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Severe drought leads to local water deliveries Severe water shortages across the region have led to emergency water deliveries in many communes as the taps run dry

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Fresh crackdown on cold callers

French daredevil crosses Channel - pg 11


Cannabis sausages in 'high' demand - pg 13

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St-Léonard performing bear controversy- pg 3

French couple face jail for Sardinian sand theft - page 7

After the failure of the original Bloctel system, the French telecoms watchdog Arcep has unveiled a series of new rules aimed at tackling unsolicited marketing calls.

he country's telephone police, Arcep (L'autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes) have introduced a series of new measures aimed at bringing to an end the modern day menace that is cold calling. Anyone with a French mobile or landline will be more than familiar with receiving a call, apparently from within France, or even sometimes locally, only to find out that you are being targeted by a cold calling centre based abroad. For some, the number of such calls regularly reaches into the dozens every day. There was hope when the Bloctel system was first introduced in 2016. The scheme allowed people to register their number and opt out of marketing calls, with the threat of heavy fines for companies that broke the rules. In reality, the cold callers just got smarter and the system has thus far had a limited impact. Many companies simply transferred operations abroad, playing the system and making French law much harder to enforce. Despite millions signing up to the Bloctel opt-out scheme, it was quickly branded a failure, with as many as 90% of people claiming they were unhappy and relatively few fines handed out. Consumer affairs group UFC Que choisir conducted its own investigation after the system was introduced and concluded that the service was not living up to expectations. “We have noted that many people have complained, even after registering with Bloctel,” said a representative. “Some have even reported

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irst things first, I promise I will not directly reference Brexit this month, although it does tie in tangentially to a topic that has been on my mind a lot, namely words and language. I learned a new word this month: quisling. I don't know if my ignorance shows my age, but I have heard it increasingly used in the heated debates taking place in the UK, along with others such as 'traitor' and 'fifth column'. As an aside, if anyone else is unsure what a quisling is, it is a Nordic term for someone who collaborates with the enemy, or more generally a traitor. The word originates from the surname of the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling, who headed a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during World War II. A word can mean one thing or another, but some words come loaded with subtext. Choose the right word in the right context and it can carry enormous unspoken meaning. A picture may paint a thousand words, but a well-chosen word can paint a picture. When our new prime minister accused certain politicians of “collaborating with the EU”, his supporters easily brushed it off as a synonym for “working alongside” or “dealing with”. Love him or hate him, BoJo is

undoubtedly a supremely intelligent man, one who has studied history and written books on his childhood hero Sir Winston Churchill, so whilst stopping short of using the word “collaborator” - a word with particular resonance in France - he knew exactly what he was saying, and how some would inevitably choose to interpret his use of the word “collaborating”. I am convinced of this because of another word I heard him use at the G7 Summit while discussing a possible future trade deal with Trump. When the US president spoke of removing the anchor from around the ankle of Britain, Johnson shot back with “Talking of the anchor Donald, we want cabotage. How about that?” The word comes from the French caboter which means “to travel along the coast” and came to refer to the right of one country to trade between two ports within another country. It would eventually expand to include trade by land and air. Sometimes one word can say so much more than an entire paragraph and plucking out this perfectly descriptive word on the hoof shows what a mastery of language the new prime minister has... and in my opinion condemns him when he chooses to deliberately invoke words such as 'collaborate', with all the history that particular word brings to

3-6 Local News 7-13 National News the debate. Of course, the subtleties and nuance of language only work when both parties understand each other. If you read the transcript, President Trump bookended Johnson's use of cabotage with two “sentences” of his own: “At some point, they won’t have the obstacle of - they won’t have the anchor around their ankle, because that’s what they had. So, we’re going to have some very good trade talks and big numbers”, to which Johnson responded with his cabotage request, before Trump concluded, “Many things - many things we’re talking about.” Allow me to go out on a limb and suggest that the nuance was lost on the leader of the free world. I also read several articles this month about the use of English words in French advertising and the fight to eradicate the practice. Personally I don't have a problem with that, and I always enjoyed “French” adverts on British TV... “Du vin, du pain, du Boursin” anyone?! I might feel differently if mine was considered the language under threat, but I do believe they evolve and rather than try to stick with some version of a language from decades or centuries ago, people should embrace new words, wherever they come from. You can never have too many ways to express yourself. English has come a long way since Chaucer and not for the worse!

Words and language also say so much about you. Whether you have your dinner at lunchtime or in the evening... whether tea is a cuppa or a meal... whether your friend is being grumpy or mardy... the choice of word says a lot about you and can instantly connect you with other people. Unfortunately, my French is not good enough to pick up these linguistic subtleties, but I was reminded of one I do understand by a Facebook post I saw recently (see above): how in half of France it's a pain au chocolat, the other half a chocolatine... and never the twain shall meet! Until next month! Steve Martindale, Editor

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Valentin the bear Water tankers deployed as drought reaches critical levels appears in St-Léonard despite vocal protests in parts of Limousin



ith the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, a combination of factors has led to many of the country's reservoirs reaching dangerously low levels and water restrictions are in place across much of the country. The situation is particularly bad in the Limousin and in late August reached critical levels in parts of the Corrèze when the local network ran dry and drinking water had to be brought in by tanker. Despite earlier warnings from Véolia, the company which manages this water network, and the eventual arrival of the water trucks, public water usage did not initially appear to be dropping and the volume of water being brought in had to be ramped up. Without the state intervention, household taps in the areas concerned would soon have run dry. With the situation looking likely to get worse before it gets any better, local mairies across the region have been calling on residents to take sensible steps

to reduce their water usage. The areas affected in the recent crisis were the communes of SarrouxSaint-Julien, Saint-Bonnet-prèsBort, Saint-Victour, Margerides, Monestier-Port-Dieu, Thalamy and Veyrières, as well as the area of Les Aubazines near Bort-lesOrgues. At the time of writing, there were a total of 193 water restric-

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tion orders are in place across France, with much of the Limousin on red alert. Under these conditions, all non-essential water usage is banned, including for agricultural purposes. ■ For more information see the government's Propluvia site:

medieval festival went ahead in the town of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat in August, despite a huge protest against one of the star attractions – Valentin the bear. The performing bear was part of the Médiévales de SaintLéo festival that took place over the weekend of 17/18 August after local authorities refused to bow to pressure from animal rights groups and an online petition denouncing the bear's “exploitation”, which had gathered more than 34,000 signatures. The bear's handler, Frédéric Chesneau, says that he acquired the bear as a baby from a zoo in Texas and insists that Valentin is well looked after and happy, a view backed up by Franck Haelewyn, a specialist vet from the Parc du Reynou. “When there is no typical bear behaviour, the animal doesn't want to explore, when he is happy to move around and he is not afraid of his owner, he has all the signs of a happy bear, well adapted to everything he does.” There were also no legal issues from the commune's point

of view. “All health certificates and insurances are in order, and there is no administrative or public health concern,” explained a spokesperson for the mairie. “We asked Mr Chesneau to bring the bear the day before the event and that he be provided with a shady and green area, in a secure perimeter.” Whilst this kind of show remains technically legal - and there is no evidence that Valentin is in any way unhappy or mistreated - using animals for public entertainment is an increasingly thorny issue. Circuses across Europe are being banned from using live animals as part of their shows and campaign groups follow Valentin to all of his public engagements. Before his most recent outing, a group of animal welfare organisations condemned “the enslavement and captivity of bears in shows” and demanded “the banning of these practices, inherited from the Middle Ages”. For the time being, Valentin continues to work up to the legal limit of 50 days a year and when he is not performing, lives at a 9 hectare park outside Orléans. ■

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La Souterraine - a town coming back to life


s is the case up and down the country, smaller towns and villages in the Limousin have been struggling to keep their high streets and town centres alive in recent years. Changing habits, the credit crisis and the rise of the internet have made the high street model harder to sustain and many independent businesses have had to adapt or close. One town that is fighting back and bucking this trend is La Souterraine. The initial stage of the regeneration of the town centre of La Souterraine included schemes such as the use of empty shop windows as decorative displays and the installation of pop-up shops in vacant commercial properties. With this phase complete, the town has moved on to the next step. Rent aid The mairie of La Souterraine has put in place a rent assistance scheme for vacant commercial premises. This financial help is for people who want to set up a new business or take over an existing one and will see the mairie pay half of the rent of the commercial premises, up to a limit of €250 per month and for a period of up to three years. The specific area concerned is the perimeter formed by the streets of rue de Lavaud, rue Hyacinthe Montaudon, rue Saint-Jacques, rue de la Prison, place Saint-Jacques, place Montaudon Bousseresse, rue du Dr Philippe Bridot, place du Marché and boulevard Mestadier (as far as La Poste). To qualify for this aid, the project owner must file an application for assistance at the town hall where the Commission Commerce et Artisanat, composed of elected officials and professionals, will study the

project. In the event of a favourable opinion, the file will be submitted for validation by the town council. Still in its infancy, the scheme is already bearing fruit and four projects have so far benefited from the assistance: ‘My Hype Shop’, a women's/men's clothing store on rue Hyacinthe Montaudon; the ‘Id'Aime’ craft shop at the top of the steps opposite the church, which houses three artists/craftsmen; ‘La Porte des Arts’, a collective of around twelve artists/craftsmen who have taken over the former pharmacy at the top of rue Hyacinthe Montaudon; and, most recently, a Caribbean caterer who also sells local artisanal produce, directly opposite the larger craft shop. The two craft shops also benefited from phase one of the regeneration, starting as pop-up shops but finding enough success in La Souterraine

to set up permanently. A number of other projects are also currently under review.

compared to a national rate of 11.1%, 3. In 2019, the vacancy rate is 9.6% versus a national rate of 11.9%.

Encouraging statistics

With a current rate of 9.6%, La Souterraine has bucked the national trend, with the rest of France seeing more and more stores closing in their city centres. However, the situation remains difficult and requires everyone to get involved. Do you have a commercial project that might fit in the centre of La Souterraine? If you need more information on La Souterraine’s town centre, the rent aid scheme or help to apply for it, please contact Marine Toupinier at the marie of La Souterraine. ■

In the area covered by the rent assistance scheme, the town has 93 shops and figures for the period 2014 to 2019 show that: 1. In 2014, 20 premises were available (for sale and rental combined), 2. In 2017, 16 premises were available, 3. In 2019, only 9 vacant premises remain. The vacancy rate is even more telling, especially when compared to national figures, 1. In 2014, the vacancy rate was 21.5% compared to a national rate of 10%, 2. In 2017, the vacancy rate was 17.2%

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uch has been made of the damage inflicted on the country's network of speed cameras in the wake of the gilets jaunes protests. Following the civil unrest of the last year, at one point it was estimated that as many as 80% of all speed cameras were damaged or completely destroyed and the Limousin was no exception. As part of the fightback, the government unveiled its next generation radar tourelle – or “tower radar” - and these are now being deployed across Haute-Vienne, replacing those that are out of service. The cameras, perched on tall towers, measure 4 metres in total and are capable of not only measuring speed but also tracking a variety of other misdemeanours, such as phoning while driving, sudden swerving, not wearing a seatbelt, or overtaking on the right, all of which are illegal in France. The 36 megapixel camera can simultaneously monitor 32 cars, travelling at different

© © Pierre-Dominique Lepais / France3

Indestructible next-gen radars deployed in Haute-Vienne

maximum speeds, across up to eight lanes and over a 200 metre stretch of road. Furthermore, in a tactic that will be familiar to British drivers, for every active radar, there will be four nearby decoy towers that will share the hightech equipment and which can switch places without drivers realising. The radars were billed by the government as “indestructible”, but as the first in the Limousin were being installed near Limoges at Pont Guingouin and on the D704 at Le Vigen, others erected elsewhere had already

been destroyed. In the Aude department, eight out of the fourteen tower radars installed thus far have been damaged or burnt down, with similar stories being repeated across the country. In Savoie, six new radars were due to be installed, but one was burned out during its first night and two more were damaged before they could be brought online. At time of going to print, those installed in the Limousin are still functioning, with more planned by the end of the year... that is assuming they are not empty decoy towers! ■

School timetable


lanning holidays can be tricky if you have children, with many tourist destinations ramping the prices out of term time and roads becoming jammed. To combat this, France has traditionally staggered a number of its school holidays, with each of the three defined “zones” taking holidays lasting 2 weeks in periods that overlap to create one “school holiday” of four weeks. This staggering of the school holidays spreads the load that is placed on the country's transport system and tourist industries and reduces the spike in holiday and travel prices often seen in the UK during, for example, the Easter holidays. Summer, October half-term and Christmas holidays in France are taken at the same time across the whole country. In the past, many neighbouring departments found their schools on holiday at different times, but since the number of regions was reduced to 13, this has been less of a problem and today, all schools across the expanded NouvelleAquitaine region are off at the same time. For those planning to get away with the kids, or others looking to book cheaper flights outside the busier school holidays, take note of the following dates:

