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Air France holds whipround to buy fuel

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September 2012 Issue #35

British expats to get winter fuel payment

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♦ European court ruling means all expat pensioners qualify for winter fuel payment ♦ £200 per year, £300 for over-80s ♦ 445,000 British expat pensioners now qualify for the payment while those with someone over 80 get £300. The case could cost the British government millions, as around 445,000 expat pensioners live overseas. Under the old rules, only 73,000 of those pensioners were eligible. As online message boards buzzed with speculation of what the European ruling would mean, the UK’s International Pension Centre released the following update: “In the past people could only claim winter fuel payment if they had already acquired entitlement in the UK before moving abroad. Following a judgement in the European Court of Justice in 2011, people who did not receive the winter fuel payment in the

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ritish pensioners in France and across Europe could receive an unexpected bonus this year as they become eligible for the UK winter fuel payment. Under previous rules, pensioners had to be living in the UK until they retired in order for the payments to continue if they moved abroad. But following a ruling from the European Court of Justice all pensioners living outside the UK who receive the state pension must also now be paid the fuel allowance. The ruling follows a recent challenge by an elderly expat living in Switzerland who claimed the British government was unfair by not paying the allowance to all pensioners. Currently, households with someone on a state pension qualify for £200,

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The Bugle

o, I think it is safe to say that having waited since the beginning of June for some hot weather, summer eventually arrived in August with a vengeance. What is the old adage? “Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!” Well, anyone who wished for roasting hot days may have been regretting it there for a little while. Here at Bugle Towers, the mercury topped out at over 41 degrees – that’s 106 in old money! I, for one, did not enjoy it one bit. I have never been very good with extreme heat. I tend to get very dehydrated, very uncomfortable and my fuse gets shorter the hotter I get. As I write this, it has cooled to a ‘balmy’ 34 and I am starting to calm down. I think apologies to a few people may be in order for my short temper these last few days. That said, my wife and I appear to have a policy similar to the one you’re supposed to adopt in traffic accidents: never publicly admit liability… so any apology to her will have to remain inferred! My only consolation was glancing across at my jet black husky-cross

dog, who looked to be enjoying the heat even less than me. He did have the advantage of being able to jump into the children’s paddling pool every time my back was turned, but I can’t really blame him for that. The Olympics came and went in a blur of Union Jacks and jingoism. I love the Olympics and it was so nice to watch the evening news and for it to be largely positive. It was an amazing performance by Team GB and really seemed to stimulate a bit of national pride. As an aside, does anyone know why we call it Team GB when it should either be Team UK or Team GB & NI…? I have always been conscious of the difference since becoming very close friends with a gentleman from Northern Ireland. How often are Britain/England/UK banded about as virtual synonyms? I can understand why people find it very frustrating that “les Anglais” is a catch-all for anyone from across the Channel. I digress! One of my favourite things about the Olympics is how the whole world becomes an expert in minority sports that they probably didn’t know existed a few weeks ago. “Oh, it was a shame

Tom Daley only got bronze” “Well, what do you expect, going for an inward 3 ½ spin with tuck for his last dive. You can’t expect to beat the Chinese with a difficulty of only 3.4” Another strange thing happened this month with the arrival of the in-laws… again! That in itself is not strange, what stuck me as odd is that they will be here for 3 and a half weeks!! I am starting to seriously consider the possibility that in my youth, mad scientists created a clone of me and that this clone is now playing games with my life. I understand that the price I must pay for being married to my beautiful wife is that she has parents of her own that we need to see from time to time, but when did I agree to this? I have just re-read my Editorial from last September in which I wrote: “I mean, honestly, since when was three weeks an acceptable amount of time for someone to visit!” And yet, here they are again… for 16.7% longer. Is my clone sneaking into my house when he sees me leave and causing mischief by agreeing to things in my place? If this time next year I am writing that my in-laws have come for 4 weeks and somehow I have paid for the flights, then I will know evil forces are at work!! I also think that they are famehungry. My Editorial from one year ago centred around my cheese grater and the fact that my kitchen

implements were always being moved when they are here - I am very protective of my kitchen and its gadgets. Today, it was decided that we would have cheese on toast for lunch, a strange request, as it’s not something that we eat very often, but the in-laws had brought some mature cheddar over from England, so I thought “why not?” Into the cupboard for the grater… well you know what I’m going to say next. I finally tracked it down in the larder behind the dried pasta… and we’ve not even used it since they arrived. Either my evil clone twin has been at it again, or my in-laws secretly enjoy being the stars of my annual rant and are taunting me!! Until next month! Steve Martindale Editor

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Solar power station is a Limousin blood first for the Limousin donation appeal I A n a first for the Limousin, the planned solar power station at Gros Chastang in Corrèze has been given the green light. After 2 years’ of studies, the government has now finally given the €23 million project the go-ahead. As one local official involved in the project put it: “We have had to work hard to get here!” With the backing of the commune, the department and the conseil général, the minister for ecology studied the proposals and has authorised the project. “It has caused me many sleepless nights,” said the mayor of Gros Chastang, Christian Madelrieux, on hearing the good news. “We just took it step by step, and at every stage we seemed to get that little bit of luck required to get us to where we are today.” And where the tiny commune of 175 inhabitants is today is at the centre of a 23 million euro project for which it has not had to stump up a single cent. All the money is coming from Compagnie des Vents (a

subsidiary of GDF-Suez). If all goes according to plan, the new plant will connect to the national grid in 2014 and supply enough electricity to power 7,000 households. The 37,000 individual solar panels will produce an estimated 12 megawatts of electricity. The project is eco-friendly and 100% French and even includes plans for a border area of indigenous fruit trees around the site. It will also allow the

rural community to reclaim 40 hectares of land that is currently too wet to farm effectively and will create 2 full-time local jobs. “We wanted to create a rural eco-project”, explained a delighted Mr Madelrieux. “We want to bring life back to this community. That is why we did not limit the scope simply to solar panels, but also to regeneration projects around the site. Our rural community needs life and this is the perfect opportunity!” ■

n urgent appeal has been launched by the French Blood Service (EFS) of AquitaineLimousin, particularly for the Limousin region, which has seen a significant depletion of its reserves recently. The summer is always a difficult time for the blood collection agencies as regular donors disappear on holiday and people’s minds are often elsewhere - stocks typically deplete in the summer months. “Unfortunately, the number of people relying on blood donations does not go down,” explained Colette Dupic from the EFS. “And the number of road accidents actually goes up. Recently we have had to provide as many as 650 units of blood a day for three consecutive days… we usually distribute around 700 per week in the Limousin on average.” At times this summer, reserves were down to as little as 7 days - the EFS usually requires regions to carry at least 13-14 days' worth of blood in stock at any one time. “The blood groups most depleted are O+, O- and B-,” explained Ms Dupic. During the tourist season, when much of France decamps to coastal areas, the Aquitaine region will send people out onto the beaches to collect blood, a scheme that appears to work well. This is not as easy to

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do in the Limousin, which does not have a high concentration of tourists at any one location, although it has been tried. “A few years ago, we organised blood donations at Lac Vassivière,” explained Ms Dupic. “But considering the distances travelled and the relatively small number of units collected - only around 15 - we couldn’t keep that going”. Unfortunately for a large proportion of the British expat population willing to help and give blood, French authorities are often unable to accept donations depending on your age and the number of years you lived in the UK during the 1980s and early 1990s. This is due to perceived risks linked to CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), otherwise known as mad cow disease. Full information is available in English on the EFS website - As well as mobile collection points, the EFS has fixed blood donation centres that are open without prior appointment: EFS Limoges: 98 rue Charles Legendre. Tue/Wed 8h30-16h, Thu 10h-18h, Fri 8h-15h30 EFS Guéret: 39 avenue de la Sénatorerie. Mon & Fri 8h30-15h EFS Brive: 8 rue Vincent Chassaing. Fri 8h-15h45, 3rd Sat of month 8h-12h ■



Points repères - the unknown road signs

Population on the increase despite higher death rates

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Every driver knows the Highway Code, or the code de la route as it is called in France - in theory at least. Road users are required to be able to recognise standard road signs, but on many roads, and in particular the A20, there are a number of signs that you won’t find in any driving manual. Unknown to most road users, these small signs are vital to road workers, police and emergency services. For the most part, these are called points de repères - or reference markers - having replaced what used to be called points kilométriques. When accidents happen, the emergency services will talk in terms of “PR 189 200” which will refer to a very specific zone. “We are often called at the traffic centre in Feytiat by people saying there’s been an accident between Limoges and Châteauroux. When this happens, we have to send out several patrols just to find it,” said Christian Duvoux, head of the Feytiat traffic station. “If drivers are able to identify the PR markers, it makes everyone’s lives much easier!” The markers are small blue signs with white numbers on them and are usually mounted on small posts on the inside hard shoulder of the road. ■

he population of the Limousin once again saw its population increase in 2011, according to figures released by the INSEE, France’s data gathering agency. There are now 746,700 people living in the Haute-Vienne, Creuse and Corrèze departments - a 0.4% increase on the previous year. The spread is not even, however, as although the Haute-Vienne’s population grew by 0.6% in 2011, that of Creuse actually fell by 0.1%. When you consider that the death rate continues to outstrip the birth rate in the Limousin, the rise in population is being driven by migration from other parts of France. In total 7,100 babies were born in the region, an increase of 4.4%, but this number is still 2,065 fewer than the number of deaths in the same period. With 9.8 births per 1,000 residents, the birth rate, along with that of Corsica, remains the lowest in the whole of France. The good news for an ageing region is that those who move here tend to be younger: 47 per cent of new arrivals are under 30 (including children) and only 13% are over 60. However, many of those leaving the Limousin are young people looking for work: between 2001 and 2006, 48,200

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people aged between 20 and 29 left the region. The INSEE report also highlights a growing trend for older mothers: every year around 250 babies are born to mothers over 40, significantly up from the 120 registered 20 years ago. The average age of a new mother in the region is now 29.4 years. As you may expect from France’s ‘oldest region’, the death rate has gone up again in 2011 to 9,100, a 2% increase on 2010, but so have life expectancies. In the region with more 100-yearolds than any other in France, women can now expect to reach 84.3 years of age, with men on average living for 77.6 years. Marriage also appears to

be going out of fashion, with the number of people signing PACS (Pacte civil de solidarité) agreements outstripping those getting married, for the first time ever. The PACS system, introduced in 1999, is a civil contract between two people, similar to a marriage, but is more flexible and does not afford all the rights. It is the only form of civil union available to same-sex couples. With the number of marriages decreasing by on average 7% each year, the number of PACS agreements has increased by 10% a year over the same period. In 2011 there were 2,250 PACS signed and only 2,210 marriages. ■

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Mining history of Lavaveix-les-Mines celebrated


oal has a long history for the people of Creuse. For more than 2 centuries, coal mining played an integral role to the people and local economies of this isolated department. Although not always obvious today from above ground, many town names still give a clue as to the area's history: Bosmoreaules-Mines and Lavaveix-lesMines among them. Lavaveix-les-Mines was central to the important ‘Ahun basin’ of coal mines, a 14 kilometre-long seam of coal running down the valley from Ahun to Fourneaux. Lavaveix is this month launching a walking tour around the town, taking visitors through the history of the town and its mining heritage. The tour is being inaugurated in conjunction with the opening of the Maison de la Mine chambre d’hôte, which is the former residence of the mine’s director and the second stop on the tour. To mark the occasion, owners Lisa and Steve Boot are hosting a Fête in their grounds (see back page or full details). The area around the Massif Central has a long history of coal production in France and

although coal had been mined and exploited near Ahun by the local church authorities for many years, it was not until 1777 that the first concession was granted to a private company; a deal lasting 15 years. Until the early part of the 18 th century, coal was used mostly for forges and heating. It was the advent of the industrial revolution that made coal production, and the areas associated with it, increasingly important. Coal was initially extracted entirely by hand and by the mid-1800s, the area around Ahun was producing hundreds of tonnes of coal. It was the opening of the railway line between Montluçon and Guéret in 1864 that really got things moving for the various mine companies now operating around Ahun. Production went from 22,000 tonnes in 1864 to 160,000 tonnes in 1867. The increased workforce that began to settle in the area, as well as the creation of other local businesses based around the mines (a glass maker, a brick maker and several lime kilns) led to the creation in 1868 of the commune of Lavaveix-les-Mines on the site of the small lieu-dit of La

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Vaveix. Conditions were tough for the miners. Accidents were common, as were deaths. Pay was below the national average and the working day was long, typically 12 hours a day for 6 days a week. Although the miners were expected to work for 12 hours each day, they were usually only paid for 8. The miners were also not paid for the woodwork required to prop up tunnels, which inevitably led to corners being cut and tunnel collapses were common. Added to these dangers were working conditions of between 25 and 35 degrees, which made the miner’s life a tough one! As the area prospered, both the population and the production of the town increased, reaching a peak at the turn of the last century, just before the advent of electricity – a technology that meant steam power, and with it coal production, became increasingly obsolete. The last mine closed in 1960, with 12 million tonnes of coal having been extracted from the mines around Lavaveix in an eventful 2 centuries of industry. From a peak population of over 4,000, today fewer than 800 people call Lavaveix-les-Mines home. ■



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Champagne producers Winter fuel payments for all expat pensioners endure tough season >> continued from pg 1

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rance’s famous Champagne region is bracing itself following an “unprecedented” series of problems with the weather and disease so far this year. Experts are warning that as much as 10% of the region’s grapes have been destroyed by a late frost that hit in mid-April. In some areas this figure is as high as 40%. Elsewhere, some producers lost their entire crop to a freak hailstorm that struck in early June, with an estimated 1,000 hectares of vineyards decimated. “This year has been unprecedented,” said Dominique Moncomble, director of technical services at the CIVC, the Champagne wine board. “We have been accumulating problems: we are battling the elements and disease.” Estimates from the French agriculture ministry predict that this year’s production of the world’s favourite bubbly will be down a quarter. “Everything has been thrown at us this year,” Benoit Gouez, chef de cave at Moët & Chandon told The Telegraph. “Poor weather during flowering when it was cold and wet meant that that took place over four weeks instead of just a few days”. The result is vines

with different sized grapes, instead of them all being at the same stage of development. “Then the rainiest June since the 1950s helped the spread of downy and powdery mildew.” Fans of the famous fizz should not panic, though. The subsequent hot, dry weather has been a welcome relief to the region’s growers and the Champagne board insists that this year’s vintage is “not yet compromised” - although the final damage will not be known until the harvest in the third week of September. Producers also keep large stocks in reserve from previous years and look well equipped to cope with 2012’s expected poor yield. ■

UK may now be eligible if they have a “genuine and sufficient” link with the UK. To assess whether someone has a “genuine and sufficient” link with the UK, several factors will be considered, for example how long someone has lived and worked in the UK and whether they receive UK State Pension or other benefits. Updated information about winter fuel payment can be found on Directgov, and if people make enquiries the new rules will be explained to them. Customers who would like to claim for the coming winter (12/13) need to complete a claim form. The deadline for receiving the claim form is 31st March 2013. Any decisions that have already been made will not be changed and claims cannot be backdated. A claim form will need to be completed and this is available on the Directgov website from August or on request from the International Pension Centre, or via the Winter Fuel Payment helpline on 08459 15 15 15”

Ancient vineyard honoured

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The UK press has reacted angrily to the news, questioning why taxpayers should pay a ‘heating allowance’ to wealthy British expats enjoying mild winters in Greece, Portugal and Spain. The UK’s Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, was equally irate. “We will fight these ridiculous EU rules. It is ludicrous we could have to pay more pensioners living in hot countries,” he said. He also announced that he was planning to get round the changes by creating a rule for eligibility based on temperature. Under that principle it would seem likely that pensioners in central France would still be eligible for the winter payments. Meanwhile, a charity campaign has picked up pace that collects winter fuel allowances from wealthier recipients for donation to Saga, the financial firm for the over-50s and elderly. The charity collected £2 million last year from names such as Helen Mirren and entertainer Bruce Forsyth, who wanted their allowance to help less wealthy pensioners heat their homes in winter. ■

series of vines, tended by eight generations of the Pédebernade family, have been declared a French historic monument, the first time a living thing has been granted this honour. The vines are 190 years old, making then some of the very few to have survived the phylloxera epidemic which wiped out most of Europe’s vineyards at the end of the 19th century. The current custodian of these gnarled and ancient vines is Jean-Pascal Pédebernade, who took over 20 years ago from his father Réné, now 85 and still helping out. The family always knew that the vines were something special and

Réné talks of his grandmother referring to them as very old. “This kind of listing was until now restricted to old stones,” said Olivier BourdetPees, head of Plaimont cooperative that campaigned for the Pédebernade vineyard to be listed. “It's quite simply an exceptional site. It's not just the age of the vines, but also the extraordinary number of grape varieties, above all there are seven grapes that are completely unknown and exist nowhere else on the planet. They have completely disappeared. We don't even know their names.” The 600 plants are set in 12 rows in a small plot at the foot of the Pyrenees and include

some 20 different grape types. At the time they were planted it was common to plant many varieties together and they have been positioned to allow oxen to pass between the rows - the tractors of their day. The vines have been dated to 1822, one year after the death of Napoleon. Dominique Paillarse, head of the Gers region cultural affairs department, said: “We usually classify churches and buildings rather than living things. But when we visited the vineyard we were so impressed we said 'Let's do it - it's worth it.'” The Pédebernade family now plans to open the listed site to the public. ■

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he crew of an Air France flight stunned passengers recently by asking for a whip-round to pay for more fuel following an emergency landing. What might seem almost comical at first was in fact a very dangerous situation, as the plane was carrying some very important passengers and had landed in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The plane was originally bound for Beirut, but was diverted due to violent demonstrations near the airport of the Lebanese capital and instead sought permission to go to Amman in Jordan. However, a lack of fuel forced it to land in Syria, where rebels are battling to oust the regime of President Bashar alAssad. Air France stopped flying to Damascus in March as fighting escalated in Syria,

and relations with Syria are strained at best, with France being one of the most outspoken critics of the regime and repeatedly calling for the government to step down and face charges of war crimes. France pulled its ambassador out of Syria in March and Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, recently said on a visit to a refugee camp for Syrians on the Turkish border: “The Syrian regime should be smashed fast. After hearing the refugees and their account of the massacres of the regime, Mr Bashar alAssad doesn’t deserve to be on this earth.” “Because of the terrible relations between the two countries and the situation in Syria, the passengers were really worried about landing there,” a friend of one of the passengers, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters.

