with his partner Sharon in 2010 upon obtaining his Diploma of Builder's Registration, after over a decade of providing a range of quality services to Margaret River

Phone: 08 9758 8317

72 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

and the South West region. Ian has been working in the industry for nearly 30 years and Sharon has been in administration and business for 20 years, having owned a building company before immigrating to Australia in 2000. The clients for this project were aware of Vanguard's ability and track record, so they approached Ian with a house design and a brief to 'build this home within our budget'. This modern and contemporary home is now completed, and is split on five levels with views across the peppermint grove and Gnarabup ridge. It is nestled on an elevated, sandy and steeply sloping site, which offers light and space whilst blending in with the natural vegetation and contours of its surroundings. The different levels add interest whilst still maintaining an elegant flow through the home. The use of natural wood with modern lines gives the home a striking elevation and unique character. But the home almost might not be the masterpiece that it is, if it wasn't for Vanguard Construction! The clients loved the great design of the home (created local architect Alex Cranfield) but budget restraints together with a difficult site with a 9 metre fall


over the entire building block meant that the project was deemed to be out of reach. Vanguard worked with the clients and offered proposals that did not alter the essence of the home design, but reduced the construction cost significantly by using alternative building methods and materials. For Vanguard, the process began with the original design being adapted, ensuring that any relevant mandatory requirements for the build stage were still met. Vanguard's services incorporated project management and all building co-ordination requirements, as well as assisting with interior design such as kitchen and bathroom layouts, final fixtures and fittings and supporting the owners throughout the project. As with many projects cost, location, design, access and site conditions can play their respective parts. However, this job had them all! “The project site is an elevated, sandy and steeply sloping block with a huge fall over the entire building envelope…..with the home split on five different levels. Stumps and bearers were an unreliable solution in the sandy conditions and watering the site was not an option as the sand was highly water repellent. Vanguard pioneered a new sub floor system that eliminated the requirement for traditional stumps and bearers. Adding to the degree of difficulty (and potential costs) was the reality that tons of materials would have to be man-handled into place as site conditions prevented deliveries being dropped near where they were required”, says Ian. As a result of the site constraints, cost control soon became the overriding challenge for Vanguard on this project. “With very limited access for both trades and materials, scheduling was paramount on this build. So for this project we needed to think outside the box. We developed the new flooring system; this fully engineered system eliminated the need for traditional stumps and bearers. The sandy nature of the site meant the stump holes would collapse in on themselves so only one stump could have been placed at a time. Our new system greatly reduced site and material costs by replacing the stumps and bearers with an innovative alternative. Also, the wall cladding can be taken to ground level eliminating unsightly stumps and plumbing from being visible, and enhancing the overall appearance of the home. We now use this method as standard on all our homes constructed on steep blocks.” Different decking areas on several levels provide a choice of outdoor living and entertaining spaces offering various stunning views of the surrounding coastline region. The five split levels gives the home an interesting element and the way the home sits on the land doesn't attempt to dominate its surroundings. The home simply rests beautifully on the block, never seeking to impose itself on its surroundings. There are great views from almost every room in the house and every level feels connected to outside spaces. The home is almost 100% timber framed with only the below ground level garage being masonry. Cost effective Hardies Easilap

clads rear and side elevations with Weathertex Natural Woodsman on the front elevations. Elsewhere, there is extensive use of jarrah decking, and internally the home has solid jarrah flooring. Some of the standout features of this home include the cantilevered solid custom concrete benchtops and solid marri kitchen. The marri was hand selected to meet the client's specific brief. The large split level open plan living area spills on to the deck with large sliding stacker doors framing the views to the Gnarabup ridge and providing an abundance of natural light throughout the home. Ian is proud of the home, but isn't resting on Vanguard's laurels. The company is currently working on a beautiful Hampton style house which could not be more different from this particular project. “We do not wish to be pigeon-holed and build only in one style”, says Ian. “We also have two houses under construction on other steeply sloping blocks and are using the same innovative methods and materials there were such a success with the Grunters Way home.” The company offers both 'design and build', and 'construct only' services specialising in cost effective energy efficiency homes using modern lightweight construction methods and solar passive design to provide energy efficient, cost effective homes whilst delivering cutting edge architectural design. Vanguard provides additional services that assist clients in all stages of their building project – from the initial consultation and plan design to all preliminary and statutory requirements, commencement of construction right through to the exciting stages of completion and handover. Vanguard provides a free concept plan service whereby its clients are presented with a design sketch created with their lifestyle 'wish list' in mind – whilst optimising their site and location, and considering the all-important orientation of their building block which is crucial for solar passive properties. These concept plans are created respecting the client's building budget so the proposal is a reflection of what is realistic and achievable for their project. Having worked in Europe, both Ian and Sharon have had access to many types of new and innovative energy efficient materials and methods and Ian has always wanted to introduce and share this knowledge in Australia. Ian says, “We believed that sound energy efficient principles was the future of building in Australia and now Vanguard has more and more clients wanting better quality homes where they will save money in the long term on heating, cooling and energy bills. These costs are only on the increase; you don't need to be 'eco' to have an energy efficient home. You just need to be smart”. “We have learnt that, given the opportunity, that even the most ambitious project can be realised if you think outside the box and you have a client with an open mind.”