La Rentrée: Mon 2nd Sep 2019 Vacances de Toussaint: Sat 19th Oct 2019 to Sun 3rd Nov 2019 Vacances de Noël: Sat 21st Dec 2019 to Sun 5th Jan 2020 Vacances d'hiver: Sat 22nd Feb 2020 to Sun 8th Mar 2020 Vacances de printemps: Sat 18th Apr 2020 to Sun 3rd May 2020 Grandes vacances: From Sat 4th Jul 2020


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Couple face jail for sand theft


a strengthened 2017 law, the trade in the island's sand, pebbles and shells is illegal, punishable with fines of up to €3,000. “Sandy beaches are one of the main attractions of Sardinia,” explained Pierluigi Cocco, a resident of the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, and an environmental scientist. “There are two threats: one is due to erosion, which is partly natural and partly induced by the increasing sea level due to climate change; the second is sand stealing by tourists. Only a fraction of the tourists visiting Sardinia spend their time digging up to 40kg of sand each. But if

you multiply half that amount times 5% of the one million tourists per year, in a few years that would contribute significantly to the reduction of beaches - the main reason why tourists are attracted by the island of Sardinia.” Signposts across the island clearly warn it is forbidden to take sand and in recent years vigilantes have begun patrolling the beaches on the hunt for offenders. In 1994, Sardinia banned access to the famous pink beach on Budelli Island, amid fears that its sand was disappearing due to tourists taking it home. ■

Fine warning for lane hoggers


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Amazon to pass on GAFA tax

F © Mondo Fatato (Flickr)

pair of French tourists are facing up to six years in jail after being stopped by border guards with 40kg of sand from one of Sardinia’s famous beaches. The couple claimed that they wanted to take the sand home as a “souvenir” and did not realise they had committed an offence. The Mediterranean island of Sardinia is rightly famed for its pristine beaches, but the growing trend for tourists to bring part of those beaches back home with them has led authorities to clamp down in recent years. The island's famed white sand is considered a public good and it is strictly forbidden to remove it from the island many tonnes of sand are confiscated from tourists each year at the country's border posts. Border police found the white sand, taken from Chia beach in the south of the Italian island, stashed into 14 large plastic drinking bottles in the boot of the car as the tourists prepared to leave the island on a ferry bound for France. The couple now face a jail term of between one and six years for the crime of theft with the aggravating factor of stealing a public asset. Much of the sand taken from the island ends up on online auction sites and, under

37 years in the Trade in France and England

t is one of the irritating driving habits that turn many people red with rage: middle lane malingerers! With the summer exodus in full swing, police in France have released a reminder that failure to use the correct lane on the motorway can in fact land you with a fine of up to €150. Although many believe that the inside lane of a motorway is for trucks and slow vehicles, this is not the case. In fact, you should always be in the right-hand lane unless you are using one of the other lanes to overtake, and on a three-lane motorway, drivers must maintain a speed of at least 80 kph. Article R412-9 of the French highway code states that “in normal conditions, every driver must maintain his/her vehicle near the right edge of the road”. “Certain bad habits are difficult to give up, such as driving

in the middle lane of the motorway. Driving in the middle or left lanes when not overtaking is forbidden,” the Gendarmerie wrote on its Facebook page, although the officers tried to keep their advice light-hearted, adding with a smiley face emoji: “We are aware that this post will annoy some people, so don't get angry in the comments section below and let's keep it constructive!” Failure to obey this rule could land you with a €35 fine, reduced to €22 if paid online immediately and rising to €150 for late payment. Another often ignored offence for motorway drivers is changing lanes without signalling. Not only will this also land you with a €35 fine, but will also cost you 3 points off your licence. ■

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ollowing July's announcement that France will begin imposing a digital tax on the giant online retailers, Amazon has become the first company to reveal that it will be passing this extra cost onto any business using its platform. The retailer announced that, from 1st October, it would be adding 3% to the commission it charges businesses that use its Marketplace platform in France. “As we operate in the very competitive and low-margin retail sector, and invest massively in creating new tools and services for our clients and vendor partners, we cannot withstand an additional tax,” the company said in a statement. “This could put smaller French firms at a competitive disadvantage to their peers in other countries, and like many others, we have alerted the authorities.” In a statement, the country's economy ministry was quick to divert any negative fallout onto the shoulders of Amazon, insisting that the tax “was above all a question of fiscal justice”. “Amazon has chosen to pass on the costs of this tax to the small and medium-sized enterprises that use its services. There is nothing obliging them to do so. This principle isn’t enshrined anywhere in the law creating the tax.” Passed by the National Assembly in July, the so-called GAFA tax - an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon - will see a 3% levy imposed on the total annual revenues of the largest technology firms, rather than their local profits. Applied retroactively from 1st January this year, it will be imposed on companies with more than €750 million in annual worldwide revenues, at least €25 million of which are generated in France. Although many countries have mooted the idea of a digital tax - the UK is due to introduce a similar tax in 2020 - France was the first to act. The biggest online retailers typically route their EU profits to member states with low corporate taxes, such as Ireland or Luxembourg, allowing them to pay as little as 8% or 9% in corporation tax; the average across the bloc for traditional businesses is around 23%. It is believed that the tax will generate as much as €500 million annually for the government. ■


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Crackdown on nuisance calls

Anger over politicians' bullfight trip

There was outrage from animal rights activists in August when two government ministers were pictured attending a bullfight at Bayonne, southwest France. There was particular anger directed at Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume, whose department is responsibility for animal welfare.

>> continued from pg 1 receiving more nuisance calls after registering. Furthermore, cold callers are often targeting households at the most inconvenient time of day, such as during mealtimes.” The tougher rules being brought in will principally target companies that mask or alter their number to trick people into thinking the call is a local one, or from within the country. From 1st

August it is now illegal to use a French landline number - that is one beginning with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 09 - for any call originating from abroad. There is also now an added responsibility on the telecoms operators themselves to track, filter and block such calls. In the future, any company using a French landline number must be registered and based in the country and will continue to be bound to the existing rules related to the Bloctel system,

Is it about time you put that door or window in...?

which has also been beefed up: the fine for non-compliance has been raised from €75,000 to €375,000. Furthermore, “robo-diallers” - which play automated messages when you answer the phone - can no longer use a French mobile number to make the call, i.e. those beginning with 06 or 07. For more information on the government-run run Bloctel system, or to register your number, visit ■

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Animal rights group the Bardot Foundation, set up by French actress Brigitte Bardot, said there were “no limits to the degeneracy” of the ministers, adding that the spectacle was “barbaric”. La corrida - bullfighting - is still permitted in areas of France where it has a long-established tradition, mostly in the south-west around towns such as Nîmes and Béziers where the sport still enjoys a strong following. There was celebration among opponents in 2015 when the practice was removed from the national cultural heritage list, although events do still take place regularly. ■


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Stone house in the countryside with garage, a large two-level barn and land, located in the Creuse on a plot of 43.726m². The barn has a floor area of more than 210m² (first floor, the same surface). Suitable for keeping horses or other animals..

Detached house located in the canton of Saint-Vaury on a plot of 974m², in a very nice hamlet. In a natural and peaceful surrounding, this is a beautiful spacious house with a big garage, outbuilding and garden.

Corner house currently used as a B&B, located near la Souterraine on a plot of 1420m² app. A superbly renovated and beautifully decorated B&B with a tea room. The house has many rooms, outbuildings and land.

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t the second attempt, French inventor and daredevil, Franky Zapata, has succeeded in becoming the first person to cross the Channel on a jetpowered hoverboard. His first effort ended in failure in late July when he lost his balance and fell into the water while attempting to land on a refuelling boat half way across the 34-kilometre stretch. “We made a machine three years ago... and now we've crossed the Channel, it's crazy,” he told reporters, before breaking into tears. “I’m feeling happy, it’s just an amazing moment in my life. Whether this is a historic event or not, I'm not the one to decide that, time will tell.” The “Flyboard” is manoeuvred by five turbines, attached to the pilot's feet and powered by a kerosene backpack. It can reach speeds of up to 180 km/h but is not easy to control in its current design, requiring significant skill and core strength. “It’s an isometric exercise for the thighs, so it burns – it’s quite hard. But you recover quickly,

it’s not like riding a bicycle,” the former jet-ski champion explained, adding that the strong winds in the Channel had posed one of the biggest challenges. “The body resists the wind, and because the board is attached to my feet, all my body has to resist to the wind. I tried to enjoy it and not think about the pain.” Another concern for the pilot was the quick turnaround from the failed first attempt, which required the hoverboard to be completely rebuilt. “Normally we test the machines for several weeks before big events. Here, it’s a little bit worrying to be using a machine that has just been rebuilt,” he said ahead of his record bid. After failing to land on the refuelling boat during his first cross-Channel attempt, this time a bigger boat was used and the team were also able to station the vessel in French territorial waters, a request that had been denied first time around. Zapata hit the national headlines earlier this year at the annual Bastille Day military parade when he hovered noisily above the stunned crowd, which included President Emmanuel

Screenshot (

French daredevil crosses Channel

Macron. His device has captured the attention of the French military, which in December last year awarded a €1.3 million development grant to his company, Z-AIR. Defence Minister Florence Parly believes that it might eventually serve a variety of purposes, “for example as a flying logistical platform or, indeed, as an assault platform.” Despite losing two fingers when his hand was sucked into the turbine of the original prototype on its maiden flight, Zapata has remained unwavering in his devotion to the project: “I can't


help it, the first time I saw it fly I said: This is going to be my life's work!” The inventor admits that his Flyboard isn’t quite yet ready for military use due to the noise it makes and the hours required to learn to fly it, but remains ambitious in his goals. Zapata eventually hopes to use his hoverboard to fly at much higher altitudes, something that would require him to carry a parachute, guidance equipment and possibly an oxygen tank. He is also developing an idea for a flying car. ■

Provence sends rosé to Trump

When the government announced in July that it was to introduce a digital tax on the big online retailers – the so-called GAFA tax – President Trump hit back in a typically vocal Twitter tirade, denouncing President Macron's “foolishness” and threatening to introduce tariffs on French wine, proclaiming: “I've always said American wine is better than French wine!” Although the threat made some wine producers slightly nervous, the President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region saw it as an opportunity to change President Trump's mind. Declaring his part of France the number one region worldwide for rosé, the official sent two cases of Provence wine to leader of the US, declaring: “President Trump, don't tax our rosé, drink it!” As a well-publicised teetotaller, it is not known if the charm offensive will help to diffuse the current diplomatic spat. ■

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Sunday supermarket trial


French supermarket has extended its opening hours until 9 pm on Sundays as part of a new trial, but all did not go smoothly on the first weekend. The 5,000 m² Casino Géant hypermarket in the town of Angers, western France, usually employs 115 staff, but no one was on the checkouts on the recent Sunday afternoon in August. Instead, after the usual closing time of 1 pm, the store remained open to self-service customers paying by card. Casino has already tested smaller staff-free supermarkets in major cities like Marseille and Lyon, and there are a growing number of convenience stores in Paris with automated checkouts. These stores rely on contracted security guards during late-night opening hours, or on Sunday afternoons, when staff working hours are restricted under labour laws. It is typically not possible to buy alcohol or knives, due to the lack of cashiers to perform age checks. The recent Sunday trial is believed to be the first for a hypermarket, however, and perhaps predictably, it attracted angry protests. “People don’t need an extra half day of shopping,” argued Jean Pastor, union representative of the Casino group in Angers. “There are already sufficient opening hours as it is.” The CGT workers’ union denounced the decision as “social regression”. “This is job-destroying. We do not see the point, and we condemn it. This is a social step backwards,” said Patrice Auvinet from the CGT union. “Checkout positions represent thousands of jobs in France. Little

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Cross-border driving fine agreement comes into effect with Ireland