Due to financial sanctions placed on Syria, Air France was unable to pay for fuel using the company credit card. “As a precaution and in anticipation, the crew asked how much money the passengers had in cash to pay to fill up with fuel,” an airline spokeswoman said. She continued that the airline was eventually able to pay the bill without taking money from any of the 174 passengers, but she declined to say how it had paid or how much the fuel stop cost. Lebanese passenger May Bsat told France Info: “The pilot asked first class passengers to give him cash, as apparently Damascus airport authorities had refused to give fuel to the plane. Everyone started rooting around for money and managed to raise 17,000 dollars.” Another female passenger told Europe

Limbless French swimmer completes epic voyage

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The other crossings in his epic journey included: Papua New Guinea to Indonesia (20km - Oceania to Asia); the shark-infested Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan to the Egyptian coast (19km - Asia to Africa); and the busy shipping straits between Gibraltar and Morocco (14km - Europe to Africa). Mr Croizon lost his limbs when he received a massive 20,000 volt shock while adjusting an aerial on a roof in 1994. The current fused him to the metal ladder he was standing on and would have killed him instantly, were it not for a second shock that brought him back to life. Although he survived, he was so seriously burnt that both his arms and his legs had to be amputated. While in hospital recovering, he saw a documentary on television about an Englishwoman who had swum the English Channel earlier that year, and it was this that inspired him to take up swimming. In 2010, he became the first limbless man to cross the 34km Channel between France and England - a feat that had only been achieved by some 900 other, able-bodied, swimmers. ■

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rench quadriplegic swimmer, Philippe Croizon, has crossed the icy waters of the Bering Strait to complete his series of swims between the world’s major continents. Mr Croizon, who swims using paddle-like prosthetics, made the crossing from Little Diomede island in Alaska to the Russian territorial waters off Big Diomede - a distance of just over 4km. The swimmer said that this crossing, in choppy waters registering just 4ºC, was the hardest he had undertaken. “Philippe said it was the hardest thing he ever did, even harder than crossing the English Channel,” said Marc Gaviard, coordinator for the expedition, in a telephone interview from Little Diomede. “He was totally out of energy.” Mr Croizon said he hoped to be an encouragement to other disabled people. “I tell them: 'Everything is possible, everything can be done when you have the will to go beyond yourself'. We're all equal, disabled and non-disabled people on all continents.”

© 2006 - Pawel Kierzkowski (WikiCommons)

Air France holds whip-round to buy fuel

1: “It was a horrible night. We spent two hours in Damascus with the plane blinds down. The captain told us: 'Don't take any videos or photos'.” Returning from a trip to the region, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was furious with Air France, labelling

the emergency landing in Syria “incomprehensible and dangerous”, especially considering the passenger list of Air France flight 562, which included the French ambassador to Lebanon and a number of outspoken opponents of the Syrian

regime. “Imagine for one moment that the Syrian authorities had boarded the plane and checked everyone’s identities! It was a huge mistake”, said Mr Fabius, who also said that he would be demanding an explanation from Air France. ■










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Tél : 05 55 52 73 73 Mail: GPS: 46.1831, 1 .8800



Hollande committed to 75% tax rate President François Hollande is pressing ahead with plans to push through a 75% top rate of tax on France’s super-rich. The new top rate, which Hollande hopes will “get the country back on its feet again”, would be applied on earnings above €1 million and will be debated when parliament resumes in September. “We’re getting a lot of calls from high earners who are asking whether they should get out of France,” said Mr Grandil, a partner at Altexis, a Paris law firm which specializes in tax matters for corporations and the wealthy. “Even young, dynamic people pulling in 200,000 euros are wondering whether to remain in a country where making money is not considered a good thing.”

It is thought that relatively few will pay the tax, however - an estimated 7,000 to 30,000 in a country of 65 million and the government has not responded to requests for estimates of how much revenue the tax might raise. Most agree it will be a fraction of the €33 billion the government needs to balance its books. Some now think that the move is simply aimed at providing political cover for painful cuts to social and welfare programs the government may need to make next year. These will undoubtedly prove less popular with the average French person and President Hollande may need all the goodwill he can muster in the short term to push through any less palatable cuts. ■

diagnostic report and remedial works – consuel approvals - liaison with ERDF for changes. full re-wires, new-build, additions, modifications.


bathrooms & kitchens from design to completion; ceilings; partition walls; drylining.

Tel: Email: Web:

President Hollande enjoys an eventful summer break


rench President, François Hollande, recently made his first official trip to Britain since his election in May this year. He met with Prime Minister David Cameron and also took tea with the Queen. During his royal appointment, which was closed to journalists and had no interpreters present, the Queen apparently spoke French, with Hollande replying in English. Cross Channel relationships between leaders have not always been smooth and have often involved a good deal of light-hearted insults and name-calling. When Cameron and Hollande first met at the G20 summit in America earlier this year, Cameron said Britain would “roll out the red

carpet” and “welcome more French businesses to Britain” if Hollande raised taxes on the rich, using the money to “pay for our health service and schools and everything else”. France responded by saying those that moved to London for lower tax rates always returned to France for healthcare and education because public services “no longer exist” in Britain. During a debate in Parliament over the financial transaction tax, beloved by Sarkozy and dreaded by the financial heart of London, Cameron declared to much laughter that he was “sometimes tempted to ask the French whether they would like a cheese tax”. The French have scored their fair share of digs, however, with Mitterrand once joking that Thatcher had the “eyes of Caligula and the lips of Marilyn Monroe”, and Jacques Chirac's question about her: “What more does the bag want, my balls on a platter?” Perhaps in a bid to avoid any diplomatic incidents on this first official visit, Hollande was not accompanied by his partner, Valérie Trierweiler. The country’s ‘First Girlfriend’ has been keeping a low profile since causing a political storm when she tweeted support during regional elections for the opponent of Ségolène Royal. Ms Royal is Hollande’s former partner and mother

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systems designed with permissions & paperwork included and independent approval with certification.


to his 4 children. Royal lost and in doing so missed out on being appointed President of the National Assembly, the third most powerful position in France. Despite his best efforts, Hollande is finding that life in the Elysée Palace is not easy. Since his election, he has seen his popularity slump from 56% to just 46%. At the same point in his presidency, former president Sarkozy

enjoyed a 69% satisfaction rating. In an effort to keep the public onside with his reforms, Hollande has lived up to his Mr Normal reputation by ‘staycationing’ in France rather than travelling overseas for his summer break. President Hollande was pictured on Cabasson beach, near to the Fort de Brégançon, a presidential retreat on the Mediterranean coast. ■

Paris pedestrianisation to go ahead


SIRET: 495 098 659 00024

Septic tanks

aris’ mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, has finally been given the green light for his plans to pedestrianise areas along the banks of the Seine, the river that runs through France’s capital. Delanoë has already introduced bicycles and electric cars to Paris, while increasing the number of bus and bicycle lanes, but has been thwarted by successive UMP governments in his attempts to reclaim the banks of the river. With the new Socialist government in office, his €40 million project has now been given the go-ahead. Beginning modestly in September, nearly one kilometre of the right bank, starting near the town hall, will be sharply narrowed. A series of six new traffic lights will be introduced, designed to slow down traffic. Along the riverside, space will be created for more bars, cafes, pedestrian walkways, and pontoons for electric river boats.

Then next spring around two kilometres of the left bank, between the Musée d’Orsay and the Pont de l’Alma, will be closed entirely to cars. The city intends to create a riverside park of about 11 acres, with floating botanic gardens, sports areas, restaurants and a flower market. Officials argue that the closures will only add 10 minutes to a journey across Paris, even at rush hour. Opponents believe that the pedestrian areas will produce too much noise and rubbish, disturbing those who live near the river. They also think that the move will simply push more traffic onto the city’s network of smaller streets, which will in turn cause more accidents. Similar efforts to take back rivers have been made in other French cities, like Bordeaux, Lyons and also Toulouse, where a major project is underway to create a riverside park about the size of New York’s Central Park. ■ ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012

NATIONAL NEWS ♦ 9 Cafe le` Pont de la Pierre, Bellac “A Very Special Place”

Open every day except Tue & Wed

Join us on the terrace for great food, drinks and the best views in the area!

Tel: 05 55 60 20 79

15 Faubourg du Pont de la Pierre, 87300 Bellac

A couple received an unexpected wedding gift as they tied the knot recently at their local mayor’s office in Jallais, near Angers in western France. The wedding had nearly been called off following several false alarms for the heavily pregnant bride, but with the due date still a week or so away, they decided to carry through with their wedding. During the ceremony, which started at 11am, the mayor, JeanRobert Gachet, had noted that the bride was “definitely a bit worn out, but we put that down to the stress of the wedding. I tried to hurry it up a bit so that she didn't get too tired.” Moments later, as the happy couple were stood on the steps outside the mairie for the traditional photos, the butterflies in the bride’s tummy turned to something else altogether. The pompiers were called, but the woman’s waters had already broken and she gave birth to a baby boy at 12h15 on the floor of the mayor’s office. “It did rather shake us up,” admitted mayor Gachet, after hearing that mother and baby were doing well. “The cry of the new born boy was an emotional moment! It was a first for us and for the emergency services!” The wedding’s uninvited guest, Jarod, was reported to be doing well. ■

French footballers charged in underage sex scandal


n one of the biggest scandals to ever hit French sport, two of the country’s most famous footballers have learned that they are to face trial for allegedly soliciting the services of an underage prostitute. Franck Ribéry, who plays for the German club Bayern Munich, and Karim Benzema, a striker at Real Madrid, will stand trial with 6 others, some of whom will be prosecuted for “aggravated pimping”. The long-running case relates to 2 incidents, the first in 2008 when Benzema allegedly paid for sex with Zahia Dehar, aged 16 at the time. Benzema, who was 18 when he first met the 14-year-old Dehar, was 20 when the offence is said to have taken place. The second was in 2009 when Ribéry allegedly flew Ms Dehar to Munich as a birthday present to himself when she was still just 17. Asked by Paris Match magazine whether she had been Ribéry's birthday gift, Dehar replied: “I'm a pretty present, aren't I?” France has reacted with shock to the news that the case will proceed to trial; in November last year, the Paris state prosecutor requested that the case against the footballers be dropped on the grounds that



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Specialist in French lime & English plastering techniques Covering depts 23, 87, Northern 19 & Southern 36 For a free quotation & friendly advice call Mark or Mareike on

05 55 54 95 63

they did not know that Dehar was under 18 at the time of the offences. The trial promises to lift the lid on a disturbing scene taking place in the bars of the ChampsElysées, one involving money, minors and paid-for sex. It will also highlight modern immigration and young people from rundown suburbs who make it big. Aged 10 and speaking no French, Algerian-born Dehar arrived in France with her mother after her parents' messy divorce. She began visiting bars on the Champs-Elysées aged 14 and told Paris Match her first paid-for sex was with a client celebrating his birthday; she had celebrated her 16th shortly before. Her mother believed she was at sleepovers with school friends. Describing herself as an “an escort girl, not a prostitute”, she argues that she was “never part of a network. I don't give my money to anyone. I do what I want, I have paid or unpaid sex with who I want. No one makes me and when I don't want to, it's no.”

As well as being blamed for unrest in the World Cup squad that performed so badly in South Africa in 2010, the case has been disastrous for Ribéry personally, who was - and in fact still is - a national hero. He had cultivated an image as a funny, ugly Mr Wholesome. He was born on one of the poorest estates in northern France, was disfigured by a childhood car crash, dragged himself up from a deprived early life to marry his childhood sweetheart and became one of the world’s most famous footballers. He was a good dad and an observant convert to Islam and symbolised the multi-cultural, mixed identities of modern France. His image has been badly damaged by the allegations and his defence that he did not know how old Dehar was at the time may be undermined by the fact that he paid for her flights to Munich and therefore may have needed to know her age in order to book them. For her part, Zahia Dehar has become an unlikely

© 2012 - Илья Хохлов (WikiCommons)

Unexpected wedding gift for one happy couple

SIRET: 490 736 261 00010

style icon. Taken under the wing of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, she is now a successful lingerie designer who has had her creations showcased on the catwalks of Paris fashion week. Lagerfeld says she is so fascinating precisely because she is a




! ! W NE


******* ATP CERTIFIED ******* Celotex Rigid Insulation Board B-Grade - all sizes available Delivery can be arranged


reminder of France's 18thcentury courtesans, the paid mistresses of the rich and powerful, “a purely French tradition that the whole world admired and copied”. No date has as yet been set for the trial. ■



H2 0 Creuse HEATING




All forms of heating work undertaken: gas, oil & wood

Qualigaz certificates arranged Winterising of heating & plumbing systems Kitchens & bathrooms fitted and tiled Swimming pool maintenance. Advice given Jason Green: Email: Siret no: 487 425 639 00027

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suppose that, like most of you, we here at Chez Smith have spent quite a bit of time watching the recent Olympics in London (and at the time of writing, Team GB were riding high in 3rd place in the medals table). However, with all the work involved in setting up and running the Games, not to mention the millions of people (mostly BBC employees by the look of it) that will move around the world to converge on London, will it live up to its prediction that it will be the ‘greenest’ Games ever? At first glance, it seems that the Organising Committee (LOCOG) are on their way to achieving this goal, so let’s look at a few things. The construction work to create the main stadium for the Games has supposedly made the circle around the stadium out of old abandoned gas pipes instead of new steel, and overall, two thirds of the steel used in the entire roof of the stadium is recycled, with only a tenth as much steel being used as its equivalent in Beijing four years ago. When building the venues, 97% of waste from construction was diverted from landfill. For the Games itself, LOCOG have set a zero waste to landfill target and aim to recycle, re-use for compost 70 per cent of that. At the moment they are achieving 73 per cent, which if true is very good, especially when you consider that most events have a recycling rate of about 15 per cent. LOCOG said they would deliver 20 per cent of electricity during the Games from new local renewable sources, but have in fact, delivered very little. A wind turbine was scrapped and not enough work was done to find renewable biofuels for running the site or to invest in solar. There was much made

of the world’s biggest McDonald's opening at the Olympic village, and any of you who have read Fast food Nation will know why. But all Olympic park restaurants signed up to a ‘Food Vision’, agreeing to source ingredients locally. This means that they committed to use British beef, chicken and free range eggs. However, LOCOG chairman, Lord Coe, confirmed that most of the Olympic chicken meat supplied by McDonald's would come from Brazil. He admitted, when asked, that only 10 per cent of chicken meals sold at Games venues by McDonald's would be Britishsourced. So much for that ‘Vision’. At a time when British farmers are facing some of their biggest financial challenges, it seems ridiculous to me that these Olympic food suppliers should be flying food half way round the world when it would be perfectly possible to have them all UK sourced. But having spent billions to be seen as ‘Official Partners’ to the Games, the corporate beancounters will want as much return on their investment as possible. As my own chickens are starting to fatten up for slaughter, I thought I’d look at what exactly ‘Food Vision’ say about meat supplied for London 2012. After all, we here at Chez Smith are pretty athletic, so if it’s good enough for Olympians… It appears that they stipulate “all meat, traditionally British cheeses and where ‘seasonally realistic’, fruit, vegetables and cereals should be UK farmed and grown, and produced to Red Tractor standards”. Red Tractor is a code that is supposed to ensure that food is made to minimum standards, but this can mean up to 30,000 chickens in a barn, slaughtered at six weeks old. Which makes it look like my chickens, who

Mayday computer services

Operating system support Application support Network support System security pc • mac • network Virus and Malware removal Call for friendly no-obligation assessment and advice Haute-Vienne & surrounding areas 05 55 68 47 33 06 82 26 31 54 siret 500 443 536 00015

Phil Monaghan -

are free range, and are kept until they are 22 weeks, are getting a better deal. Viva, the vegetarian organisation, said visitors to the Olympics will not get a good impression of British food from fast food restaurants. I bet that took a lot of coming up with. From recent visits back to the UK, it seems to me that the majority of high streets are made up of Bookmakers and Fast Food Outlets. “It is ironic the unhealthiest food in the world is being served at an event to celebrate the healthiest people in the world,” a Viva spokesman said. Again, no prizes for coming up with that gem. But sitting here in the lush green Limousin, seeing brown cows idly swishing away flies in the summer heat, watching neighbours working in their potagers to grow healthy fruit and veg to eat, visiting the artisan bakers to buy our wholesome daily bread, and sampling the food at quaint village restaurants and auberges, it’s hard to believe that outside the USA, France is the biggest market for, and consumer of, fast food burgers. Anyway, last word on the Olympics. That lovely couple, Boris and Sebastian made a big deal about using electric and hybrid cars to ferry around athletes and dignitaries, all very ‘green’ they said. However, it appears that out of 4,000 vehicles only 240 were electric or hybrid. That’s about 6%, and to me, nowhere near a gold medal performance. Maybe we’ll do better in 2016? ■ Arthur Smith Harlequin Developments Tel: Mob:

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How green were the London Olympics?

Chicken with a Dijon mustard saucePêches

Poulet à la dijonnaise

This dish is called poulet à la dijonnaise because of the use of Dijon mustard.

Ingredients (Serves 4): 4 Skinned chicken breasts 25g Butter

For the Sauce:

25g Butter 20g Plain flour 300ml Hot chicken stock 15ml White wine vinegar

1 tbsp Olive oil Salt and pepper to season 15ml Wholegrain Dijon mustard 10g Sugar 2 Egg yokes

1. Season the chicken, put the butter and the oil into a frying pan, add the chicken and fry until cooked and golden brown. You can cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces if you prefer. Set aside and keep warm while you make the sauce. 2. Melt the butter over a medium heat, then stir in the flour. Turn down the heat to low cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring all the time to remove any lumps. 3. Remove from the heat and slowly blend in the hot stock. Return to the heat, bring to the boil, stirring all the time, then simmer for 2-3 minutes. 4. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the white wine vinegar, mustard and sugar. 5. In a small bowl beat the yokes and slowly add a small quantity of the hot sauce. Return the mix to the pan, whisking vigorously, and continue whisking over a low heat for another minute. Drizzle over the chicken and serve immediately.

The Bugle September 2012


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Accommodation The Linden House Self-catering gîte in Creuse Sleeps 6-8 Prices from €250/week

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2 double bedroom gite for long term rental Central heating & satellite TV approx. 1h15 from Limoges Airport

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Enjoy a day's fishing at Lake Brillac, situated in Brillac, 16500. Carp, Roach, Zander and Perch. Sport fishing only - no kill policy. Open daily 8am til late Night fishing available on request. Equipment hire/bait available at extra cost.