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 73



Dane Design Australia & Tallwood Constructions

Reunited to create an Award Winning family home



he client for this project was a direct referral from a previous Dane Design client. They had purchased the old and tired ocean fronted beach house with the intention of eventually knocking it down and building their dream home. But as the new home was to replace the existing old beach house, the owners wanted it to still have the beach house atmosphere. What surprised them was how they 'lived' and used the old beach house had changed their way of life. They had become much more relaxed and the old shack was a hub for friends and family. These design elements became central in their brief. This is where Dane Design Australia was the perfect choice for the project! “I learn from every project and have a belief that we will never arrive, so I take the experience of each new project and

Phone: 0427 553 861 Phone: 0427 568 214

74 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

refine for the next. Understanding the complexity of how various materials perform is something that interests me greatly. I'm a fan of “leaving ruins” as opposed to touch the earth lightly”, says Dane Richardson, the practice owner. “I like to think we can specify and create to exacting standards and techniques so that the building will last forever and be reused and refurbished, rather than be considered poor quality in 50 years and be demolished. We should never build anything for the short term so we need to understand how one material will outperform another.” The main layout influences were driven by the client's brief which was quite specific with regards to maintaining an open casual connection to the beach. Only the kitchen, dining, lounge areas, and the master bedroom/ensuites were to be located on the ground floor. The first floor comprises two bedrooms (complete with their own ensuites), a study, studio, and large balcony. The uppermost level has a large roof deck, so no part of the home is wasted insofar as that 'beach connection' that the client wanted.


Being a beachside home, the harsh coastal environment naturally had a significant influence on the decision processes, design elements and material selections. The natural response was to keep the views as uninterrupted as possible, but this presented potential problems with privacy and the weather. The solution came via the clever use of shutters and screens to ensure privacy and provide shelter from the elements as and when required. The site itself was exposed to the street on the entry side of the home, so privacy also had to be managed with a specific design solution – namely small angled wings on the upper level rooms. Overall, the home presents externally with a palette of concrete, glass, stone and recycled timbers (from the original Busselton Jetty). Internally the pallet becomes more extensive with various timber species being used (including Austrian 'Mafi Punto' on the staircase wall) and other balanced finishes which include glass, bronze, steel and leather. Dane Design documented this home using 3D modelling software (just as every one of their projects is modelled) in great detail. The use of this software enabled a high degree of accuracy for the documentation, which in turn allowed thorough interrogation of the design and offering the client an excellent tool by which they would be able to fully understand the proposed design. Dane Design Australia also specialises in building design with an emphasis on delivering one off design solutions to every project. Sustainable development forms the back bone to all Dane Design projects. Crucial elements of this approach include low energy use,

Local knowledge, local expertise... Contact us for an obligation free appraisal of any subdivision or development proposals you may be considering. Licensed & Engineering Surveyors Residential & Commercial Projects “proud to be associated with Tallwood Constructions & Dane Design Australia”

T: (08) 9754 1188


8 FAIRBAIRN ROAD PO BOX 414 BUSSELTON WA 6280 December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 75


water reuse, and employing materials with low toxicity. All of these principles were employed on this home. Whilst it is all good and well to design such a unique home, the best of efforts can all come undone if the home is not constructed properly. Enter builder, Tallwood Constructions. Tallwood has been successfully building architectural homes and undertaking major renovations and additions in Perth and the South West for many years, and were an obvious choice as the type of builder who could handle a project of this scale and detail. Not surprisingly, the company was awarded the construction contract for this home via a negotiated tender process. The resultant home has become a testament to the designers, builder and the clients (who also played their part in contributing to the fabric and character of the home). The clients supplied the recycled external timber from the Busselton Jetty, and Tallwood's challenge was to work with the timber whilst keeping it in as natural appearance as possible. “To do this, we removed some of

the rusted bolts to prevent rust stains from affecting the finished walls of the home”, says Tallwood owner, Alex Campbell. “We also used a composite timber decking which looks just like the old Busselton jetty timber, but without any of the concerns about splinters and oiling”. What Alex also likes is “the abundance of the locally sourced feature stone walls, and the Woodform Architectural 'Expressions' timber cladding in Burnt Ash”. This is exactly the type of home that Tallwood Constructions loves building. “The home has true indoor/outdoor living with 3 wood fireplaces, wide oak floor boards, recycled jetty timber pergolas, feature stone and a stunning designer kitchen. This home is truly all about casual living and relaxation. Being totally beachfront is definitely rare for a home now, and this home really takes in the views”. Although Tallwood excels in constructing this type of home, Alex also acknowledges Dane's work. “I always believe in the value of a great design – and this project proves it”. Which takes nothing away from Tallwood, as the HIA awarded the South West Home of the

Phone: 9756 8428 Dunsborough Woodworks were proud to install all of the cabinets in this spectacular home by Tallwood Constructions. Custom Made Cabinetry and Solid Surface Bench Tops.