E by little, we are moving towards a time in which the client does most of the work of an employee.” Casino has maintained that the change received no opposition from its existing workers, and that the Sunday supervisors will be from an external company, so employees’ current hours and pay will not be affected: “Our staff will continue to work until 1 pm on Sundays, so we are operating well within our legal requirements.” Around midday, hundreds of union members, supported by a number of gilets jaunes protesters, gathered both inside and outside the store and minutes after 1 pm, error messages were appearing on the self-service checkouts. Many shoppers, frustrated by the technical issues and the vocal protesters, abandoned their shopping and headed home. After some heated confrontations, the situation calmed down by mid afternoon and a steady stream of shoppers were taking advantage of the extended opening hours. If successful, Casino plans to extend opening hours at 500 of its largest stores over the coming years. ■

uropean drivers travelling abroad are having to take increasing notice of local road laws as more and more countries are sharing information on traffic violations and enforcing fines cross-border. At the end of June this year, two more countries Ireland and Sweden - were added to the list of countries that France has agreements with, bringing the total to 20. According to the road safety agency, la Sécurité Routière: “It is now possible to prosecute Irish and Swedish nationals who commit road infractions that are picked up by cameras in France. In return, French citizens who commit road infractions picked up by cameras on Irish and Swedish roads, can be prosecuted by the authorities of those countries.” “Since speed cameras were introduced in France, approximately 21% of all road infractions - and 50% of those committed in summer - involve foreign-registered vehicles, despite these representing less than 6% of total traffic. In the twelve months

to January 2019, more than 15,000 infractions were committed by Irishregistered vehicles and a further 12,000 by Swedish-registered ones.” The news comes hot on the heals of evidence that authorities are successfully chasing increasing numbers of British drivers for offences in France (see July's edition of The Bugle), some of which have been significantly backdated. Although Britain signed up to the scheme in 2017, there were initially relatively few fines handed out cross-border. Some have suggested that with so many of the country's speed cameras out of action following the gilets jaunes protests, authorities are instead using resources to go back through previous data to enforce fines on foreign drivers. The full list of countries with which France now has cross-border traffic violation agreements is: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, UK, Romania, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Sweden. ■




original image


Twitter (@ericwoerth )

s the world's most powerful leaders met in Biarritz in August for the G7 Summit, local authorities unveiled a collection of high-tech public benches with embedded solar panels and mobile charging points. With Macron, Johnson and Trump busy discussing the challenges surrounding climate change, the timing seemed perfect from a public relations point of view, but the news was met with mockery online when the public was asked not to sit on them while the sun was out! Proudly unveiling the benches on Twitter, the deputy mayor of the city on the Atlantic coast announced: “Biarritz has received its first ever solar panel benches. Come and see them for yourselves, but don't sit on them too much if it's sunny so that they can fully charge.” The tweet was quickly followed by a series of replies poking fun at the idea. “All this needs now is a big electric sign powered by the bench, that says ‘no sitting’,” quipped one member of the Twitterati. “Perfect for sitting around at night,” joked another. “It reminds me of the solar-powered torch that only works during the day!” Elsewhere, there were complaints about the assumed cost and the potential waste of public money, but it was here that those quick to attack the scheme became unstuck. The benches, as well as a number of solar towers powering public charging stations elsewhere in the city, were in fact installed for free by Engie, the company that

Twitter (@GuillaumeBarucq)

Question marks over Solar panel benches politician's mountain climbing prowess manufactures them. “This was done for free by Engie,” confirmed the local official. “France wants to reduce the environmental impact of this summit as much as possible by using renewable energy. We are making the most of hosting the G7 Summit to showcase this kind of innovation and it has cost us absolutely nothing.” Indeed, such benches have already become a popular fixture in another French seaside city, Cannes, and they form part of a plan by Biarritz authorities to provide more than 80% of the city's electricity needs through solar power within three years. Just north of the Spanish border, the city is blessed with abundant sunshine and the ambitious goal will apparently be achieved by numerous micro-projects such as the benches, together with larger plans to cover the roofs of 14 sites with solar panels, such as schools, car parks and other large buildings. ■

Cannabis sausages a hit


s there anything more relaxing than a good barbecue on a hot summer's day? The answer could be 'yes' if your host is serving up cannabis sausages, which have become the talk of the town in Marseille. Known as “Ouidi”, the sausages are the creation of local butcher Luca Morand and despite common misconceptions, they are not actually illegal in France. The chipolatas contain cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, which is an extract of the flower of the cannabis plant and the active ingredient currently used in medicinal marijuana treatments. Following recent law changes, it is perfectly legal to buy CBD, provided it contains less than 0.2 per cent of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and is not smoked directly. Traditionally smoked marijuana contains high levels of THC, a psychoactive ingre-

prominent politician has hit back at claims he changed the angle in a photograph to make his ascent of an icy summit in the Alps seem more perilous. Eric Woerth, a senior right-of-centre MP, hit the headlines in 2010 when he was forced to resign from the Sarkozy government in the wake of a scandal over campaign financing, but his latest battle with investigative journalists is far more light-hearted. Tweeting a picture of himself seemingly clinging perilously to a sheer ice wall, the online community were quick to notice the zip of his jacket apparently defying gravity, a pile of ropes that that seem to be glued to the snow, and most astonishingly, two people in the background who appear to be walking vertically up the glacier! Woerth was quick to hit back, claiming that the image had not been doctored in any way, although he did join in on the fun somewhat and acknowledged “the avalanche (a dangerous phenomenon in a mountain setting) of comments” his tweet had generated. Within no time the internet was awash with images of the politician as part of the moon landing, climbing mount Mordor and scaling the famous Wall in Game of Thrones. ■

dient which remains illegal in France. The 22-year-old butcher had the idea for his cannabis sausages several years ago, before he even owned his own business, and his confidence appears to be well placed; he has sold 15 kg of the sausages in the first few weeks of sale. “I went to see several suppliers to see their prices, as I would do for any onion sausage. It's just that this time the 'onion' is really expensive, €13 a gram! I have quite a varied clientele from all walks of life. From the beginning, younger people were well aware what the sausages were, but I had to explain a few things to some of my older customers!” The butcher also has the full backing of his mother, Karin, who is a big fan of the chipolatas, which are unique in France and possibly the world: “Let's just say I slept very well after trying one!” ■

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Grapes - good for so much more than wine from the heart-related diseases bringing down other cultures - probably has less to do with the protective qualities of wine than the sensible manner in which the French eat, that is to say, slowly, at table among friends and family, not on the run or in the car, with better balanced plates of considered components, served in much smaller portions than, say, in America. Grapes are enormously versatile. They aren’t just for crushing for barrel fermentation or draping by the bunch into the fruit bowl. From them is produced not only jam and jellies and juice, but also vinegar and grapeseed oil. And don’t forget raisins. Though sweet, grapes have a valuable place in savoury recipes. Their acidity can point up and counterbalance rich dishes cooked in butter or cream. Throw a handful into a gratin of Brussels sprouts in a Gruyère cheese sauce then brown it under the grill. Or tone down a sautéed shrimp and rice dish that has been highly and deliciously spiced with a mix of toasted-and-ground cumin seed, fennel seed and Piment d’Espelette. You can roast red grapes and set them on slices of toasted baguette slathered in Bleu d’Auvergne to eat with your evening apéritif in the autumn sunshine. And don’t forget how well they go in a chilled, mayonnaise-dressed, salad of chunks of turkey or chicken breast on endive and watercress leaves under a scattering of toasted almonds. Here is a dish, easy to put together, that makes an impressive and delicious course at both a formal dinner and a relaxed family supper, depending on the elegant platter or rustic bowl you present it in. ■ Julia Watson has been a longtime Food Writer for newspapers and magazines in the US and the UK.

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ummer’s winding down. We’re coming to the end of the more or less lazy time of year, poised once more at the start of the demanding working season that begins with the vendange. Grapes are coming into their own. Hanging in buxom bunches of purple and green, they weigh down vines on arbours and over garden fences as much as they do along the well-tended lines of the region’s vineyards. Some of these suffered atrociously in early summer from entirely unexpected attacks by extreme weather, grapes crushed under a sudden burst of hail in some vineyards, in others by localised and ferocious windstorms that had no effect on vines under a kilometre away, and which blew themselves out almost as soon as they had begun. Up to 90 per cent of grapes were lost in June on several estates in the wider south-west region if France. But winemakers tend to be a philosophical set of people. With or without climate change, putting your faith in nature and hoping it will be on your side when setting out to make wine is one of life's great perils. Wine-making has been done for centuries. The oldest known winery goes all the way back to 4,000 BC, in Armenia, while as many as 8,000 years ago, there was an established viticulture culture in neighbouring Georgia. Grapes are full of all kinds of healthgiving multi-syllabic properties in unpronounceable combinations. Most recently popular was resveratrol which some touted as being a life extender, though there isn’t any strong scientific evidence yet to back that claim. Any excuse for a glass. The so-called ‘French paradox’ - that phenomenon of red meat eating, red wine drinking that seems to protect the French

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by Julia Watson

Wine-braised chicken with roasted grapes Ingredients (serves 4): 4 medium onions, peeled 600g potatoes, peeled 2 large heads of fennel 1.5kg free-range chicken, jointed into 8 pieces Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 3 tablespoons olive oil ½ bunch fresh rosemary, leaves roughly chopped 300ml white wine 200ml chicken stock 1 head of garlic, cut through the middle into 2 1 lemon, scrubbed and thinly sliced 2 handfuls red grapes, preferably seedless Leaves from a few sprigs of fresh flat-leaf parsley Preheat oven to 190C. Cut onions into wedges, roughly chop potatoes. Shave fennel bulbs with a potato peeler then cut into six pieces, keeping layers attached to base. Season chicken. Heat oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat. Working in batches, add chicken and fry until gold all over then remove to a plate. Add more oil if needed. Reduce heat to medium-low, add onions and fennel and sauté gently until soft but not coloured, about 15 minutes. Return chicken to pan, add rosemary, raise heat to medium-high and leave chicken to colour a few minutes.

Pour in wine and bring to boil, then lower heat and reduce by half. Add stock and potatoes. Insert garlic halves between chicken pieces and bring pan gently back to boil. Transfer all to a roasting tray, slip lemon slices between chicken pieces and vegetables. Roast for 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender and chicken cooked through. After 10 minutes, put the grapes in a small roasting dish, drizzle with a little oil and roast in the oven for the last 20 minutes or until caramelised. Fold grapes into the chicken. Pick off and roughly chop parsley leaves, scatter over and serve.


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Is your financial planning in shape for today? - Blevins Franks With today’s Brexit uncertainty, low interest rates and global tax transparency, it can be hard to protect and grow your wealth, but regular financial reviews can help you make the most of opportunities.


hen was the last time you gave your finances a health check? If it was a while ago or you cannot remember, you will almost certainly benefit from reviewing your situation. Not only do your circumstances and goals generally evolve over time, but the rules and available options can change too. If you don’t keep up, you could find you are paying more taxes than you need to or missing out on new opportunities that offer significant advantages. You will benefit most from a holistic review of your financial situation – looking at how your savings, investments, other assets, tax planning, pensions and estate planning are structured and how they can best work together. Protecting your wealth It is only natural to want to preserve your wealth and see it grow over time. This is the key to enjoying the lifestyle you want while also providing lasting financial security for your family and future generations. However, today’s economic and political climate presents many challenges to capital protection and growth. The prolonged period of low interest rates, for example, has made it harder to achieve decent returns on bank deposits and lower-risk investments, while creeping inflation further erodes the value of capital and income. This is also a time of heightened global tax scrutiny, with frequent changes to tax and pensions legislation. And, of course, Brexit is playing its part in stoking economic uncertainty and fluctuations in the value of sterling.