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Dog Holidays at Valhalla Farm

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Family, cage-free boarding for dogs and cats. Positive dog training and counseling. We make sure that “Ze Dog (& Cat) House” is a real home from home for your companions so that they, as well as you, spend a great time on holiday! June Altman, Le Puytren, 87800 Meilhac

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Good Citizens Dog Training Call Elaine Smith:

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Caring, quiet accommodation just for cats JUNCT 22 off A20, Arnac la Poste Alison & Ray

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The Caring Cattery

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The English Mechanic

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Only 30 mins from Limoges airport. Established, purpose built secure cattery. Large individual/family units, tiled floors, shelving, adjoining outside areas. Heated, individual needs catered for. NEW - purpose built isolation unit. Certificate of Capacity. Contact Barbara:

THE AGRICULTURAL MECHANIC Richard Settle - Mechanic/Engineer

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The Orchard Kennels & Cattery

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Oradour-sur-Vayres (87150) Siren 527 854 749

Le Charme De Chêne Handmade solid oak joinery and furniture

Our joinery expertise includes barn doors, barn door frame openings, staircases, kitchens, windows & doors. We also make handmade furniture. Every item is bespoke and made to measure. Please visit our website for recent installations and references.

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Building Services

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Planning and Design Services Experienced professional providing scale drawings and dossiers for all planning applications throughout Cher, L'Indre, La Creuse and Allier. SIRET: 510 961 139 00019

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Construction & Property Services Established, Professional and Personal Building Services. Fully registered with décennale insurance covering all works.

●Renovations ●New builds ●Roofing ●Stonework ●Carpentry ●Ground works Large or small projects undertaken - please view our website. Contact: Paul or Joanne Rands SIRET: 501 144 596 00019

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Monte Sarginson

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ROOFING, JOINERY, ELECTRICS, PLASTERING... ONE CALL COVERS ALL!! Tel: Dave - 05 55 37 74 06 Tel: Steve - 05 55 69 75 67 (Depts 23, 87 & 19)

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Steve Booth

Haute-Vienne and surrounding area Project help. Renovations interior & exterior. General maintenance. Conservation and restoration trained in the UK.

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting Including Tiling and Plasterboarding Room construction to finishing touches

T: Ian 05 55 53 37 10 E: Siret. 484 206 624 00014 ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012


English furniture maker, restorer and general woodworker moves to central France Ébénisterie Hemming, Montgenoux


icholas Hemming, a qualified cabinet maker and joiner with many years’ experience in England, made the move to set up business in central France and has set up a fully equipped workshop near Le Châtelet, close to the Cher/Indre border. Nicholas was drawn early on to woodworking, which he found to be entirely compatible with his other great interest, history. He attained a Masters’ Degree as a mature student; specialising - appropriately enough - in the history of woodworking. Fully qualified in both furniture making and carpentry & joinery, Nicholas was once a prize-winning

student at Rycotewood; one of Britain’s leading furniture colleges. Although passionate and knowledgeable about old furniture, he is equally at home designing and making unique contemporary items of all types and design. Consultation and advice are all part of the service, whether the style is ancient or modern. “The design process is intensely detailed and thought-provoking,” he says, “demanding aesthetic vision and technical know-how in equal measure.” Also qualified in carpentry and joinery, Nicholas undertakes projects of all types – doors, shutters, windows, garden furniture,

gates, signs, staircases, all to the highest standards and with an individuality only found in bespoke handmade items. Whether you are looking for something simple, or elaborate, Ébénisterie Hemming can make it to your exact specifications, to fit both your space and your budget! People renovating old properties often find it necessary, but difficult, to source items needing replacement. Copying period woodwork to the highest standards of authenticity is a speciality, down to the use of period techniques, polishes, even glues. Hand in hand with this type of work goes furniture restoration, in which Nicholas also trained and qualified at

Rycotewood. Ever seen an attractive but careworn item at a broccante, but been put off by its poor condition? Most things can be given a new lease of life at a reasonable price, so why not snap up your bargain and have it restored? The repertoire of techniques is a wide one: carving, turning, pyrography, working with the finest veneers – if it can be done in wood, Ébénisterie Hemming can do it at a fair price. Every item is unique, well-made and fits your exact requirements, which are carefully discussed beforehand. Ideal for somebody seeking ‘that special gift’. This is why so many of Ébénisterie Hemming’s customers have come back time and again. Recent projects have included copies of an

eighteenth century sideboard, a fitted kitchen, repairs to a damaged wooden statue, a set of double-glazed windows and built-in bedroom wardrobes. One customer liked antique ‘Berrichon’ style beds: always too small for modern mattresses, so she had one made to measure! So whatever you need, from a garden seat, to a Chippendale cabinet to a customised

breadboard, expert advice is available and no job is too small - contact them for a free quote. ■ Ébénisterie Hemming. Montgenoux, 18170 Maisonnais. or see our Facebook page: search ‘Ebenisterie Hemming’

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will beat any genuine written quote by 10%


tel: 05 49 83 01 33

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• house and barn clearances • dechetterie runs • rubbish removal • cash paid for scrap • general labouring service • mini digger hire - with/without driver

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Tony Hall

General Builders Renovations, Brickwork, Masonry We only undertake one job at a time! All areas covered


Traditional Building Services

All aspects of renovation/ restoration covered including bespoke joinery and lime plastering. All work is fully insured. References available.

Ring Andy on 05 44 19 15 57 Ring Will on 05 55 37 45 35

Dave Cardwell - Builder

Paul Goldsmith Renovations

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Scaffold and Plant Hire Please ring Robert

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Lovejoy’s Scaffolding Hire

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Tel: 05 55 68 22 04 Siret 509 933 784 00027

Mini Digger and dumper hire with driver From €120 per day

Harlequin CHERRY PICKER / Developments ACCESS PLATFORM HIRE All aspects of renovation and refurbishment, big or small, undertaken.

Harlequin Developments are a Distributor and Installer for Solarventi, solar dehumidifying and water heating products, as well as a range of other renewable energies SIRET: 494.501.067.00016



02 54 47 65 37

SIRET 538 982 414 00012

Entreprise Hines Building & Renovation ● Roofing - New & Repairs ● Masonry ● Plastering ● Dry Lining ● Sand Blasting ● Equestrian Buildings ● Digger/Scaffold Hire ● ... and much, much more

28 years qualified experience SIRET: 503 169 237 00016

Nick Glover

Tiler / Carreleur Walls & Floors Interior & Exterior

I fit all kinds of tiles: ceramic, porcelain, slate, natural stone, quarry tiles, travertine & granite. Central Limousin

Tel: 05 55 69 23 29 Port: 06 31 37 53 90 siret: 493 766 430 00018

UK Paint Depot

Quality UK Paints at the lowest prices see main ad - pg 7



Richard Settle - Mobile, Agricultural/ Auto Mechanic/ Engineer All types of Fabrication and Repairs. Possible Mftr of Specialist parts. Various Tractor/ Plant parts in stock. Milling and Turning. Also, Ride on/ Manual Lawnmower, Strimmer and Chainsaw Repairs. Registered, Reliable and Inexpensive. Call or pop in for free Quote today - 05 55 79 41 01 Mascureau, Rochechouart 87600

siret: 539 141 385 00017


B4 ♦ DIRECTORY Septic tanks


systems designed with permissions & paperwork included and independent approval with certification.

Building Services General Builder 40yrs Experience in quality work,

available for all your House Maintenance/Projects including Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry, Structural Work, Decorating. Plus Key Holding service. Good References. Dept. 23/36

email: 497 962 001 00010

T J Renovations 30 years experience in building trade

Full refurbishments undertaken • Stone/Brickwork • Patios • Repointing • Studwork • General Repairs & Maintenance

All areas in the Limousin covered Contact Tim

Tel: 05 55 61 08 02 Mob: 06 52 23 89 54

Email: Siret: 750 068 116 00011

Your advert here

diagnostic report and remedial works – consuel approvals - liaison with ERDF for changes. full re-wires, new-build, additions, modifications.

La Coterie Entreprise

Approved septic tank installer

See our main ad - pg 8

Masonry & More

Building Services

General building Renovation & maintenance Reliable, good quality work 30 years exp Based central 23 - will travel Martin Sprague

05 55 61 93 07

martin_sprague_1@ SIRET: 531 768 182 00010

Michael Courtin

Your advert here siret: 518 225 545 00012

05 55 41 17 76

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Building Services

Building Services

Mini-Digger with driver

Call:Siret: 0952278 23 38 59 076 546 00012

Your advert here

Renovations & Home Improvements 05 55 65 00 29 - pg 11

Interior/Exterior Painter & Decorator

Tel: 05 55 60 05 26

See Main Ad - Pull-out pg B3

Double D

Ken Nickless Wall Papering - Tiling All Repairs Undertaken

● Masonry ● Stonework ● Brickwork ● Pointing ● Structural Repairs

Major & Minor works undertaken throughout the Limousin 10% discount for new clients Free Devis/Estimates References Available

Painters/ Decorators

05 55 41 17 76



Chris the Plasterer A genuine plasterer French and English spoken Traditional Plastering Rendering, Floor Screeding Stud partition dry lining Lime mortar stone pointing


Quality Plasterwork, Internal & External

Plasterboarding, Partitioning, Skiming, Solid Plastering, Floor Screeding, Rendering: Mono Couche/Coloured Render Waterproofing Render Systems

Tel: 06 45 18 86 10

(18 Years Experience) Email: Siret: 527 736 326 00010


Multiskilled Artisan

Martin Walters

Graham Carter Plastering

• Plastering • Rendering • Stud Walling • Tiling and associated works • Bespoke polished concrete surfaces for Window Sills, Shelves, Fire Surrounds etc. • General Renovation interior and exterior of buildings to customer's specification.

Tel: 05 55 76 69 32 Mob: 06 43 11 95 87 Siret No. 513 415 091 00018

Le Plâtrier du Limousin

All types of plumbing and general maintenance work undertaken Friendly, reliable, professional service Fully registered and insured

Tel 02 54 24 84 62

All aspects of Plumbing and Heating work undertaken.

Siret 522 804 723 00016

Rick Fife

Plumbing & Heating Engineer

05 55 80 92 91 06 87 92 83 63 Siret: 534 396 908 00012



19 years experience in: ● Solid plastering ● Skimming ● Dry Lining ● Rendering ● Plasterboard Studwork

23 Years Qualified (Previously UK CORGI registered – Oil / Natural Gas / LPG) Established and registered in France for 7 years. Areas Covered: North Creuse (23) & South Indre (36)

Tel: 05 55 62 34 66

Specialising in both French lime plastering and English plastering techniques. 10 years tiling experience. Covering Creuse (23), Haute-Vienne (87), Northern Corrèze (19) & Southern Indre (36) For a free quotation & friendly advice call Mark or Mareike on

05 55 54 95 63

Email: Office Hours: 8:30 – 18:00 Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you get the answer machine we WILL return your call the same day. siret: 494 380 264 00015


Heating & Plumbing engineer

05 55 63 89 23 - see pg 10

Pro-Point Facades

CN Plumbing & Building Services

siret: 539 941 450 00014

Re-pointing - Rendering - Plastering

SIRET: 504 612 441 00015


The friendly and reliable plasterer Registered in France. Fully insured offering 10 year guarantee. Call Stuart on:

05 55 78 80 31 See our Display Ad - pg 10

Le Bourg, 23360 Nouzerolles

Building Services



05 55 63 53 06 06 23 29 48 19

Tel: Email: Web:

bathrooms & kitchens from design to completion; ceilings; partition walls; drylining.

with over 25 years experience

05 55 41 17 76 Groundworks French Stonemason with 20 years Experience in

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month


Advertise your business here for only €35/month


(22 years qualified)

• bathrooms • kitchens • tiling• painting and decorating • emergency repairs • central heating Fully registered and insured Free quotes - Based Dept 23

Tel: 05 55 81 39 74 Siret no: 533 893 327 00015

Sky TV Installations Satellite Engineer


Sky Subscriptions Available - no UK address necessary All needs, advice, help catered for. All depts covered

06 60 85 93 41

SIRET: 534 352 802 00019 ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012


“SolarVenti”- the solar Harlequin solution to damp and Developments humidity A E stablished and registered in France since 2006, we specialise in all aspects of property renovation and refurbishment, along with barn conversions and extensions. No job is too big or too small and we will provide you with a detailed devis at a competitive rate. Our work includes full renovations, extensions, insulation and plaster boarding, tiling, replacement windows and doors, re-pointing walls, parquet flooring, staircases, kitchens and bathrooms fitted. We undertake insurance work - floods, fires etc - and send regular update emails, together with photographs, to clients who may live outside France, to keep them fully up to date with their project. References are gladly given from previous/current clients. We are now able to offer an even wider range of renewable energy products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Harlequin Developments have just been appointed Distributors and Installers of industry leading wall and window mounted controlled ventilation systems from SIEGENIA-AUBI. These award-winning German products offer: Effective protection from mould, damage caused by humidity and safety hazards. Healthy fresh air without harmful substances or noise. Truly cost effective and sustainably energy efficient. For more information, a devis, or simply to discuss your project, please feel free to contact us.


simple solar energy system that runs on its own, even when you are not there and provides a free heat supplement in winter. The SolarVenti air panel was invented more than 20 years ago to use the sun’s energy for airing and ventilation of the thousands of holiday homes on the West coast of Jutland, houses that were left empty and unheated for long periods, houses with damp problems, mould and bad odours. How it works The principle behind SolarVenti is simple: a small, built-in solar cell powers a 12V fan that is connected to an air vent, a control unit and an on/off switch. Whenever the sun shines, the air in the solar panel is heated and the fan, receiving power from the collar cell, introduces warm, dry air

Chimney Sweeps



Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76 Building Services

Chimney Sweep Service

* All types of chimneys cleaned * Brush & Vacuum * Smoke Tested * Fully Insured * HETAS Approved and member of NACS * Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage) * Clean, tidy, professional & friendly service

Contact Barry Manning

into your home at the rate of 20 to 100 cubic metres per hour. In Southern Europe, SolarVenti is not only used for ventilation/ dehumidification purposes; with far more winter sunshine hours, it also provides a substantial heating supplement. A DIY Solution? The installation process is very straightforward and should only take two or three hours. All that is needed is a drill, hammer and chisel to make a hole in the wall. Roof installations are also possible. There are no electrical or water connections and it can be safely left running, even when the property is empty. With a range of panel sizes, and the option for wall or roof mounting, SolarVenti is suitable for all types of buildings, caravans or even boats!


CLEAR CHIMNEY SERVICES All types of chimneys cleaned

Clean and Efficient Certificat de Ramonage issued with every chimney swept Woodburner repairs/installation Accredited Flue liner Installer Chimney repairs/maintenance Fabrication & welding to E.N. 287

TEL. 02 54 06 40 80 siren 535 199 483

Computers & Satellites

Sand and Blast Sandblasting & Floor Sander hire

We provide a fully operated sandblasting service for wood, stone and metal. Perfect for stripping away years of grime or paint. Contact us for a free quote or see our website. / SIRET: 488 522 921 00037

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

05 55 63 78 72 Siren: 502 409 949

Based Séreilhac (87) siret: 353 613 227 00035


Computer Problems? Limousin & Charente PC & Mac Internet Assistance WiFi, ADSL, Dial-up Helpdesk, Data retrieval Call Dave

see pg 12



05 55 66 60 21

Satellite Systems "Tooway" High speed internet via satellite TV Satellite Sales, Service & Installations. TV Receiver & Electronic Repairs. Dish alignments. Sky/Freesat/TNT/FTA. Most of depts 23,03,63,87,36 covered. SIRET: 510 117 328 00011


Your advert here


05 55 41 17 76


Dept 23 & surrounding areas

Tel: 05 55 62 05 61 Mob: 06 06 47 89 66 siret: 453 067 910 00019

05 55 68 47 33 / 06 82 26 31 54 see pg 10 Fast dependable service

Websites Done Right

SIRET: 534 351 754 00013


Call Patrice:


computer services - pc • mac • network



• Flue ways cleared • Birds nests, vermin & debris removed • Smoke evacuation & gas tightness tests • Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage)

For all your TV and satellite installations and repairs (Sky TV, Internet etc.)

SIRET: 479 095 705 00014

Tel: 05 55 66 14 11 Mob: 06 31 59 81 08

Chimney Sweeping

SOLARVENTI - Available in the Limousin From Harlequin Developments Tel: 05 55 68 67 56 Mobile: 06 06 60 46 97

Sky TV Installations Sky TV/Tous travaux satellite

See Main Ad - Pull-out pg B4

Courses & Classes

IT Support for Creuse, HauteVienne, Indre and Vienne

We provide a fast and friendly service either at the client's home, via remote software or computers can be left with us and collected when the work is complete. ● Ordering/Installing wireless & broadband ● Fixing results of a virus attack ● PC healthchecks ● Virus , trojan , worm removal and protection ● Backups/Disaster recovery ● Hardware/software upgrades. ● Website and graphic design. ● Printer/scanner assistance.

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Reiki Training in France Levels 1, 2 and Master

Kinesiology / TFH Alergy Testing for Foods, Candida, Dogs, Cats, Cosmetics etc Other treatments and Courses See website:

Tel: 05 55 09 76 10




Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76 Food & Drink

Daniel welcomes you at

Ecurat 23150 Garden Services Atelier26,d'Art du Jardin AUX CEPES is open each Saturday and Sunday

Le Pub


58, rue d'Orjon Argenton-sur-Creuse

02 54 60 02 14

Open Late!! Sunday roast & pudding ONLY A TENNER (€) Fish + Chips + Mushy Peas, every Fri + Sat night Opening hours:


05 55 80 37 70 - see pg 7 26, Ecurat 23150

Atelier d'Art du Jardin Jardin du Thé

Gateaux, scones, sandwichs. Ouverture samedi et dimanche 11h00 à 18h00, lundi à vendredi sur RDV svp. Du 1 mai au 30 septembre. 2 km de Chénérailles et le Chateau Villemonteix

tel: 05 55 81 31 85


Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

La Petite Fontaine 15 Grande Rue, Le Dorat

Café, Bar and Events Venue Lunch Menu Free WiFi SIRET: 489 218 636 00012

JJ’s Cafe Bar Some customer quotes:

‘...more than just a bar’ ‘....a bit like Allo Allo and Cheers!’