Dunsborough Woodworks 16b Griffin Drive Dunsborough WA 6281 Phone: 08 9756 8428 Fax: 08 9759 1467 Email:

76 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015



Year to the company for this project. The judges labelled the home “a masterpiece of construction and design” which is a credit to both Tallwood Constructions and Dane Design Australia. Tallwood Constructions is currently completing renovations/additions in Cottesloe and North Fremantle, a new home by Dane Design in Claremont and several architectural homes in the Ferguson Valley, Yallingup & Eagle Bay. Both Dane and Alex know that the process of design is not just a matter of bricks and mortar; great service is essential and this begins and ends with the forging of a practical understanding between designer, builder and client. Dane says quite proudly “we know when we have truly succeeded; this is when the owner tells us they enjoyed the process as well as the outcome”.

Specialists in residential and commercial ceilings and wall linings. Member of the Australian Wall and Ceiling Industry Assn.

14A Griffin Drive, Dunsborough WA 6281

Tel: (08) 9755 3774 Facsimile (08) 9755 3134 email:

Dunsborough Landscapes is located in the South West of W.A and services Dunsborough, Eagle Bay, Yallingup, Margaret River and surrounding areas. Our services include: • LANDSCAPE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION • WATER WISE IRRIGATION SYSTEMS. DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL • GARDEN MAINTENANCE • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Dunsborough Landscapes has been creating Beautiful gardens for 24 years now. We specialize in Coastal Native style Gardens, Formal Gardens and have the knowledge of local plants, soils and all requirements needed to create a Healthy Garden for you to enjoy. Dunsborough Landscapes is Owned and Operated by Ian Allison who has created gardens for many Award Winning Homes over the years.

Proud to be associated with Tallwood Construction on this spectacular beach front home at Geographe Bay, Quindalup.


For all enquiries please contact: Lindsay Cocker (0418 941 846)




142 Brushwood Brook Drive, Yallingup WA 6282 T: 08 9755 2413 F:08 9755 2417

M: 0417 920 668 E: December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 77




Abacus finds a solution to pricing issues on Maylands Development



roject client, Pete Adams from Yolk Property Group approached Abacus Project Services Group owner Mike Stephenson to assist him with this development. Using its 'open-book' approach to projects, and by working closely with their client, the team at Abacus was able to assist in reducing the project cost to within the feasibility allowance, by developing a brief and budget that provided the client exactly what he required to proceed with the project. Abacus was soon appointed to the role of builder – though the company had already exceeded its role by providing the value engineering that ensured the project would go ahead. The development now consists of approximately 1560m2 of space over four levels, with the total value of the project being $3.2 million.

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78 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015


The structure is essentially a concrete frame, with a mix of rendered and face brickwork facades. The facades are a mix of white painted render with spandrel panels of face brick work on 8th Avenue elevation and around windows and in balcony recesses. The red face brickwork ties in with the local historical architecture. On the ground floor are 4 undercover parking bays and stores, plus an 8-car car stacker to enable enough parking space in a tight site. Fronting on to Maylands Avenue is 250m2 of commercial space (including a 100m2 mezzanine floor), which is open space that can be fitted out to a tenants requirements. The lift services the mezzanine floor, which also has an external access/fire stair. The commercial area can be sold or let as one unit or broken up in to 2 or three units. Served by a central lift and short passage, the 1st to 3rd floors each have three residential units. There is one 3bed-2bath unit, six 2bed2bath units, and two 1bed-1bath units. All have their own private balconies, the end units having balconies that are extensive. The 1 bed units start from 53m2 and the 2bed units range from 66m2 to 99m2, (with typical 2-bed units being around 86m2). The 3 bed unit is 109m2.


Proficient in natural and reconstituted stone. Our services are:  Skilled in multi-level apartment work having completed stone bench tops in over 1,000 apartments over the last 4 years.  We deliver on time and consistently achieve workmanship that is above the required standard.  Maintain high standards of finish  QA procedures ensure consistent finish and delivery of all projects.  Work with cabinet makers and builders on projects ranging from small unit developments to high end architectural projects.  We have a sister company focusing on cabinet making and can offer cost competitive cabinets for high volume projects as well as complex and high end cabinets in architecturally designed homes.

But just as the project almost stalled due to the initial challenges, more challenges arose once the project was underway. The first was the site itself. It was located in an already built up part of Maylands, an older established suburb of Perth. With a project of this size in such a location, there were always going to be potential issues with noise, dust, parking and disruption to neighbour, however the site also provided access problems. The site itself was very tight and offered limited access to parts of the construction. The Abacus team was able to overcome this obstacle by arranging permission from some of the adjacent tenants and owners to load materials from

‘Western Australia Award Winning Painting Company’ Suite 6, 7 Gympie Way, Willetton WA 6155 Tel: (08) 9354 9200 F: (08) 9354 9211


SINCE 1995

Phone: 08 6180 2941 We were proud to supply and install all the stone bench tops at Sullivans in these exclusive apartments for Abacus Project Services Group.