At times like this, careful crossborder planning plays a particularly important role in securing your financial security over the long term. You need to weigh up which issues affect you most and establish what you can do to protect against them. DIY vs expert advice While some choose a DIY approach to financial planning, most people who have built up or inherited wealth will benefit from an independent and expert review of their finances. After all, it is difficult to take a step back and look at your broad financial situation from a truly objective point of view, or fully understand the complex tax implications. As the goalposts often change, it is quite easy to get DIY tax planning wrong and potentially invite an unexpected tax bill or even a tax investigation. For the best results, talk to a financial adviser with cross-border experience. They should take time and use relevant tools to thoroughly understand your unique situation, needs and objectives to establish taxefficient solutions for you and your heirs. Investment planning Investment is usually the area where people are most concerned about losing money. While all investments – even bank accounts – carry risk, a suitably diversified portfolio can help manage risk within your comfort level. It is essential to establish a clear and objective view of your risk tolerance to determine the investment approach that will best suit you. An adviser is best placed to do this objectively using psychometric testing, for example, combined with their knowledge of your family’s situation in France and your financial goals. Understanding local taxation If you live here, all elements of

Buying or Selling French Property? Legal advice from English-speaking lawyers Also the #1 portal for property auctions

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your financial planning – from investments to estate planning – need to be set up for France, not for the UK. Ideally, your adviser should be based in the France and have first-hand experience of the issues facing expatriates here, financial and otherwise. Crucially, they should also have indepth understanding of cross-border tax planning, including the French tax regime and how it interacts with UK rules. A local adviser can also react quickly and help you make adjustments if your personal circumstances change, or if there are Brexit developments or tax reforms that may affect you – including new opportunities. If you decide to relocate again or return to the UK at any point, they can help you navigate the tax regimes and residency rules of both countries. Protection through regulation Make sure you only deal with an adviser that has suitable, higher-level

professional qualifications. The advisory firm should be authorised by a reputable regulatory body. Remember: if you are living France, your finances should be set up for your life here, not for your old life in the UK. The sooner you set up a strategic, long-term vision to protect your wealth, the sooner you can relax into a prosperous future in France. ■ All advice received from Blevins Franks is personalised and provided in writing. This article, however, should not be construed as providing any personalised taxation or investment advice. Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at: Tel: 05 53 63 49 19 Email:


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Fosse Septique Specialists Planning permission arranged Design and installation Supply and servicing DIY and trade kits Free site visit and devis siret: 824 706 444 00018


Les Vidanges Limousines ▪ Emptying septic tanks ▪ Unblocking pipes ▪ Cleaning wells ▪ Group rates available between neighbours Call David - 24/24 7/7

06 49 66 44 25 Siret N° 750 725 780 00019

Building Services General

06 04 17 80 93


All aspects of renovation and refurbishment, big or small, undertaken.

• Painting/Decorating • Labouring • Pressure Washing • General DIY No job too small, just give me a call!! All areas covered - Based nr Aubusson (23)

est. 2007

Kitchens fitted and tiled Replacement doors and windows Parquet flooring Oak framed porches Plasterboard and Insulation SIRET: 494.501.067.00016

Max Huggett

Experienced and fully registered builder with 10 year Décennale Insurance Offering a broad selection of building services in depts. 87, 19 & 23. From one off installations to complete renovations, construction, decorating, landscaping and ground works. E:

Can I help you with those jobs you don't want to do?

05 55 83 02 77 / 06 30 90 58 90 Siret: 523 955 151 00015

Stephen Cullinane & Son From the foundations to the roof Established 13 years in France 05 55 81 00 53 - see pg 11

La Noneix WASTE REMOVAL Construction SERVICES & Property Services

• house/barn clearance (pre sale / post sale) • garden/land clearance • dechetterie runs • rubbish removal Specialist equipment available: • tractor with flail mower, rotavator, etc. • vehicle with 1.5 tonne crane

05 55 37 45 35 siret 532 981 198 00015

Davis & Davis

30 years' Experience in Construction, Renovation & Project Management Quality Workmanship Guaranteed Internal/ External Developments Barn conversions, loft conversions, new-build, drylining, plastering, rendering, spray rendering, tiling, installation of kitchens/ bathrooms, painting, carpentry, replacement doors & windows, velux installation, groundworks, landscaping, decking & much more...

No job too big (or small). Give us a call for a free competitive quote.

05 55 60 29 50 / 06 04 13 30 57 email:

Based Arnac-la-Poste - Covering depts 87, 23 & 19 Siret: 498 203 652 00017

Entreprise Hines

Building & Renovation

T: 05 55 69 37 64 M: 06 80 92 23 82

English & French spoken - Siret: 518 511 340 00011

A. Wright

Harlequin Developments

Fosse Septique 23

87800 Jourgnac


Siret: 753 054 030 00014


SAS Masters

● Roofing - New & Repairs ● Masonry ● Plastering ● Dry Lining ● Sand Blasting ● Scaffold Hire ● ... and much, much more

40 years qualified experience

Carpenter & Joiner 06 35 12 10 66 see main ad - pg 7 SIRET: 503 169 237 00016

Established, Professional and Personal Building Services. Fully registered with décennale insurance covering all works.

●Renovations ●New builds ●Roofing ●Stonework ●Carpentry ●Ground works

Large or small projects undertaken - please view our website. Contact: Paul or Joanne Rands SIRET: 501 144 596 00019

Your advert here 06 04 17 80 93 STEVE'S PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Roofing, Building, Renovations, Plastering & stud walls, ... and more! Fully insured. e:

t: 05 55 50 52 02 m: 07 66 52 33 47 siret: 842 233 108 00013


To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 06 04 17 80 93 Classical Carpentry


05 55 62 63 82

siret: 829 638 741 00019

Keith Brown Roofs, stairs, shutters, decking, gazebos... 30 years’ experience. Full décennale insurance guarantee.

T: 05 55 65 15 31

M: 06 02 25 41 58

no job too small - very competitive rates 30 Years’ Experience Joiner Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Flooring & General 2nd Fix Finishing, Joinery & Decking Emergency Lock Services Mike Christie 05 55 64 35 11 (Home) 07 61 76 97 41 (Mobile)

Siret: 802 265 728


Visit our website


18 ♦ DIRECTORY Building Services General ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2019

Building Services Groundworks


Au Savoir Faire Renovations & New Builds 06 38 10 71 78 - see main ad pg 7

upvc-solutions uPVC windows, doors, porches & conservatories

Available in white, beige & oak woodgrain. We now offer a supply only service on our made to measure windows. Visit our website for more information.

• Earthworks/Groundwork • Arboriculture • Landscaping • Sanitation Installation • Excavator Hire


Tel: 05 55 61 00 70

siret: 503 133 159 00015

Siret: 838 731 450 0015

Dave Cardwell - Builder

High Ground Development

05 55 98 24 12

See our Display Ad pg 16


Travaux Publics 06 33 78 24 23 - pg 3

Paul Jones Renovation

Experienced and fully registered artisan, offering a high quality finish and service • 10yr Décennale Assurance • Plasterboarding walls and ceilings • Tape and Jointing • Kitchen Installation • Tiling • Carpentry • Patios/Decking

Tel: 05 55 69 28 12 Mob: 06 73 18 63 47 Email: siret no: 495 067  829 00020

Masonry & More

General building Renovation , Roofing Reliable, good quality work 30 years exp Scaffold Hire Martin Sprague

05 55 61 93 07

martin_sprague_1@ SIRET: 531 768 182 00010

Building Services Lifts & Scaffolding see main ad - pg 13

RSW Entreprises

Fosse Septiques/Micro stations

UK scaffolding supplied and erected here in France Qualified and fully insured FREE no obligation quotes Call Ian on

06 34 24 64 11 or see

Email: SIRET: 799 067 939 00014

Cherry Picker Services

14.5 metres on a van

Tel: 09 66 03 52 89

See our Display Ad - pg 12

Call for a quote

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts 06 04 17 80 93


Building Services Plasterers

05 55 63 58 85 / 06 42 23 38 57 See main ad - pg 14

Mini-Digger with driver See Main Ad pg 16

For more information on advertising in the Bugle Business Directory, give us a call or send us an email:

06 04 17 80 93

Able Plastering

French registered plasterer with over 30 years’ experience All internal and external works covered Plastering (English and French plaster) Rendering Concreting Floor Screeding Stud Partitioning Lime Mortar Pointing

Tel: 05 55 62 12 39 Mobile: 06 06 41 10 30 Siret: 527 906 614 00013

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Building Services Plumbing & Heating Carlos

Electrician/Plumber 05 55 62 63 82 see main ad - pg 17

Experienced, Registered & Fully Insured No mess, no fuss Email:

T: 07 68 76 39 99 siret: 484 768 700 00029


Building Services Roofing


MUMFORD TOITURE Roofing & Plastering/ Plasterboarding Service

25+ years roofing experience All aspects of roofing, large or small 15+ years experience plastering/boarding
 Fully registered and insured Trading in France since 2007
 Call Mark for a free quotation

05 55 44 71 44 / 06 78 60 96 16 Siret No. 493 159 412 00011

Established since 1986

Brush & Vacuum All types of chimney Fully Insured Call Ruth Clear

02 54 31 48 50 06 25 61 84 95 (SMS only) siret 504 218 454 00016

Building Services Sandblasting

Computers, Satellites & Web Design

Sand and Blast


We provide a fully operated


service for wood, stone and metal. Perfect for stripping away years of grime or paint. Contact us for a free quote, or see our website:


05 55 76 31 59 / 06 77 40 95 92

Tel: 05 55 62 05 61 Mob: 06 52 38 67 65

Dept 23 & surrounding areas


SIRET: 812 727 253 00013

siret: 453 067 910 00019


Big Dish Satellite

See main ad - pg 14

see main ad - pg 3

05 55 63 58 85 / 06 42 23 38 57

05 55 78 72 98

TTS Media

Chimney Sweeps

High speed satellite broadband 03 66 88 06 29 / +44 (0)1308 888 020 see main ad - pg 8

Chimney Sweeping • Flue ways cleared • Birds nests, vermin & debris removed • Smoke evacuation & gas tightness tests • Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage)

For all your TV and satellite installations and repairs (Sky TV, Internet etc.) Call Patrice: Fast dependable service

Siren: 502 409 949

siret: 353 613 227 00035

05 55 63 78 72

Based Séreilhac (87)

To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 06 04 17 80 93

Purple Solutions Garden Maintenance Do you have a garden? Home, cottage or holiday home? Call us on 06 72 87 87 14 or contact us via Facebook or email. Leave your details and an idea of the job description. Covering 40 km from Cussac (87150)

purplesolutionsgardenmaintenance email: siret: 825 351 836 00010




New Forest Woodburning Centre


e have been selling the finest wood burning stoves for over forty years, and the ground-breaking Clearview Stoves since they first came to market thirty

years ago. Over that time, we have sold hundreds of stoves to discriminating customers in France and all over Europe, and in fact, our stoves have ended up in some of the furthest corners of the world! Clearview Stoves have a hard-earned reputation as the most versatile, clean-burning and user-friendly stoves on the market. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your heating requirements, and can all be fitted with boilers if required. We also carry excellent stoves from Chesney’s, Chilli Penguin, Contura and Barbas, which in our opinion represent the best offerings on the market, including the latest models achieving Ecodesign 2022 standards. Like everyone without a reliable crystal ball, we have no idea what the eventual repercussions of any eventual Brexit will be for cross-Channel trade, but for the moment, it’s business as usual, a situation that is likely to persist at least until the end of a transition period, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or orders.

If you would like one of our excellent stoves for your home in France, you have three options: • Buy and collect direct from our showroom in Lymington in the New Forest, conveniently close to many major ferry ports

• Buy from us by phone and arrange collection by Jon Davis, who makes regular collections from the UK and delivers to the door: 0044 (0)1590 683585 New Forest Woodburning Centre, 280 Ricardo Way Lymingron, SO41 8JU

• For a full collection & fitting service, contact Wayne Fairbrass, HETAS and NACS-qualified:



Advertising with The Bugle New bespoke clinic opens



ith 9 years’ experience delivering print advertising to an expat market, The Bugle represents one of the most cost-effective ways to let English speakers know about your business. An advert with The Bugle starts from just €12.50 HT per month – that’s less than 42 cents a day to put your business in front of more than 30,000 people each month. In the Limousin we have more than 250 distribution points across the region and surrounding areas where readers can pick up a copy for free. We also distribute 3,500 copies through Limoges Airport, which means that we are in the perfect position to target not only residents and secondhome owners, but also tourists and those new to the region. The Bugle is the only English language newspaper dedicated to the Limousin - in fact, today, The Bugle is the only free English language newspaper in France and we are growing all the time. If you would like to discuss any of our advertising options further, why not give us a call today to find out more about the ways that we can help you grow your business.

T: 06 04 17 80 93 E: W:

aul is a Structural and Cranial Osteopath and Linda is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist. Having both practised in the UK and Ireland for many years and with over 30 years' experience in the industry between them, they decided for a change of lifestyle and moved to the Limousin in late 2012 in order to find a location for a clinic. After falling in love with the Limousin, they found a suitable location and set up their practice in 2013. Since then they have established a growing reputation locally, and are delighted to announce that their practice has now relocated to a new, larger, bespoke venue. The new clinic offers more onsite parking and easy access

OSTEOPATHY & ACUPUNCTURE UK & French Registered Cranial & Structural


PAUL BODIMEADE, BSc (Hons) OST UK Licensed Five Element & Traditional Chinese



to two new ground floor clinics, still set in beautiful countryside surroundings and yet all within walking distance for local clients. Paul and Linda both treat a wide range of conditions such as back, neck and joint pain, arthritic conditions, headaches, sports injuries, stress, insomnia, sinus and hay fever, to mention but a few. For more information, or should you wish to make an appointment, please do

not hesitate to contact them on the number below or via email: Tel: 06 95 46 25 38 The new clinic address is: Beauvais 10 Chemin de Beauvais 87130 Châteauneuf-la-Forêt Paul and Linda look forward to welcoming you to the new clinic.