Come and see for yourself - Open all week.

See our Notice Board events listings 39 Place du Champ de Foire 36140, Aigurande

02 54 06 30 77 SIRET: 508 754 314 00013

FISH & CHIPS €10 4 Course Sunday Lunch €15 For Further Information

Artisan art for your garden. Cream teas on the terrasse. RDV for weekday visits SVP.


Tel: 05 55 69 33 38


Le Creusois

has now opened a fencing dept.

Les Genêts, Azerables

All types of fencing supplied and erected. Stock fencing a speciality. Please call for a quote.

02 54 24 01 06


11h00 to 18h00 from 1st May until the end of September.

Thu 12-2pm & 6pm-midnight Fri 12-2pm & 6pm-2am Sat 6pm-2am, Sun 12pm-11pm

8 rue Ledru-Rollin 36200 Argenton-sur-Creuse

Le Moulin du Breuil

LA veytiZoU

Restaurant - Pizzeria ● Italian Specialities ● Traditional Cuisine ● Home-made Desserts Moules de bouchot available from July to December High Quality Food, a Warm Welcome and a Friendly Atmosphere await Closed Sundays & Mondays

C’est cheese

Find us at local markets selling a small and tasty selection of excellent quality english cheeses. Also available online. For more information, see our website: SIREN: 409 679 578

Restaurant Camping La Perle Fourneaux, 23200 St-Médard-la-Rochette - see page 6


Restaurant & Bar

5 Rue Andre Jouhannaud, Compreignac

Freshly home-cooked Food

Daily Plat du Jour from €9 2-course Sunday Lunch from €10 with real Yorkshire puddings. Every Friday Night – Fish & Chips 8,50€ (Fillet of Haddock or Cod Loin) - eat in or take away

Every Saturday night is Curry Night Two Curries of your choice & Carafe of Wine 19.50€ (alternative menu available)

Children's menu available

Open: Mon–Sat 11.30–2pm, Fri & Sat eve 7–11pm, Sun 11.30–3pm


High quality British & French food at reasonable prices. Menu du Jour €12, Traditional Pub Food, Vegetarian dishes, Childrens & Snack menus also available SIREN: 483 988 853

Petticoat Lane 5 Rue Nationale – 16150 Chabanais

Tel: 05 45 29 03 99

Visit: E-mail: English groceries, Fresh British Beef & Steaks (to order only), Gammon Steak, Bacon, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese. Wide range of frozen items including vegetarian. Traditional English beers, Sherries & Wine. Cards for all occasions. Please note: we are closed for holiday 30th August to 30th September... Re-open 1st October Note: We will be at Panazol Sunday Market 7th & 21st October

Opening hours: Mon - Thur 10am – 6pm Fri 10am – 7pm, Sat 9am – 6pm Visit us and compare our prices

Garden Maintenance

Handholding Services

via Cheque Emploi (CESU) ● Hedge cutting ● Grass cutting ● Planting of trees/shrubs ● Firewood cutting ● General garden tidying ● Weeding ● Watering ● Strimming COMPETITIVE RATES

Call Darren: All areas covered

Grimpereau Elagage

Qualified Tree Surgeon Climber See ad pg 10

for all your tree requirements / see main ad below

Gifts & Crafts

Sophie Arsac

French lessons & handholding services - pg 13

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

Health & Beauty

Café le Pont de la Pierre Bar-Restauarant, Bellac

05 55 60 20 79 - Page 9

05 55 12 99 45 - 06 04 09 03 10

5 Rue de L’Abreuvoir Aubusson

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Siret 511 127 763 00015

La ferme du Duc noir Cross Cut Tree Surgeons


Or email for a menu:

tel: 05 55 81 31 85


Phone: 05 55 63 65 81

Free range, rare breed pork See our Display Ad - pg 3

Party bookings welcomed

We will open on any evening that we are closed for parties of 10 and over.

Renovation Specialist

2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix

Bar & Restaurant

Traditional French and English dishes Menu du Jour 16€, 4 courses incl. wine Open Mon-Sun 12pm-2pm & from 7pm Closed Tuesdays Restaurant Menu Book club open every day

The Exchange Rochechouart


Tue 2.30pm - 5pm Thu, Fri 9:15-12 & 2:30-5pm Sat 9 - 12

05 55 78 19 24 9 rue Dr Charles Poitevin SIRET 484 479 480 00010


coiffure à domicile mixte Mobile Hairdresser for all the family, in the comfort of your home or mine. Call UTOPIA today:

05 55 89 31 79 06 62 32 41 76

Location, 23800 Maison-Feyne Siret: 750 721 581 00015

Cross Cut Tree Surgeons

for all your tree requirements 27 years experience Grass & hedge cutting service We will not be beaten on price or standard of work Fully qualified arborist - Fully insured Covering depts: 87, 23, 86, 36, 19 & 16 Reliability guaranteed /

siret: 530 840 958 00017 ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012



Spotlight your business to Ecologically friendly handan estimated 30,000 readers made wooden products


very month 13,000+ copies of The Bugle are printed and distributed across the region. Thanks to our targeted distribution where we personally visit each of our 350+ distributors every month, and adjust the number of papers left accordingly, we make sure that the right number of copies go in the right places. The Bugle has an estimated monthly readership of over 30,000 people!! That means as many as 30,000 pairs of eyes will be reading this text in the coming few weeks… and they could be reading about your business! An Advertorial like this one costs just €50, that’s 600 potential new customers or clients for your business for every euro spent!

As our newspaper has grown in popularity and The Bugle has established itself as the primary source of free local and national news in the region, our advertising has also become increasingly effective. Advertorials are just one of the advertising options we offer, but they have become a very cost-effective way of attracting new customers and raising the profile of your business. Because we only feature a handful of businesses each month, we highlight those businesses prominently and deliver your message in a targeted manner. Advertorials are now available in 4 sizes: • 1/6 page - €50 (this one) • 1/3 page - €100 • 2/3 page - €200


Donna’s Beauty Treatments

A moment of luxury for your body, mind and spirit. The finest skincare, massage and wellness treatments await you. All in the comfort of your own home

06 35 92 77 83 / 02 54 06 07 48 Based La Châtre. Covering 36 and surrounding. Siret No. 530 364 744 00017

English Hairdresser All aspects of hairdressing, in your home or mine Call Jane:


• full page - €300. If you would like to find out more about our Advertorials, or any of our other advertising options, please feel free to get in touch with us on or drop us a line at ■

La Petite Place

05 55 53 37 10 06 15 63 70 22 Siret. 482 420 114 00019


Online Shopping

found on our website: or contact us on: 05 55 14 12 43 E: siret: 752 051 482 00012 Oradour Sur Vayres (87150) ■

See our Display Ad - pg 5

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Blevins Franks

05 53 63 49 19 - see pg 5

05 55 41 17 76

Insurance & Finance

siret: 502 867 211 00018

Contact Debra on

shutters, windows and doors to your sizes. Top quality and economical shutters are only €35 each. If you would like to know more about our services it can be

Your advert here

Based La Trimouille (86290)

discount available for multiple bookings


living our sustainable dream. Our workshop is still powered using wind and solar power and we are currently building a Vertical Wind Turbine to make our future power plans a reality. Although our business is based on our low cost shutters and ledge and braced pine doors we are proud of our staircases and other products made from old oak sourced from retired French joiners. We love to build crafted items and are keen to be asked to create bespoke items such as staircases,

International money transfer

Hair salon, Le Dorat

05 49 91 02 23 06 47 94 95 75

Mobile Hairdresser

moved to the Limousin with my husband in 2010 and it has been a roller-coaster ride of different experiences: from the topical health care to ex-pat social circles. Well, we have moved on in two years, making good French and English friends and building up a nice sustainable business making bespoke wooden products from low cost shutters to beautiful handmade staircases. Although many have returned to the UK for various reasons we are here for the long haul,

Integrated Tax Planning & Wealth Management

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

La Maison Shopping

Language Services

Property Sales

UK shopping delivered to your door

05 55 41 46 88 - pg 9

Guaranteed 7% return

Fully secured investment €50,000 required One or more investors welcome Call Insight Invest

05 55 08 49 94


Financial Solutions & Expert Advice

See our Display Ad - pg 11

Advertise your business here for only €35/month

Retail & Commerce





Vacancies for various levels in Chénérailles. Elisabeth Sicard

05 55 80 44 83 Not sure? Attend once for free!

See our Display Ad - pg 3

Jérôme Roberts - see pg 11


tel: 06 08 50 36 26




Retail & Commerce

Moulin de Tintin Furniture, interiors & gifts - see pg 3

Transport, Removals & Storage Arfeuille Antiques See our Display Ad - pg 6

See our Display Ad - pg 12

Central France Storage

Eco Entrepot

All your storage needs both long & short term. Fully insured through Axa and alarmed.

87230 Bussière-Poitevine - see pg 4

Planète Automobiles

Airport Direct

Get down The Shed

New & used cars see pg 4

Soie et Bois

Depot Vente des Vêtements Dress agency and gallery, specialising in designer and high quality pre-owned clothes for women and children, together with accessories, footwear, jewellery, gift items, and hand made furniture. 4 rue Principale, St Mathieu, 87440 Tel: 05.55 48.28.89 SIRET: 510 995 681 00010

Cheaper parking for all types of vehicles Book now!!

Call Karen or email for a quote: SIRET: 494 123 847 00019

A new service offering 'Peace of Mind' to car owners in the Limousin.

1) You drive your car to the airport. We will meet you there, take your car and securely store it. 2) We will then meet you at the airport in your car upon your return. No flat tyres, no starting problems, no flat battery. Servicing and CTs can also be arranged in your absence FULLY INSURED For more details contact Terry:

05 55 63 65 81

We move, collect and deliver anything. Vehicles and plant to a maximum of 2 tons. We operate 3 vehicles with a load space of 16m² and tail lift. We will match or beat any genuine printed quote. Our rates are the best.


45cm Oak - €40/m3 45cm Mixed Hardwood - €35/m3 (poplar/cherry/hornbeam)

Buyer collects from 36160 Lignerolles

02 54 30 51 95 (evenings best)

05 55 03 37 96

The Man With A Van Who Can

France/UK UK/France

05 55 83 14 47

Stove Sellers

05 55 41 17 76

Parking For Limoges Airport

A2B (Sussex) Removals Ltd

All types of furniture

Your advert here

Affordable Moves/ Single Items House/Barn/Garden Clearance Regular UK runs/ Europewide E: W:

siret 508 166 642 00019

Tel: (+33) Siret : 532 526 001 00013


0033 (0)2 54 37 76 24 0033 (0)6 87 66 31 41

MAN + VAN Fiat Ducato with 11m² load capacity Collections / Deliveries Removals / Brico Runs All over France. Competitve hourly rate incl fuel. Please ring or e-mail for a quote. Based nr Aubusson Dept 23

05 55 83 02 77 / 06 81 33 07 15

BABY/INFANT EQUIPMENT FOR HIRE To raise funds for the SPA dog rescue centre in Guéret.

Ebénisterie Hemming

Quality handmade wood furniture

02 48 63 15 09

See our main ad - pg 20

SIRET: 523 955 151 00015

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

Caption Competition - September

Carrefour du bois Limousin

Each item will incur a hire charge of 7 euros, plus a refundable 8 euros deposit.

For more INFO or to HIRE Call Jean: 05 55 54 96 36

05 55 63 72 45 - see pg 11

Last Month's Winners


"Beware!! Australians and cattle up ahead" Steve Booth HONOURABLE MENTIONS: "Aussie tourists cross here, Texans a bit further on" - Mike Scott "Should be the udder way around" - Alan Board "Beware of head-banger's on bend!" - John Martin

Send entries for this month's Caption Competition to:

High chair, buggy, play pen, travel cot, fire guard, stair gate etc.

"I've heard of cows jumping over the moon but is this the highway code (Austr'aliens crossing) ?" George Durrell ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012


French Tax – Top Tax Tips With the current, ever changing worldwide economy, fluctuating stock markets and interest rates it is not easy to keep track of what is happening and the effect on your money. However, there is one thing that is a certainty - we all have to pay tax. The French taxation system is different to what you are used to in the UK and there are some important facts to know before you make the move to France or if you are already living in France and are now classified as a 'French resident' and therefore liable for French taxes. Siddalls have put together a quick guide to French tax to help you reduce your tax liability - 5 Top Tax Tips for UK residents moving across to France and 5 Top Tax Tips for British people who are now living in France.

1 - Before you leave, make sure you complete the Inland Revenue Form P85 to inform the Inland Revenue of the date you leave the UK. They will finalise your tax affairs. 2 - Obtain a forecast from the Dept Work and Pensions of your entitlement to a State Pension and if you need to make additional Class 3 Contributions to obtain your full entitlement (www.thepensionservice. Note, however, that anyone retiring after 2010 may get a nice surprise. The qualification for a maximum pension reduces from 40 years full NI contributions to 30 years. Do not overpay! 3 - Consider taking any tax free cash commutation from your pensions whilst a UK resident. Since the start of 2011 lump sums taken from a UK pension scheme are now taxable in France. 4 - The tax benefits of holding stocks and shares, ISAs and cash ISAs will no longer be available to you once you are French resident. You should therefore consider realising any gains, free of UK income or capital gains tax, before you make your move. There are reinvestment options available through other deposit and investment products which

are more tax-efficient for French residents.

to the French healthcare system.

5 - There is no substitute for taking advice from qualified advisers who are regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority and are familiar with taxation and investments in France and the EU. This is to ensure you are taking advantage of all windows of opportunity i.e. maximising your French IHT exemption limits whilst still a UK resident.

4 - French inheritance tax may not be as bad as you fear. The allowances for assets passing to children may be lower than the UK but so are the rates. There are ways of reducing and possibly removing any liability to French gifts tax and inheritance tax on assets

Five Tax Tips for UK Tax Residents in France 1 - On becoming a French tax resident it is your responsibility to make yourself known to the tax authorities and to declare fully your income, capital gains and wealth. Once you have made your first return they should automatically send you a form in future years. 2 - Ensure you top up to the maximum your tax free accounts which are Livret A (€15,300) and a Livret de Développement Durable account (€6,000). 3 - Take steps to keep your taxable income to the minimum by placing surplus funds in tax efficient investments. Investment income is liable to income tax and social charges and if you do not qualify may be also liable to contributions

David Hardy is Regional Manager for PoitouCharentes for Siddalls France, who have been providing specialist independent financial advice to the British community in France for the last 15 years. If you wish to discuss your own financial planning requirements in more detail, please contact David on 05 56 34 71 77.

Windows performance issues?


ave you ever heard someone ask “Why is it running so slowly?” “It takes ages to load.” “It never used to be like this.” There are many more phrases like this in daily use by PC and laptop users but most probably aren’t printable! Yet there is a small, but ever-growing, group of computer owners that experience very little irritation in the area of performance: Apple Mac users! Back to them later. It’s all to do with the way in which Microsoft Windows is constructed and the way in which we, the users, happily add programs and utilities, all of which we need of course! Don’t we? In Windows, it seems that most of these programs load themselves at start-up. This has several effects, but to keep things simple a) available memory is saturated with program code and b) the processor is over-tasked. This means that the processor has to run programs without having access to sufficient memory space and so it uses the hard disk as memory. This is when you hear lots of whirring and clicking but see very little going on! OK, so what’s the answer? If you wish to improve performance

siret: 510 357 155 00017

Got a Question for The Bugle...?

5 - "Do as the French do". They take active and sensible steps to avoid unnecessary taxation. Seek advice from persons authorised in France who have access to a variety of solutions and not just one product. ■

© CREATISTA (Shutterstock)

Five Tax Tips for UK Residents Moving to France

passing to children.

quickly and easily then add some more memory. This can be a quick fix that might solve the problem and prevent trouble occurring downstream. But the better answer is to tune the system more precisely by removing old programs, eliminating unnecessary starting of programs, cleaning the registry and then evaluating your memory requirements. And really this should be done once a year to gain maximum benefit from your 'investment'. Now then, what about the Apple Mac

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All types of building work, groundwork, renovations, decorating and maintenance Fosses septiques Roofing Tiling Kitchen and bathroom fitting Conservatories Plaster boarding Masonry Carpentry etc. etc.

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Oak, Beech, Hornbeam Logs of 50, 33 & 25 cm Delivered loose or by pallet to departments 23 & 87


If you want to get a “Health Check” on your system contact: Phil Monaghan Mayday Computer Services 05 55 68 47 33 / 06 82 26 31 54

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users? The clever people at Apple built their operating system in such a way that things don’t get into this pickle. Only the programs you choose to open are ever open – seems to make sense I think! ■

* DPE = Energy Performance Diagnostic

Using this estate agent, on the other hand, is not obligatory... but it will certainly help!! Real & Commercial Estate Agent Jérôme ROBERT : 06 82 68 81 45

Sunday roast & pudding ONLY A TENNER (€) Fish + Chips + Mushy Peas, every Fri & Sat night Opening hours:

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In the garden - September


arched, withered, scorched… The heatwave that hit France in late August means that most of our plants have gone through a 70° temperature arch this year - from minus twenty in January to plus fifty! All credit to them that so many resist. Of course, those planted last year have more resistance than those planted in the last few months, and annuals usually suffer first. But boy does mulching really help. On several occasions this year I have saved a suffering plant by racing out with the secateurs to cut a mulch (usually bracken). Root heat is a major factor in plant death, so keep them as cool as possible by laying an insulating layer on top of the roots, and planting in big pots so that the roots do not touch the sides too quickly. Lovely little arrangements crammed into small containers look so sweet in magazines but don't generally do well in south west France. The second reason is chemical. All living things have a large proportion of water in their make-up. As they decay, this water is released, hydrating the soil - so organic mulch acts as a slow release watering system. Many different mulches are commercially available but make sure you use organic substances if you want to benefit from this effect. The city of Limoges uses broken porcelain - looks spectacular but must be hellishly difficult to weed! Also, inorganic mulches can act as excellent seeding grounds, being humid underneath but warm on top - ideal for germination. Perhaps exactly what you want to avoid in the beds.