5/33 Harris Road MALAGA WA 6090 Phone: 08 6180 2941 Fax: 08 9248 2882 Mob: 0419 926 488 Email:

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‘‘The Abacus team went about its job of being responsible for the delivery of the best quality project to its client – which Abacus undertook without event’’ their properties, over the boundary wall. Whilst this solved one problem, it also added the risk of damage to other property, and so had to be managed carefully and diligently. The second challenge lay with the construction itself. Unfortunately, the quality of some of the work undertaken by trades was not up the required standard. Abacus duly rejected and rectified any inferior work. The Abacus team went about its job of being responsible for the delivery of the best quality project to its client – which Abacus undertook without event. Mike and his team at Abacus consistently work to the company's principle of honouring it's responsibilities to clients, and the above instance is an example of this principle at work. Mike believes that it is these goodwill principles of honour, integrity and honesty that bring clients back or allow them to recommend Abacus to others. With its price and construction challenges resolved and construction completed, the resulting development now offers generous views in a sought after precinct within Maylands. It is close to the 8th Avenue coffee strip and has been well


m: 0418 956 337 EC000847

80 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

residential THE BUILDERS CHOICE received by the market. However, one needs to consider that the amenity it provides the area may not have existed had Abacus not overcome the initial hurdles related to getting the project to be feasible from a cost point of view and then having to work continuously to achieve those stringent budgets that were set. Mike is philosophical in reflecting that Abacus Project Services has gained a loyal client in Yolk Property Group not just through the timely delivery of the project, but more so by ensuring that the client avoided a loss situation. It was mainly due to the challenges that this project threw at the client and builder that resulted in the client-builder relationship growing tighter and continuing to flourish.




T - (08) 9446 0456 M - 0418 942 639 F - (08) 9446 0457 46 Hector Street West, Osborne Park WA E -

Modular Masonry is a premium manufacturer and suppliers of quality limestone and concrete blocks. Our products are ideal for commercial and

residential applications and come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all types of projects. Call us and see how we can bring a unique edge to your next project.

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This home is a one-off in the Mulberry Home’s Art & Craft Series


craft is defined as a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. The Arts and Crafts movement in design was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that flourished in Europe and North America between 1880 and 1910. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms, and often used medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It advocated economic and social reform, and has been said to be essentially anti-industrial. The Arts and Crafts style emerged from the attempt to reform design and decoration and the reaction against contemporary styles that the reformers associated with machine-production.

It is also the name of a design and specification range of houses that Mulberry Homes builds. Key elements of the Mulberry 'Arts and Craft' homes are: Natural materials These homes are typically built of real materials such as wood, stone and brick, and not from synthetic or re-constituted materials.


Built-in furniture and light fixtures Built-ins were the hallmark feature of the Arts and Crafts era. Builtin cabinets allowed the furnishings to be part of the architecture, ensuring design unity and economic use of space. Even the light fixtures were often part of the design. Restorations/New Homes/Additions

Phone: 9388 1717

82 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

Fireplaces A fireplace was the symbol of family in the Arts and Crafts movement, so most homes feature a dominant fireplace in the living room, with a large exterior chimney.


‘‘The Arts and Crafts movement in design was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that flourished in Europe and North America between 1880 and 1910’’

requirements on what materials and profiles could be used as roofing, so Mulberry Homes selected and installed the striking Marley clay roof tiles from the UK to give the roof a distinct shingle appearance. External visual features of this home also include its wide eaves and numerous windows, and the use of wood, stone or stucco finishes. The house is fully double-glazed and the timber windows are made with European double-rebated frames and seals with a multi-point locking system – thus making the house very energy efficient. The front verandah of the house looks over the park opposite and has an outdoor kitchen and dining area to take advantage of the lovely view. The overall palette externally is comprised of the dominant white timberwork, terracotta coloured Porches Most homes in this style have porches with thick square or round columns and stone porch supports. Low-pitched roofs The homes typically have a low roof with wide eaves and triangular brackets. Exposed beams The beams on the porch and inside the house are often exposed. Open floor plan The Arts and Crafts Movement rejected the small, boxy rooms like those in Victorian houses. Builder, Mulberry Homes, created this home in Mount Lawley along with its in-house designer Rodney O'Byrne. Looking at the front of the house one immediately sees extensive white battens and fine detailed carpentry which are a feature of an Arts and Crafts house, along with the large chimney on the side of the home. The local authority (The City of Stirling) had strict


Mobile: 0412 425 607

Projects Pty Ltd Landscaping & Stonemasonry John Beven Fax: (08) 9257 3330 Email:

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roof tiles and the softer tones of the chimney masonary and stucco finishes to the walls above the red face brick. The home has a large storage loft in the roof space which normally goes unused. Garaging has been relegated to the rear of the block via a side driveway, however the garage includes a second storey and the overall structure has the same treatment as the main house (red brick/stucco/windows/white timberworks/Marley roof tiles) so this structure blends seamlessly with the main home even though it is detached. Landscaping is kept to a minimum, serving to trim and frame the home rather than dominate it. With such a rich and textured exterior palette, it was not necessary to add a mass of vegetation to distract one from the main event – the home itself. Phone: (08) 9272 7166

Mobile: 0412 926 449

GATES • FENCES • GRILLES • BALUSTRADES • FURNITURE 33 Bassendean Road, Bayswater WA 6053 Email:

Our passion is timber doors and windows. From iconic Mt Lawley homes, for Charles & Steve, to contemporary styles with our aluminium clad system. High quality and trouble free operation are the hallmarks of our craft.