“SolarVenti”- the solar solution to damp and humidity


simple solar energy system that runs on its own, even when you are not there! – And provides a free heat supplement in winter. The Solarventi air panel was invented more than 20 years ago by Hans Jørgen Christensen, from Aidt Miljø, with the backing of the Danish government. He wanted to use the sun’s energy for airing and ventilation of the thousands of holiday homes on the West coast of Jutland, - houses that were left empty and unheated for long periods - houses with damp problems, mould and bad odours - houses that left their owners with discomfort, lots of work and expense. He wanted a system that would be safe, simple, without the need for radiators, water and/or mains electricity. Slowly but surely, the first Solarventi model came


How it works The principle behind Solarventi is simple: a small, builtin, solar cell powers a 12V fan that is connected to an air vent, a control unit and an on/ off switch. Whenever the sun shines, the air in the solar panel is heated and the fan, receiving power from the solar cell, introduces warm, dry air into your home at the rate of 20 to 100 cubic metres per hour. The initial models were more than capable of keeping the cottages dry (and ventilated), even with the limited sunshine hours available in Denmark during the winter season. Since that time, the technology has really come along in leaps and bounds. Now, more than 20 years later, the 3rd and 4th generation Solarventi have exceed-

Your advert here 06 04 17 80 93 Counselling & Support Services COUNSELLING

& PSYCHOTHERAPY Lesley Kidd MSc & Martin Simpson MSc

• Meet in person or via skype • Borders 87/19/23 (87130) • Individuals & Couples SIREN: 818 604 654 06 04 17 80 93 Food & Drink

ed all expectations. In Southern Europe, Solarventi is not only used for ventilation/dehumidification purposes; with far more winter sunshine hours, it also provides a substantial heating supplement. Several technical and governmental studies show that incoming air temperature can be increased by as much as 40°C. A DIY Solution? The installation process is very straightforward and should only take two or three hours. All that is needed is a drill, hammer and chisel to make a hole in the wall. Roof installations are also possible. In fact, the Solarventi was originally designed to be a DIY product - in Scandinavia it still is. There are no electrical or water connections and it can be safely left running, even when


Bistro in Eymoutiers

Tel: 05 44 23 08 87 - see main ad, pg 2 26, Ecurat 23150

Le Restaurant Ecurat Atelier d'Art du Jardin

Restaurant du soir. Our menu changes monthly. Special occasions and parties welcome. Fish and chips and mushy peas €11,50 the last Friday of each month. Open Mon - Sat * Reservation in advance please* For more information:

tel: 05 55 81 31 85


Mobile Curry Take Away For menus and venues:

Les Remparts Bénévent-l'Abbaye Tel: 0811 381 511

05 87 40 02 83

Allo Allo 1 rue Saint-Roch, Le Grand Bourg Rés: 06 73 37 45 01 see main ad - pg 6

Follow us on facebook e :

Le Petit Cafe Anglais

m : 07 70 39 12 23

siret: 498 199 306 00016

see main ad - pg 2

05 55 54 93 05

Garden Maintenance & GeneralHandyman

Le Creusois

Team Jardin

Les Genêts, Azerables

Reliable, professional and friendly garden services. Garden Maintenance. Land Clearance. Garden Construction. Bespoke long-term maintenance plans. Tel: 05 55 37 18 03 Mob: 06 33 66 17 45 e-mail:


High quality British & French food at reasonable prices. Menu du Jour €12, Traditional Pub Food, Vegetarian dishes, Childrens & Snack menus also available SIREN: 483 988 853

British Market Stall

Garden Services

Marsac (23) • Cosy atmosphere • Speciality Crêpes • Large burger menu • Around 115 single malt whiskies • Selection of bottled British ales • Book corner, pool table • "Mouclade" nights • Curry nights

Sid's All Seasons 05 55 64 55 70 - see ad pg 14

Try Something Different

Chez Jacques

SOLARVENTI - Available in the Limousin From Harlequin Developments Tel: 05 55 68 67 56 Mobile: 06 06 60 46 97

see main ad - pg 6

2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix.

Parties 20+ & events catered for

Units start from €490 TTC.

+33 (0)6 79 23 57 09 +33 (0)7 69 14 49 73 see main ad - pg 8

closed Wednesdays


the property is empty. Solarventi requires no maintenance - if the property is unoccupied during the hot summer months, then it can be left running at low speeds for ventilation and dehumidification purposes or simply switched off. With a range of panel sizes, and the option for wall or roof mounting, Solarventi is suitable for all types of buildings, caravans or even boats!! Following the patenting of its design in 2001, Solarventi has only recently been actively commercialized. Over the last six years, Solarventi units have been installed in more than 24 countries and demand is increasing rapidly. From Greenland to Australia, Solarventi is finally getting the recognition it deserves. ■

Siret No. 752 549 907 00018

Garden & Property Services Joseph and Samantha Geer Grass, hedge and tree cutting Fences, gates and stone walls Gite cleaning and changeovers ... and much more

Tel: 06 86 95 46 51 Champsac 87230 Siret: 841 617 491 00011


Grass Cutting Strimming General Maintenance Based La Souterraine (23)

Tel: 05 55 89 57 40 Siret: 483 059 242 00030

‘Chou Chou’ Magnat-l’Etrange, Creuse (23)

RHS qualified horticulturalists Clearance, weeding, pruning, topiary, planting, maintenance, design. Day or half day rates. Excellent references. All work by hand. contact:

Purple Solutions Garden Maintenance

06 72 87 87 14 see main ad - pg 18

Gifts & Crafts 26, Ecurat 23150

Atelier d'Art du Jardin

Artisan art for your garden

2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix

tel: 05 55 81 31 85 email:

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Très Jolie

Ladies fashion accessories 05 55 53 03 56 / 06 04 08 29 53 see main ad pg 22

Need some advice? Too much like hard-work? 30 years of experience

For more information on advertising in the Bugle Business Directory, give us a call or send us an email:

Based in St-Julien-le-Petit (87460), covering St. Léonard, Peyrat, Eymoutiers, Bujaleuf.

06 04 17 80 93 06 04 17 80 93 Maintenance gardener Stephen Grendon

TEL: 06 72 11 62 15

siret: 839 102 415 00016

To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 06 04 17 80 93




Preparation is Key – Rosemary Sheppard, International Financial Adviser


e are all well and truly fed up of hearing the ‘B’ word and the majority of expats I now speak to have reached the stage that they just want Brexit over with – whatever the outcome. If only life was so easy. We wonder, constantly, if those behind the doors of No.10 really do understand the upheaval they are causing from a point of view of those still in the UK, those that are unsure where is the best place for them and those of us who have already chosen to live our lives elsewhere. Whatever your opinion on Brexit and whatever the outcome, there are

some things that won’t change on October 31st and these are the things we can take control of and act on now. The UK and France currently have a Double Taxation (DT) agreement in place, which was put in place between the two countries and is not affected by the UK leaving the EU. This means that you should be preparing now and not waiting for the outcome of Brexit to ensure that what you have is still the most tax efficient solution for you as a French tax resident in respect of your savings, investments and pensions. With the current exchange rate being so unnaturally low and potentially set to get worse it makes it all the more important to ensure that what we do have is not eaten up by the tax-man in either country. Preparation is the key – Did you know that once you leave the UK your ISAs and investments are no longer tax efficient and

worse than that you could be faced with a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability if you were to cash these in after leaving the UK? France will, of course, take into account any CGT that has been paid in the UK on realising any savings and investments, but as the UK give CGT allowances this may not leave you with much to offset against your French CGT bill and on top of that, if you do not hold an S1 form then this could also be subject to prélèvements sociaux at 17.2%. This is relevant to property as well as savings and investments. An example of this: In 2000 John put £2,000 into a stocks and shares ISA. This has been allowed to grow tax-free and is now worth £20,000. John moves to France and then decides to cash in his ISA. As far as the UK is concerned there is no CGT to pay, as this has been held in a tax-efficient ISA, but here in France there is no such

Sophie Arsac

Handholding Services

French lessons & handholding services 05 55 89 15 74 - pg 12


Your advert here

Jonathan Critchley

06 04 17 80 93

siret: 792 285 025 00013

Health & Beauty

See our main ad - pg 15

Tony Farrell

here, all is not lost. If you are unsure if your current investments could be costing you more than they need to, getting advice from a financial advice company that has weathered more than one or two financial storms is essential for your financial well-+++being and peace of mind. Blacktower Financial Management has been established for over 32 years and has worked with its clients through the good and the bad times, offering sound financial advice. For an independent, professional and impartial consultation please contact me by email: Rosemary.sheppard@ or call me on 06 38 86 99 70. Website: The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional

Language Services Jenny Homer BA hons, PGCE

French classes held in Eymoutiers In these uncertain times, 1 thing is certain... There is no better time to up the level of your french to get the most out of your life in Limousin ... and even obtain French citizenship!! • feel confident socially, cope at the doctor's or vet's • deal with emergencies, chat over the garden wall and make friends • help with phone calls and paperwork • feel comfortable speaking with French people and let your personality shine through • keep your brain active and fend off Alzheimer's Small groups with a level to suit yours. Free 3 hours as taster to include coffee & cake. Everyone CAN improve!! TERM STARTS W/C SEPTEMBER 9 To reserve your place in the appropriate group:

Prices from €2,000

Dave Roberts

French lessons & handholding services 05 55 89 15 74 - pg 12

Chez Boutique

06 04 17 80 93

Central France Pest Control

siret: 791 847 429 00010

*Platinum Spas* *Superior Spas* *Tuff Spas* *Zen Spas* *BeSpa* *Durasport* *Superior Saunas* *Baltic Hot tubs* *Baltic Saunas*

Sophie Arsac 06 04 17 80 93

See our Display Ad - pg 13

New for 2019

We are pleased to announce our new range of over 80 Spas, Swim spas, Hot tubs & Saunas from top European and U.S. manufacturers.


For more information on advertising in the Bugle Business Directory, give us a call or send us an email:

Formerly La Petite Place

The region's leading distributor of Spas, Swim spas, Saunas & Hot tubs

Siret: 752 157 610 00011

06 38 86 99 70 - pg 13

Limousin Spas

siret: 490 323 243 00025

06 15 78 18 04- pg 14

Tel: 06 95 46 25 38

Pools & Spas


Rosemary Sheppard

Linda & Paul Bodimeade

Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licensed in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) through whom we have a registered branch and passport for financial services in France. License number 00805B.

05 55 89 57 94 - see pg 8

Financial Managment Group

Back, Neck, Joint Pain, Arthritic conditions? Anxiety, Headaches, Sports Injuries? Insomnia, Stress, Sinus, Hayfever? Based in Châteauneuf-la-Forêt (87130)

adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity.

Web: Email: Tel: 05 55 63 26 20

Grand-Bourg & surrounding area

Osteopathy & Acupuncture

siret: 793 539 826 00016

management advisers

International Financial Adviser

Call Teddy:

06 04 17 80 93

Blevins Franks International tax and wealth

The Spectrum IFA Group

Mobile hairdresser

Your advert here 06 04 17 80 93 Insurance & Finance

Translation/interpretation Dealing with utilities/banks Permis de construire Sourcing/supervising artisans Notaire/tax/hospital meetings

05 55 62 50 38

recognition and the £18,000 gain is potentially subject to taxation at the fixed rate 30%, which includes prélèvement sociaux at 17.2%, meaning John could potentially lose £5,400. In respect of property there has always been a ‘period of grace’ on selling your main residence in the UK after moving to France, but officially the French view is that the day you move is the day your principle residence changes, in theory making your UK property a second property that could be subject to CGT. If you think that your UK property may take a while to sell the best advice may be to ‘stay put’ until you have that ‘sale agreed’. This is a very complex area of taxation and as such, I am not an expert in this field and you will need the combined advice of your financial planner, notaire and local tax expert, but thinking ahead BEFORE your move to France could help save you thousands. If you are already

Pest Control

02 48 60 83 72 see main ad - pg 22

Fibreglass Specialist Fibreglass swimming pool linings that can be applied over all finishes: tiles, marbelite, concrete, etc. Perfect for new pools, old pools, or pools leaking water Laminated on site, one piece and seam free For more information or a quote, contact Dave: +44 (0)1903 893 451 +44 (0)7825 916 573



To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 06 04 17 80 93



Your advert here 06 04 17 80 93 Property Maintenance

Creuse Property Care

Caring for your home in France when you can’t be there

Leggett Immobilier

05 53 56 62 54 see main ad - pg 5

Houses on Internet

Garden & Pool Maintenance General Maintenance & Small Renovation work including plasterboarding, tiling, painting, etc. Changeovers/House Cleaning Ad-hoc Assistance References available Contact Mark or Trudy...