In the potager September should be quite busy. It's really the last opportunity to sow stuff for next year, as days are still warm enough for germination and the young plants should, hopefully, have enough time to bulk up before the cooler weather and shorter days kick in. Sow radish, spinach, spring cabbage, radicchio, oriental vegetables like kohlrabi, winter lettuce, lambs lettuce, rocket and winter purslane. It's quite a long list that one can make, especially if you are going to give them a bit of protection. My favourites are the various leaf mustards - beautiful to look at, and tangy, spicy flavours to pep up a winter salad. Try Red Frills or Osaka Purple. Peas, broad beans and sweet peas can also be sown. Also you can sow hardy annuals and biennials for next year - foxgloves, wallflowers, Sweet Williams, etc. You can plant onion sets and garlic, which will seem to do not much over the winter but should crop earlier than those spring sown. If you have very wet winter ground, plant them on slight mounds to improve drainage. There's still lots of harvesting to be done ... and gluts to be transformed. Tomatoes are still going strong, as are courgettes and squashes/ pumpkins. Runner beans and other climbing beans keep producing as long as you pick them regularly. When you've really had enough, leave the few last pods to dry on the canes for next year's seed. Walnuts, chestnuts and the last

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of the hazelnuts can be collected for storage. Foraging around the edges of your garden can be rewarding, too, with blackberries, sloes, rowan berries, etc. that can be picked. Check the edibleness, or not, of any mushrooms collected at your local pharmacy, unless you are an expert. Prepare for the cold This sounds like a strange thing to say after such hot temperatures, but it will surely come. As well as enjoying the usually excellent autumn weather, consider what you'll want to grow over the winter, and how you'll protect your crops. If you aren't planning to use your veg patches, then think about how to save yourself work in the spring and cover them with weed suppressant textile. Get a load of manure (fumier) from a friendly farmer, or turn out your compost heap. Collect free bracken from the road verges or buy a bale of straw. Follow the rhythm of the year and enjoy the changes in the quality of the light. At the end of the month you can probably cut back tall perennials by half, so they don't get blown down over the winter. And start mulching the slightly tender things. Divide up old clumps of campanulas, hemerocallis, etc. so they start to re-establish themselves before the real winter weather. Marvel at the beauty of the asters and the late season flowers. Label any selfsown sports that are of particular interest. Go round the garden with a notebook ... and make notes about what needs to be moved, split, increased, etc. next year. Note what worked well for you this year, and what to change. Visit friends and people with good gardens to swap or cadge treasures! ■ Michelle Pierce Un Jardin en France plant nursery 05 45 89 36 54


Seed saving Late summer, early autumn is the ideal time to collect seed for saving. Summer flowering annuals like cosmos, tender perennials like tithonia or certain agastaches, and perennials should be heavy with seed, and you can easily collect enough seed to keep you busy for years! So why do it? Well, nicely packaged seed makes super Christmas and birthday presents. It also means that you can take part in seed exchanges with your head held high. And then fennel, borage, agastach, cosmose and lychnis there is the economic reason. With do you know which is which...? many packets costing around €4, you can quickly spend a lot of money on seed. Keep your own varieties and buy new ones next year. Last but not least, you may have something rare in your garden that needs saving and being more widely distributed. We can't all save polar bears, but many of us can save a garden cultivar. Red flowered broad beans are just one of the many examples of things that have been saved by chance. So collect seed on a dry day when it's ripe. If some capsules have opened then that is a sign that the plant feels the seed is good to go. Put it in paper (not plastic) bags to dry, or bowls. When it is thoroughly dry, store in closed glass jars, out of the light. Make sure you label the seed with the variety and the date. For fleshy seeds such as tomatoes, scrape them into a bowl & add a little water. Leave for a couple of days then rinse under cold running water. Slight fermentation will help dissolve the pellicule that coats the seed. Scrape onto kitchen towel and leave to dry. When it comes to sowing, plant with the paper. One tomato may give you more than seventy or eighty seeds! ■ Michelle Pierce - Un Jardin en France plant nursery - 05 45 89 36 54


PROFESSIONAL BUILDER Home renovations / Ground works Block works / Verandas, Abris & Terraces Barn doors & Shutters Also available: digger & driver Planning permission assistance and design available HNC and ONC qualified, 15 years experience & 5 in France

Tel: 05 55 98 24 12 Email: ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012


Conkers - duelling in the playground


s a child in the UK, you know that summer is coming to an end when the first horse chestnuts start falling from the trees and the conker season begins! Conkers is a traditional British children's game played using the smooth shiny brown nut of the horse chestnut tree. A variation of the game has been around for centuries, often using shells, and many believe that the word ‘conker’ derives from the French word conque meaning a conch or shell. The first thing you need to play the game is a good conker. Finding the perfect conker is an art and

schoolchildren will spend hours searching underneath trees for the nut that will bring them playground glory! As a general rule, the conker should be large, round and have no imperfections. You then need to drill a hole through the centre of your conker and push through a piece of string with a knot on the end – shoelaces are perfect for this! The game is played between two players. One player puts his arm straight out in front and lets the conker dangle on the full length of the string. The second player then swings his conker and hits the other one as hard as they can in an

attempt to break it. Players then take it in turns to hit the other’s conker until only one remains - the winner! Conkers is taken very seriously by schoolchildren and they will go to great lengths to improve the quality of their champion nut (in other words, cheat!) Methods for making your conker harder vary from baking it in the oven, soaking it in vinegar or salt water, leaving it in the dark for one year or even painting it with nail varnish. One technique suggested by a former World Conker Champion (the game is also played by adults!) is to get a pig to eat your conker - without chewing -

and to ‘recover’ the conker a day or two later when it has passed through the pig. Yuck!! In recent years, with the increase of health and safety concerns in schools, conkers is banned in many playgrounds. There have been stories of teachers handing out safety goggles before allowing children to play and one school even banned conkers because of the fear of nut allergies (although there are no known dangers from horse chestnuts!) In 2001, Eamonn Dooley from Kilkenny, Ireland, smashed the world record and broke an amazing 306 conkers in one hour. ■

The Bugle thanks local French teacher, Sophie Arsac, for the translation of this month's bilingual article on another topical aspect of Franco-British culture.

Bilingual Crossword Clues in English - answers in French


1. wind (4) 2. cellar (4) 3. iguana (6) 4. seven (4) 5. chest (box) (6) 6. colds (illness) (6) 10. entire (6) 11. chair (6) 12. balcony (6) 14. rats (4) 15. visa (4) 16. eleven (4)

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devez d’abord trouver «le bon marron». C’est tout un art et les écoliers passent des heures sous les marronniers pour trouver «la perfection» qui leur apportera la gloire dans la cour de récréation. Le marron doit être large, bien rond et ne présenter aucune imperfection. Puis il faut percer un trou en son centre et y glisser une ficelle munie d’un nœud à son extrémité (les lacets sont parfaits pour cela!). Il faut deux participants. Le premier joueur étend le bras devant lui et laisse le marron pendre au bout de la ficelle. Le deuxième joueur lance alors son propre marron pour frapper l’autre marron aussi fort que possible afin de le

briser. Chacun joue à tour de rôle jusqu’à ce qu’il ne reste qu’un seul marron: celui du vainqueur! Les écoliers prennent ce jeu très au sérieux et ils se donnent beaucoup de mal pour perfectionner la qualité de leur petit champion (en d’autres mots, pour tricher!). Il existe différentes méthodes pour faire durcir le marron: le faire cuire au four, le faire macérer dans du vinaigre ou de l’eau salée, le laisser dans l’obscurité pendant un an ou même le badigeonner avec du vernis à ongles. Un ancien gagnant du championnat mondial de «conkers» (eh oui, même les adultes pratiquent ce jeu!) recommande de faire avaler votre marron à un

cochon, sans qu’il le mâche. Après un petit périple au sein de l’animal, vous pouvez le récupérer un ou deux jours plus tard… Beurk! Depuis quelques années, les règles d’hygiène et de sécurité se sont accrues dans les écoles et le jeu est désormais banni de nombreuses cours de récréation. On raconte que certains professeurs donnent des lunettes de protection à leurs élèves et qu’une école a même interdit cette activité par crainte des allergies aux marrons (bien que ce risque soit inconnu au bataillon!). En 2001, Eamonn Dooley (Kilkenny, Irlande) a battu le record du monde en brisant le nombre impressionnant de 306 marrons en une heure! ■


u RoyaumeUni, les enfants savent que l’été touche à sa fin lorsque les premiers marrons d’Inde tombent des arbres et que la saison des «conkers» commence! Il s’agit d’un jeu britannique traditionnel que les enfants pratiquent en utilisant des marrons brillants et bien lisses. Des variations de ce jeu existent depuis des siècles, les marrons étant remplacés par exemple par des coquilles de mollusques ou des fruits à coque, et il est probable que le mot «conker» soit un dérivé du mot français «conque» qui désigne notamment une coquille en forme de spirale. Pour pouvoir jouer, vous

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1. vaccines (7) 5. horn (3) 7. nephew (5) 8. fire (3) 9. active (5) 10. ink (5) 12. bruises (5) 13. April (5) 17. here (3) 18. dog (5) 19. street (3) 20. sandal (7)



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Clearance IKEA round (107 cm diam.) extendable kitchen table - wood effect surface / white pedestal base -

214L & 183L x 93W x 93H cms

FURNITURE with four chairs. Matching sideboard. 60€.G-PLAN two seater sofa with matching armchair - floral pattern. 50€.Two G-PLAN armchairs - beige. 20€ each.Three seater beige leather sofa and two matching armchairs. 150€.Mid-oak coffee table (slightly marked) 90 x 47 cm. 20€.Nest of three pine tables. 30€.Circular coffee table 30cm diam. 15€IKEA TV stand (105 x 80 cm) on castors with two matching bookcases. 50€.Pine double headboard. 30€.Two single beds each with storage space and mattress. 50€ eachTwo single beds each with storage space, mattress and blue upholstered headboards. 70€ each. Tel: 06 41 99 57 40 to arrange a viewing FOR SALE: Various - Furniture Dining table plus 6 chairs E 80 ono, also have 2 bar stools E15, and worktop with leg (brand new) E18 in Eguzon. Please phone or e-mail for pics. Tel: 02 54 47 77 02 Email: andy. davis123@btinternet FOR SALE: SINGLE BED Modern 2 drawer divan wood /white finish 90 X190. Complete with very clean spring interior mattress 19 cm deep " Prince " make. €40.00 Tel 055 69 79 71 FOR SALE: VARIOUS ITEMS Reason migrating and down sizing Pedestal Honey Pine Table (seats 4) 100€ - Honey Pine Dressing Table with 3 part mirror 100€ - 2 x 3ft honey pine beds with mattresses 150€ the two - 2 x small pine 5 drawers units 20€ and 25€ - Black Office Filing Cabinet 15€ - Modern Grey metal double bed frame 50€ - Oak Drinks Cabinet 150€. Can be seen in Bourganeuf. Tel: 05 87 88 40 21 Email: chez.copley@ FOR SALE: Rattan Armchair In good condition. Well made and strong. Sadly we don’t have space for it. We are in the Creuse, dept 23, 10 minutes South East of Gueret, direction Ahun. €60.00 Telephone 05 55 80 04 31 Email: FOR SALE: Three-seater black thick leather sofa Very heavy and the older it gets the better it looks. Just too big for our house in the town centre of La Souterraine. €200.00 Contact 05 55 63 15 47 FOR SALE: L-Shaped Brown Leather Sofa Excellent condition. Photos supplied on request. €200.00 Tel: 0555631782 Email: joseph. FOR SALE: BUTCHER'S BLOCK

blue, additional covers green, cotton, washable. VGC. Buyer collects. €550.00ono Tel: 05 55 60 47 34 FOR SALE: 4 x Single Beds 185cm x 90cm - each with dusty pink headboard, as new. €70 each. Based near Ussel, dept. 19. Can deliver within reasonable distance. €70.00 Tel: 05 55 95 80 09 FOR SALE: Pine Table & Chairs / Bar stools Round extending Pine table plus 4 chairs €50. Two pine kitchen/ bar stools with backs €40. Tel: 0555 60 63 87 FOR SALE: Wardrobe Probably

about 1910, mahogany, FOR SALE in the Felletin area. Make an offer, more photos available. Tel: 06 77 83 82 94 (Christine) FOR SALE: Large mirror 135cm X 106cm. Gold leaf effect coloured frame. Excellent condition. Buyer collects. €400.00 Telephone Nigel on 06 04 46 73 92 FOR SALE: ROUND STURDY FARMHOUSE KITCHEN STYLE TABLE 1.1 Diameter. Dark oak finish. Very good condition. €50.00 Tel: 0555784524 FOR SALE: Single Beds + Almost new matress Bed - metal frame and dismountable. €35.00 Tel: Mob: (Daniel McNally)


Gourneix, nr. St.Loup 23130. 7km from Gouzon (follow signs from Gouzon campsite).Open 10am-12pm Weds, Sat and Sun and 2.30pm-6pm all week (closed Mondays). Tel. 06 40 30 86 17 or 05 55 62 25 18 FOR SALE: 2005 Topper Gyromass G1252 B40 1.2m width NEW AND UNUSED.Oak top with solid wooden frame.Dimensions 63 x 62 x 91 cm.Surplus to requirements in kitchen re-fit.Can deliver, within 30 miles, for cost of fuel.Location: 10 mins north of Bellac. €95.00 Tel: Email: nigel.lupton@ FOR SALE: Two pine dressers One has a top unit with two cupboards and one centre glass cupboard with shelves below. The other one is a pine base unit with three cupboards wide 150 x 45 cm. 125 euros for the base cupboard and 200 for the dresser unit. Tel: 05 55 67 58 87 FOR SALE: 3 & 2 Seater Sofas

- excellent condition, hardly used. €900.00 Tel: 05 55 78 54 20 FOR SALE: Fleming Transport Box Suit compact tractor, very good condition. €250.00 Tel: 05 45 85 92 34 (eve)

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FOR SALE: SMALL BALES OF HAY Average 12 kilos, 2.20 euros per bale. Near Chenerailles. Deliveries possible up to 70 bales. Tel: 05 55 41 59 42 Email: stephen.towse@ FOR SALE: AVON REDCREST DINGHY Includes wooden floorboards, inflatable seat, fibreglass seat, 2 oars, electric pump, outboard bracket and storage bags.Dinghy:Length 2.75m, Beam 1.32m. Capacity:- 4/5 persons , 320kgs.Ready to go and have lots of fun.Email for further details and photos €450.00 Email: FOR SALE: PETTER DIESEL ENGINE Type ABI, No. 18766, 4.5bhp, 3000 rev/min.Email for further details and photos. €200.00 Email: FOR SALE: TWO GOOD QUALITY VERY WARM SLEEPING BAGS Used only a few times and in excellent condition. 55 euros for the two. Tel: 0555 787902 (near Rochechouart) FOR SALE: Hay Bales 1.3 metre (4 foot) bales, 110 in total, 10 € a bale, or 850€ the lot (less than 8€ a bale) approx 4 to the Tonne, Le Dorat area. Tel Greg: 05 55 47 39 98 FOR SALE: Various Items - MUST SELL Stihl Chain Saw 35 cm - 150 euros Stihl Strimmer 021 FS 55 - 90 euros Amsta oil filled electric radiator - 30 Euros Bath Mate - Bath Buddy only used once - 160 euros Pressignac (16) Telephone 05 45 89 37 33 or 06 08 14 52 85 (evenings best) FOR SALE: Plancher 1 Plancher in

GENERAL FOR SALE: Various Items - Garage Sale Having a clear out so come to see if there is anything you need. Pop in and make an offer.Cot, High Chair, Pushchair, Car Seat.Lights, Unused cable, Circuit breakersFiamma Two bike Carrier "Pro" for campervan, Two Bike Carrier for Car.Various tools, spanners etc, torque wrenches. Display Shelf unit, suitable for garage, garden shed.Builders Trestles, swivel bases. Pair of ceramic bathroom sinks. Old wine rack, needs painting.Wet suit and buoyancy vest.Rechargeable camping Lamps x 2.Old Metal Whisky Tins.Paperbacks, mainly thrillers. Mountain Bike.7 Route d'Aubusson, Ahun. Tel: 05 55 80 40 44 Email: FOR SALE: SINGER Sewing Machine Great for those ladies who know what they are doing. Old Industrial sewing machine in cabinet. Works needs some attention. Make Offer. To be collected (Mainsat). Tel: Sue 0555 675774 FOR SALE: STAIR GATE Good quality wooden extendible kiddies stair gate. 75 (30ins) high, width 70 (28ins ) to 100 (40ins). Excellent condition. Complete with all fittings for hinging or lifting out. €15.00 Tel 0555 69 79 71 FOR SALE: Various - Baby items Fisher Price Melodies and Lights Deluxe Rainforest Gym, 0/9 months. Hardly used. 25 euro.Sit on push along plastic car. 5 euro.Sturdy plastic wheelbarrow red and yellow. 5 euro. Pink baby changing mat. 5 euro.We are in dept 23 close to Chenerailles. Tel: 05 55 62 77 41 FOR SALE: Lexmark X240 Printer/ Scanner/Copier Unopened and unused. Still inoriginal box. Realistic offers considered. Mob: 06 26 74 05 35 Email: lyn.thompson63@gmail. com

full working order. €500.00 Tel: 05 55 62 91 97 FOR SALE: Carvery Unit In full

working order. €750.00 Tel: 05 55 62 91 97 FOR SALE: Carvery Unit In full

working order. €750.00 Tel: 05 55 62 91 97 FOR SALE: VAN VAULT 2 Size: 920 x 560 x 490mm (LxWxH), Weight: 46kg. High tensile steel storage box. 2mm sheet steel body & lid. Tamper proof single pin hinge. Anti-drill 70mm disc lock. Gas strut for soft open/close lid action. Siren holes for optional anti-theft alarm. Excellent condition. Email for further details and photos. €190.00 Email: FOR SALE: 6 rolls Laura Ashley Toile de Jouy wallpaper Pale lavender on white background. 6 metres matching curtain material -

pale lavender. €70.00ono Tel: 05 55 60 46 33 FOR SALE: Beautiful old 2 wheeled, 1 horse Gig with hood looking for a loving home Needs appreciation and restoration. Ideal for a collector or Equestrian centre. Email for further details and photos. €220.00 Email: FOR SALE: WULF, portable coal fired forge In very good condition. Email for further details and photos. €230.00 Email: haynes.peter@ FOR SALE: Sky boxes 1. Grundig Freeview or Sky subscription Digibox in perfect working condition, can be collected or I can deliver at cost. 60€.2. Thompson/Sky Freeview/ subscription latest box in perfect working condition, can be collected or I can deliver at cost. 70€. Tel: 0254 377624 Email: a2b.removals@ FOR SALE: Printers 1. HP PSC 1510 All-in-one printer, 12 months old, complete with power supply and cables, can be seen working. 65€.2. HP Photosmart C4580 All-in-one wireless printer, less than 1 year old, complete with all cables and manual, 80€.3. HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-one printer, less than 1 year old, complete with all cables and manual, 75€.4. HP Scanjet 4400c business colour scanner, still boxed with software CD and all cables, very little use. 35€. Tel: 0254 377624 Email: a2b.removals@ FOR SALE: Beacons in Orange for tractors, garage vehicles and general purpose use 12V or 24V, 4 available. 12€ each. Tel: 0254 377624 Email: FOR SALE: ART-DECO style metal wall lights 15 euros each. Phone 05 55 64 77 60 FREE TO GOOD HOME Freestanding shower cubicle. An ideal temporary solution for anyone who is 'camping' whilst renovating a house. Phone 05 55 64 77 60 FOR SALE: Staywell magnetic cat flaps complete with magnets and collers One white still in box and as new, one brown with slight damage but works well. These are 90 euros each in france - 40 euros for the two. €40.00 Tel: 05 55 68 27 80 FOR SALE: Microsoft Media Desktop 1000 & Logitech querty keyboards Microsoft Media Desktop 1000 (querty ultra-thin keyboard and optical mouse). Unused, still in sealed box. €35.Logitech querty keyboard. Used, but in working order. €10. Tel: 05 87 36 00 50 FOR SALE: Hotel quality crockery by "Churchill" Beige speckled with brown rim. 55 dinner plates, 43 small side plate, 43 large side plates, 34 oval plates, 34 cups, 34 saucers, 37 soup bowls, 41 cereal/dessert dishes. Contact Harry or Ann. €250.00 05 55 78 58 62 Email: annmlambo@ FOR SALE: Caravan or Sale - Lunar Delta 2-berth Cood condition - electric mover. Large shower room. Includes full awning and all equipment. Ideal for living in whilst renovating. €4,500.00ono Tel: Email: roy. FOR SALE: MEDIAEVAL FETE / FANCY DRESS PARTY? Roman Legionnaire's tunic, by Misty Thicket. XL/XXL. Fine quality linen, dark olive green. Never worn. €50.00 Tel. 05 53 62 59 63 (near Thiviers) FOR SALE: CARPET Top quality Wilton plus underlay. 9m by 1m. Silver green. Never unwrapped. €250.00 Tel. 05 53 62 59 63 (near Thiviers) FOR SALE: COOKER HOOD Sauter Hotte Decorative Murale (for 6-ring cooker). Dark brown with bronze rail for tea-towels etc. Excellent condition, rarely used. ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012