Ph 9248 2011 Fax 9248 1079 58 Bonner Drive (cnr Capital), Malaga 6090

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Internally, the house has 4 large bedrooms; located downstairs at the rear of the house are two bedrooms/bathrooms, with two larger bedroom suites each with their own ensuite bathrooms and walk in robes upstairs. The ground level also has living and meals areas, a kitchen (complete with a scullery and pantry at the rear, and a large walk in cool room), and laundry. There are two further living areas upstairs. Connecting the two levels is a magnificent timber staircase with timber balustrades and wall panelling which was hand built on site by Mulberry Homes' carpenter. In keeping with the arts and Crafts movement, the home is very spacious and light-filled. To reinforce this philosophy and approach, throughout the home there is extensive white shaker cabinetry which was all hand painted on site – all 400 doors and panels. This adds to the interior's very crisp and clean lines. The timber flooring throughout the home is constructed of 170 mm wide jarrah boards and stained black. However, this does not mean that the home is sterile, cold or uninviting. The home exudes classic style, character and detail at every turn, with all fittings and fixtures being modern day (meaning durable, practical and compliant) versions of their yesteryear counterparts. In particular, the kitchen with its classic tapware and light pendants resonates with the handcrafted homes of an era gone by. The home, whist reflecting past values and craftsmanship, is firmly entrenched in the present with an eye to the future. The gardens include a bore for reticulation, and internally there is a CBus lighting/media/security system throughout, giving the owners a state of the art lighting control. Additionally, LED lighting has been used throughout the home for energy efficiency. Mulberry Homes' clients for this home were involved on the project at every stage of the build, although it would have been difficult to tell who was the client and who was the builder given Mulberry's level of care and commitment to building this fine home. It is reassuring to see that there are still some masters of the classic home design and building crafts in Western Australia. Mulberry Homes can comfortably count itself amongst them… their client on this home would no doubt testify.




Take an old Character Home, add Mulberry Homes... and you get Almondbury Road


ulberry Homes was given a 'simple' brief for this project – to restore an old character home to its former glory. The subject home is an original Mt. Lawley federation home built in the early 20th century. With its characteristic sweeping verandahs, red tuck-pointed brickwork and tin roof, it was not difficult to see what this home could look like again…in the hands of the right builder. The project was challenging as the starting point meant maintaining the historic value of the home whilst giving it modern amenities, ultimately producing a timeless, classic, period home that would not date.

Restorations/New Homes/Additions

Phone: 9388 1717

In order to deliver on the brief, Mulberry Homes provided the client a full design and build service, involving the client with the renovation/rebuild from start to finish. Mulberry's scope included all hard landscaping, driveways, paths, new floors, ceilings, windows, re-configuring rooms, painting and providing other finishes. Mulberry Home director Charles Arnott adds, “We worked closely with our clients to provide a service that encouraged them to be involved in all aspects of design and construction to achieve a quality, sympathetic and functional design that we could then start to build for them”. “Naturally, the main influences on the project centred around maintaining the heritage value and giving the house presence in the street, whilst adding on a large alfresco area and usable living spaces, and refurbishing the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. We

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 85


also refurbished the floors, ceilings, walls and staircases, and reworked all of the electrical and plumbing services. There was not much in the house that we did not have a hand in repairing, refurbishing or building.” External features of the home included tuck-pointing to the original brickwork, new window awnings and fretwork around the verandah, a cobblestone driveway, and a new double garage to replace the existing single garage. Significant effort was focussed on maintaining the historic integrity of the original home but still adding the new garage at the front whilst ensuring that it did not detract from the visual presence of the house when viewed from the street. As the home is located on a hill, the garage (along with a new rear alfresco/pavilion garden) had to be excavated into natural ground. This resulted in a few structural challenges which had to be overcome on the restoration. Eventually the decision was taken to carry out a considerable amount of underpinning and chemical grouting to stabilise the rear of the block and neighbouring properties in order to extend the house. To access an Phone: (08) 9272 7166

25 Queen Victoria Street Fremantle WA 6160 Phone: 08 9431 7311 E-mail:

Web: 86 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

Mobile: 0412 926 449

GATES • FENCES • GRILLES • BALUSTRADES • FURNITURE 33 Bassendean Road, Bayswater WA 6053 Email:


‘‘The old and tired house is now a modern family home with its former character fully restored’’ ‘‘Mulberry Homes was able to enhance all of this home's period features and bring them back to their former quality which only serves to preserve the home's heritage value’’