+31 (0)6 41 20 73 69

See our Display Ad - pg 3

T: 05 55 67 90 47 / P: 06 40 75 74 47 E: W:

Retail & Commerce

Siret: 479 965 758 00028

'Gite and Tidy'

Property management All properties looked after, main residences, holiday homes & gîtes. Changeovers, cleaning, tidy ups, maintenance, gardening, swimming pools, etc. Single or regular visits. Fully insured. Oradour-sur-Vayres (87150). References available. 09 82 12 69 73 (Home) 06 06 40 81 07 (Portable)

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Stove Sellers

Your advert here

See our Display Ad - pg 15

Property Sales

06 04 17 80 93 Transport, Removals & Storage

Buggs Car Hire

Central France Storage

see main ad - pg 4

Moulin de Tintin

Freephone: 08 05 69 23 23 - see pg 3

Furniture, interiors & gifts

English & French Spoken

06 31 17 25 60

Beaux Villages Immobilier

Genuine/Reliable/Honest Local + Europe + UK runs Now also available for House/Barn clearances! 14m3 capacity 4.2m load length

09 82 12 69 73 06 04 17 80 93

Man & Van Transport

Naturalis Pools

06 04 17 80 93

see main ad - pg 11

For more information on advertising in the Bugle Business Directory, give us a call or send us an email: Dry, safe & secure storage Brexit Busting Prices!! Vehicle storage options We also do internal moves! 14.5m cherry picker available

Tel: 09 66 03 52 89 Email:

87150 Oradour-sur-Vayres Siret 530 213 644 00012

Bergerac & Limoges Airports see main ad - front page

Watson European International Removals see main ad - pg 12

VAN ROUGE Affordable Moves Europewide 18m3 Van / 4.5m load length 29m3 available on request Full loads/ part loads/ single items Regular UK runs.

siret: 494 123 847 00019


To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory, call 06 04 17 80 93

Advertise here from just €36 HT / month

06 04 17 80 93

Très Jolie

Ladies Italian clothes and fashion accessoires Beautiful scarves, purses, handbags, jewellery & gifts

(See Notice Board for where to find me)

Paula Bonella

05 55 53 03 56 06 04 08 29 53 Facebook: search for “Tres Jolie Milhaguet” siret 753 125 061 00014



Family run business based in France which prides itself on a personal professional service 7 tonne truck to and from the UK and Europe, with a highly experienced staff. We provide a door-to-door service with packing and dry, secure storage. We are a professional furniture removal company and NOT a man and a van.

Granulés du Limousin


Phone: (+33) 05 55 34 19 46 - Mobile: (+33) 06 80 75 87 14 Email: - siret: 482 524 907 00011

Smart Moves For a fully insured, careful service


+44 (0)1253 725 414

Your advert here 06 04 17 80 93

Franklins Removals 0044 121 353 7263 see main ad - pg 8

Transition Removals (+33) 05 55 34 19 46 see main ad above

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts


To raise funds for the SPA dog rescue centre in Guéret. High chair, buggy, travel cot (plus mattress/bedding), changing mat, etc. Each item will incur a hire charge of 10 euros, plus a refundable 10 euros deposit. For more INFO or to HIRE Call Vanessa: 05 55 64 32 08 or email:



your junk

Carrefour du Bois Limousin

05 55 63 72 45 - see above

I will buy just about anything in your barn: agricultural machinery, cars, motorbikes, lorries, pushbikes, old wrought ironwork, oil cans, signs, timberwork and doors... in fact anything!! Just think, that rubbish could earn you cash!!

CALL: 06 33 84 76 33 siret: 511 127 763 00015

Cash paid for scrap

All Limousin covered Anything considered Any quantity

Tel: 05 55 37 45 35 Mob: 06 74 21 47 71 siret 532 981 198 00015

FOR SALE: Commercial Lease For a shop (all types of commerce) on main street in Limoges. Easy parking. 60m2. 2 large commercial spaces of 20m2 and 25m2 with a room to the rear kitchenette, WC. Very good condition. Contact for more information.

Tel: 06 20 82 89 43


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Proxi Supermarket

A VENDRE: Pas-de-porte, boutique tous commerces. Immeuble de style dans avenue principale de Limoges. Parking facile. 60 m². 2 grandes salles 20 m2 & 25 m2. Une arrière salle, mini coin kitchenette, wc. Très bon état.

Tel: 06 20 82 89 43

In the heart of the market town of Ahun (23150) • Alimentation Générale • Tabac • Lotto/FDJ For more information call:

06 38 39 33 99

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Homes for rescued cats (kittens and adults)

Northern Limousin / Southern Indre Tel: 06 14 90 55 36 Charities The Hope Association Charity Shop 87 2 rue de la Vieille Tour, 87120 Eymoutiers The shop is run by a group of volunteers with the sole aim of raising funds for abused & abandoned animals. Opening hours: Sat 10h-13h, Wed & Fri 14h-17h, 1st & 3rd Thu morning 10h-12h. We offer a selection of items including pre-loved clothes, jewellery, greeting cards and much more. We are happy to accept anything in good sale condition either directly to the shop or email shopeightyseven4hope@gmail. com SPA Creuse The SPA Creuse dog refuge centre is based in Saint-Sulpice-le-Guérétois near Guéret and provides an invaluable service to the community by rescuing dogs that otherwise would have nowhere to go. Each year we re-home over 100 dogs which find themselves at the SPA though no fault of their own. We have dedicated staff who work alongside a network of French and British volunteers, all of whom have one aim in life, which is to do the best they can for the dogs until they find their forever homes. In order to do this they need to raise funds; along with walking the dogs every day, volunteers also organise fund-raising events and vide-greniers throughout the year. We are a friendly bunch and always on the lookout for more like-minded people and so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, making a donation, or adopting one of our lovely dogs, then please visit our website Church Notices English-speaking Christian meeting in La Souterraine All are welcome to our meetings every Sunday at 10.30 am at La Souterraine. A talk will be given each week in English lasting 30 minutes on a variety of subjects. The purpose is to build up our spirituality and help us with day-to-day living. Our Kingdom Hall is located at 31 l’Age aux Roux, 23300 La Souterraine. Also please see our website: JW.ORG English-speaking church services Guéret "Come as you are" - This is an invitation to join us at our SERVICE IN ENGLISH. Whether you have a faith or would just like to attend a church service, you are welcome at 3 pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Église Évangélique, 9b Place Bonnyaud, 23000 Guéret. We welcome all who want to share in our fellowship and children are very welcome. For more details please visit Eglise Protestante Unie de France English Language services We look forward to giving a warm welcome to everyone from whatever Christian tradition (or none) on the 3rd SUNDAY of the MONTH at 3 pm. (Two exceptions - August and December second Sunday) Where? At the “Temple” in Thiat (in the north of the HauteVienne) – the chapel is on the main road close to the Mairie. After worship there is tea/coffee and cake – and a chance to chat. (Services in French every Sunday morning). If you want to know more contact Rev Stephen Sawyer on 05 49 84 33 86 or Zoë Horlock on 05 55 68 59 95. Fitness & Fun La Chance de Danser New times for classes as follows: St-Léger-Magnazeix - Salle des fêtes Managing Editor: Steve Martindale Editor-in-Chief: Steve Martindale Registered Address: Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Printed by: Charente Libre 16340, L’Isle d’Espagnac Monthly circulation: 15,000 copies All copyright, unless stated otherwise, is reserved to The Bugle. Reproduction in whole or part of any text without permission is prohibited. Dépôt légal à parution.

(Adults): Tue 5-6 pm Stretch & Tone; 6-7 pm Beginners Tap; Thu 5-6 pm Elementary Tap; 6-7 pm Dancersize. La Souterraine - Batiment St Joseph (opp la mairie) (Adults): Sat 9-10 am Ballet. For more info please email or tel 06 99 95 43 00. Bridge Club St. Junien Regular tournaments. Bridge lessons for beginners and intermediate levels (English-speaking teacher). Friendly welcome guaranteed. For further information don't hesitate to contact Mireille Drouet, President 06 30 20 45 13 / 05 44 24 10 92 / or John Slade 05 45 71 50 44 / Yoga Aubusson Classes at the Maison Sport et Danse, Dojo: Mon 15:45 Hatha 50+; Tue 17:30 Yin, 18:30 Hatha; Fri 14:30 Yoga for breast cancer or also very gentle yoga. 5 euro per class plus 10 euro adhesion. More info: Abbey 06 83 24 62 72 www. Cussac Bowls Club - Short mat indoor bowls If you’re a beginner or seasoned player come and join in with a friendly club. Weekly meetings starting Wednesdays 19:45 and Thursdays 9:45. Please call Peter on 05 55 78 66 45 for more info, email cussacbowlsclub@ or come along to one of our meetings at Cussac gymnasium. Indoor Bowling at Oradour-sur-Vayres If you already play or have never tried indoor bowling then come along to a meeting. It's great fun and easy to play. If you have never played it before we will show you how. We meet every Monday evening starting at 18.30 hrs at La Chapelle, avenue des Chapelles, 87150 Oradour-sur-Vayres. Come and try it - it's free. For further info tel 05 55 78 45 24 or email Keep Fit Amazing abs, breathtaking buttocks! Come and join our group at the CAPE in Pontarion. We are all ages, all sizes, men & women, but are serious about keeping fit. Our “monitrice” is English and will happily provide bilingual instructions. We meet every Thursday at 8 pm in Pontarion Town Hall, for a one-hour workout. Come for a free trial, or call 05 55 64 98 87 or 06 32 42 95 68 for more details. Drawing and painting classes At Saint-Junien with the CAPCC (art club). All levels welcome, every Monday and Thursday, English and French spoken, friendly atmosphere, materials provided by the club. 45€ / half-term. Contact: for brochure with full details. Chabanais Bowls Club As we roll into 2019, one thing you can rely on is the fact that short mat bowling at Chabanais Bowls Club is alive and well and all set to provide exercise and entertainment throughout the coming year. Our new mats are now in use, allowing the Club to carry out training and coaching sessions along with the normal members' games. Chabanais Bowls Club meets on Tuesday mornings, 10h-13h, and Thursday afternoons, 14h-17h, at the salle des fêtes in the centre of Chabanais. For further information ring Mike on 05 55 03 27 67 or Jane 05 45 30 63 10. INSPIRATIONS – Art & Craft Group We are a small group of artists and crafters who meet every Friday from 2 pm until 5 pm at the Salle Barbara, Droux 87. There is no formal tuition but we all help, advise and encourage each other Directeur: Steve Martindale Rédacteur-en-chef: Steve Martindale Siège: Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Imprimé par: Charente Libre 16340, L’Isle d’Espagnac Tirage mensuel: 15,000 copies Tous droits réservés. Toute reproduction, totale ou partielle, des articles et illustrations du présent numéro est strictement interdite. Dépôt légal à parution.