CLASSIFIEDS ♦ 15 The Bugle CLASSIFIEDS are brought to you in association with WWW.HOUSESONINTERNET.COM €150.00 Tel. 05 53 62 59 63 (near Thiviers) FOR SALE: 1 Snooker Table €99.00 Tel: 05 45 31 19 84 Email: FOR SALE: Metal wall mounted shotgun safe for 2 guns, carry case, 2 cleaning kits and cartridge belt €75.00 for the lot. Contact 05 55 66 22 19 Email: david.toppingk@ FOR SALE: Webber Domed Charcoal BBQ €50.00 Tel: 05 55 89 15 59 FOR SALE: Attention Harley Davidson Enthusiasts 1 men's chrome HD open face helmet. Size L. Boxed, as new condition. €80 ono1 HD handlebar hold-all. €40 ono1 HD heritage soft tail classic scale model 1:10 made by Franklin Mint. Unopened, still in box. €60 (to buy new approx 130 GBP)Also a Bieffe blue full-face helmet. Size XS. €30 ono. Tel: 02 54 36 60 50 (dept 36) FOR SALE: Esse WN Woodburning Range Cooker Colour black. 4-5 years old. Very good condition. €2,400.00 Tel: 05 55 66 05 76 (Brian) FOR SALE: A lovely old character French Pendulum Clock in oak case, with bevelled glass Strikes on

the hour and half hour. Size approx 800 x 360. €95.00 Tel: 05 55 787902 (Near Rochechouart) FOR SALE: FIAMMA CARRYBIKE Garage 400 plus. 4-cycle rack for interior of motorhome garage. Never used. €75.00 05 55 78 51 21 FOR SALE: Various PETMATE AIR TRAVEL and TRAINING KENNEL Through flow ventilation for safe air and auto travel. Safe way to help solve behaviour problems. For dog/cat up to 51 cms tall by 61 cms long. Meets international air travel requirements. (IATA) Kennel bed-pad also included. Unused. Easy to carry. €50INDESIT TUMBLE DRIER. 6kg load. White. Hardly used. As new. Front loading. €100.NORDIC TRACK CROSS TRAINER CXT1200. Power ramp, Fan cooling, many programmes and training zones. Perfect for indoor training whilst watching the great outdoors. €350. SINGLE PINE BED including mattress. Comprised of head



Control Technique July 2013. 93,000 miles. VGC. €4,100.00ono Contact 05 55 03 14 91 or 06 34 64 59 89 FOR SALE: Toyota MR2 Soft top,


Established 15 years ago Sale due to retirement Full Training and Continuing Support will be given Knowledge of French useful but willingness to learn essential (help available) »» Fully supported by Accountants / Bankers (Information only available to serious parties) »» Ideally suited for a couple »» Further information available on request

+33 (0)5 55 60 04 79 / +33 (0)6 82 13 86 51 machine & demijohns Singer treadle sewing machine to restore. 10€Demijohns 1€ each. Tel: 06 26 07 72 75 FOR SALE: Four Man Tent Includes four sleeping bags and four mats, plus one blow up single mattress. Tent has central section for storage or undercover eating. €120.00 Call: 05 55 81 32 20 (ask for Terry or Viv) FOR SALE: Lexmark Easy Colour Printer Z640 Comes with cable, CD and instructions. €25.00 Call: 05 55 81 32 20 (ask for Terry or Viv) FOR SALE: Gaggia K111 Espresso Coffee Machine Comes with 30 Caffitaly capsules. You can see the machine by putting Gaggia K111 into Search. It's a good machine for making Espresso and Capaccino. The machine was bought for £99, FOR SALE at €40 complete with 30 Caffitaly capsules.Bénévent-l'Abbaye - Dept. 23 €40.00 Tel: 05 87 40 91 26 FOR SALE: A Stove log effect convector electric fire Black, on legs with 2 front doors. €100.00 Tel. 05 45 85 92 34 evenings FOR SALE: Golf Equipment Regretfully, ill health forces the sale of all my gear including: Clubs, Bags, Trolleys, Shoes etc. All top brands and in good condition. Offers accepted. Tel: 05 55 60 25 92 FOR SALE: To Rent - Large Garage/Workshop Available Good for storage/work space. Multi-uses etc. Secure Environment. Tel: 04 70 51 79 29 FOR SALE: Various - WC, Wash

Due to Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Courtyard Sale/ Garage Sale - Every Saturday & Sunday In September Doors Open at 11am to 3pm Tel: 05 55 62 91 97 - Email : La Grande Maison (Bed & Breakfast) 13 Grande Rue, 23130 Chénérailles (Opposite Sporting Bar) Household Items: Catering Equipment/Tablecloths, Bar Stock, Fridges /Freezers, Dressers/Tables, Furniture, Pictures, Bric a Brac, Plants & Planters, Curtains Refreshments Available Everything must go (sensible prices) - Stock changing every week If you are looking for something in particular just email or phone & we can send some photos and footboard and slatted base. €50. BATHROOM WASH-HAND BASIN AND MATCHING PEDESTAL. White. New and unused. Includes two taps. Basin measures 66 cms wide by 56 cms deep. €30. Telephone 05 55 14 28 09 FOR SALE: 15 pieces of slate 50mm thick 1.8m x 0.73m. 75 euros each. Can be cut to any size. Suitable for worktops, hearth, table top etc. Tel 06 69 44 32 96 FOR SALE: 3 Full sized tournament snooker tables 499 euros each. Can deliver and erect for a small fee. Tel 06 69 44 32 96 FOR SALE: Carvery Units & Plancher 2 Carvery units in full working order at 750€ each.1 Plancher in full working order at 500€. Tel: 05 55 62 91 97 FOR SALE: Single treadle sewing

Purchaser to collect. €5,800.00 Tel: 05 55 64 21 61 FOR SALE: Renault Laguna ‘Privilege’ Estate 2.2 DCi 2004 RHD

Basin, Steel Bath, Corner Bath, Cooker, Cement Mixer Unused items: White WC. Low flush 30euro. White pedestal wash basin 30euro. White steel bath 40euro. Ivory 3 corner bath GRP. White LPG cooker s/h 35euro. Electric cement mixer in good order 75euro. Confolens 16500. Tel. 05 45 89 22 05 FOR SALE: 'Rosières' CORNER CHIMNEY COOKER HOOD

settings.Near Chabanais. €225.00ono Tel 0545 30 69 72 FOR SALE: UPVC Door Lock Ferco 635 multipoint sprung door lock. €40.00 Tel: 05 55 68 37 58 FOR SALE: Large picture print by Beckindale Fine Arts (framers of quality pictures and mirrors) Name of picture "Spirit 1" in frame n° SM16 - of horse and man is only way of description. Buyer collects. €400.00 Telephone Nigel on 06 04 46 73 92 FOR SALE: CHILD'S BUGGY XTS 3 WHEELED, OFF-ROAD/ JOGGING BUGGY. EXCELLENT CONDITION, NEW TYRES, CARRY CASE. €60.00 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT 05 55 63 43 35 FOR SALE: BASS GUITAR IBANEZ SR305DX 5 STRING ACTIVE, VERY GOOD CONDITION, PROFESSIONALLY SET UP, NEW STRINGS. €195.00ono FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT 05 55 63 43 35 FOR SALE: TV Thomson TV 52 cm with remote. €30.00 Tel 05 55 03 87 56 FOR SALE: Various equipment for handicapped person Wheelchairs, stanner stair lift, 3 wheel electric scooter etc. Tel: 05 55 42 75 92 FOR SALE: Godin solid cast iron woodburner fire Size 660mm long 600mm high - 320mm wide. V.G.C. Buyer collects. Phone Patricia for details. €200.00 Tel: 05 55 41 19 28 FOR SALE: Ikea oven White. Used only few times. V.G.C. Buyer collects. Phone Patricia for details. €50.00 Tel: 05 55 41 19 28 FOR SALE: Antique woodburning stove dating from the 1900's Excellent condition with bread oven. Delivery possible. €450.00ono Tel: 0613363979 FOR SALE: 2 off Shimano Baitrunner 6000b GTE Carp reels C/w spare spools and boxes, instructions etc. Hardly used, as no time. In excellent condition. 75 Euro each or 140 Euro for the two. Also a tackle box trolley/barrow still in box never assembled. 50 Euros. Phone Andy 0555-483062 (nr Rochechouart) FOR SALE: Antique French cast iron fire dogs with iron basket

Height: 59cms, Overall Width: 90 cms, Basket Width: 63 cms, Depth: 57 cms. €300.00 Phone: 05 55 65 00 04 Email:


Stainless Steel.4 Spot Lights. 4 Fan

FOR SALE: Kubota B1400 Mini Tractor 4 Wheel Drive, Power Take Off, Hydraulic Power Points, c/w 1.2m Heavy duty Grass Cutter, Rotavator, Plough and Collection Bin.

French registered. C.T. until February 2013. FSH. Low mileage (-83K). €4,000.00ono Please call: 0254 2534-78 Email: FOR SALE: Pre-2002 Mercedes C-Class Saloon Roof Bars Excellent condition. Châteauponsac area. Realistic offers considered. Mob: 06 26 74 05 35 Email: lyn. FOR SALE: Mercedes 2.2 Diesel 2001 Approx 100,000 miles. Elegance model. LHD. New CT. Good condition for year. No major marks. Mechanics good. Dept 87. €6,800.00 Tel: 05 35 54 25 14 Email: skidder58@yahoo. FOR SALE: Vauxhall Vectra 2004 V6 3.0 Diesel RHD. Approx 100,000 miles. New CT. Top of the range Vauxhall. Fully leather. Fast and economical. Good overall condition. Dept 87. €4,350.00 Tel: 05 35 54 25 14 Email: FOR SALE: Nissan X-Trail Aventura 2007 Right hand drive.

Immatriculated in France. 93000 miles. Full leather upholstery, built in sat nav, cd, heated seats, zenon headlights, panoramic sun roof, air con, can be 2 or 4 wheel drive. Excellent condition, serviced annually. €8,450.00 Tel 05 55 66 44 06 or 06 42 64 38 95 FOR SALE: Jeep Cherokee 4x4 87,000 miles, French reg, RHD, new CT 06-2014. 1,250 euros or exchange/ part x for van. French reg. Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: 1931 RENAULT PRIMAQUATRE RARE CLASSIC COLLECTORS CAR,R.H.D., NEW TYRES, V.G.C., 4 DOOR. ONLY 22,000 KLMS, CT 4/2013, BEIGE/BLACK.LOVED & POLISHED, MUST BE SEEN. PHONE FOR DETAILS & EMAIL PHOTOGRAPHS. €6,000.00ono Tel: 05 45 21 76 75 FOR SALE: English reg Rover Metro diesel 60k, mot till feb 2013, very clean, very economical, located 87190. €499.00 Email: ingm80@ FOR SALE: FORD FOCUS 1.8TDi Sept 2004 French registered but RHD, with French headlights. 62,000miles. Alloy wheels. Pale blue metallic. CT until 07/13. All round good condition. €3,500.00 05 55 29 39 15 - Correze (19) FOR SALE: BIKE CARRIER (Desmo Easy2 from Halfords). New. Assembled but never used. For two bikes. €30.00 Tel. 05 53 62 59 63 (near Thiviers) FOR SALE: Ford Mondeo 2L Ghia X 2002 163k miles. Full Leather heated seats, 6 CD, EW, PAS, Sunroof, tyres good. Surplus to requirements. Slight fuel problem when less than ¼ tank but fine when more than that. €500.00ono Tel: 09 78 23 38 59 FOR SALE: Citroen AX 1.1 - 1994 CT to Jan 2014. 4-door. Petrol. 4 spare tyres. Recent oil change. French registered LHD. €1,100.00ono Tel: 05 55 51 19 67 FOR SALE: Spares or repair Peugeot 206cc coupe 2001. Problem with head gasket and radiator. Only sensible offers considered. Email: FOR SALE: Skoda Octavia Elegance 2.0TDi Corrida red First reg UK 1.01.2005. French reg 2009.

2000, 56000 miles, French reg, CT until 01/14, FSH, A/C, silver with black leather seats, Sony CD, lovely condition. Ring for details. €3,950.00 Tel David: 05 55 94 38 35 FOR SALE: CITROEN C5 1.6 HDi 110 HATCHBACK 2005

Metallic black. Climate control and front electric windows. Careful owner, always serviced to manufacturers schedule, with FSH from new incl receipts. RHD on French plates and CT to 04/2013. Very spacious and comfortable, and has been very reliable and extremely economical - average 54mpg easily achieved. €3,500.00 Tel: 06 06 40 87 89 FOR SALE: Renault Master T35D (ex ambulance with seats removed) Used to move down to France now selling. Good mechanical condition, lots of space, on French plates & part registered in France. Only needs new Controle Technique, and registration to complete. €1,000.00ono Email: FOR SALE: UK headlights for a 2001 Ford Fiesta 25€ the pair. €25.00 Tel: 05 55 61 00 13 (Near Guéret) FOR SALE: Caravan awning Suitable for 5 mtr van, exc condition, must sell - bargain at 60E, area 87. €60.00 Tel 05 55 60 27 03 FOR SALE: DACIA Logan Estate French registered. LHD. 2009. 60,000 kms. Regularly fully serviced. New tyres. Excellent condition. €11,000.00ono Call Nico - English speakers - 0254 07 55 19 / 0658 12 47 73. French speakers 06 15 42 04 22 after 6pm FOR SALE: ISUZU TROOPER 3.2 V6 PETROL MANUAL SWB English registered 1992. Needs new starter motor. Runs well when bump started. Clean for its age. Tow bar fitted with double socket. No C/T or MOT and needs to be registered in France. Hence only 500,00€. €500.00 Tel: 06 04 46 73 92 FOR SALE: Nissan Primera GX TD French reg. RHD. CT- Sept 12. VGC. A/C. Front electric windows. Hands free Connection. Kenwood CD/Radio (1999). 168,000 miles. FSH. €1,500.00 Tel: 05 55 81 07 13


Building Plots / Economic Activity Areas The Brame Benaize Community of Communes would like to inform possible entrepreneurs in Limousin or elsewhere - interested in developing or setting up a business - that we have building plots / economic activity areas available for sale in JOUAC (87890) and MAGNAC-LAVAL (87190). Interested parties can email in English for enquiries.

WHITE GOODS FOR SALE: FREE - Brandt Dishwasher In working order, needs door handle repair but still opens and top missing but supplied with one close to right size. Buyer collects from 03370. Email: ingle.