existing cellar, new stair access also required chemical grouting under existing foundations. As a safeguard, the existing neighbouring wall foundation was also chemically grouted to ensure structural stability. The old and tired house is now a modern family home with its former character fully restored. It includes contemporary features such as the alfresco area, a gym, and the new garages and front of the house which is restored to its former glory, and the internal renovations include a new kitchen, new bathrooms, and restored floorboards and cornices. In particular, Charles is proud of the timber staircase, because it was built from new…and on site rather than in a workshop as is usually the case. This adds to the 'artisan' aspect of the project, not unlike workmanship which was carried out by master craftsmen in days gone by. In short, Mulberry Homes was able to enhance all of this home's period features and bring them back to their former quality which only serves to preserve the home's heritage value. Designer and builder, Mulberry Homes, is a small boutique company that offers a full design, architectural, engineering and build package, essentially making it a 'one stop shop' for any client wanting to build a new home or restore an existing one – as was the case for this particular project. The company was formed by business partners Charles Arnott and Steve Brescacin, who both have impressive resumes in their own right. Charles and Steve have worked together for more than 30 years and established Mulberry Homes 20 years ago. The pair worked together for a large structural engineering consultant whose main area of expertise was multi-storey design in the Perth CBD. Steve has worked as a site engineer on many distinguished projects including the Merlin Hotel (now Hyatt), the R&I Tower, the Education Department Building East Perth, 190 St. George's Terrace and Trinity Arcade.

Charles on the other hand ran the design office for Arup Consulting Engineers for 16 years working in Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Auckland and London on large multi-storey structural projects. In 1988, after working with Charles for 8 years, Steve started his own structural consulting engineering practice. In 1995 Charles and Steve started Mulberry Homes and have built it into a thriving and successful business. “In order to maintain client satisfaction and quality of service, we run only 4-6 projects at any given time”, says Charles Arnott. “We strive to maintain a friendly working relationship with our clients and by far the majority of our work comes from referrals from satisfied clients via word of mouth”. “As with this project, occasionally unforeseen problems will arise…and will need to be overcome. I have found by offering our clients a personal build service which includes being on site every day, we are able to solve all the problems that arise”.


Mobile: 0412 425 607

Projects Pty Ltd Landscaping & Stonemasonry John Beven Fax: (08) 9257 3330 Email:

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Mondo Exclusive Homes proves that the worst block in the street can have the Best House



ypical of most of the homes that Mondo Exclusive Homes builds, the 600m2 block that this home is situated on was the last one left in the street. It was least desirable lot due to a sewer easement down the south side of the block. These types of easements can often pose a problem to clients, designers and builders – hence why this block sat on the market. In this case, the easement left 2400mm of dead area on the entire south side of the block that could not be built over, affecting what could be constructed on the block considerably. However, having been so used to overcoming these types of obstacles, for Mondo it simply meant that a bit more thought had to go into the design to make the project viable and the home practical. Eventually, this major obstacle was overcome with clever design and countless hours of sitting in council meetings trying to push as much as possible for the client.

Phone: 9244 3160

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The brief called for a home that had an industrial feel, but was still warm and not sterile. The clients wanted a mixture of raw commercial style products from the polished concrete to besser block walls – all complemented by warm natural timber cabinetry throughout the home. Their idea was to create a resort feel to the gardens and maximise the windows to allow views the gardens. When approaching the home from the street, the standout features are immediately the stone feature walls. This signature finish is also used in the rear of the home around the pool. The stonemasonry is so precise, it is a compliment to the tradesmen that Mondo prides itself on using time and time again. Complemented by cedar lined eaves and decking coming off the exposed aggregate driveway and paths, the home has instantly recognisable texture – that warmth that the owners wanted. “In terms of internal layout, we wanted to create a home with minimal hallway space as it's just not good value for money otherwise”, says Mondo owner, Ray Kershaw. “Now, each room seamlessly flows to the next and every square metre of the home is useable. By adding provisions for electrical, data and TV points to certain other rooms, their use can be easily changed over time to suit the growing family.” By separating the master bedroom to the rear of the home within its own structure Mondo was able to create more windows


looking out on to the pool and hidden gardens (as is possible from the shower). Similarly for the theatre which sits in another pod to the front of the home, low light windows capture gardens tucked around the building. American Walnut cabinetry is one of the main finishes in the home's interior. It again adds that warmth, and becomes a constant theme throughout the home, tying the different areas together. The kitchen goes from being simply a functional necessity to a feature cabinetwork piece. The walnut veneer contrasts starkly against the white lacquered cupboard doors and white stone benchtops, making the walnut 'jump out'. One could have stopped at using the same timber finish for television cabinetry, but in this case the theme is repeated cleverly in the bathrooms (which again in some homes can look and feel quite clinical and sterile). Coupled with the use and contrast of the walnut and white adjacent cupboards in the these areas, it is also the balance and proportions that make the combination interesting and everlasting (as opposed to some use of materials which look great at the time but are bound to date!) Cabinet design is also very

well thought out so that no cables from televisions or chargers are visible – something that can often detract from a nice piece of furniture of cabinetry. The subtle use of textured white tiles in bathrooms adds interest and diversity of finishes, but again is in balance so as not to compete from other materials or fittings. This again shows great attention to details and a complete understanding of how to combine materials without overdoing it. Another example of this is the use of grey stack bonded besser blocks (one wall in the meals area and another in one of the bedrooms). In the wrong setting or in the incorrect proportion, this could absolutely ruin a space by competing or dominating the interior. However, if it is done right (as is the case in this home) it adds interest and reinforces the uniqueness of the interior‌and in this case also adds that 'industrial' look that the owners wanted. Whilst the ceilings are generally all simple in design, the home theatre has a dropped panel bulkhead. This defines the room, gives it its own personality, and adds another unusual feature to make this home unique. It also provides another industrial/commercial element to the home without going overboard.