The Bugle cannot accept responsibility for the claims of advertisers or their professionalism. We strongly advise readers to verify that the company you are dealing with is a registered trading company in France or elsewhere in the world.

to perfect our skills and learn new ones. New members welcome, from absolute beginners to experts. Materials can be supplied for try-outs. Contact: Art Classes Mainsat The class runs every Thurs (term time) at the Salle du temps libre in Mainsat from 14h-16h. We do a little bit of everything: pencil, charcoal, watercolour, pastel, acrylics, oils and sculpture, etc. Contact Susan Neill for more info: Tel 05 55 83 12 18 / Mob 06 87 99 31 37 / Email Zumba Dept 18 & 36. Contact: Coralie tel 07 78 66 52 01 Web: fun-life-attitude.webnode. fr Facebook: Coco Zumba Email: coralie. Dordogne Short Mat Bowls Association Learn to play Indoor Short Mat Bowls in the heart of the Dordogne at Eyzerac, just off the N21, south of Thiviers. We are a small friendly inclusive club who meet every Thursday afternoon throughout the year at the Complex Sportif in Eyzerac 24300. We are looking forward to welcoming new members, both novices or experienced players. We have all the equipment you need to play, so why not join us any Thursday at 2 pm until 5 pm. To arrange a taster session or simply for more details contact Paul Boswell (Secretary) at boswellmoore@hotmail. com or call 05 53 56 99 75. Walking Football, Dun-le-Palestel If you think your footballing days are over, then think again! Our association, Entente Cordiale, is trying out a new venture – Walking Football, a slower version of the beautiful game! And it's for all adults over the age of 50. We meet every Monday from 16h-17h in the Gymnasium, just opposite The Apollo. Walking football is designed to give you the chance to play the game you love, but at a much slower pace. It's a great way to keep fit, learn skills, have fun, and socialise at the same time, so why not come along? If you used to play football, but now find the pace a bit too much, or if you’ve never had the chance to be involved before, Walking Football is the perfect introduction to playing football for you – no running allowed! At the moment, all sessions are indoors, so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Also now – Badminton! Playing Badminton helps to improve your fitness, and is great fun too! Come and join in with us every Tuesday afternoon from 16h-17h in the Gymnasium. Everyone welcome. For more information email eccreuse@ Photo Club La Meteorite (87) Rochechouart All welcome, all levels; we meet fortnightly at 3-5 pm on Sundays. Field trips, friendly critique, conversation and competitions (to contact and more details go to Laurière Carpet Bowls Club Registered & insured. For some gentle exercise with a friendly social club, learn to play Indoor Bowls at Lauriere, 87370, in the Haute-Vienne. No experience required. Come and take a look. It is great fun and easy to play. Join us any Monday at 2 pm until 5.30 pm at La Maison des Jeunes (Community Centre), on the route de St Goussaud (D28) just off the D914 at Lauriere. Parking available. Session includes short refreshment break with home-made cakes (€2.50 per person). For info, please call 05 55 71 23 83. Currently, we have British, French, and Dutch members. We look forward to seeing you. American Line Dancing (French Style) * Our new programme will restart on 3rd September * The Phénix Country Club welcomes new members - men & women, beginners & experienced dancers - to the salle des fêtes at LACS, near LA CHÂTRE, dept 36. Learn French & learn to dance in a friendly environment every Tues & Fri evening from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. 1st 2 sessions are free. Annual subscription is 80 euros per person. For more information in English contact Annette on 06 85 39 83 41 or email our French Présidente at phenixcountryclub@ Art Classes in Bujaleuf in French and English Caroline welcomes you at her workshop in Bujaleuf for drawing and watercolour painting. 2 courses weekly: Tue and Wed afternoons, 10 euros per person for a twoand-a-half-hour session. The classes are

in both French and English, a good way to share languages and cultures in a friendly atmosphere. New students welcome. For further information please contact Caroline on 06 72 08 26 15 or at Gardening Les petits jardiniers du Limousin Meet Thursday afternoons, dates below. 2.30 pm in the Mairie at St-AmandlePetit. Everyone welcome. Contact: 2019 Programme: Jan 17th - Bird and song identification; Feb - No meeting; Mar 21st - Drought: sedums, sempervivums and succulents; Apr 18th Soil testing - knowing what to plant; May 16th - Gardening for the bees; Jun 20th - Car rally and lunch; Jul 18th - Fragrant plants for all year; Aug 15th - Very Berry shrubs; Sep 1st - Annual Show; Oct 17th - AGM followed by Plant Name Origins; Nov 21st - Natural dyeing using plants; Dec 12th - Christmas Party. Integration Learning Together – Apprenons Ensemble We offer an easy-going and relaxing range of social functions to bring members of the French and English communities together, and a range of language courses for different levels of experience in English and French in Rochechouart (87) and Brigueil (16), as well as a Life & Culture in France course in Rochechouart. All lessons are in small groups with qualified teachers for just 7€ per hour; membership costs only 15€ per year. Visit or email for more information. For help and advice on choosing the right course telephone 05 55 58 02 88 or email frenchlessons. CLE – (Charente Limousine Exchange) Founded in 2003 The Charente Limousine Exchange (CLE) are a group of enthusiastic members who form a valuable resource for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences. Run by a small volunteer committee they provide help and support with many varied issues associated with living in France. CLE organise many social activities and regular trips, including monthly lunches, quizzes and (usually) friendly boules games. Forums on French tax and other relevant issues provide crucial membership support. Visit the website for more information and calendar of activities. President: Dave Brown. Web: Tel: 05 49 87 05 85 Email: Aubusson’s Network Each week, for 6 years now, we meet between 11.30 am and 1 pm every Saturday at the café "Aux Baladins" opposite Aubusson’s Gare Routière car park. We are a friendly group of French and English who enjoy conversation in both languages. We like to exchange views, make new friends, help and advise one another and help integrate newcomers. You can contact us by phone: Jo 09 72 41 40 47 - Jan 00 44 74 68 20 66 12 - John 05 55 67 37 60 Association Rencontres FrancoBritanniques The association of 120 members, based in Bourganeuf, aims to help British people become integrated in their communes and local life. We organise a range of cultural and social activities for our members. A list of our activities is on our website Our fortnightly conversation groups give the opportunity for British members to improve their spoken French, and our

French colleagues their English. We would very much like to welcome new people, both French and English, into the association. The annual subscription for membership is €12 per person or €22 for a couple. Contact: Christine Gee 05 55 64 22 25 Email: French Conversation Group at Les Billanges (87340) We are a small group who meet fortnightly for an hour and a half on Tuesday evenings during term time in Les Billanges, 87340, close to the Creuse/Haute-Vienne border. We are accompanied by a retired French schoolteacher and a current French teacher of English. Discussion is informal, loosely based on everyday topics, including some grammar plus general discussion. We need a few more people to help keep it vibrant and to cater for inevitable absences. The only cost is yearly membership of the local Association, about €16, which brings with it other social opportunities. To find out more please contact Chrissy Smith at Familles Rurales in Peyrat-le-Château Association Familles Rurales now offer assistance in English and Dutch to all non-French speaking people (British, Dutch, German, etc.) concerning all kinds of administrative steps. The service is available in Peyrat-le-Château and surrounding communes. We will try to provide information and help you find your way in social and administrative matters, as well as with practical matters where language is a problem. Find Heleen Tichler-Botermans at the AFR office in Peyrat-le-Château on Mondays from 9 am to 12 pm and Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm. You are welcome to drop in or make an appointment. E-mail: familles-rurales.infopeyrat@ Telephone: 06 41 20 06 83 Office address: 19 avenue de la Tour, 87470 Peyrat-le-Château Familles Rurales 2 in St-Yrieix-laPerche Weekly courses in French for foreigners (mainly English and Dutch) living in the area. Four levels taught: Level 1 Beginners - Mon 10h30 - 12h; Level 2 - Thu 10h30 - 12h; Intermediate - Tue 10h30 - 12h; Advanced – Wed 14h30 - 16h30. All courses are held at our premises 1, rue de la Piscine, St-Yrieixla-Perche 87500. For more info tel 05 55 09 30 86, email or visit Les Franglais de Banize (23120) French and English people meet every Wednesday at 2-3 pm in the mairie in Banize to share English and French language and lots of laughter. We all learn from each other, in both languages and about aspects of both cultures. In general the English try to speak in French and vice versa. As far as possible! The meetings have been going on for ten years now but new arrivals are always welcome. For more information please contact Anne Chadwick at or tel 05 55 67 53 60. Bessines-Accueil Bessines-Accueil is a group based in Bessines-sur-Gartempe (87250) which seeks to welcome new arrivals both to the town and to the surrounding region and to assist them with integration in the community. The group is comprised both of French and English members and meets weekly, generally on Thursday afternoons, in Bessines-sur-Gartempe, when various activities take place, all aimed at promoting a friendly and welcoming ambiance. Through these activities, which include visits, talks, entertainment and much

Peyrat Film Club

The CINEMA in Peyrat-le-Château, run by the volunteers of the Association Bande Originale, regularly shows VOST films (original version with French subtitles), especially for all the non-French speakers in our region. In September we will be showing: Anna – Saturday 7 September, 17h They Shall Not Grow Old – Saturday 14 September, 17h Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood – Saturday 21 September, 17h Late Night – Saturday 28 September, 17h Ticket price €5, but just €3.50 for members of the Association. See our website for dates & times, etc:



Bridge Club Saint-Junien We will be holding an informative meeting on Wednesday 18 September at 18h for anyone interested in finding out more about the club: Centre administratif, first floor, 17b place Auguste Roche, 87200 Saint-Junien. For more information or to sign up, please email or call 06 30 20 45 13. more, the group aims to discover and promote an appreciation of the life, the history and the heritage of the area and to help new arrivals settle. For more details or to join please contact the President, Bernadette Ruffenach, on 05 55 76 11 19. Café Franglais Organised by the Amitiés Internationales du Pays de Boussac (AIPB). Every Wednesday evening at 18h30 in la Maison des Associations, Quartier Pasteur, 23600 Boussac. Come and join us for an informal chat to improve your French or English with native speakers in a café atmosphere whilst enjoying a drink and nibbles. From 9th January until 24th April without stopping for Easter. Break for the summer, then recommence 4th September until 11th December. For more info please email Open Door Association – English Language Library & Cultural Exchange Group The Association organises a range of activities throughout the year aimed at bringing together French and English-speaking residents through cultural exchange. Our range of activities for 2019 include a Burns’ Supper, an Occitan Musical Evening, a bilingual guided bird-walk, Beaujolais Nouveau Evening, a Pub-Style Singalong and selected readings from the works of JRR Tolkien. See our website for a full list: www. In addition, Open Door operates an Englishlanguage library service with outlets in StPardoux-Morterolles and Bourganeuf, with a choice of around 5,000 fiction, non-fiction and children’s books as well as DVDs and jigsaw puzzles. See our website for opening hours. We welcome new members of all nationalities and offer individual and family membership as well as temporary membership for holiday visitors. Contact the Secretary on for details. Tea Time Cultural exchange workshop designed to bring together those who want to practise their French or their English in a friendly and fun environment. Held at the old school in Sussac (87) every Tuesday morning, 10 am till 11.30 am, except school holidays, the session includes group discussion/chat, structured role play and games for grammar practice, specific weekly topics, a small library of English/ French books, CDs and DVDs and an exchange of recipes, thoughts and ideas, followed by tea/coffee and cake. Cost: €144 for the year, plus €25 annual membership fee to the Foyer Rural. Contact: Jasmine (en français or in English) on 06 41 36 05 03. Bilingual Montessori Workshops At the Foyer Rural in Saint-Léonard-deNoblat for children aged 3 to 8 years old, run by Catherine Hutchinson and Sue Greenbank. The children are immersed in an atmosphere where both French and English are spoken. The workshops take place on Wednesdays from 13h30 to 15h30 and on Saturdays from 10h to 12h. The workshops take place without the parents. For further information please contact Catherine on 07 70 46 57 70 or Sue on 06 52 26 54 79. Libraries & Books Sale of Second-hand Books, La Croisillesur-Briance On the 18th of every month, during the monthly market at La Croisille-sur-Briance (87130), there is a sale of second-hand books (both English and French) from 9 am to 12 noon, at the former restaurant in La Place, opposite the bar/tabac. All proceeds go towards the local school funds (for La Croisille-sur-Briance and St-Méard RPI). La Souterraine English Library and Information Centre Located in the historic Porte de Puy Charruad, at 10 rue de Portal, la Souterraine, we are a lively, well-stocked English language library with almost 4,000 books and DVDs available to borrow. We have an attractive cafe which serves tea, coffee and a range of home-made cakes when available. The library hosts a lively mixed conversation group for French and English speakers plus a more traditional French language class. There are a number of thriving and popular special interest groups such as the Art Group and Camera Club who regularly display their work in our cafe. We also have a Writers Group and hold a collection of their published books in the library. Whatever your interests don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and you will be made most welcome.