WANTED WANTED: PEUGEOT 107 or CITROEN C1 or something similar in good condition Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 WANTED: Small watertight caravan to use for storage Internal condition not important. Will pay up to 100 euros. Must be towable. Tel: 05 55 78 58 62 Email: WANTED: Exercise Bike Preferably Fold-up. Tel: 05 55 51 19 67 WANTED: ENGLISH teacher, 50s, divorced from French husband and living in the Haute-Vienne, would like to meet intelligent, humorous, affectionate non-smoking man, similar age. Please, no hang-ups and no complicated baggage! Contact by email. Email: fraises_ WANTED: Property Wanted I am looking for a house, building or land to renovate. Quick cash purchase. Any area considered. Tel: 05 55 65 84 95 WANTED: French and English people to meet I am 29 and would like to meet more young French and English people to socialise and improve my language skills. Email: WANTED: Covered parking to store a car For approx. 12 weeks a year in the region of Limoges or Bergerac airports. Tel: 0044 1748 884526 Email: thiernswood@ WANTED: For compact tractor Transport box (bennette), rotovator, plough and snow plough all in usable condition. Tel: 05 55 64 33 71 WANTED: Chain harrow / grass rake Approx 8' x 8'. Any age considered, for use on a small tractor. Tel Barbara 06 30 02 35 73 WANTED: Tea chests/ stong boxes for packing Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 WANTED: Land With or without buildings, with or without planning permission. All types of land considered: woods, fields, houses with attached land etc. Preferably in the Blessac/Ahun area of Creuse. Tel: WANTED: Motor Vehicle Car, van, motorbike, moped. Anything considered. Tel: 05 55 65 84 95

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Letters to

The Editor

Route around Paris via the A86 West Tunnel Mike Welham By Email


f driving round the Paris périphérique inner ring road or the long haul journey via Rouen, with its stops and starts combined with numerous roundabouts, are a foreboding prospect, then for those who do not know, there is route via a new 10 kilometre tunnel west of Paris. The tunnel is not open to HGVs as it has a height restriction of 2.5 metres. I would add a word of caution. The tunnel is low and very well lit but as you drive the lights tend to give what I will describe as a strobe effect and could possibly affect those who are susceptible to such conditions. From Limoges Follow the A20, then the A71 at Vierzon, continue to join the A10 at Orléans and head towards Paris. Turn off on to the N118 signed Versailles. This is a dual carriageway and heads up to the west side of the outskirts of Paris. Join the A86 and you go west heading for Versailles for a couple of miles. You need to keep to the right lane. This was the only difficult bit because if you are going too fast you could miss the turn. There is no sign that says tunnel but you take a right slip road which is identified by rows of balls hanging down to indicate low headroom and a sign for péage. You go down the

slip road and pay the toll (6.50 €). Then enter the new tunnel for 10 kilometres. There are no trucks at any time due to the height restrictions. Stay on the A86 until the junction for Pontoise, where you join the A15. Continue north towards Pontoise on the A15 for a couple of miles, then bear right onto the A115 signed for Beauvais, Amiens and Calais. Join the N184 signed Amiens and Calais. You are now well north of Paris. Join the A16 motorway and stay on it to Calais. From Calais Take the A16 for Rouen and Amiens. Bypass Amiens and Beauvais and continue until junction 10. Turn off onto the N184 for Pontoise and continue until the turn-off for the A115 and then A15. Follow the road until

the turn for A86 Versailles and Nanterre and follow the A86 until the péage (6.50 €). Go through the tunnel and follow the road after leaving the tunnel. The road swings round and heads towards Paris. Then look for signs to the N118 and A10. Turn off onto the N118 but take care as the signs are for Lyon and it would be easy to go in the wrong direction. Stay on the N118 and you will see signs for the A10 and Orléans and Chartres. Continue until you join the A10. Then follow the A10 to Orléans, the A71 to Vierzon and finally the A20 to Limoges. Tolls: en route to the A10 the toll was 18.70 €, the tunnel toll 6.50 € and the A16 toll 19.80 € (as of July 2012). Notes: The tunnel route was not on our satnav so I set it to go via Amiens in both directions. It picked up the route and gave correct information and that was combined with following the road signs. Sunday was the best day to travel. Returning on a weekday the route was reasonably clear of trucks and there was very little holiday traffic. However, when we reached the A10, A71 and A20 there were a lot of trucks. Route signs are particularly confusing near the tunnel and speed signs very bad in both sighting and location. For example, in a 110 kph zone we found the end of zone sign virtually covered by vegetation, so we could have continued at 110 kph instead of speeding up 130 kph.

Mike Welham

Armchair Olympics Christine Moshy By Email Dear Editor,


expect many Bugle readers have been sitting down and enjoying the amazing Olympics this month. Then before that there was the European Football Championships, not to mention Roland Garros and Wimbledon. It’s funny, isn’t it, that the more the world loves watching sport, the fatter it gets? Obesity is costing every one of us a small fortune; the pharma. industry and the medical device industries are pouring millions into the Holy Grail of an obesity drug, or a medical device that actually works, without all the nasty side effects that the current ones produce, from the unfortunate flaps of tortoise skin that bariatric surgery produces, to the very serious side effects that caused the Mediator scandal in France (Mediator, prescribed for obesity, was taken off the market in 2009

by its manufacturer, Servier. An INSERM study estimated it had caused 1,320 deaths). The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine recently ran a study called The Weight of Nations, where people could test their weight against the average for their age, sex and location (see The LSHTM researchers believe that obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions, is as big a threat to a sustainable world as over population. “The world population is over seven billion and all of these people need feeding. However, the energy requirement of a species depends not only on numbers but on its average mass.” In other words, people who are overweight, or obese, use up far more of the world’s resources than those who have the correct weight for their height, age and sex. They also use up more of a country’s health care budget (in deficit almost everywhere, including in France) and are at risk of dying sooner and being ill longer before they die. It isn’t

rocket science, though, to know why so many people are overweight - lack of exercise, too much food... Genetics of course also plays a role, but lifestyle can be adapted to one’s genetic make-up. We are lucky in La Creuse; we can jog, hike and cycle without breathing in too much carbon monoxide, and there are sports clubs and associations to join at a very affordable price. We perhaps lack upmarket sports facilities like the ones in most major towns in the UK, and the swimming pools are few and far between, but you can’t have it all. Food for thought, as you plump down in your armchair to watch Usain Bolt, or the latest Manchester United game, isn’t it? With best regards,

Christine Moshy

P.S If you want to find out where you are on the global fat scale go to news/health-18770328. This is an interactive test, based on the LSHTM study.

Good Samaritan Robert Lelabousse By Email ED - A French resident of Boussac (23) has contacted The Bugle this month to try and locate a local British woman he would like to thank for retrieving his possessions, having left them on top of his car in order to open the door and then driven off forgetting they were there. Dear Sir,


s I explained to you briefly on the phone, I would like to try and contact the lady who helped me to retrieve all my confidential documents, namely my wallet containing my identity card, carte vitale, blood type card, etc. as well as the legal papers for my car, a pair of prescription

UV sunglasses and 2 mobile phones. The lady who found my belongings took them into the nearest shop, Weldom on the avenue d’Auvergne in Boussac. Using the details on my documents, she found out where I lived, which was only 50 metres down the road, but finding me absent, returned to the store and asked, “What do you think I should do, go to the Mairie or the Gendarmerie?” The lady on the checkout replied that she knew me and would return my belongings to me later that day. This is exactly what happened, but the lady from Weldom was unable to tell me the name of the woman who had found my things, only that she was British and had paid cash for the things she had bought. So now I do not know how to contact this lady to thank her

Managing Editor: Steve Martindale Editor-in-Chief: Steve Martindale Registered Address: Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois France SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Printed by: Rotocentre 348, rue Marcel Paul 45770 Saran France Monthly circulation: 13,000 copies All copyright, unless stated otherwise, is reserved to The Bugle. Reproduction in whole or part of any text without permission is prohibited.

personally for her good deed which allowed me to recover these items of such enormous importance to me. I would be very grateful if you could help me try and locate this lady so that I can thank her properly for her act of kindness. Many thanks,


ED - Are you the lady in question? Mr Lelabousse was genuinely moved by your actions and would very much like to be able to tell you himself how grateful he is. Please feel free to contact The Bugle and we can either pass on any message, or put you in contact with Mr Lelabousse himself. Give us a call or drop us a line: –

Directeur: Steve Martindale Rédacteur-en-chef: Steve Martindale Siège Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois France SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Imprimé par: Rotocentre 348, rue Marcel Paul 45770 Saran France Tirage mensuel: 13,000 copies Tous droits réservés. Toute reproduction, totale ou partielle, des articles et illustrations du présent numéro est strictement interdite. Dépôt légal à parution.

The Bugle cannot accept responsibility for the claims of advertisers or their professionalism. We strongly advise readers to verify that the company you are dealing with is a registered trading company in France or elsewhere in the world. ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012

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Daily Plat du Jour from €9 2-course Sunday25th Lunch from €10 Saturday August Saturday 29th September Soirée Chilli n Blues with 'Taurus Blues' Anof evening of entertainment with Jack Aigurande) Law (In aid the Association Sapeurs-Pompiers, Book your tableand now! This is going to be a fab evening will be supporting a very good cause. €1 from each will be Night donated to the Every Saturday Nightmeal is Curry Association. Weyour will choice also be & passing round a collection 2 Curries of Carafe of Wine 19,50€box to relieve you of your small change!!!! Fish & Chip Night every9pm Friday Concert (free entry) Eat Take-away 8,50€ Meal StartsTo 7.30 - 9In pmor (Chilli Con Carne + Tiramisu) €12 pp Reservations optional advisable See Business Directory forbut more information and opening hours Music Club 05every 55 12 99 45 2nd Tel: Sat of month. 8.30 pm. email: event: 11th August Or see on musicians Facebook moreand details. JJ's Music clubus is for offor all levels genres entry is

Soirée Flamenco - with flamenco dancers and tapas all evening

Sunday 9th September

Exhibition by Undiscovered Spain Spanish properties available from €20,000 We are now taking bookings for the Christamas period with an all inclusive Christmas day dinner and wine at only €29,95 per head. Places limited.

02 54 60 02 14

free, there is no membership and is open to everyone who loves music. You can also buy fish and chips from the van in the market square (from 6.30 - 8.30) and eat them in the comfort of JJ's. The club starts from 8:30, but we are open for all those who want to come earlier to eat. In fact we hardly ever shut !!!!



JJ's Cafe Bar, 39 Place du Champ de Foire, 36140 Aigurande

Full details in next month's Bugle, but for more details telephone:

Club Tel: Music 02 54 06 30 77

05 55 68 67 56 or 06 06 60 46 97

Limousin Dog Training

Now enroling for a new basic puppy training class to start mid-September. For more details call Elaine on:

2nd Sat of every month. 8.30 pm. Next event: 8th September Email:

JJ's Music club is for musicians of all levels and genres entry is free, there is no membership and is open to everyone who loves music. You can also buy fish and chips from the van in the market square (from 6.30 - 8.30) and eat them in the comfort of JJ's. The club starts from 8:30, but we are open for all those who want to come earlier to eat. In fact we hardly ever shut !!!!

JJ's Cafe Bar, 39 Place du Champ de Foire, 36140 Aigurande

Tel: 02 54 06 30 77

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On the main road (D979) Between Limoges & Eymoutiers

Open Mic Night - Sat 8th September

19.30 for 20.00 start Come along and join in or just enjoy the music. Bar snacks from €3, or choose from the menu. *******************

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05 55 69 33 38

Web-writer wanted (Français or English)

for a 2 month internship in a web agency in Limoges. Knowledge in high-tech devices, healthcare, housing and environment. Please send your CV to: For more details contact Jérôme: 06 82 68 81 45

Le Moulin du Breuil 23140 PIONNAT

La Coterie Entreprise

Pont de la Pierre

Friday 14th September - 18h00 Soirée BBQ Friday 28th September 08h45-11h00 Breakfast Club Last Friday of every month, come and enjoy a superb value 'Full English Breakfast' with tea, coffee and fruit juices Tel: 05 55 80 37 70 Mail: Web:

Atelier d'Art du Jardin is open each Saturday and Sunday 11h00 to 18h00 from 1st May until the end of September.


We are EPARCO approved septic tank installers. These are compact systems that can be installed for use intermittently - perfect for holiday homes!!



JJ’s Café Bar

A range of very high quality motorbike lifts now available.

Tel: Email: Web:


Artisan art for your garden. Cream teas on the terrasse. RDV for weekday visits SVP.

15 Faubourg du Pont de la Pierre, Bellac

Live music Sunday 16th September

2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix 26, Ecurat 23150

Dangerous Age - starting at 4pm

Fish & chip evening

tel: 05 55 81 31 85 email:

21st September from 6pm

Tel: 05 55 60 20 79



The solution to this month’s puzzles can be found on page 19




Charities Phoenix Association Phoenix Association is a registered charity that has existed since 2001 to deal with the sad plight of the ever-increasing number of abused and abandoned animals in France. Phoenix does not have a 'rescue centre' as such. Sadly, many of the animals it saves have only ever known confinement and isolation, so instead, the animals are placed in foster homes all over South West France while they wait for their loving and permanent forever homes. This gives Phoenix a better chance of assessing the animal in the normality and comfort of a home which leads to the virtually 100% successful adoption rate. Phoenix is not state funded and so relies on fundraising and donations to cover the very high re-homing and veterinary costs. Phoenix is formed of a committed but fun and positive team of volunteers, and is always on the lookout for more, so if you are interested in adopting an animal, foster caring or becoming a Member, please visit the Contact page of the website at Church Notices English-speaking church services Guéret Come as you are... This is an invitation to join us at our CHURCH SERVICE IN ENGLISH. Whether you have a faith or would just like to attend a church service you are welcome at 5pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Eglise Evangélique, 9b Place Bonnyaud, Guéret, 23000. We welcome all who want to join a group of English-speaking Christians for a time of worship and learning together. Children are very welcome. For more details contact Jim & Pat Scott on or email: scott. Christians together in Limousin La Souterraine Area We hold a time of fellowship and Bible study every Tuesday afternoon. Barbara and Cedric look forward to welcoming you. Tel: 05 55 71 09 04 The International Free Church in Creuse The church presently meets at 10, La Chaudronnière, a small hamlet midway between Crozant and Eguzon. Sunday worship meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of the month at 10.30am. Fellowship meetings, for mid-week prayer, bible study and discussion are at the same venue every Thursday at 7.30pm. For further information contact Eric Sutton tel 05 55 89 26 62

Fitness & Fun Association Equilibre, le mouvement du corps Yoga for all levels: Tue 18:30 Aubusson, Pied au plancher (Espace Philips); Wed 18:30 Vallière, salle polyvalante. Pregnancy/Post Natal: Tue 17:00 Aubusson, Pied au Plancher (Espace Philips) For further information tel 06 83 24 62 72 or visit Chinese Gym & Karate Mondays & Thursdays at the DOJO, Allée Jean-Marie Couturier, Aubusson. Warm and friendly atmosphere. For more info tel 06 08 92 30 53 Tai Chi at Boussac and La Châtre Tai Chi classes in Boussac (Tue 18.15 - 19.45) and La Châtre (Thu 18.15 - 19.45). The first two lessons are free, the subscriptions are 36 euros per month and members can go to both venues having paid this fee. The style is that of Yang. All ages and abilities welcome, but folk must bear in mind that they will be on their feet, doing the equivalent of what one might classify as light exercise, for about an hour and a half. For more information contact 05 55 65 08 20. Gym Bien-être Would you enjoy an afternoon of gentle exercise with a cheerful, lighthearted group? Each week we exercise a different group of muscles, do a little country dancing & some floor exercise and laugh a lot. The aim of the activities is to increase suppleness and mental agility. We meet every Tuesday afternoon upstairs at the Capitole in Ro echouart between 2pm and 3.30pm. It isn’t necessary to speak French because you can copy but you will learn some. Come for 2 weeks’ free trial. For details contact: Learn to Meditate Learn to meditate and meet other like-minded people. Simple mindfulness technique. Dechen Choling, Le Mas Marvent, St-Yrieix-sous-Aixe, 87700. Also, ongoing regular group meetings and events. Contact tel Christina 05 55 03 82 01 Gardening Les petits jardiniers du Limousin Do you love gardening or are you keen to learn more about it? Then why not come along and join Les Petits Jardiniers? We’re a friendly group of English, French and Dutch residents and normally meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2.30pm in the salle de fêtes in St-Amand-le-Petit, between Peyrat-le-Château and Eymoutiers. Our meetings are held mostly in English and we have guest speakers, organise garden visits and swap plants and seeds. Annual membership is 15 euros pp or 20 euros per couple or pay as you go for 3 euros per meeting. For more information or to be put on our mailing list for our quarterly newsletter or monthly agenda contact Carolyn at or

Not enough Drama in your life? Look no further! A small core of experienced and dedicated 'Theatre Heads' are preparing to launch a new Drama Group, “Castaways”, in the La Souterraine area, with a view to mounting plays and musicals in the near future. If you would like to have fun developing your theatre skills, whether it be acting, singing, dancing or backstage activities as part of a group of like-minded people at our workshops, run by an experienced director and actor, please come along. Experience is not necessary! All you need is a genuine interest in putting on shows for the public in English, with the dedication and motivation that is needed to work together as a team. We aim to be up and running by September 2012. To find out more and register your initial interest, please contact for further details. We look forward to seeing you!