Urban Concrete is a successful family owned business operating in the construction industry since 2002, providing a reliable and quality service. Daryl has 20 years of experience in concrete construction. Urban Concrete specialise in supply and lay of housing, unit, apartment and semi commercial developments:

Contact: Daryl Milburn 0422 226 865 08 9246 7808 Email:

 Ground slabs and footings  Suspended slabs  Retaining walls and cavities

December 2015 – The Builders Choice Magazine 89


Mondo provided a complete 'design and construct' service for this project, with Ray personally supervising the project from a site inspection prior to purchase of the site, right through to completion of construction and selection of furniture and decorative finishes. “It's simply different to every single storey home in the area,” says Ray. It's a one off, never to be repeated, and stands out from other homes. The feature stone across the front with well positioned lighting makes this home ever changing from day to night. The 'pod' concept for the theatre and master bedroom gives separation from the hub of the home whilst it still being effortless to move throughout the areas.” This home reinforces once again that Mondo Exclusive Homes are truly designers and builders of bespoke homes in the Perth metropolitan area. The company's projects range from both ends of the budget spectrum and irrespective of spend, Mondo's aim is to keep its clients projects within their budget. Mondo's clients receive the benefit of working directly with the Ray who is not only the owner, but also the builder. Ray is no stranger to the building industry. He started out when he was only a young teen, working school holidays and the odd weekend for his father who was a carpenter and ran a



0413 617 240

0403 164 223

90 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

renovation/addition company. Ray recalls, “I swore blind that I would never end up in the industry, and set my sights on a career in IT. After finishing school I attended the orientation of University for IT and just knew it was not in my blood. The very next day I set off with my father to TAFE to enrol in the Building Registration Diploma. That week I started full time for my father and began my trade apprenticeship with him”. “4 years later I went on to start my own renovation/addition company whilst still studying. I soon saw an opening to move in to residential site supervision for a project builder and knew this would assist me with my studies. From here after 18 months and proving to be successful in my supervision I was poached by a commercial company and soon got in fully entrenched in that market for a few years working on luxury apartment and commercial properties. By 25 I had finished my studies at night school TAFE and built up the experience required to apply for my Building Registration. I was successful in my application and was one of Perth's youngest ever registered builders. The next year I set out to start my own company”. Mondo Exclusive Homes currently has several projects on in Perth. Iluka has been a hot spot for the company over the past few years but the Mondo is also being approached by many more clients wanting to demolish their existing home and rebuild – as they love the area and land size they have but want a more modern and user friendly home. It sounds like more challenging blocks to build upon…and therefore more perfect projects for Mondo Exclusive Homes.

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PRESS RELEASE 10.08.2015


DriTherm® Cavity slab: new thermal insulation for cavity walls DriTherm Cavity slab from Knauf Insulation offers the ideal solution for insulating double brick cavity walls. Recent research* has shown that DriTherm Cavity slab can help to reduce the heating and cooling costs within the home by up to 25% when compared to an uninsulated double brick cavity. The research, which was completed on behalf of Knauf Insulation by Bezant Consulting, shows that after two to three hot or cold days, thermal energy, both inside and outside the

home, will move through the brick cavity at an increased rate of heat transfer and decrease the homes thermal performance. Installing DriTherm Cavity slab creates a barrier to prevent this from happening – helping to improve the thermal performance. DriTherm Cavity slab has a material R-Value of 1.4m2K/W and is BCA compliant and CodeMark certified, showing that is it 'Fit for Purpose' - it has been specifically designed for construction methods in Western

Australia. Furthermore, DriTherm Cavity slab is non-combustible and provides a cost-effective, thermal and acoustic barrier for energy-efficient construction. If you are building a new home, now is the time to act to ensure it is comfortable all year round – cool in summer and warm in winter. For more information visit,2015.

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Building Products & Services

DON’T LET SAGGING BOARDS ENDANGER YOUR REPUTATION. Introducing USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Ceiling Board. 15% lighter than standard ceiling board*. A consistent core that’s easier to score and snap. And Sag-Defying StrengthTM for superior performance that reduces the chance of breaking during installation. So builders can do what they do best. Only faster, longer and with better results. *Comparison to USG Boral standard plasterboard © 2015 USG BORAL. All rights reserved. The trademarks USG BORAL, SAG-DEFYING STRENGTH and INNOVATION INSPIRED BY YOU are trademarks of USG Boral Building Products or one or more of its affiliates. SHEETROCK is a trademark owned by United States Gypsum Company and used under license.


Re-Roofing New Roofing Roof Repairs Roof Restoration Roof Maintenance All Forms of Metal Cladding

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Building Products & Services THE BUILDERS CHOICE

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Building Products & Services

3D rendering and visualisation has become standard practice in the building industry. It is one of the greatest and most effective marketing tools available for Architects, Designers and Developers in presenting their design concepts to potential clients. One of the greatest benefits of using 3D rendered images is that it clearly helps to communicate your design concepts without spending too much time using words. These 3D rendered images communicate for themselves. 3D Illuzion offers you high quality 3D rendered images for Residential and Commercial projects at an affordable price. Request your quotation today – you will be pleasantly surprised.