Jane and Jessy

Free confidential support for Englishspeaking people touched by cancer

CSF 24 HOUR HELPLINE - 0800 24 02 00 email:

Facebook : Cancer Support France - Charente-Plus We are open Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, Friday 10 am to 1 pm and Saturday 10 am to 3 pm. For more info tel 05 55 89 57 62 during opening hours, email info@lasouterraineenglishlibrary. fr or visit The English Library – La Bibliothèque Anglophone, Dun-le-Palestel The English Library, which has now been established for over 12 years, is part of the Anglo-French Association Entente Cordiale and is situated in the route des Ratteries, adjacent to the Bibliothèque Municipale, Parc Benjamin Bord. The Library is a very welcoming meeting place, where you can come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, whilst browsing through our extensive collection of around 10,000 books, talking books and DVDs. Thanks to donations and an active purchasing policy we are able to offer something for everyone. For our new acquisitions we concentrate on recent publications, as well as member requests for older books. Open Thu 10h-13h & Sat 10h-12h30. Entente Cordiale hosts a wide range of other groups and activities too, including English lessons, French lessons, Traditional Dance Group, Art Group, Theatre group, Les Troubadours, Traditional Embroidery Group, Walking Football and Badminton. For more information email eccreuse@ Music OuiRock Choir Do you enjoy singing? Fancy being part of a great group of people who come together once a week? If you do, why not come along to a taster session. We meet every Wednesday evening at 18h at the salle des fêtes in St-Sulpice-les-Feuilles (87160). For further details contact us on Facebook @ouirock87 or via email on: ouirock87@ We look forward to welcoming you! L'Orchestre Philharmonique de La Souterraine If you or one of your family are interested in playing in an orchestra and think your standard might be adequate do get in contact with us. We meet weekly on Friday evenings in La Souterraine (apart from the summer holidays) to rehearse. Most of our concerts are around Xmas or May-July. Our members come from all over Limousin so lifts to and fro may be possible if necessary. Contacts: French language Marie-France Martinie 05 55 30 76 23 / English language Alan Kerr 05 55 56 34 52. Le Chambard du jeudi Organised by the association Nessgig this takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month, from 19h to 23h at “La Maison des Associations", place du 8 mai 1945, ChâteauChervix (87). All music lovers who would like to share and exchange information and stories around songs and singing, in French AND in English, or who might like to jam a little, are welcome. Free admission! For more information email nessgig87@gmail. com or tel 05 55 09 99 34. JJ's Music Club Hosted by L'Authentique Restaurant, 25 rue Principale 23360 Lourdoueix-Saint-Pierre. Singers and musicians of all styles and levels will be warmly welcomed on the last Friday of the month. Free entry. Please reserve food in advance (05 55 80 21 67) - 17 euros for 3 courses. For more information email Jacky at Live music sessions, Rochechouart Our acoustic music sessions take place every second Friday of each month at Salle Jacques Brel in Rochechouart. You’ll hear all kinds of music from celtic, country, jazz, music hall, pop, classical, comedy & swing.

If you’re a singer or musician or just want to listen to some great music, why not join us? Doors open at 7.30 pm. Join our Facebook Group Folk-Galerie for more information or, if you would like to perform, contact Support

Alcoholics Anonymous If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, there are now English-speaking meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous at Limoges, Périgueux and Civray. Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership and A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. For details of the meetings or other information contact Ewen 05 53 05 76 62 (Périgueux) or Angela 05 49 87 79 09 (Civray). Other meetings in South-West France can be located on our website at Cancer Support France, Charente Plus Free confidential support for Englishspeaking people touched by cancer in departments 16, 17 & 86. CSF 24 hour helpline: 06 45 35 32 30, Email, Facebook: Cancer Support France - Charente Plus CSF Charity Shop open at 3 rue Nationale, 16150 Chabanais (entrance opposite the mairie – we are on the 1st floor upstairs) Tue & Wed from 10 am – 4 pm. Cancer Support Haute-Vienne We offer free and confidential support to English speakers affected by Cancer in the Haute-Vienne (87) and Creuse (23). Our helpline number is 06 04 43 39 87. If you would like more information or would like to become a member or help in any other way, please contact Sue Ware 05 55 00 31 15, or visit Association France Alzheimer in Dordogne We offer English-speaking support as a part of the national French charity supporting families affected by dementia. Our network of English speaking volunteers works across Dordogne. A support group meets near Bergerac on the first Tuesday of each month. Website: www.francealzheimer. org/dordogne Email address: alzheimer. Telephone: 05 53 27 30 34

These affectionate little lovelies are Jane (12) on the left and Jessy (10) on the right and are mother and daughter. They have been at the refuge for 2 months after their owner sadly died. At first, they were very traumatised, totally lost, as everything they had ever known had been taken away from them. They hid under the cover in their basket, as if to shut out the world, shaking every time someone came near, but little by little, with kindness and patience, they are now gaining in confidence and are beginning to enjoy their lives again. They are looking for a home where they can stay together, they love each other too much to be separated, someone with an enclosed garden and a warm basket where they can spend their last years in comfort. As with all our senior dogs, the adoption fees are reduced. If you think you can help Jane and Jessy then please contact the SPA de Creuse (Guéret), 21 Le Clocher, 23000 Saint-Sulpice-le-Guérétois tel 05 55 81 99 31 (answering machine) or send an email in English to

Patchi - old lad in Poitiers SPA

This sweetheart was found wandering in the streets. He is mostly blind and his hearing has been better in the past! He is, however, a bundle of love and wants cuddles all the time. He is ok with other dogs but might need a calm home, away from boisterous young dogs. We believe he is around 13 years old, not castrated, his vaccinations are up to date and he has his EU-passport. His breed is said to be a shepherd mix. All fingers crossed for a good home! Please contact SPA of Poitiers: 05 49 88 94 57 They have English-speaking volunteers if you need language help.


Do please come in and visit us. We are located at: 3 rue Nationale, 16150 Chabanais (entrance opposite the mairie, directly behind Petticoat Lane – we are on the first floor upstairs)

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am – 4 pm Sorry – no books or electrical goods


26, Ecurat 23150


Le Restaurant Ecurat Atelier d'Art du Jardin

We are open serving our Plat du Jour every Monday to Friday.

Friday is fish day! Vendredi c'est poisson! Call for more information: tel: 05 55 81 31 85 email:

WANTED: Unfurnished house to let Looking for an unfurnished 3 bedroom house for rent with a fenced garden in Dun-le-Palestel or La Souterraine area. Please contact Sophie: 06 61 56 47 17-

Canine First Aid Discussion

Saturday, 7th September

Hosted at the Rainbow Association, Bussière-Poitevine. Book in early at Rainbow or contact Elaine on 06 04 47 35 19 to reserve a place.

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Specials of the month: Passanda & Saag Bhajee Ste-Sévère-sur-Indre, Boussac, Gouzon and Guéret, Chilled pre-orders only! ... Wednesday 4th (3.15pm, 4pm, 4.30pm & 5.15pm) Aubusson, , Chilled pre-orders only! - Thursday 5th (4.30pm) Marsac, (Chez Jacques) - Friday 6th (6.30pm) Peyrat-le-Château, Eymoutiers & St-Léonard-de-Noblat... Chilled pre-orders only! - Thursday 12th (12.30pm, 1pm & 1.45pm) Le Dorat, Bellac & Limoges, Chilled pre-orders only! ... Friday 13th (1pm, 1.30pm & 3pm) Sardent, (Auberge du lac, Masmangeas) - Saturday 14th (6pm) Bourganeuf, St-Dizier-Leyrenne, Le Grand-Bourg, Dun-le-Palestel & La Souterraine... Chilled pre-orders only! Thursday 19th (1.15pm, 1.30pm, 2pm, 2.30pm & 3.30pm) Le Vigen (87110), Chilled pre-orders only! - Saturday 21st (6.30pm)

Très Jolie

Please contact me if you would like a chilled pre-order to anywhere that is not listed above!

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Piégut Market every Wednesday (weather permitting) See Facebook page for all other special event bookings -"Tres Jolie Milhaguet"

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Sun 1st Sep CHÉRONNAC Chéronnac Oyster Festival For lunch reservations, phone 05 55 48 60 80. Sat 7th to Sun 8th Sep GUÉRET Forêt Follies Popular event, attracting thousands of visitors, which focuses our attention on sustainable development, set in the middle of 2,000 hectares of forest in which a village is created for the occasion. This year the festival celebrates its 12th birthday! There is entertainment day and night: artisanal crafts & produce, workshops, games, play areas, music, food & drink, etc. Plus... - The allée Pierre la Grosle will be dedicated to land art with artists on site transforming the forest using natural materials such as wood, soil, stone and sand - Wood cutting contest organised by Les Bûcherons Auvergnat - Slacklining, tree climbing, archery - Information stand by the association France Lyme for advice about prevention against ticks Forêt de Chabrières on the route de Bourganeuf. 9h-19h30. Tickets: 9+ €5; 4-8 yrs €4; free for Under 3s. For more information visit: Sat 7th to Sun 8th Sep SAINT-JUNIEN Légend'Air en Limousin 40 aircraft on display at the Saint-Junien aerodrome for this year's edition of this popular Limousin air show which takes as its theme "British aircraft". 10h-19h. Free entry both days. For more information visit: Sun 15th Sep GUÉRET Fête bio écologique: Colchique Bio & ecology fair at the lac de Courtille. 10h - 19h. Fri 20th to Sat 21st Sep GUÉRET Fête de la bière Beer festival. Place Bonnyaud. Fri 20th from 18h and Sat. Sat 21st to Sun 22nd Sep LES BILLANGES Guided visits as part of the European Heritage Days Come to Les Billanges and visit its Norman style church and miraculous spring! Guided visits in English and/or French are being organized by the ASPLB (Association pour la Sauvegarde du

Patrimoine Les Billanges), a non-profit organisation created in January 2018 whose aim is to collect funds for the restoration of the church. During the tour you will be able to admire the fortified character of this ancient monument, the frescoes partly covering the walls inside, as well as the reliquaries of St Felicien and St Etienne de Muret. Then, a short path will lead you to the Celtic spring in the woods... Guided visits: 10 am / 11 am / 2:30 pm / 4 pm Visiting the church is free, however we welcome donations towards the restoration. The Church of Les Billanges was built at the end of the 12th century and beginning of the 13th century. However, it includes elements of the early Gothic period such as the western main entrance door. The structure of the church was strengthened and fortified either at the beginning of the 15th century to fight the English invaders during the Hundred Years’ War or during the 16th century’s Religious wars. It was labelled as an Ancient Monument in 2005 after the discovery of frescoes dating from the late 14th and early 15th centuries. They were discovered while repairs were being made and will be totally restored after we have collected the necessary funds. Sat 21st to Sun 22nd Sep SAINT-JUNIEN Bridge Festival Salle des Fêtes, Saint-Junien For more information and inscriptions, email or call 06 30 20 45 13. Fri 27th to Sun 29th Sep BORD SAINT GEORGES A bord du festival Music festival with a difference!! The event is the brainchild of local teenager Augustin Cimbault, who has organised the festival himself and financed it through crowdfunding. The 14-year-old musical entrepreneur is already making a name for himself through the numerous concerts he puts on across the Limousin with his four younger siblings, under the name Soleils en confettis. The brothers and sisters play a wide variety of instruments and both write and arrange much of their own music. The festival will see ten concerts take place, as well as other associated events. The music will cover a wide range of genres, from traditional music to rock and swing, as well as a concert by respected quartet Sweet Note in Paris. There will also be a randonnée musicale, where

walkers will be entertained along the route by musical recitals. To find out more about the event visit and search for “Festival de musique à Bord-Saint-Georges” or see Facebook “Soleils en confetti”. Sat 28th Sep to Sun 6th Oct SAINT-JUST-LE-MARTEL Salon International de la Caricature, du Dessin de Presse et d'Humour Exhibition includes the work of award-winning British political cartoonist Steve Bell, works on the theme of Brexit by the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio and "Gagged" work by British cartoonists on the repression and censorship of cartoonists around the world. Espace Loup. For more info visit: Sun 29th Sep SOLIGNAC Cantique Concert The magnificent Abbatiale at Solignac hosts the culminating concert of Cantique’s busy 2019 season, on 29th September at 17:00. Music by Monteverdi, Tallis and Victoria. Come with us to Venice, Spain and England before visiting the Opéra russe for Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances. Chef Colin Cartwright, Pianists José Carlosema and Grégoire Dors, and Jane Parry on flute. Admission by donation. A glass of wine is offered after the concert. For info visit


The Bugle Film Club

Thursday 12th September

What? Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Where? Cinéma Sénéchal, 1 rue du Sénéchal, 23000 Guéret When? 19h00, Thursday 12th September How much? JUST €4 (mention The Bugle when purchasing your ticket)

For details of the Cinéma Sénéchal, visit Details of each month's screening will be included in The Bugle, but to receive emails about upcoming Film Club nights, please send an email to quoting “Film Club” in the subject line, and we will add you to our contact list. (We promise not to send you any spam!!)

The Journées européennes du patrimoine (European Heritage Days) take place this month on 21st and 22nd September. This is a popular event throughout France, which sees many state buildings and museums open their doors to visitors. There is not enough space in these pages to list everything going on so pop down to your local tourist office or visit to find out what is happening in your area.

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The Bugle Limousin - Sep 2019  

Your local newspaper for Central France. News, views and events from across the region.

The Bugle Limousin - Sep 2019  

Your local newspaper for Central France. News, views and events from across the region.

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