Gill at Agenda for 2012: 20th September Plants for free – splitting perennials; 18th October AGM plus 'All about apples'; 15th November Gardeners Question Time; 6th December Natural Christmas Decorations & party Club Liseron – Gardening Club Meets on the 2nd Mon evening of the month at 19.30 at the Salle des Fêtes in Massignac. We're a mixed bunch of English & French, who are united by a passion for gardens and gardening, sharing plants, seeds and information. More info contact Michelle Pierce on 05 45 89 36 54 or at Aux Plantes etc We are an association of independent, ethically-minded and passionate plant producers. Our aim is to encourage consumers to know more about the plants they buy, how they were produced and their needs, thereby avoiding the disappointments that so often come with mass produced plants. It's not just about us selling you plants - we want them to thrive and do well for you! Current members include plantspeople specialising in unusual shrubs & trees, butterfly plants, heritage vegetables and flowers, irises, perennials and drought-tolerant plants. For more info contact Michelle Pierce 05 45 89 36 54 or vitist Integration Faceaface An association founded to facilitate and encourage interaction between all members of the local community. As our first venture we have created a library. Where? In the Mairie of St-Priest which is just off the D4 between Mainsat and Chénérailles. When? The 1st and 3rd Mon afternoon in every month between 2 - 5pm. To join all you have to do is donate six books and pay €5 per person or €8 per household. If you would like more information please contact us at: or just come by and see us. Everyone is welcome! Learning Together – Apprenons Ensemble Our main aim is to foster understanding and good relations amongst the local French-speaking and English-speaking populations. To this end we are offering courses of tuition in English and in French, and organising social and cultural events and visits. LANGUAGE CLASSES (take place at the Maison des Associations, Rochechouart) Beginners and Intermediate - Mon am; French/English Conversation – Tues am; Advanced and Children’s – Wed am; Conversation (St-Junien) - Thur. SOCIAL EVENTS (start again in Sep/Oct) Games Night (Rochechouart) 1st Thur; Games Night (St-Junien) 2nd Thur; Lunch Club – Last Thur. For more details visit or contact Mike or Christine ELLINGHAM 05 55 03 27 67 For your calendar: Murder Mystery Evening - Sat 22nd September; American Potluck Picnic - Sun 23rd September; Telethon Race Night - Sat 3rd November; National Telethon 1st & 2nd December; Xmas Dinner & Dance – December The Melting Pot Members of the Ambassador's Club of the Welcome en Limousin Association. We are a group of around 70 members, both French and British, who meet with the aim of sharing things and trying to integrate with the French community. We meet every week at the Ancienne Ecole in Darnac, on a Wednesday morning from 10am - 12noon, except for the first Wednesday, when we meet in the evening at 8pm. We hold information meetings, plant swaps, BBQ's, games nights, visits and have guest speakers about topics relevant to living in France. Contact: info@ Charente Limousine Exchange The Charente-Limousine-Exchange (CLE), founded in 2003, aims to improve the provision of French language courses and to share experiences and skills among members who live in Charente, Vienne and HauteVienne. CLE provides information to members living and/or working in France and works with local communities and organisations to tackle practical issues through forums and workshops, as well as organising a wide range of cultural and social events throughout the year. The recent launch of English lessons has been well attended by Confolentais. If you would like to know more about this group of volunteers, please look on our new website or contact the Chairman, Barry Leech, on 06 35 96 77 46. Libraries & Books Sale of Second-hand Books, La Croisille-sur-Briance On the 18th of every month, during the monthly market at La Croisille-

OPEN EVENING – Theatre Chabanois

Monday 3rd September 7.30pm – Salle des Fêtes, Chabanais Theatre Chabanois was formed in 2009 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to get back on stage. Since then we have produced several shows. We have just staged our Summer Cabaret Show and we are rehearsing currently for our fourth Christmas show, ''Snow White'', a traditional Pantomime with all the usual characters. Although our members are for the most part of British origin, we have enough French members and young people educated in France to give our summer shows a strongly bilingual flavour. One of our panto performances each year is put on for the local schools with a French translation provided. The local children join in wholeheartedly and boo and cheer in most of the right places. The aim for the future is bigger and better productions and to achieve this we need more people to go on stage, or if that's not your idea of fun, to make costumes, build scenery and to carry out the 101 other tasks vital to a successful production. Like all other societies where music is an important part of its activities, what we really need is an accompanist, who can play for us in rehearsal and for the public performances. So if you would like to have a go, on stage or off, we would love to welcome you any Monday evening at the Salle des Fêtes Chabanais between 7pm and 9pm. For more information call 05 45 85 71 77 or email

sur-Briance (87130), there is a sale of second-hand books (both English and French) from 9am to 12 noon, at the old garage in La Place - next door to the pharmacy. All proceeds towards the restoration of the church. St Jean English Library, La Souterraine The La Souterraine Library and Information Centre is now firmly installed in a beautiful medieval building at the Porte de Puy Charraud, Route de Portail, La Souterraine. The library has over 5,000 books, DVDs and other items, as well as its café, Caxtons, which serves English cakes. The Library also provides French lessons and organises AngloFrench conversation groups. The Information Centre provides support and assistance with bureaucratic, family and legal problems to British residents and new arrivals. The library is open from 9.30 -12.30 on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Contact Rodney Sabine on 05 55 63 03 87 or at Our website is www.frenchweb. eu/biblio The English Library, Dun-le-Palestel Located in the Route des Rateries, just behind the Biblithèque Municipale, you will find the Anglophone Library, which offers a wide variety of reading material, DVDs, talking books and videos. It is also a meeting point and arranges a host of activities including: Café Franglais; Club Scrabble; Café Philo; Sewing Group; Art Group. Library opening hours: Thu 10am – 4pm & Sat 10am – 12.30pm. For details of activities or general information visit or email Music Club de Musique Takes place on the last Fri of each month from 8pm at La Grange, Chassignolles (5mins from La Châtre). Open to all musicians, singers, groups and audience. PA and drum kit available. Bring your instrument, mic and join in a great French / English musical and social evening. Bar, hot and cold snacks. Meals available if reserved – see website for contact details of La Grange. For more info email: The Harmonics This is our 6th season of singing as a group. Our music is varied classical, madrigals, spiritual, songs from the shows etc and we sing in French, English, Swahili, Latin - whatever the music demands. Our concerts are in support of a variety of charities including the British Legion, L'Oregon at Civray and Retina and thus non profit making. We meet Wed 14h – 16h in the Salle d'Annexe behind the Mairie in Civray. Interested? We'd love to see you so contact: David Lee tel 05 49 87 53 93 email dave.lee@ or Dolly Ait Boualou email Amateur open mic night @ Vautredeix (Just outside Gouzon, next to Saint-Sylvain-sous-Toulx). Poets, musicians, whatever you may be... Everyone welcome to perform or just enjoy the company. Every Fri night 7pm onwards. Free. Bring a bottle. For more info contact Support Alcoholics Anonymous If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, there is now an English-speaking meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous at 2 Avenue Pierre Traversat, Limoges Thu 7.30pm - 9.00pm. Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership and A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. Contact tel Roger 05 55 76 22 65 or Nancy 02 54 24 09 74 or visit Cancer Support France, Creuse If you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer and would like help or support, we are here for you. If you need someone to talk to we have a helpline available and if we are not there we will call you back within 24 hours. Our helpline number is 06 06 47 18 60. If you would like to get involved with the work of CSF Creuse (perhaps you have some free time and can help to organise and run fundraising events) please get in touch with Mike Walsh on 09 50 49 33 04. Cancer Support France, Charente Plus Offers free and confidential support to English speakers affected by cancer in departments 16, 17 & 86. Our helpline number is 06 45 35 32 30. If you need any more information, please get in touch via csf.charenteplus@ Cancer Support France, Haute-Vienne We offer free and confidential support to English speakers affected by Cancer in the Haute-Vienne (87). Our helpline number is 06 04 43 39 87. If you would like more information or would like to become a member or help in any other way, please contact Sue Ware 05 55 00 31 15, csfhv@

Corrèze Social Club to Meet at Bellefond Chateau September 7, 2012!! The newly formed Corrèze Social Club will get together on Friday, September 7, 2012 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm for card and board games (Bridge, Canasta, 500, Spades, Hearts, Scrabble, Blokus, Chess, Rumikube, Phase 10, etc.), music (piano and guitars available), and light snacks. A donation of six euros for drink and snacks is appreciated, but not required. The Club welcomes everyone for a fun evening, to be held at the Bellefond Chateau in Lagraulière. (The Chateau is also the home of the English Library of Corrèze.) The Social Club hopes to have get-togethers twice a month. See for directions to the Chateau, or call us on 05 55 73 69 90. ○ THE BUGLE ○ SEPTEMBER 2012

WHAT’S ON ♦ 19




Auzances Bénévant-l’Abbaye Bussière-Poitevine Champagnac-la-Rivière Genouillac Gouzon Laurière Limoges (Le Vigenal) Peyrat-le-Château Rochechouart Royère-de-Vassivière Saint-Sulpice-lesFeuilles


Ahun Bourganeuf Chambon-sur-Voueize Cognac-la-Forêt Clugnat Le Dorat Isle Limoges (pont St Martial) Nantiat Séreilhac


Boussac Coussac-Bonneval Dun-le-Palestel Guéret Limoges Bastide et

Corgnac Magnac-Laval Oradour-sur-Vayres (except 3rd Thu) Peyrat-le-Château Saint-Sulpice-lesChamps Saint-Victurnien La Souterraine


Aigurande Aixe-sur-Vienne Ambazac Bessines-sur-Gartempe Bosmie l’Aiguille (16h - 19h30) Bujaleuf Châlus (except 2nd Fri) Châteauponsac Châtelus-Malvaleix Couzeix (16h30 19h30) Le Dorat Felletin Limoges (place des Bancs et Beaubreuil) Nexon Pierre-Buffière Rochechouart St-Etienne-de-Fursac Saint-Sulpice-Laurière Verneuil-surVienne(15h-18h30)



Aubusson Bellac Bonnat Bussière-Poitevine Châteauponsac Condat-sur-Vienne Eymoutiers Feytiat Flavignac Guéret La Jonchère-SaintMaurice La Souterraine Limoges (place des Bancs et place Marceau) Le Palais-sur-Vienne Mainsat (4th Sat only) Nantiat Peyrat-le-Château Rochechouart Saint-Junien St-Léonard-de-Noblat Saint-Mathieu Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche

of September, Cancer Support France HauteVienne is holding a Good Clothes Sale with Cornish cream teas and other refreshments at Tina and Jane’s barn, La Trigalle, Lussac-les-Eglises (87360) on Saturday 29th September 2012 from 2 pm. Cancer Support France is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and is hoping to raise people’s awareness of the support the associations offer to English speakers affected by cancer. If you have any clothes to donate please contact Karen Blewett 05 55 68 64 43 or if you would like more information about CSF Haute-Vienne please see the website Our helpline number is 06 04 43 39 87

Sat 29th Sep MAGNAC-LAVAL Newly new clothes sale and bric-abrac Nearly new clothes sale and bric-a-brac to be held at L'Escpade, 2-4 Jules Courivaud Magnac-Laval from 2pm until 5pm. All proceeds to be given to Cancer Support France, Charente-Plus. Donations of good quality clothes would be welcomed. Please telephone Rosemarie on 05 55 68 45 82.


Three day booksale to be held at the Salle des Fêtes, Clussais-la-Pommeraie, 79190 (D45 Sauze to Leazay Road). FRIDAY 5th, SATURDAY 6th and SUNDAY 7th October - doors open 10am to 3pm. Thousands of English and French books for just 1 euro each! Bric-a-brac. Jules Hall with her lovely scarves and spices. Eddie Griffee with her amazing



Bessines-sur-Gartempe Blond Crocq (1st and 3rd Sun) Panazol Peyrat-le-Château Saint-Paul St-Sulpice-le-Guéretois (3rd Sun) Saint-Vaury (2nd Sun) Veyrac (2nd Sun)


Aixe-sur-Vienne: 1st Fri Ambazac: 1st Wed Auzances: 2nd Tue Bourganeuf: 1st & 3rd Wed Boussac: 1st & 3rd Thu Bujaleuf: Last Mona Châlus: 2nd Thu Châteauneuf-la-Forêt: 2nd Sun Cognac-la-Forêt: 1st Tue Cussac: 4th Sun Domps: 2nd Tue Dun-le-Palestel: 1st Thu Evaux-les-Bains: 1st Mon Eymoutiers: 1st & 3rd Thu Feytiat: 1st Sat La Souterraine 2nd & 4th Sat Magnac-Bourg: 2nd Sat Meuzac: 4th Mon Mézières-sur-Issoire: 2nd & 4th Mon Nexon: 3rd Fri Oradour-sur-Vayres: 3rd Thu Peyrat-le-Château: 3rd Mon Peyrilhac: 3rd Sun Pierre-Buffière: 1st Fri Royère-de-Vassivière: 2nd Tue Saint-Germain-les-Belles: last Sat Saint-Jouvent: 1st Sun Saint-Junien: 3rd Sat Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat: 1st Mon Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche: 2nd & 4th Fri Sauviat-sur-Vige: 2nd Mon Veyrac: 2nd Sun

selection of greetings cards. Laura Walker showing her stunning handmade jewellery. Raffle. Refreshments with yummy home-made cakes. English fish & chips. Bacon butties and much much more to enjoy!! All money raised from this event will go to help animals in need and support other animal associations. If you have books to donate please email Visit our website for more info.


It’s soon time to stoke the autumn fires, so why not stock up on some good reads to curl up with, or even some early Christmas presents? With over 15,000 books, CDs and DVDs to choose from - for only a euro each, you will be spoilt for choice. The Phoenix Euro Book Sale will be held at the Salle Municipale in Campsegret on the N21 Perigueux-Bergerac road. You’re welcome between 10am and 3pm and don’t worry if you’re a little late; new books arrive all the time and boxes are refilled every minute! The doors are open for less able-bodied people from 9am. General enquiries: contact Christine Korzaan at or on 05 53 24 38 08 For all book donations and collections: contact Anne Avery at 05 53 24 13 73 or anne.avery@ Funds raised will be used by Phoenix Association to rescue, foster and re-home dogs, cats, horses and in fact practically all animals in dire need (



European Heritage Days – 15/16 Sep


1 (day before if public holiday): Bellac 3: Bellegarde-en-Marche 3: Châteauponsac 5: Bussière-Poitevine 5: Chénérailles 6: Bussière-Boffy 8: Compreignac 9: Saint-Sulpice-Laurière 11 (Sat if 11 is a Sun): Bessines-surGartempe 13 (Sat if 13 is a Sun): Le Dorat 15: Oradour-sur-Glane 17: Mortemart 18: La Croisille-sur-Briance; La Jonchère-Saint-Maurice 20: Chénérailles 21: Ambazac; Saint-Sulpice-lesFeuilles 22 (Mon if 22 is a Sun): MagnacLaval 23: Razès; St Laurent sur Gorre 24: Nantiat 25: Blond - St Paul 26: Nouic; Rochechouart 28: Cieux 29: Laurière

All Markets & Foires are in the morning unless stated otherwise. If your local market is not listed, please let us know -

The Journées européennes du patrimoine (European Heritage Days) take place this month on 15th and 16th September. This is a popular event throughout France, which sees many state buildings and museums open their doors to visitors. There is not enough space in these pages to list everything going on so pop down to your local tourist office or visit http://www.journeesdupatrimoine. to find out what is happening in your area.


20 ♦ WHAT’S ON


8th edition of this potato festival: 80 varieties of potato on display, produce market, vide-greniers. 10,000 visitors last year! 6h - 19h.

Wed 5th to Sun 9th Sep SAINTEFEYRE Forêt Follies

choir); Cantiamo (mixed choir); Ladies Pop (vocal trio). Salle polyvalente - Boussac. 20h30. Reservations tel 05 55 65 05 95 or 09 77 85 75 92 or 06 25 25 37 02 (evenings) Adults: €8 Concessions: €5

Sat 8th to Sun 9th Sep SAINT-JUNIEN Légend'Air en Limousin

5-day popular event, attracting 15,000 visitors in 2011, which focuses our attention on sustainable development, set in the middle of 2,000 hectares of forest. There is entertainment day and night: artisanal produce, conferences, games, play areas, food & drink, VTT, walking, etc. Wed 5th (15h - 21h) - Place du Marché, Guéret Opening of the Forêt Follies with entertainment & stands. Thur 6th - Espace André Lejeune - Conferences. 17h & 18h30. Fri 7th & Sat 8th (9h - 24h), Sun 9th (8h - 20h) - Forêt de Chabrières on the route de Bourganeuf - Workshops, stands, entertainment, shows, etc.. A village created for the occasion in the heart of the Chabrières forest. Free for the Under 4s. 5 - 12 yrs: €3 1 day or €5 for the weekend (2 or 3 days) 13+: €5 1 day or €8 for the weekend (2 or 3 days) For more information visit: www.foretfollies. com/

Sat 8th Sep BOUSSAC Concert

Concert organised by Musique en Marche in collaboration with the Boussac tourist office and in partnership with France Bleu Creuse. 5 groups: Caïman Swing (New Orleans Jazz); Hopladeli (traditional music); Azulie (female

Sat 15th Sep AHUN Saturdays in the Garden

Part of a series of gardening courses held at the Lycée Agricole in Ahun. The next course teaches the medicinal and culinary properties of les mauvaises herbes weeds. Depending on the season, you will learn to recognize, use and transform weeds to make the most of their virtues for your health and wellbeing. Teas, syrups, massage oils, wild salads ... will help you discover new tastes and new sensations. Courses cost EUR 27 (free for accompanying children) and are held from 8h30 - 12h at the CFPPA Ahun. For more information tel:

Sat 15th to Sun 16th Sep AMBAZAC BLUEGRASS WEEKEND in the AMBAZAC Mountains (HauteVienne)

Hello Bluegrass lovers! We invite all Bluegrass musicians to our “Bluegrass weekend en Limousin” Bring your (acoustic) guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, dobro… Jam sessions from morning until night. Traditional Bluegrass repertoire. All levels from beginners to pros. Free entry. Information: please contact Eric

50 aircraft on display at the Saint-Junien aerodrome for this year's edition of this popular Limousin air show. Free entry both days. For more information visit: http://

Quality handmade furniture, joinery and woodwork

Fri 28th to Sun 30th Sep Writers Abroad Weekend of talks and workshop activities for writers Many famous writers have lived abroad at some time in their lives. Often their writing has been enriched by the experience. Is this the same for

you? This writers’ weekend is for those writers working and/or living abroad. Writing may be a hobby or you may have greater ambitions. Come and spend some time with published writers who may be able to help you unravel a plot line or sharpen up your characterisation. This weekend could inspire and motivate as well as provide interesting advice on the latest technology and aids at your fingertips. There will be opportunities for individual advice. The weekend will be held at the Chateau de Bellefond - which is tucked away in the middle of the Correzien countryside. It is surrounded by beautiful parkland and has its own lake. The Chateau is run by Janie Busch and Ashley Waltz who are members of our Limousin Writers’ Group. There will be opportunities to explore the woods and surrounding countryside and to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. A marked footpath surrounds the Chateau and the local village is only a 20 minute walk away (5 minutes by car). The Chateau is also the home of The English Library of Correze - https://sites. (so you will have plenty to read!) and the event will be used as a fund-raiser for the library. To reserve a place, receive a full programme and book accommodation get in touch with me:- (Sue Crampton organiser)

Sat 29th Sep LUSSAC-LES-EGLISES Good Clothes Sale in aid of Cancer Support France Haute-Vienne As part of the CSF Awareness Week at the end


La Grande Fête À La Maison de la Mine 23150 Lavaveix les Mines

29th September 2012

Period style to contemporary chic. Furniture restoration and repair. Bespoke joinery made and fitted. General woodwork, doors, windows, gates, shutters etc.

from 0900 onwards: Car boot/ Vide Grenier Antiques and collectables Craft fair Demonstrations: wood sculptors, metal workers… Exhibitions English Tea Room- serving real English tea & cakes Bar and snacks Fish ‘n Chips Bouncy castle, coconut shy, lucky dip, hook a tortoise…

Have that hard-to-find item individually hand made to your own specifications.

Official opening of the Maison de la Mine B&B Tug of war competition (teams of 6 people required) Raffle – lots of prizes to be won

Find us on Facebook - search for “Ebenisterie Hemming” Covering central France - call for more information 02 48 63 15 09 Nicholas Hemming 18170,Montgenoux 06 83 56 46 41 Maisonnais France SIRET: 533 607 115 00011

Reservations for the car boot/ crafts/ antiques etc 1€ per linear metre:

05 55 80 83 49 / 06 87 31 13 17

The Bugle - September 2012  

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