3D Illuzion M: 0422 849 056


"Fast turnaround, great service" – Builder's Choice Magazine


Architecture and Commercial Photography by Nick Thake Shoots from $150, request a quote

Weddings Underwater Landscape

0404 420 183 94 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2015

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“With a lower initial cost and greatly reduced total cost of ownership the FA100 delivers better value than any other system on the market.”


(The unit comes with a carry/storage bag).

THE POWER TO PROTECT  All welding fumes contain toxic chemicals and pollutants that can damage your respiratory system. The inhalation of iron, one of the commonest components in welding fumes, significantly increases the risk of lung cancer1. Welders have a 40% greater risk of lung cancer than other professional groups2 largely due to the inhalation of toxic fumes.  A powered air purifying respirator system with a P3 filter and a helmet with an assigned protection factor of TH3 is recommended for welding.

Operating since 2009 CFS Constructions, specializes in all aspects of Concrete. The Directors and Staff are committed to providing top quality service and quality is assured. All work is completed in a timely and safe manner complying with all OH&S regulations. The company owns and operates all equipment and machinery needed to complete a wide range of concrete and maintains a list of reliable, experienced tradesmen that we can recommend for your convenience and efficiency. Backed by 10 years experience, no one can produce a concrete slab with as much technical knowledge or better workmanship as CFS Constructions. Every concrete slab we lay, be it for a house, garage, carport or whatever, has top quality steel reinforcing and faultless formwork, the right consistency and is expertly screed by our experienced tradesmen. All of our concrete slabs are installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2870 and have a thickness of between 85mm and 100mm depending on your soil type.

 A person or business undertaking welding has a duty of care to provide adequate protection against the hazards associated with welding. Focus Air delivers the protection welders need in a light-weight, compact package with all the features they demand. Meeting or exceeding the requirements of the CE Standards and European Norms and independently certified to TH3/P3 Focus Air delivers new levels of protection and value for money. Simple and clear status display

Easy to operate controls

Smooth & ultra quiet Brushless Motor

Supplied with P3 main filter, activated carbon pre-filter and metal spark arrester

Variable Airlow Speed Control

Light weight Less than 1.1kg

Removalbe Li-ion Battery Run time 10 hours+

European Design Reg No. 001421135 US Design Reg No. 29/502319 China Patent No. 30258981355


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Known for high quality outcomes and growth strategies!  Develop lateral solutions for clients, on time and on budget.  Navigate your project from development to completion.  Focus on Design & Construct Engineering and Cadastral Surveying projects.

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Specialising in

Luxury Kitchens

‘‘The key to SoftPlan is usability’’ Plans, Material Estimating & 3Dimensional Images. Viewer for phone & tablet.

Technologically advanced residential design software

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The Choice of Landscape Architects, Developers, Builders and The Domain Stadium • Village Green • Sir Walter • Palmetto



Quality service and continual improvement Bruce Ketteridge


Supply and quality installation of all types of fencing including...

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Greenmount Concrete is a family owned construction business, two generations with over 40 years experience in Commercial, Civil and Industrial Construction. We do concrete and formwork structures, specialise in multistorey buildings.


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We are the largest independent fastener company in Western Australia, with over 15,000 line items in stock in our 1450sq metre warehouse. We also offer same day service for all ex-stock lines at a competitive price. So next time you need it fast, call West Coast Fasteners – The Independent Fastener People

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West Coast Fasteners Pty Ltd services the Mining, Agricultural, Engineering and Construction Industries with an extensive range of quality industrial fasteners.

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Roof edge protection systems for residential and commercial applications SPECIALISTS IN:

CRANE HIRE & RIGGING 11 Runyon Road Midvale, WA 6056

• Designed by Tradesman for Tradesman • 100% Australian Owned and Made • Superior design allows for quick installation • Tested and certified to Australian standards • AS/NZS 4994.1 2009

m: 0458 932 114 (08) 9250 7148

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PAINTING CONTRACTORS The painting contractors of choice for award-winning commercial and industrial projects

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Our Painting Service covers a broad range of project types including interior and exterior painting in office buildings, retail stores, residences, hotels, hospitals, prisons, floor coatings, chemical plants, silos and more. It is essential that you choose the right commercial/industrial painting contractor who can handle your specific needs and safety requirements.

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Fed up with the ongoing maintenance of timber decking and floors? 143 x 900 Oxford Cognac – Porcelain Plank

PARKER PORCELAIN PLANKS Solution: An alternative choice to traditional timber flooring for internal and external applications without the ongoing maintenance of real timber.  Highly stain and scratch resistant  Will not shrink, warp or split  Unaffected by solar radiation  Anti-slip available, ideal for balconies and around pools.  No sealing or sanding required  Suitable for any room of the house  Low porosity  Termite resistant  Fire retardant  Suitable for high pedestrian traffic areas  Improves on the technical characteristics of real timber without contributing to the loss of natural resources  An innovative product with the luxurious look of timber floorboards, but manufactured from fully vitrified porcelain meaning it’s extremely durable  Resistant to indentations

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Builders choice december  

Builders choice december